Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 15, 1966 · Page 20
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 20

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 15, 1966
Page 20
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, May is, 4 conraviUee reported on the *mventkti in Santa Fe Another committee gi|ve a jrqport on the socials for Jhe summer monjths which will consist of saj- ed suppers, ,tea, ap^f other activities. Bonnie Chisum and Linda Hpr- riman gaye the program on "A Handful of Charm". It consisted of the hand care of the hands, nails, and cuticle. . During the meeting refreshments were served and the meeting adjourned soon after. Club Meefs The Clovis foastmistress Club met Tuesday at the Silver Grill at 7:30 p.m. with Mr s. Sberri Hays presiding as toastmistress. Each member participated in the program by giving three minute speeches. They were as follows: "Birth Control" by Dale Colman. "Money"' by Ada Cor- solc. "Why Men Won't Talk to their Wives", by Helen Kelly, j "The New Class of American! People'", Letha Sorgen! Pain! Cordrpy presented her speech! which related to the government while related to Cuba. The purpose in the Toastmistress Club is self development. -•WiAnyone interested in, Tostmjs- ma.y call 7153-4325. 4-H Club Starts Sufijmsf Pr*it*t The Ranehv#« 4-tf Club held a monthly meeting on Tuesday at 7:80 p.m. at (he home of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bell. The meeting was called to order by Connie Stagnef. Roll was called and 13 members were present with new members The minutes < . ... were read and approved. We have started a new club project which will be underway I after school is out. A party for jthe club was discussed and we I decided to have it May 81. The j party is to be a sandhill party [at Oasis State Park, the meet- ling was adjourned and refresh- iments were provided by Marcia Bell. I hop nice girl someday, doesn't drink or while I'm still single, date girls who do. drink and smoke ere date because they eating cheap food in diner. Take them to a and give them some jcigarets and they ar Jed. Also girls who Dipr Abby Speak For Yourself IB marrs one who but prefer to who heaper t* 't mind low-class heap dive (rinks and content(rink and srioke, 0 iris don smoke usually lack self respect, so they don't expect a fellow to respect them, and he can usually get away with anything he wants on the first date. I am not a bum. I'm just ar average guy, but so many peo should explain why so many men prefer the cheap kind. We don't want to MAHRy them, just POLLY'S FOINTIRS Pointer DEAR POLLY - f crocheted a jumper for a 4-ycar-old girl,) The pattern called for a bead elastic at the waistline and no one seems to know what a bead clastic is I do hope you or some of ftic readers can help me as I do not know if this is to be crocheted or if it is an elastic thai one buys. — TUBY I RUBY — You have my curio- Isity aroused, tpp. None of ;ny [Crochet or neclework instruc- tlics. run the dryer f|>r about JObooks from 'looking messy by minutes and the clo:hes cpnie, being shoved back on a book- out without a wrinkle). —ANNE shelf, I put the rolls from pa- DEAR POLLY - I *m a semi invalid and must find easier ways to do many things. When my tableware is to be) put away it is bundled in napkins and placed in an oblong elfish with a cover that can be kijipt on the (able. To bundle, place a nap- TWA — Mjss Mary Sandoval. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick. Sandoval, 304 Jones Street, Clovis. has graduated frorn the Trans World Airlines training center in Kansas City, Mn. Following six weeks of classroom and in- flight training, Miss Sandoval is currently based at San ' tio " hwplis use such a term. — j and lay the fork on <op to pre Francisco and ha,s been assigned to TWA SearStream U'OLLY j jet schedules from San Francisco International Airport. kin flat and the krjife cross- jwise about two inchd-s from a j corner. fold the sm|ill corner Next meeting will be Tuesday. May 24 at the Silver Grill at 7:3Q p.m. DEAR POLLY - If you should! happen to forget to remove those. permanently pressed clothes' from the dryer and find they! are wrinkled when the dryer i vent scarring and thdn fold (lie per towels, etc. behind t a c books. —DANILIE DEAR POLLY •i. find that a ; an excellent reminder as to whether or not I have answered letters. At the top of the perpendicular line dividing the page I put Mie DATE thorn. JOHN Q. PUBLIC DEAR JOHN: Speak for yourself. John! the fellow who h«s dated nothing but willing women •can have his choice of any tramp 'he's dated when selecting a wife. Men who do their shopping at a rummage sale are unlikely to find a jewel from Carder. DEAR ABBY: We are two girls, both 12, and we each have a different problem. One of us is overweight and the other one is flat. Every day one of us gets about our looks. My girl friend has tried every diet in the book, and she can't, I lose a pound. And I would like to have a padded bra, but I'm afraid to ask my mother for one. Please don't tell us we have jplcnty of time tp have good figures. We want them NOW. Answer soon as we are desperate. FATTY AND FLATTY DE.VK F AND Fi Heading i (i diet won't lose your friend an ounce unless she substitutes HEADING for EATING. And as for the bra: a twelvp - year-old girl's figure is usually adequate for her age. However, if later ot), you've clearly been cheated. line I list IN mail, and to the right OUT. This way 1 can always check when I have receiv- Day Camp Session Slated Clovtatirl. Scout Day^ Camp- 30 a.m. to 2 p.n,. This session, ^ts^^p^^en a^c* ing training is scheduled to be-1 include all outdoor and camp-1 , ,, ,, , , gin Monday at the Little House ling activities, such as tool craft, i' ° th , ° r Sma ™ ' 'T^M from 9:30-11:30 and 1-3 for thc| outdoor craft> and an actua ,|the dryer the wrinkled clo-1 adult leaders staffing Ihe Camp; _„,._.., ill '_ J .. 11 . ... j comer again for the spoon be-l^ a lettei : and the dale l an ' fore tightly rolling the rest 0 f! swemJ }i lf l have done so ' If the napkin. Four itonis are rea- inot - lt ls a rem »"ler not to for dy to be passed or placed at : get. — GRACE, each plate, which saves time.; A| , vo ,, e submiuing a Vo]]y MK.V k-j Problem, a solution to a problem | or a favorite lioineinuMng idc;i DEAR POLLY — To keephvill receive a dollar if Polly and S.B. with cotton." DEAR ABBY: What would. you do if your husband bought you a large bottle of the very 'same cologne you discarded j.years tigo because he told you •he hated it so much? I took it back after Christmas, remembering what he had said about the first bottle. I thought I was doing him a favor, but he said I had done an ungracious thing, and now I am in the doghouse. HUKT DEAtt HUM". Vow <Ji<! vM any sensible, considerate wife should have clone. your hmband IB an unreasonable man. Invite him into the doghouse and tell him you have a hone to pick wjtli him- DEAR APBY: Your column about the amateur handwriting analyst interested me- This person, it seems, analyzed a coworker's handwriting froji) an office memo, without bjs consent, and then went around telling everyone tht.t his hand writing revealed that he had "criminal tendencies" and was "o v e r- sexpd." Abby, I am a CERTIFIED GRAPHOANALYST, and as such, abide by a strict code of ethics as set down by that society. We NEVER analyze anyone's handwriting without h i s knowledge and consent, nor do we ever discuss our findings with anyone but the writer. And anyone who does otherwise, is a rank amateur and a very stupid one at that. M.E. OF PH.ILA Problems? Write to Abby, Box 690700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069. For a personal reply, inclose a stamped, self - addressed envelope. Hate to write letters? Send $1 uses the item in Polly's Pointers. for Abby's booklet, "How To Write Letters fpr All Occasions." this summer A second session on Wednesday on site training will be held at Running Water Draw from 9: cook -out. All to attend. adults are Interested parties may call Mrs. Ernie Ferguson, 762-2662. ; MORE THAN 200 WOMENS DRESSES Many Styles, Fabrics, Juniors, M>'i*es, #p// Sites Gaslight is a little jar of moonlight all your own. Call Southern Union Gas Company afld 4sL a man, tp show ypu how ft gaslight wpuld look in your yard. No obligation. (If you decide to order one, you can pay tor it, so much a month, right on ypur gas bill.) Southern Umn Ga* Cumiiany If you want the job done right do it with gas.

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