The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 11, 1967 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1967
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

Pag* 10 THK NEWS. Frederick. Mar* land Monday. Srptfmbrr 11, 1M7 now thinks we had no need to get involved. This was too much for the De- tioit News, which had supported his three successful bids for the Michigan governorship. It suggested he abandon any idea he might have about the presidency, saying he lacked the ability to achieve stability in presidential politics Last July the newspaper said Romney must be abysmally ignorant of what the realities are in Vietnam. This wasn't all Robert S. McNamara, secretary of defense, said of the "brainwashing" complaint- Romney "cannot recognize the truth when he sees it . . I think he is blind to the truth " The governors who went to Sa gon with him then disputed his "brainwashing" charge. Roirney backed away from "brainwashing" and told report-M-s he didn't mean 'he "Russ an type brainwashing," but the "rame th ng you mean when you write about the credibility gap, snow jobs, and manipulation of the news." Court News Marr ; age Licenses Marion Thomas Hoffman Jr., t Frederick and Elaine Dorothy Gosnell, of Knoxville. Daryl S Bat=s, of Frederick, 1 and Darlsne M. Bidle, of Mid- 'etown Gordon M Davis and Alexandra Liakos, both of Wheaton. to Miriam E. Kennedy, City. , Ollie W. Rosenberry and wife! to Dorothy E. Keyes, County, j Dorothy E Keyer., to Shirley Hhae Rosenberry, County. William Edgar Day and wife to Ralph A. Beauchamp and wife, Count). Ernest B. Stephens to I. Mary Staley, City. I. Mary Staley to Ernest B. Stephens and wife, City. Raymond D. Bloom Sr. and wife to Anthony J. Dub and wife, County. Fredericktown Savings and Trust Company Committee to Fuchard R Crabbe, City. Evers C. Eyler 10 Hiram A. Wolfe and wife, County. Nature Conservancy to United States of America, County. John H. Best, et al, 10 Elton G Myers and wife, City. Norman Edward Brandenburg and wife to Andrew Stewart jonnan Jr. and wife, County. Guy E. Kelly, et al, to James S. Owens Jr. and wife, County. Assateague National Park Urged ANNAPOLIS ^AP) -- The Board of Public Works has r write Secretary of tho Chesapeake Bay Ritchie Highway. Anne Arundel County officials have suggested that the road be continued as a toll facility all trie way to the Baltimore Beltway, but Jerome B. Wolff, state roads cnairman, said his commission didn't have that much authority under legislation pas- fed by the 1967 General Assembly. The board disapproved a bid lo build a detention center for women in Baltimore City af er .'ohn Lauber, Agnew's fiscal ad- v'sor. told them the money had Bridge with ' never been appropriated by the I legislative. The board did approve a bid of $-2,962,200 for a junior college on the Eastern Shore. Money for that had been appropriated by the 1967 General Assembly. DAY Auxiliary Holds Meeting Washington and Lee Unit 5, Disabled American Vetera n s Auxiliary, held its regular monthly meeting recently at the home of the commander, Mrs. Richard Palmer, Mycrsville. Following supper, the meet-, ing convened with reports ·» ine recent convention in Ocean City by Mrs. Jason Yelton, and; on the last visit to Newton D.; Baker Hospital by Mrs. Dorothy Stroup. Plans were made for^ another visit to the hos-, pital Sept. 17. Plans were also made for a membership drive, and it was decided to invite all eligible women to attend the next meeting at the home of Mrs. Yelton. PRESCRIPTIONS FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY - ·«£*' ^ WW STORES M srnuh, Mowed a meet- POTENTIAL DANGER TO SEALAB AQUANAUTS--A mariie scientist observes habits of a sculpin--a poiscn-spined fish which may be a hazard to crewmen of America's Sealab 3. The lab is scheduled to be lowered 430 feet to the w re?hoto , Donald R Butler and Carolyn ocean floor off the southern California coast p Ramsburg, both of Freder- next y ar Scientists at the Univ. cf .Southern , ick Ca'ifjima, under cont-act from ths Navy, hope to learn haw to combat the dang^^ of sculpin Ltings to crewmei leaving Sealab. I .acquire another piece of prop. and Willa- vernmenl has i"»l« the island a national park T^/^Af/Tl/ I \J\J\jy By JAMES MARLOW A1P News Analyst WASHINGTON (A*i -- Sen. Gale W. McGee, Wyoming Democrat, says Michigan's Gov. George Romney must have "the cleanest mind in America, he changes it so often" But it's when Romney himself talked of "brainwashing" that he got into trouble. Here are some samples of how Romney says one thing at one time and something else at another, going back to 1B35. 8 of that year he down, and on March 5, 1967 Johnson's Vietnamese policy i Romney said he was going to was m continuing aid to coun-' have to determine whether out- trieg whoss shjps carried sup spJrkeTthTco^t Delete Pl«. to North Vietnam, ciuld pass on the "moral right' i But later he said Johnson of the United States to fight i n ' didn't have an "effective poli- v^ietnim cv " t na *- Johnson had made a And by May 24, 1967 he was mistake in geLing involved, and saying "the biggest mis-ake we called his policy "clumsy, ill- have made in the Vietnamese , timed and poorly coordinated." war is in getting involved." ' Starting as far back as Nov Twice, in 1965 after a White :5, H35 he was saying there was i House briefing by Johnson and need for more information other top officials for him and about ths war and that Johnson other governors, and in 1963 at a was misleading the people by governors' conference, Romney covering up mistakes. He has generallv endorsed Johns-n's made repeated statements like policy. But at the same confer- tha.. he said he could not give a , Then last week, referring to to admin- his IS55 visit to Saigon whsn he had a "moral Va. M'chae! ^dw^rd Hanev. of ^ouf* 1 *Vrk Pa and Helen I ^iii=e Stnhn of Portage Pa. .Tani o s L°e ^nve. of Ransom. \: V a , aid Gloria T xrraine qriwre-. n( Brunswick, "-"n-rtv Oeeded Prentiss W. Van Sant and w fe to Wil'ard E. Salter and -, ife County. Wallace Frederick Mehrling, al. to Ernest R. Shriver, County G D Catlett and wife, to Hel°n J. Catlett, County. Nellie B. Burns to Pearl L. Hurley, County. John M. Eichelberger -md ·wife to Carl F Fredericks and v ; f° County. Palmer to Joseph E. , "Sometimes I have an uncomfortable feeling about the whole Assateague situation, \ 4 grew said as he directed Spen- 1 rer P Ellis, director of Forest; and Parks to draft a letter t^ Udall for Agnew's signature, i It had been Ellis who submitted a request to the board for ' the acquisition of a five-acre 1 oiece of the island adjacent to the state park. The board postponed until the weekend a decision on awarding engineering contracts for a parallel Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Baltimore Harbor Tunnel. State Treasurer John A. Luett emeyer said he wanted a few days to examine the contracts, totaling $8.27 million. Included in the engineering A"pic*»'on? for Charge ftd urf« AI*I ablt At Ail S'ores. North Market Street Store -- MO 2-2782 Frederick Shoppng Center Store --MO 2-5888 Prospect Shopping Center Store -- MO 3-4861 nEOPLES m^^ SERVICE ,. DRUG STORES ·NC DEPARTMENT STORES saying the Urated States should take a stronger stand But by Dec. 10, 1S55, asked if American air strikes should be stepped up, he said this country should be cautious, "weighing every step we taki." Ana by last May he was against heavier bombing because that would cause more problems On Nov. 16,l.'j5 ne said he didn't expect the war to end at' the bargainm? table "but only when the Viet Cong decide thay'd raiher all their faims than risk their lives " He had already said a negotiated set 1-- ment would be a mistake. By May S», 1967 he was saying the United States should encourage the South Vietnamese to negotiate with the Viet Cong And last Aug. 18 he said anyons wha thought North Vietnam could be brought to the bargaining taol_ by just bombing wasn't thinking c oundly In November, 1965 Romney went to "aigon with some other g o v e r n o r s , conferred with American officials there, and came away saying "we are doing :he morallv right thing " The officials couldn't have given him a sunny picture because he said things migh' get worse before they got better But on April 5, 1966 he was already questioning whether the United States had a valid reason to fight the w a r , on July 3 s Q id he wasn't sure the time and place were right for a show- BUY YOUR NEW CAR NOW! Immediate Delivery On All Models Norm Blubaugh Geu. I. 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