Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on April 3, 1942 · Page 11
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 11

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1942
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

PAGE TWENTYrTWO—THE MORNING AVALANCHE Lubbock, Texos, : -Friday r-April- 3, '1942 Dioil 4343 foi The Avalanche- Charges In This War Likely To Be Fewer Than In World War No. 1 Old Measure Taken 0ff By "JAMES J. STREBIG Associated Press Staff Writer WASHINGTON, April 2 — Jus- 1ice department officials predicted that sedition charges filed during the present war would number on a smail fraction of t.hose brought during World War i; > For one thing, they pointed out, Ihe. old sedition law was taken off the books after three years. For another, federal officials, keeping in mind the mistakes of 1917-and 1918, say they are moving more slowly and carefully today. Since the outbreak of the war last Dec. 7, four persons have been accused of sedition by the Justice . department, but officials ..warned that others would follow. No Law By That Name There is not today, as there was ' 25 years ago, a sedition law by that name. Prosecution for that offense, which can be defined briefly as ''excitement of discontent against the government, or of r e s i s tance to lawful authority," can be under either the 1917 espionage act or the 1940 alien registration act. Penalties run up to 20 years imprisonment and $10,000 fine. i When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, feelings flared all over the United States, but probably nowhere stronger than in California. Several persons were seized,- on sedition charges for speaking against the government. Attorney General Biddle ordered that he be given the facts in ea'ch case, and soon all cf the charges were dropped. .' To Step Carefully Biddle has reiterated on numerous occasions that he was determined to "step* carefully and to stamp with a heavy foot." "By going slowly," he said today, "we expected to get better cases, and we did." Tv;o o£ those released early in the war were rearresied this week on the same type of charge origi- * Treasury Notes May Be Bought The possibility o£ investing ?25,y 000 in city funds in short term federal treasury notes which are to be:put on sale Monday was under study Thursday by city officials. * ,,-f- Notification that $1,500',000,000 in such notes are to be placed on sale and an invitation to the city of Lubbock to apply for an allotment was contained in a telegram to Mayor ^Carl £. SJaton from Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, jr. Expire In Six Months The notes cm to expire in about six months and are to.carry one- half of one per cent interest, the telegram said. The maximum available to any one purchaser will be $25,000. ' • ' An investment of - that. kind for idle city funds would mean a profit of $125, officials said. Mayor Slaton. added, however, that if the invitation is accepted, it will be more as a gesture of cooperation than because of the $125 in "velvet" it would produce. The OLD SPRINGS TO NEW USE—WjUiam Cunniff.(above) a Kansas Cify'plasterer, offers this, solution to the tire" problem, a wheel made of sections of old car springs an.-.'angle between hub and rim; The spring ends at the rim slid,e in slots., Cunnifl said he had driven 40 miles an'lhour on the wheel. ' Reading Glasses Drop 6,OOCg:Feet And Are Found Unbroken LJJAVEN W O K T H, Kan., April 2. (U.PJ — The reading glasses of Capt. H. K. Speed, Sherman field flight surgeon, were expected today to become a keenly sought mo- mente by their, manufacturer. During a flight from Omaha to Sherman field at Ft. Leavenworth the belly gun door flew open while Speed's plane was 6.000 feet in the air. His reading glasses fell out. .Yesterday Captain Speed received word from Mrs. Myral Willmeth of Troy, Kan., that she had found'his glasses in her front yard—unbroken. nally brought—but on wholly different evidence. : Biddle makes this distinction between the basis of charges in many first ..World war cases -and the basis which he insists must be established today: .'•" Musi Cause Harm ;- . Formerly, private citizens, editors^ writers and publishers were prosecuted, -m'erely for 'disagreeing with the government or criticizing the .war effort. Among the more than 2,000 arrests under the old. ^sedition law were such :cases as •£• man seized for telling a Red Cross worker, "no soldier will ever see those socks you are knitting." A • man \vas convicted for expressing distaste for the YMCA. A motion picture producer went to prison because'he made a. picture, '"The Spirit of-'76", held to have reflected unpleasantly upon our British allies. Today, the rule is that, to be deemed sedition, an act—that is, an utterance or-"writing—must be shown to have wilfully designed to "cause harm to the United States government. For that reason, the deportment expects to show in each case being brought that the utterance or writing was clearly directed to members of the military or naval forces or against persons eligible for those forces. The laws under which charges are being filed are clear on that point. The 1917 act covers "false reports or false statements with intent to interfere with the operation or success of the military or naval forces of the United States "or to promote the success of its enemies." Both the 1940 and the 1917 laws also forbid 'attempts to cause in subordination, disloyalty, mutin> or refusal of duty in the militso forces. Those laws can be enforced ful ly without impairing free speech Biddle says. He decries "witcl hunts." Mere criticism of the gov ernment, no matter'how bitter o irresponsible, doesn't constitut sedition unless. it clearly give risejo the danger of an overt ac which would harm national objec tive. Orders^ For Big Planes Pull Firm Out.Of Reel • SEATTLE, April 2. (#>—Orders for giant Fly ing, Fortresses pulled their manufacturer, the Boeing Airplane company, out of the red during the last years, the company revealed today. Boeing had a net loss during thtf period 1934 to 1939. In 1940 the company showed a profit amounting to 35 cents a common share of stock. During 1941 profits mounted to above the six-million mark, $5.65 cents a share. question to be decided, he explained,, is "whether, sueh an investment of city funds could be made legally. Buy A DelensB Bond TODAY! 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To you with the exciting ne Make-up Base—creamy, s!( "Sub-Tint". . . which lends I deplh and brilliance to your m 1 ? 1.00 Now Being Shown At Where Three Expert Cosmeticians Are Always at Your Command 2 Dears East of Wards Oil BROADWAY Between Freeds and Stephens 'WHERE SPENDING IS SAVING' 'WHERE YOU PAY LESS AND:GET'MORE"•-• FREE GIFT Fortune Telling H EAdACH E POWbEfc 25c SIZE ............................................. 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