The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 27, 1918 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1918
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

.SrtfeifflKft-S7, 1918.. PAGE NINE. ;! WANTEB—MALE HBtP. •WANTBII-Blldiiff dork, pnHy f"";!"?* *llh Underwood tyvcyvrtUr. If "> draft must have deferred cfessif<"»' 10 "Permanent iiosltlon with splendid opnor- tunUy for party who can maku good- Hutchinson Wholesale Grocery Co. it-" Hutchinson wnoiosai with steam to wh Kansas school boys with steam to whist!" Tor Our B<g American Hoys Victories Over, There. Apply to Mills and factories of this city. Signed, The roople of this City with boys Over There. WAfH'EU—Men or women to pteV»P apples. Frank Lohr ,en Whiteside farm one mllo west of town; atao boy to .care for stoclt, one that can milk. 21 u. WANTKD—Hoy not In school to learn jewelry mtR. Apply noom 0 central tlank Bldg. WANTED—Cnopor: steady work; apply Barton Bolt Co. plant or down town WANTED—Man nml wife for work on farm . References. Address 0-86 ear; News. M-t WANTfcTIJ—Mnrrls.l man to work on farm by year. Address CJ-85 cara News. WANTED—Six men to pull broom corn. Call 227 13 1. "-"l WANTED—Krrand boy at Hutchinson Printing Co. WANTED—Janitor. - lego. Call BuslnosB col- 2T-U WANTED—FEMALE HELP. WA1« , EU^TTOIO"PU!KO'I'9, 30C hour men, 2314U women: meet at Uth and Main 7 o'clock. llrlliB dinner. I'liono 31!• J Levi lluyal. , 2l-0t U1KL wanted to do rouklni; for small family; no housework; Ruud wages to experienced cook . Apply Chalmers Hotel. WANTED—Middle asiid lady for general hvtuework In family of two;, no wuali- Ing. Knquiro at once at tsosf vve^t^jtm 'WANTED—White wi'inan or girl for house work; must be able to cook, •phone M'l. WANTED—2 good women at Ma rah iTundry, IOC West 12th. Phono UilJ. WANTED—Cook nnd dish washer.Queen City Hotel, 16 E- West. Apply at once. WANTErt— Lady to make aprons at overall factory, 417V, 8. Main. SSS-U WANTED—Car washer and Barnes Bros. Auto Supply Co. purler. ilC-Ul WANTBD—Housekeeper. 1 »6.00 pel- week. Call at TP) 1st East. 27-281 WANTED—A "girl for general housework; ' no washnlg . Phono 331. ^ 26-Jt^ WANTED—Good glil or "woman: general housework , Phono H. GIRLS wanted for steady work. Scheblo Candy Co. Richard 26-3t WANTED—A cost accountant. J.86 care News. Adores! 2t-5t WANTED—Experienced waitress, Iteni ' Hotel. POSITION WAN^J^^^J^^w^ COt-TjEOE boy wants place to work for board and room . Phone 132. a-n WiVKTEB- rositlon as stenogmpaer. Address 11-85 care News. 24-28 WANTED—Position by experienced bookkeeper . Phone 2670J. 23- U POSITION WANTED—FEMALE. COLIVRQR girl wants place to work for •• board and room . Phone 132. -o-it NOW IS rug cleaning time.. Coll aha liug-Weaning Works. Work, called for and delivered. Cleaning nnd sWnK a specialty. 5U1 A west; office phone 2108. M-U WANTED—To buy ono Scotch Collie pup. tFemalo preferred,) Address 1. > It. McdsKer, R. U. 1, Arlington, Kansas. WANTED—To thresh your Karflr corn nnd cane seed and shred your fodder. Call Hutchinson «3J after T p. m. 28-2* WANTED—To purchase a small second UondCretors roaster and pupper . Address Charles Flake, Lyons, Kans. 20-21 WANTKD -r-ClUih prices on small Improved (arm near city . O. W. Alford, phone 1921. 21-tf COLLEGE STUDENT wants hoard and ,. room in. prlvaao family. I'hone ^ JSS. WANTED—To contract your cement work, sidewalks a ^ecinlty. Call t77. ^ WA ^TEtt— All- kinds of rags, nbsjlutely highest price, paid . Phone :tl.5t WANTED—Cast off clothing nnd shoes, ttlghnst prices paid. Phone 2360J. •WANTED TO BUY=—One riding lister. Col) phone 35 after 6 p. m. 27-28 WAWJ311—About as feat I or 0 ft. chica- en wire. Phono 1191). 27-2t WASillNO WANTED—Family or by tile ' doscn. 225 East 3rd. 10-tr WANTED—To buy new and second nam! clothing. Call ISIS. IS-Oct. i ^ COLLEQI'l- wants light housekeeping rooms. Phone 132. 27-2t WANTED—Second hand furniture. Rauh . Furniture Co. 26-U HEMSTITCHING done at 509 North .Jlaln Btreet. 27-Oct. 11 WANTED—To buy small • farm. Phone 339W. 25-31 WAITED—Washing. MM B east. 27-3t > ';::'' R . • LOST. LOST—Bunch 0 t keys about the Santa . Fiji freight depot or Uock Uland passenger 'depot; one small key marked T. Oh D.'.CQ., leave at News office oral receive reward. Lcn Smith, tag B east. '• • 27- tf i t,OST(KrOno Oabcrdlne rain coat on way fltfm Hutehlnson tu river's hank on Wefloru road. • F. L. lilartln. 20,27 WJST—2 heifers about 850 lbs. euclt; branded 'P" on left shoulder. Fulton MlUfket, Reward. v 25-it J^pST—Bunch of keys, lteturp to Hltt- ^—W^»iard Motor Co. and receive reward. ••• • - ' ,27.« £&ffiMCM<d'« btafk coat oij B or laiple. fhOflei-IOIiJ. - 28-2T W*KTEO—Three or four furnlshM ar UBru)-niahed rooms with heat. Address tt^-dHfy NBWB. 2H-S7 •WANTED—To rent 1 or 5 room cottage" f&alBhod, with garage. Address tt.S5 cs/iTWPWS, 27-3S WAOTBSteTo.'* nki 6 > *°! 1 room motfr FOB SAtE—MkftcfcLLAMEOtja. ... 4 AtJCTlOJf BALI0. 8*liur<l«jr. Se»«. aii i:3«- p. m. sharp nl "Sherman, Mtiet West, a tut of, rtod f/ialr;, "rocking chairs, dressers, beds rive_9*ia Axminator rugs, gas range, UeitUifr stoves, a good, ftftlce 3«sk. entire fixtures of a cafe and one horse, one mare and a mule colt. AUSTIN .ANDREWS Phono 1010 Auctioneer 20-21 I'OH SATJE—Amack, standard under rule, ono elegantly bred, trotting stallion, 5 years old. Weight 1160, by McDougol 2-:t0>4, dam. Mlkired- A, by Trr»rangle 2:09Vt. A rino looking felloW with pur- foct dlsposhtloB, clly broke af«l a sure breeder, sound- as a dollar . Have been drafted in army. Must sell. The first man with |30fl tases Wm. James McVey, Hutchinson, Kansi 2B-i)t FOR SA'tE—Wlncsap nnd Mo. Pippin, hand pinked apples. No wbnns^no windfalls; good keepers; 2l4miles east and mllo uocth of north end Main street, Hutchinson. P.IVEBSBANK PLANTATION. 2T-Jt . F; U Martin, Plop. APPLB3. Jonathan, Grlmos Golden, Staymnn wineeups. End of Uth Street, west of town. Call and bring your sacks. Klrst class apples. Phune' 26Q7-J. J. V. "LOUGH E. 12 tf FOlt HALE—Hhow cases; counter; shelving: 2 h. p, WcsllnghouHe motor; champion duop/h mixer and aome puns at t;ou South ALiln. Wo luivo moveO to our new Ir^ntlon, 16 West B., Phone 171. flokws Bakery. 2B-t[ I*OK SALE—Gas and coal combination rantre; refiervolr gas stove; small bed room sultu; three-quarter Iron bed; rugs; ennltary couch; vacuum cleaner. Phone 01)3. 11W« North Malu. T7-2t MEUCI1ANDISE AITOTIONKKK. Ex[tei'leiH-wl; mil close you out or n'duee your stuck. The nul'ck mid Buceei.tirul way out. W. A. Kuimell, Greensburg. KausnH. 27-5 Hutchinson Typewriter Co. ROiTAL TyPEWUlTElta Bargains In Rebuilt Machines. 807 Uorabaugh-Yt lley Bldg. J^hune 3080. 23-11 SECOND-HAND tires and tubes, all sizes. Wo buy old caMngs. For guaranteed repair work see us. MUl-tilatc .Motor Tiro Co., opposite Missouri Pacific depot, s-tf FOR SALE—2 horses; 2 spring wagons; 1 buggy; ti stands of bees; for rent huuse and 12 acres land. Wm; "J. Wllilln, 2700 North Adams SL 24-27 STEAM EOlUSll. Wa have a low prersure boiler for steam healing plant, will be aold at a very low figure. See 11 at News Office. FOlt HALE-Itabblls, New Zealand Itutus teds and Flemish Giants; breeding age; finest Flemish stock In cltv 118 East A. E; OV D. 23-3t RABBITS nnd rabbit hutch; pigeons and pen chickens and chicken houses; hogs; hog houses and pun. W, o. Matthew. 27 and 28 4 and 3 FOR SALIC—Rugs of ull kind and stzes; 1 base burner; ono dining tahle; phone 2113 or Hutchinson Rug Factory. 28 t tf FOR SALE—First class furniture clieap- lf sold by 'Friday evening. Party leaving elty. 417 Bigger east. 25-2t FOR SALE—Oas heater; beautiful Colonial design: nearly new; cost S3U; prlco 115. 207 Ninth west. 26-3t FOR SALE—Rabbits priced right. One mile east .one mile nortlt of packnlg house . Wagoner Bros. 23-tit FOR BALIS—Cheap, 10 II.' P. International engine 1150.00. 13. N. Mart. R. F .D., No. 1 ,clty. Fr-Sa.l3-tf FOR SALB—At a bargain; ladles' dark blue suit, size 3(1. E. E. Otillup, til) North Main. 27 -30 FOR SALE—Call at 539 North Main and pick out your Sewing Machine, half price. • 25-28 FOR HALM —Lakeside upright grand piano; cheap.; leaving town. Call 29IOW. . 27-5 FOR SALE—One share In Salt Marsh Shooting association. \. B. care News. 25-5t FOR SALE—Green tomatoes, n.50 per bu. Yerkcs Bros., 1020 East 0th. 25-tf FOR SALE—Girls' dark Jilue cuat; fur • trimmings; sue 35. Phone BltfJ 1 . 27-2C ftOQD onions, (2.00 bushel; nu delivery. - Call Madison and 25th street. 21-30 FOR SALE—Finu gas heater; ulao six Inch stovepipe . Call II38W, . 28-11 FOR KALE—Cheap. Big work horse at 1020 5th west. C. It. Frlek. 25-28 FOR HALE—2 combination heaters; 2 coal huatOrs, 110 B West. 27-3t FOR SALE—Cheap; Hi acres of'alfalfa on ground . Phone 1209W. " 23tf 8HOPSHIRE rams and western 'ewes for sale. E, N. Mast. E O. D 27-tf FOR SALE—Apple boxes, baugh. 119 B West. IT. L. Brum- 23tt FOR SALI^J—Davenport; good reed baby . buggy . Phone, M2L • 3 27-lt FOR SALE—Young calf. Call 428 Unburn .^ly slione 3015W. 28-3t FOB SALE— 0 year Phono 1946. old saddle pony, 81-tf FOR SA1.E—Now wide tiro Weber wagon, phone 339W. 2^-3t FOR SALE^—Now Zealand red rabbits 128 1st east. 14-tf.' FOR SALl'>—Base burner . Phone 2127 738 B east. 24-t£ FOR SALE—Block lynx... fur set, Its; phouo 3220. 28-2t FOR SALE—White rabbits, phone 3026W. 2e-2t FOR SALE—Genuine Spitz dog. phono 1017. t 2B-2t FOR SAJJK—Gas. heater Plione 310iFw7 2ttf FOR SALE—Vlctrola, cheap. 14 41h East. ' . . 20-2t YI3AKLiya sul«, M-K.3 27-8t FOR SALEOR TRADE. ^SR^AlLE~o1hrTltAS£~ ,93.1 a«<ujr«eud wft*»t ran4 «f sole at |l» per acre under the. market or would trade, and tak* la stock of merchandise in good locatiou, located * mlos north and I mile west 01 SpeirvlUe, Fold-Co., Koiis: Call or . wrlo own*,- Q. H. v jjuwon Spearvllle .Kansas. jTtX TOR SALE OR TRADEs-Buick five oas- senge,- Jn first-cloaa eoodUlon; W IU cuii- ^'r'^i';.7* lam ft^ a «£.eeJl phone ,1532W or 11 South Walnut. , -7,-tf AbrorvidSiLEa. tiO Sliertnan Kast Pttotie 457 Cheapest place io town to buy your 1 patts. Cash paid for old cars, : 17-tf IN USED CARS. 1916 Dodge louring car 1750.00 1917 Foixl roadster .electric starter, new tires 550.00 1 1917 Hudson Super Six 1500.00 Allen touring car, electric starter and lights 350.00 Mobre touring car , 1160.00 . Terms can be arranged* 24-tf, RENO BL'ICIC CO. 1 FOB. SALE 0R. TBADE—TttFea totg on Second avenue east of, Slum street for euulty lu house or for good. auto. Ask McNashten. Btipne 16. *^ \* ffi FOR SA}*&-Or ttad* Best guto for tha money. 1150.00. Vaed ihe ira-iL-a 521 Bast EJghtli St. - H * 34-2* WANTED—To trade 7 Bassaager Ford .fat e uass«nger • PbuSe suw IFOR SALE PR RENT", ~~ FOR BALE. Ono Reo Truck Chasls, In first-class condition; four practically new casings ami tubes. Anyuno wonting a truck cnasis can save money by looking this up. Three, quarter ton size. F. W. GUNNING, 3-lt Sterling, Kan, FOR SALE—Overland In first class condition. Priced to sell. Ford, like new, cheap. Ford, livery body, new, half price. These aro real bargains. See C. J. Spratt, 11 South Walnut, phone 1020W. 26-2* FOR SALE—1918 Bulck six, almost new I'JIS Mitchell good as new Dctroi* Electric Car Co., 18 no. Walnut . Pliuno 381. 13-tt TtADl/tTORS ' services uu repair work. O. lv. Auto Radiator Co., 10 ftouch vvaaunigton. I'hone 920. 2 -tf 1'OR. SALE—Cheap 1 five passenger ear, electric lights and sUirter, or will trade for niuabuur. Iniiutie ituom 0 Central Hank UUIg. 27-2t FOR SALE—Ford, Sedan typu - ,111 good . cuiKlltluu .. Call at Great American Ufe Itisuiunce olfice for particulars. 23tf lull SALE— Now Auto TUe tuoes, 20 per " cent otr. Mayfioid Radiator shop, 1.1. south Walnut. 2u-tt I WU.L SELL my big Wescott car, or j maybe ttauu It tor a lighter one. _W. FOR SALE—1917 six cyhndur car; perfect iiiecliailical combinujloii, A bargain. Call aib2. . J7 -tt FOR SALl'^1917 4 cylinder. 5' passenger Bulck. No. 1 condition, l'lionc 2 -9/. 20-6t FOR' SALE—Two Ford touring cars. it. and D. Auto Supply and Murage Co. 27-2t i_i : ' —, FOR SALE—P'urd touring car; llrsl'-'C'tasS' coudition . Teiephoue tilo 01 2002. 24tf FORD TOURING CA-R—For auic« sale, •305. Apply at 529 W 9lh street. lS-tf rat JiSsnrgacnas ^ 6 rdom modern bungalow, full base-ment. East 12th, good sha<le and garage. i54 cash, balance, time. 0 room modern 2 story, basement andgsritg*. 7th street, 1500 cash, bal. month>- ry. 7 roem modern, large lot. good shade.In good condition, close to Main street .on ,21st street** «4 eash.f 1 balance- time. J4750. A gowl location to room teoeher. j 8 loom modem cottage, J2200, on l^ast-n." • Is room' cottage, $1250. J301 ensh, bsisnce Jl5 per month, 'fi reiHlt modern, cottage on 71h street. J2200, easy cerms. * B room modem and cellar, fruit andslnuie, fine lawn. High and large lot. Mdrth end. AH In pood c'omlltlon. Mustsell on aeentint cf the draft. 7 room house, 2 stoi-y,; on West 'A.'Unud fi.ndltlon, c'.oBe to s<:hoot nnd Main street. Price *1250, worth »1S00. 320 acre farm, well hnprovwl, i.|os e loHulchinsun, a bargain. Ask to see this. Price 135,000, Easy terms. 1«0 acre farm, 2 miles of city limits. Price J20.000. The only ttuniter clore In at thin price, Good Investment. 40 acres close In, small house. «,000. 20 acres chise In unimproved. 80 acres northeast or Hutchinson, small house and barn. J3.000. Ask us about this. 2 room cottage on 4lh east. $290 cosh,balance Jli> a month. 160 ncr»s near Sylvln In Reno county. Improved. 100 acres in cultivation, bal. grass. J1600 ciuih, balnnce easy terms. 180 acres north on plum street road,Improved. 11,000 cash, balance easy terms. Phone 13.1 S07 R-W BWg. Todays special offer: Fine two story mcdeni house at 823 East Sherman, ownwl by Dr. Smyser. who bus muvcd to Wichita. For sale on easy terms at Bacrfflce price, .with building material growing higher daNy, we itrejtutklng a deep cut lu original, cost of erection. The price Is so low it will surprise you. „ r ,0 feet frontage; in section of goixl houses; basement with, laundry equipment; furnace; main floor finished In oak: fine electrical fixtures: five rooms down stairs, inoliallm,' one bed room; 4 rooms upstairs; then a large Bleeping pm-ch enclosed with glass rnr winter use . Toilet plumbing 011 all three floors; large garage. A cumfartablo house at a bargain. Who Will be the lucky buyer? Phonu us for engagement to louk this place over. IMPROVEMENT (1 Lowest Rates of Interest. Liberal Prepayment Privileges. See Us Before Placing Your Loan. FOU SAI,]'>— LUfM rotulstcr, first c|ass contiitlon; a baruuin. i' Uii-2i FOlt SALIC—Ford swiiui nearly new >Jo. 5 south Walnut. I'liono uan. t\\.t FOU HAL.K—Kord roadster; first clans • condition. Auto Hospital. FOR SALIC—Studebakci- Uireo passenger roodatur . 1'hono "41)3. FOR {3ALB—Touiintf ear. Ida Battery Stuttuiu BH>R SA\J^ii— 5 jjaancngur Enquire Kx- IB-tf touring car. 20 -tit FOU SA1-13—1W8 EiuJt Srd. model Ford . Call 631 FOU SAX.K—Forda. AloVey Uvory. 3 tf FOR* RENTt—FURNISH ED ROOMS. IJAK.UK bedroom; outside street eiiiranco; hail to bath; furnace heat; easy chairs; ehlfferobo and trlothes clowet. (Jontlt- man only, a btoclca Korubaugh-Wiley buildldg; cull 115 .North .Maple. FOU UlflNT—-Furnlaninl room, ninnhiff water; hot water »heat. McCurdy Insurance agency. Wo. I West .Sherimui. FOR iiENT—>Str»ctly modern furnlshtd rooms; ladies preferred, i'liono • ; 313 7th eatft. 26-St FOH UKNT—-Nlcoty furnishwi room ia modern home. Jl.UD week. i'homt Vl'JKV rjcsintUle furnishtd room for «en- tleman at H Kuai titn. Vtiuno ljtiti. ' 12-tf FOU KENT—Sleeping room and garage. Fhomi 3iyti\y 2^t£ £*AUUi5 front room nicely furnished. 221 W*st 1st. 27-U! MOH>ERN looms. 215 Sherman ease Fhone 25f>tf. H-tr FOU KENT—Fumlahtxl room. Fhone •i'ii. . 27-3C MOUBUK— lUwnis, Elms, 128 First East. •i-tr LIGHT^HOUSE^E^PI NG^ROOM S. bAHGE nleo modern HlfflU liousekeepina aaul sleepinar roon^. 2(U .West li sv. pluiau JJ272, " 27-tf J 0 N„-BAILEY <^ 8©; 3i. 4 Eaoil SfiacriEDaiffi! GRAIN MARKETS^) RANGE OF OPTIONS AT CHICAGO. PIh<M<e 2S24J FOR SALE—CITY PROPERTY, ulaATT^'KvfrS^sTEOAl^ 1. B room modern cottage on K. E. part; uaJi Duora; fireplace; furnace; liberal terms . fiice $3liU0. 2. & room modern; (parage; east front; $3450. l '^Jlnace. 3. Ma A east; modern two story home;" excellent condition; 50x170 feet frontage* property la especially well built; a .good cellar. Frice Ji ^UJ. Can ariange for Immediate possession. 4. 815 5th ,east. Can. -be bought on liberal terms; a modern; a^pd %'cry taSty 5 roornVcottaffe. 5. Mcaleru two story home one block of Main on lltn street. Uirtfe uluulo trees; a K '*J *i furnace . lMce $2 J 0(. I. li. A e°°cl -incunie- corner X block of business district; should double in value In ft years. Honlal Income 7V1: IiUei'eat of investment. Locate*! near post office. 20-21 BiUSJJM ItEAUTY CO. Eant i2tn tyx., li lutjtit.s, a.«epluff porch, furnace, basertient uiuier entire ho«se, nice lawn, buds yard fenced', tfnee- >324JU. Owner leii\iiiK city. (Jail U. U. W'oodaa-U, rhotiu m71. BAKGAIX— I room bungalow; modern except; lar^e cement basement; screened in buck porch; at) feet of ground nortneast part; duuble garage, 'rnla is priced Ut sell; good terms . rice the JShlney Uealty Co. for particulai-s. 127,' f a N. Amin. fhone 13U. 7 room houae, ciosu UJ , mudern except furnace; J^iou.ou. 5 room nsuderti except furnace, good location un bch liiast, tor tjmcic sale .>22ao .ya. Maitu oiic wants Known io the SHLNKf ItKALT Y CO. 127Vi Aiajn irhane FOB KAUE—Ily owner, six room completely modern cuiuige; ouit riuors in three ruoms; cue place; misemctit uuder entire housu.; guoti yiird and location, 12.; We^t 12 ill tft- 24-2S IF®R SAFE Real estate and insurance busiuess, established 10-years; ; worth investigating. Address, box 337. FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE. 7000 AC It IS HANCU—Eastern Colorado— 1000 dertded, haaince leasetl, great opportunity; improved. 320 Acre Fine Improved farm, Sumner county; sons In army; don't want to rent too old tu farm himself; sell at sacrifice; a fine home l«u* some one. 320 Acres. ciouLli Heiio County—Fair im­ provements---0U acres tn cultl goes to wheat, this tall;. uii<j third lea^e contract; produced over 2u btmhels i>cu auru this s-t-ar; only per aero for ,,u<i-!t sale on bargain counter. Vacant and .improved city property, r,i- way» barnains at riglit prfees. Standiuid royultlea; dividend payers; Enyart-Hannon .Surety on any of above nn-iiosltiona. DotalU* given by asking 17 ,.U ' A. M. JEWEL.L. THE LITTLE"AT-A-TIME STORE Small Payment Down, Balance $1 WEEK LADIES' SKIRTS $3.50, $*.50, $4.98, $5.50. $6.50. $7.50, $8.50, lo $10.50. Small payment down, balance 50C A WEEK LADIES' SHOES $3.50, $4.50, $4.98, $5.50, $6.50, $7.50. Small payment down, balance 50c a week. Ladies' Suits , Ladies' CoatR Ladies 1 Dresses Misses' Coats Girls' Coats Ladies' Skirt.' Ladies' Waista Ladies' Shoes Men's Suits Men's O'Coats Boys' Suits Boys' O'Coats Mackinaws Men's Shoes Men's Pants Boys' : Shoes 50c A Week COMER COMMERCE CO. 17-19 North Walnut St. Men's Shoes 50c A Week Five room all modem house, ne\v,ly papered and painted. A close in location lo be sold very reasonable. Phone 15. Wheat. No prices cilluled. Open llltfh Low Corn. Oct.. 1.48 1.46!-, 1.121J Nov.. l.M'A J.40"/i Oats. Sept.. .73i; .73», Oct.. .73% .73% .73S Nov.. .71*. .71TS, ."3Tk —Cloned— Today Y'diiy i .4J% .73 .73 .74 1.47',. 1.14', .7.1'. .73', SILVERWARE SPECIAL— 26-pIece set of Community silverware, fit In oak chest Special $8.50 Set Guaranteed to wear 10- years. Only a few left at this price. Complete chest of 26- pleces $8.50. A. L. WILSON, Leading Jeweler 108 North Main Street Mess Pork. Nov . .11,00 41.00 41.00 4 RANGE OF OPTIONS AT KANSAS CITY —CloMeti— Open Illeli 1JO«T Today V'day Corn. Sept.. 1.53U i.aii ].B«',I i.r>3"i Oct.. 1.53 i.r.3 I.IS'A'.„ l.f>S'4 Nov.. 1.4914 • l. lUli. l.lll 1.4B14 i. i a Oats. Sept.. .73-. .73 .73 .73 • V3?i Oct.. .73% .73»i .73 .73 .74 Nov.. .71% .74% .74 .71 ."4T4 Wheat Corn .. KANSAS CITY RECEIPTS. Today. Year Aeo. 03 17 33 GRAIN AND PROVISIONS. U: A snap for your Ufettma. 1-0 or VI ucrea of tlm \rry best lurid with uu lrrl- tzilinii puuc limtuUed on the land. Wttn- tu 1 om' bluek of land thai U sellht^ tov $3000 on. acre. . Theaa 60 Iota aolliff for the paltry yum of JJjj per lot or u total ol ^tild. Alt must go touetheiU. Owner lu alek and soluu away and haa cut tlia price one.-haJi. or more, u, F. Mcl3enne<l liA 1-3- Koulh Main dtreet. ltl*tf FOft RKN^r—Furnished and unfurnished rooms for Hirtit houuvkeepinir, 300 li 3rd. 30-3T fft.'lTB of mixlern houmrkeepliig; rooina, .407 North PopiaJ', I'hone 3351. 2s-2t OXB IJeJUT hoiualteeplng 11(1 Kast B, Phono 23311. TWHIOM furnisilud rooms downytalili; no children. S»7 8ml..liml.^ ' , ' ...25-tf ONM 1.1CJHT housekeeplnK a-Partinent^ Itti 1'3 3>cl. IMione 2SSU. 26-If FOlt JtKNT—KurniBliotl ' housekeeping roouia . 11) "pill oast. 2?-3t FOU HKNT—Modern light housekeeplnif rooms . 201 W Cth. -33tf POIt RBNT—Modem Iiousekoeplnu rooms 3JI) 2nd west. 17 - tf. FOH RMNT—-Ught houaokeeplnif rooms. 323 litttt li. ' 26-If TWO modern lliutligufielieeplnif rooms. Piione 388 . 23tf FOU ftENT—My beautiful 10 room" house, copiplelely lurnlahed. den brcakfaat room und sun room, etc., hot water heat; garatse;. fine location; |7S jier inolitli. Mrs. Charles U»no, 407 Sherman ease. Phone 1525J. ' 23-lit FOH WENT—Five-room modern wllh fur. iiiice; uu gata**; goad location; 126 per .raunth . Phun^ 2?24.K M ^ 1 -27-3t FOR W^r—y«»nl»h«4 houae. old pea»a»W Pl»jf«ilT6d . {'hone 2646W. 27-3 FOR UPN'F—Oot. 1. to adults, 7 rooih house. . *21 East 11. j-lt FOR 11BNT—Eight room home; modern. Phone mi.- . ••; • gj-v MPOBBN testowt, >io». 1. Call WfVt. ,: . - • , \ Pit raiBS—Two to throe pounds. Also Sar- i'w| Rock pu'leta, fine layluc «rajn. Ptionq 1437-W iifternoons. 28t| FOR SA1.K—Thoroughbred Barred ltouk H. 1. Red chicken. Mrs. Fusui^n- 2*1-31 FOR SAL.H—Some y'ounu cocWrei It. 17 Red* Phone S349 V\ r . 26-23 |T«X«IS. on* bfoilera , Mione SIHIW. * STOCKS AND B0MD8. FOR shore* J.^irjji«« and MorV FlLltClSD For quick aule caab or lurma, lul3 1£ bth, & room nouae und twu loia, wliiUtuiil,. -aaraKe. cemclil wulka. aooU cniekmi. p«u and. cave, intiutra of l*. M. Shatter.' 500 S\ eat C. 14-lt FOlt SAXJC—Five room .house, modern except Wlrnace; ffood wt'U; toi^d cement baaeiuenf,, nice lawn; part of town; close in; l!^. V. roweiaon, wyivla, Ivan, 26-oct. 3 A BARGAIN. Good Vi section, 4V4 ntllen Mlnnrala, renrrd 1-3 .letiver-eii-. 150 .acren "ffolntf to wheal; all fenced ;! wire; 4 roam house;, barn with mow; stalls 12 head; with Mini 14x710;. Kianary I2i3li; well and' mill and other Improvements, all in good! Hhape. 1'rlce. $3o per A. Can fflve terms on half. First come set« It. Write A. E. MOOHK, -Wnneola, ICanaad. 27-2t tf'OR S,tLtI—My 5 acre homo place, 2 mllca weat of Hutchinson on Fourth street. l)r. Mark MeAlllly. lO-U 313 wesCllth, SC. new five room house, 3301]' casb, balance monthly. —Aalt McNaghlen. l'houu 15. 20-tf. S'OR SAl.K-^CIifap. Five room mcderu - huuse, 3O0 block lltll east. See or call L, C Hughs* at .-ioda Aall. • 85-41 FOR MAI-iliI— 2houaea, one six room., one 13 room. Call 2ui li west or imouo 21172^ iljU FOR SALE—6 Room modern houao, nearly hew,- fclasi Seventh, 'i'elephune 16ia S-tf FINANCIAL. MOKO TO ILOAM on city homca. l^ong Urnaa, on monthly pay utent plan. Farm loans.' r Till-; KINK MS AGENCY. Phono 20&u. btata E^chaagu lioiik Bldg. 3-tf. TO TRADE. TO TRADE— My equity In 'ota and ten room houae in -Nickersoti, Kanaaa for a good Ford car und aome difference. II. ll. VVmtamule, n. K. No. 3, llutch- Inaon/Raniaa, - 27— TO trade 4T1V4 roam houaa la Pavtrid^e ^itiu acres western land lor, rluiciu.ison property. ' ^ —Ask McNaghU-ri. Phone 13. 26-lf. FOR TRATlSJr^-Btrietly modern bungalow In l^otts^'Kanaa*. Tft tra^a- foe WuL- eninsoit urope^y. Brelim Rualry ^^Oo. FpR THAPIS—l'lqulty lu qrceiy county; quarter tor' good autu or cit/'property. Brehm ReutIM Co. 1- 87-3t .Money to loan on city property, Heo Henry O. Wells, No. li Hlierntan eaitl. • , 24-0 Short time loans. See Henry C. Wells No. 12 Sherman oust-. ' DO YOU NEE7D »50? Prl/ato loans on furniture, piano, etj Easy payment*. 1 Sherman west. x-U FARM MANS? CITY LOANS? -ask, ilcNaghleu! First National Bldg. 10-U • ;TO LOAii—iPrrva,te money. W.""l4. IJrowu. 37-23 Chicapo. CliicaRO, Snpt. ^7.—Armistice pro- poiials by Hulgariu HGnt the com market sharply tlownwaril today. UeueraJ aclliiiB reKtiHed front rupoflu of the new peaxe move, and there was a broad active market. Some of the unloading was of an iiiuomatlu. slop-touH character. Opening prices, which ranged from %c lo l^c lower, with - October $1.45H lo $K4G nml Noveinber $1.43% to $1.43^4 were followed by a alight rally untl then by a decided fresh break. Allhoimh iiuiiieroijH Bnuill rnllieu took pace, I hey did not change the prevailing bearish sentiment, in as iiiuoh as the only notable buying supon came Irom profit laklng uhorta. 't'he close wits IIWIVUUH, 'ifac to 4"iic nower with October $1.42>A to $1.43% and November $1.40!^ lo $1.40%. * Oats reflected the weakness of corn. CbangeH in oats, however, wero comparatively alight. After opening Vac to %c lower, with October 73%c to 73%c the market continued to show a tendency to sag. Higher quotations on hogs lifted provisions. Iluytng, though, was not aggressive, » Subsequenly the breult in corn induced sonic selling and virtually wiped, out all sains. j. <j. .j. ITour Whetil- COllN- A f v 4. «> A> ^> ^> LOCAL GRAIN MARKET. (Furnished by the Hutchrn.ion I Mills Co., und are wholesale prices). •"" ' Cii«h, No. I hard, $2.05, Cash, $1.5(1. FEED. HRAJN—$1.47 Vi per 100. CHOP—$3.70 per 100. Fl.OCR— $5.5« per 100. HAY. Prices given by tho Hefts Feed Cora- i s pany). V 1 ; Alfalfa hay—$20 a ton. HIDES. (furnished by J. F. Rohretlcr, hides. • and furs). HltEKN SAI-T iriDlUS—No. I, 19c. , ORBRV SALT HIDES—No. 2, ISc.; • HORSK HIW3H— $3.00 to $5.00. SllEKI' PKLTS—25e to $2.00. GRKEN HIDES—3c less than cured. HAM 1 ' CURJiJD— I hie less tbau cured OilEEN SAliT Gl.UIS--10c. GHBEN SALT UUU. HI DISS—-No. 1, 10c. (IllEKN SALT BULL IT1DBS—No. ; 2, 15c. • HUTCHINSON PRODUCE. | (Wholesala prices furnished by Cart Nelson). | M'lUNS—3Vt pounds and over, 22c. I 11KNS—Under 2% ]»unds, 20c. BROILERS—1018 hatch, 21c. ' OLD ROOSTKH3—1.5c. . WIOKB—-Full feathered, 15c.' I YODNG TOM TUIUCBYS—12 lbs. tint! ever, 22c. .' TURKEY HENS'—S lb« antl over,, 23e. No. 2 and small turluys, hall' price. (!BKSB—Pull feathered, 12c M f>-j OLD TOMS—20c. OlllN61Aar-25c. liMlUS-Candle loss ott, $11.50. DAIRY. RUTTKR PAT— Alamlhi, 63c, deity, ered In Hutchinson. ^ LIVE STOCK MARKETS^ Chicago Closing Prices. CltlcaKO, Seyl, 27.—CORN—Oct $1.4216! Nov., $1.10%. . OATS—Sept. 73c; Oct. 73^73 !4<:; Nov. 735ti(&'74f. PORK—Oct. .$40.85; Nov. $41,00. U\RJ>—.Sept., $20.75; Oct., $20.42; Nov, $'Jo.0f,. SHORT, RIBS—Oct., $23.40; Nov , $ NOTICE—MISCELLANEOUS. Atalusonli biff dtincir-Mtnnlay night at Comral Haft. . 5 .piece orchestra. ar-ll TO TRADiK-Fugue royalty for pli'MY in| " (toed eondltUMi. Call Hoja» 'Furnrturo Co;,-phqn«SS!l. i "'• 2-1-tu. TKADB—(Jood- 3 loltf UVTiorth end. JO It after 8 p. imsdenger car for' foono UU) or 2»7 «3-tl KUMH u«ule»t)»oin (drt tarucis.;. rug: meuu* OR TKAPE^-ono smoolh niouth horse • "fboo* aso-F-ii. aa-ai ItJrtAU ESTATK HEN—'JCnj. projaiety at 2627 J*o»tl> Ada«i» l» off the nmrSet- Owenr. , or pig» or calves. TAKEN OP. TAKEN 0P-~Ht)n« steer at Colo (arm northeast of Wutetljijiion John Kaiser. V SB-ft BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Sim'* #to(lL Phone {Ml. pill DEAD hori« and catUa reuuoved fru or coiFip.. PUonu 2Si«J. w. A. ROW ^ 17-311 All kfnd4 of st'ovo repairing. Phou» ull %-n FO»MNT—M1*CELLAI1*EOWS. ~ FOH U^V-iS^irSSMr^Tlii^ « railroad trade tMtuiud. . iauuu.. MO.J •ast. fhwio •SJMJ. w " 2l!ljJ KOn nmf—WM»S »UUa I. for subur'r >«•« Kansas City Cash Prlcts. Kuvnsati City, Sept. 27.—WUI^A.T— steady to le higher; No. I. hard $2.20; No. 2, $2.1»; No. 1, red $2.10; No. 3, »2.15'/2. CORN—Nominally unchanged.; No. 2 white $l.85®l..ui); No. 3, nominal; No. 2, while $1.88(g) IM; No. 3 noui- iiiui; No. i, yellow $1.«9@1.78; Nu. 3, nominal. OATS—Nominally-unchanged; No. 2 while 71',ic;' No. 2. mixed. 73*4 l-jC. KYK—$1.59®%1.«1. KAnaR and M1LO MAJZ1J $a.304i> 3.36. .. HAY—Unchanged. . aiiyna;3-$i.4(Mi>i.49. v•. JBHAN— $1 :|teceipui wh^^t, 31 curs. > Kansas City Casing Prices. ' Kansaa City. 8«pt. i1.~-tOflti~ Hope. *1.B2',»; t)ct. f $1.4lK; Nov,, $1.1(1%. Kansas City. . Kan»oa City. Sept. 27.—HOGS—Re- , celpls, 3,1100; steady to 15c hiBiter: 1 bulk, $18.50® 10.50; heavy, $1S,75(&> : 19.75; puckers and butchers, fli.'iOVp 19.75; lights, $18.25i&H9.40; pigs, $18.00(?r 19.00. CATTU'>—Receipts, 2,000; no south. . erns; steady; prine fed steers, $l".-"i0 , ©»I9.00; * dressed beet steers, $10.00^ 17.00; western »teem, $lU.0O*|.|5.qO; somhern stetrs, $7.W>ifl ; 14.00; cnv.s, . ; $8.50®1».00; heil'eiB, |T.00«cl2.30; • Blockers and feeders, $7,r>0{f15.00; bulls, $6.70f!'J.0O. SHEKP-Recelpts, 6,500; steadyr' luinhs, $11. uOij( 111.75; yearlings, $lo.«Q-! ©12.00; wethers, $9.00011.00; ewes,-$8.00^10.00; atockers tuid feeders, $7.00'if 17.00. C.iicago. Chicago. InVpt. 27 HOGS -Ueeelpls 13,001); market 15 to 20c htKtK'r than . yesterday's averuge; butchers, $19.43 , SrMM; light, $lR.B01t>l!l.9»; packing, $ll50©t9.25; rough, »48.«04* 1840:, <' iwtpt, good to eUulee, $lti.004»l».H. . ..; f« CATT14&—ttueeiots. 5,000; itOlWua,••' choice U6re; other clatses ut natlvei stow to lower; western*) a' SHKBl'—Receipts, M,l . slow, Keltlng' lower on all classes. Kansas City Jlf«iu«». KantKUl City. Sept 2i.—BUT)fBR—• Greoonery, 5T«; flrotg, 55c; aecbnds 54<e; tacking, 40c laMS— SliaU ll^c; SB«owla 36H«. .vmiwe wmii moor classes ot nattv«a«U stow to lower; «cn»n» tbouc stwdXtn; slow, KeUiu*' lower on all fcl»»»wj. Wichita. •-:.•.'*.> Wichita, Kansas., Sept. S7.—HOGftoV '-Receipt* &6tt; 15« higher; v Qp. $19.7-5; built imWWW- J,\ IIA'ITLK— Receipts 550; v »tWr$r«#-' ' native sleeis $9,000)16.50; cijws trjifc. heifers $».O0Q9.0O'; blockers 4Jvl K«tHi^:' cr» V»0a©13.04; stock- cowa »^/l»l?p' *' fr» .fonwMi 'W uRmm*;'',

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