The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 12, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1934
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

FACZ TWO THE PARIS NEWS. SUNDAY, AUGUST 1*. 1*34 ! LILY PCKS PL^tfS TO WED IN 1935 H. McCuistion AMOS DKXOrXCES IJtllSl'Kt: ' hitherto. "Ar-d 1 work." he says, Jtegported h> Elizabetli l>uvatl : \\crk is the ^:<_'st h<.noraV-li- tv- I'E this- lessor^ A:L:OS eonrinues a '. cuj"-^::•-•:; '" s i ^ h'J";.an h*>insj. 1~::> «ca.thlns denunciation 01" the sir.s | without ivj-por.sibilit-es, without so-..prevalent its the northern kingr- • duty. ^itr;out laVor ; »^ u<eless an<3 donis. St*i:":diDy .'destructive to the individual. Just r.ear *'ie oity \ &*. this, time Thor*> :> a great hour.* aria throngrs of the I niore !e:suro. Sl^ort-.-r hours, un- wiiijfjcn peoyie. ! ' less t!-.e hours- •••:" leisure are prof- he shoots high, ' :t2.v-]y ^mpIcyecL would in tlrne he denounces the ! v. .--k destri:^t:^r: b'^th to the citi- r u 1 i n S fiS-sscS ' sc-r.s sr.-:! to th^ 5 c<' i '!-ir:ior.''-vea!th- who ha\e prof- ; Those •who wou'.d get ahead, those it-ed at the ex- \vh.i \\rulr. *r;u:p themselves for r.ense of t h e* -v e rainy day. f.^r the exiprencies rof-r, who have ,-,* jj.~e. rr.\:?T •^vor'k Tvht'e it is yet wa<;eu public ; ^ a v. Thc-se wro live for leisure revenues on , and for cvr.:-or"i and for ease are their oivn luxuries. He caHs at- ; underr-sininc their usefulness and tention first to the fact that the • de^trcyinir the -pos.«ibilities of a rulers iri h-oth Jerusa"eni and Sa.- i t^-f-l" spert life. rrearia are r.c-t only at ease ^Jt I Thrift i< ore of the strongest They feel secure i". the strensrth of } «".-:•::-?r.c^-s of r?3! pro-stress srsd their proud pc-sit:c-n and wealth j prosr^-rir^-. 1' has heen so always and leisure. They recline upon • but a" this time we hear much beds adorned with ivory and re-I beirc sr. : . ;J ahou: sr-endi~cr our cline upon couches that are r:ch j way l-:-.cVc :< prosperity. Prosper- in 3,22 of th?;.r appointments. They ', ity is ,"=!v.~"ys df-pendetit upon the are eating the Isnir-s out of the ; reserves of thrift, ar.d if there are flocks and the calves cut of the ; n-> re>erv«p o: - :hrif: there can be Sts,lls» Xhev are drinkinsr "R-ine. • no permsnert prcsrress or ijro.**- not in the c-rcinary drinking: vcs- ', parity. Xothins: is so much r.eed- sels but in bowls vchich are sym- j e^ as to rernember the lesson so hols of gluttony and ^"iid cissipa- | often e*nphaslzed in scripture tioa- They invent new stringed; that life i= short, is transitor>". i? lastmraents of music but not to i a pericd for preparation. If it praise God. They are used only \ is misspent and wasted, no ade- Xo accompany idle an<ii ribald | c-jate preparation !s mace for sonars. Ee tells these -who sjre > eternity. Xjife is but 3. monnent, steeping themselves in dissipation 1 eternity is unenc;n~. Those who tlaat they will sro trith the first I treat life as transitory and use it •wiso ar-e led captive, and be !t re- • for other purpose? than as a fotin- Z2*mbered tliat the prophecies of; cation and a period of prepara- Tt-ere fulfilled -^-ithin SO ; tion for eternity TV;!! have si! Weddtng &*!!s wi!l ring for this coupla—in 1935. The two art I_ity Pens. Metropolitan opera star, and h*r fiance. Dr. Fritz von der Boeck*. ship's doctor crs the German liner Csp Arcons, This picture was taken in Susnos Aires en the doctor's first visit there after M»s* Pons a.-r.ouncec her engagement. Both will continue their career*. (Associated Press Pbcto} At The Plaza "Operator 13*** which Saturday at tlie Plaza Theatre, usust be placed on record as one of ihe best historic productions to come from Ko!Jyvv*XM2 in a long time. It serves as the newest, starring vehicle for Marion Da vies, the lovely I'londe star, with Th«e hand- ison.'e (.Jary Coopt-r HS lier ncxv It-adinjr man. The picture has been taken from the last novel \\-ritten J>y t»ie inasior story-teller. Kobort \V. Chambers, and Richard Bioeslav- sky becoijiojs u serious con»^«d*?r lor an Academy award because of the deft touch of his direction. The story concerns the love conflicts Let\ver-n Miss Da vies, as a ITnion spy, and Cooper, as a Southern spy. with the Civ:! War as the ba cksr round. Scenes famous in American history are authentically rep«-odtiv"ed in the picture and many famous characters of the Civil \Vs.r arc reborn again upon th« screen— Abraham Lincoln. Allan Pinkerton. Pauline Cushrnan. General "Jeb" Stuart, and mactr Qtfeer historical names. The picture has mm cast, all of whom present performances — Jean Parker. Katharine Alexander. T*j<i H<*iiy. KissseU Hardie. Kenry Wadsjvvorth. Sidney Toler. Douglas DumbriUe, WiUard Kobertson and—la*t but not le*st—these fe!ngs of rntlio entertainers. the Four Mills Brothers, who contribute the plantation melodies. At The Grand KIAMICHI FARMERS GET COTTON CHECKS TALIH1XA,— About S-J00 \\SLS distributed TO farmers in the Kia- michs valley at Talihina ihis week by the guvernmtnt as a part o£ the 1934 rentals to signers of col- ton reduction contracts. Distribution was mad-? by M, I— West and Miss Ullie Smith, assistants to County Agein Car! \Ve*,t. and T. H. L»u3ois of Talihina. Those farmers who were unabl*; to appear for their checks have! been Instructed to notif\ the 1 County Agent's office at Poteau. i and arrangements will be made to j forward their*. ' Cotuedy. romance and music are i expertly balanced in '"Strict-y I Dynamite." RKO-JRadip Picture j starring Jimmy Darante and Lupe Velex, shoivirjg at the Orand • Theatre Sunday only. i Durante ana Miss Velez. who 3 plays his temperamental radio ] broadcasting: partner, supply the comedy with expert assistance i from William Gar.sran and Eus^ne | PaHeite. Xorman Foster an'i ? .Marian Xixon provide the romaii- j lie interest, with Miss Velez c,ut-1 ting in with some luring sirtn ' tactics, and Garsan playing an i anxious-to-be "other man." j Durante. Miss Velez and Uie = Pour Mills Brothers provide the ! musical entertainment. Durante [ sings two new numbers of his own | composition. "Hot Pafcata" and j "I'm Putty in Your Hand*." Luoe ', introduces "Oh Me. Oh My. Oh i You." and the Four Mil?s Brothers i slngr "Swins it Sister" and "Money j in My Clothes." 4 j "Strictly Dynamite." from the i r>!ay by Robert T. ColweH an«l \ Robert A. Simon. hila.riou^ly con - eerns the love». ambitioiw trials of & - radio comedian, KHiott Xucent directed, with Eugene Pallette. Minna Goi«- belL Jackie Searl. Franklin Pans- born and Sterling Hollow-ay also in the cast. Oklahoma Farmers To Get Certificate* TAJLIHINA.—L-ocal cotton committeemen for the territory surrounding Talihina who have in* tax exemption certificates for tho local fanners \vili be in the following places next week for their distribution. Talahina, courtroom, August 13^ and 14. Nat Marshall, commite*-* man, / Whitesboro. * Thornicri Store. August 15. Xat Marshall, committeeman. Muse, post office, August " 13, and 14. J. D, Workman. com- niitteenian. Octavia. at store. Augrust 14. "B. F. Ashby conimitteeman. Zafra. at sore. August 14. B. F. Ashby ( consmitteeman. Ludlow, at store. Augrust 15. B. F. Ashby. commlueeman. D DOES DAMAGE AT PLEASANT HILL years rroni tue time tr.-ey vrers cttere<I. Tliey az~e told s.Iso tlaa.t God has sworn by his Holiness thai this sIzQ-nId be sc, The Assyrians wer* idolaters arrd enemies of Jeiovah Tsfst seTerrh-sIess tb-5- sword in his ; -- Jhasjd ' for adrr.iniszerins: punish-- P!LEL-_SAXT HUH,. _ Ki?r- v.-;nn = •lEent, for the people -whom he; which accompanied the rain here liafi cared for 50 tencerJy and ! Thtrsdaj af:er-cor. blew the rc>of •whose every interes- he had pro- ! off a hs.— barn or. the O. K. Memo-tea, TTSS a. father's care. Sin ! Sath ?arrr>, ca — acred the home of Readers' Views ROXTON 1SEWS AND PERSONALS! To The News: ! Last week we had an article in f "he Xew= just kindly louchisi: OT> ! ROXTOX.—Mrs. Sill I Tupelo, Miss., visited here this! T. '"J^Z ^Z^-TY,"-^ ^* i "^"—so" made- a trip of Dallas this j f^. a l 1S ^ . j^ Z, , a j, e ^?^. S = r1 ^^' y ea ^"!. r ' ' : :ilrst - ^"crq, Smith has returned to i i!;; iS .,^,I- : ~ Cl Cl ^^i^^^Lf^ I Fai Ws -—?- spent \ : week en<5 j .n riot in the northern king:- ; Cole- Su-iceth anc unroofed a sra- d-OTn anc sin always carries witii j at th.e home o; Ray Alford. tion. Those -who hac worshipueti i S-Iso blown from trees. Ifiols for nearly 20? years were i -^"S- Co:e Suddeth has been ill 220T GOO—lec. to less the iisr-i 15*e \ "-"-^ " "ere. a. penalry for their wickeSness I c - GFec - £s ^ ^ec-k. as<2 for their fcrs-etf-ir.ess of the j . A rrir:s ' c f L er.tertair.rnent was £kwi -who lcrre-3 them — ith surfi i £;J, en ._ a: _ :i ; -?—€• of Zd Barnes t2iaz> 10D years ahead c-t the i it-l!" ra kinirdom. Both ha-1 sin--}" it rb .! ^ .e ^_ northern kinecom b<=Yb~= '^~t^ LIVESTOCK DYING CO3IMERCE I ^? 9ri i : : "^l n .-"' ?ur S lf"". en G ' 7 ''°^ " a "~ | Dock Kolcor.ib of Dallas visited . -i..? .t j. to Lin-. L..^^-,-- o^ , Mrs. Dan McAIester na.= returned 1 j" Paris ar.c all rc-s-cers of The Xevv? ! ..-, jj-.T'-S^ j } ar.a we^vvant to discuss sorne of j Roxton grins have =rinne<5 over SO j j the concit:ons as tney e:x-sx in • j>a]c. s C f cotton. t i wn;<?key quest:or. V> r- wouJc s:^e 1 dtrcred i>y the Rev. Vernon Me- S i to see *ach one of ^yon__anc^ta'k i r^ri^ge of Ft. Wortri will continue! I it is impo??-ib:e to co ^so ; we will j ^t r _ an ™ ^ Irs _ Georgre Hackle- j |:ns ycu- Anc. understanc in the? Mr. Georsrs Griffin ha.s return- (. 'Tlie lesson committee 5s ver-r- ; n3io~5 that ~e may IODK about; M"MZIH. f ~HI _ A. "a~=~^ — .-?--" -e- tis to -s^a whetrzer th^re are ind:- •! of cattle ar;d several ho~ses an-'* cations o* sins c-f this sort: In our <' rntzles have died :n this s.-*S- ~^-i~™~~ land. XothlTi^: is more coramc-n I -ne past feisr days as the re.*t:It '•* ' APPLICAJVTS AT HOME —>L-- re; ^,,_ j she are already <:--r enemy, ani ' -^n:cn enrol'ments for the veterar.^' | ar. e~em.y to everything- that :s up- ' c^n:.;r.=rer:t of the Civilian Cor.?er- . *ies serving: north and east Texas, rersc-n can say that there REGARDING FREE RADIO SERVICE a modem sbo-p in order to :nve. j' * We use or.-v rirst Q-ality pa: ••%2d g^a.rarjtee both wcrk a: erT days. itaTe the best in X. ZI, "eras public £d<ir*^ ar'??.r2.tus. BACK HOME PARIS RADIO SERVICE j ; ^--^ ^ r>.«*^ ^ ^HV, r ^ ; jf-«;^ j,v n /:;; a ^; J^V' i c^/frc^*:^^™ ^J .24 •OtarfeFvine St.. Phone 159 j i p -"\- ri<e "''. : ' : " c '~ r; ' s ' e ' a 3 ~ : " ^- <t -""*- j " ,.^"' : _, "-;;V C "'*•-",? ^"J:-.^-- ' a -^- ; sr^r.ov c:.rserv£.:io n -ork -hat. — • \'- •"" "•-"•*• ^-•••--•- __^ ___ T.-ry=> T ! the fa-— -hat v.-<- v.-ul-i '-:-.'.\ ha-'e ; :: ' c " -'-"*--~^ n ^> —ior= *p*-:al enro. ^:or.a! •;"f;-<--s of the vete .a; tn-".-.----^--i'=r-"."s-.i"a;v-*:.:- 'v Talihina Merchants so v hat -an v. ; d, a; .ui :'.." Trat Help In FERA Expen-e ^ _, ,-_,»--,...,, ,,.. - - . ff ^ v .^- -i-^_. - • ^. -^ p. «• j ,1- . * £ The Jungle Unfolds Its 1 World of Mystery Violence Marlon Davies Gary Cooper ROBERT w. CHAMBERS' with n:u<=j r::5: v,- I <rVDJlT OM.Y j "STRICTLY 1 DYNAMITE" • *!>*:?• ii F:J-? r^.^-:;* 'jse *i* ph ^rt* ;* r * co.'>?•<:- at Djr,ir-. ! *-y cai; the fr.lci a?er.c;ts *o ro- ; ' ""'" """"" '~~ J '"*' ""* ~"' J ''"** ^'Donations Asked For I rr.-..-..I to ar.',-:K«:.r who reaa the TOOK, j A Laug^b Explosion WILL ROGERS GOES S1SST Qv ^ Sform Sufferers , S"; -,. \ &i^r:K i /-:.••'--,can H€'4 Cr">.»*. s.i.'dl Ha*.^rr!a-. . I t r; *• I ^ rr- 3 r «? o o r. • y <\ u o la of $ I v', } :i</.f:'i f.-.-.r r»-:>f o' s--."r> wj."*.-#.'» I ' ' •••••.{ . r. so i r.:> : <: w:::-. r.-^.-s-. It rhar. «™;er;^ j All wh-> win donst* to ih> fur^ ! ; ' you i irr.ig':r.e. c^t.-z.-r., ar:yrhir.jj ?*-'h *h^ <-hJ*p:*r tr^issarer, Ed H. ! j that f-cujrf'.' _ | Mc.-C ! Ji#:i&r! at the I4^*-r:y Nati-'/nai ; j Coriderr.r.. t;-..&: v,...rr,;.;-:'' N':--, J-r^w { tank, or -si-ith ilr», Johnson at th« | : our h.r•*!-<* p'V vut '.rs ^.TV for h« : -r. i J** 4 - Croc» offlrr on flran-fl av^rjue. ' ' \>"ha! C*TJ v.'f' cor";tr.'^a'r* tjie i Mr?, ^ohiison p<ir»nt<?*J our that i '"" """" .','','", ' '" '*"' j ,,. , mat, it cou.dn t t»? !rR-~«r<I r.>«rk to • '--f i some bootiegg»=,r ? Thi* we <Jo | asking- the cooperation of s.Ji eSt-J I know arid who will <Si«j>ute It? If j il '-* > " s ift raisinff the *ari<J. tb*-r* w«rr* no boofit'gjgf-.ry in Vis'fls i '~ i of you men have tim« to writ«. w« } to s«?t esons* of th< I*- ! | $>*«« drunk Parurdsy, -. Citizen. I''m re<i.u< .to thi*. letter. If 0&ne '.'view*. T. P. 1RIOX. Special Reductions On Two Popular Patterns NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY Replace Worn Rugs At Big Savings Smart 9x12 Colonial Pattern WOOL RUGS Solid Color, Darker Border, WOOL RUGS Some of the smartest bedroom patterns in a 9x12 Colonial ivpe wool rutr. These beautiful axrn; i jrs come ?n a varietv of colors to harmonize -A-i:h anv room RJch, expensive lookin, sol- Id color wool rugs that surprise you u-'nen you 5ee them on the floor th^y are 5o handsome. 9x!2 BurJlnK- ron Broadlaon^s v.'hn d.irk- 18 75 WE TAKE YOUR OLD FURNITURE IN EXCHANGE FOR NEW Are y<-»u. TOO. one <--,? tho5e -nly "half-mod- er::-. M «'hobe clorhes and autorriobile mirror the latest style trends, rut whose furniture be!on-s :o an.,-her a^e- If \^ u are. NOW i s the ttine to tradj; in ynur old v/orn-out pieces on smart new ?f-.;es. No ^on^cr Tieed vou apol- O'^tTc ^''JT your rurnsiure. no longer nee^ vou hrrror v/orn-our pieces. Exchange* them no'A' brfore further price increa?e^. for furniture of tr-_^n. rre*' »-esuty .... unusu:i.]y Isreral al- ipv.'?.nces. ana exceptions'';;.- Io - .v prices brin.c: line lurniTure within the r£"2ch cf a!!. TRADE-IN NOW THE NEW PERFECTION GIL RANGES The Most Outstanding Oil Stove In America ! EX TTvA «|yHHyujmifK SPECIAL PRICES A temporary price v/ar between m^nufrsctisrers nf shade cl^Th hn? re^ucil pr-ces <sn ? Tt kin.U of >h;-Jes. We ?<--.:/< .\:i- vanta^e of ihis situation ana bought a ri.i; s;oc?i :•.' >;aihi::^ discounts. We ur^e %OLS i^-, ^c? riO«-. anc! rep^cj t : :ose old vvorn shacies at f he^e !O'A- r>ric?5. Satama Pongee Shades Size 36x7, r«rn*ar $1 00 Shade* 79c 5 r rs 3S%7. re^ar SI.15 Shades 95c Sixe 42x7, regular $1.60 Shades $1.29 Sis* 45x7, resrular $1.85 Shades $1.59 Six* 48^7, regular $2.00 Shaae, $1.69 Size 54x7, regular S2.35 Shades $1.89 Satama Green and White Shades 1s:T.-z h; \ thr. "I't-.-f^cti^r?'' th* O'.: ?i'.;rrl.'ier r-ir.C'r in<Su! tur»-5 pla-^e :t f:rrn«r than ^-r; the ^ ry, hut t.h \-f-i Sn thi rr. :r.n f in? B*OV<> in h«-at with !* $24-00 to S»re 36x7, reg«J*r $1.15 Shades V-re 38x7. resrcW *l.?R 5ha^cs Size 42x7, regular $1.75 Shade* Size 45x7, regular $2 00 Shade* S ; ze 48x7, reRoIar $2.25 Shade* Size 54x7, regular $2.60 Shade* An Vfrtor «nd Ci»rr«««rf> npproximarelj 8**c 9Sc $1.39 $1,69 $1,79 $1.95 WE MAKE A A HOME' 1

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