The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 5, 1924 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1924
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

pack four THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, THE HUTCHINSON NEWS JfvbllBhed Daily by The NrwiOomuany W. Y. MORGAN, EDITOR. i ESTABLISH ED 1H72. . Wl)t«rert (it the Po*taffk'« in Hutch* ! biion, KaniivH. for trRfurn.nilor. ' through thi» ma I la u •neond -claM natter. ; TELEPHONE 4400 ' l*rIvRti> branch exc-harme; wh ^n Operator anawrrfl, viva person or department wanted, TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION Flrti, Second and Third Zonit By mall, (in- year 14.00 By mail, am month* 2. on By mill, thrfe mnnihi,.......... 1 - 2f By mull. on* month &u Fourth. F 'fth, Stxfh, and Seventh font*. By mall, ona .i I* By mall. «t* months • Bir mull, ihree nmriilii J"* 1 Ilv mull, one ni'inth Bv (-HTil ^r. poi wcok I -I'J Weekly N -wa. on* 1 vrar I MEMBER AUDIT DUftCAU OF CIRCULATION MEVCITP AMERICAN NFWSPAPER PURL IBHERR' ASSOCIATION. MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS ui ui u;| III pnESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS. Teieonont 91. No. 1T North Main Street. Hutchtnion. THE VANISHED YEARS I f-ah] fn Jinx. "How pons it?" ' "I'm w:i\lni; nM, nnid In-: * n t .in'? 1 ynuih. iwfim* l,<- kmnvH ' I!. h:i* aklppr .l Hie tra-hi-lee. 1 Sum*! morniim v .iiMi In. 1 rlsrn ' J:c finds hi.< \V!IM:»T:« ;-r.iy t)i-' pu'Mf.-t rif Mirj>t*is <'!3 t'i moot ' lit broak nf day. Hnin<.' innni- 1 he: wlt'-ii vlinnliicr a i J ^• -: = t- ' n:ick nt Ui<- store, bo f!rnN Unit ' in o]i](-r, ]ii.-( firm!* nrp Miff 1 nnd Mnro. Thi'« tuornlm; in my ' MHi-' whori 1 s:i t up in li<><l. 1 1 fo ;ini1 my 1 •«*• -1 rhMinifi, !r. thry hurt ni-> whf-n I'd ticaii. I 1 filUiid my py."i -wcro rfu'Uiny, in; (Mi'i'Wiirn hoad was haKi; ' lli .-f-fiVC] l^H Illnrr- plnnmy T TK'V- ' IT li:ni' rt?(.'.n!li>tl. My ivintry ' yvzv* fire rnnifriR, TVR nearly ' rt-ai'lH 'rl thl'i -f penrf, ft Till woh.ri will soon bu cliuiiuninK ar-.uri I Tisy c,.\\:i--r> ()co:\ 1'ir! 1 «iinn lac pni>rlio'i'' f ' linrpr -r will lead nw to Ms cafe, ami hand mo ch>--ap'-r foddr-r ihan rvr 1 initial nto. ' lii>e moniim.' how crdd, v, n!'.'." -Indcc lii ''<>i\" I *»|,|, H'uv CIKIHMV In how liilior and >n ono rct'f Ives Ul! ];•• !> W\ M that irinrnln ^'s "njilc^s (i jiuy IIM^J ln>f>n a pruiV Tit iTJH'T and I>\:t U;- l:opt>.d-;:: by. If hi* I'-'* v, '•-!]}- h-.ilii-il Jhi.' l;npi.'L*Ufl In M rro'd;. !.'<->;!• nn-s aro not hatred v.-ticn a?'"' fellies up l!io \\al\. Ilr- i'iay !<•? ju«t as Iiappy a^i in Hi-' b>i'''i!" lime, wlv-n hr KHS yniiiu: and snappy, nnd tltoimht old iu*o a rrinm l^it a^f; is :.\)rcly ff'arful to any win- fry .lav, ',Oio'g thinkiu^, Pad a'ld i.'ari'ul ot moiioy thruwn away," - -WAI /r MASON "ONLY $1700." Some rsoplfl wHl think that President CoolldK" wna foolish whon ho took the rerular train for Chicago and had only the Rumo accommodations that were en- Joyed by other traveler! on the train nnd saved the United States $1700. To some It will so em absurd that a nation whkh owes over $20,000,000,000 and linn tin annual budgot of cloao to $3,000,000,000 should have an executive who considers such a trifle as $1700. But I have an Idea that the $1700 saving Is one of the best economic reforms of two C OO IIU KO administration. When it comes to cutting out th« appropriation iLenis which have- become a habit on account of the careless consideration of expenses during and since the war, there will be many a time when President Coolidpo can say to the ' protesting official who thinks ha • Is hi'injr unduly h'Md down, "Hut,: r<"'in«'niber, I i»o\ iho example by; Innkini; after n\\ch a small Hem i an yiTiMl,'* ! * • * Many a business Is operated at \ a profit because of the rttrict holding down of expeiisrH. It looks Minnl) for a head of a largo institution to complain about tho use of too many lead pencils or too much paper or the consumption of loo much fur-] by bad firing, or the ur tho. extra expeutie of artificial light when It iy nut absolutely necessary, or the use of an automobile for a short distance trip, or ony of the other apparently small items which combined make up a jug .i sum and often aro tho difference between profit and loss. Hut every well managed business has this Maine problem to moet. In times of prosperity and perhaps extravagance, habits grow into a business like, they do onto a man. Managers and employees take for granted that there is plenty of money with which to pay the bills and why be so small as to consider such insignificant i '.onis! Individuals even recent the scrutiny of thn economical manager and go out calling him a "tifihtwad" nnd think that he does not appreciate their services, because he has called attention to some little expense which doe3 not amount to much and which is really nothing In comparison with tho service they render. The Scotch have a proverb something like this. ".Many a little makes a mickel." I don 't know what a "mickel" means, but I take it for granted that the Scotch prov- FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5. 1924 orb mentis tlmt a lot ot HlUo things makes a big llilng. Prcflliinnt Cnulldse hns sulimlt- !od a liiiilBCt to CouKresa wlilcli ho H.'iyg is sufficient tn take good onro of tho ncceflsary oxponsca of Die povcrnmcnt. Congressmen nro clamoring for large appropriations and for small appropriation!) In excess ot that budget. When each ono of a majority of tho roiiKinasmen has Borne little appropriation I" which ha Is Interested nnd which Is not absolutely necessary, lie naturally enters Into an unconscious combine with the others nnd they pass all the appropriation bills whon if left to his own JmlKinont ho would probably have rejected all except (hat in which ho was personally Interested. In lila annual message President Coolidge called attention, to the tact thnt It is easy to talk about tho reduction of taxes but it Is difficult to stand in thn gap. The President knows that It will soon bo up to him to stand in the gap and refuse his approval of appropriations which are not wrong In themselves but which taken together make such a sum that tho federal treasury; will not permit a reduction of taxes and may even requite an increase. For sixty years, practically ever since thero waa much railroad traffic, the President ot the United States has always traveled- either on a special train or in a special car. No ono was expecting or asking Mr. Cooltdgo to give up this pleasant and proper stylo of travel. Probably not ono taxpaper In tho United States would have thought of suggesting that ho should economize to the extent of refusing a private car. But I am quite suro that several million tax- papers will understand the motive and the reason for the economy nnd will appreciate the example bo Is setting, which Is a thousand times moro valuable than the actual amount saved. "Only $1700," Just about In proportion to what tho average business man would accomplish It he saved a quarter. But the little saving speaks as clearly and plainly in figures ns did tho President's message in words. It will be remembered thnt the President not only called upon Congress to cut down expenses but suggested that the local governments and even Individuals do likewise. The report of the economy which tho President used In saving $1700 will bo a shock to mnny government officials, national, slate nnd locnl. It is also a aliock to tho taxpapors, but tho kind of a eliock they will enjoy seeing re- poated In other departments of tho government, W. T, MORGAN. .9. <}> .« THOSE PRETTY DUSTPANS <i> * •» •*> IJy Ituth Cameron. <?> <•> * <j> <»><*» Q b & • ^••4> , $> In the kitchen department of a shop I went Into yesturdny huhg a row ot dustpans. It was uuch a pretty sight that 1 slopped to admire them. How odd that statement would have sounded ten years ago! Could •anything suggest loss beauty than a row of dustpans then? Pothnps the Idea of beauty In dustpans will still sound queer to some people. Hut the woman who loves her kitchen has already guessed that tho row of dustpans were pink and white and blue and yellow. She knows because site bus ono In her own kitchen, a pink or white or blue or yellow, whlchovor looks best in the color sehemo she has chosen. Kitchens hn»e color schemes today. That is they do when they aro lucky enough to be la the homes of the modern young woman with her modern realization that there Is no need to havo her workshop an ugly place. If she wero working in a studio sho would have beauty around Uer. And since sho has elected that tho kitchen shall be her studio nnd the producing of comfort and beauty in the home her art, is sho to work amid ugly surroundings on that account? Assuredly not. If she has tho planning of the house sho arranges that her kitchen shall have the best ornament thnt nuy room can have, plenty of sunshine. She insists that there shall be a good looking white sink (at tho proper height for her Individual comfort) and a window over It. Sho has the walls and cell- Inga done in some light color that will give her plenty of light and make the whole sotting cheerful. And even If sho Is not in a position to build or buy her own home she still exerts an influence on those who build homes to rent by who* she likes best In a kitchen. Furthermore, whatever the kitchen she has tn start with, she accomplishes miracles In the furnishing and arrangement of it. Linoleum and oil cloth in most fascinating colors nnd patterns aro ready to her hand. Kitchen furniture enn bu had in white or gay colors, or can bo made gay with a paint pot. KItch-' en curtains (do you remember the time when no one thought of putting draperies in tho kitchen, or aren't yon old enough) crm be white, check gingham, or some gay color that matches the little flower decoration on the old fashioned chair. Kitchen utensils are care­ fully chosen and mntchod, even II ono mails with but a few. A friend of mine bought a lovely lit tin pottery v«fie when sho was visiting me. The next time 1 visited her I saw it In her kitchen. It stoort over tho sink holding the roap flakes. And It did not look In tho least out of place. Tho daintiness expressed by the banishing of that pasteboard box was tho key nolo of tho wholo kitchen —a blue nnd whlto symphony with not one falso note. I wlflh someone would wrlto a bonk on the Amorlcan kltcbon, beginning with tho time when the great kltcbon with Its beamed ceilings and Its huge fireplace nnd its copper utensils and comer cup- hoard was tho centre ot family life; parsing on through tho days when tho farm kitchen was still homelike and pleasant but the city kltrhen had becomo merely an ugly place whore the hired girl had to drudge; nnd coming down to our modern kitchens Into which wo have been driven by lack of help and which wo havo learned to make beautiful again, Don't you think it would ba Interesting? different parts of tho vers* do not connect with each other—each Is simply a «epnrnto sentence, on a different subject. Can you fill In tha missing words? Yesterday's answer! A Puzzle a Day The drawing shows how tho triangular field was enlarged to four times its original area without changing Its shape or moving tho entrances A, B, nnd C. M. P. Ityan and Eustace Smith who have been in Oklahoma City for tho past few days will return this evening. Daily Thoughts Oh that my grief were thorounhly weighed, and my calamity laid In tha balance* together.—Job, 6 :2. It !• from the level of calamities, not that of overy-ray life, that wo learn impressive and useful lessons.—Thackeray. In answering advertisements, plenso mention tho Nows-IIerald. ALL APPRECIATE CHANGE OF DATE I.<awrencs Kan., Dec. 5. —Upon ac ceptanco by the University of Mis sourl ot the University of IKansas request that tho annual Knnsns- Mlssourl football gamo be played tho Saturday before Thnnksr-Iving, instead of on Thanksgiving day, Chancellor l.tndlcy said: "Wo ap preelnto the action of President Brooks and ot tho University of Missouri uUiletlc commlttoB for tlielr co-operation. Wo havo reason to believe a large body of alum, nl of both schools will favor the change. This will give an opportunity to restoro Thanksgiving festivities in Uio home." Hushed Is the etlll and •»*•< voice; I Pricked ears aro keen to •••••», Men who «•»••• make noble choice. »•••»« like gold will glisten. j In the above verso, there are four mining words—ono in each i line. Tiie Tour words are spelled ; with the samo six lettoM, differ- j ently arranged in each word. The everybody every day, eat R >St^ bran ^ flskes just as an Ounce of Preventiot BRAN RUttS, WHEAT A LAXATtvr FOOO ftlADY TO EA.T 0 tfowjou'lllikebtw • r, c. Co,. lira* Today! Now! make your home happy with a V i c t r o 1 a —a genuine* "fill Master's Voice," Victor VictroU? Too can pick It out her* from a large ttock ana poaten h on exceedingly liberal term*. Everyone will enjoy It, and ereryona will apprcoiate it. Terms •• Low a $1.25 Weekly tubal* »»«•*. Cad m Vrihw 122 North Main, Hutchinson, KnnsAtt ' A SuccMtf ul Treatment Fof COUGHS and COLDS Recommended by (he Minnficturvr* off TANLAC For Mia hj *1l good druiittta FIERY, ITCHY SKIN QUICKLY SOOTHED WITH SULPHUR Menlho-Sulphus, a pleasant cream, will soothe and heal skin that is Irritated or broken out with eczema; that I H covered with Ugly rash or pimples, or is rough and dry. Nothing subdues fiery skin eruptions so quickly, SHVS a noted skin specialist. The moment this sulphur prepar- i .ion is applied tho Itching stops nnd after two or three applications, the eczema Is gone nnd the skin Is delightfully clenr and smooth. Sulphur Is so precious as i. sliln remedy because It destroys the parasites that cause the burning, ltch- 1- 3 or disfigurement. Menlho- Sulphur always heals eczema right "P. A small jar of Howies Menlho- Sulphur may bo had at any good drug store. Dandruff Soon Destroys the Hair It you want plenty of thick, hcau- tlful, glossy, silky hair, do by all means get rid of dandruff, for It will starve your hair and ruin It If you don't. It doesn't do much good to try to brush or wash it out. The only sura way to get rid of dandruff Is to dissoivo It, then you destroy It eutircly. To do this, get about four ounces of ordinary liquid arvon; apply It at night when retiring; use enough to motston the scalp and rub it in gently with the finger tips. By morning, most If not. all, ot your dandruff will li.> gone, and two or three more applications will completely dissolve nnd entirely destroy every single sign and trace iof It. | You will flr»l, too, that all ltch- [ ing nnd digging of the scalp will ; BI op, and your hnlr will look and ; feel a hundred times better. You ran get liquid, arvon at any drug : store. Four ounces Is all you wiil need uo matter how much dandruff you havo. This simple remedy never falls. j In answering advertisements, | Please mention the Newe-Horald. I: G PRICES-- ther Clothin Will prevail at Shamberg's. A part of Suits and Overcoats which we purchased arrived. To expediate the selling of these ng Reductions. Neatly made suits and overcoats In durable fabrics and new styles, values to $25, cut to nd Young Mens >12.7S New desirable patterns from vlr- flln wool fabrics In the very newest creations. Values to $40, cut to... AR.GA1NS! arm Weather Prices! original purchase of Men's at Sacrifice Prices has just garments we offer at smash- s and Overcoats $19.75 All-wool splendidly tailored new models that sold up to $35, cut to PANTS Match up that odd coat and vest at prices less than the manufacturing. 54.00 values at $2.95 S5.0O values at $3.95 Boys' Suits and Overcoats A style and size for everybody is offered | here at a material saving. Think of it, values up to $16.50 offered at— $9.75, $6.45 and $4.75 S H I R TS O. D. Army Style Shiris, 2 breast pocket. Sizes 141 to 17. S AND $2,05 1 ALL WOOL PLAID SHIRTS Small or, 141 to 20. Large Checks—Size $3.45 AND $4*19 SHEEP LINED COATS Just nnotlvr value demonstration in which these qualify Sheep-lined Coats are offeieii at n price that o.-inands a visit to <? 1 fl 7U this store it value. Special vlUilj SHOES All-leather Army Russett Shoes. Every pair Guaranteed. Special OQ QC Per Pair I^ J I U U H ;;h top toots. Just a few pair of these left. Vaiirea from 17.CO to $10X0, ffC fJE while they lait $Ui«J3 4-buekte Arctics, Eall brand rubber, CI QC pair «P«.l30 Boys' or Girls' $3.00 Shoes, Sale price ,.. $1.33 A Sensational Slaughter on Prices i'T SHOES Men's $6.00 values Men't $3.50 values Boys' $3.50 values Boys' $2.50 values .... 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"S3 90 Hutchinson, AXVJI O Kansas 324 North Main SHAMB Men's Union Suits Value $2.00— Men's Heavy Flibbed Union (ii *r- suits $1.43 Value $2.00— Men's Heavy Fleeced Union Q* r« Suits 9liD9

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