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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Wednesday, July 28, 1948
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Today's News Today NBA FEATURE SERVICE A, P. LEASED WIRE AND FEATURES Weather Forvccmt Considerable cloudiness, c w a r m and hu r *ud this aflernwa. tt- night «nJ Thursday w i t h scattered *flernoon and evening showers and VOL. LXV.--NO- 241. Run News--7.075 · Port--S.55O ', Total--13.623 FREDERICK. MD.. WEDNESDAY. JCLY 28. li»48. TEN PAGES PRICE--THREE CKNTfc . j Freed After Being In Jail For 232 Days Jury Three Times Was Unable Ta Agree At Trial Of Dyson Bell Dyson G. Be!!. Frederick, upon whose guilt or innocence of a larceny charge three juries were un- mb!e to agree at various terms of Circuit Court,. finally freed this morning. State's Attorney Eduin" F. Nikirk stetted the case and Bell was officially discharged from custody at the Court House. County authorities said the man had actually served 232 days in the county ja:! between trials. He was released on bond for a time but had been in jail since the last trial which occurred on March 9. Juries had previously heard evidence in the case in October and December of last year. At all three trials, the jury members could not a«ree and were discharged by the Court. Sell, who steadfastly maintained his innocence, had been accused of stealing S30 and a watch from Lewis E. Covell. of .his city, in April 1947. He asserted he was at his home at the time Covell claimed the defendant, posing as an out- of-state truck driver, spent part of ia night at the Covell home after they had left a local club together. The watch and the money were never recovered. Bel! was arrested when he returned from the Indianapolis races, where he had gone to drive a taxicab, declaring this was a customary yearly hsbit and not an attempt to evade prosecution. Some conflicting evidence was given at the trials as to whether Bell was positively identified at the jail by Covell as the so-called spurious "truck driver." Disorders In Red Area Of Berlin $564,142 In Sales Taxes Pmd In This County In 11 Months \ General Merchandise Group Contributed Largest Portion: Food. Beverages Next Two Truiiiaii May Learn Proposals To Real Motive Be Studied Of Russia Russian Error In Currency Exchange Creates Chaos In Eastern Zone I Savcrn5 and R - shl chlb , Frederick county paid over half per cent retail sales tax during it a million dollars in retail sales tax first !1 months of operation, remittances to the -State during That means that each Mar\land- the first eleven months of the lat'. er --man. woman and child--paid fiscal ear, statistical information an average of SI 1.57 in sales during released by Comptroller James J. ;he period ended May 31. a repor: Lacy showed today. Crom the oaice of the State Cor.'p- The actual total for the county troller showed today, was S562.520.95 in taxes and S1.62J i nc l ude d in the total was S56.T7U Berlin, July 28 broke out in the Russian blockaded Berlin thousands of Germans streets before banks in an effort; Each person in the county, the to exchange their money for new figures showed, paid an average of f Russian-spoiisored currency. !s9.41 in sales taxes during the pe- or Newspapers in Western Berlin riod. The average per capita pay- said the Russians and their Com- ; mentjtor the State was SI 1.57. -oun'ed for munist-controlled economic com- ] Frederick county's collections acco ,,' _ L mission are trying "to cheat the \ represented 2.38 per cent of the people out of their money." The State total. Carroll county collec: deadline for the even exchange is lions were S278.729.13 or 1.17 per ' tonight. · -cent of the total and Montgomery".-: The Russians through their news- amounted to S930.6S6 96 or 3.9S per papers admitted "chaos" existed.. cent. but blamed the non-Communist : The general merchandise group city government for not providing · contributed the largest amount of , enough exchange places. Ameri- j sales taxes in Frederick count-. · can military government finance j This group, which includes depart- , officials said this is untrue and "the i ment. drug, general merchandise. I Russians are trying to make the ' hardware, dry goods, etc.. turned in - ,,,,,!..,..;,,,,= wiiwi city government a scapegoat for S183.223.14 of the total. : ** ere JJ? 1 ££TM cd ^5 15 for each their own mistake." ! The food and - beverage group '-"j- nt °" Mayor Louise Schroeder defied, came next with 598.201.36. This, fl° h »n order from the Russian com- j «rou6 in addition to the stores! - * K »tt«» ral«-; mandant to fire her new anti-Corn- implied by the name includes res- j f ° ^ amounted to S646 961 munist deputy police chief. Jo- j taurants. lunchrooms, night clubs.: ! breakdown bv counMes 'sale-' hannes Stumm. The three western taverns, etc. \ t^es col!ert-d i:--n*« fee? amo-'tr Other groups: Lumber, builders - ^ co!lcctcd - per c a p ii a t in - Anti-Inflation And Housing To Come L'p; To Make Effort To Outlaw Poll Tax \Va.-!imgt«-ii. July 2S Face-To Face Ta Ik With Molotov May (Jive liisr Three Answ er To Problem London. J u l \ '.'S .V--A W h i t e hall (Go\ criimmti official said today Britain, r ranee and the V (tiled States \ \ i l l offer to br;in talk* w i t h Russia "oil 3 icriirral r.uropcan ·trttlrmrnt as 2 whole." anti-inflation legislation and "·" make an effort to outlaw tile pull Chairman Millikiii 'R-Colo' of WaNh'-j-'to'i JuK- thc Republican conference announc- Western ^Powcts "hope to Searn ed the decision after an almost soon w h c ther Russia reallv wants of the 28 V--T!)c three-hour closed session ;o !!i;e:U decided to take up the sues. ^e a:» acceptable scttle- of outstanding German is- of the grand total. Following, in order, were restau- lunchrooms. SI.690.566 or Republican Senators. 7 15 per cent: lumber and building materials sales SI 370.908: and ligh' anti-poll ta\ bill, and that \\c will This ·; understood t.v be the :iu.:n companies. $1.340.495. pie^ the matter to deciMon." Milli- purpose behii-.d the idea of having kin told reporters. "We will make the Aii:er»can. British and French CMIVO* in Moscow cail 0:1 ForeiRii -Minister Molotov--probably next weekend--for a direct discussion of the Berlin crisis. What they find out from Carnival-: fairs and e.\hibitcr " . . tov will so a long way toward de- there i, any commandants had advised her the co- and contractors. S60.413.70; mUcel-. . Howard. 5108.654. S516: S5.95: Mont- Marshall To Probe V. N. Arrivals Washington, July 28 i.^pi--Secretary of State Marshall announced * today that he is creating a committee of three citizens to investigate where the United Nations is bringing persons into this country -who are a danger to American security. Marshall declined to give a nev.ts conference the names of the three citizens but promised they would be announced later. He described them as distinguishsd citizens. _ The investigation will cover all ^ ~ classes of persons associated with the United Nations. Marshall said, ' including foreign delegations and their staffs, newspapermen and other reporters, members of specialized "U". N. aeancies and the staff of Secretary Trygve Lie. The investigation grows out of testimony of two State Department officials before - a congressional committee that hundreds of secret agents from Europe's Communist countries may be using U. N. cre- h dentials as a means of getting into the United States to stir up trouble. Marshall reiterated today what _ he said a week ago after this testimony was given out--that he knows of no instances in which any person here on United Nations credentials had actually jeopardized the security of the United States by actions outside his official duties. Since then. Marshall said, he has been having what he called a very careful check made of all the records. That inauiry has developed E , nothing so far. he said. I Keller Still Out Of Game Due To Injury Return of Charlie Keller. New York outfielder, to the regular lineup may be delayed for a week or more because of the hand injury which he sustained some weeks ago. it -was reported today. Keller, who makes his home _ here., got back into the lineup over --*the weekend in Xew York but had to return to the bench because of the intense pain which he suffered in grinpins a bat. His hand was not only broken but also sprained and the ligaments are reported still giving him trouble. Manager Bucky Harris, of the Yankees, been quoted as saying 1hst he :£ banking heavily upon Joe Ddagsio and Keller in t-te flretcli run in "he American «iLes5ue. DiMa^gio is also ailing - -i'.h i°j and foot trouble and John Lindell. -.vho too 1 : over Keller's T'^ce when the latter was hurt, is Fneocis of KeUcr here 1.?d won- rcred v h a t h?d happened -\hcn ;he outSeider played oniy a part of me game Sa*urda~ and did not return to *ic lirisun Surda" or Issi n : sh' The v ".or" tearful he had rc-:niured himself · Russians had no authority to order unilaterally the discharge Stumm. He replaced the Russian- trained Paul Markgraf. whom the elected government fired earlier ta The e western commanders also, S23.692.016 Paid[In State ^j?z,s^^\^rs.s^ £?arei;sB«~ TM~* *TM destroying the city government and i placing all Berlin under Communist · control. They told her the Russians have no authority to install Paul Letsch as deputy head of the city food department, one of the major jobs in the city. , Walter Bedell Smith. U- S. ambassador to Moscow, stopped over a dav in Berlin en route to Mos- rciS TM* Tl mig^coS Salisbury Editor Big Plane Crashes mander. Smith was in the diplomatic talks in London at \vhich the western uowers were reported to , have decided on a verbal approach to Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov | in Moscow over breaking the Ber- ilin blockade- 3 Proposed Rule B-29OiiHop WoiddKeep lAi-ound World Pidjlic In Dark 'Falls Into Sea States Objections To Committee Head turned in the smallest amount-- every effort to pass the bill " S780.96. or less than .01 per cent ol Southern Democrats have prom- the total- ised to filibuster against it--a move Exactly 59.67 per cent of the -re- that possibly would block indcl'i- ceipts came from Baltimore city, nitely other action by the Senate. M-llikin j-aid the Republicans t crm i ns .,g whether also agreed that the appropriate prospect "for a:i early meeting o'f . , , -..., committees will consider the : h c Bin Four Foreign Ministers accounted for $o3.o. j.- pecific p O i nts , n Mr. Truman's Council. message to Congress yesterday. ' Such a -.c^v-ion would bring Molo- They agreed to act. he said, on tov f i c e to face with Secretary of anyUiing "of an e'Tiergency charac- State Marsha!!. Foreign Minister ter and of national importance." Bevin and French Foreign Minister One other qualification. Millikin Schuman for thc first time since added, is that legislation consider- thc stalemated London meeting of December. appears--as a result of one talks with Molotov--that a council meeting might offer some "We were agreed that we should prospect of a workable East-West not stay here long enough to in- compromise on Germany, there is : terfere with the proper conduct of speculation among diplomats here thc campaign." Millikin said, but tflat t5 c seision misht be held in added that no adjournment time Berlin prior to the United Nations was set. Assembly meeting in Taris in late ' Republican leaders have laid September. plans for adjournment as "soon ns However, responsible informants possible"--probably next week or stress that "if" as important. ' the week after. ^"° meeting is likely, they say. i Earlier. Senator Wherry (R- unless it can produce something . X e b ' . acting majority leader, said better than thc violent charges and ' the GOP Senators agreed to a 24- denunciations which characterized hour delay in any attempt to bring tn = previous Moscow and London up the anti-poll tax bill. n; " *""" "*' L " lr "" *"---"""'· But Wherry quickly added that any Senator, including the score of southern Democrats, can upset thc present plans and touch off an im- 500 Thought Dead In Dye Plant Blast I. G. Farben Building At Ludwigshafen Is Blown Up Mannheim. Germany, .hi}. 28 ^}--Pu»ibiy 500 persons were Killed or injured today in a devastating explosion in the 1. Ci. Karbeix chemical plant at LudwijfshalVn, a U. S. military jrovernment oilieial announced. "First estimates «! 250 to ;J»U appear too low," ihe of- licial .said. LuthvijjshaiVii is in the French occupation zone, across the Rhine from this American-occupied city. The plant employs J.OUO workers. Hu\v ma«\ were trapped in flames and debris was not kno\\n at once. --French ullkiais ou :hi- .-.ic-iie reported to U. S. Military government men here that the explosion occurred in a structure known as the "nitrate" '"Flames shot two miles into me sky when the explosion t»uk place." said an American otlicer in Mannheim, across the Rhine from Ludwigshafen. .Hundreds of windows in .Mannheim were .--mashed by the concussion. Scores of injured were rushed across the ri\er to Mannheim, from the French to the American zone. Doctors in Mannheim City Hospital said ''the hospital is full" of victims. They said the other victims \\ere pouring in and would have to be sent to Heidelberg. 4-H Achievement Dor Held Bv »·· » Girls; Winners Are Announced four talks on Germany. Soon After Taking Off From Aden mediate filibuster which would tic Salisbury, July 28 M--A Maty- Aden. July 28 VP^-An American . he Senate ^ a v . o ' rdy 40-8 Officers Are Elected ,=^ editor said today that special B-29. one of three making a circuit ·Baltimore court rules restricting of the globe, crashed into the sea J crime news can prevent the public '- last 'night after taking off from ' Gamin"ff"Wifh Dice 1 from having information to which · this port on the south coast of _ e_ ' it is entitled. Charged To Three Bradley For Lower Level Segregation Arabia ^iiargeu JLO uaree Fort Knox. ju! 28 ,-r~The ! Oscar Morris., managing editor One survivor identified only . Army's Chief of Staff. Gen. Omar · of the Salisbury Times, advanced as Sergeant Gustafson was report- Three colored men were charged Brad'ley. told newsmen here that ' his argument in opposing extension ed picked up by a local fisherman, with gaming with dice after city ne r avors segregation of white and of the rules to all of Maryland. who brought him to shore. police reportedly raided a craps jc e gro units in the lower levels of Charles O. Routzahn was named Morris attacked the argument He nOw js in the RAF h osp it a l , game in Five and a . Half street t h e Army. Chef de Garc when Voiture Locale that the rules assure an accused re;t j n g comfortablv. i earl " today- The men were dock- His remark at a news conference . 155. 40 and 8. held its annual elec- of a fair trial. · f r » Percv H " Kramer oublic ' eled as Charles Whiting. West yesterday followed the insurance tion of officers on Tuesday evening .. They are apparently designed." jj:^^ officer at ' Davis- Sixth strectr wilbu ' w ««te. Five O f an executive order bv President at the regular monthly nTeetmg a.. he said -to police the court, ana ' n Tuc , on ' ^ and Half street, and Jacob Mines. Truman Monday establishing a the American Legion home. lhe law enforcement agencies -^ ship£ . home ^^ issued a list Adamstown. Each was held under commutec on "equality of the treat- the three planes *·* an( ^ costs. mcnt and opportunity" in the arm- it, which includ- Other overnight arrests and : ed forces. Sigver R Gustafason. charges: Carl B. Specher. Balti- ' Thc policy of the President as set Norwood Mass" - more, reckless driving, posted S6.15: forth in the order is "that there ' Col J C Selser commandant Samuel Thompson, colored. Fred- shall be equality of treatment and Other officers selected were Chefs through the policing of the media de Train. John B. Mercer. Charles o £ new -s dissemination" rather -than : H. Stitely. Jr_ R. C. Brown. Herman · uphold the constitutional rights of . .F. Green. Charles A, Myers: Guarde tne acC used." de la Porte. E. C. Creeger: Lampiste. . aiorris stated the Times" objection TM~ -- ----- -- -- *-" - i ±t*.\f L f- *^j ji*wv«-*^ ~-~~ ·-- ------ -- -·* ----Paul Wisner: Comimssair intenoantTto-ChieTTudge Levin Claude Bailey Ruger R. Rice: Conducteur. Charles o£ the state's First Judicial Cir- . Dax!s . lonthan F e l d " . two erick. intoxcated and disturbing the , opportunity for all persons in the Dj " anes had g me ~ aooar( j oeace. he'd under S10 and costs: armed services without regard to - t g D a n e s a me aooar( . R_ Downs: Grand Chemmot G. cuit . Judge Bailey invited the and the - other had i7 He sa^d he Harold Burlson. Jr.. Albemarle. N. race, color, religion or national - · ' ' " Ernest Lipps: Grand Cheminot al- comments because he is chairman ternate. Floyd C. Feete: Cheminots of t ne standing committee on rules locale. Paul Harrison. Bemore Poole. ' O £ practice and procedure for the Paul Bonsack. Curtis Topper. Luke ' Maryland Court of Appeals. Duffy: Aumonier. Edwin Stoffer: jjj s committee is now studying i Guardes de Prisoner. Roger Cara proposal that the Baltimore re- · . penier. Charles M. Bierly, Elwood · gulations be adopted fay the Court . Riffle, Harry A. Morgan. Arthur. o f Appeals as "Rule 9" for all iStine. Charles A. Myers, Charles courts in the state. not received anv report on the C.. loitering, 55 and costs. Sets. ' origin." ash from overseas.) Phebus and Swomlev. Officers Ka- General Bradlev. here fpr a sem- The other two pianes returned node. Shook and Stup made the inar on the training of recruits under the new military expansion program, also told thc newsmen he abou . a m : ]c "s visit e favored lhe combining of the var- shore. The RAF Navy Escape FrOlll Road Gang j ou - s unils *? form . larger organ- i. i_ _ _ _ · _ _t_ * i -- t ^^ JT^iinric «i*f*r» ^c H:atfolir%nc onr? oatrollea the beach throughout the T f^-i ~i -r -ir- , night and early this morning but AS Ciiargetl in \V arrailt »__ , _-- _ f*, ,- , rt-T " I »*!**. siiij toi * * t»i.o iiiv^-i iitttff u*j u l2°TM~- J _ r l^.±' *?*fZL.5^ IS . * lom *^«?TM P °* a TMlL? £ found no bodies. The three big I Topper and Edward A. Crowther. 'unconstitutional. In support he oianes ]eff , he v -_ Force ba^e a* · Delegates selected to attend t^-e cited the federal constitution, the ^ucson. AriJ. sis davs ago on what a f . r "erick state convention to be held irt constitution of Marj'land, decisions Ajr Force calle j a -routine r ° 2OS 8* n Z Ocean City September 8-12 are , by the Supreme Court of the J- dislance training" flight, "it Thomas E. Williams. Sr.. G. Ernest United States, and a Declaration · ^ Sm arou:ld . tbe -, vorld at _ i Lipps. Charles Downs. Sr.. Floyd by the United ]Sations Commission iemot for 5.39'' Feete. J. Albert Saffer. Joseph H. on Human Rights. Nestor. Vemon Cassell. Richard "All the constitutional guarantees izations such as battalions and divisions. He said it would take 60 yesrs to house the Army oropcrly rom a j the present rate of building. "Sure we've got a caste system." the general said, replying to criticism of the Army's caste Sj'stem. The three planes carried 3 total of 53 men., an announcement in The cus- · Bowers, and the out-going and the are merely a democratic safeguard Tucso » las V . veck =a : d i l l t ^ u o 'newly elected Chefs de Gare, of the peoples right to know those tornarv corno j e ment of a B-29 i* H " : ? h1 and road early Monday but George Harmon and Charles Rout- · things which affect .their lives." / ' - " zahn. : he wrote. "Those guarantees are ' Alternates are Bailev Mercer. ' the major safeguard against the 'William Snj-der. Jason Yelton. El- police state." warrant charging escape county prison labor has been prepared against William Ansel Center. 17. of Duncan. S. C.. State s Attorney "Do you know of any major in- Edwin F. -\ikirk said tb;s morn- dustry that doesn't? It's incentive that malre? this country work the way it does. He added that the separation of Centt · ran away from a gang which was at work on the EHerton- officer^ and enlisted men. how- was recaptured about an hour later ever, should app'y only to mili- along the new Kaaerstown high- tary relation. way. He was servins SO days in jail on a vagrancy charge. COLLATERAL FORFEITED The escape charse IF expected Collateral of S6.4.1 forfeited Magistrate Manuel M. PIRATES BLAMED wood Riffle. Ray Spurrier. Charles The Baltimore rules, embodied · Macao. July 23 '.4*--Police Com- Siaiev. Bemore Poole. Robert E. almost word for word in the pro- missioner Luis A. M. Palletti today to corne up for trial in the Septem- before . Clapp Jr "E. C. Creeger and posed "rule 9." prevent officers blamed China coast pirates, who her term of Circuit Court. It ha? ".Veinbcrg in Peoples, Court this Charles Stitelv. from disclosing and newspapers bungled their job. lor the crash of been indicated that a similar pro- morning by Fsui C. V.'cjty. Xew I j from publishing most of the things a Catalina flying boat here July cedure will be followed in connec- Market, for exceeding 50 miles. thev learn in solving a crime. 16 that claimed 25 lives, nine of t:on with any other persons who State Trooper L. M. Ridge made Morris cited the slogan of Xa- them North Americans. flee the roads sang. the arrest. Typhoid Fever Case Near Burkittsville ! Thc girls' 4-H Clubs of Frederick | held their annual Achievement j Day on Tuesday at the Extension i Service offices on East Church | street and at the band shell in '· Baker Park. This is thc high point j of the year for the 325 girls now I active in 4-H Club work in this ' county when each one has thc op- ' 1 portunity to show what she has accomplished in the way of club work during the past year. Thc day is scheduled to precede the state 4-H Club week which this year will be at College Park next week. This enables thc county champions to compete with top winners from the state. Entries in the clothing, food*, home furnishings and home management, classes were exhibited in the morning in the offices in thc old Church street school. Each article was nxvarded a ribbon according to its rating. Beginning at nine o'clock Tuesday morning demonstrations on a competitive basis were given by teams and individuals from thc variou; clubs in thc Extension Service conference room. Mis^ Eleanor Dearborn. Home Demonstration Agent from G a r r e 11 ' county, acted as judge for this part of the program. In thc afternoon 94 girls participated in thc style show held in the band shell, each girl modeling one outfit made during thc year. Mrs. Carlton Keller. M ; d d 1 e t o w n. county chairman of 4-H Club lead- · ers. presided at the show and Roxie Montgomery. Urbana. wah narrator and June Kelly. Mt · Pleasant, was pianist. Talks were given by Dorothy Schaffer. Braddock, who earlier in the summer attended thc National 4-H Club in Washington and fay Gulie Keller. Jefferson, who recently attended the club congress in Chicago. Followins are the top winner? in thc demonstration contest: Clothing class, any subject relating to the selection and care of ; clothing, champion team. Doris ' , Roderuck. Virginia Garst. Waik- ersville. Mrs. John Garst leader: dairy food class, any subject relating to the preparation, manufacture or use of dairy products, champion team. Betty Wilcom and Frances Montgomery. Urbana. Mrs. Wilson Runkles. leader: individual dairy foods champion. Mary Louise Young. Middlctown Progressive. Mrs. Carlton Keller, leader. Top winners at the style show who will represent this county at the all club sty!e show at thc University of Maryland next week arc Roxie Montgomery. Urbana: Mary Louise Young. Middletown Proeressive. Charlotte R e e d e r. Braddock. Those who received top-raiing for their exhibits in the four classes are 3* foUov. s: foods, bak- ed, baking p o w d e r biscuits. Fmncc'b Montognicry. Urbana. muffins. Martha Jane Layman. Braddock: loaf bread. Ruth Ellen Ifert. Middlctown Progressive; .··)';.=. Martha Jane Layman. Braddock: plain butter cake. Betty Zimmerman. Unionvilie: chocolate cake. Patricia Stup. New Market, sponge cake. Dolorc-; SiciUia. Creageri- town. Food prcscrx'ation. three jars, fruit. Dorothy Keller. Jefferson: three jars vegetables. Doris Rcd- eruck. '.Vnlkersvillc: two jars meat. Martha Jane Lavman. Brsd- dock. H o m e furnishing?, notebook. Martha Jane Layman. Braddock: exhibit, table setting. Barbara Ann Young. Middletown Progressive: exhibit of needle arts. Martha Jane Layman. Braddock: exhibit of flower arrangement. Mary Louise Young. Middletown Progressive: hobby exhibit. Irene Barnes. NewMarket: flower container. Patricia Seitz. New Market: before and after plan of room drawn with explanation g i v i n g reasons f o r change. Mary Louise Young. Middletown Progressive. Home Management, notebook and report on Unit 2. Wanda Keller. Middiclown Wide-awake: notebook and report on Unit 8. Dorothy Keller. Jefferson: notebook and report on Units 9 to 11. Janet Hoed. Prospect; laundry bag. Alice Po'~- f in'oerger. Middletown W i d cawake: garment cover. June Kelly, Mt. Pleasant: kitchen conveniences. Martha Jane Layman. Braddock: textile painting. Ruth Ellen Ifcrt. Middletown Progressive: leather work. Barbara Young. Middletown Proaressivc. ] tional Newspaper Week which will 1 be observed later this year: "Your A 34-year-old colored boy from right to know is the key of all your near Burkiitsville is reported to be liberties." critically ill at Johns Hopkins Hos- · "It is the right of the people to pital in Baltimore with typhoid know and be placed on guard fever ' against those who are a threat to Tne child was identified as Paul , society." he said. Morris, whose famiiv resides on " K is the people's right to know the outskirts of the town. A Coun- that an offense against society has tv Health Department official said been committed, how. fay whom. it had not been definitelv deter- an * the'steps being taken for the mined how typhoid had been con- protection of society trscted. undine various bacterio- '~T* C °* cers °? the cour{ - the , " c j s police and states attorney, are " As far as could be learned off,- the authoritative sources. cially. no other members of the. TM^ authority stems from tne family have contracted the disease. The case was said to be the only one of its kind in the county at ihe iresent tirrsc. To Have Leadin r Part In First Dav Issue Of Kev Stamp (? ·/ */ t London Man Is Fonn-rl Dead In Bed William Wal*er Hill. 46. of New London, v, a-=; found dead in bed early today at a farm between Liberty and New Lohdon. where he was visiting. The count." medical examiner and Deputy Sheriff Austin Murray were called P.-6 the oxarriincr rctur-icd a verdict of death due to a cerebral hemorrhage. | Kill is survived by a brother and sister. No funeral arrangements h-d been m a ^ p thi* afternoon. W. E. Tclconer, funeral director EWSPAPERflRCHIVE®--... Young Fishermen Out A«-»x-otc'Pai-tv- Aim ets rartv are entitled to know, from authoritative sources, those things xvhich concern them. "To bar those sources from thc neople by court rules, and therefore from the public, is to inx-ite uled to start early this afternoon when "free eats" and a number of prizes were booked, along with a , pQsed canoe tilting contest. cntercd ific ob _ ecl . ons to each sectjm of Gov. W. Preston Lanr Con?. .*. Glenn Brail The weather man said the wcaih- RAILS AND OILS AHEAD These four men arc o t i t - o f - c i t v Postmastej-Gencial Jcnaldson principal 1 ? u n o w i l l be here for the x v j l ] deliver the principal address .Trsse M. Donaldson Postmaster-General torical Society of Frederick County. cr probably would be fair and warm ; New York. July 2 8 ' . P -- R a i l s and formal exercises August 9 marking . ,,..,,.,.,-_,,,, a t " . h c Kev monu- I l l c ' fnf Preservation i-i the so\ \ i l h thundcrslio\vers possible. No oils moved in front of a cencrally the first-dav issue of the Francis tcrcmoiuts «. . ciety's archive^ at their home here. i break in the current warm, humid improved stock market today. F a v - j Scott Key commemorative stamp . ment, presenting the aloum con- Congressman Beall. who introduc- spell was predicted today. Light ored issues advanced fractions to! on the fiftieth anniversary of the · taining the first sheet of the first- j ed the bill authorizing the issu- -hov. ors foil Tuesday evening in two points. A spattering of small ' PUT!'on of the Key monument in day M a m p x to Gov. Lanr who will ! pnce of the Key slamp, w i l l act as i the city. I also appeared-. -^-'t. Olivet cemetery. I accept thfin on belialf of the His- r".-!or of ceienionies. Third As- Joseph J. Lxwler Third Assistant Postmaster-General Distant Postmaster-General Lavvlcr i« in charge of first-day stamp sales throughout the nation H« will be recalled here as the coach of the Mt. St. Mary'5 Col1e»» football fot .some ye«irs. Ill Jail In Another County: No Trial Here When a man is in jail in one county, he can't be in court in another county. That axiom was demonstrated again this morning in Equity Court here when the c?se of Lester F. Raines, who resides on the Reich's Ford road, was called for hearing at 11 o'clock. Raines' \\ ife. Jvlrs. Thelma M. Raines. Tancy Apartments, has filed suit for a partial divorce. Raines was ordered to pay SI 2 a week toward the support of his v.-ife and two children. He fell four or five weeks behind in payments and a petition \vas entered directing that he be required to show cause why he should not be held in contempt of court for failing to make the proper pavments. E Austin James, attornev for Mrs. Raines, entered the petition. Sheriff Guv Anders served thf oaoers on July 14 and Raines was duly summoned to apocar. But 31 a m. passed an-i Raines did not show uo. Finally, ihe employer of Raines at Nev. MarkeJ v/a« contacted ana he toM the Sheriff that :*-.e last he h?.d heard. Ra:nes was serving tim': in the RockviHc ja: 1 . Montgomery counly police queried, said Raine.- waa given 3^ daj" ·n default of a SIOO f nc last Thursday on a drunken driving ca2~"e. The arrest evidently occurred after he had been suri'irsonec to appear here. The Frederick county c?.=c v,rs continued. Summer Assembly I? Continued By Baptist? After Sundav School pi-ti T-3'r- ins Union classes this rnorr.irt and the recreation period this afternoon Dr. C. K Matthrvs. of Nashville. Tenn.. \\ ill deliver the veToer-: rnessagp at :h" exercise"; -cheduled for 6.IS o'clock: today =t Hood College where the Maryland Baptist Summer Assembly ?nd Traininsj Union convention are bc- in£ held thi^ week. The vv-ol-shio in the chaoci at T 30 , o'clock \\ ill be conductcH 'ov Dr. JMorrill D Moore of N^hv-.llr. IT" i will socak on "The Fpith Ti^t. |-Saves." At 8.45 this evening, the social hour will be heM fc nt M!S Vircinia Art 1 i i m o i e iWSPAPfc.RI

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