The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 4, 1932 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1932
Page 7
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THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK, MD., SATURDAY, JUNE 4. 1932. SEVEH COURTESY WEEK TO BE HELD IN STATE FITTING FOR SUMMER STYLE S\VLM Commissioner BaughmanDesig- : nates July 3 To 9 Inclusive. ; TO REDUCE ACCIDENTS SfKor-5ts of ·_·» s - e of ill be urged uy Colosel £. A'^'.in i C-~rrT^j-?-^r o5 Ms'cr Ve: to cascr.e Courtesy We*£ ^i:ch ·» - ^I be iea-.^rec tr^-ocgbcsit tie er.-ire state frw£ J'^Iy 3 to 9 o*;as.\e | Tae idea of Courtesy We** U ar: j^AtiKJ of :ze Coy.aa.'SMttfr a=i · ·a^: be a ycir./ a:^re if r. is responded I ·jo b-. ·.-".? zo--?r^:» Tr.s plan ^ :r. beep^g Tv.'.rs ~TM.» o:her ·ae^is c~eat«i by Colonel 3a.:g~rcai:. s_ca as 3s-. -A- j Iji«' 'and "Asfaer -r.e Ca" of -he Gr'es.t ! The ~rs* ·aeei -_n J-:Iv TSS selected be- ca-jse me mo-or -raff-c ^ extremely : a.ry tiug · tne v.; -^f J-i.y ar.i -.aca- a tourists IrUTt25 tr» past years a cumber o? ser:xa acr;!e=us na-.e happened during -.=15 *::r* as:! :? the awt- y or this r.a:« TO taie t~'-s r~v« seriously enou;.i *.o extend cour:«sv *o | one aiay.iwr :: -s. 'e.t the n^nbfr oJ j accidents TT-. be srearlv reduced. As a j jle n a ^hojsjr.lessness a=d irr.pat- ' nce that ca-jses acc:d«r::s, the commissioner said. To participate m C-aur^esy Week j means only to adhere, strictly to the , motor car laire of th^s state.' said Col Ssughacan " the present boulevard stop system on roads leading into -^ arteriee, ts arid out of the State traffic more or less moves as the legal e of speed, ^h-th :n open territory is 40 miles an hour. Extraord-niry precaution should be taken by pers:r.s en- j ennj these h^nays and tnev should be sure to Tnake a full stoo and look carefa3y before they* enter the mam road- Another important feature is to avoid recklessness, and to use the Send signal -a hen pulltn? out from a aring place or Tren making -.urns or onuns to a stop ' In speaKn? of Co-jrtesy Week Colonel fa\y-nan satd" "It is my ^it«nt,ion so soilcit the assatance of isrious safe- | ry organizat.ons tbroushou* tee state tr j neltimg: make Courtesy week a successful one. Flee- owners o: p£iser^;er cars arc tracks ^nll be ur: d :o have mee;.- s Tnth. thej: ^^?lc-;.es and to post prorrunently s:g".*^ ar.d other communi- »tKrJS on Oour-y V.'eek ihere they eli serre as rerc^tders dtir^ig th^ tt irould indeed ne cui-e. an acram- plishnten; and a re^orc cf ^s to be . proud if tae more t-an 300 000 motor i car and tr_ck owners -roald tsae this | move ser.o- l isly enough to so tnrousa ' the enare time "without a mishap " 'li f r a w h J p "I iiL-. is K^d practice ,u wii.. .is re--I'll 0 1 long drUe* \V:K:I p.i:t^-c 1:1 .* st'nn. aU.»\s ' ] p".j:t the c'r .ovav lr»rt the cuectiou [ I of 4 ..*t* dounjxt*r or r-Uti Ihis uil ' «wpep U'.e .giutiv.ii sstcm from v r' AJO 'ovi '. *-' IKS JSJUSSUtSi^^ "Y i , t »,,. »i« i « « " I BV JAMES F. DOVAHl'E. NEA S«cxic« Mritrr ;cs aro!ir:i tile : -va-r - vV - T ve the folio* ir.c p^ruK«" i*\ ..·· r^£i:cm$ care nu.nte:i uicr »i.i ro- r.i-r of tr.e at-tcnvos-e * -v * \\ , .rj the a--r-v^r o' \ --^x-. i -· u.a ·^'^ a v h " r * *' v.!-en they »ar.t to tvn* ',· a s. re'.artuns ae . vM: »iid n-.»i« brikfs oiterer l i v iterer liv. u* \;.e c.-' «..e;j '!'- e.vr _s ;xn"r s..c ^ ·*· EN * . I: fe $ b ». E P:* 1 FOR EVERY BANKING NEED ;»·!;·. vs I*^'. r*^" '· · *' the *.a;\w bet ween pl-ss ^ a. 1 . * * car. b* bv rubbing a sof* -raph.'.e ;x r-'ve of oaraffir: .:; 'he Kr -o~. \:.i nuli-* ·.! R ^v- ".u«- :-vc» fo_nd tn*t aixx-t one c*ii of gallons of gas?' "e is. \isl«! ':voizi ;rc.«* i-ei'. of fill'-re of xoto-irt» to repUc* -v---r. ..f -.·-·T.-^ ..: spart pl'-iRs vrtM-^c 1 . I . : Properly ad. -l _st«O brains .ss'.o '.re ;vs--t th- j jro wear A drags "S t~ r «ut or. «:.v "T.i- i."\t--.· - . · » « · of U»e wheels »"_! *ea_- -hat t.-r o-' ---' t - e -I:-L 'aster than any of ·.!«· v»ih*rs - J · * -'--~ '*Wheels »1th. w«vi«! ^^«ies some- ----1 --' * ' · ' t- c- g cle-.elop a squeak and '!.· ::-.^Vr- 1 .tu-.K "r^ 1 o- ' N r e n I ' * tvo: ---» i list is rorzled to "id -her:- T twe '·'' h '-''« '· !l - s ~ v - " a-'oroA. v- As a complete commercial bank, we are equipped to give every form of financial service required by business organizations and individuals. We invite you to use our facilities for your checking account, savings account and other banking needs. 3'/2*'fi tnterest Paid On Savings COMMERCIAL BANK OF MARYLAND occur »her. ;!·." xp?kes flrv ov ·and ihrin'K Thfv tasi te reTM e-~. -'. b\ I F\D» B\DIO THOSE KX)-- at« KLUIBLE R\l)IO KB\IC ROGER F. LIPPS j I \ I t K l U \ D I O S E R \ U I . I I O l ^ J l\|| So Job To» Srail!--S«c» Tat water. The Unv hole in :.v ca: ^ yxsollne tank lets a:r ;--..· ·:-..» ·--· the gas s'^w ^"-' If · .s i- ~;^e. dirt, flo* of sis to H'.^ .:··.-.· ~ jto stop Clesr" ou-. tise hv.e ·»:·.!! i ;·:·· 'every nor and then * -v - SonteUates a rrotorj- z: ts stuck !-. , the mud and al! his e!!or'^ are '^-'.e^5 ? tuhi Muchm* \\ork--Con and L»ck»miib » · ! Li tettins out. Or-.;- -hjis to trv -js t . J SAKE WORK A SPECIALTY J j; deflate th* rear -i-is and r-jn out -!-.e » T A TV/TV C- V QOT T i toad cjv^tlv on the TaU T i - t ~\e, » JAMtb £1. SUiii J !*V.- "hoe's r-o- .v"T'-.T · T-r- 1- - - * I H . H T U r i O I N O OK *! L M F F 1 L S * · -.e -r.cej rr.o.^ .^.c.ia^ a. c c - , » «ORK IN m;\--. P.RON/C J ' A N D ALLMML'M t! . more of tile ure tv.d in; a. :i J , the mud If -!ny fails d v; t keep .· -.,. J . ., too long, as it is i^ard on l.ic * 103 \TC Phone 970-J I ' SO TEARS EXFEKlC.Sti. theni .*";r**x;.ite!v uhe i 01:: of » Commencing June 1st and Ending July 31st All Retail Prices of STIEFF SILVER will be subject to a deduction of 2O% JAMES E. DOLL JEWELER I (From Ocean Bathirj Sui" Company Ne»- York 1 BT JOAN* SAVOY XEA Service Writer Hampstead I are ccn5idrately S3. ·« -th the b£C£ cxooaed co :ra. : ?a ge: If you have :; :n mir.d to of a. or-3v*»ed and nor. t :ce! rserrasicl tnis samrcer, you car; ne a - .rl:en you ^D '. o." an^n; ar.c very, iery feaiintre oae. N^v DaUi- v ^ - r a re-i.'y .OA-".".-1:0 go-An 1U5 suits ttci^ kind you 5U"lca -n'» na\e Tn~e-? of tr? r^.*.^' oathir^ suii? all manner of iitt'.e 'OOTS and sashes ^ht.v tae f;m.r!r-~v n* *_·"» ne~\ 5*. le.s and fancy s^appuigs and other fern;- I Toe all-white ea: -T.C iuit lard better rV-tirt? at the arrnholes. Its j 32~ la a \ery c,~ep cut. Tr.e sktrt j c' ^ s*t^t ?.r.c na^ a cecvratf.e oo^. too A sorgeooi ^cen batnir.; sa:t ileft) . '.- oro-.r. and ih-te binds outlining ' ._- .:.;h f--r*. a:.d btrkless cut, ard , a .-.n: .l.iiod j-7. 5;.- .:ed so the su'.t this-and-lhats. If your ' oecelera'cr' tr ge's :ired c.. ' . , ,, . , . -- -- *' your ucccierj-cr --c ce's :_ea c.. |t.j.n£ all wnite a n - w.rc .: pe/J« -·- oacs. Tr.cre ar- s.ra-5s to ho.B the a :ons t - p try .^jng ._v- e han:£ tnro: . s BLOOD-TESTED CHICKS Oro«n «nd Uhin S C. Lc;horn. SS-10O (bir WbUe and Bu£T BOT. Aaconal. Bad and Black Minorca!. Brdi. Golden WblU and Sllrrr-Lacrd HTxndotlr*. 5» per 1M. Jerser i:iark GiaDt*. Uchi Brahma* Boff ** Orpingtons $!~» lrr hundred A*sort«d mtxcd. S* per IQO 10O per cent delivery cuarsnlret! t lo ft-wrek-old chicks. Torker Poults, ."itlc Dockllnti. I0c Frr« Catalos rbone Mt. Airy tl« BECK'S HVTCHEKY DcpL L» ·»!!. Airy. Md. I cpsteid, June 4.--The annual ex- j hibit; cf art. home economics and industrial detjartments of the Hampstead* school was sho'^n on Monday after-' noa and night. A splendid array of the -srork -sus '«ins cl^ae _n t-iess departments to help p-itxls ce-.elo? an apprecia-ion of line, form and color trere placed on cLsplav for oarens ana fnencs of the pu?.ls :o see. Fron: the firsi to tr.3 :our-h grades there ^ere, carjer cuttir^?. craven *vork. s~on." 'il-' lustrations and bos^le^ -n 'he means of tra". i»l arc: realth po^'ers Many of them 5t snugly enough to | rro:t important tor.e is i«rT l?.d-.-lJ-:e a u.t "-j-i'ly -r 2la-? ovr -he s.ioulcers make you cheer, if you are slencer and ! · a. l:i:le ^kin atDp .:s adeq-..2:e Tr.e nav;. a :e .su" ir-sht) has an sylph-like, or to sake you scuttle to J or.e-p-ece sathire suit l-^-e^t-i^-g^^^ress o--\ -nat ties la a reducing establishment, if you've gone! I" "-^ a fancy -nesh as are rr.ary of -V back, msce oj i-? watte trimmins and Ie; yourself get a bit of padding · tie wntte sui^s. and i; nas a surpl-ce :na; tops tr.e fro-s. and znakes shoulder you dfn'D necc ! top. -x-itn a box s'asi-aise a: tne »-,ra?s tnat crtss-cross in the back and Moss of them are sun-back Tney ! There are little t^:^s '.: ma'-te it e\en ;aen New Window Problem Solved cofcr -K-ori, heaiVn posters and skatcnes i of the .anoJs The Junior High Ecnool d^p'sy Deluded pesters. : maps a-.5 stcry £k-»lches The ^cnior ] ·vane;'.' or r^or=: In "-he home eco-1 nomics ac^artment. "^cre saown 'he i cres=es. aprcns ar.d pa:amas msce by j the SIT'.N dunr.e tne rear The work ' shop c^i?lav "vas cspec^lly gcoa and cons-rfd of chests t'and? floor lamps, i e - c A i *h: ·xork v--s -ell done snclj --M^s Ru-h T:?"n. M^s E-a liar-i tin. 11^3 Btrtna ll^s Dclly 1 Frmgsr ar.i Ma-.:r Cooper spjr.: tr.e! --Mr. and Mrs. Alber: Al_-e ".ere , visitors ^n on Tu»jday ' Flour Distributed, He Tells Hoover vas the tieek-cnd cuest at the home of | Mr. and HTB. V Preston Rhoten. j --Mr. and Mn Murray B«!er. Mrs \ Clar'-iscn B:x!er era Mrs Ho-R-ard, Bal- ! urr.ore, '* ere \is:iors at. trie home of i Mr and Mrs ?re-st.--n Snyder on Mon- j --The Hsrr.pstead Horr.emakers' Club , ~\ill nv:e; Mondav afternoon June 6., , ^i :he High School building P E A R R E ' S Modern Pharmacy DRUG PRESCRIPTION SERVICE TELEPHONE 208 We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock Son Fifth St. at Fa. B. B. Fhoa* Ml Ventilator At Top Cools Porch YORK Urtin Gilbert Swan ] · P * i 1 i ' I * 1 « ' tz^=-j LiJ ± " [43-^ Sprmc ChJckrns Zge pound. Old Chick. ens ?3c ponnd. I can fid an? order*-- ahve or dressed. Fbooe 606B Bab Chjcki. ! BUFP BOCK POCI,TKT IBS Monroe Avenue. Exjt ·( and 159 West South Street. Frederick, llrrjland. ! J j A problem se; for the desigi-er caH- I TTpstsirs are three bedroxds arc a t ed for s .--ous* -sitn rro --.nc2--s in ' sa:r. Tr.« -nsc-ers -::rc-o-- r.os a t oe separate frotn the cuu.c,e a.d not fall cirec:lv ATTENTION THE VEW DOMESTIC Buckeye E!ee. Refrigerator YOUR FUR COAT should be thoroughly and expertly cleaned before putting away for the Summer. Dust arjd soil destroy, not only the lustre, but the pelt itself. Your Fur Goaf Cleaned INSIDE and OUT. (Absolutely Safe) Only $3.50 Q U A K E R CITY FREDERICK'S OLDEST, BIGGEST A.ND BEST CLEANERS AND DYERS PORCH SHADES THE RUG STORE Mt'IXIXIX i- BENTZ 4 EAST PATRICK ST. jader the isrrr:c5rs of tae second rloor --^ja^ b_t zi'a-^d as -, .s - - i s e^t«r°d * " BOW OD ""P'^T In «» w«ini»rT win- » i To a^e a harmonious facade, the , fro:n":he rear hall cr serViti «£y. ' J Jtw " 9 *' Urket ' trett - for hort wh " fc J ! of a horizontal line and J The exterior may be stucco 1-xral » ALBERT C. PAL5EER, Arent. ? ; necesssjy. o fe~,u.j5 t SICE?, or ~TMn,i/ o 'rt££n*ri OTIC£ f'TM t^rv? *sj bars ana a n^nzonial joining mesh up- . fron; a-.d .5~«r c=.b e crc^ The uprxr sn -.-e --all cslo-v the second story sills j gable encs a-" - ~-r.r cr sr..r.;.e ar.d the the rKj-.r;d e2e:t, emp-asized by roof shms.e Tie abs«5re of scutt^rs aes -snll oe ooser»«d. A destined entraric* coor l«aJs 1 tc th« main sta- haZ, ·srhicii opens Into the livjsg room. Do^m steus. under the i. suie entry There is a The est-mates of the approxima'e c^s 030 and S7 Dfn i choice .-f m?t^-,al a-a "cjal la^or c-; sta_rs. ^ k-tchen scmce door leadng to the front Tr; r-^se iS st-.tac hall Tr.e ..vinj room has a porch, j to anr sj.b-roar; or rural a^tr.c-. sr.= Berseen liv^-§ room and Ditcher; is tn« should oe p seed "r. a 1.-: 5Jvl25 f- dmzng al»ve . or lare-er. --Mr and Mrs Sd--ard Keefer sosr.:! day c-^^r~^es ?· ·"-" -.:*-"·--·; -: T-. n relatrres and fnsnci: Acace~v ^n F; - J;--r.:s Rabens'^o '«as '.-3 -^oc^-crd a- S r -^. ?' -- -.-« ? of n 3a.;jr.ore, S-r.isj toosc :Cr. ^r.c :.:rs Ka-sard 5 S- - the !."rry ^f :^s M=.-^c;a S - ari6o_r;. a.1 '"f Kanpteac Mr ar~ "I" El.~ «crc Mr ar.d Mrs Eor;!Ca Xix-rp^, Mart^i ar.a son. Geo~^ Mr '-; ;·- Xcr, \-r- c.-y Mr arc Mr* EG-sa-c O. G £r..der sr.d cr. CTT ~~? ; .- M^s Kathryn M_-^ ard Vo"-- . "I- ars "" AJ"-- PT.S G^-- e Bar.-r and Ed- "'-z-f * Mr ?r= M- O - - U r t ' - c. -.' -ard Ba.-;er Jr. al. «f Ko~ard-^.;. . a t _ ~ - r - ::- -. -. M- 3 Md Mr ar.i MT Walter Krt*! arc Kcrr.-^e- Mr · --. Mr- Cla M-s \ Id S-fl-isburr. Hss-pstead S'e~ar- Tho-p ^r "I- --- C. st-r. se'.sral r'a*-? "^.t~£: Emrrji T,Q I-v-» G- v v;'r-'- z. ' .r. sr.rl nesr HarrTttca: -Vci'~ir_=-^r -- M^s Ecr.a Waslusroi. -- ^" *""- -·»?·- tr-- C ' 1 - H. D C_, Tnll rperd the summer rror.ths r ~. P? . c ~xf - ' ^ r ^ - - - ".- 'he h^rre of her TM-Tts Mr an: ··-" "".= '.~'-'""?r G -: K- Mr* J mr-v Blc^-"r -- D". ?ric \7- M-. ---- a - -- ?. --Mr sr-.d M-s Morc^cia B-r.r.c farr.i.- Ba.-j. cr^ - P.-.,- i - '·xrt S3*...rda~ in Balt-more, tr." gu--«;ls ( -t r**- £* ^'~ a«d M.-« T H --- B . T cf Mr ar-d Mr=; Arthor Burk" -- Pr^: Jirpes L;iso ,^~ - '» - ---Mr ar.d MT= Ksrrv Horrk. Ba'-i- ,r--xy-t " :^-s .' --a-.-'- - - - '---n -- " ~ "re Sunsiv mes.s a' t^v hor"e ^" WS-^.-E-,^- D r 3- 3-? -2 ~ '' M- --r.d Mr.* J WiHiam Ke"la'_;n -- M- -rt "lr 5 i^.. f- ".-«-: r. H r -».a ' S'n.Ion .--.ent.e ^:r.= O H K-"-; B'l .- T-- r -- Mr? R Biajy Murrav and Mrf r^°r' sru r . ·- -' ·! s .^3n A " ,J \V."..^5rr. Kc.cs-,,;"n attended M clac^ -- llro ,,;ri. Ea. _'..j. Hillside Coal Co. still leads in low prices on best quality coal money can buy. Summer prices now in effect. PROVE 39 Hillside Coal Co. Offlce en Water Street. An Extra Slice Of Bread Advised *" Uncle Sam could hit at least three birds with one stone--not to mention winging a number of others--if he would get behind a campaign to add one slice of bread per meal to the average American diet, in the opinion of Representative Robert G-. Simmons, of Nebraska. First and foreno^t. Mr ^,mmon; declar"*. such a campaign would b* a practiral and \aiaah!r cnmnb;/ti"n U farm relief, iroDld promote national h»a!:n and TSOB!(I atH iriimfiis^ stiTnuIu^ to bn^incss gcnrrall" It w^uid ^tart a rw'r of jmproTCTnrnt thai wonld spread far bcvond thp !ndn*tnri imracdiatrlv affected "I rtntarc to so?fr»^.t " K'-prpfntativr Simmnif: told his col- lcasra« n the Hou«r during a rrr«-nt debate on -nhit micht *r done to hft the national rnnralf, "that if fiflv per ront. of :hf American peopl* wouJd rat on* *iire of bread more at «*arh m«-il it would mean an increa«'d cotiM^mption of ?0.nOfl,foo ba^ ·wheat a Tar -- an inr rra^d ronMJ*plion rcprrsentin; 22 barrels of floor, 4 : iOiof»nn cotton -sack* ard I think that rnran* ^omethinp to ocr vjcthem friends 1. 22 SOO.OrtO poand^ of malt extract: ST.iflOOOO ponnds of sncar. ^OftflOOO pounds of shortrn- inf material*. B7 000 000 pounds of miiV so!irK ind 3" 7 0 000 of ponnd5 of yeast made from farm products. · \H the insrredscrits uvd in hr-adrr.akinc. e\cept alt. come from the farm. The farmer mu«t havr a demand for his prod- nrf before i-nr of our indai'.7:r. nil! pro^prr The farmer can and TI-H buy the products of th- ciiic= if he can eel the money. Eatinc more of the heaith-pMnc prodact^ of wh?at wiil sire the farmer that morser ind will c;-,- an TO--'-J- io nil-"ad tonnaec and hiMn****; all down the nnr "Two ^ear« a^j lh~ tianon P"* nT1 2 " 1 r3t "io-e butter" campaign. It added reatcrnllr to the dairy inda^tr^. Let us Tursr aid frrmers generally and. in torn other hn«inesses. br enconr- a^n; an increased consumption of wheat products. It is erai- nentlv worth trvinc. If it succeeds, it will do ranch to restore the bnyins power of the farmer ind aid in every line of industry." The Garber Baking Company

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