The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 21, 1968 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1968
Page 14
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6-Alpeno fie.) Upp«r D« Moin»i Thursday, Morch 21, 1968 AROUND ALGONA By RUTH SHIERK GARY NAYLOR, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. William Naylor and a student at Simpson College, In- dlanola, has started his practice teaching. On Tuesday and Thursday, he is at Carlisle and is also teaching part time in Indianola. Mr. and Mrs. Naylor spent last Saturday at Beeman, where they visited his sister, Mrs. E. W. Anderson. The next day, Sunday, they went to Ames, where they met Gary and another student from Simpson, Lois Ann McCrae, and their daughter Judy, who is employed at the laboratories in Ames. The group had dinner together in observance of Mr. Naylor's birthday. CLARENCE MALAND of Elmore, spent Sunday with Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Bourne. He is Mrs. Bourne's uncle. Also present at the Bourne home were Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Hayes and children. A NUMBER of Algona residents and others from the area attended the Democratic dinner In Des Moines Saturday at which Sen. Robert Kennedy was featured speaker. Joe Straub is chairman of the county central committee. The group included Mr. and Mrs. Joe Straub, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Straub, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bradley, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bradley, Jr., James McEnroe, Clyde Priebe, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lindhorst, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Krieps, State Senator and Mrs. Don Murray of Bancroft, Joe Goetz of Wesley, and Mrs. Ruth Hurlburt, Swea City, vice chairman of the county central committee. ELEVEN WOMEN of Kossuth county attended the meeting Monday of the Sixth District of Republican Women at Lake View. Kossuth county was awarded three trophies: one for the largest membership in the district, one for the most women attending the meeting, and another for the most women attending coming from the farthest distance. Those attending included Mrs. Richard Thoreson, Mrs. L. L. Riter, Mrs. Marc Moore, Mrs. J. C. Everds and Clara Amesbury, Algona; Mrs. Dean Andrews, Burt; Mrs. Carl Callies, Titonka; Mrs. Lee Davidson and Mrs. William Thompson, Swea City; and Mrs. Robert Boleneus and Mrs. Charles Nygaard, Wesley. MRS. MELVIN BAY and Mrs. Lloyd Robinson spent Saturday at St. Olaf College, Northfleld, Minn., where they visited Sally Bay, a student at the college. Mr. and Mrs. Bay had previously spent Monday and Tuesday in 0- maha and at Millard, Nebr. where they visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carston Kuehl. MR. AND MRS. R. I. Mawdsley and Mr. and Mrs. Chet R.Schoby returned last Friday after a ten- day vacation in Hot Springs, Ark. Two Scholarships Kossuth county Soil Conservation District commissioners are offering two scholarships to the Iowa Teachers Conservation Camp this year. The first session is from June 2-22, the second session from June 23-July 14, and the third session from July 18- August 3. Board Proceedings FIFTH DAY FEB. 1, 1968 The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Present were A. M. Kollasch, Chairman, and Garry McDonald, Lawrence Newbrough, Andrew Reising and Earnie Schmidt. Absent : none. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Schmidt that the bonds of the field assessors, Soldier's Relief Comm., Treasurer, Agr. -Ext. Council be approved. Ayes: all. Nays : none. Motion carried. . Motion by McDonald and seconded by Reising that reports of James Mallory, Mayor; J. P. William Droessler; Nels Nelson, Mayor; M.K.Austin,Mayor; and Wm. Finn, Mayor, be approved. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by McDonald that Eugene Lemkee, Irvington Twp., be allowed refund in amount of $5.07 for property assessed in two twps. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Schmidt that Homer Downs be appointed county weed commissioner for 1968. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Reising and seconded by Schmidt that Class "B" beer permit be issued to Oscar Simons, St. Benedict. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Schmidt that Marvel Immerfall be given a salary raise in amount of $50 per month effective 2-1-68 and the motion on May 15, 1967 be rescinded. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Newbrough that Kossuth Co. purchase Error's and Omission Insurance from Bohannon Ins. Agency on the Co. Engr., Sheriff, Weed Comm., and elective officials on Feb. 1,1968, for one year in amounts of $5,000 to $15,000. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Newbrough that Soldier's Relief Comm. 4th quarterly report for 1967 be approved. Ayes: all. Nays; none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Reising that refund in amount of $29.62 be approved for Geo. C. Johnson on overpayment of State Institution account. Ayes: all. Nays; none, Motion carried. DISALLOWED BILLS Ernest Kellenger, Damages 250.96 It was motioned that the following bills be allowed and paid. T. B. FUND Dr. D. J. Shey,Inspection. .30.00 Dr. E, J, Capesius, Inspection 197.50 Dr. J, B, Waite Inspection 136.25 Dr. R, E, Weber, Inspection 570.00 John R. Ruger, Indemnity 75.00 PANGS FUND Pr. D. F, DJemer, Inspection .......... .16.50 ** '> Hogging, Inspection 19.50 Dr. A. E. Siekmeier, Inspection 17.50 Dr. E. J. Capesius, Inspection 59.50 Dr. J. K. Hill, Inspection . .23.50 Dr. A. W. R. Lichter, Inspection 72.50 Dr. D. J. Shey,Inspection.. .7.50 Dr. J. R. Waite,Inspection. .9.50 Dr. R. E. Weber, . Inspection 91.50' Dr. W. B. Redman,'Jr., Inspection 17.50 Dr. JeraldT. Waite, Inspection 29.50 Dr. J. C. Landman Inspection 13.00 Dr. A. W. R. Lichter, Inspection . .' 15.00 Dr. D. J. Shey, Inspection 167.00 Dr. R. E. Weber, Inspection 3.50 Dr. J. F. Johns Jr., Inspection 20.00 COURT FUND Payroll, Court 1,874.26 Ralph Lindhorst, Mileage 20.68 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, Transcript 60.20 la. State Bar Assoc., Supplies 24.00 Palo Alto Reminder, Supplies 16.41 Wm. F. Droessler, J. P. Fee 5.00 Wm. J. Finn, Mayor Fee.. .39.00 Kenneth Harris, Juror 1.00 Donald Armstrong, Juror 1.00 Arthur Goerndt, Juror 1.00 Nels Anderson, Juror 1.00 Lester James, Juror 1.00 Ernie Georg, Juror 1.00 Gene Heimer, Juror 1.00 Doyle Dailey, Juror 1.00 LeRoy Ditsworth, Juror ... .1.00 Holger Peterson, Juror . .. .1.00 Willis Marshall, Juror 1.00 Eppo Bulten, Mileage & Warrant 21.50 CONSERVATION FUND LeRoy Elbert, Labor 75.00 MENTAL HEALTH FUND Mental Health Ctr., Services 2,000.00 CIVIL DEFENSE Payroll Fund, Defense... .470.81 Cowan Corp., Supplies . .. .40.77 POOR FUND Food Stamp, Food: Glen Parcel, $25; Inez Lamb, $24; Roelf Miller, $10; Floyd Reibsamen, $28; John Heiderscheidt, $20; Richard Parsons, $41; Audrey Frye, $16; Ella Govern, $12; Bernard Leeper, $35; Doris Culbertson, $16; Floyd Armstrong, $1; Joe Rapp, $16. Food Stamp, Food: Glen Parcel, $25; Rich. Parsons, $41; Ken Summers, $51. Payroll Fund, Payroll 1,007.97 R. A. Johnston, Rent: Donald Peterson, $6. Wm. Boettcher, Rent: Roelf Miller, $40. A. J, Eastman, Rent: Curtis Johnson, $50. Richard Moe, Rent: Rose Hahle, $35. Marvel Immerfall, Mileage, 3140. Grupe Ambulance,Mileage;Raymond Weig, $?0. Allan Montgomery, Mileage: Clarence Uhr, $50. Garry Funeral Home, Mileage: Edwin Lloyd, $26.50. Scenic Hawkeye Stages, Mileage: Lloyd Mediation, $7.70; Mildred Ternes, $13.90. Town of Bancroft, Elec.: Joe Rapp, $8.63. Town of Whlttemore, Elec.: Myrtle Frost, $73.85. Interstate Pwr. Co., Elec.:Floyd Reibsamen, $11.93. Town of Titonka, Elec.: Floyd Reibsamen, $6.75. la. Elec. L. ti Pwr. Co., Elec.: Roelf Miller, $13.53. T. J. Egan, M.D., Medical;Roelf Miller, $13; Floyd Salisbury, $9; Ella Govern, $6. Dr. R. K. Richardson, Medical: Audrey Frye, $5; Mary Burtis, $6. John J. Leslak, M. D., Medical: Floyd Reibsamen, $61. R. E. Jongewaard, M. D., Medical: Gall Eischen, $12. Hancock Mem. Hosp., Medical: Gladys Isebrand $25. Memorial Hospital, Medical: Anna Zittritsch, $101.54. Park Clinic, Medical: Ella Govern, $49. St. Ann Hosp., Medical: Pat Hegarty $13; Freddie Farrell, $42.25. Thuente Pharmacy, Medical: Mary Hentges, $100.85. Rusk Drug, Medical: Mildred Ternes, $2.35; Pat Thompson, $2.55; Audrey Frye, $9.85; Ray Wessel, $29.41; Tom Devine, $5.70; Doris Culbertson, $34.85. Dr. D. J. Klngfield, Glasses: Glen Parcel, $35.50. Sid's Cafe, Food: Donald Peterson, $3. Tony's Food Mkt., Food: Ella Govern $34.65. Swanson's, Food: Jerry Par sons, $10.52. Mrs. Joe Miller, Clothing: Glen Parcel, $8.51. Farmers Coop. Soc., Fuel: Ken Summers, $30.60. Standard Oil, Fuel: Floyd Reib- samen, $59.40. Thermogas of Algona, Fuel: Margaret Fox, $137.68; Mae McLean, $113.99; Darrel Stevens, $52.15; Herman Boeckholt, $7.50; John Govern, $7.50. Sunray DX, Fuel: Helen Johnson, $28.39. Lone Rock Coop. Exch., Fuel: Adolph Pertl, $65.14. Helen Johnson, Keep: Rose Westling, $111. Dodge House, Keep: Virgil Wolf, $224. Cerro Gordo Co., Keep: Arnold Krause and Rosemary Leininger, $600. Morgan Home, Keep: Lawrence Mulligan, $180. Mrs. Mitchell Malloy, Keep: Ed Johnson, $110. State of Iowa: ADC, BLIND, EMERGENCY RELIEF, DISABLED, $2,934.52. Madelia Walker, Labor . . .68.75 Marvin Hackbarth, Labor 26.25 John Grandgenett, Labor.. .45.50 Wm. Wagner, Labor 111.45 Algona Locker, Rent 12.00 Wendel Warwick, Meeting Expense 21.88 Thermogas, Fuel 35.70 Lindsay, Supplies 35.40 Cresco Light & Pwr., Elec 276.19 N. W. Bell, Tel 26.50 Honsbruch Drug, Med. . . .381.55 Rusk Drug, Med. 109.03 Ralph Simons, Freight. . . .3.50 Algona Impl. Co., Parts . . .6.00 Pratt Elec., Repairs 23.78 Buscher Bros., Parts ... .151.02 United Bid. Ctr.,Supplies.. .2.32 Thermogas of Algona, Fuel 5.50 Mid-West Roofing Co., Repairs 25.00 Blair's Surge Serv., Supplies 19.00 Coast to Coast, Supplies.. .56.71 Palo Alto Impl. Co., Parts 12.05 Acme Chem. Co., Supplies 74.15 Laing's Plbg. & Htg., Repairs 54.30 Insurance, Medicare 10.00 Des Moines Register, Subscription 2.45 M. & J. R. Hakes, Supplies 190.72 Ervin Emich, Supplies . .. .23.85 Swanson's Stores, Inc., Supplies 38,20 Finn's Bakery, Supplies .. .93.40 Consl. Coop. Creameries, Supplies 170.27 Penney's, Clothing ..... .10.94 Drs. Shey & Gotten, Vet Fees . .21.00 Algona Produce, Supplies. ,58.80 Lone Rock Coop. Exch., Supplies 401.86 Hubert Schoby, Freight,.. .43.64 SEC. RD. FUND Algona Mun. Util., Utilities 21.21 N, Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 343.49 Thermogas Co., Fuel. .. .169.34 Payroll Fund, Sec. Rd 19,491.03 Dukehart-Hughes Co., Allis-Chalmers . . . .24,750.00 Elmer Dole Co., Road Work 3,659.00 Everds Bros. Co., Final #566 (3) 9,496,55 Swaney Equip. Co., Motor Grader 52,075.23 Herman Brown, Hough Payloader .. .24,631.68 Michael Todd $ Co., Supplies 597.59 Veco, Supplies 59.15 Algona Impl. Co., Parts.. .26 Cummins Mid-West Co., Supplies 125.48 Sailer's Davis Paint, Supplies 13.90 Thermogas of Algona, Fuel 231.85 Town of Titonka, Elec 6.50 Jerry's Gulf Serv., Supplies 3.90 O. E. Quam, Borrow Pit 2,187.50 Mason City Blueprint, Supplies 49.35 Harry Kettwlch, Borrow Pit 829.50 Farmer's Coop. Soc., Supplies 6.58 Taylor Motor Co.,Parts..174.63 Blanchard Lbr. & Hdwe. Co., Supplies 173.01 Edge Bros., Stump Removal 20.00 J. R. Schutjer Parts 35.16 United Bldg. Ctr., Supplies 25.66 Bowman Small Engines, Repairs 66.45 Arnold Motor, Parts 515.74 Greenberg Auto Supplies, Parts 471.83 Sunray DX, Fuel 1,031.27 Trupke Elec., Repairs . .. .41.14 Brown Supply Co., Supplies .291.46 Premier Autoware, Supplies 495.07 Bell's Saw Shop, Repairs. ..52.40 Roger L. Meyer, Fuel 6.95 Ed Rowlet Plb. & Htg., Repairs 36.80 Great Plains Supply Co., Supplies 3.67 Charlson Hdwe., Supplies 11.69 Buscher Bros., Parts ... .60 Dowling Dist., Parts 189.25 Barclay Co., Supplies 75.77 Peter* s Auto Supply, Repairs 10.73 Ternes Garage, Repairs . . .3.65 Lone Rock Coop. Tel., Tel 15.65 N. W. Bell, Tel 57.44 Town of Bancroft Elec. .. .36.00 Cent. la. Tel., Tel 26.54 Iowa Elec. Light & Pwr., Elec 59.95 Town of West Bend, Elec... .2.48 West la. Tel., Tel 7.36 la. Elec. L. & Pwr. Co., Elec '.14.75 la. Pub. Serv. Co.. Elec 5.00 Titonka Tel. Co., Tel 6.30 Gibbs-Cook Equip., Parts 469.95 Russell Kreger, Parts . . 386.00 Sieg Co., Parts 270.80 Hilton's Super Serv., Tires, etc 1,540.28 SOLDIER'S RELIEF Roger Flalg, Rent 50.00 Kenneth Flaig, Rent 50.00 Elmer-Phillips, Rent; 100.00 Wm. Hcubes, Rent 30.00 Algona Mun. Util., Elec 13.55 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Fuel. .71.12 la. Elec. L. & Pwr. Co., Elec 45.85 Champlin Station, Fuel... .24.65 K. & H. Coop. Oil Co., Fuel 33.80 Town of Bancroft, Elec. .. .21.84 K. & H. Coop. Fuel 36.18 United Bldg. Ctr., Fuel . . .35.76 Honsbruch Drug, Med 87.49 Dr. T. J. Egan, Med 8.00 Colston Pharmacy, Med... .38.83 Welp Drug Store, Med 8.35 Kersten Clinic, Med 239.00 Van Norman Drug, Med... .18.80 Thuente Pharmacy, Med , 65.10 Dr. W. B. McTaggart, Med 15.00 Lutheran Hospital, Med 52.25 Dr. J. G. Craven, Med... .100.00 Dr. J. H. Coddington, Med 49.00 Reuben's, Supplies 32.19 Hawkeye Scenic Stages, Mileage . . . 20.85 Everett Attig, Keep 194.09 Charles Holland,Keep.... 130.00 Howard Andrews, Meeting 43.00 David Smith, Meeting 10.00 Marvel Immerfall, Clerk 80.00 Lee Davidson Meeting ... .10.40 COUNTY FUND Post Office, Postage 632.00 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 59.20 Alg. Mun. Util., Util 158.39 Garry Funeral Home, Ambulance Agreement. . 1,000.00 Payroll Fund, County 9,892.22 la. Employment Comm., Soc. Sec 130.38 Payroll Fund, County 3,511.62 Betty Galbraith, Recorder's Office 12.00 Ralph Lindhorst, Board & Lodge of Prisoners. 27.90 Humboldt Co,, Board & Lodge of Prisoners 225.00 Ralph Lindhorst, Meals & Mileage 120.74 Eppo Bulten, Meals & Mileage 29.40 Donald M. Wood, Meals & Mileage 37.70 Lynn Forshee, Repairs .48.00 Joyce Hayden, Mileage 87.10 Culligan, Soft Water 6.50 Russ Floor Serv., Repairs , ,7.90 Davis paint Store, Supplies. 1,80 Dr. Habermann, Autopsy 150.00 Clarence Miller, Meetings. . . , , 8,00 Albert Kollasch, Meetings 8.00 Arthur Budlong, Meeting 4.00 Erwln Heldorfer, Meeting 8.00 Rudolph Rahe, Meeting 4.00 Andrew Fangman, Meeting 8.00 Louis Huber, Meeting 4.00 Clarence Schutjer, Meeting 4.00 Elmer Hellman, Meeting 4.00 Ernest P. Hansen, Meeting 4.00 Lloyd Bartlett, Meeting 4.00 Leander Vaske, Meeting 4.00 Clair Reding, Meeting 4.00 Richard Harms, Meeting 4.00 Leo Hanselman, Meeting. .• 4.00 Honsbruch Drug, Supplies 3.50 IBM, Supplies 18.00 Burrough's Corp., Supplies 30.00 la. Welfare Assoc., Supplies 25.00 Lloyd Pratt, Supplies 7.44 N. Cent. Pub. Serv. Gas 187.04 Algona Plumbing & Heating, Repairs 7.50 N. W. Bell, Tele. 382.50 Klipto Printing Co., Supplies 15.65 Fidlar & Chambers Co., Supplies 172.26 Matt Parrott & Sons, Supplies 29.55 Jenkins-Fergemann Co., Supplies 12.00 Boone Blank Book Co., Supplies 17.75 Des Moines Rubber Stamp, Supplies .4.70 Xerox, Supplies 99.20 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Notices & Supplies 61.45 Burrough's Corp., Supplies 544.00 Addressograph Corp., Maintenance 455.88 Algona Ins. Agency, Insurance 10.00 Herbst Ins. Agency, Insurance 37.50 Titonka Bank, Bond.' 10.00 Davis Paint Store, Supplies 36.43 Dr. Turner, Tests 10.40 Bancroft Register, Proceedings 389.63 Advance Pub. Co., Proceedings 389.64 Upper Des 'Moines Pub. Co., Proceedings 248.36 Advance Pub. Co., Notices 62.36 Bancroft Register, Notices 13.23 Bancroft Register, Notices 84.00 City of Algona, Ambulance Agreement 300.00 City of LuVerne, Ambulance Contract 1,000.00 Treasurer of Koss. Co., Bounties 240.28 Walter B. MacDonald, Expenses 220.18 STATE INSTITUTION Helen Zaugg, Keep 121.47 Marcia Robinson, Keep 465.00 Quakerdale Boys Home, Keep 166.90 King Rest Home, Keep 308.00 L. A. Bascom, M.D., Medical 273.50 Alma Leegaard, Keep 125.00 Geo. C. Johnson, Refund 29.62 REFUNDS Eugene Lemkee, Erroneous Assessment 5.07 No. Koss. Golf Club, Liquor License 37.50 PAYROLL FUND Wendel Warwick, Co. Home . .237.50 Alma Warwick, Co. Home 237.50 K. C. Kern, Co. Home 75.40 Rosetta Kern, Co. Home 75.40 Kenneth Richardson, Probation 163.04 L. C. Rovn, Probation 196.50 Dr. Richard Snyder, Med. Examiner 55.70 Janice Funk, Auditor Extra Help 180.00 Kathryn Myers Treasurer Extra Help. 247.50 Wayne Keith, Defense 390.32 Doris Culbertson, Defense 54.40 Garry McDonald, Meetings & Mileage 645.30 Earnie Schmidt, Meetings & Mileage 650.80 A. M, Kollasch, Meetings & Mileage 780.20 L. A. Newbrough, Meetings & Mileage 680.20 Andrew Reising, Meetings & Mileage 650.40 John Fraser, Asst. Engineer 650.00 Marilyn Schneider, Clerk 350.00 Tom Aaron, Inspector 450.00 John Bauer, Labor 505.25 Raymond Baade, Labor 521.95 Delain Blumer, Labor 526.75 Clifford Blanchard, Labor 509.55 M. E. Blanchard, Labor 494.50 Melvin Baas, Labor 500.95 Alvin Swing, Labor 483.75 John Eller, Jr., Labor 477.30 Richard Hoberer, Labor 505.25 Dale Helmers, Labor 511.20 Clifford Holmes, Labor 494.50 Clarence Hentges, Labor 498.80 Don Hainzinger, Labor 494.50 Earl Johns, Labor 529.00 A. J. Kollasch, Labor 518.15 Geo. Kockler, Labor 494.50 Ben Metzger, Labor 520.30 Allan Montgomery, Labor 451.50 Urban Neuroth, Labor 511.70 Elmer Ricks, Labor 511.20 Leo Ramus, Labor 494.50 John Schueler, Jr., Labor 475.15 FredStecker, Labor 494.50 Craig Thilges, Labor 494.50 Charles Thompson, Labor -; 494.50 Erich Willrett, Labor 496.65 James Walker, Labor 519.23 Geo. Weringa, Labor 494.50 Cyril Wagner, Labor 494.50 Orville Weiland, Labor 521.95 Gerald Wibben, Labor 494.50 C. E. Zaugg, Labor 561.20 Henry Zweifel, Labor 496.65 Doris Culbertson, Nurse Extra Help 100.00 DRAINAGE FUND Advance Pub. Co., Drain 4, Lat24-33 11.53 Kruse Engr., Drain 4, Lat 24-33 1,095.77 Leland Wildin, Drain 9...'. .25.02 Francis Kollasch, Drain 9 13.90 Carroll Potter, Drain 9 9.32 Wm. Runchey, Drain 9 14.02 Ervin Gerber, Drain 9 4.42 Advance Pub. Co., Drain 9 17.90 Leo Fraizer, Drain W. K. 3-11 1,170.00 Wallace, Holland etal, Drain W. K. 68-136 1,320.49 Leo Sorensen, Drain TRI 84 87.66 Kruse Engr., Drain PAK 1 556.40 Kruse Engr., Drain PAK 1 2,645.94 On motion adjournment was taken until Feb. 20, 1968. A. M. Kollasch, Chairman Board of Supervisors ATTEST: Marc Moore, Kossuth Co. Auditor BOARD PROCEEDINGS SIXTH DAY Feb. 20, 1968 SPECIAL SESSION The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were A. M. Kollasch, Chairman, & Garry McDonald, Lawrence Newbrough, Andrew Reising & Earnie Schmidt. Absent: none. CORRECTION OF MINUTES ON JANUARY 2, 1968, FIRST DAY The motion by Newbrough & seconded by McDonald that A. M. Kollasch be appointed Chairman of the Board for 1968, was incorrect and should be corrected as follows: Motion by Reising & seconded by Schmidt that A. M. Kollasch be appointed Chairman of the Board for 1968. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Reising & seconded by Newbrough that speed limit be set at 25 M.P.H. on farm-to-market route #77 at NW corner Sec. 28-97-28, a distance of 1/4 mile East & SWerly. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. RESOLUTION BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, that B. W. Dutton, duly appointed Co. Engineer, be hereby designated, authorized, and empowered on behalf of the Board of Supervisors of KossuthCounty to execute certification of completion of the work and final acceptance thereof in accordance with the plans & specifications thereof in connection with all Farm to Market Road Fund Construction ProjectsinsaldCounty. Dated at Algona, Iowa this 20th day of February, 1968. Ayes: all. Nays: none. On motion adjournment was taken until March 1, 1968. A. M. Kollasch, Chairman Board of Supervisors ATTEST: Marc Moore, Kossuth Co. Auditor THINK COOL NOW! (IF YOU'RE STILL SWEATING THE SUMMERS ,.. CUT THIS OUT AND PASTE IT ON YOUR MARCH CALENDAR) .., it's later than you think Thinking cool is probably the farthest thing from your mind. Frankly, we can't blame y< What with sub-freezing temperatures and Chilly March winds. But ... Believe it or not, NOW is the best time to think cool and install central air conditioning. Electric, of course. Sounds silly? 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