The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 12, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Sunday, August 12, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WHILE Irs FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA THERESA HOST IN TODAYS ADS 1I us Full Associated Press Leased Wire Service VOL. LXVI NO. 41 ( And Paris Evening New^ ) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage •1.000 M SIXTEEN PAGES Raging Forest F EDITION ESTABLISHED IMft Nomination Of Mrs. Roy Dunagan Primary Vote To Be Contested ByJ. Frank Jones!™*^ By Writing-In on Ticket Die- gal, He Asserts in Petition Saturdav ^ Tuesday, August ri. at 10 o'clock a. m., has been set by Judge Newman Phillips of Sixty-second District court for hearing 'he suit filed Saturday by J- Frank Jones .against TF.- H. P. Anderson, chair- inan; A. W, Neville, secretary of zJbw Z*amar County .Democratic £x. ecutlve committee; R. V. fiam- niack. county clerk, and Mrs. Aliie Dunagan, to prevent the placing ol "the- nam^ of Mrs. JDunasan on "the general election ticket as the i>ernocratie uominee fc-r county • comsiissioner in Precinct 2, and to declare him the nomine*. Th* suit in based on the action of the committee in declaring: a,t It^ meeting to canvass the primary election vote that Mrs. Dunajran TTaiv the nominee of the party for the position, and certifyiasr her name- to che county clerk as such cominee. The action of the committee was taken after arguments by attorneys representing Jones aiti Mrs* Duna^an. The contention o* Jones was t.hat the \-otes cast for Roy 3>unasan, who died before the d&y of the election, should b>» counted^ in addition, to those cast for Jones and Mrs. A Proclamation ; By official proclamation Her Excellency. Miriam A. Ferguson, Governor of the State of Tejcas, has set a.part the \ve«k of August 23 as Texas Centennial Week, during winch time every Texan is called upon to Think-Talk-Write Texas OntenniaJ ^or 19S6. In pursuance of such proclamation, we. J. M. Crook, Mavor of the. City of Paris, and C- A_ Martin. County Judge of Xjunar County, by virtue of the authority vested officially proclaim and set apart juch Centennial "Week within our borders and call upon the en*!re- citizenship to put its shoulders to the v.-heel. wage an intensive -^.uipaigTi of education, to the end that all Texas be. now commi*t*-d to the necessity of staging in this State during 1935 a sreat exhibition honoring the memory -of our heroic fathers, portraying the advancement of the last centurs forecasting the progress yet to come. J. M. CROOK. Mayor of the City of Paris. C. A MARTIN, County Judge of Lamar County. Texas BremerCase (10,000At Aide Caught Aluminum DeImar,Last Of Clark Gang Is Captured Convict Who Escaped in Break Fr*om Tensing, Nabbed in Oklahoma Candidates, for First Time in History, Get Million Votes CONTROVERSY KEPT IN THE BACKGROUND I B a r e Quorum of Texas State Committee Meets to Canvass Vote Hunter Says Demands _4Ured Make Good His Promise to Retire From Race : TELEGRAMS PROVE \ HUNTER'S ATTITUDEl Flames Rage On 15-Mile Front In Rich Red County Virgin Pine Lands CnA.HKSVII.LE, — With approximately T50 CCC -workers espeet- Always Opposed General ) Sales Tax, Declares Candidate for Governor „ , - —:houarh. CCC workers, lumper corn-any employes, farmers and stockmen of The area. have been working fo- several days, fires have continued to break out flasly. Scarcity of water and extreme dry-ess of timber have n>ade th* tires difficult to control. V/orkers have been backfiring and clearing strips to bring: the blazes under control, but flames in. widely-separated; sections of the area continue, t-j menace between 30,000 "and 59 000" icres of pine timber and pastures. * ® i= ~ he neighbor- < hood, north, of Bag-well, which! raged for several days and de- { stroyed hundreds of acres of pas- • we!1 . to Flres Bowie county Iilis section have been, OKLAHOMA CITT, OP) Frank Delmar, who -with Jim Ciarfc and the late "Bi^ Boo" Brady, escaped from the Kansas penitentiary at Lansing last January, -was arr«sted by two federal officers oa a. highway near Claremore late Saturday. '"" . . i Announcement of the capture | AUSTIN, Texas, £P) — Contro-i SULPHUK SPRINGS, versial issues were kept in the background Sarurday as the state Democratic executive committee tabulated a record vote cast in the first primary election and certified runoff candidates for statewide and district offices to county party officers- There was not a ripple of dis- was made by Dtright Brantley, i tension, A bare quorum of the agent in charg:« of the federal di- j committee met, tabulated the j vision of 'investigation office here. 1 —ore than 1,000,000 votes and cer- He said Paul Sansen and O. G. Hall, who tified the returns and adjourned —Tom. F. Hunter, guberaa candidate. Saturday si, challenged Attorney General James V. Allred, his runoff opponent, to carry out his offer to withdraw from the rac« if he failed to prove that Hunter supported the general sales tax. Denying that he had. written Allred a letter in support of the tax, Hunter read telegrams that he said would prove that he was not advocating the tax. o* *h.e Ida Lou and Manchester j communities, though the flames i encroached upon the outskirts of j tre Ida La a community before fae- 125 subjugated. --Reports from the Clarksville re- j lief office late Saturday night in- | dieated that approximately 200! men are being kept on duty con- i stantiy along tne fire front. Con- 1 a;nounied to several hundred t&on- SEE FIRE m-~ and that, the names of Jones and :3.*rs. I>unagan should be placed on j the -tickets for the second or ma- j <ft election. August 25, * *v^-- - as Kicmaper Identified U-- apprehended. Clark, in j to hold its final session September Oklahoma last -week, i 10 a-t the Galveston convention. i made ih« arrest -vsrlthout an ex- j Returns from one county, Sast- change of shots although Del- i iand "were not available. I mar -sras armed. j James V. Allred, attorney gen- p With the .two officers were Ural, amassed a lead of 55,325 over j :".""-~ V '^fr | George Stuart and Henry 'Chase. ! Tom F. Hunter, his Wichita Falls K°~ r J ' former Tulsa policemen. j neighbor and runoff opponent f or j ^f* 5° e ^^ ^ A co ^-^~^ forj 253* of the People's National Bank at 1 counties .Allred's vote was 297.SaS [ Stillvrater, Okla., May 31. He also iland Hunter's 241,331. In unoffi- ^ stant watch is required all along I From Coke Stevenson, speaker I ^ne danger Jlne as the fires often ! u± the Texas house, lie read the { break out after all danger is be- I folio-wing telegram: j lieved past. | Cop Is Taken For 'Ride' But Comes Back "I invited you to address The legislature- In the. regular session and you accepted on the condition that ess" would be in oppos- ts Closed | Federal agents Juave been on i -he Democratic nomination b>* Strike Over Wage | Delmar's trail since the robbery j governor on returns from Svstem re-election to a. second as county eonarnissiorser Prfc- 2, and. by J. Frank Jones, who been defeated by .Dunasau two years before, after holding zh« of See eight ycars. '•.lotlng- began be ~ sumec by votes ea^t for Police refused to disclose Kar- S*e BKEM'ER. Page 7. Col. 1. last January of G. Breisier of St. Paul, Karpls was arrested early ,. „ . . ! urday morning, as lie \vas as^op *s. Absentee bal-i under outskirts of "£<.**""** " T** <f £'3.* O? ' — T , ~ "" / ~ " I the citv, I>eteci:ves" seised a pistol -.DBBam. July i*. «d « was pre- | , yiny ^^ hiin> Frankl!n ^ i» commute* that th*. j as £he ^j..^ mari reachfMl for were cast be-j . -fore his death but that he not being < alive at the date of the election i such votes were not vaJid and 1 jchoald sot be counted. ! After her husband's death. Mrs. 1 X>irnasra.n made a campaign for th* j office asd asked the voters to- j eras* the names printed on the { ticket and write her name instead. { The returns from she voting: pre-1 cjricts in the commissioners* pre-1 cinq's showed S;5 vores for Jones! and ?"3 for Mrs, Quisagan. with Roy Dunagar.'s votes a total of 1SSS votes. 1 Th*> petition of Jon&s alleges that 1 th'*?r*> is no lawful rriechod cf ha% - - ; inff a placed on a primary 1 election tick-?: except that provided ! irs th» statute and that na.mes -writ- | *r. on such ticket ar^ not lawful ! should not h* counted. In t th*» rourt finds this to he :he he a:<fCs to he d^rlrt.r?d the ,Jf;1 I Y<>«th Who Fled With Bo- | to operate th hannon and Gutter's Chauffeur Held arrests. The strike was called er In #v<.iJt this is no; the case, he then asks ;hst h«- and Mrs. g&n b« declared :he candidates received :h» h!ph«*5t number of voi»Jf for the affire. bu; neither re- eflrinfr a raajorhy of a.11 the vote* c^,st that their riarnf* b«t orcJ<?rp<3 j>!aofrii on a ticket to determine uhith shaH b» r.omlnat*d, and if the decision of t^p court shall no: b« mad** until after the second ry". AuKUst 25. that th« court h** Democr.iJic cxecuUv« ttee to ord^r a apecia] ^>rl- «Jectson if. Prcc'nct C for se of <!et»?rm:n!n£ the IDABEL, Okla.—Two f nl,crhT- broujcht to six the number i of persons beiujc held in cour.ty j jaij here for investigation into | the fatal yhootJn?: Wednesday j tlciAls over the union's demand* • morninsr of Deputy Sheriff E, J. ! which include- a univ e rsa i Whittle ar.d Constabl* B, ^Til- j system ir, various plants" and I moth by Julius Bohannon. <rscap- I check-off plan for collecting | ed convict and bank robber -arant- \ ion dues, ed by two states and the Cr.lted ' : _ {is wanted for oaestioninf: in the PITTSBURGH, u?) — Produc-1 robbery of the bask of Wetumka paralyzed in the .larger i May 9. e of approxi-I fled from the Kansas prison. ,OOO union Trf-orJcers who'-Brady • and Ciaric made the!* 1 tec--" ; Quit.-work with the saaction of tiie i ond sensational dasii for freedom. American Federation of I-ao-or. f Brady -was shot to death near Workers picketed peacefoily at j ^ao 1 -^. Kas., foilo^rins: the breafe. i plants of the Aluminum company j of America, a Mellon interest, in \Vesterr: Pennsylvania, and at the company's factories in Alcoa. Tennessee, raa^sena. X. T., and East St. lyouis. ill. Several smaller plants in scattered pajrts o* ti>e country continued to operate. | Hundreds of men and -women | milled about the hug:e aluminum j operations at New Kensington, Pa., ] the center of the industry, -with | pickers stand^ar shoulder to shoul- ; der in a solid line at entrances to j prevent any workers from enter| ins-. Only ttvo minor disturbances { occurred. i y made no attempt | Bitter piants and a spokes- asserted the concern has a sufficient supply of ingots. -which ] are produced in most of the plants, j to last three and one-half years, j democratic factional fichts da! reiurns from Eastland COHS! ty Hunter led Allred 1.S74 to 1,315. [ The official total for other sub- ersatorial candidates and improper because the sale: tax Tsras as issue in the house. You then declined to speak unless you CCC workers who have been or-! dered TLO Ciarksville to assist in I Gangland Murder Plot the work of bringing the fire un- j TT -7 TT_ T_ tr- ^ - der control include detachments! * Sl1 ^ A^OUgfa \ictmi IS from camps at Bonhano. Desison i Shot El2:ht Times and Farmersville. ilen from the I -*" - Jonstable J"ofet* Son.hs.rn camp have been on duty I CHICAGO. oppose -H e sale or several days and have been j G-riffin } relievedr at intervals by -srorkers _ f from the Ciarksville -event all the Tvay of •tb.^ •ay §^.nsrland ride Saturday-— See PRIMARY. Page 7. Col. 4. •wrere permitted tc tax." Th& following: telegram that i froin ^f __ Ciarksville relief office j and came back, one of tlie fe-w for-- Hitnter said he had received from ^ nc f " rida 3 r niomin^. Farmers, tunates to make that rotmd trip Horace Walker, clerk of the house { S; '- ocksi en and others nave also as- j aiive. fj. I sisted in the -«-ork_ •crork. has been extremely beca-use of-the fact the fire iras extended alons: a front of ~ I ai»c rajLatlon committee, •was read.: j See SUKTE.R, and Clark kidnaped Letcis j Dressier. WalluJa. ?fis.. school i teacher and forced. him to ac- j company thera i n Dressler's car. | on tieir flight into Oklahoma, j ih« teacher -eras released nriharm- | ed. Delmar -wras ser-si^s a life term j •svhec he escaped. Four States To Take 'Wooden Gun Trick Failure; Louisiana Convicts Killed 15 nailes and has Shot esg-ht times by ±ottr tc ro ixoodlums, Grif Sn took, tfa* usua.1 ride dear up to tfae polsr where usually it has its grisly. ing—the "bullet ride •th« Six Wounded. Two Dead as Result of Southern Des- o? peradoes' Attempt to Emulate Dillinger in Escape From Pen SATOX HOUGE, 1^.., <5*.—A - die- body" included from three to- six mafor! ~ ire "snaJJo-sv srrave-" Then blazes in as many parts of the i body got up and escaped, area. Pastures throughout the I Griffin -was alive Saturday to'ten section are parched and once a. j **- ?* rOrn ^se story th.e young con- blase starts, grass and underbrush"! sta ^- e gasped out. after fee 'had ignites like tinder. Hampered bv j i>eer: gi^en blood transfusions, po- } lack of ^ater anc an insufficient \ " ce ar ^"^sted Michael Rosso, "4, of men. the fires often "de- i naine<2 bv Griffin as in. tie gang^ stroy hundreds of acres of sas- ^ E> ^ cke<5 n ^ Hosso's brother. Franlc, tures and timber before they "can | Ia "f5,. a '~ d ser; out to ^^^ tlie.icaa be checked. ~ 1 Griffin named as his assailaat-in- Althougrri Paris and vicin-rr T-«_ i cilie "- Hd>vard Deveau, 24. Other casualties were less se- ceived a^good rain on Thn^si 1 ^-^-^- escaped ceatn C Jt i a Lm> oirly escaped- ull— a^ray to hey Tver-e h to bury lS Fights Over Deal to Be Settled By Elections See COP. Page 7. CoL 3- J fights, were working Three others who were "in" on j picking okra. the attempted escape immediately { stzrreucered. Two con--.-icts reftrs- I ed to join in the plot. I Sryar>t_ tTvo-terrner from North Louisiana, and L^ccas Badeatrc. chargreti several days ago -with th< senatorial ncm-nations Involving weeks of unsuccessful negotiations ] Tt!e "new dpa!" In Ohio and Ne- betireen leaders cf the aluminum ' iiras -' ca "^i" ^>e settled by Tuesday's j jg^" --vorkers' council and company of- 1 ^ ri7na ries. J "« Those slain ^re Bill Brvant. 25- ! ^T?!^™ ^.f 80 ^^ ^* I J-H year-old bandit and co-leader of j ^ ^"b^Ik ^f-^^^'l »-*3> f 3_ J>'/>f>**?*» ^t^^n 1- ts T-ja-= — i^t-*-ft —. r+ j* • " " " ~*~ ~ "" "^-J-J -Jio,** 1 " • a ur- order t wary th* orrfr-r in hJ ' * or held LENA MOORE'S PL.4CE ! AT HUGO IS CLOSED TROOPS IN CHARGE: MINN"HA FO 1,15. fVP>—«ov. Floyd B, OI?on wnd his nat!or>a? fruards- Tn«n. barkr<J by a deot«lon of th* Ucitvd Starts I>5!»:r!ct court, held firm control of the strike-ridden city Saturday nssrht af:rr a !*"sral jou*t xrith r-mploy^nt ovfr the val- itlitj- of miJJtary rule. TKRM LOCK HART. T*x . <.^»?— A jury Saturday aent^ncfK! Prank Mu^cke to T!f* Smprl$onm#«nt for the slay- ln<f of hl» slater. Xora, «t Max- McCRAW AT CON'ROK CONROK. Texas. UP\ — >frCraw, -a»mJl<lrtt»> fof attorney *,-«n<*r*l. p]f»d«r^<l Saturtf.iy that If *!*ttcd "o:i t.hjrvfj.** would b« pro** cut«4 vi< orou»Iy. | Thos« Iveinp hold ar« Mrs. Julius ] Boha-tinon. \vjfe of th« hunted { «iay*r: Robert Ixre Cuyt^r, Bo\ har.Tion's accomplice in the rob- | Texas, for which th^ pro v*- mm erst I now sefky him; Sadi* Leonard. I arre«c<J with Ouster at an Idabel | r«.srlst*re<J as "Mr. and Mrs. Gray:*' j j Rub« Blackw^Tl, an ^x-convict who j **" j fittd ?p*r\-«H5 tJmr wtth Custrr in ! p<?ti:ion asks that the county | T-?.xaj»; B«n Kodfrsrs. th« IS y*ar I h* r*stra3nf<! by tomporar? ! oM boy Bohannon a)!es:ed!y fore- j ncr'OT; fro;i^ postins: t «*<J to accomr>any him in his flight | *e nan-* of Mrs. Roy j from :h* Oak Hilt romntuni:v~'tr. 1 o-r^;-;*>*' for comm!s- j s!oRf*r Prf^inc: r. t:n;J- the ilr?R In this sniJ:. and tha* !*a5d <>rd«r b« made final or» final h«»arinsr. S* 1 ** HOL.D 2. Pjijr» 7 Col ^ i - ord«-r of JijflR-- l*h» <Sat« for hf-n ring- w urdaj" on Ch-Tirman Anrtt- ry<-n. S* rotary Ni»vi!>, County Ork Ham- | , " — macic and Mrs«. TuinitKHft. » > l»<IIo< > kin^ Follows FVtJTlon by Ccmmy .\ttorn<ry Aft4?r Knid HUGO. — lu*n» Moor*'? plac*- h*r* -»•»•• padlocked Saturday by ;, court ord<r from Judjr* G«orcr«* T. Arnctt. foliotWns a p*U«on for ar. injunction pr«s«nt«d bv County Attorney O. A. Brewer* of th* pJac* ft>l!ovi-^<! i of a quantity of liquor fuU-*trensrth b*cr in by a r<-nr««<-yt,\t;v<s of tho Okla- j hoirsa rax commJj«*lon and local of 1 ficcrs. Two oth*r places at which Hejuor and b««r wj»j« j»ei2<Ki \\-JH &~ closed If petition^* for injunction* *r<> sTante<J, i^ccordJnK to th* r*p- r*s«nt<*tivc of th* tax commission T,ena Moore, ntjrro woman, chart;<*d with pomc!«sion of liquor, w»j» r^lrasf^d on $5M bond Saturday Counry Attorney Brewer fH«U *utt micalnst l>ni» Moor* in district court her* Saturday to f*»tt * bond of ll.OOO » Hfitt po^to<l to ot th« 1934 DR1TST AND HOTTEST ON RECORD Thr interest sh and Xebra^ka corjte^ts forecast a record breaking: vote. There are primaries on the same day in Idaho and Arkansas. All four states select srJberTiatori.iI nominees, candidates for 3$ seats and local offices. bloody break a year ago, and ~d Cancler. 3S. serving a year term for robbery. Of the half dozen other convicts the On;o shot doivn. Michael Antakly. serviU5: a larceny term, and Gerald Kramer, burglar, are expecte-d to house R. 1^ Kimes said. • Armed tvith wooden pistols j I painted black, Bryant rushed on j : Gsard Henry Clark and Baceaux j on Guard Riley Strother. " | • See XVOODSX. Pa^e 4. Co]. 5. ! Threat of Range War Adds Choctaw Drouth Evils ina- bur<"»I keepin rnus says tab •yest and hottes far. The so and it has on precipitation 0 years. seekers also have s electorate into partisan P3rticil i arly Jn N>braska on j Senator Norris. veter d ^ ni Kepablicaii. ha«; an indcr-n- oy The drouth has ben a linff heat, in.i: remot approach injc J- B. Kinc*r. Other dro«rh years. notabjy 5S V 1301. 1?1P. 7934 and 295f *>vceedir v c!y dry in many soc- elections if the primary outcome ;s unsatisfactory to him, Ohio's three Democratic con :*-siants for the f:s:ht to rur. for "he seat no^r o-ct"az>!?fj bv Sm-itor Fcss, Kepuhlicnr., have. concentrated or. the "new deal" issue. The rivalry has no: bo^r. 50 miTCh for and asrasnst. but RS to TvV'oh is The bett-rr qualified to chimr:orj MARFA. Texas. tion*. he sea id. but no previous :2{ Texas Rarssrer; defjciont rain'ail May, June art<3 Jr tuch c.-n«-ra!5y during: April. Satartjay acquitted by 3 jury or: a charsre that he kilied Pablo Frieto, a rar.cri hand, on June 4. 63 Stricken [ Divine Over By Ptomaine! Snake Bite To Stockmen From Counties Said to Be £non Area Nazis Start Vote Drive Scouts Treated by Physi- j Preacher Who Banked cians After Drinking j Lord's Support To Be Tainted Fruit Punch in Pulpit j HUGO. — Threatened "ranss j t j • f •"* :TI Chocta'w county this [ j week have, added to the numerous j Fllll Force of Propaganda i problems of local livestock pro- ; ^ | ducers caused by drouth. Stock-; Machinery Will Be Loosed Monday Ok!a..'^*>-— Sixt> three ooy scouts and their elder escorts ^no spent a r.:s:nt in terror on the j banks of the Verd:*n-is river Trith- | injr from the effec;^ of food pot- j sonJcs:. v.-ere safely er.route to j their homes in Clarendon. Texas, f ve:n:? Seven doctors, led by Dr. B. F. STT.VA, x. er, 30 year ol who believes divine halted the -which has co-arsed through his a w-eek. Saturday r.icht to appear before his C. f.s^—Albert Test- holiness preacher intervention ke venom through Collins of Claren'.ore and Dr. ' "'•ountain folk Sunday ss a livi H&rry Kail of Ca:«x»sa. worked a31 example of the po-tver of faith, night Jor.s: -with the ill. r::ariy of L>ast Sunday nigrht be waved hat! fair.t.-d and were in ; rattlesnake aloft in his PCI?' the "free rang 1 ?" of Choctaw' county \ =.r»RL.IX. i3* —S<itii^ped •with. wh;ch at tlils tlsne is barely afford- j blunt accusations that "who votes in? sustenance for cattle owned by ; against Hitler is an enemy of t&e Choctaw county citizens. | people." the Xazi propaganda or- Approxirr.ately 150 cattlemen in = sanization Sunday will marshaJ the vicinity of Bos-wen met the! its forces for a week of rreniec- first part of the week, and an- | dous x-cte seeking: on she «ve of pointed a committee to attempt a | the Auirust I& plebiscite, section of the ^a:;er. It is said : r n full control of the press and that stockmen who have brou-h: j rad ; (> - a bc^-sr. wfrx rs, cattle tc? ChoctaM county took the I rrstter to Governo^ XV. H. Murray, j maii;tain: 115 they have leases on j the ransre occupied, Ix»cal cattle- •;er. however, say th^re ar^e no :a units will employ every modem r'fcrt of solid-ifyir.5 public favor for Chancellor Hitler's assurnptitMl of presidential powers. See 63. Pasre T. Col. « See BJVIXE, Pasre 4, Col. 5. WILL ROGERS SAYS: TRIBUTE TO A GREAT MAN wss r<>a<1!n,c an Article Just | of A by some -tmsrt alcck. and he j *" hi« solution of c«nsor- sion. ieasesi. j O. p. Kay of 1 of inve*;iaratiori was sent to Choc- f | taw county to investigate the mat-S ; > >r( ^ i ier. Tele Minister Joseph. t Goebbels himself «-!!! step before e state Bureau | the microphone .Monday to best" a speakin?r cantaaiOT \^ * £ m ^, ., , * were a^o sent bv hiy blank « Gw-mmny with ' * in a» . »r»d movies, and what causi?-<J this and that. He happened to mention the "Specialist" by ChJck S«Iej«, Well tchxt in th* world about that littlo book? One that rvery man <"<wpee!aUy Jf h« had rvrr l>r*n raided In th« country or s»mnU town) t«ok home, read to htst -wif<». «nd to hi* Mother. «nd his Dad, for th» old*r you wa» the more it *pp«»l«d to you. Th«n to hav«» »om«bo<Iy speak up that had onouirh htiertor to uet th« tb&t it wa* • gr«at chmimcttr »tudy Th« story waser.t of It -was of the roans pride in his ch<wen profes- c«n make a.nythinsr you are too out of anything:, but that little story that sold over a million copJest. and her* is a funny thinp about it. It was the best people that pot it. The dumb jruy. th« cleverness of the whole thins: was lost oa him. 1 wish this bird that wrot» tb«t h® know ^hJcfc Sale*. h.« would K«t the smrprla* of hiat life. H» ha« done for t-erenty five y*nrs the clewnest and Tnostt act so clean that he is almost a ! ajone\ Chick was doin* those I remember years ««o. j^^j set ot characters t ^ a hav ^ Ions: before ihe ptsb?jcation of the ;, book. Chick told me that story. 1 h , ved so i0r - s tiU thev hav * *>«<>^ e and I rushed home to repeat all j c ' ass:cst - ^ x *** * he o1 ^ ™** ^-^ of it I ccu'd remember, and I | could visualise this old carpenter. [ *» artist to his hammered old fin- f See NAZIS. sre 4, CoL See THREAT. Page 7, Col. I. the old mai on a stool as famous AS that statue j {of a felio'w sittlnjc OR & rock, called I jthe "Thinker." Thea the preacher | . i making: the announcements, then \ AUSTIN, Texas, ^P*—The prob- Keadir.s this little obscure mis* j j^ fr^sh ooy> then the sir! recit- 1 iem oi providing? relief to increas- the ? overr.or to Choctaw and Atoka j ^ ^^S^i vl, , county atrorr.eys ar.d sheriffs warn-j T>r * SS «*«--^r r rsday. in? them to exert s!l offers to pre- | Pra cticaliy every cabinet min:sven: disorder. Ke said that should j ter wil1 ^°* n ' n the oratorica.1 oa- jaiJ spac* b« inadequate, the state | penitenitary at McAiester could be 1 used, K* also offered th« use oi I state deputi«v, »hou:d they be j needed. I ^"hen Indian Territory becam* { th* southern part of the state of j Oklahoma ir. 1J»OT. seven coar.ties' rewrved rhe right to rote on stock WEATHER brings back th« memory of my <irst me^-t- insr*with Chick, \\> were both on the bill toother at the Grand Oj>- *-r» House, Fittsburjc, Pa., both ; doirs« singles, (that is I mean both act* wer* *cu> vh«r« -w» worked j ing. They applauded and jelled -**$ numbers with then, they do the same today. Chick i win *>* submitted to the I All sigrns of the rain which f*!I | her* Thursday afternoon have dis- }arpear«.2 arr<3 temj>«ra- j cures c->r,:irs'.:e to cJ'.mb above the I century mark. It Js thought ther^ j wi'i b« isrr"* rei!*? from th« heat ' ur.ti- there. is A setters! raia. : throughout This section. T#mp*r«t- ; tures Friday ranged from 75 to 101 was sttch a. bly hit the rest of us misht ^ust *s well have packed up and uone home- and we would but ROGERS, Clo. *. Uef commission Monday f.* by Adam Johnson, state re- ad.TntTitstra.tor. Ftnan.cia.1 otat- • tvr» vrlll b* a&yt on ths comaiis- '*lon"» A«vada» Joliasoa said. TEXAS: Goiwrmlty and ytand»y. L!*ht to i OKLAHOMA: Fawly t cloudy Sunday aadt

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