The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 5, 1924 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1924
Page 3
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5. 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS FEARL'S NAME on the Box enhances the value of your gift and costs nothing- extra. THE LARGEST and mbst complete stock of Jewelry—Watches—Diamonds—Silverware ever shown in Hutchinson—jewelry of unquestioned quality. OUR STORE ARRANGEMENT makes it convenient for your inspection—Come in and look at our wonderful line of gilts—Moderately priced. Diamond Rings Our stock of Diamonds lias been carefully selected, mounted in the latest white gold and platinum mountings, and priced to sell at the lowest possible prices from $19.50 to $1000 Christmas Specials Fine blue white perfect Diamonds mounted in 18k white gold mountings of the latest style. $45—$7S—$100 Diamond Platinum Wedding Rings Set with one to twenty Diamonds— $40 to $150 Diamond Jewelry Diamond Scarf Pins from $7.50 to $75. Diamond Bar Pins from $15 to $200. Diamond Pendants $25 and up. Fancy Diamond Rings set with sapphires, onyx, emeralds. Diamond Onyx Rings $15 and up. Large Genuine Amethysts set with Diamonds, $20 and up. Wrist Watches Helbrose Wrist Watch, 17 jewels, 18k white gold, fancy shape, $55. Kingcraft Wrist Watch, 17 jewels, 14k white gold, rectangular shape, $45. Helbrose Wrist Watch, 17 jewels, 14k white gold, rectangular shape, $35. Christmas Special, 17 jewels, 14k white gold filled, rectangular shape, $15. Christmas Special, 7 jewels, 14k white gold filled, rectangular shape, $12.50. Wrist Watches Bulova Wrist Watch, 17 jewels, 18k .\vhite gold, octagon shape, $50. Kingcraft Wrist Watch. 17 jewels, 14k white gold, fancy shape, $27.50. Christmas Special, 16 jewels, engraved dial, 14k white gold filled, $25. Christinas Special, 15 jewels, fancy shape, white gold filled, $20. Christmas Special. 16 jewels, fancy shape, white gold filled, $12.50. Elgin Wrist Watches Seven and fifteen jewels, 14k while gold or gold filled, $26.50 to $65. Illinois Wrist Watches IS jewels, 14k solid white gold, $27.50 to $40. Hamilton Wrist Watches 17 jewels, adjusted, 14k white gold filled, three shapes, $48. Kingcraft Sport Watches 17 jewels, $40 to $65. Sterling Silver The most complete showing in Hutchinson. Five Complete Patternst Lady Constance Virginia Carvel Louis XIV, Etruscan William & Mary Match up your solid silver for Christmas. The FEARL Budget Plan Ot£«r» Financial Convenience in the Purchase of Highest Quality Merchandise at Lowest Cash Prices 355» Silver Tea Sets Ten complete Tea Services—priced for five pieces from $10.00 to $90. Water Pitchers— from $8.50 to $50.00 Meat Trays item $12.00 to $35.00 Serving Trays from $10.00 to $35.00 Buffet Sets from $8.50 to $37.50 Sandwich Trays from $3.00 to $20.00 Buy Silver for the home this Christmas Seth Thomas CLOCKS Priced from $12.50 to $35. An excellent gift for the home. Fountain Pens All the well known makes. Parker, Waterman, Sheaffcr, Wahl, Swan, $1.25 to $10. Pen and Pencil Sets. PENCILS Eversharp Sheaffcr Fyne Point Pen and Pencil Sets Fancv boxes; priced from $5.00 to $16 The largest stock in Hutchinson. i \ FEARL & SON Established 1895 LEADING JEWELERS K. U. LOOKS TO CAGE SEASON See Chance to Continue Success of Recent Years and Allay Grid Sting. Lawrence, Kan., Doc. S.—"Can! tlio University of Kansas' basket-! ball team repeat her wonderful snr- j eesses of the past, three years'.'"! Is tho question iliat la probably; uppermost In llio minds 'of tli ofol- i lowers of the Indoor sport at tho j university following a. somewhat j unsuccessful football season. The K. U. quintet lias a wonderful record to live up to, having linen tin- disputed champions or tho Missouri; Valley In 1923 and In 1924. and hnv- j ing tied with tho University or! Missouri In 1922. During these I three years, tho team has lest. Vmt | two games lo conference opponents j to Missouri In 1922 and to Oklahoma UniverBlty in 1921. Between these two defeats they had a record of 34 consecutive victories. Thirty In Squad. A squad of 30 men has turned out for practice under the direction of Dr. Forrest C. "I'liog" Allen. Five of them arc letter men from last year; Captain "Tus'' Ackermau, who Is playing his third year for Knnsas and who was named nll -j •Missouri Valley and all-Western' center last year; Bclgard, who made his "K" last year and is now in his second year of competition; • Kngfe, wbo made his fir .it letter last year is a squad man of three ! j years; Heckert, the. only soph"- 1 more of last year to win a "K," and Wllklns, letter man of 1022- and entering bis third year of competition. Among (he men from last year's squad who are out. this year arc Wright. Daniels, Hitt, Hodges, Sanborn, Jarboe, B. Baiter. From the freshman squad of last year will bo Zluber, Proudfit, Schmidt, all of the Kansas City, Knnsas team which won the national championship at Chicago, 102:!. Others who are working out are: Fredericks, Severe, Peterson, Campbell, Cordon, Davidson, Hardy, Lindsley, Tayor H. Balkcir- Open In Iowa The Kansas team will commence. I he 6eason by playing the strong Hillyard team of St. Joseph, Mo., a non-conference opponent and will close tho season March 9 with Washington University. Following (he game with the Hlllyards they will make tho Ro -ealled Iowa invasion when they meet Clrlnuell. Ames and Drake on three successive nights. This trip will undoubtedly be the real test of Kansas strength, Tho only other non-conference opponent of tho University will be the Kansas City Athletic Club. Tho schedule: Jan. 3, Hillyarde, St. Joseph.. Ian. S, Orinnell, Grinnel, la, Jau. 9, Ames, Ames, la. Jan, 10, Drake, Des Moines, la. Jan. 14, Kansas Aggies, Lawrence. Jan. 22, K. C. A. C. Kansas City. Jan, 31, Nebraska, Lincoln. Fob. 2, Oklahoma, Lawrence. Feb. 9, Amos, Lawrence. Fob. .11, Orinnell, Lawrence. Feb. 13, Washington, St. Louis. Feb. 14, Missouri, Columbia. Feb. 19, Drako, Lawrence. Feb. 24, Kansas Aggie, Lawrence. Feb. 26, Oklahoma, Norman. Feb. 28, Missouri, Lawrence. March 9, Washington, Lawrence. GIFTS From "His" Store N OTHING will please a man more than to get his Christmas Gifts from the Store that is "his" Store every day of the year. If it's apparel he wants you will find the right selection here. Knlt-tex Top Coats $30 Overcoats $25 to $75 Suits $29.50 to $55.00 Bath Robes Knox Hat* and Cap* itfrirtij "Brand (Clothr* CAGE SEASON TO OPEN NEXT WEEK NUT CRACKED 5y JoE WILLIAMS Olson's "Terrible Swedes' Play Newly Organized Cripe Bakery Quintette. 'The beauty about baseball," to i begins a philosopher, who certaln- ! ly wasn't making Nick Altrock • his subject. Valley Athletic Officials Gather In Annual Meeting Kansas City, Dec. a.—Athletic directors and faculty representatives of Mlssousl Valley Conference schools held conferences here today preliminary to the semi-annual business session of the organization tomorrow. Football, track and baseball schedules were being drafted by the officials, dates for next year being tentatively booked. Representatives of some of the universities attended the western conference meeting In Chicago today and will not arrive here until tomorrow. At tomorrow's meeting the application of Oklahoma A. & M. College for admittance to the conference la scheduled to come up. Tho Oklahoma college has been an applicant for the last three years and there were Indications today that lnvorablo action might be taken. Oklahoma A. & M. now Is a member of the Southwestern Conference. Action also will be taken on the request of the University of Missouri for permission to engage In a post-season gamo with the University of Southern California at Los Angeles on Christmas day. The faculty officials will have tho final word in tho matter, tho con ferenco mle3 prohibiting pnst-sea' son contests. Mr. Chaplin's wedding ought to luive the effect of vnsliins Mr. Stops itching— Reduces irritation Clears away skin trouble TF you have today a spot of eczema, or irritation on your •kin, cleanse the affected part {by bathing with Reainol Soap; then smooth in gently with tho finger* a coating of Resinol Ointment. One application frequently stops tho itching completely because tho special soothing healing properties of Resinol help it to sink deep into the pores where the trouble reully lies and restore a normal condition. Use Restnot Soap daily for your toilet and bath. It helps to keep the skin healthy. Ask your drug- It". RESINOL The basketball season will he launched in Hutchinson next week when the Cripe Bakery cagers, a newly organized team bore, tangles with Ola OlHon's "Terrible Swedes" wbo hail from Coffeyville. Jalto Cripe has assembled an aggregation of real stars for his local team and expects to cut something of a figure In the basketball world. On the other band the "Terrible Swedes" have been organized for several years and will furnish a tough game for ait opener. The Coffeyvillo team Is headed by Ole Olson, former Salina and Coffey- vllle short stop in tho Southwestern baseball league. Tho "Terrible Swedes" have started on their annual Invasion of the west, opening Wednesday at Lenepah, Okla., playing last night, at Erie, Kans., and tonight at Delaware, Okla. Tho Swedes' itinerary which brlngH them here next Thursday night, December 11, Is as fgollows: Coffeyvllle, Kns., Dec. IS; Virgil, Kas., Doc. 8; Qulucy, Kns., Dec. 9; Phillips University, Knid, Ok., Doc. 10; Cripe's Club of Hutchinson, Dec. 11; Deerfield, Kas., Doc. 12; Lamar, Col., Dec. II; Qulnter, Kas., Dec. 15 and IB; Klrwiu, Kas., Dec. 17; Tipton, Kas., Dec. IS; Beaver City, Neb., Dec. 10 and 20; Holyoke, Colo.. Dee. 23: Haxtun, Colo., Dec. 23; Sunrise, Wyo., Dec. 2H; Caspor, Wyo., Dec, 27; Rawlins, Wyo., Dec. 31; Paris, Idaho, Jau. 2; Mant.I, Utah, .Ian. G; I.ehi City, Utah, Jan. 0; Parowan, Utah, Jan. 7. 8 and 10; Saint George, Utah, Jan. 9; Boulder. Col., Jan. 14; Wal- seuburg, Col., .Ian. 17; Durango, Colo., Jan. 19; Monlo Vista, Col., Jan. 20 and 21; Sanford, Col., Jan. 22 and 22; Dawson, N. M., Jan. 21; Socorro, N. 11., Jan. 2'i; Aiamo- gordo, N. M.', Jan. 27; Temple, Ariz., Jan. 28; Miami, Ariz., Jan. 29; Mesa, Ariz;., Jan. 3D and 31: Jerome. Ariz., Feb. 2 and .1; Kingman, Ariz,, Feb. 1; Prescott, Ariz., Feb. r,; Riverside, Cal., Feb. K; Taft, Cal., Feb. 7; Los Angeles. Feb. 9; Fresno, Cal.; Feb. 10; Naba, Cal., Feb. 12; ELory Arms Company of San Franciaro, Feb. 13 and 11; Oakland. Cal.. Feb. 1«; Oregon Agricultural College, Cor- vallts, Feb. IS; F.urekn, Cal., Feb. 19; Areata, Cal., Feb. 20; Ferndalc, Cal., Feb, 21. Dempsey into another engagement, it nothing else. In nine cases stuff Isn 't what said it would be out of ten, the the hooch-legger If Sapp Isn't fhe laat nam* at "Mr. A," tho mysterious potentate, it ought to be. I Columbus, looking for India, discovered America. . . And many a. tighter swinging blindly has scored a knockout. • • • These New Year games remind us that while modern football may not he better than the old game it Is at least, longer. • * • Strangler Lewis, the wrestler, threatens to tour Kurope. We hopo nothing develops to keep him. from setting an early start. • • » Stupid us congress Is. the witticisms wire.crackers pall every Wo suppose It's alt right to have friends, if thoy are fellows like Charley Paddock and Jolo llay. • • * The majors sro always trying to; do something for the minors and; always succeeding In doing them for plenty. • * • Tho International League ha .s accepted the modified draft. . . Now that that's settled you ought to bo able to go ahead and have tho finest kind of a Christmas, time tho representative:! a=eembii- are even more so. • » • Don't believe everything roe hear, especially If you hear and Harvard are trying to get * game with Notre Dame. I LOOKING BACKWARD I Tlw tint) D I (Pram uw Pika h = FIFTY YEARS AGO IN 1874. Tho saeremental meeting at the Presbyterian was attended by a crowded house, HOY. D- Moore preached a fine sermon. T. Flanagan was making line B'reu calf boots. FORTY YEARS AGO IN 1884. Mrs. Sue Austen of Atchlsen Had come to visit with Mrs. B. Wilcox, Ben lllancliard brought, in a car load of land hunters from Indiana. THIRTY YEARS AGO IN 1894 Captain Cromwell of the Salvation Army and his two lieutenants went to Kansas City to attend tho big meeting for (Jen. Booth. 13, F, Ladd was elected president of the Commercial club. Sidewalk Commissioner Shannon was putting In soma good walks between Third and Fourth Btreeti on Waluut. The Commercial club rendered the ttso of Its rooms to tho Woman's club for its weekly meetings. Harry lloludny'g Military band gave a grand ball at the auditorium. TWENTY YEARS AGO IN 1904. B.'Cohen purchased the building at. the southeast corner of Sherman and Main streets for 19 ,3(10. Mr .and .Mrs. A. W. O'Brkn entertained at a Mupln wax party. Mrs. S. F. Ilutton was hostess to the first or a series of teas being given by the Cjrace Episcopal church. AGO IN 1914. started the llig TEN YEARS The Printers Brothers movements. Brueo Young and Miss Kdna Schlauilt were married at the home of her parents and went, to Caldwell to live. In answering advertisements, please mention the News-Herald. FILLING STATION TO OPEN TOMORROW Another filling station will he opened In Hutchinson tomorrow. It Is located at Ave. If and Washington street and la owned by W. K. Ellis and A. Gall. They will handle Derby products, It Is announced. While the station will open for business tomorrow the formal opening will be held next week, at a dote to fixed later, LUGGAGE An exceptionally larga assortment of Gladstones, Traveling Bags, English Kits and Brief Cases, (deal Xmas Gifts and the price* are reasonable. THE HUTCHINSON OFFICE SUPPLY AND PRINTING COMPANY Phone 127. 408-410 N. Mala Headquarters for Athletic Goods and School Supplies.

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