Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois on April 14, 1977 · Page 22
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Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois · Page 22

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1977
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

Economist Newspapers, Wwtoesday^prM 13, W77 Enjoy the journey You are not what you think you are. You are what you think. In the past few years we have learned the tremendous power of self-fulfilling prophecy. We can, by our thoughts, change the direction of our lives. If we believe that success will be ours, we will have taken the propr step in the right direction. But, if we convince ourselves that failure is inevitable, our minds will dictate defeat Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Great Stone Face" is a fascinating story which speaks to this point. Ernest was a young lad who lived in a beautiful valley. Surrounding the valley was a Great Stoi.e Face. This was a magnificent work of nature On the perpendicular side of the mountain some immense rocks had been thrown together to form a giant face. According to the prophecy in the village, a man would come to the-valley some day bearing the exact resemblance to the Great Stone Face. When Ernest heard that story as a young boy he was thrilled He spent many hours meditating on the Stone Face, trying to discern its depth and meaning. As Ernest grew older several men came back to the village who were said to bear a likeness to the Great Stone Face--a wealthy trader, an army general, a politician and a poet, but none fitted the spirit and depth of the Great Stone Face. As Ernest grew to be an old man, he spent much time with the Great Stone Face. As he did, he became renowned for his wisdom He seemed to have the ability to commune with angels. One night, as he was speaking to the villagers, a visiting poet looked suddenly at the Great Stone Face and at Ernest, and cried, "Behold! Ernest is himself the likeness of the Great Stone Face!" And, it was true. The prophecy had been fulfilled The truth of living is that we always become what we concentrate on. If we focus our thoughts and energies upon the inconsequential and irrelevant things of life, our lives become empty. But, if we set our minds upon those things which have uplifting power, our lives absorb strength and beauty from them. In one of the art galleries of Europe there is an old Greek statue of Apollo, a beautiful figure of physical perfection. Someone visiting the gallery said be didn't know which was more impressive to him, to gaze at the statue or to watch the crowd as they looked. Invariably, he said, everyone who stood before it, even for a casual instant, began to straighten up, put back his shoulders, and stand tap. It seemed that when they were confronted with perfection, and beauty, they could not remain as they were. This is the story of the Christian faith. It is the history of little people looking up; people very much like ourselves, who one day look up and see someone perfect and beautiful. The more they concentrate on that perfection, the more their lives change. Alfred North Whitehead once wrote, "Moral education is impossible apart from the habitual vision of greatness." It is the vision of greatness, habitually gazed upon, that changes life and makes all the difference in living Methuselah has the distinction of being the oldest man in the Bible. We are told he lived for 969 years. Methuselah is remarkable for something else, however. His life had length, but it had no depth, height or width. We can only guess, that in his lifetime, Methusalah never focused his life upon anything larger, greater or finer than himself. When the book was closed on his days, the author could only note his length. There was nothing else to say. The Apostle Paul wrote these challenging words, " transformed by the renewal of your mind..." All of us to experience renewal. We desperately need to live life on a new level of excellence. The way is made dear to us in Paul's words It comes by the "renewal of your mind." We are not what we think we are. We are what we think. When we focus upon all that is represented by the Christ---the good, the~true and the beautiful--we have taken the important first step in the making of a new and better life. Hike for Why pay more and get less? Hearts slated The Chicago Association of Life Underwriters is holding its annual spring Hike forHearts on May 11. The Hike for Hearts raises money to support the research, education and community program activities of the Chicago Heart association and its suburban divisions. Last year the event raised $25,000. This year's Hike for Hearts is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. May 11 and will again be routed along the lakefront over a 10-mile course Anyone wishing to do so should send their pledged intentions to me at the CALU offices, 223 W. Jackson blvd., or telephone 9393084. All checks should be made out to the Chicago Heart association. 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