The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 12, 1948 · Page 13
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 13

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

FEBRUARY 12, 1948 PAGE FIVE, SECTION TWO 1)0 «' s UIU iiiucli walliinu a.s possible to live lon«, !»ays a .· |||[ i(j i i w n ' i i f i · ··v ^ " adviser. Hut .Mav on 111" 7 , , uui v . · r V rJ..t...chi-fct.Mt'lt ' . mouth, too! Lot-mi A new M i l j ' t m c e c.illcd j'.ainmox- line, \ v i l i » u l i U i lonj; iibbons mo Kalui.ited. i' IH-IIIJ; produu-d in Scotl.ind !i'. .1 uc'.ipon .ij-ainst tin; locut pl.i.-ucs which iKMHKlic.illy duvtihttitc- l.iiKC :ucis of tin.. \\otld. It was, Nr..t tiu'd out thirir;; tJ K . | o . ciu-t pJanuc' in Sardinia l.i:t year when It fflcctivi'ly Mopped the advance of lucusls by biniK'nu; iinine- dinle death to l l io;,c coinuij: in contact w i t h the MJU'ad-out ioll,. By Adelaide Humphries O by Adelaide Humphntt, Dittnbulcd by NCA SERVICE. INC. . , THE STOKY: Janice Hilary, most worship--a man who could pictly, efficient young nurse lo 'never return even a dcgicc ol uiai pojuilar a n d h a n d s o m e society doc-'devotion. One who, should ' )C ^'V, 1 , in the "Ko,'uo" Manner FOR RQUGH'N TUMBLE WEAR If j o u r mind's as active as join boil), o»i'll nab \ one of our sturdy, lop- quality sport shiils. IA- cry fatjiic: e \ c i y st\!e. '·Your" si/c li'.aihiblc in all colors: i'1'l/iii.ii .1111.1 iiumiawiiic auvivi; uuv uc'VOlluil. \im M U U , a i i v u « w ..- - tor E-.ic Holbrook. runs his office want to do such a thing, w foi him. When little Betty Jane not dare. Or if he dared, still ioxe, the other nurse suggests lo "" " '' » l t l t . t i r i k l i V i t v W i l l i i u w nm nl N yould ,'iinsterish Miss Willows, one ol i IK 1 doctor's two secretaries, that :Miss Hilary might get married .Hid leave. Miss Willows leplies: 1 "Miss Hilary will never leave. Not 'unless something unforeseen oc- t u t s ! It's a pity, a terrible pity." .'unite Hilary returns home on liiis particular day to find a siir- inise v i s i f o i . It is IH'M A"chcr, a (Inldlioud friend, back after three overseas, lien still appears 10 be iu love with J^aice, aluiougb ·^iic has never given him any en- coiuagctncnt. He does not approve ui Her being a career gill. ', . u I I U l V l a l U . JJ 'l "«^ V i U » r « . » - tould offer nothing more than ioi the woman to go on tending '»nu caiing for him. Miss Willows did not know how .she could be so certain that ineie could never be more than those stale crumbs for any woman who j.;a\e her heart to the doctor. Yet she did. She knew it with almost, as much certainty as she knew tnat .. -on US 1I1ULII C U l l U J I I l J «o o"v ···· . Janice Hilary would not be awe to resign from her position unless the unforeseen made her iciiijna- tion necessary. . · Mrs. Holbrook was not the 01 wife who got--or gave--a vorce. And Janice, being a m c e j v 1 girl, was not the sort to have anything ( o do with a man who couici 'ionight Miss Willows was hav-jnot offer iiei- marriage. ,{, an orgy. She was going' I First Ferris Wheel Tho fiist fcrrls wheel was built by Gcorjjc Washington Gale Ferris ·^r ths 1893 Cliicauo World's Fair. lit had 30 cats, each holding GO pas- seiiKert., a pascn«cr load »«· 150 tons. Klcctrlc Iron Danger Misuse bf electric Irons is icspoi»- sible for nearly 40 fires daily In the United States. Fire protection authorities recommend keeping nn approved nrc extinguisher In kitchen and laundry for emergency use. . «4U4v, Itvino fe'urnllura Ttip' ftmhbcr 'of factMcs In the United State's manufacturing luuse- hold furniture Increased last year from 2,500 to 61,000. the greatest growth in the hUtory of the in this country. Meat Market Afr Your AP Store Telephone 984R Sugar Cured Squares POUND · · Boston Bull Pork' tmuiigh some of her treasures. the 1 \v u s enjoying a nostalgic pleasure i lew coiiectois of the larest pri/es i( !dom entertained, tor tonight. ARMFUL OF HOUSE. Necking i .1 oner liw-mamas*. u m i M . D , B £ ,, Ul . | Dear me Miss Willows tnougni. · I ought not to Ihink such things- more at Hialeah, and plainly en- b . ";: ,, .. . ,,.,., Inn j e( . i joying it. Armed sticks out hit not about Dr. Holbrook and Jama.. 1^^ saudlv Thc hanc!icdp It wasn't as though either ol tncm c h a m p j o n , s again e \pecled to in l t d I U U H J U . I.' Ui. t V i l l f , * * * - , I _ ner little flat, she was were in lo-.e with the other. $5.00 CLOTHING HOUSE . K E N N E T H S T A R C H I N G STRETCHING D C T A I M C ; F ' S J I S H · v · . · « » · » X N - - * J » H » S ^ » * . Fine Ruffled Curtains In -1 Different Widths Sheer Cotton Marquisette with .permanent finish so they stay lettuce-crisp after laundering. ~T«$ SI * 90 inch lcn S th - r ° r sin S' c ' ***% s \ double, or triple windows. t vlfc * A*5 ··{ ^#b 100 inches across the top 144 inches across Ike top 192 inches acios; the top 2SO inches across the top Also a uide variety of Fan-, cy Weaves, including KEN-(, NETH famous CATSPAW and SWISS DOT. PRICED FROM $3.95 looking over some of the memen- 1 toes ol the years spent in Dr. Ilol- Liook's employ. There were cards and nbbonj iaved from every gift tne docioi hc.l given ner. And there had been a giH upon e\ery occasion; llow- c i or candy until Janice Hilary i.,.u started purchasing every gift \n Holbrook gave, even tne ones in.i» «-ent to his wile. Janice al- v.«.vs chose something not only 'i.Ui'g but miraculously just what out wanted. l wonder, Miss Willows thought, i 1 u packing a box ol handkerchiefs f v.hich Janice had selected ana I \,juch were tar too tine to carry .(t.d risk losing, I wonder if the doctor's wife minds that nis office 1.1. se purchases the gilts her hus- Ij^iid gives her. Bnthday and Uiiistmas and annweisary present.- and only recently all the new , aii plane luggage, when Mrs. Ilol-l hook had decided, suddenly, toi h} to France. I So .ts France mis time, is it?" Miss Willows had said, setting hei , mouth in a prim line of cusap-j pi oval when Janice had confided t'ie destination of their employer's \ l i e s most recent trip. "Gadding .1 o\er the globe. You'd think a ; \ , i f e would stay by her husband's j Mdc at least-part of the time. But) tucii season seems to call for some i special place--Florida, Bar Har-| ' Lor, Bermuda, Saratoga, Lake Placid--and now France.'' "Mrs Holbrook has some prop- crt\ in France," Janice had re- nnnded her. . "It's only natural that she snould want to go see about it now that the war's over." "I should think she could pay somebody to do that fop her." 1 Miss Willows had reminded un- icominced. "With all her money 1 . .All the fine houses she owns ev- c-1% where. She oughtn't to leave Llist' doctor so much and so long. FTffe poor man cannot have much ! of a home life. And a man as busy 'as he certainly needs that. But | Mrs. llolbiook--" i "Do you know. I've never seen birs. Holbrook,'' Jawce had inter- 1 r.ipted. "Is she as beautiful as her portrait?" "She's beautiful, all right." Miss I Willows had not sounded, how- "e\er, as though she approved of ' the kind of beauty the doctor s wife possessed any more than she approved of her habits. "It's too bad." Janice had said, "Ihat they haven't any children." i "She wouldn't want children' , Miss Willows had sniffed. "She I couldn't take that much time out from her travels and entertaining. 'Besides, it might spoil her lovely (To Be Continued) champion is again expected to tackle Assault in the S30.000 Widener at the Florida track. Fob 21. POUND PRIORITY-- LIGHT MEAT IMPORTED NORV/ECFAN Sardines SUGAR CURED Side or Half SLICED · · POUND FRESH POKK * POUND BREAKFAST LINK SAU POUND . There s many an idea for p'anning your Lenten menus at vour AP . . We v e a v. :tle variety of grana-uisting dairv favorites . . all ihe makings for \rqetable oln'ts :·} outproduce Denartmcnt .tempting fish and seafoods . loads ot fine auahty canned Joods from our chockfull shelves and don T forget, the Jusc.ous frcsh-dailv Jlot Cross Buns in our Bakery Dcpt. Come m todav . . make your selections Bag £· NEW VISIONAiRE RUFFLES , Beautifully tailored of w ,. »·.. M i n t he, length and wide, lo the .. *». Pair n.Au KAYON 1AI LORES) !»AII« S ! «r »0 inches lonjr, 01 ".-Jxhable raon . Sec "the IM:RMA-HEM. a feature of Cottage Se^s, 11/2 YarJs, nnd Double- Width Over-Sink CurvGins :o March. Home Decorations No. Miss Willows made no secret oC the fact that she thoroughly disapproved of -Mrs. Holbrook. she had not approved of Janice Hilary, either, when the young nurse had first come to take the place of the nurse who had left hecause her mother was ill. Agatha Willows had no mother, nor any living relative who could have been important enough to cause her to leave Dr. Holbrook. No one. nothing, could be that important. That 2iad been what she had meant when she had told Betty Jane that Miss Hilary would never · quit. No one who worked for the i doctor ever w anted to leave. I "It's a pity--a terrible pity." she | had said, not knowing what had ; made her say it Still, it was. For if Janice Hilary isUycd on with Dr. Holbrook, as of "course she would, she would r.evcr be able to leave. Even if some voung man. as Betty Jane ! had suggested, should urge her lo. And Miss Willows no longer rc- soiitcd or disapproved of Janice Hilary. She had become, indeed, very fond of the young nurse during" these past four years of close iissociation. Majbc, Miss Willows decided,! . I client to i-r.y something to her.' What could she say? Sec here.) Jrnice. unless oti watch your step, \ou'H walk the sair.c chalk mark, I follow. Thc same straight lir.Ci to doom: To adore and serve--al-' Indiana University l Frats Drop 'Hell Week' ! As Too Rugged \ BLOOM1NGTON, Ind. CD--Slu- \ (!cn!s who plan to enroll al Indi. nn University and pledge lo a fir.'rrnity don't have to -worry about j ·-!'c!l \VccV any longer. , University officials said fralcnu- j ties hnd as-'rccd Jo drop all "rough t features" 'from initiations in the j future Among the banned activi- , I so were road trips, scavenger hanls. ard trips to sorority houses r.r women's dormitories; except for ilit express purpose of social al-, *' TH? agreement was reached after j one' frMcrnitv was suspended bv M.nersity oificiah vvhen nine! ni'd'cs vierc arrested for breaking; i.,:o" local stores to obtain prc- ccribcd "Hell Week" materials. FINE, MEDIUM or BROAD Ann Page Noodles MACARONI or Ann Page Spaghetti p Lkb g I6c SULTANA RED or Red Kidney Beaaas lc c^ lOc VEGETARIAN STYLE ' ^ Ann Page Beasis 2c a °s27e CAMPBELL'S Tomato Soup -., 3 lo £° l 29 C LIPTON'S SOUP Chieken-Noodle Mis SERVE HOT BUTTERED' lona Green Beans . . HERE'S A REAL VALUE! lona Green Peas . . . . YOUR CHOICE OF FLAVORS! SPARKLE Gelatin Hesserts FOR THESE COLD WINTER DAYS! Grs*$)t Northern Beans DELICIOUS.IN SALADS! Larsen's Veg-All ?f ', 4 FOR SLrCING, COOKIXG or BAKING Ghed-0-Bif 1 Cheese Focid FROAI XE\RBY FARAIS Msst Fresh Eggs MEL-O BIT 2-Lb. Loaf ... 97c Dozen _.__ 48c Swiss Cheese 2Lb Box $1.17 30RDENS SPREAD 3 O/ Jar Cheese 'rs Boeors 25c KRAFT'S * 2-Lb. Box Old English Cheese ......V $1.29 WAYXE BRAND 37c Smckey KAUKAUXA Cheese 8-Oz. Roll 49c ANOTHER FLAVOR FAVORITE %-Lb. Pkg. Krcfi's Velveeta __________________________________ 33c KRAFT'S SPREAD 5-Oz Jar Oiive-Pimesito _____ ___________ ^ ____________________ All Populai Brands OLEO fb. 39c * BORDEN'S · Vera-Shard Cocktail Spread 1-Lb. Jar 79c Armour's Pure Lb. » e e · No. 303 Can Domino Cane 3 rf**5 A ? /^3AS Jane Paiker Citrus Snlcs\ * With Sugar Added--FLORIDA Orange Juice ... «-oz. % | Q fcTLORIDA Orange and Grapefruit Blended Juice .. ""~ *" AP UXSWEETTENED Grapefruit Juice PASCO Tangerine Juice.3 I5c 2 29 { lona Babv Ui s S MA . 24c 10 Lb. Bag 89c 6 07. Kag IPS . 29c 1 Lb. Can . . lOc Bond Dill Silverbrook Crcameiy Rinso, Cxydol, Duz and TIDE Bright Sail Laundry Qt Jar . 27c Lb. . 86e Lg. Box 38c QUBottles FRESH FRU87 and VEGETABLES Studded with raisins, and crossed with rich creamy icing! Jane Parker Pkg. of 9 Floiida Juice 8 Lb. Bag . . . . 45c x i Texas Seedless--SO Si/e fj GRAPEFRUIT ^ 5 Wcstcm Winesap . V V I /SERVE WITH ANN PACE BEANS-^-MARVEL Boston Brown Bread .. | / MARVEL FRESH-DATED Iced Raisin Bread f IT'S FRESH! IT'S ENRICHED ftlarvel White. Bread . . Ill THEY'RE NEW! MARVEL Fresh Pan Rolls , /ANOTHER NEW ITEM! ]AN£ PARKER j^ VaniHa Iced Donufs / For Your Valentine ParK-! JANE PARKER Valentine leaver Cake Gaily Dccorofcd! Each McJ. V.'ashcd Tiiumph POTATOES Loaf ~ IG-Oz-iq^ , Loaf *.*?*' - 16-oz. ] 1 C , 4 /loaics No. 1 Cobbler ^TAl k ^V| I'orto Kican iYAMS rf! -10 For . 39c 3 Lb. . 33c 10 Lbs. . 63c 15 Lb. Peck . 67c 3 Lbs. . 35c Te\as New ROCCOLI Bunch 25c Florida Golden ' 2 For CELERY 23e Southern New " 2 Lbs. CABBAGE . . . . He Texas New 2 Buaches CARROTS . . . . 23c California Pascal 2 1-2 Doz. Size CELERY 25e California Navel--2SS Si?e 3 Doz. ORANGtS . . . . 59c *5*i lOc Cream your vct*c»ablcs w^th White House Eva». SATISFY YOUR SWEET TOOTH RNIA D^ FuK flavored end :hr.f!y! Our Own Tea Better/ Ualiard" Frorl :in'l Yellow CaKc I-alter COLD STREAM Pink Salmon FLAVOR-KIST SaStines Ih. ALL PURPOSE Sursiiyfield FLOUR 25 , 1K 51.73 faJ l,a? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!. Chance to AP Coffee now.^oull be L. jou did! Ii's bcan-fresb coffee. Cuitom Ground al the moment of purchase tor bcji results in your coHccmakcr. I^aWraUy. it UMcs better, rvp after cap. And thousand* Mho have changed from other com- 2 parable quality coffees now»a\cnp «oi2ca " pound by Uiing America's favorite coffee. .---^r^§^ - w *-*V r ; : v ^ :^S^9^am ^^«tt ^#^n r ^ SPAPLRl SPAPLRl

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