The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 10, 1956 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
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Tuesday, July 10, 1956
Page 6
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Editorial- Channelview Community Should Take Long Look Toward Future Our neighbors to The west in the Channelview community will be, asked to take a big step Saturday. They will gu to the polls to decide whether to issue 5635.000 in bonds to provide that fine community with a h>gh school of its own. The Sun would not attempt to tell the people of Channeh-iew what to do, but it can' be seen that the Channelview community need? no do the same thing that Bay!own needs to do at times. That is to take a look at the tremendous growth in the past 10 years and to project that 10 and 20 years into the future. The school system at Channelview has been growing at the rate of 15 per cent per year in recent years. That means that six or seven years from now the school will be twice as large as it now is. It. is reasonable to think that if the school district is growing that fast, some start should be made on providing the community with a high school of its own. Even if Bavtown's high school situation weren't reaching the critical stage where a new plant, will be needed if the increase continues, it would be wise for Channelview to give serious thought to its own high school, .Nothing means as much to a community as a high school. It is the hub around which many a community is built. Baytown wouldn't, be the united city it is today had it not been for the fine Robert E. Lee High school that was built nearly 30 years ago. Channelview will find that it too will benefit from its own high school. It is not hard to see 25,000 to 30,000 people living in the Channelview district by the end of the next decade. Harris County is growing by leaps and bounds. Those who have studied the growth say that by 1975 there should be 2,000,000 people in the county. Thousands of that increase will settle in Channelview. Thousands may be expected to come to Baytown. We've got to think ahead and to plan ahead. The wisest thing that Channelview can do now is to take the first step toward providing its own high school. The Sun believes it is a step the people in that section of the county will never regret taking. The Sun hopes to serve the Channelview community in the future even better than it has in the past. We look for Channelview to do in the next 15 years what Pasadena has done in the past decade and a half. Remember that when you vote next Saturday. SUN SLANTS Bv Fred Hartman SLIGHT IDENTIFICATION' MTXVF JACK PEO'VN'. tofifims^'.er R'. tho ;i"r.i:al :'•-.?'-""-.'- i:cn cinncr for Bay'^-wr. or>t:rr.:s'-*. though: he MS.'; mace a r>ac mistake the other nish: when ho iriiro- ih:>-c>d us at H dinner as Fred Pieman. We cx/piai-v-d to the young- inter that MO hadn't msde s-ch ft ; "-£ mistftrte. f,, jr f, rs - n:in -. c ; are :ho sa-if. and -,ve both have large hoirl' :n Humble stork. F'-ed r-.ttman is reported to e-wn :5.CVO shares. We don't knew th;s to be a fact but we can document the fact thai we have :ivc; IT™.* prtmar. i~ 'he EV.V most !;keh- to feel Ijaaiy about this mW. .Vo:"-js. We feel honored. .SCRAFBOOK HAPPY WE COT A BIG kick out of Ed Clarke's ar.nourco- :ricr.t that the Baytown Optim:?: cli;b won nrst prize *or ius scrapbook at the district convv:-V:On. Of course. The Sun cocsn'l exist to print news That" v.-i" help club? win scrspbooks. but if they can take our stories—amon;: other things-and compile :i scrapbook that will win top position, we- are very happv. We wish we had a dollar for every mile of aun clippings that have gone into scrapbooks in Baytown jn the la-si quarter of a century. NORTH TEXANS WELCOMED WE WELCOME E. R. McXatt and George Wagner. Bay-town's newest Ponliac ?-nd Cadillac dealers. Thev hail original;:-- from North Texas up there 8round Greer.viile where they're supposed to have the blackest land and the whitest people. Of course, Wagner, who will be the active hears of" Bavtown' Motors, got detoured over to Komp- ?t?33 after leaving: Hunt county for the more fertile torriiorv of the Texas Gulf Coast. He stayed in KempstcF.a for a couple of years. These men coming to Baytown is but a coritinu- atforTof the trend. The fabulous Texas Gulf Coast is" a'spot that is attracting more and more people. I; is s. whole lot easier to "pick up 1 ' barrels of oil than it is to "pick" cotton. They bought out L. C. Ferguson, and it is fine to know too that "Fergy" isn't about to leave Baytown, but will stay here as a used car merchant and as a finance" company owner. I'LAXXERS OX RIGHT TRACK WE WAXT TO commend the new city planning ocmrr.i.'wior. for pUin.cir.i: into a study of possible freow.-iy-; in Ray.Wr. in' the future. They certainly should' trtke th':s ?tep as freeways and shopping c t>". tors are the two bic problems that any city r::;:.?: c-pe with in the osys that are ahead. l:i c-iir opinion freeways will remake the maps of v.rtuP.llv r-verv cttv in the country in the next couple of decades. Citio» "hat are not on freeways will be cities \Yf bflieve' that downtown sections of cities as wo r.o-.v know then-, will never be expanded. In the future a!- expansion will be additions of shopping- oer.tC'r?. Then? v.'i'l be one after another developed from the rcKkbound coasts of Maine to the sunny slopes of California. It's the new wor'.d we're living in. We may as weii get used to it because it's on the way. For us in Baytown to try lo buck progress in the form of freeway? and shopping centers would be !:'-•-• some enterprising European trying to bust the . Rock of Gibraltar w'ith a tack hammer.^ We comment! the commission for its study. After all, it will be the commission's job to get the facts and to make them public. Then it will be up to the people to do what they want to do with, them. The Sun will never forget that Baytown belongs to the people of Baytown. We" car, "aJi take a nap, if we want it that way, or we can help our home community keep abreast of the times. We'll publicize the findings and the recommendations of the planners. What we do about any of them, if anything, will depend upon the support that is accorded by the eie-ctorate. Planners are all right for a community if they keep their feet on the ground. If they try to fly too high and too far, they usuaiiy end their assignments with their wings being ciipp3d at the ballot box. We have confidence that our planners will do a good job. sou jou. _ iV5.*>: r Zff'~t'- i ;^s. i *& Studying the proposed freeway pattern and its in- '*";!£ ??.j£«"v , ' lir ^ uence on the future ot Baytown is a step in the ^ §"s S: "-' v li. ., fl right direction. We're in for big things in Baytown in the next 20 years. If you're around ? -t the end, you'll see that we were quite a prophet. U ^^ 141*^1 #86 •LC. NEXT JO15 FOR THK SEARCHING 1'AKTV? MEMO: From The Sun News Desk That's What Men Whistle At — MTLADVS COIFFURE WE HADN'T seen any of our Baytown women wearing it vet, but that new hairdo they're referring •o as "bouffant" is about as pleasing as some of F'vis Presley's sonirs. It's hard "to understand what makes the latest coiffure stand out like a brand new haystack unless t'hpv use starch. We lust hope Bayiown women \v.r.'i like the new style. We're not again?: progress. o-"the '•or/.rary, '*'e think it's fine, but we also think our womeV.folk have beautiful hair styles jus: &s they are PURPOSELY ARRANGED QT.-," ; p_r;;r PARR., th« Duke of D'j"."?.! County, r*?.s th'rowr, hisVupport :o" Price Daniel in the governor's riice—and Sen. Daniel has declined i:. It seems rather strange that Parr would want lr. support f. Candida^. -, v 'no h;:s declared at every ortportunitv since he or.terc'd The race that he in- t.-'r.ds to order ?. fjlisc^e investigation r-f the Duva! Ciuntv scandals i! ho is tloctod governor. That would put Parr on th» spot moreso than v.." : '«"now -with L'nc:? Sam. How. then, could Parr 'iffer support to a mar; who has vowed to find :::rn out? . ^ ... p ers onal!v. we believe Parr has conspired w: t n P.-Ire Daniel's enemies in this, knowing Parrs (••••nor: would hurt more than help the srca'.or. W* think 'hat Parr is Jor R?uph Yarborou^h, -..«.» ~ af V-A v .-a-s in the 1554 carr.piiigr.. Either that is tr.e" tii.s-5 or PErr is fairly cer;a;n that Daniel is tr," car. did ale :n the six-way race. Price has rr.adc it ck.-p.r he doesn't war,; tne !• '«<•'•: '^Hf.k'-'K. He doosr.". nc-»<3 it to be electee, ar.r] w" cV^'vr'v^ that even if Parr is sincere, it will r.ot mike a-y difference in Price Daniel's plans i; he wir.s. IX>W STRIKE IS OX By Preston Pendergrai* WE MADE A TRIP to Freeport Sunday. It was not the gay. carefree city that it was before Dow- workers struck. The familiar ribbons of multicolored smoke no longer drifted lar.ily from the sprawling- chemical works. There was no sign of activity at the plants, except for the placard-bearing strikers at each entrance. In town the main topic of discussion was the strike. How lonj: would it last? Would the company 3r.??t the striking workers' demands? Dow Chemical i? to Freeport what Humble is to Baytown. It is the community's iifebiood. Before Dow carr.?, Freeport was a fishing village. Now It is 3 bustling industrial city, probably one of the wealthiest on the Gulf Coast. Freesorters arc- hoping- the .strike will be short- lived. Businessmen hope for tho best, but are prepared for the worst. They're already prepared for the slump that's bound to corne. According lo report:-, Do-.v and the strikers ara S.I million apart. A.s we- understand it, the operating engineers called the strike. GREAT DECISION BV THE TIME you read this. President Eisenhower rr.av have announced that he is still a candidate. He" and White House Press Secretary James C. Ksgertv and Assistant President Sherman Adams were scheduled to meet Monday morning to draft some kind of statement. Haserty wo-'idr.'t say what kind of statement, but he wore a bro.'id smile. Reporters smiled too. It wf.-. a. kind of silent tip as far as they were concerned. Of course, they can't write ihe big story! it act'jallv happens, but as always they're rea r :v and each one is hoping he can get it to his editor first. We wouldn't want to be caught in a phone booth ar.ywherc in the vicinity whe-. reporters get the news teat Ike will run again. It might be fatal. Actress Campaigns For 'Going Away Look 1 Success Secrets BY E!rner Wheeler J\" ONF OF the eastern states there is a rr^n who <."-i K ;nV.t*-J a i;r.:q-j,.' bufiir.^, w:th littie or no r-:,::i;«"::^on yet one that br;ngi a&rge fees for n:s '•if: i>' a T.-rofrssiona! compiler of scrapbooks. zrS. !: V rW-o.-lrc that h>.- received Jli''>.f»:> fcr a scrap- i'vi' c-r.nii./ii.'d for tne JVuke of Windsor. Ario'h'.-r ,'-.-ra;..:j'>Ot! •-ojr.p^sed •.'.' -""•''.' volumes thit he i."jrr.- ;::<.•<! for Pn::"- ••••!'. ' 'r •v..TSi:y. x reported t<-j -:=;ve and r/.hcr orrar.i7.."ilior.s. and claim." to have sold arxr,;t .';I,0(X> types of scrapbooks in all. with some 10.0-Xi of these being the obituary or memorial vErfe'.lf.-E. Th< y.r'-'i'.iT part of his work comes to him a.s a resiil: of order '-irirnpaig-nK, ar.d of course ho keep:-' 'A r.i.-mhier of "Karnple" h/joks of various kinds N'K r'.j,' LESS TO SAT, thi.- man has great talent in <r'-'-:l'.'.'.^ a'tnirriive, arr^sUn^ 'nffi'f.s, with ai! rr.;i- \-.r:--d (.Uv». ( ! into tcrclions to yivr; order, balance '' '' Today's Bible Verse THE WICKED shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget Cod. Psalms 9:17 'l"i for '•''••<• .-.rr.n^ie.s:. ar/1 simplest tyjx; of scrapbook am; n-.x.r.-z, v.-';i! up in the thousands. Many :r.'.-n XT.'\ v.-o:.-.'.-D rrJcht have a_s much a r - tisti.'.: ;i'..:i:;y ax this man, hut his .' was won bc-caux 1 hi' t;;rr.f:'j his a'r>!h'i":S to a rn'-!;'iect<:d fieid, <..-.<; v;'ri':?<; 1);f : r.- was a definite need to be supplied. By ALINK MOSRY United 1'rcss Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (IT)—Europe is cominsr up with busty beauties such a.s Diana Dors rind Giin Ijol- lobrigiria to please American fans. but one local glamour jrirl. at least, is in favor of everybody forgetting front curves for the back ones. Try And Top Me By Bennett Cerf A GENT STROLLING down Broadway noticed two rather prim old ladies hovering nervously outside a bar, ana thought that "those nice old ffals are trying to work up enough roursfje to er.ter. 1 ' Then he overheard their conversation. "Come on. you spoilsport." urged one. "Let's crash the joint!" "No. rr.a'ani," insisted the other. "I say we skip this ono." They are singing the praises of. an obstetrician in Dayton. O., who has two fixed charges for his services: $100 or S2!X>. "Do you look up your patients' financial rating before you decide?" he was asked. ''Not at all,' 1 the obstetrician answered. "I base my charge on the first question the father asks, me when I come out of the delivery room. If he says 'Is it. a boy or a girl?' he gets a S200 charge. But if he says. 'Is my wife all right, doctor?' I bill him for only a hundred." Did You Know? Detroit, automobile capital o' the world, is one of the f>-w cities in ihe United States that still has amounted police forci:. The fh'st knov/n importation of bananas l'> the TniTO - - a!, N.-W Orleans — was in the late ir-fj'yz. Thr- green turtle of tiio West Indies, from which we get :-:ouri and turtle steak?', sor.iciinii-S reachf':; a weight of f ,00 jiounds. Thf; area of skin of an average adult is twenty square f'-et rind weigh--". wil.h ur.ii'.-rlyin;; fat, about t'.venty 7/';. Rita Moreno is today's load o£ the campaign in favor ot the "go- in.s away look." Periodically Kumnhroy Bog;art and other actors deplore America's preoccupation with sweater measurement.';, hut girls like Diana keep rising to fame. Rita, however, is determined to take another swipe at the idea. "America i." too bosom coasri- o;:s." she said seriously. "Little girls who have small bosoms feel They're nothing — they're getting horribie complexes over something they can do nothing about. "ijelievc me, whon jriiys stand on the. corner and watch tho girls go |iy, tl:rv whistle nt UK; Front view hut tlipy look longest at the hark view." Rita (who measures 3-1-21-S^ pot r:nrrie'l away by this thcoi-y whon she recently entertained with disc jockey .Tolinny Grant's troupe in Korea and Japan. She discovered "oriental girls are among the most feminine in the world — and they have little, bosoms." 'You should hear American men talk about how wonderful they are!" she said. 'I talkerl with tho Japanese girls to learn what their fascination is to men. Their gestures are so delicate. American women are becoming too aggressive. "After all, it's the woman who counts, r.ot the body, anyway," she added. Kita showed me a trunkful of oriental fabrics she. brought nark to l>o mnrto inlo hack-clinglnK sheath dresses copied after those •slio wore in "Tho King and J." "In Korea I did three shows a day," she continued. "Thp boys all have cameras ami every place we went they wanted to take pictures of us. Once they lined up for blocks and asked me to walk slowly by and pose. Most of them wanted a back view with me looking over my shoulder. "When I'd step into a car, somo camera fan would shout 'hold it!' And they kept asking me to turn around during niy show." Rita figures Jean Harlow launched hip emphasis but Jane Russell brought in the current bosom fad. "But Marilyn Monroe is bringing hips back," she Insisted. "You never sec her wearing a full skirt. And remember the best, pin-up of World War II? A back view of Bcty Grnble." Grab Bag Of Easy Knowledge The Answer, Quick! j. What is a houri? 2. In what U. S. war did tho BaUte of Mill Springs, take place? .'i. What is the meaning of the term Per Diem? •!. What is Sevres? 5. Who invented the sewing machine? Good Evening By Tom Simi eacii •'• eekday afternoon by The Bay town .Sun, Ir.c.. at Pearce and A-sbbel in Baytown, Texas. Fre-J Kartrr.&n Editor and Publisher Harry Bosweil Advertising Manager Prr-Mio!)'.r.f; Editor Keulah Ma<> Jackson Office Manager Subscription Rales By Carrier—J1.20 Month; $14.40 Yew All mail subscriptions- are payable in By Mall-Month J3.20; 3 Months }!. I Months *7:GO; Year ;n.OO Armed Services 75c Month Kntertd aa second class matter at the Ba T*XM, PoKolfice under the Act of Con| M*rch I, J«70 N»tio:-.AJl Advertising Jlfpro General Advcrti^ijig Servic* G*. OlfATO'HEF;. U. &. A. — The lone duck on the fjr-.':-\\' Kar.rh is worried. H startc-'J wh'.-n we put 'ho two young in the r.<-n with her. They v,-erc only Huffy goslings. She teemed embarra.';Sf-(i the f:r.':t morning, a.s if \vr,nfor.r,g v.-nn'. thf; neighbors might, be thinking. Then, ;.•• th<> afternoon, Thp gc-^so diseovercfi 'he small pond. Khe adopted them. Hanpily, she stood rat-f.-wtf-rt at the edge and quacked swimming In- ftr'.jct.ior^. J\'O-A- the jrer-se are much larger than sho is, and she ;}»f the bewildered disbelief of a mother (-taring at •'• couple of overgrown children.'Tciay, when vie. let the three out 1/v cat Rrass, she followed the geese all over the yard, saying Tiolhing, flapping her bill, .soundlessly. She seems to consider them juvenile delinquents. "Ixiok at the duck/' smiled a visitor, "just open- Ing and closing her moulh, without saying a word." What is there f> he said whon, after proper training, the children turn out to bo geese? I737-IQ09 AMERICAN • PATRIOT-AUTHOR "I LOVE THE MAN THAT CAM SMILE IH TftOUILC, THAT CAN GATHEK STRENGTH FROM DISTRESS, AND GROW •RAYI IT REFLECTION," J-'olks of l-'iiinc—(juirss 'I'lin Xiirne ]...:[{,. u-as horj; in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 18X6. After appear- in;; in repertoire there, he came to thr; United Ktntos and became ;i !iati4ral!/.i-(i citizen. To name a few of the many pictures in which lie appeared are The Old Sonk, Stella Dailr.K, So 73ijr, The Student J'rici-. IT'-idi. He was president of ihe Aoailomy of Motion Picture Aria f.!i-j Scicr.ceK, wns knighted by King Christian X of Penmark in IS'J'i, and was the beloved Doctor Christian of radio. He passed 1 away in Hollywood on June 2, KK'.O. "What was his name? 2 IH- is a well known clerpry- jfi.-i.n, born in Linden, Mich., Aug. jX, l.VR 9 . (Ji- studied law at first, then transferred to a theological <:ol!efr<>. He was first a student pastor in Michigan, then went to Chicago, where he founded the TY:0[jlr-'s church in 1312. He is the author of a number of books. Courage for Today, Mastering Fear, Power from Right. Thinking, Life and Yau, Meditations, My Daily Strength. Who is he? (Names at bottom of column). A Central Press Feature Watch Tour Language HISTOLOGY — (his-TOL-o-ji) — noun; that branch of science that treats of the minute structure of animal and vegetable tissues; the tissue structure: or organization, as of an organism. Origin: Histo plus logy. It Happened Today 150U- Swiss religious reformer John Calvin horn. 3821--Spanish flag lowered and American flag raised at St. Aug\istine, Fla. 383* --Birth date of James Abbott Whistler, American artist. ]890— Wyoming admitted to the Union a.s the -1-Hh state. It's TK'cn Siiid More joyful eyes look at tho setting than at the rising sun. Burdens are laid down by the poor, whom the sun consoles more than the rich. 1 yearn toward him wh"n he Kft.s, not when he 1 rises, —-.lean Paul Richtcr. Your Future You may expect average goou fortune in the next year if you tact with your employers. Today's child should he ambitious and enterprising. Happy Ilirthdny Today's birthday celebrants arc Trygvfi Lie, former United Nations secretary general; film producer Sam Wood, and Prbx: fighter Jake LnMotta. Ifow'd You Make Out? 1. An nymph of the Mohammedan paradise. 2. The American Civil war, in Kentucky, on Jan. Ifl, ]863. 3. By the day. 4. A celebrated French porcelain ware, madV> since 1756. It is the highest example of this branch of art. r>. First in England by Thomas Saint, in 1790; in America, by Elias Ho wo, in 3846. I-Joan Hcrsholt. J^-Dr. Preston Bradley, Washington Merry-GcrRound — Republicans Fear Probe Of Swing's Shenanigans By DREW PBAKSON WASHINGTON. — Gen. Joe Swing, the swaggering commissioner of immigration and Ike's classmate, '15, at West Point, has been the subject of frantic phono calls from GOP Congressmen to Democratic Congressmen. They are trying to head off a full- dress investigation of the general. Reason for Republican worry is easy to understand. In a secret session before Congressman Bob Mollahan's (D.-W. Va.,) Government Operations subcommittee last week, various of the general's activities were probed, especially his hunting expeditions into Mexico. While the hearings were behind closed doors, it can be revealed that the general used government cars, including newly purchased house trailers, to go hunting. General Swing has developed an acute and apparently uncontrollable aptitute for guzzling at the public trough. With the passage of time and years in government, his sense of knowing the difference between government property and private property has dimmed. Thus he not only got the immigration director in El Paso to draft a Mexican maid at low wages for his home In Washington, tut he also ordered an immigration service plane to carry Attorney General Brownell around Texas on on a political pilgrimage to Dixiecrat Governor Shivers. In addition, he has given his daughter, Mrs. Mary Ann Swing Mitchell, a job in the Immigration Service working under papa. Press officials of the Immigration Service admitted this fact but were loath to reveal her salary, even though the salaries of all government officials are required to be public. In secret testimony last week, General Swing admitted ho had taken government cars on hunting trips Into Mexico. He also admitted that On one occasion Mexican officials had disarmed his hunting companions because they had no license. He claimed, however, that when this happened he had left the party. His secret testimony makes it easy to understand why Republicans are pressuring Democrats to drop the public hearings. QUICK FIRING—The manner in which the Eisenhower administration fires its officials at the drop of the hat when an official stubs his toe was revealed in the Senate Civil Service committee probe of the Farmers Home Administration. On March 21 this column reported certain facts about Carl O. Hansen, Montana director of the Farmers Home administration— how he did private wool-buying on the side, how he was a part owner of TV Station KOOK, how ho used government money to make private phone cnlls and write private correspondence. The .sworn Senate testimony which follows tells what happened a few hours after publication of this column: H. W. Erawley, of the Senate committee, asked: On March 21, 1<(56, a newspaper columnist published charges of misconduct against Carl A. Hanson, former FHA director in Montana. Within a very few hours after that column was published Mr. Hansen's resignation was announced. Did you in any way force or request that resignation? R. B. McLcfiish, head of FHA: I requested it, yes, sir. Brawley: On what basis did you rccucst it? McLealsh: Mr. Chairman, I should consult counsel. Tha Investigation of Mr. Hansen is not complete. There are certain aspects to it I think which would prevent me from testifying in answering that question. In other words, there may be some additional litigation or procedure in court that might be affected. Brawley: Do you mean that the first you knew of Mr. Han- sun's misconduct was the story you saw in the newspapers? McLeaish: We had had some rumors before that, not about misconduct. Very frankly, I don't know yet, of my own knowledge, of any misconduct. Brawley: Why did you request his resignation? McL^aish: I think I have answered that question before, by saying that it is a question I can't answer. Sen. Carlson of Kansas: Do I understand, then, Mr. McLeaish, that this case is still being taken under consideration and study by the department or your agency? McLeaish: Could I let my counsel speak for me on that? Brawley: Unless the question pertains to some security matter. I don't see how you can fail to answer the question before this committee. Sen. Laird of West Virginia: Mr. McLeaish has testified that he discharged Mr. Haneen, and I think it is proper for him to tell the committee why he discharged him. McLeaish: In a general way we thought the (Montana) program wag being neglected some. Brawley: Do you mean the FHA program in Montana? MORE .. MORE McLeaish: Yes. Brawley: Is that the reason you requested Mr. Hansen's resignation? McLeaish: There has been a preliminary investigation report filed which d'oes show some evidence of misconduct, prior to the Drew Pearson article. Brawley: Prior to the Drew Pearson article? McLeaish: Prior to the Drew Pearson article. I think it came in that day or the day before. Brawley: Were you investigating Mr. Hansen at the time this column was written? McLeaish: Yes, I was. Brawley: I think the record ought to show why you requested Mr. Hansen's resignation. You say for that record that It was because the program was not operating as you thought it .should in Montana? McLeaish: Very frankly, we had a meeting of Mr. Scott, Mr. Farrington, and myself and another, and they reported to me that the report looked pretty bad! and that we should remove Mr. Hansen from office. L. C. Bryan, Senate investigator; May I ask whether you could not form that conclusion on your own responsibility? That you had to be told by higher authority that the report looked pretty bad? McLcaish: Of course I didn't get ,the report. Brawley: When did you get the report? McLeaish: I didn't get it until some weeks—I mean my copy of the report—until some weeks after Mr. Hansen had been removed 1 . Brawley: Did you actually request his resignation on the day tho column was written? McLeaish: I think we did. Brawloy: Why did you pick that particular day to request it? Mcljoaish; Because that was the day that the report discussed. Brawley: Was it discussed after you saw the column or before you saw the column? McLeaish: Tt was discussed after we saw the column. Brawley: In other word's, the column caused you to discuss tho case of Carl Hansen in Montana? McLeaish: Yes. • SWINDLE DETROIT—IIP!—A Detroit landlady complained to police that slip had just collected S100 in rent from a tenant whon the stranger approached her, flashed a badge and demanded to sec the money. K<; told her it wns counterfeit and said he would take it to headquarters for a check. That was the last she saw of the stranger and the S1DO. Ella, Bftybec!"

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