The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 10, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1934
Page 8
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MCE EIGHT THE PAWS NEW* FWD AY, AUGUST It, 1*J4 h rcnes Club s Mrs. Williams Honored Witt Bridge Mrs. John Keel entertained Friday morning at her home. 419 East Price street, with a bridge isoEorins Mrs. Max "Williams, the former Miss Helen KalL The home •was attractively decorated "^th bovrls of pink zinnias and gypso- philias. The guests were- Mrs. Mas \MI- Hazn« Miss Elizabeth Lane, Mrs. Grad^- Fry, Mrs. Alfred Kibble, the 3flss*s Mary Elizabeth and Eleanor Moore. Mrs. Rodders Coleman. 3£rs. Herman Enloe. Miss Margaret T^VIS, Mrs- J. Riley Cross. Mr*. Binary Smith, Mrs. Hugh Ander- soa, a-nc Mrs. Erssest Mary Alice Thebo to Be Dance Honoree -Mr. and Mrs. George Tss-bo -"^ «nt-»rtain Sat-orday eve-ing at the Gordoa Country c?ub wi:a a ca-ce in honor of their daughter. Miss 2£arv Alice. The guest list t^ill include about 55 young friends o* the honoree. ; The Codes Text Is: 'This is the j ; word cf :he L,orc. . .. saying Xot by ) I might, nor by power, but by ray ' I spirit, saiih the Lord of hosts"' i.Zechariah 4:6). Among the citations -which comprise the Less on-Serin on is the following from the Bible: "...his divine poorer hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life arid cockiness. . . that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature . "* (II Peter 1:3.4). The L.*s*or:-Serrr:cr. also includes the fcllotving passasre from the Christian Science Textbook. "Science and. Health with Key to the Scriptures"' by Mary Baker Eddy: "Spirit blesses man, but man cannot "tell xvh-?nee it cc-meth." By it the sick are r.r2."ed. the sorrowing are comforted, the sinning are reformer. These sre the ffects on on? universal God. invisible good CHURCH ACTIVITIES BAPTIST "W. M. TTrisht, pastor 2*rsa.Ciii^fe service, 10:55 E.. m. 3>r. F- I.- "^"ear, paster of the Centra.! Presbyterian church, -will preacJu S. T. S. meets at 7:15 p. m. "2Co -evening service- CONGREGAXIOXAL C. Tilden Tally. Jr_ pastor StmGS.y school, S:SO a_ m. IPreachong service. IZ a. m. S oa b-v the pastor. C- ZL societies, S p. m. n. >>y G. C- Saacolph.. in the a:?- sence cf the pastor -who is ccrri-act- feg 1 a, Esestins: at I OF TELE. HOL.T CROSS. HPISCOPA3D !Fh.e only service for Augrcst 12. tlie elevenzh Sunday afrer Trinity, is Holy Coramunlon. 7:50 a. m. KAMSE1IR MEMORIAL TABERXACUE 20-0 South Thinie-h Sireet 3£arlon 3ee-i, pastor Sunday school, S:45 a- ~:- S. S. Springer, "be evangelist -prill teach ta« JLdslt Bible class arid also deliver tii-e messa?-e EX the preaching fceld. STREET METHOBIST en F. Bro-^riirs. pastor school at S: 45 a. m. T. I— up^ritsvercer:-. The closing •5^-orsbiD period of the school •will be cnder the cirectfor. of T. F, LAMAR ATEXTE CHTTKCH OF CSK1ST Floyd A. Decker, minister Bible stiidy. ?:45 a. ~. Preaching. 10:45 a- rn.. Preaching:. S p, m. Prayer rne-etins-, "vVecnesday $ p. CENTRA!; CHTKCK 5ERVTCE fill have ~c ?ervfces S-un-—ay es- et>t S3—cts~ school. MEN'S PKAYEK LEAGUE The Men's Prayer leasr 1 - 1 ? will meet Sunday inc-rnir:g at S o'clock ^'IH be th-e principal speaksr. J. C. Coker is presiderrt of organizatioti- FIKST CHRISTIAN Bible school, "^"- H- Brisrgs, Jr.. program for Sunday school and church ?:?0 a. m. Serin on 10 a., m. "Vihs.t '.t ZvSear.5 10 Follow" J"es"_i5 Christ as "he Worlc's Only Savior." Bible classes. 10:3?-11 a. m. 5:S*> t>. m. FIRST CONGREGATIOXAJL C. E- METTOXG i he fo];o~;r:i prosrarsi on ""TThat Shculc a- Preseri Day jes^ette ^Hopkins as leader, will be iriven Sur.csy ev=n.:r:gr s~ 7 o'clocte- "Presch the "^"orG," Miss Eugenia Jorcar.; "Protect the Sheep." Shc-ulc It Do for Believers?"" Miss Neecy," ^r:s5 jloi:ise Ch.:'>:i-. "TThat sior.arirs :•-= O:h-sr F:elds." .Miss BOL.TON AT FATGHT -worship at . 1 a. m. "Obedience -jnto the Vision." Else Story of Gideon ard Its Re- .ttos"to ™or!c KTang-elisaticn." FIFTH BIRTHDAY 15 HONORED WITH PARTY FIRST METHODIST E- V. Co:e, pastor "T S'^'l^ **-»O^ ^ " 3 **J £ ^T^ T^^ o*~^* Mrs. P.. H- Xe;rr.s er.tert.alr:ed at N'onr.s J^-ar:.. C-2rn=-= —ere the di- -•-i-c.-i.-r -?r^~-c- c^--,-?^ IE.-&T : .n ' th* MorElng- worship. 10:50 a. rs.. I>r, J- H. Hicks. . Senior 'ea,g"ue T p. rr.. I.:tt.Ie. Jr., Jerry I,:'tie. Meriine O-sfe~. Dcrc'hy Trh r .rsl:i-r. HarDlc -ar. 3:"ly Jane Arterr'^rr:, arsi OF CHRIST FXKSX Spirit"* if. th* 5-jt'.«<-r rf ~Ti^ n-Serrrior -which ^"11" be res.^ •Is aJJ CThurche? cf Christ, Scfen- t*?>t. on S T JTiC3.y. -^^?r"5t j. — . JL MOHN'TAIX OF KEGRJETS cannot restore your rr.ort priceless jrift, . ^oxr ^rtsight. But a Tlttl* -foreaig-ht and- sct-i'.-r. r.o-R- cars preserve it- f& P"?T cer. - r*. u« hs*'*-- <;».- fectiv* .^yfs and o'fr «fo rot •teaMsf it. TTHITESiDS &- "^"HITESIDE Optometrists Opticians ANTLERS BOY DIES I>" P.VRIS HOSPITAL AXTL-ERS. OV'la... -. :c*s fc-r H- 1^. -.-ear ore sc-r. r f J:C£*.f^, •^"•E-re- '"' afte-r-'j-r-r: a* I! —F-nera.1 ser- Saturday - StOBa<Jay 13 ue Steel" Streak of Art Ion WOLF DOG -with Marion Davies Gary Cooper Sh« W*» Pleds^ To JCcII Him— Only Stol« Hi. Hewt, Last Round-Up Make This Model At Home Pari* News Daily Pattern A FROCK AS CQOI* AS A SEA BREEZE PATTERX 1S37 By XNNE -ABAMS A. frock that flutter* h«r* and there In the breeze i» a ale* thin? 10 wear in -warm weather—It looks" cool and is cool! This on* baa two ruffles over the. shoulder* -wlticli ripple refreshingly and ,* sash that ties Its demure ends discreetly. It emphasizes the pretty Us* of young -waist and the sUmn«s* of a. young figure and Is a, thoroughly delightful thlny in either a. print or a plain fabric. Think of It, for instance, in peach colored Orgaudi* 'r it be charmins? — or Jn voile or dotted swiss — or fashion the yoke and ruffles of contrast- Pattern IS 37 is available IB sizes 12 14 IS 18 20 SO 32 34 36 3S and 40. Size 15 takes 3 7-S yards 36 inch fabric. Illustrated . aiep-by- step searing instructions included. Send FIFTEEN CEDCTS (15c) in coins or stamps (coins preferred), for each Anne Adams pattern- Write plainly your name, address and style numb«r. BE TO STATE SIZE sd vrhila -you ara -writing, -why not include an order for a fascinating book, crammed from cover to cover with stunning illustrations and captivating descriptions of ne-w fashions, fabrics and other things that make a. -woman chic ... THE SUMMER ISSUE OF TSE AXXE ADAMS PATTERN BOOK. PRICE FIFTEEN CENTS, BOOK ANT> PATTERN TOGETHER. TWENTY - FIVE CENTS. Bridge League Tourney At San Antonio FORT "WORTH. T«x. — Biidg« players from all over the state are to attend the , Fall tourna- r of the Texas Bridge "I^eagrue. wliicls -will b* b«ld at San" Antonio on Friday. Saturday and Sunday. Oct. 25. 27 and 2S. to cosapet* f or the trophr offered by T. B. Baker well known Texas aotel man. AvMcli special event is beins fceld under the auspices of the leasrue- Every player competes for this trophy •«.-*!! have his expenses paid to San Antonio, and besides winning the Baker Trophy, the pair winning this event -trill eacii receive a 10-day trip, to Mineral "Wells xvith all expenses paid at tn« Baker, including ro^ind trip transportation. or the cash equivalent if the trine ers prefer. The trip to Mineral "Wells may be raade any time -within a period of 12 months after being -won. Every bridge player in the state is eligible to play for this trophy and grand prize. In any town in the state any players may organize a, four-table gam&. and the will be eligible to play in a. "key" city, and the -winners of the on« session of play at the 15 key cities have their expenses paid to San Arrronio. and there they -will compete for the grand prize, -which is the Baker trophy and their trip to Mineral "Wells. The directors -of the Texas Bridge League have appointed Jack Rose ENHANCE YOUR BEDROOM WITH THIS COLORFUL LAURA WHEELER QUILT JAPANESE MORNING GLORY PATTERN 786 Hers Is a blocfe—Japanese Morning Glory—tha^ is especially Interesting to do, and just like the flo-w- er. it lends itself to the use of delicate and deep shades of rose. blue, or orchid with the leaves in two | blocks lor .single and double bed Pattern. "S* comes -with complete, simple Instructions lor cutting, sewing and finishinjr, together ^with yardage chart, dia- of, <iu£It to help arrange the shades of green. The block grows size, diagram of block which quickly under your fingers, for as i serves as a -guide for placing the the pieces are to handle asd ; patches and suggests contrastiris put together. The quilt f could be \ materials, done each to assist_Bradley Alley, secretary | TeriJUs in ~ alternate or te using the same material in | Send 10 cents in stamps or, h or different colors and ma.- ' (coin preferred) for Thfs pattej o: the xexas Bridge League, in conducting- this state-wide tourna.- { merit. The isasrue officials are an- j xlons to have the bridg-e players i of every community take part in | this tournament and those interest- Address orders to The Kews. I e<5 7ns -^ receive all details by com- Paitem. Department, 243 TVest j ^-'anicatiny -with the secretary of the Texas Bridge I^easTie -- -'-Hotel Texas. everv block. coin tern to it* ] The Paris Xews. Xe-dlecraft < S2 Eighth Avenue, Xew Tork. At The Plaza f Kells, hard-rid!ns legion lead- 17th Szreet, Xew York Ciiy- her picture "Operator 23" BE3IOLAY CHAPTER TO BE ORGANIZED to sponsor the reorganisation of a !De r>Io;siv chapter here has b-fren 3.dc-t'~£c[ by P"nencs.Tjir> -i_*oc^3 ZN»O* IS. AF and AM, and an advisory council of ten members of the Masonic order here has been appointed. Paul Ussery, TT. il. of the local :ocsre said that the X>e Molay chapter would probably be orsanize-d. bv Sspt'5mi>er 1. jTonnjj nisi* <ronz shir-, he sa,;d. The advisory council comprises T. S. Caton. chairman: J. I~ Heed. C. L- K:rks*y. X. J. Athas, Seta King-, Hoss Hughs-ton. C- H. Barton. Ross "WhUeman. Paul "Cssery, and 5. P. Per.--u.-f. FUNERAL IS HELD THURSDAY COM.MrIH.CS.—Funeral services ~-ere conducted here Thursday fcr Mrs. Ada Ellis -^ho died in 3. Greenville hospiial Tuesday nisht folio-wins s, major operation. The Rev. H. Jackson had charge of the =er-"ices. -with burial in the Sonora. Mrs. rlilis — as bom April in Saltlllo. Miasissiooi. at • T'"ace she -t-as married to G. "vv. Sills. O--tober S. I S3 5. She Is survived by h^r husband. one son, Svron Ellis of Anja.rillo. and a daughter. Corinne SIlis of Falriie, BOGATA WOMA1X T BURIED FRIDAY BOGATJi. — Funeral services •^•ere held here Fri-iay for Mr?. G'-ss Harblsc-r. 65 —ho dle<2 at her horn* here Thursday evening. Services -?"»re cc=n'i*jCte-cJ by the I?.*v. '".'. C. Gob"? at the Church of •Vr.ris*. Burial -^as at Bog-ata cera«- * er™ 1 -*- Survivcrs '.ncls^e bsr husbaafi; three daughters. Mrs- B*s Hay anc Mr*. J. Chiidress or z."^ J^r?. .Jeff Oreen of '"herry four son?--. ?orr;p Harbison of Dal hart. and !>:->:. lather and TVJllJe Harbison of Bogota: one sister. Sirs. A ^r-r-thfrr ;- "iVest Texss. a,r.<5 hs* •;v«!'i in this sec- ATT.AS WOMEN MEET ATT-AS.—Ten of tbe Atlas "WKD '• ;<.:*"• a Hi thr«-e visitors met at the '•&-;-£ *xh-o5tfi for LA-nar District ., --.• v a V:*-' : <3 a* t1h*i norci of Mn?. HOLDEN AUTO WORKS Ha* Morisd To 90 Clarksvific St. '.'»« jsvjt* yon te visit us Jn .-';r Tie-w io-ca,tiots, W« -will 'orstaiTiUe to feature auto *),«:iAE t^jsi?^ wjp st£O &o*o,y work, and oth«r work, and •wfjl in han4i« Sinclair product* ai •»-#n as tires and batterien. IDABEL YOUNG Saturday t i — | The -winners in the various towns I win have to be, determined dtirins ( pears as Gail loveless. Other cast members Fred Sonler, Fuzzy Eluis ard Carle and Sartoa Rich- " j which opens Saturday as. the The story is a. vivid account of ' Piaza Theatre, Marlon. Davies ap- i tho raiding: border PEOPLE MARRIED ! cities legionnaires, a lovely | -sritii -srhom Scotr Is forced to share j September, as the play in ^e tj ev Union spy -who is sent into tbe j his lot- Miss Fritchie becomes a H be during: the -first | South to seek and slay the Con- | of tie Legrioa asd It is ek in October. The key cities I feceracy's most valuable scout and | around; the attempts of Scott "to __ __ u ____ Miss Joyce I^nson 1 selec *«£ include I>allas. Amarillo. | SIT. Ca.pta.iT> Jack GaiHIard. and Lynn T^a-wrsors of Idabel Tcere married early this home of Pat Laws Falls. Abilene. San An- Beaumont, Co!eiaa.a. brother cf i Co:r P Us Christi. El Paso, Houston. " tne g-room. The Kev. Ben C- Jones, pastor f First Presbyterian church per- \ ^"^^^ til"" ormea the ring ceremony. : " """ *" '~' e ock, 3larahan. Midland. ?al*** ^ d Pec os. The Trinae« of ' he key city of their choice ___ [ for the playoff. ine groom is the manager of | Anyone in any city o~ -OTTO A. and P. grocery here. The bride, j desires mav organiz* a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claud ' rescue iter from Blu* and Gary .Cooper plays the role of I thai tjl * climactic action Gs.:lliard arsd the love complica- j tioas that spring: up between, these } DELEGATES NAMED BY t^o enemy spies provides one ofj 41VTT TT«C the most romantic stories to reach * - 1 * 1 * iJLJCilVo the motion picture screen. Z>enson. is high school. Both are well known or- j least known phases of the rebel- With the Civil War as the col- j orful- background, "Operator IS" j CA ^amsey post of the based upon Kobert W. Chambers- Legion in Tallhina an 'our-ta.b!e last novel—is crammed with 2n- ««,>»««. f i* - * ;same - so If yt>u are interested and ttresting: sideiights upon one of the graduate of Idaoe! : do not know of anyone who has The Hobert Steph- th« delegate* for the •a convention to here. They will make tfeeir home in Oklahoma. City *roni September ? 1 to 4. ganizea s. ^ame in your town, com- { lies, the espionage systems of the I ~ to •*• municate with the league secretary j armies of the North and South- | Charles at once. f j?; chard Beleslavsky directed A - Keli "- Clarence Allem Bd Coop- el. chairman, Gile,-; 1 this picture. The charm of the I Old Scout has been recaptured. HUGO PERSONALS I MILDRED COFFEY HAS A2NB 1VEWS ITEMS O. F. F CLUB MEFTFVr lever v ° the ^ usical ^^^ th»t : * * x • ^ J -*-'-t> i'U^ZUlli^Vr runs through the production—the I cti&!n- soners by the MiHa Broic-1 rfl met Tuesday i e rs and the old-fashioned dances , J, TV. Carver. Nat yctors riospita.1 has gone °- F - Silas McGee. Ira. Humphreys. Grant Johnico: Henry LTS3 ar»d A. B, Stafford, with '. P. Baker, Hussell Cabbag*. fred Johnson, Bill Mamlin, I*. to i-alsa for a vacation. T. Kahfe ot Sidney is the guest of her evening wkh Miss Mildred Cofi^y as hostess at the home of Mrs. Clark Estes, The following- pledge- were iai- ^•"^hter Mrs. Pat Senry and Mr. I tiated. into the club: the Misses £Lenry on East JacJcson street. | June Rowland. Jane Sunter, and I>r. and Mrs. TT, >T. John left j Sa - rs - Etra ILightfoot. Thursday for Zlnid where they will j The. program consisted of a tap join their daughter. Mrs. Chester j &£Jic& by the Misses Mildred Toting and famiiTr for a trip to • Strong and Hvalyn i-umntsus; the Foints :n Colorado. ! cl «=> history, by Miss Ix>u Ann Miss Mary Ann Pardne enter- I Hoas«; the club phophecy. by Miss tained TTednesday evening with a | ; >Iary , Al: ^ e Thebo: a reading by Ifns p^rty at the Brie theatre I -' Ilss Karianna SInder: and Jokes honoring Miss Gloria Sows *: on the eve of tie Battle of Dreury's ^ I3"=derwood, >Toah Hay. Earl West. Bluff. Excellent perfortnajices are also contributed by Ted Heaiy and Russell Harcie as Union spies, !>ou- glas Dnmbritle as "General "Jeh* Stuart," Jean Parker and Henry Wadswortb. and Katharine Alexander as Pauline Cushman. the federal spy- i>ovijchvy. Vfalter Stone. r B«II and At The Lamar "Bln# ; Steel," Marriiur Joiua opens Saturday at th* In thia atirrln* film of th» »trugff!es of the pioneer* in the settling of the West, "Wayn* «a- acts • the role of " s. " marshal -who bas. been sent to Yucca City to unearth a. baud of marauding outl&wa that has been trying to -rout the citizens from the town. By cutting off the sourc* of supplies for the homesteaders, tfa* band has slowly planted among them the desire to desert their homes for new fields. Th* outlaws possess the secret of the rich iojd fields that remain uncovered under "the- very ranches of th« peopl* of "Yucca. City* "Wayne -engages ih thrlllia^ encounters -with the- band and. by his cunning .manages to rid th« town o£ the pfeyin'sr outlaws and informs th« people- of the fact that their town is the site of a fabulously •wealthy gold znine. In one cubic foot of sand. It is estimated there are- from two to eight thousand square feet of saxtd surface. CONFUSION ENDED ON BRAN Ruling Makes Labels Accurate To protect the buying public^ th* United States Food «ad Dm* Administration has advised that ev«ry package of cereal labeled "Brwr* state on the label exactly wh»t it Before this ruKng, «rcn. Bran products -were sometime* mistakenly referred to as "Bratt.** It not easy for, the ptrrchmatr to distingtiish between & cereal that •was entirely bran, or all "bran "with. Savoring:, aad another that mostly "wheat. Kellogg's AiZr-BsAX is labeled "-Axi-BRA>* Deliciously Flavored Tidth Mait, Su^ar and Salt," * statement •which describes the product fairly and honestly. ATL-BRAK has -wtm millions of friends because it corrects most types of common constipation safely and pleasantly. It furnishes generous ^bnlk"-^ needed to promote normal elimination. .However, AI.L-BEAN is aotra "cure-aiL" Certain types of intestinal disorders should be treated only on a physician** advice. When you buy a bran cereal, foi the. relief -of constipation, read th* ^ are there 1 Maice sure by asking for Kellogs's It furnishes "bmk** in a f omx for factory results, At all erocers. In the green package. Made by KeDonr in Bastie Creek. At The Grand . After the program refreshments ** rwl MiM Bd ^ iTia Akin - of ?*av Balch Is ^^oo^-^d *r**- f . ~ .. **t. ^i.c.-i po- t _Q .,„ , Au stin, house guest of MIsa Grady Cecile Wheat, vras present as a. om recent illness. Mrs. C. n, Davidson ho«te=« Tnx=t/ crrE [MBRCS-—The :c- the j.nursday Luncheon Club: this -^"eek at her home in the ) G'JHizn ApartnieTtts. Mrs. "W. E. B. : ' I^eonard scored h^gh for the ccn- *j tract bridge trophy. ; State Teaciiers College, Mrs. Smith lAtzon ix in Wichita f sor an aX!-coHe?e rfar.ce In the .Cuo Falls at the b«dsi<fe of her mother | Cyrsj^sisni Tcesday ". J. Boyer Ss «?r-stHdents usi" I August 14. Students. j and facclty raen^bers Miss "PTr-Tien^a. Brockman 3.r.'2 ; «^enJng of diversion at this fare- iss Mary Ruth Bossanaor, are j wel! hop of tn- st:rr.rri*r term of iting relatives o? if is* Brock- [ *chooL IDABEL-'S FTRST BAX,E Ok!a. — The first bale man in Center Point, Ark- J. O. Parr Oklahoma City architect Tea** h«r<* Thursday relit:ve to plans for the FSRA project -which : -' cotton, of the 1S34 crop arrived : : s b* at Good!and Ini:ar; ; School this -week. ! Fr*d and. "Wilson Johnson of ; £••*•:jik -w-ere placed under J3.000 , bonds 'jach'-^hen th*y *pp«jared j before United States Coai'mf»sl-in»r ; a. larsre part of the t'me CaUfornJa an^! Colorado. C. M. Barrett charged w»th pos-! _ I^AVE FOR TOCR session of ar unlicensed «*.n!, five ! TALIHIXA—Mr. and Mrs. 5-Iax- S-aHons of wbisk-y and 200 gallons t *r Camp ar» plannlngr to 1ea"e of rrsash i --^tunday on a .*!x -=re*k- tear of *"-** - »>,» ^,?"T^ J**^" r ^' ^^*^v s*"^ yoo^ff- ^ *-**^ datigh*>i»r Kay Jnan rzave be*r, ' : rr;o-T«><3 to their h-stne on East K:rk ; ^-Tre'** from I^octjor* howplfcai. :• Mrs. J. G. SheJtoti is :5! at h»r : home -on E^jst JacJcson. i Rev. A, F. Waller wj!t return ; >Tcn<5ay from Cnecotah. wh»r* he : has been holding- a ten day series ; of Trjeetjnffs la the Church o*! ChrSet. ! Mrs- X. R. Campbell 1* here j from Fort -Worth for a visit with I her relatives, Mr- *»<S lira. EL R. ; Shull. I Mrs. Earl L^wts ajsd family. ' Mrs E-inraett I>e^vi« fend daaghter j _ . , i parent*. Sfr. *n<5 Mm. W. E. |- XVith America.'* most popalar biillad embraced in Its 50 mhiste* of last-nsovisff adrerrtar*, lov« and thrills of the dangerous "70s. "Ths Last Round-Up" opened at the 1 Grand Theatre today. fra- j The sensational picturization of the East Texas j ot ga^gdoj^ on horseback, preyisg on th« gold-rush adventurers of California, and Arizona, fer:ns» to the screen for the first time th* tsnefal lament that has »-36-«pt th* nation. And, with th* injection of th* hit Into the picture, based oa Grey's famoas novel, "Th« Border L«g:ion." none of-the thrills of banditry and battle wer* over- loo ic*d. Randolph Scott a» th* hero, Jini Cleve-.-turns in the best p«r- forrnanc* of his meteoric career. Barbara FritchSe, makiugr fcer Paramount debut %» Joan R*n- daii, im reveaied a« a. utrik'n^r ne-w t>pe of leading -»-OfCa.rr, Mont* Bla* returns :o th^ screen -with «. wpJendid performance Jn the rol* Monday eveiiSny at six o'clock- The cotton -was jro-wn in th* Harris coavniunsty OTI the farm » y!n at Karrts. * BORX AT TAWHTXA — Mr. *r.<j 5-Tr*. AaTta Sexton of Taiihina. Ann<Kjr.e» the arrix-ai of a baby boy at their home Sunday, Aoffws*. 5. J, p. Csuraon, Car* ; McCafferry and I^oyd Hardin ! pi*n to «pend next week at ctn« Park near Fort Sill their htssbanda mre at the grusrd encampment. Mrs. Markaret Xelsos ha* re- from Ma*ko«:ee. Cla-reace L-yl«« !* Improved from an nines* o? several w««ka. Mr*. Don CayJor *ntert*!ne<3 her ioncfeeon club Thursday morning at her home on EftjRt Kirk «tr*t. Mr*. "W r , C. HJtnry an«I St*»« B«I<»n Jm've gon« to Fort Worth Cor * Have Your Quilts And Blankets Cleaned l\'ow at Love Price* Be ready for cold nights by hav- 5 QUILTS ing 1 your quilts and blankets laun- * ^j * dered now at our low prices, i-S-UlKlerea Don't wait for the rush.... Be *^ figi TCa "* PHONE 32 AND 33 ^ J.»UU August Cleanup Price Linen Suits Former Value* tp $15.00 $Q88 9 Extra quality linen suits In cither single or double breasted styles, all have wo pairs of trousers. Good range of sizes. Hurry in for these bargains, A Few Genuine LORRAINE Seersucker SUITS Form«r Vahws to $12.50 Th«»« crisp new «««nrtjck*r njits ar» j»u»t rijrht for weartny th# neart two month*. They're cool, w«ll tailored and irood • lookittfr. Just a rev left. Siaes 36. 37. 3S and 40. Sin*l« and donb!» breast- 7 Boy Yo» Fall Svit Now On Oi^ Lay Aw«y Plan—H*-r« k paid for when you need H, STOKE FOR MEN'— MAIN* FTXX>R l*lKM»e

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