The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 7, 1951 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1951
Page 6
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New*, Fredrick, M*., FrM«y, December 1, 1981 MR. AND MM. YBKCWMTB He 1 !. A Bird, Anyho- BIM'S VICE-PREStDBMT BRENTWOOI? BRINK 15 QUITE A 3WY,. .THIS ALTRAUAN RAILROAD STOCK UE RECOMMENDS LOOKS LIKE THE $UY OF THE YEAR... SLOW UP., 'YOU'VE ONLY BEEN IN CUAB6E OC BIM'S AFFAIRS FOP ONE tW \ IS , AND ALREADY YOU'RE PLANNING, \ ANOTUER \TO PLUNGE. ..BE CAUTIOUS, PEAR.k WORD LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP... 'SCARED., IT'S A WONDER YOU DON'T SMUT OFF THE RADIO EVHR TUE ANNOUNCER MAS A COLD.. .WOMAN, I'M AN EA£Lg.. NOT A CANARY/ CHRIS WELKIN, PLANETEEB No Air, Boys I'M NOT FIT ) NO, I TOCbOTO _ _ . THE OFFICE ) WOT. CAN'T WITH THI£ ./ "/Oil CO COLO rT SOME WOeK AT HOME? ive PHOICP FOKJ HOW MY secffETARty. TO GOME HEWS ANP TAKE SOME r 15 SUCM Pf?HTTy GIRL, TOO JOE, THIS 4KHACLE FROM voure /?· ©ocx? T. I* ·««. V, V. »*, OK. TEU- MIS* BARNACLE SHE NEEPN'T V/AIT. I PEEL. WELL ENOUGH. TO =O TOAT5 FINE/ BUT WHAT A rrr AND JEFF A Pigskin That Can Run The Field And Make A Goal All By ItseMl WHfti i THE COACH SA'D THE/ S - . DID HE CAN'T START PLAYIN' / * UIW " C lAlin-ilnn-r ADirt!UIMI //,,. *ls'@L. ' W% " / V | HERE YOU ARE/COACH, / A GENUINE PIGSKIN si ANO HER T *tf4*' "T'U.kuk J.,'L'. 1 r. , ... Ort*, »m»t» Kukij IUWM^ BOOTS AND HEX BUDDIES No Deal POOR Carnival BAKE SHOPPY cnpn. 1951 BY NE» 8lBV)M, IMC. . "If anybody calls up and asks for 'Supar Apple. Pic." that's me!" ·JACOBY ON BRIDGE Beware Of Tricks At Bridge Journeys By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service The national tournament now being held in Detroit is developing its own crop of bridge swindles, naturally enough. All of the best tournament players long for chances to talk their opponents out of what is rightfully theirs, and sometimes WEST * 9 7 5 2 *J83 NORTH (D) A 9 7 6 5 4 3 V Q 1 0 6 * A Q * A K EAST SOUTH 4 A K 8 V 7 4 2 1 4 K J 3 V A K 9 « 10 8 6 4 * 10 652 North North-SouSi v»L South West 2 V (!) Pass 3N.T. Pass East I A Pass 3V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead-- the results are more weird than wonderful. : Memory takes me back ten years I remember one hand in which to the national tournament that was interrupted by Pearl Harbor, both sides got busy with swindling tactics. South decided he could play the hand at no-trump if he could stave ofi a heart opening lead. H'is bid WHEN PROBLEMS CRU FOR THINKING STRAIGHT- GOODCHEWIMG HELPS YOU CON6ENTRATE...ENJOY WRIGtEY'S SPEARMINT GUW! of two hearts was an attempted swindle, leading to Ihe expecte contract of three no-trump. West, who had a very good nose smell something fishy about the bidding and therefore opened the three of hearts in spite of South'*, heart bid. Declarer played the ten of hearts from dummy, and Easl won \vith t the-king. Peter IJeventritt, who held Easl cards, made the rather natural ret u r n of the jack of spndes. anci South put up the ace of spades to win the trick. West, who was Sam Rossat, tried his hand at. swindling by dropping the queen oJ spades on this trick. This play made it appear thai East had led the jack of spades from a holding of ,1-10-2. Declarer therefore went over to dummy with a club to lead a second round of spades from dummy. When Leventritt naturally played the deuce of spades, South finessed the eight. Rossant won with the. ten of spades and led another heart. Declarer looked anxiously at the dummy's J-6 of hearts and decided that his only chance to recover was to put up the queen of hearts and win the trick with it. This was a sad mistake, as it turned out. Leventritt won with the ace of hearts and returned the nine, whereupon Rossanl overtook with the jack of hearts and cashed the eight of hearts for the fifth defensive trick. Strength For Today By Earl L. Douglass GOLDEN DREAMS Human energy and ambition are wonderful things. Lincoln rose from a log cabin to the White House, and the annals of our country are full of stories of bootblacks and newsboys who became industrial m a g n a t e s through industry and vigor. If a man really sets his heart on something, and completely dedicates himself to it, he can usually accomplish it. But how important it is to devote ourselves to something worthwhile! A small aim cannot make a great man, and a bad aim wastes power that could have - been, used for a good purpose. Those people who make mere wealth or social position or sensual pleasure their goal often achieve it, but they find that the achievement leaves them unhappy and still dissatisfied. A Greek legend tells of King Midas, who was so greedy for wealth that he prayed for the power to turn things to gold by touching ihem. His \vish granted, he went about delighied at first, transforming everything around him, and leaping up incredible riches. But lis joy was short-lived. When he :ried to eat, his food turned to gold in his mouth, so that he sat hun- Fabufous Beast Answer to Previous Puzzle (oofs 7 Seines 8 Garden 9 Either 10 Color 11 Mariner 12 Dasheen 17 Chinese measure 20 Substitutes 21 Young frogs HOJR2ZONTAL 3 Climbing 1 Depicted P* ant fabulous beast * Cerium 8 II resemble* (symbol) a 5 Atop 13 Income « Spoil 14 IWountai nymph 15 Merry 16 Name 18 Accomplished ISSufflx 20 Be made of 22 Behold! 23 Roman emperor 25 Century plant 24 Was 27 Adorn disorderly 28 Beetles 29 Mystic ejaculation 30 Page (ab.) 31 Tungsten ab.) 32 Giant king of Bashan 33 Encourage 35 It has the tail of a 3fl Cipher 39 Comfort 40 Area measure 41 Fibers 47 Exists 48 Scrap 50 Persian city 51 Legal matters 52 Roman roads 54 Gourmet 56 Greek populace 57 Sadden VERTICAL 1 Imperative 2 Tidier T A M A.U RAIL o A T 26 GaHery 33 Insect 34 Chemical salt 36 Willows 37 Capes 42 Russian news agency 43 Room (ah.) 44 Retired 45 Back of neck 46 Fall in drops 49 Jewel 51 Regret . 53 Artificial language 55 Credit (ab.) 57 'IS 23 BUGS BUNNX Try These 37 Or Not--They',·! Teell,!' -- i KMlr/' V V^-:-v--;v \\ WEAP ALL /VW COMIC WITHOUT BUYING ANV. W V THIS TIME I'M WEAOY FOR: HIM/ FRECKLES AND H18 The Payoflt VOU MEAN! YOU'RU . . . CAOJN6 EVERYTHING-' THE OMB WHO OFF.MRSCUBEP.? / OWES . " ' GREWD6T/ VOU'RE WHAT? 6IVIN6 US A MEW SET SAFE ON TMF HIGHWAYS/ AMD WHAT A , LESSON . Weve LEARMEO/ CHECK /OMLY SUCKERS TR.Y TO 6EATTMB , SAFETY LAWS/ COPB. 1351 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF.' -SJ VIC FUNT Just For Fum ry amidst his riches. And still vorse, when he kissed his daugh- er, she immediately changed iaito a feless golden statue. His golden ream had blown-up in his face, j What we devote our life to should I e worthy of the life we devote o it. pyrisht Babson Newspaper Synd.) Lufs Stuft CASUAL OBSERVATION A steak that's juicy, tender, thick, and wondrous to the taste, is just the morsel I would pick--if high rates were erased. But with the prices that prevail, it's easy to confess, I'm apt to fill my dinner pail with morsels costing less. N. A. LUFBURROW. REAL ESTATE SALES WESTMINSTER, Dec. 6 --The following real estate sales have been made recently by Robert L. Zentz of Taneytown, for Mr. and .Mrs. Frank W. Cramer their 51- acre farm located near Thurmont to Mr. and Mrs. Whiteford A. Lewis of the Philippine Islands; Mr. and Mrs. Martin .R. Hitchcock, their 16- acre property near Mt. Union to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Palmer of Baltimore; a 210 acre farm known as ."The Arnold Farm" near Taneytown to Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ricketts of Taneytown; Rev. and Mrs. Francis H. Love, their 52-acre farm near Taneytown to Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. AshcroirC of East Orange, N. J.; Mrs. M. Alice Clemson. 209- acre farm near Union Bridge, to J. R. Conrad and wife Of Montgomery county: Mrs. Mamie B. Storm, her house and lot near Taneytown to Mr. and Mrs. Orville E. Keefer of Westminster R. D.; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd W. Bitler, house and lot in Taneytown to Mrs. Mamie B. Storm.· APARTMENT// THE ELEVATOR j | WELL THAT GIRL AGREED r ABOLTT TJE* SCRIBE WAS- BEHIND IN HIS- RENT INSPECTOR. WITM THAT WE, WAS- DOWNCAST IT UF? BOV5-. LET'S- SET BACK TO H EADQUARTERS SOMEHOW I HAVE A FUNNY FEELING ABOUT THI SUICIDE-AND I CAN'T QUITE 'MEANWHILE. FOR ^P FEEDER THE VORLD AgAIMf 8CKSHT DONE IT BOY/ THE PERFEC'" I'LL STILL.HAVEl 5OME FUN OUT OF THIS-. I'LL GO THROUGH WITH ANY PROMISE TO HIRE VIC FLINT TO PROVE rr''£r NOT SUICIDE/ PKISCILLA'S FOP To Each His Own DON'T THINK KNOW A^K- DEA/? CH/L.'/ ^ 6ETSV ROSS WAS BORN LONG BEFORE YOUR TIME!! T. M. DEC. U. S. PAT, .COPR. 19S1 BY Ml OH, THAT EXPLAINS IT- OU'T PLAY MUCH WITH OLDER OUR BOARDING HOUSE M SHOPPING DAYS Until 1870, departure from Japan was a native offense punishable by death. L I T T L E LIZ Adolescence is the age when children start trying to brmg up H 6 V / gLOOO/ VOO EEALLY ·DID COT MY EGAD/ MAYBE YOU SHOULD COT .-THROAT WMeM Me PULL'S THA A£OOT THE OMLY VARIETY IT IT'S CATSUP/ IS A 1 DEVI-SED OF 'SIMPLY TUc HANDLE VMH£Nl PRETCMD tO COT VOUR THROAT, AMD TMS $QOiRT5 OUT ·UP FOR TH£ MEALS MEM DO VJS 6TAR.T OUT OTCTE «f 4T PONJ'T LOOK) BUT THEf; i B '· / I TH IMK TH' WORLD'S, TH'LITTLE NOTEBOOK A6ISJ/ | WORST PfSAWEACK ) MV WIFE PRES-SES MY PANTC )v : s TOO MUCH. sruF~ EVEEyNISHT SO I'LL LOOK. /./ OM PAPER.'. HE'LL * M ICE -- BUT I TOLP HIM A \ / " 11AVE ALLTH' BOSSES' RECIPE FOR BAfisy KklEES H READIM 1 IT, COPYW OF F. '.OMV RUBBERIZEP / \ IT, STUDYIKr IT, «=rrAt?rM . · ' r TR.VIM' 1T--AN' i^sagigasasngssaai^^^ i?. w SPA PI? R

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