Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 28, 1962 · Page 6
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 6

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 28, 1962
Page 6
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TUES., AUGUST 28, 1962, Lake Chortes American Press Talk on Bank PR Is Heard At Meeting A talk on "Financial Public Relations" was heard by members j of the Lake Charles Group of the • National Association of Bankj Women at their quarterly meet-; ing held recently at the Belmont restaurant. • DEAR ABBY Better Divorce Him Now While You're Still Young By ABIGAIL VAN Rt'RKN The speaker was Mrs. Bonnie H. Smith, assistant vice-president, Mamma STROLLING STRINGS — Enjoying the music of "Strolling Strings," a branch of the United States Air Force band, Saturday night at Ihe Chennaull Officer's open mess, were Co!, and Mrs. John W. Livingston and Li. Col. and Mrs. Richard C. Pease. The Commanders were hcsis at the dinner-dance which honored a number of leading local citizens. DEAR ABBY: I thought 1 ('"uld ot" live without Alan, so my signed for us to g r i Gulf National bank. Mrs.' Smith is i marricd T am lfi and hc is 22 - M >' a 1959 graduate of the School of fnll V s didn ' t want me tn c cl ni; " Banking of the South at LSU and :ncd but thc >' wcre ft>arfl11 - if tho > a 1962 graduate of the School ofi dldn<t s 'S n for mc - ] mi P !lt ' Ul in Financial Public Relations, Chi- a famil - v wa >'- cago. Well, lo make a long story short, we have been marricd for She also served as general sec- : four months and Alan has retary for the annual regional ; changed. He leaves me alnne and NABW convention in Louisville, i runs with his boy friends, 'He has even dated some old dr! friends.' Me has hit me a couple of limes. When I beg him to stay home or take me with him. he says I nag him. Abhy. I can't tell ruy parents I made a terrible mistake, and I can't live this way any more. Please help mc. TOO YOUNG. DKAR YOUNG: Ad mil you were wrong and go home In your parents. Alan obviously is mil rendy for the responsibilities of marriage. Perhaps an jmniilinciil r.m be arranged heratise of your married and divorced twice, and apr. Invite a rlrrsiyman to sit in is planning on a third marriage, with your parents and his. Retter lie works for his father 'when iimv than three years and three he feels like it) but he never has ' Ky. i Presiding at the meeting was 'Miss Ethel Stine. assistant cash! icr. First National bank. HH * Lime to Clean Out That Cluttered Medicine Chest Most medicine cabinets, which ting in the cabinet for a 1 o n g struct youngsters to keep away should be used for storing essen- • time, can lose their strength and from the medicine chest, tial family health supplies, are become useless. Or they become to become catch-alls for half- ' dangerously over-concentrated, as used, half-forgotten remedies, old in the case of iodine which may razor blades, empty lipsticks or become strong enough to burn the summer pancake make-up. skin. They can. and do, get so clut- lf you have lroub!o ma k inc lnc tered that the proper medication f arni } y ta k e necessary vitamins or is hidden in the mix-up or miss-'other" preparations 'your doctor ing completely-just when you're may recommend, yu'u should ready to treat a cut or burn. know that manv drues are now Kn =„ „ ,. . , . ., Now that you're doing the over-; flavored to suit"individual tastes. ' lhe , T'.'T chcst ; should •••••- cleaning, the time ; Dict supplements of vitamins and , * " * locked ox on e very WEEK'S CALENDAR TUESDAY, AUG. 28 Sulphur Trinity Lutheran Lanes ; a' 50 get Aid meets Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. clothing and paid holidays Maid Shortage Is a Problem In Japan, Too TOKYO <WNS> - Housemaids, who were little better than slaves before the war, now command higher pay than factory workers, a government survey shows. Maids earn an average of $2fi.42 a month while the average wage of spinner s is $20.fio. About 74 per cent of the employers were found to give maids an average yearly increase of $1.55. Maids room, board, gifts of babies l.iler. DKAK AI',HV: Whenovei my v, i!e and i \\anl to co somewhere she tells me she has "nothing" to wear. I swear to you you couldn't get another dress in her closet it is so crammed tight with dresses. Will you please tell me what a woman means when >he says she has nothing to wear'-' STITII). DKAK STlt'lD: Your wife means she has nothing "new" tn wear. Hut that is no longer a legitimate excuse lieiMuse the older a dress is these days, the newer it inoks! li.ive h e e n I am .V2 and Thi-' i- t ! u< DriAK ARMY: I marrifil imn years nn husband is il; si'-'fi'vl m-:.n ia-«' i'>r i"i:!i ot i I have man : ed riiiititrn never ask !:>r .1 tiling tiom He h.i> a s»n v.i)i) !- .V.. h;).- I any money. He wants his failur to pay for the rings and the htm- eymoon. I told my husband ;.!,- solulely not. lie says he will do it for thn last time and swear off helping the boy. I'd like your opinion MRS. K. F. DKAR MRS. K. F.: The "ho>" is 38 years old. He hasn't hf haved like a man because he h;is not hern required to. If y n i r husliand buys the rings and \\. nances his son's honeymoon, he had heller prepare to take earo n[ this free-loader forever. I'nload your problem on Abhy. For a personal reply, send a self- addressed, stamped envelope (o ARRY, care of this paper. KIM- AMiy's booklet, "llnu To l!,:\c A Lou-ly Wedding." -.end :,i) cent' lo ABHY, Box Tito, Bev- cr!\ Hills. Calif. Small Radios Help to Make Sports 'Better Understood' to the Fans Today in Fellowship hall of church. In a recent week. One of the leading producers <>t the .small, battery-operated units, reports a recent study at t h o Yankee Stadium. New York, showed 784 women listening to An American tion committee doses Iv is Medical Associa- says that over- of aspirin taken accidental"an important hazard to The SPEBSQSA meets Tuesday, i only 810 applicants for 3 6U, IulJi , , „ 7:30 p.m., 1710 Hwy. 14. goffered by families. Maid's usual-. p " me ' A " cslimalcd 20 "° oth " Social Dancing night for adults ! ^ chose families with most elec-' er M -' ts - OWI1C(I by boys and men. children under five years of age." Perhaps you can raise the height of lhe cabinet so youngsters can not reach. Poisonous items, if t.hcv must recrea- tnc gadgets. also were in operation. A recent survey showed 78 per Most women interviewed stated .-„ -. lv . im . ,_ ,„ , , , ,, S WMCT to un(lcrsland tlie only, High School Park tion center, 8-10 p.m. Ceramics classes for beginners j cenl o[ r °kyo householders have .1,.,, Civil Defense Women's Police l cent have electric rice cookers. 43 l fall house ideal for checking your cabi- lr Throw (nit anything you can't i'-'i -i:tify. empty containers and all tunes that don't belong there. V.'h'-n you've completed the clcan- i:'<. -!ock the chest with basic supplies and emergency medica- 1 1 '••;•.? you need. First aid .supplies, for school- Be •• athletes and older do-it-your- sellers. should include adhesive bandacici. gauze pads, rolls of '.: a u 2 e. an antiseptic, adhesive i::oe. traincle bandage, a roll of c '.'.on. and burn ointment. S'<>ck up on seasonal remedies suvh as couch medicine, a nasal fic"'":it;': : -tt!iU. eye drops and a s-l'.e or .solution for temporary K'.-v.-ie aches as winter weather, minerals often come in fruit-flavored syrup form. And every mother knows how everyone loves chocolate. Check with your family physician for suggestions or other e m e r g e n cy preparations you should have in the medicine cabinet. He can also advise you if old prescription drugs that you have on hand are still potent and useful. Then you can fill the gaps thai remain in lhe cabinet. Some other items you may want are: a thermometer, blunt edced scissors, calomine lotion or a salve for minor skin irritations, rubbing alcohol, an athlete's foot remedy, tweezers, baking soda or other antacid and any prescription undoubtedly result in oc- ; drugs you may be taking regular- colds and discomforts. > L v - top shelf. A good light in the bathroom is necessary so markings on , tcr ' Mrs - Georgia Earle, " unit meets Tuesday. 7 p.m., in electric washing machines. 49 per sporl whcn radio annn »" ( -'C' rs K've f rom court house basement. j P er ccnt have vacuum cleaners P1 a y-hy-play descriptions of a WEDNESDAY AUG 29 ' ant ' 79 f>C ' Ccnt ' 13VC te ' c P"ones.-game. Social dance class for adults held Wednesday, 8-10 p.m., School Park recreation cen- in- Several v.omen said that t h e y found the miormatkm giving them an introduction to a spoil \\hicli enabled them to icni.ui: nn rqur.i spcakini: ground v. il'i (heir h u .v bands. One ;u --l.iii-fl lh,-u hn-oiu- ing intormed about ba.-ciial! has eliminated f a m i I y arguments. No 1 ,,, when her husband takc.s li> r to a game, she does not ask questions. but o b t a i n s inlurmalion iom baseball to other I'V'i'iil-. tiny units are certainly cie- more compatible situations, Count on a pound of cube sugar ;,s yielding a couple of hundred pieces. Handy to know when you are fivim;; a crowd! The attitude to know more has REGISTRATION Now In J'rosress Lody Leah La Fargue School of Dance fall UK P.-1125 or HE 9-4011 ; only in the Coffee Shop of Majestic ho- recommended i lcl- - Sc( ;' onci Wednesday of each packages can be"cosily midr Aft-i structor - er using, make sure to put t h e Lake Charles Duplicate Bridge top back tightly so the drug will club meets Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., last longer. The medications are only for the simplest of "ail"-: montn is Master Point night. Ceramics classes are taught Wednesday, 9-11 a.m. and 14 p.m., High School Park recreation center by Mrs. A. B. Nevils. THURSDAY, AUG. 30 I Review course in social danc-i ing for adults only, taught Thurs-1 ments. In case anything out-of- the ordinary or serious occurs you should not play doctor, but call him. As a final touch, paste on the cabinet door a list of emergency telephone numbers — your doctor, pediatrician, and Book. Now pharmacist - ] day, 7-8 p.m., High School Park get a Red Cross First A i d ; recreation center by Frank Blackburn. Golden Age club meets cverv your rnrdicine chest f'-ll school rooms and crowded of- I'M es \u Cc^irmal When try iv.t rnv .-.,,-e di-iasu-r Large leaciy to help you out when need- second and cd - (be real home safeguard it i p.m., High is meant to he. , tion t ,, nu ,, fourth Thursday "M School Park recrea- you buy these supplies, to get the large, econo- A word of camion. Children are often fascinated by colorful bot- unless you're expecting a ; ties and good tasting preparations. or have a large family.! As overdoses of even mild drugs bottiw of medicine, sit-i may be harmful, make sure to in- Beauty Is a Duty - Love of Others Reflected in Self care GOREN ON BRIDGE loving pass Pass pass Tf 'it's o- Tne Chi'.qjo Tfioune! ANSWERS TO BRIDGE QUIZ Q. l— As South you hold: *A 10964 2 ¥K3'*K3 AJ 103 Trie bidding has proceeded: S r 'Uih West North East Pass Pass 1 A Pass t , What js your response? A.— While normally we would give Jiariner e little leeway when he has opened In the third seat, In this in- dance II might be pulling loo much pressure on him to merely Jump in spades, so we would gamble il oul fey leaping right to game. • -»--Q. 2— As South you hold: AAK104 V 1086 54 2 4A5 *A Th:> bidding has proceeded: South West' -North Kast 3V J'ass 2* 2V Pass 24* 3* Pass 4* 7 What do you bid now? A.— Kive club's. Whlln partner has »oi shown outstanding strength, he Is to be relied on for a seven card »ult. Your weakness In hetrts •hould not b» a deterrent, for part- Jicr U marked with k. singleton at jnosi. With two of the- suit he Should have returned lo hearts the three spade bid. •-»Q. S— As South you hold: <M953 *8 4K1094 The bidding has proceeded: • North East South West 14. Pass !• l* t * Pass ? What do you bid now? A — Three tpadei, a cue bid sug- f tt'.ing flam. powibUilles. Your and Is worth, J4 polnu In support Of clubs and partner hat opened »nd jumped. You will support club* «n tht next round and tb* extent «f your raise will depend on part* Jjer's next bid. --» <i. 4— As South you hold: , * A 4 3 V A K 6 2 t 6 4 2 * 8 5 3 'I'iie bidding has proceeded: South \\tkt North Kast Pats Pa»g l f What do you bid now? A — (>i\v heart. No thought should fct j.'iicn to f jump bUJ. The old favhtoi.ed i>'i>i-r would undergo '» <|'-!i'K cliai'iie In b)o<Jd prtkiuru- at V>t- ir.i."..j;tii ijl ha-. ing pasitd three Jonor Uickt In point of fad this ^iiid it worth on IN 11 pomt» J>nd, If low, Q. 5— As South you hold: AA62VA9754«J3*Q42 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East Pass Pass 1 V Pass 3V Pass 3 NT Pass o What do you bid now? A. — Pass. You have a S-3-3-2 distribution, one of the best for no trump, and with values In all suits >»;j should prefer to play for nine tricks. Q. 6— As South you hold: A KJ9S742 4 852 • * Q 7 6 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 3* Pass 4V Pass f) What do you bid now? A. J'his. I'artiHT presumably he»id :. <>u 1'id three spades, an. Jiouiii-ins thai your hand Is worth- !t->.s in ans thing i-Ue. If he bidi four hesm it is In the belief that he expect* to make Ihe contract In his o-*n hard, tion'i be a nuriij- Q. 7— As South you hold; 4A652 VKJ-JS7 • AG *A 10.' The bidding has proceeded: South \V(. s t .\orth East. 1 V J'ass 2 f Pass 2 NT J'ass 4V Pass o What do you bid now? A.— Our preference U for tix hearts. Jt i* true that we ha\e only 16 points in high cards, but valued at hearts our hand is worth • hjrt-t- more points after North supports the mil, one for each of the dcnib'.Hun.-, ar,d one for the fifth card of the supported heart suit. . » . Q. 8— You a; '.-. South, vulnerable, and you hold: l 4k A J JO VK-J7G42 *AKS3 The bidding has proceeded: South West North Kast IV I * Double Pass «> t What do you bid now? A.— J'abs. Jt is imo that we arc* normally rtluclaut to lea vis ii, a low leu-1 double when void of the adverse bull. In this can-, huvu-ter, we have- jnur»: than eno.ijjh defensive vaiufs to justify (jur opeiuiig bid. and it is very piobible that partner l.v short in hearts v,h*n he choo.-.fs to UouWe a /iou\uiiitrabii» Cij>puaejH, By (JAYKI.ORD HALSKR energy can he released for I Modern psychiatry tells us that othcrSi all the riches of Croesus can Jo " love is llfo ' lllcn '"eallh is the ; nothing for a woman who does: fucl of lifc> Bllt "either a 1 o n e j !not love herself. Do 1 hear you • may rcsult in beauty. By physio-i ' protesting that J advocate selfish-' lo S ic al standards, the people I j ness? saw in Russia were healthy peo-: ! pie. They have built their coun-i The fact is that J do. 1 believe | try with sweat and brawn, but 1 in the selfishness that leads us ' to make the most of ourselves. they have made the worst of themselves. They seem to have lost respect for their own healthy bodies, to have forgotten (heir own faces. Their syslem insists on crush... . , „ ; i»t! the individual. They attach Beauty is a duty. Love of self, no importance to the uniquely in- as reflected m lhe care of voin The psychiatrist Krich Fromm : , tells us that love of others is im- i i possible without a certain kind of love of self. > i person and the enhancement of your looks, is an expression of a dividual personality. And so there is little beauty among them, e.\- ath- . . , , <--ept i'or their dancers and healthy personality. The opposite ; j clcSi T n e s e are pnvilefied per- is also true. Neglect of your per-< snnSi a || owcd to dcvelop in , heir son and the carelessness of beau-. own way. And so, only they are laying habits is a symptom of | )c autiful mental illness. „,, , . , . , ... Jlie lesson is plain lor us. AH It is well known in mental hos- beauty begins with self-love, or pitals thai beauty and fashion are self-respect. If you have that, then therapeutic remedies, helping pa- you will follow the correct paths tients return to self-respect, which of nutrition and beauty science, is another name for the self-love --I-Yum U ay el or'd Mauser's 1 mean. Love is a great vivifier, "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall." and it begins with self-love, with, (Copyright IWil. by Guyelord being at peace with self, so lhati Mauser) Easy Way to Kill Ants and Roaches Uruth On Once-Last* For Month* JOHNSTON'S NO-KOACH: Simply brush Johnston 1 * No-Koach on cabinets lo control cockroaches, OQ kill* to slop auts. No need to move your dishes or breathe harmful spray*. No-Koath is preferred by good housekeeper*. Keiueinber: No-Uoach means no ruucue*. I I

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