The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 4, 1932 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1932
Page 6
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SIX THE DAILY NEWS, FEEDERICK, MD., SATUBDAY, JUNE 4, 1932. MANY IEK-1 GAMESSGHEDULED Chicago Cub Pitchers Hold Answer Of Season Race | Ail Kinds Of Records Tied Or City And County Teams To Beaten In Yanks-A's Game. Swing Into Action. P I R A T E S S T O P C U B S DOUBLE HEADER SLATED Gehr'-S WEEK-END BASEB.41X CARD Tod»». t^y he o-^lei ou: « tsi-rn N-if.3nal5 »ho did it '·" rioucned 31? George Earr-sha 1 * f ^. .»-'ee holers and l/eR"y Vor the fcurtt- »« but one of then ccmmg with tr.e bases Three other Yar-teeJ. Baae R- Combs iai Tor.y Insert hit whiie Miey Ooch-'sr.e and "cxx cf t-ie A's h.t Ur t-* circuit ·ie two other standards. They are major league records ?f sever. m a F.fd-rf-jt Eagle .-r.-n-. 300 All boro. 3 Xi urmor.:. Th'-r- Woxls- | vs Myers', :".e, --as hosiers Jimmy to Kime Sunday- A. C vs. Majestic Raoio of Washington. McCurdy Field, 130 Frederic* Eac'-« vs. Hagerstown Eagles. Hagerstown. 3 00. Terminal Nine v WaikersMlle Independent*. Walters\ ille. 2 30. Y. M K B. vs. Boyda. Bcyde, 2 30. F A C. Juniors is Fr"deri':ic Cardinal." P. E diamond. 230 Featured by a double header here Sunday aft^-rn^on between the Frol''rlrk ^fjfV"*TM-^f -' 3 C '-'^-' °'-' f - * K ' .V-hletx Club and tr.e Ma.-v.c Radio ' which fe- "*«* lhe K**^" majo: ,,«, mar* for total bases by o» the American League standar^ .or teains. The Yasis fc'-t for 50 bases Philadelphia for 27. The m»r« i«« Ml were 46 by Brooklyn and .6 by the Yankees and Athletics tn £830 ^ B *"" . 20 23 3 ..13 13 v Ae Washington, a schedule of t-n city ar.d crusty teams for today and tomorrow. Today's contests »ill al?jrd County League clubs their last cliance to participate In exhibition game* before ::ie of the season next Sat- iric ,lwln bill at McCurdy Field '-» | the first ever played here on the Sab- ' By Claire Barcky ill Health Cause Of Fiery Manager's Action. BILL TERRY SUCCEEDS HIM N«« York. Juo« 3.--Join J. McGwr.; i for 30 years manager of tbe Sew York s I Gianu. today resigned because ot 01i \ health and Bis ·Terry, first baaenai".. I ais appoJEtt-d to succeed hisa. ! Toe report of McGrsWs resignation j ' coaxs at a ttsie vbes the Giantc' tar' -.urxes a« at their lowest ebb in years. | ' Hated as strongest team in the i *h*3 toe season began, the ! uts went into a alrvnp sooa alter the I -?asoB oper-ed, and today they are · Soosdermg in -set place, two tun games behind the seventh place Phillies. Terry is rated as the finest Srst i basenian in baseball, and one of tfce j sreat players of an time. He was a i persistent hold-out curing the spring ! o' this year but was brought to terms , after a personal conference ·»lth Mc| Graw--a. conference which »as ar- i ranged by McGraw and which saw the ; : Giants' manager break a precedent by j \ t ravelins to keep an appointment with ! i 2. stubo^m player. i i Five-Year Coutraet- i McGraw was working unoer a five- 1 Upseis in sports occur surpns-iem CaLfomia and Stanford, in the 1931 year contract with the Giants, havms ; ;ng regularity. 1 signed for this term in 1930. Durms j Gra ,, t jjcDc-j^ai iicci gaining tne HOOT MALOXB but any that k«pe J. · jntereollegiaies. If he had not count,,,__! ed them. Corceli would have topped the Quakers for the honor of leading i{^tne^ C Y^^^^^i--^^- *-- «*- *-!*-!·£ -tem *««., coutri- Batteries: Gome: sad ahaw. Cccbrane. " -" r ' "- t»-"**-" -·.».. w-- _,, --- .fa-.r-i.i--.,- r-,,K« Allen. Rhoades. . ba :h The first encounter » ill commence bureau o. the Ciilcago Cubs, B'owr.. Dtckey: Mahafley. Earn- Kraasse. RomnieU ar.d BY WILLIAM BKAL'CHEK i handed r^rps of flmsers that has b^enjold Ohioan ou: of :he notion that he | NF.A srrrire Sport* writer 3~i':!ii)lri in nary years ?:3 » through. '.,,,,.,..New York. June 3.--The pitches CSI.TVS. Bush. Hoot. Malone. War- Root has besn pitching a» hard lues ' D 7" / fcas ' neke. Bob Smiti:. at" r n '.lie let. and all of tt ani-j.-ij th" league's leaders'. the ir.o-.ind time after tune was the least this fir along, it appears o'clock with Frank Fralcy on I been keeping a fair hitting, fair field- .'." against the hard hitting % isi- ; ^ ball club at the top of -he league.! j^t tors. Buck Svickman and Phil Myers ! ·Aill halve me nightcap The Majesties; l today a 2-1 to Rive the victory over Batteries: Blaeholder r a=d Berry. ... 1 and H 5 10 a? and tenth inning Louis Browns Wbite Sox. The score: St. Lotiss , , n n i Tfct :oca : Eag!es jjumcy across South Mountain for a joust w i t h the i Hasersto-a-n Easiles in the Hub mur.lcl- | pal Stadium, -.\hile the Y M. E B. trav- TJ^J, O .. ju^.e 3. Wesley Fcrrell turn- ' els to Mor.tgorr.ery county for a game "" "" - " .--·-» . A .. h Boyjjj xhe Terminal Nine St. the E. 1 0 ed ; n OK- of his old tune games today to zive the Cleveland Indians the flrst · - doable header with the last four game.« Only one other game as'.! be played in this city Sunday, the F. A C. Juniors meetine the Cardinals on the , , . . . , Potomac Edison diamond at ? 30 o'clock.!^ 1 TM' be TM runctwar.? to !»tc. U- ·a 111 U for you. as it "nappe:* the Cubs have been fieldinc and hitiiac llie ?- secmd division out- ^ t _ t f r^^.^ -. . V (1.. . j'. «!*, Mr Grimes is jus: begtnntssr to find his f^rni. Hampered by illnes^ during the first fe must give one tnrr correct answer by ( ' h a t p::cr--i:-c v.ill do June Z~ The qunstion is the Xa".onal Leagu» pennant this year, and the Cube" cur- ienl mvas-on of the east. -A' lasts nearly ail month. v.-.:i iurn-sh the reply. Juricin; by the ·-··ay those Cub pitch- heavei ' ers ha\e been funct!»r.iii? to cl»'.c. tli" -.n-.e the , mid-summer test ^.ould reveal that , R.uah A recent shutout he lianceci to', ' the old saying aiyut pitching being 1 !.-_s old -nates, the 90 per cent of a club's rtrength is -ib- ' :·· reatly *n S". s--.!':;ely "n the up and up Ti! rr-3t of the slaff hxi cauch' his The Cul«. w.tli -i fe-i- holes h«-re and ?p.rit of jii^icAi^ty. Gr;=:es al*ays there in the uif.cld. one good out- , has been that s"rt of jfi;y. His COCKV 'Of a'--rc down thi'ir I riinfifipnce inspires others to p.ten c of basebaU history, j ship ia J^T «iS oa v e to be of nia- j buiioc was a fourth piace in the han-.- x was playing with the old 3a!- i jor proportions. IT successful in the 1. i mer throe-, an effort that measured lol Orioles when he was sununooec s c. A. A. A. A. gar-ipK in Ca^focnis,! feet 7 3-4 inches. To that distance he Fre^drcan. then president, j and critics agree n^ chances are the! sine* liss odriec approsamE.:*!? 12 feet. tlv sn-in? His appearance o" -= taite charge of the disorganized i brigatest, McDougsl aulosttaticaHy oe- \ Eis first championship performance "" " i Giants. He assumed the leadership on ] comes a favored candidate for tloe U. · in tbe 1932 campaign was in the . ] Julv 19 1902. Since that time the's. Olympic team. ; Perm Relays. Ee won the special ham- signal for his mates to -orget tueir | Gl ^ nts " U JYe won 10 i eague pensants This busty young collegian is a Cii- !_iEer -Jizm-x event with a toss of 157 feet iiob.e oirtur^ht ana start pun^n^anaj .,,/.-^.^ W(rl x- s championshps. · cago boy aKend^is the University of 9 7-3 inches. Less man a monti af- drop-ltiekir.; practice Malor.e. toush., -- -^ a(jt , gp ^ a , M . iIcGra:r took | Pennsylvaira- He was considered a ' ter this he gol of: s. heave of 163 feet Sm.t:i and Tinnms na'.e neen cojn.s · ch2 , gg Qf .^ Glan:s t hat they became j fair weight man is-lien tile current out; 7 1-2 inches against Cornell. r.-.or» than their s..are. , r . n ^ ^^ co;or f ul ^z-^ jj, the game, i door campaign began. Off his rapid i His recent rise is tie\ved with op- The surprise has been Lonaie vvar- . ^.^ j; _ e ^^ ,., a , ed a ,, d jia-^-j. The ! developzieat these sumff^?- da;.^. ris tim ; .v^. Coaches believe he may be cfM L-nder carefiu last, arj .. va , or the G iants in a hostile city i nOT - is listed a potential Olympic pooit , beaving the hanmer distances of 165 \vas always the signal for a full quota i trinner. i and 170 feet by July. And thai kind to deride the "city i TvIcDouga! was good enough to scof- i of ihrow:n; ·x'Jl discourage a lot of . I..WC.O. -- = the financial gain j j^- o o f the 21 points Pennsylvania | foreign contestants bere for the j to be had in a team that was desp'-sed. j ajace in finishing third behind South- I Olympics. I M.-Graw encouraged his players to be ___^___________ season. j ^ ,- i .. a _ d .-.-,,-'· j " " - ·"· -- ' agaLru^GiarrB^^'^P^. ^ ^ nd ~%°4reL^^^ If he can hold his own against the · .'.'_,,,,."",,,,;,, V-.C^H-,-" r'nan his players. := = weeks, the burly' year he imprwed considerably, but: or v,·a^ trivcn plenty of there ·nas r.o hint of the distinct shock j ^ ^ a ,, _ e , dy t-- p^t Into cond.tion by t h e - h e gave we baseball world--including ;y .""'.. "D e " a iV-, asanacer--*y suddenly becomiaci :"V C - ' ,, * -\.T, T, _ shoves he! unbeajabie by the toughest clubs this | _ ^^ Q* ^ Tigers. 3-1. The Indians also roped 'jhtcap, 10-7. "iss^rf^s?« Mr "-^^s»'T^£*«*^rz -s?3?,,=5 ,rsro^s,· s» ^^^^s^^^^^i^^^r^.^^^ r , . d Detroit" """' K . 3 H 10 9 Thurmont. Mlddletown and Woods E. I boro -Kill be playing on their home dia- 0 j mends today against the Frederick 1 ' Eagles. Smithsburp A. C and Adams- hard-hitters of these three teams curie road tnp. the pennant verdict' seem to be reached by the end June. knew more baseball than nis . and all but forbade them to think once - j t n e y stspped upon the diamond. ^They bearing. structions. This and Kuel Second game: BatteriesV Ferrcll and Sewcll; Bridges ,· to»-n A. C. respectively- Thurmont and ( the Eaglee should put on » real scrap j R. H. E-. this afternoon In view of their showings ' 10 11 1 j last week against the Hagerstown I 7 15 1 [Eagles and the Mt. Airy A. C. i i ^Batter'es: Harder, Connaliy and! Middietown will taper off for t h e , Myatt' * Wyatt. Herring. Goldstein, | County League opening against the i HoKBSttt and Havworti. ; Smithsburg A C. The visitors should j ^"^ " _I I afford Bill Haaver an opportunity to get j Pittsburgh. June 3 --A long home a line on his 1932 Valley asgregation. i --jn in tn- lencthemns inacow in cen- | piay will commence at 2 30 o'clock. ( tc-^Seld gave the Pira'^es a 6-5 victory j A large crowd should turn out at · over the Chicago Cubs after 11 innings woodsboro taday to see the contest be- , cf eood and bad baseball today. It was t^cen W^odsboro and Adamstowa. The , rj-jjjj. p-; ct _ busting Pittsburgh second I sam e clubs met last week and put on, sacker. ino broke up the game. With ' a 5 ;trrinK 10 inning scrap befoje Woods- none out and no one on, Tony cracked boro finally »on by a score of 8-7. iDEMOLAY ALUMNI TEAM WINS FROMJONIOR ORDER "'us h^ cenius ;? e autocratic for doms the ri?ht for ^ | AN APPROPRIATE | I GRADUATION GIFT I ViBiam BraucKer none out Jake May's first pitch out, to the flag twie a-.d' 'hen Jo^tsed home. The Cubs threatened" in -heir half of the eleventh. Hensley got cr.e hit in times. The scrre- R «· Chicago Pittsburgh ilay. Smith Jack Gardner will lead his team of All-Star?. composed of tlie best r!ay- ers in the city, to Mjersvil'.c tins after- for »n encounter with the County League team n tr.a: place. 6 13 , 3 ' and Hems.ey. Brookl-- June 3 --The B-sstor. Braves i scored a r^s :r. the r.-".th isr.^g to- , cz-e on two Broos:- errors ans Worts- | ington's double a=d defeats: the Bods- i ers. 6-5. Tr-e score: Boston ........ - . 6 . Cus=:=gha!r. a-d Sprhrer: W Moore ar.-i Lc??2 AMERICAN LEAGUE Yesterday's Resalts. Ke-s- York. -C: PliJadelprJ. 13 ·St. Lou^. -. Chicaco. i C:eve::=5. 3-10 Detroit. 1-T O r.rr cr-m-? r rankr-ouw. Clark. W r as ihe STADS p!aq it Summer Thinking. Jack Sharkcy sets homesick in tra'.n- inij camp now and then and hops home fcr a day with the w i f e and kids. Quif , a family man. qir.v a iami'.y man. Oh yes. quite a family man *- * * Poise Quiet. The public pulse to date has registered no violent reaction :· tr.e top story of the year, the Olympic games ^Vell. that's prefv l'-rrd to f.pure out. I guess, yfs fir. it's pretty liard t? agure cu' Those Strange Bronms. With one more pitcher. :ho=e Brown- prcbably wru'.rt win the Amrr'.car. League pennant Same «3ni as last year. t.-xj makm? it bard to understand whv tr.ey'r- s--. to.ich t- th s 5car Yc5. that's prefy l-.ard to stand Hamas-LoujhraTi. Evidently inr cuht^mers in Philadelphia are g;ir.:; t,'- have another brut bcfaeeri SV-e Hamas and T-nimv Loughran on their lir.r.c- r-n-.e c^;. in June Thi' v,-.:i bo 'he th.rd n--ev.n; bXl: '.mes Guess t ~ .5".".;r. .;'.--· "· · nin this en? \ c- e . I =u".v "ne nisht ; ..-t as well * JT * Or. Why? Em.e Schaaf. B-x'ton :-.· rf wh^m Jack S.Tarkev has ,% f.r.ari- si nand in response to a greeting Ma\be Mr. Harridgo ought to see that ever/ player has a hancSerchief in h.s bu^e. the be'ter to ^a\e with- Eversdy Routs Muse Nine Industrial Section. the Fraternal Tod.iy's Lttle object lessen concerns ·he Briton Brakes and the Cincinnati Reds. Certainly the depression is going to cr.5' He Foxxcd A Couple. On'.v rne man e^er (in-or. a ba^e- i-all o'.er the left nelrl a' C-"mi«- o-y Park. Tlial :s Mr. Jam« Emorv F.\\. ar.c he has c^no i: twice. ·V T'- -Kip* For The .Majors. Opcrat.xcs .n the International !_-v.^ue wnd alor.e the -sv^ri that, three i\.;-p. Montreal oir.iielder: another u Carnegie. Buffalo outfieider. ar.i the tl-ird ·-- \Vcrbcr. Buflaio sh-.rt.=:.-:'. Mr. Cirnecf* i'.as iwn h.fir-c around .400. Well, w e l l w.vch for nnd 1ft you ac:C on tr.e r-gr U. A. M. nir.' In 3f the City : side of the Do You Remember One Year Ago Today--Vince Dundee. Baltimore auccUswe-ght, too's a decision . that -A as not unanimous from plodding : Ben Jcby of Xew Y^rk in 10 rounds a'. an Square Garden. Ignacio Ara. kayoed Buck .McTzeraan, Pittsburgh, in the eiglit round. I 1828 elorecht's single through the box. Keefer rolled out. but Bover sinsleci to bring , ,, En-ebrecht in:, the f^ld. R Roderack I Bradles'f Bucav Bauer -'--e'i out. but Vi~iC'?r 5inz!ti to s;ore r^ycr H Rtxiemrk cut to right · er.c t'ne inning. A ca:--h by Tobery Standing of the Clubs. W. Lv V.rk . . . 3- 13 Pet. 69? C4 :s Ch-cacc NATIONAL LEAGUE ihy he irn't up t.-.ere ·ir ^ ^ Mr. Grimes Slips. 5°.:r.OiCh Gnmcs, appearing a v.a--- -.or.. O . m a hearing en the question o r r^rrr-.anent ahm?ny for the former Mrs to'.d the ;udc? that he ts sl.ppin: swiftly toward th? end of his ca- re-'r as a hall player I «as ;':' ·acnder- .r.z if ire ;ud»:e 'nad been l^okinc O"-"-~r ·r.e p-tchins: averascs lately. ^ - * Touch Gay U Table. Fat Fot'-ierc-.;! s.-.s "r.-- decided "o be- cotr.^ a ^.^ leac'ie b.\".. player because 30-^ l-.itter. b-'-h at 'he plate sr.i en r." scale* The BoitAmlry ·'. « C .rc:r.3 o" ^IT Jim B'ttrm'.cy. ?.:r Broaden -nc Mr R:r:CT arc pretty st.rp to Sr.d ^T.-." '^-'y ?SuV.;n of the ri.f?.cj".:v -f ha- .r.= .-. a".l p'.avrr -^n Jr. O. U A M -- Tocerv cent«rf.sld. Null, rishtgeld: Halm, third base: Putman, shrrtstop. Biehl. second base: Smith, pitcher: Stewart, catcher: Kline. ':r?~ bj;-"*, Blunicnauer. leftfield. De- Molay Alumr.i--Shipley, catcher: R. Xus3. centerSeld. Enselbrerr.t. shortstop. Keefer. pitcher. Butcher, left- iieki. H. B-^yer. leftaeld: P Hoceruck. third rase. Yinger. second base: R. - Everedy Defeats Tailors The E-.ere^iy speectall team of tr.e' Industrial of the City League t^mec a .-.arc fought game tnf a rout' by scor.r.g seven r-ins in the seventh r.5 c:;.~.'.: ir.r.:r.?s '," cefeat the Muse Comsany nine by a score of , '.1-4 in Baker Park Fncay evening. The , E-.crecy srcred t^o in the first and one · .n the serosc. The Tailors tied the score rnr* 1 in me fourth. Tne winners w^nt oiioaci .n *li rt fif'.i ?."^ F'^wpd up .-.-. ur.assistec double play by i:.-Gil. :~ Tr.e linc-itx" E-. creSy--Marer.dt. nt-rlier. H?s*l:r. Five Years Ago Today--Cclor.e! E. R i the S-0 000. added Fairmsun:. Derby, beaiins H P Whitney's Wciskery. Keniuckv Derby winner, and J. E. Widener's Os- ntonc. second in the Kentucky event, by half =· length in 2:05 2-5 for Uw mile ar.-l a quart-er. Ten Years Ago Today--New York defeated Brooklyn 5 to 4 in a ninth inning rally staged before 30.000 persons. the largest Ebfceis F:ela crowd in history. Ross Young s-r.glea in the ninth n;:fi the "esses full, diivmg a the tying runs. Casey Stengel's sacrifice fiy scored the winning tally. 1932 I INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE .= Yesterday's Kesnlts. Headir.c. 11: Bal-ur.cre. 3. Rochester. 2-4: Toronto. 3-5. Jersf" Ci-y. 4: Newark. 3. Other game potsponed. rair.. = Be the graduate Boy or G-irl, your ex= pression of regard can be shown in no better = way than by opening for h?m or her a Sav= ings Account in this Institution. THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION Bankers for Over 109 Years 1828 1932 Games Today. Read.-; at Baltimore. ·Trr.^;.' City at Newark Buffalo at, Montreal. R.-rhes:er at Toronto Buffalo Baltirr.c-e Standing of tbe Clnba. W L, SI 15 IS V.1-- .c. K.r=r.:r.i'.r.. catmer. K' Rochestcr . .'erscy City "9 33 re u. .650 .6:5 j 565 i .531 535 4-13 .333 .257 -AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE' FIRE THEFT PROPERTY DA.MA5r- LIABILITY HELFENSTEIN URNER CITT SFEtD3ALL LEAGUE fFraieraal Divisionl And A '.".--·: c=--- w ar Destroyed. Sport Tips Testerday's Kesnlts. rla;- Al S. Junior Drier Yesternav s Kesalts. ·Pif-Eburzn. 6: O_raso. 5. Bortcn. F 3"-'-:--~. 5 Other f*--,:«s ?r.;tpc-r.«d. tr- .r.£ .v :%: D?Mc ; A~ rr. Games Today. . n Ne.» Vor' a Jors ' - Rfd.ict-.-·-. Cir-.cir.-ati be of the Clnbs. 20 24 25 4T8 455 444 C-r?r;r O-.nci- snj-s time ~ " a player s 1 tr.e sro-mc. .-.lier *li? made I' als~ _« " :; the head down tennis sliculcers and tit J c-pc through Of oourse. U'.e ^ad ed too s--or. L-ft-nc aoly m^ans -ha' ··· a t d result jig _n a :· ,-.; -i ..-. : n-..'.jt- r.. Biitc tii^rc ^ yio ry^ccs^.*- -\^r k ' k cp'~r'.*TM »^ - j Cr* 1 * tr.e head COWT. as .or.? as sc-nx ^'..v- .-r c S^".' Lai '..~.r rail has been h.". ana '.'.·.'· !".r.=c i"-- do-.tec ^·.-·f !-.·»" rr-.d~ should begin t^ 'urr. a.'...; Scr.neicers MXT. ,-. -. ' ~f... V)**~P *--p**^io"n fti*d "^v~ ~~ * - * " " a '~o* of ;ir.g follov-liiro^sh. ,and T.;r.', :c; i Jr. O Standing Of The Clobs. W L. c A ....... i ^y .......... 4 2 .iy A'.u-- -r.i . 3 3 .. . : 5 U A M ... 1 5 Pet .667 CITY SPEEDBALL LEAGUE Yesterday's Results. o-n-.^~. t rvr- 03.- Standing Of The Tlnhs. W. C.f . 3's;:.c* ' E\crcdy Ox ?.=re Sr-sr. r#v sr^x-s He and ·- «s r " r - v?., --i Or-,^:«s ar.d trie .57'. .429 .333 -- Y-T Yar.sess h-=.~ · "-.r-. :. -r.r.s '-ae laj' Thrf P.-^ of the Unitsd S.a:v= · .re .c.i-:rs .n tie Bc^ cluUanarj- War. Haines ? Stock Market SALES FOR COMING WEEK Horse Sale, Tnes., June 7 12 H. At this Sale I will have the usual run of Va» and W. Va. Horses, Mules and Cattle Cow Sale, Wed., hm 8 COWS! COWS! COWS! and more COWS! SALE STARTS AT 12 M. At this Sale. I will hav* some of the best Gnemsevs and Jersey* that money can boy. All of the- Cow^ are mostly fresh and clo«e-np Springers. Place--HAINES' STOCK MARKET FREDERICK, MD.

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