The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 5, 1924 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1924
Page 2
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P\GP TWO. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS &-I.SMITH-") ORDER HEALTH BUILDING FOODS QUALITY FOOD PRODUCTS INSURE COOD HEALTH —FOR SUNDAY— Vegetables R U T A O A G A b lie lb. SPINACH 2(jc 'b. TOMAVOSS CUCUMCitiRt) Gn^i .:N BU^NS WAX HLA'iS CLLtKV M A K 0 O t. S CHHISTMAS C//JDILS AMD Nt.'TS See our KRI-... t ion liutoro I'tiyirifj LA CHOV Chincv.' |--ir .<--.t ''<'. Chcp i-'iy ITALIAN CKtSINUTS Wlenls Dress«d Tu.-kc)'"nes, H< PORK 7 l r . Q1.11L UI N BKF.F Tl'NDEHLOlN COTTACtt CMCC5E CALF DRA1M". D ADY BEEF ROASTS SWIFT'S PRCKIUM HAM 28c prr lb. hv h:im. 8 Hi. avcrag-. SPARE runs lb. FANCY NAVEL ORANGCS DELICIOUS API'LLS IMPORTED PICK CUnRAWTS — CITRON LEMON AND OUANC.E PEEL CANOIEO I'lfJEAl-PLC AND CHtnRIES Phone 1500 FOR RETAILERS SHORT COURSE It is to be Held in Hutchinion Again, Dotes Set, Feb. 17 to 20. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5, i924 Tin) tinnvml retail mnrclianlR . h..ii cniiiv" C 'tntliK-tcil Viy the t'nlvi-rslly nf Kans-in, unci apon- . <IM (1 by tin; i:ii:nnbor of Com- in"rc«, w'll lit? hi>:il in Hutchinson 1'iiirn-iry IT, IS. l!l unci 20, ncconl- I :IL ' Li in f.'iii;:enii'iil« conip'etoil Usl "vi nine ui u canfnrcDco liotwuen il. (1, ln'.;h;'m, ilu-m-tor uf the ex- i.'ii.-'lon ilivitfion nf the state mil- v. i--!t.i- .-iinl .In" K. Nil is, lircalUcnt nf lliu t.'!mm!ior nf Comm-jrcc-. I'Misi'iit nluns, lucluito a ft-llov;- Mii ; i ii 'iiM nn tlio npunliiR day, "iih a '1 iniifr for nil Hutchinson :-'.i .t vi H in L - vi'tiill'Ts, ami tli» Job- ic'.: ;t;nl lii'lllilf.-l '-turorB. Til" firoi; ivfil cover many - i ii>'«-a* liirltiiling ndvprtislntt, i-'i.i'. nrniiic.-nu 'nt, atom papers, '.u-i otmiinR ^ys\tMrifl, etc. A nmp- li i- nf iiMiiniKil speakers will he .->••' niwl, iind it is hoped to engase Alvln T. Podil, ni'innitor of the il"partmn!ii of domestic illstrluti- iii.ii of tlir- ('U-unlu-i' of Commerce nl' tlio Unitt'il Slntcs. lent hellnf that the 1024 corn crop lit tlio smallest since, lilOS, High School Grid Players Honored At Hi-Y Dinner The nnniinl III-Y eompllmentury Imii'i'iat held In the "Y" for the hlRh school football ttraiu last nlRht was a m -ultr -il muxes;-. Twenty-five football wen were present and .15 members nf the chili, with f'onrli It. IV MrCnn-oll, ,1. \V. tlnnans. .1. K, Olllllnntt and A. A. HetnliiKlnii ii< ypuelnl guests. Vnne M*'.'i<lnr, president of the I 'Utli. presided u.i tonstmasler mill farvidl Hnslutl .-r Ravo a luaBt to the leatii wlili'i was responded to by L'.i plain '" lluskiirtl. Coach McCarroll told what he thought of the HI-Y club and a committee -.-..-til by the Hottiiy elub compnscil of A. A. Ktmiiif-lon, .1. \V. II o wans and J. F. (illlllnnd In their turn expressed their appreciation of the worlc of the HI-Y dub. Miss t'harlotto Day gave an amusing monologue mid as a conclusion the members and their guests sane I he "HI-Y nines," composed by "111 Wymnn" and mini; to the popular tune "It Ain't Gonna Italn No Mo'." 7 South Main "The Stoic" Alleged Forgers Are Held at Greensburg Marvin Watson and Ills stepsister Mlsn Joy Watson are under iinc-t at iti'.ensbur.e nnd will be hriuifihi here tonight by Sheriff .i '>' I.air fnrd to face charges of forecry. They are nllepod to have liruk-'ii into a window of the Keno rianini: Mill office lust r-princ and ."ttdi n i«o of the firm's checks wM.h were stamped with the ih. .ii writer for ihn sum of J3G.10. The ( hecks were made out to J, C. Continue Debate On Muscle Shoals Plans Washington, Deo. 5. —The senate contlnuod today Its arRiiment over the best solution of. the Muscle Shoals problem. "With two plans before It, that of Chairman Norris of the senate agriculture committee and one proposed by Senator Underwood, Democrat, Atohnma. the debate on the relative merits of the procedure suggested continued for a great j;art of the day. Scnaior Harrison, Democrat, Mississippi, supporting the Underwood plan, declared President BOARDERS NOT MAN WANTED County Authorities Seek Another Man in Case of At* sault near Abbyville. Evidence was found at Abbyville this noon which shows that Wayne Borders was not iritllty of the attack on Mrs. navn Wnrley nt her homo east of Abbyville Wednesday nlftht. A, knife was found nl her home which has been Identified as boloiiKlnc to a yoiintr man living nesr Abbyville. Investigation showed that the youiiK nmu had son'o to the home of his uncle, only a mile and a half Twin the homo of Mrs. Wnrley early Thursday moraine. His uncle reports that he came lit without a coal and snaked from thu rainstorm. He stayed there and dried his clothes and then left for Castlcton where he'stayed all night. He left there this mornlnR by train tor Kinsman from where -lie was ex- poet in c to go to Wichita. Officers nt Klnjsnwn have been notified and nro expected to find him this afternoon. EtG CLUE STAGE GOES INTO DITCH. The lluichinson •Withlia blue Sl::gc slipped dt'l' tv.'. 1 rri:i.1 last ni^al wiule Uin*;:.£ ou: lor a vas- i:i|! I '.'ir mid ran Into the ditch about Vi milis south of iifre. in ;c!inc towards the Cuiiuii.i .'tail p.-ivetnen:. Tlierc WIT,. n,i |M: •: !!.,iS ill ill-' luu* and ll'.e drive:- ua- tui::. He spcii! tht* nlelit In a irarhy farm inline mitt! li iti ivi-nt oi:t from Mii'ehinsoii t'uis niorni.'ig lo I'lill the V-,: par on' of the dli-'h. WlK-n ymi h.'ii. nnd u ui- e 1 r i i *' 1 'p .ere. Hai:l; to. .i ivrcck will :lil. ; i;'-l»*\ call r.'J '•OOI1 lie .Mo'.i'l- Martin "ami one"w"i' s "eashed' at"'tl7e! ('oolidse "in view of the expres- . -•• • slon In his recent message, could uot and would not veto the Uuiler- wood proposal.' The reverse was true, he said, as to the Norris bill. "His expression of desire for private initiative but In the event of failure for to government to carry on the work," Senator Harrison suld, "is written in tie terms of the Underwood proposal and should meet the conditions of the hour," .N'Mhereott-BlIck store and the other nt the Siiauslt-.r store. An invt-siiuation has bee-n made and evidence has been found which indlntles thai Miss Wulson wrote the checks and her step brother cashed them. The handwriting is .iust thp same as that on some of hor penmanship exercises which she did ;it school. RECORD HOG ARRIVALS AT CHICAGO THIS WEEK C !i !i V.RO . Doc. r>.—Receipts of hn;:s at Chicago this week are oy iar the largest on record. With tomorrow's arrivals estimated nt 15,- O'.tii. the total arrivals for the week will he around ISO.000 as against tin- previous lop record of n.TJ.OUU, tlie first week of January, 11116. Due nf the reasons given for the bik marketing of hogs is a preva- Headaches from Slight Colds Laxative BltOMO CJUIN1NK Tnb- lets relieve the Headache by curing the Cold. A Safe and Proven Remedy. The box bears the signature of E. w. Grove. 30c. Boy Scout troop 1.1 will meet this evening at the Trinity Methodist church with tile troop committee men. Egyptian Plot Said To Aim at Lives and Property in Britain fR.v The AssociRtcd ITcss) London, Dec. B.—An alleged Egyptian plot to assassinate prom|. nent members of the British government and destroy various public huildings In London, Is reported by tlio Daily Mall, which declares government quarters regard it seriously. The paper says news ot the discovery of the plot was sent to the foreign office by Lord Allenby, the high commissioner in Egypt, and that a special cabinet meeting was Immediately eummoned. After the cabinet meeting, the account continues. Sir William Johnson-Hicks, the home secretary, summoned the police chiefs of Scotland Yard tor a conference and specially experienced officers were nasigned to protect the ministers wllo an extra guard rf armed police was also allotted to "vey government department building. NEWTON C. OF C. WANTS F. C. C. REPRESENTATION. commission from this section to fill one of the Impending vacancies. Widen prond communication Is being established with commercial bodies throughout tho territory with n view to centering attention upon the rof|ttest for the appointment. Newton. Kaa., Dee. 5.—Pointing out that eleven states of the middle western agricultural states are without representation on tho In-1 terstate commerce commission, the Newton chamber of commerce has launched a campaign for the appointment of a member of the Spajji of Life Has Greatly Increased In Past 50 Years Washington. Dec. 5,—The average length or life in the United Stales has Increased 15 yoara since 1870, Surgeon General dimming, of the public health service snld yesterday in his annual report to congress. Fifty-six years Is now the aver- j ago spun ot life In America, the. surgeon general suld. This contrasts with the sixteenth century when human life avernged between 18 and 20 years. Increasing to about US years In the eighteenth century and to between 45 nnd 48 years as late as 1900. Tuberculosis Mid typhoid lever, the report disclosed, showed some decrease last calendar year, both In cases and deaths. Diphtheria, also declined, but .1 (hcldod Increase was shown in mttislcs. with 725,529 cases and 10,282 deaths, compared with SBO.- 8fl;i cases and 3,592 deaths In 1022. Special attention was given In the report to whooping cough, which Increased 60 per cent In the lust two calendar years with nn Increased death rate ot 4.4 per cent, most ot which was in children under tive years ot age. Forty-five states reported 30,771 cases of small pox, which is more prevalent In this country than in Europe. Now England hail a much smaller number of cases than the couth, west and middleweBt. Indian and Farmer Held Up As Biggest "Goats" In Congress Washington, Dec. 5.—The poor Indian was held up in the house today as the victim of more congressional sins than anyone else, except, perhaps, the farmer. Representative Howard. Democrat. Oklahoma, declared more money was appropriated for the care of tho- Indians than needed. | and he assailed the Indian bureau j for requesting n»ore money than It required. He declared the bureau failed to revise Its list of the number ot Indians to bo cared for. HUGE FORTUNE NAY AT LAST BE SCATTERED Five Million Dollar McClin- toclc Estate Changes Hands Hands Frequently, Chicago, Dec. 5.--Tho $a,000,000 McCIIntock fortune, which, for years, has novor been enjoyed long by Its possessors, is likely lo ho divided among distant relatives of tho family as tho result ot the death yesterday of Win. McClln- tock, who held It Just seven months since he became 21 last April. There are no relatives on tho sldo of his father, who died In lOUli, nnd only distant ones nn tho side of his mother, who died In 10t.* ( according to Attorney Alexander F. Relchmnnn, Joint guardian with Mr». Wm. M. Shepherd, ot Young McCllntoek, known ns the "million, aire orphan." McCllntoek, died whllo his fl- cueeo. Miss Isabella fopo ot Wll- tnotto, his school day sweetheart, waited with a marrlago llconso to bo married to him In the hospital. Miss l'opn wns mentioned ns n possible beneficiary under tho will, by Attorney Wm. Shepherd, who drew It up. The McCllntoek rorttino founded by a Mr. Hickllng, who died shortly after his marrlago. His widow mnrrled Wm. McCllntoek and dlort shortly afterward. After ho Inheritor) the millions, ho mnr­ rled Miss Emma Nelson, Topoka, Kansas, and their non wns the Mc­ Cllntoek who died yesterdny, TWO DIE IN CHAIR FOR CAROLINA MURDER Columbia, S. ft, Dec. 5,—Mortimer M, King ot Canton, N. C, and Frank Hnrrel ot Union cuunty, S, C, were olectrncutod at tho state penitentiary hole shortly after tl a. m. today tor tho murder of Major Samuel H, McCloary, Just off the Hnlelgh-Coltimhla highway, .July 2, Inst. R. I. Lines Repaired, , The driving snowstorm yesterday wns i morning bent down the Itock Island telegraph Hues between Mulllnvllle and IStickliti. The lines wore repaired late yesterday evening. Automobiles for the Kiddies The American Flyer v Line—The Lasting, Sturdy Built Kind Priced $8.00 to $25.00 OUR MOTTO: QUALITY FIRST, THEN PRICE—AND THE PRICE IS RIGHT I Hi HOSKING & YOUNG MATHS AMI IIMHALS Funeral Services Tomorrow, Funeral services for Mrs. Letba Personett ot u'J'i Ave. C east who died yes .enlay inoru'ng. will be held from Frlesen'a Funeral Home j tomonow afternoon at 1:30 o 'clock with Itev. H. L. Gleckler in charge. The burial will be in the ceniet-' ery five miles southeast of Haven, i Funeral Services For Babe J Funeral services were held this ; Ltlernon al the Johnson Funeral 1 j home for Wayne Robert, tho four- j i months old baby of Mr. and Mrs. \ ; A. D. Watkins of 27 Second ive.; I east, who died last evening.; Burial was in the Eastside ceroe-1 i tery. < j LIBERTY BONOS. ; Final prices quoted by the Mc- N'aghten Loan company today i were: 5 ! J10I1.30-3! 1st 4'i':. -'nd i>t% lui. -I-::J :irrt IU'P tel. tth 4viVr Hi:. : L". 8. 4>J% lej.lii-ss JffE @p,TLS &TOPE (gu HUTCHINSON.' KANSAS. Dainty Silk Underthings! For Christmas Gifts and For Your Own Wear No better Garments are. made than those we sell. You may pay highei prices than we charge, but you will not get better qualities or prettier styles. Gowns, Pajamas, Teddys, Step-ins, etc. New and dainty, ideal for Christmas Presents—and they are priced with the aim of giving you the best value for your money—won't you come and see them? Crepe Teddys $1.95 A very dainty garment made of silky crepe, bodice lace top with shirring below, ribbon and lace insertion trim across front. Peach, Flesh and Maise. Silk Teddys $2.95 These Teddys are made of either Crepe de Chine or Radium, tailored or just as lacy and daintily trimmed as you wish. Nile, Peach, Fresh, White, Orchid and Fuchsia. Crepe-de-Chine Teddys $3.95 Lovely quality crepe de chine, bodice tops, some very attractive suits with just hemstitching and tucks, others all fluffy and lacy. Comes in all the pretty, dainty colors. Crepe Gowns $3.95 Soft silky crepe, sleeveless with wide band over shoulder, tailored or daintily trimmed in lace, Maixe, Orchid, Flesh and Fuchsia. Silk Gowns $5.00 Fine lustrous crepe de chine gowns, short sleeve or band, all very daintily trimmed, some have lace trimming on skirt, all rich colors. Crepe-de-Chine Gowns $5.95 Lovely quality silk, crepe, lace, tucks, hemstitching, dainty bows end everything it takes to make a pretty garment are in this lot. Crepe Pajamas $3.50 Two piece crepe pa'amas.. The ccats are beautifully embroidered in colors. White, Flesh and Peach. Hand Emb. Gowns $2.50 Dove Brand Hand Embroidered Gowns, fine soft material, very dainty embroidery in colors. Store Open Saturday Night. i "• : The Curtis Store Co.: HARDWARE—TIN SHOP—Phone 3752 (Home of FRONT RANK FURNACE)—22 West First DUCHWALL'S Candy! Candy! Candy! YOU WILL LIKE 'OUR PURE FRESH CANDIES, AND V/E SELL TO YOU FOR LESS j 1 'iillow tile i-.]".rieiH :e ot Hiunlred.-. .ii yultr l'licnd -i and J:ltiy All Witir Cimly here. NOTE THESE PRICES: Mar.-limallow-.. unite ur toasted 25c lb. Good Chocolate Crtani.- 20c lb. \ Milk Chocolates !!i '.;h i.W.^.t- ISc lb Cake Eater fkus 3 for 10c 1 Lb. Hnx Choc. Cli .M'fii-- SOc -Butter ScnU-li Wafer-:, t 'rvaut-, liean- Pea nut Sf|ii;m--. Filli'.'l II.-it'll randy. Hi,- . . 20c lb. Read the Classified Ad> in The News-Herald. A TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU The American Way on your Laundry and Dry Cleaning Is The Best To Be Obtained. Gsi'The Benefit of Real Service At Reasonable Prices By Calling Phone 107 or 108. American Steam Laundry and Dry Cleaners Mutton & Oswald, Props. When thu Winter Howls! OVERCOATS X When the fierce northwest wind is at its worst ; one of these blizzard-rcsiiiting Overcoats will come f in iniffhty handy. Not only will style, fabric and : : workmanship interest you, but the unusually low ^ prices, too! ; $20.00, $25.00, $30.00 f FOR GIFTS' Gloves Dressing Gowns | Ti3» Shirts Mufflers Hotiisry FOSTER. & M AINI QUALITY CLOTHES New Piano Store We wish to announce the opening ot our new mu«ic store at 16 East First Street. Just back of Rorabaugh-Wileyt Bldg. Everyone will enjoy a Musical Christmas Vou cannot malce a more appropriate or more appreciative selection tor individual or home than a Grand 01 L'pri.Lfht i'laiin, a Phonograph, one of the following celebrated, radio sets or .1 C. G. Conn Hand Instrument. Turnis Arranged. Grand & Upright Pianos. Henry F. Miller W. W. Kimball Hobcrt M. Cable Schaeffer Reputable Radio Receivers Fada Neutrodynes Freed-Eisemann Atwater Kent And Crafford Sonera & Kimbcll Phonograph* Mall This Coupon. Mayfleld Music Co. 16 E. 1st. Hutchinson, Kansas. Please send full description and prices of' instruments marked below, Grands ( ) Picnos ( ) Players ( ) Phonograph* ( ) Fada Neutrodyne Radios ( ) Freed Eisemann ( ) Atwater K.ent ( ) Cralford Radios ( ) Band Instruments ( ) Write for Floor Patterns of our Baby Grand Pianos MAYFIELD MUSIC CO. We'll buy your used piano. Phons 908 16 E. 1st

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