The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 27, 1918 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1918
Page 7
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m THIS BEAUTY HAD PIMPLES • -• • • Start's Calcium Wafers Provtd That Beauty Comes From the Blood aftd Front Nowhere Elw> • ''Prove This With Frt« Tfl*l Package, '. Plaster your skin nil over and jott'll Utop breathing In an hour. There W dnly one way to rcuiovo pimples, WaekhcadB, eruptions and eczema .with Its rash and Itch, and that is by the blood. In Stuart's Calcium Wafers, the wondorfiil calcium sulpUlde at meals serves to supply the Wood with ono of the most remarkable actions known to science. This 1 B tho activity In keeping firm the tiny fibres that compose even such mlmito muscles as those which control the slightest chango of expression, such as tho eyelfds, Una, and so on. It Is this substance which pervades the entire Hldn, keeps It healthy and drives away Impurities. Oet n 50 cent box of Stuart's Calcium Wafers at any drug store and learn the great secret of facial heauty. A. free trial package wl» be mailed it you win send the coupon. I . FREE TRIAL COUPON. | F. A. Stuart Co., 637 Stuart | Bldgv Marshall, Mich. Send me at I once, by .return mall, a free trial j package of Stuart's Calcium VVa- j fers. •" Name t.... Street City ." y.. State "YES, IT'S A FACT I GAINED 23 POUNDS" Well Known Stenographer Was in Und health For Moil His. ' ^1 don't know what was the matter with mo, but 1 have been going down hill for three years and was so run down 1 was abouuready to give up • tiry/.job and .go; to tho> country, in fact, my doctor advised mo that It was ecessary that 1 should go West. "1 tell olf continually In weight end hod just begun to look like 1 would waste away to nothing. I was sick at my stomach nearly all the.time, and didn't hardly have strength enough tp do my work. Sometimes I would get so nervous I'could not hold a suit shaker in my hand at thai dinner table, ana 1 was always taking treatments and other medicines, but they didn't do me any more good than pouring water on a duck"s back.., ''Well, one day a friend told me to take Orgntone and I got a »otUe and started on It. 1. hadn't taken more than half a bottle until I began picking tip. I began to eat and sleep and felt like working again. • "I have now finished the 'full course of ''Orgntone treatment and it is tho honest truth when 1 tell you T have. gained 23 pounds. Yes, Sir, that hi a fact, and everybody who knows, me will tell you the same thing, Orgatone Is what did it, too, and It has done mo more good than anything else I ever took. ThlB remarkable statement was wade by Miss Wlliua Tatlock, of KI- Ddrad.o', KanS, Miss Tatlock holds a responsible position with the Empire Gas & Fuel Co., of that city, and Is well and favorably knosvu by scoria of people in tfti« section. It la Indeed, doubtful If there IB U happier woman in the whole state of Kansas,~than MIBS . Tatlock, and she feels so grateful to'Orgatone over the wonderful' improvement In her health that sho wants everybody to know about H, Commenting on the above, Harry KeiBlnger, Western distributor of Orgatone, said: "It, there* its ft roan, ar woman in Kant. • who continues to doubt the wonderful amount of good this tnedi- -cine Is doing, all they, have to do, is 10 ask the people who are taking It and find out .{or themselves. "Hero Is a case of a woman who, according to her own statement, has been in poor health for months, and had got io. the point where she was on the verge of having to give up her wprk. Shu now saye that she has got mare benefit from this treatment than from, everything else she has taken together. But this is only one case, ill a. thousand, as thero are thousands,pf.ethers having taken it w|th the sajno gratified results." 1 Orgaton is not a so-called patent medicine or secret remedy, but a now, scientific treatment containing - no alcohol or.olhor stimulating drugs and fs sold/i'n Hutchinson exclusively st A. & A,' Drpg Co. Out of town customers, are being supplied all charges prepaid upon rceipt of price tl.25 per bottle or six bottles for *M5. everytMnd Look* Fine. Following Is ft letter from John F. Wimmer who is ift the Hrq. Co. 360th Infantry. H« says he did not get Very seasick going over. His letu? follow*: Somewhere In England, , Aug. 27, 1918. t>ear Parents, Stater and Brothers: I arrived in EUgland all tight and *m feeling pretty good and hope you are all well and happy. ' 1 Wanted to write to you before this, but hardly knew what I would be allowed to Write until a short time ago. But gunss 1 can write most anything I ewe to write, ' 1 did not haow what 1 would have to write about until % got here, so waited so I might tell you t was here and all. right 1 got a little sea sick the first two and a half days on the water. Sea sickness Is a cross be* ween headache, stomach ache, toothache and blind staggers, lia, hal. But 1 got over It nicely and rather en- Joyed the rest of the trip. We hod rine weatiher nil Ute way across, though some rainy and cloudy days* We landed in England and traveled Inland some distance. Their trains here are very different from ours. They have coaches or "carriages," they coll them, which are built like our box cars and tho distance between carriages Is I guess about ten Inches. You enter tflem from tho sides, the doors open Into compartments which are large enough for eight persons, who sit four facing each way. 1 Uellcve caeh carriage has about eight or ten compartments. The englneB ore entirely different also. I hardly know how to describe them, as 1 did not got to look at them much. Tho British keep everything as clean and neat aa a freshly washed mirror. Bvon the railroads hnvo no trash of any kind on them. And uveryona's back yards tire full of flowers, garden truck and shrubbery. They are a much neater_ people than the Americans taken as a whole. The country IB covered now with greenery of every description. There are meadows and pastures 'With the prettiest green grass-whlch grows so thickly it reminds th'e of the nape on an expensive rug. Then yon see hedge fences along the roads and fields all trimmed very evenly and arched. I do not know what kind of shrub the fences are grown of but It certainly la not like our thorny hedge. A H you ride the ground Seems to be covered with something green, low lying hills give place to rather high hills or bluffs whose tops aYe covered with trees of various kinds, und vines seem to be clinging to every tree and SIGR WOMAN NOW WELL Took Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound- Read Her'Letter. lots of them nearly hide the trees. The trees—some of them—ore as BttaigTif; as a sting clear to the top. You must not trespass 6ft anyone's land without their permission as that seems to be Considered a great offence, to you must stay lh the roads wherever you go... 1 do not know how many airplanes t have seen, but aute saw lots of then. The English people Wave Us ft glad welcome as We pass by, 1 do not believe the English girls are as pretty as our American girls, but perhaps that is because I am iti love with my American wife. Claronee you did fine writing that tetter, also the rest. Am always glad to hear from everyone but don't baye time to write to all so you can tell them about me. 1 am all right and sure hope you aro till well. Lights are to be put out now so must close. With love, best wishes and prayers for all. Tell everyone "hello." Prom Jack. ' Address: Private John V. Wimmer, Headqunrlers Co., 350 Inf., American Kxpedltlbnary Forces. v LIKED IT HERE. In Fact All the I. W. W.*» Would 9t*y With 8herlff Sprout. When the trial of the T.W.W.'s at the Federal court in Wichita was concluded yeBterday and about fifty wore bound over, the attorney for the I. W. W.'B called up Sheriff Scott Sprout by telephone to ask It ho would take part of them again. Bight of the federal prisoners were kept here for the government to help out the Sedgwfclr authorities. Sheriff Sprout asked how many wanted to come here and the attorney answered that tho entire fifty wapted to come, but that they would be satisfied if the same bunch that was hero before could come hack, . Sheriff Sprout went over to Wichita yesterday to Bee what arrangements could bo. made. While here a numher of the men helped out considerably In the officer's work about the' Jail. WAR WORKERS Needed for Carpenter* and Other Common Laborers Wanted. J. Wat West, state manager of the U. S. Employment Bureau ,ut Nashville, Tenn., is here recruiting war laborers for the Dupont Engineering Co. He has been over a number of the counties over the state, securing laborerB for shipment to leave Saturday morning nt nine o'clock on the lnterurban lor Wichita, and will go to Nashville, Tenn., from there. Laborers of practically every class nro wanted by Mr. West in this shipment. There will also be a shipment! of carpenters and common laborers to Baltimore, Maryland, next Tuesday morning at nine o'clock. Anyone desiring information regarding this war work, may secure this Information by Inquiring at the U. S. Employment Bureau. MARSHALL FUNERAL SUNDAY. £et Kid" of That Persistent Cough If you are s«W«ot to weak 1 UDB «, hoed tho MArli an a warning. ECKMAN'S AX-TEK- VflVE may alii you In Mopping the cough, (n addition ,it Is a valuable tonic and ll»8fUi-"bu|ldej- in such wis us, No alcohol, (arcotlo or habit-forming drugs. Twenty »»are' 'iiuceesa/ul use, U iff if""' aridI1.W BottlM at all drUQfllfU er Pottorvillo, Pa.—" For a long time I was bothered with pains in my tide, and was so weak from my trouble that I could not do any lifting or hard worfe of any kind. If I tried to straighten out wheiylytng down it seemed as though something would tear loose. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has restored my boalth and I am quite myself once more."—Miss H AZEL C HUBBUCK, Potberville, Penn. Thousands of women draff alone from day to day in just Buch a miserable condition as was Mrs. Chubbuck, or suffering front' displacements, irregularities, inflammation, ulceration, backache, side- ache, headache, norvousnoss, or "the blues." Such women should profit by Mrs. Chubbuck a. experience and try this famous root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and find relief from their Bufferings as the did. For special suggestions in regard to your ailment write Lydia E. Pmkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Muss. The result of its long experience is at your seryice. Will be Held From Home of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Stauffer at 2:30 O'clock. The funeral of ICarle M. Marshall will be held from the home of Mr. H. A. Stauffer, 213 First Ave. E, Sunday at 2: SO p y m. Burial at the East Side cemetery; Earle M. Marshall' was. the only child of Mr. and Mrs. tl. B. Marshall, born at Maize, Kuns., Nov., .27,' 18D4. Passwl away at Mt. Dora, N. M., Sept. 2u, 1918. * . Earle has lived in Hutchinson for fiiie past 10 years a »d\altended the [High school and the Salt City Uusl- jnesa college, where ho hrfs made u host of friends. I He is survived by his wife, who was formerly Mereda L. Stauffer aiid his parents, Mr. and Mis. H. Si- Marshall, of Leavenworth, Kans. WATCH YOUR CHARITIES. Skin Without Wrinkles Now Easy to Have There's no excuse for anywomun having wrinkle,* now. It haa-been found thai u aimpltt inUuiru or tmxotlte una wltctl hazel tuts a rcircu-kabte ucttun upon tho dfepeit wHnklus. no matter what, their nature, whi-thtfr CUUBCU by worry, lutblt- -oal Jrownlnjr, a uebjmateu L -o)nl>tion or the ravage* of Fatbur Tiinu. 'i'hla hartn- teaa rt-mtHJy. which nnyona nan eturtly tmiko unU urte ut Itome, acts both UH an uati'tnm-Nt und a tonic. • The cwnWmil effect of tightening vhe wkln luui lu-i&bt- iming lu* vltutlvy la Vt> lrc|raedlat&ly af- trcl uvury line and wrlnkl,?, keeping the eulluitf smooth and firm u* In youth. Tho proportion,* mil otiu ounce uuxo- llte (powderedl to on «-h<Uf pint witch haiel, Ingredients which are found in every drugstore. The nolulion should be used IUJ a wa»h lotion. It I B - equally et? ffK'tlve In disposing of fjabtiine^s df check and neck, as -wdl an nagging below the eyew. W ODWB'S Faith Helps Husband "I owe my good health to my wife who had faith In a newspaper ad she saw of Mayr's Wonderful Remedy. I was down so badly with stomach and liver trouble after 15 years of suffering and trying every known remedy tlurt' 1 had DO faith in anything. This medlclno has certainly been a 'Uod- send' to me." It Is a simple, harut- leBS> preparatipn' that .removes the caturrhal tnueuc from the intesUual tract and allays the inflammation which causes practically all stomach, llvu^ ani intestinal ajlments, IneUitb. ine uppendicities. One dose will convince ur money refunded, jr'cv by druj^Utts overywJwtt. It Is Advised That Everyone See That Money Goes to Right Sources. It has been suggested that with the winter coming a great many calls will bo madu upon the.people of Hutchinson for help. Help with money, food, clothing, etc. It is up to the people solicited to see that their sympathies ore not worked, by outside talent especially. The organized .charities in the city take cure of most cases but all others solicited by strangers should have credentials shown that would take any taint of suspicion atvay from the giving to uh worthy objects, There is an ordinance on, tho city books v>:hjeh requires that any ont of town solicitor Tor funds must have a license or perinit from the mayor or police. Asklug.'to see this permit will cause no emburrasBment if tire soliciting is worlfy. NO NEW SECURITIES. Capital Issues Board Is To Help With the Liberty Loan. Charles W. Oswald, Kansas member of the federal capital Issues com- .mitteu, has just reculvmt, information from Washington to the effect that no new applications for the issue of bonds, slocks or other securities will bo considered at the present time, save In the esse of emergency. The board has announced that no new Issues will be permitted until after the Fourth liberty lpan campaign is over, save In emergency cases. Mr. Oswald said today that he believed the emergency cases would mean the construction or the completion of Bcttool buildings or something of like nature. The plan of the committee 19 to do everything possible to uld In the sale of the Liberty bonds. Notice to Red Cross Subscribers, The fourth and last installment of the second Red Cross subscription will be due and payable Oct. 1st. Prompt payment should bu made to C. M. Branch, treasurer ut the Citizens Bank. 27-30 A good rule for salting butter 'R four level tahlespponfuls, of salt to one pound of butter, Sew a kilted skirt to the little boy's middle to make ft |wd school dress for Ms si «ter- - Lemon-Juice For Freckles Qlrlil Mike fciairty lotion at heme for.«few eehtsk Try lit Squeeze Ute Juice of two lemons into a bottle containing three ounces of Orchard White, shake well, and you have a quartet pint of the best freckle and tan lotion, and complexion beau- tlfier, at very, very small cost. Your grocer has the leftions and any drug store or toilet counter will supply three ounces of orchard white for • few cents. MassAge this sweetly fragrant lotion Into the face, neck, arms and hands each day and Bee how freckles and blemishes disappear and bow clear, soft and white the skin becomes. Yest It is harmless. Notice, Court of Honor Members. It is very Important that every member. attend thelneeting Friday evening,. Sept. 37th. State .Manager, S. M. Wats will mo here for the purpose ot organizing a Court of Honor Loyalty League and explaining the plans ot a membership campaign. Be sure and come as your assistance is needed. 26-Uf. A Thrift Stamp Free. Help win the war by buying vour Bttt or cap at Larson Hat Co., and get a Thrift Stamp .Free. 27-tf. Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S CAS TO R I A HE LUXP " THEATRE *^ TODAY and TOMORROW CUARLE9 DAY ,.jJ41s Own UomeTbwn."; ALSO LATEST SENNETE COMEDY ti LADIES FIRST'' COMING D. W. GRIFFITH Prsents "THE GREAT LOVE" AN ARTCRAFT PICTURE . Cast Like "The Birth of a Nation" and "Hearts of the World." —Including— Lillian Qlttv George Pawcett, Robert Harron, George Seligrannn, Henry Walthall, Maxfleld Stanley, Hose- mury Thebe, Gloria Hope. "The Great Love'! is a mighty slory of woman's regeneration by war. The hand that rocks the cradle pon as poLentlal us the sword, and the picture that has made a tremendous hit wherever shown. Say "Nope"! to your Grocerman ii he trie* to put over on you something "Just as good at' 1 ' Red Gross Ball Blue la the words of the immortal Josh Billings—"Thoro uiut jiosioh thing," There is positively good as, or equal to ItKP 011088 HALL BLITfl for producing olutuea ot such white purity us briug a blush to uew fallen snow. Trvlt r S Cents Prove It Everywhere Dott*t Overlook Children's Embroidery Class, Saturday Morrilfig 10 to If Pegues-Wright's t An Event Which Occurs Regularly at This Store and Which Affords Substantial and Worth While Savings Two Days Selling Event—Saturday and Monday About 75 Serge Dresses Special at $15.00 A PART from the surprising ^ price—fancy a French Serge Dress these days for $15.00!— This selection of Serge Dresses being new and attractive Autumn styles. Moreover they are practical Styles, ready to fill the uced for street, business and school wear. Straight line models of all wool French serge, 'some trimmed on belt, collar and sleeve with tailored braid; braided deslgnB ot Boulncho braid appear on somo of tho dresBOB while others show the panel effect in both front and back. All practical ant! 'dark Bhndes aro included In the selection—navy, tnn, brown, taupe, burgundy and green. Most of them have satin collars, - somo - being of white, washablo satin, others in a color lo match tho 3ori ;e; Btlll others have also satin belts and cuffs. Gloves Special 75c Value, 39c A selection of mostly rhainolsetle gloves; a lot ot fabric gloves in KDIHII sizes deslrnblo for misses' school wear. They are in white, black, natural color, greys anil brown,, *fic gloves, Month Knd Halo ..Me Veiling Special 65&75 Values 45 c Smart new, net faco veilings In popular patterns — scroll pa! lei us, vanlly sputN and borders. They am In black, navy, taupe, brii'.vns and purple, L5c :i"d 75c new veilings. Month-lSud Sale -IDo Parses & Bags Special 98c Excellent values In leather strap purses, aoine with Hinnll mirrors, flood assortment of styles and colors — blue, gray, brown, purple and black.' Special, each, 98c. Good Range of Sizes, 16 to 44 Toikt Goods Specials Saturday 10c Crrmo Oil Soup 3 tor 25a 2Tn: Sanitary Toolli lirUHhe.s '90 HUc—10 ox. Doute ot I'eroxldn 25i: U<>. I.uxo Hand Whltener 150 Domestic Specials 35c Dress \ on. Ginghams I ureas ginghams, 27 Inches wide lit assorted plaids and checks, also plain colors, for children's school dresses. Women's house dresses, etc. An exceptional opportunity. Itogulaj' 35c ginghams, Month End Sale ; 29c 50c Cotton I QQ- Batts J ^ This extra fine quality batt is termed tho blaster butt, and is a very desirable quality far comforts. A veTy attractive Item right at tbo beginning of the comfort season. Ho gular 50c batts, Month-Knd Sale 390 25c Comfort I 1Q« Materials J LV Silkullnes and Cretonnes for comforts, 27 inches wide; light und dark patterns. Regular 25c comfort materials, Month-End Sale lilc 89c Table I 7C« Damask I 101 Mercerised table dtuotttik, 04 inches wide, In assorted patterns. Itegulur S9c damasks, Alontb-lind Sale....76e 45c Turkish l QA„ Towels 1 Turkish towelB of extra good weight. They aro In plarn white, also yellow, pink and blue putterns. Itegular 4&c towels. _Mouth-Kiul Sale 3ac Jewelry Sale \ OC r uptoSOcval i 1 " 31 Lavalljers, vanity boxes, cuff buttons, pin sets, pearl beads, bur pins, Jewelled flag pins, br.uochen, etc. Sold as high as liOc. MonthrBnd Bale ... 250 Month-End Specials Hnap Ca.twicri, ,,<U1 «licu 4a llulr bnAtirs 10c b.-lllDK, yaiU 6c N'nll bt-utJUea 8C CSi: cheara 49c StlirhiTcl braid, bull 10c Uli-k Hutk uratd, boll 8c t_ r p to 25c fancy butt-jcrf. UU U H unO- enctn, tiiotul, bgoe unU crochet, Mo *t >n .... ...So Hunt dreading comb* eaab, fic 48 Trimmed Hats at $5.00 We are featuring for two days in the Millinery Department a special selection of New Fall Hats for misses and women, at the exceptional price,of $5.00. TattlS ln smartest of styles in velvet, flatln and taffeta! they are In black, navy and colors. Larger Hat8 (ho fashionable drooping nhapcB, sailor effects, etc., in velvet, velvet, combinations, and silk combined with georgutte; black and colors. Small Hats in c)o » 0 fitting effects, and other smart shapeB, with tailored trims, |u bluck and colors. Special ColorgA good selection lu black, brown, gray, navy, purple, etc, ^ _ -= They Are Among the Smartest Tailored flats Shown This Season. Women's Corsets for Medium Figures, Special $1.00 Corsets for women ot medium figure, made of cotttil and batiste, with medium low bunt and medium long skirt, finished around the top with embroidery; 4 rubber button hose supporters, specially priced for, Uonlh-Kiid Halo, J1, $3.00 Women's Flannelette Gowns $2.45 •Wom"en'a flannelette gowns of very heavy quality with double yoke, front and back; v peck, yoke trimmed with finishing braid. White only. Regular $3.uQ gowns. Month End Hale, 12.45. 75c Women's Cadet Hose 59c Women's Cadet IIOKO . of very good quality ot silk lisle, with seatulesH foot having a re-lufoiced solo and loo and high splloed heels; 4 Inch gar (i -r hem, Hfgular 75c hose, Mouth- Vod Sale, 59c. OA?/ COOO.S 1 CO

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