The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 7, 1951 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
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Friday, December 7, 1951
Page 5
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Has Atomic [Artillery , WASHINGTON, Dec. «, Gen. J. Lawton Collins said tonight J the United States has developed I atomic artillery and he indicated 1 that such weapons may be ready feor combat use in the "not too defiant" future. The Army's Chief of Staff said atomic weapons will not icvolu- tionize ground warfare but they will "greatly enhance the power I of defense" and be of greater value in defense than in attack. Collins added the Army already is making plans for the day when atomic artillery and guided missile battalions will replace some of the conventional heavy aitillery. s In Memphis. Tenn , Admiral William M. Fechteller said U. S carrier-based planes could deliver atomic bombs on any target in the world within 600 miles of the sea Striking Power Increase* The Admiral, who is Chief of Naval Operations, told a Navy League meeting the Navy's striking power with atomic bombs increases "as the bomb becomes smaller and lighter." And he suggested that 5 more ships m the Navy's big mothball fleet might be converted into guided missile launching ships General Collins declined to say when the Army expects to have tactical atomic -weapons "It is not in the too distant future," the General said, "but that is all I am going to say." Collins made these statements in a radio recording for the Mutual Broadcasting System's program, "Reporters' Roundup," broadcast tonight (930 p. m., EST), He also said: (1) He still believes there will be an armistice in Korea. (2) With an armistice, the withdrawal of American troops fiom Korea will depend largely on any political agreements reached between the Reds and the Allies He added: "We should not expect the early reduction of any of our forces in Korea "' May Exert More Pressure (3) If truce talks fail, it is possible the Allies will bring greater ' sea and air pressure against Red China (41 The United Nations' defense line in Korea is so strong that it will hold "under any foreseeable development that is likely, to occur." (5) Alaskan defenses are strong enough to hold against Soviet attack (6) If the United States had nol gone into Korea to meet "naked aggression" then the United Nations would be "deader than a dodo." Discussing atomic artillery, Collins said- "We have developed such s weapon now. The time as to when it would be practicable to put r into use on a large scale, I don'; ·want to go into because--needless ·to say--any potential enemy wouk like to have that infoimation" Then the General went on to say atomic artillery "ha» been tested] as a weapon." Weapon Developed He added: "That does not mean it has been tested as an atomic weapon. It doesn't have to b«. It has been tested and the weapon has been developed." Collins said this new artilleiy will not make the present artillery obsolete nor \\ill it mean "that all our artillery would be atomic artillery x x x or that all weapons would fire fissionable materials " He went on to say that in his opinion "these atomic missiles, when ready to use in the field, will be of more value to the defense than the offense." 'They will greatly enhance the power of the defense,'' he added "And I believe that has great merit and great worth to us, because the business of our operations in a fu- tuie war will almost certainly be on the defensive, initially." Collins did not say so directly, but he made it clear he believes ;hat atomic weapons will give the United States the firepower needed o defend against the mass-man- jower tactics used by the Russians n World War II and the Chinese n the Korean fighting. Legion Head Talks Of Armistice Terms WASHINGTON, Dec. 6--(/P)-Donald R Wilson, national commander of the American Legion, declared today that any cease-fire arrangement which leaves Communist armies on Korean soil "will be a defeat for America" In a statement issued to mark the tenth anniversary of Pearl Harbor tomorrow. Wilson took the Truman Administration to task for "inaction, duplicity, appeasement and procrastination." "Today, in Korea, moie than 100,000 American fighting personnel have been thoroughly 'blooded'," the war veterans' leader said 'Despite that fearful fact there has been little more than a casual and uninspired stir among most of our people. "By wnai trick of psychology have we been ensnared 9 In part, it has been by language that has depiecated our sacrifices, such as 'police action', 'cease-fire 'disarmament limited war'. . and 'military undesirability of taking a chance upon war with Russia'"'. Wilson accused national leaders of accenting time and again "fear for our own safety ' He said this attitude "has caused us to lose our sense of responsibility to maintain our courageous history and to make sure that those -who die--die at least for victory" "Can we in common sense believe tnat the men of the Kremlin who have never honored an agreement beyond the point of self- utility will honor one in Korea?" he asked. "No matter how enticing the prospect of restored peace or how suavely the diplomats may protest, we may be sure that a cease- fire arrangement leaving Communist armies on Korean soil will be a defeat for America--and so Barn Menaced By Fire Saved Volunteer firemen of the Independent Hove Co. county en«ine fouKht * w i n d - s w e p t RIBS* f'»'e foi more than an hour Thuisdtiy afternoon, to save a bum and several houses, about a mile south of Jet- feison on the Bemaid Claik (aim Called at 3 20 p. in , the Independents found on ni rival at tho site of the blaze, a roaring f i t c in gtas^ mote than 30 inches tall. The f u e burned over thiee acies befoie it was extinguished w i t h i n 200 feet of Clark's bacn. A small group of houses was in the path of the flames al a greater distance. Driver Joel Willaid said he drove the countv fite-engine into the burnln* fk»ld, after proceeding about a mile iouth nloriR a lane which turned oft Route 340 nt Log Cabin Inn ^ Slight winds were driving the f l i c directIv toward the barn, the [lames j u m p i n g ti actor-plowed furrows dun bv the farmer In try- g to cot.tain the f i l e , Driving the fue-entiine in ftont of the flames Independents us-ed then booster tank jiupplv elTective- l \ , combined w i t h I n d i a n - p u m p s FOUR GENERATIONS--Are represented in this photogiaph of the Dade family of Jefferson Maurice J. Dade. right, obseivedI lys 95th bnthdav on December 1. To his right is his son, Roger L. Dade, Maurice Lea Dade. grandson, and Stanley Dade great grandson. Budge giabbed a 45-35 victory. Monday night Libeitv 4-Heis take on the Adamstown independents at the Clagctt Center, okj Buckingham School gymnasium. interpreted by our fuends as well as our foes. "We can no longer condone inaction, duplicity, appeasement and procrastination at the high policy level which tries the patience, shakes the confidence, and abuses the intelligence of the American people."- 4-H LOSES TWICE Liberty 4-H Club cageis stuck their collective no«e into a hornets nest Thursday evening dropping a doubleheader basketball meet to Elmer Wolfe H'gh Schoolers, at Union Bridge. Elmer Wolfe ·? varstty drubbed the Liberty faimer-athletes 02-32 while the ^-a^vee quint at Union U S farmers used less than a million gallons, o- motor iucl in 1920 and more than 7,000,000 gallons in 1950. Sore ^ Throat of colds. Rub VapoRub on throat...chest Melt some in mouth, tool Essoheat Fuel Oil Kerosene MONOCACY OIL COMPANY IHsiribvttot's Ksstf Prvftucts Phone 365 Frederick, Md. this year give your friends or Sunpapers Gift Subscription . . . it's · gift fhof lasts tht wholt y«or fhrough -- and on attractive gift card is sent with each order. 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