Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois on April 14, 1977 · Page 20
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Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois · Page 20

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1977
Page 20
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Economist Newspapers, Wednesday, April 13, U77 | How your congressman voted ·7 BOLL CALL 1EPORT WASHINGTON- Here's how area members of Con- Rress were recorded on major roll call votes March 31- Aprilt. HOUSE BAD DEBTS-- Passed, 199 for and 196 against, the Debt Collection Practices act of 1977 (HR 5294). If passed by the Senate and signed into law, it will become the first comprehensive federal law attempting to curb abuses by debt collectors. The legislation covers the nation's estimated 5,000 independent collection agencies, but not credit grantors (such as department stores) which collect their own debts. Enforcement lies with the Federal Trade commission, and the bill provides for civil and criminal penalties. It would outlaw abuses such as impersonating a lawyer, making threatening telephone calls and publishing "deadbeat lists." It limits third-person contacts and the extent to which a debtor can be contacted at work, among other provisions Rep. Frank Annunzio (D- 01.), a supporter, said, "For far too long, unethical debt collectors have used harassment, abusive and deceptive tactics to collect money from consumers...State laws cannot and do not regulate interstate debt collection practices." Rep. Harold Sawyer (R Mich.), an opponent, said that although collection abuses are a "problem" states are capable of curbing abuses. "I think we have enough federal legislation and I think by the provisions of this act we expressly recognize we have enough federal legislation," he said. Reps. Ralph Metcalfe (D- 1), Morgu Mvtty (D-2), MartlB Eisst (D-3), Edward DerwuuU (R-4), Jtta Fary (D-5), Henry Hyde (R- 6), Cardiss Collins (D-7), Sidney Yates (D-9), Frank Annunzio (D-ll), Thomas Railsback (R-19), Paul Findley (R-20), George Shipley (D-22), Melvin Price (D-23) and Paul Simon (D-24) voted "yea." Reps. Abner Mikva (D- 10), Philip Crane (R-12), Robert McClory (R-13), John Erlenborn (R-14), Tom Corcoran (R-15), George O'Brien (R-17), Robert Michel (R-18) and Edward Madigan (R-21) voted "nay." Reps. Dan Rostenkowski (D-8), and John Anderson (R-16) did not vote. LOANS-- Passed, 194 for and 156 against, a bill (HR 5362) authorizing $5.2 billion through fiscal 1981 to be used as the U.S. contribution to international loan agencies such as the World bank, Asian Development bank and African Development bank. Those institutions have the primary mission of making easy-term loans to developing countries. Many nations in addition to the U.S. supply their capital. A companion to HR 52(2 pending in the Senate. The most heated debate centered on the bill's requirement that U.S. directors of the international lending institutions vote against loans to governments that torture dissidents and commit other violations of human rights. The Carter administration had wanted softer language linking loans to human rights. Rep. Jim Wright (D- Tex.), a supporter of the bill, said, "At this particular moment in human history it is vitally important the United States give a convincing example of its continuing support for the development of the world's underdeveloped national economy." Rep. John Rousselot (R- Calif.), an opponent, questioned the worth of the projects financed by international loans and criticized the bill's price tag. "This level of foreign economic assistance," he said, "will have to be reduced to some extent if a significant reduction in the budget of the federal government is (made) achieve the President's announced goal of a balanced budget..." DenrlisU, Fary, Hyde, Collins, Rostenkowski, Yates, Mikva, Annunzio, Erlenborn, Anderson, O'Brien, Findley, Madigan, Prince and Simon voted "yea." Murphy, Crane, Corcoran and Michel voted "nay." Metcalfe, Risso, Mcclory, Railsback and Shipley did not vote. STAFF EXPENSES--Voted 276 for and 128 against, to increase annual expense allotments for House leadership offices as follows-$30,000 each for the majority and minority leaders and $15,000 each for the majority and minority whips. The money is for personnel, office equipment "and other official expenses..." In the fiscal year ending last September, the majority and minority leaden had budgets of about $360,000. This vote retained section 2 of HR 383, later adopted and put into effect The resolution also raised the salary of the House postmaster and enabld the minority leader and majority whips to hire additional employes. No supporter argued specifically for Section 2. Rep. John Rhodes (R-Ariz.), the minority leader, defended the overall resolution on grounds that "it is rather necessary'for the minority leader and minority whip to beef up our staffs so we can hopefully fill in some of those gaps-caused by the loss of the election in November." Rep. Bill Frenzel (R- Minn.), an opponent, said, "I believe our leadership has plenty of tools, plenty of personnel and plenty of expense money to do its job in a responsible way." Metcalfe, Mnphy, BMM, Derwiiski, Fary, Collins, Rostenkowski, Yates, Annunzio, McClory, Corcoran, Anderson, Railsback, Find- en YOUR none m SHAPE 'FOR SPRIH6t S/Hff AT BUTTY HOW THRU APRIL 23, 1977 Qttnlf Rttfmf It jMf Mfr IIHfttnifm...rftnCi fftimf mUt, tat*, fib i»4 tin! 240 Ib. SEAL-DOWN ROOF SHINGLES CHOICi OF WHITE or BLACK 15 FELT PAPER 432 Sq Ft- ROOF CEMENT ROOF SHEATHING - 1x8 Quality Grade for professional remits... 2'x8'-3/8" THICK AC PLYWOOD 4'x8'-1/2" THICK CD PLYWOOD ···» t»r /fa Awfcr Sheet VINT 4x16 ROOF LOUVERS ATTIC VENT ffirfor/ 1x8 «2 W.P. BOARDS ·Fon thermostat controlled ·Fi* between rotters ·Includes vent X power unit EASY TO j USTAUl i Un. Fl. 1x2 FURRING "ftf OAK LAWN 95375.52nd Ave. 422-0400 ORLAND PARK 9730 W.I 43rd Si. 349-2900 BUILDING MATERIAL CENTERS TINLEY PARK 6721 North St. S32 4337 tW/T MM 7:3iS:H*UTHtMY I.-H1.H Mint net MMM ley, Madigan, Price and Simon voted, "yea." Hyde, Crane, Erlerborn, O'Brien and Michel voted "nay." Mikva and Shipley did not vote. SENATE THE ECONOMY-- Rejected, 35 for and 48 against, an amendment to deny President Carter the money he seeks to beef up his Council on Wage and Price Stability. It was proposed to HR 4877, an appropriations bill for the current fiscal year that was later passed and sent to conference with the House. Carter seeks a $241,000 budget increment for the hiring of 10 economists and three research assistants for the wage and price council, raising the entire staff to about 70 persons. The council now performs only a monitoring function but is the body that would impose wage and price controls if a President ordered them. Sen. Charles Percy (R) voted "yea" and Set. Adlai Steven* (D) voted "nay." ATTENDANCE-- Rejected, 22 for and 67 against, an amendment to the ethics code (SR110) requiring that Senate business could be transacted only when at least 25 of the 100 senators were present on the floor. The Constitution requires a quorum (51 senators) to be present to conduct business. Percy and Steveno* voted "nay." ETHICS CODE-- Tabled, 63 for and 31 against, a "sunset amendment" under which the new Senate ethics code would be terminated in March, 1961. Based on the experience of the code between 1977-1961, the Senate would then decide in what form to extend it. After this vote the overall code was adopted. Sen. Dick Clark (D-Iowa), a supporter of tabling, said if the Senate agreed to the sunset amendment "we will be saying to the country, 'Yes, we are concerned about ethics, and we are passing a very tough code of ethics. Steveum voted "yea" and Percy voted "nay." 1MKUEMILE PMCB ON MTMNM1Y ANOmSED LAMPS BY FLOORLAMP Ht. 59" to top of fatal IwniiMon* Brow «Hh 16" Diomtar Gtott ToW* Two- Stag* Dimmw. ShooV 13 x 14 x U no-hug Ivory G» Edg* wHh.Moltipt* S««-fold r trim . ~ a^.M» S1M.W TABLE LAMP 33" Bwnhh-Too* Brats Two-Stag* Dimmw. Shodr 13 x 14 x IS" No-Hug Un*» Northbrook wMi muhipl* off-fold trim l^-Me. ffifi.. S4QIS SWAG LAMP Ht. 25" Burnith-Tone Brats Shod*- 12 x 14 x 11 Shvtch Unm Northbrook with MurKpte Srf-foU Tnm f 1: · i f r? 7 I V J -f *^ r S.V -t ·» I 7 ' talman consumer informations^ YOU'RE INVITED TO ATTEND TALMAN'S CONSUMER INFORMATION PROGRAMS In order to help you with some of the important financial decisions which you may face, Talman Federal Savings and Loan Association is pleased to sponsor this series of workshops on the following significant topics. Each session is complete in itself. If you can't attend one, you may be able to attend another. 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