The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 27, 1948 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 27, 1948
Page 9
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I/!* Sff*--+~s/i~ .! ' '*· tfc* »w». , M«.. Tll«s4«r. July 27. 1948 Five Hours Without Reaching Decision On Airport Design Giant Flattop To Jet-Launch Fleet Of Atom Bomber* tests -made at his own expense to determine if required compaction; could be secured and has been ad-' vised that with the type of fill j placed in the runway area, t h e ' compaction percentage required ' by the specifications could not be met- He added that he informed the City weeks, ago of this condition and in repiy to queries a to what he should do he told to proceed in accordance \% ith the c o n t r a c t specifications. Tbt* "couldn't be done.' Mr. Russ.eli ss:d. Ke is not %·. tiling to do any more 'experimenting on Runvia No. 3 \Mthout being paid for it he added On the other hand peuking foi the CAA Mr Cov. Ie- -aid the compaction requirement* -oy!d no* be \vaived and -maintained that they could "of acquired To ay mar. the material underneath she *ub- sracing !*· tnfeno: and \\ould have 10 cosr.e out ;- " ridiculous " he tie- dared With the ground -o saturated v. sth -water v..i\ above v, has \\ouid allow necessary compaction a ^olatjun he- :r: ^ and re- jcar:f ing until t;»e n:oi--ture content :- suff'c:.n;l% seduct-d he ^3-d Tue ai'ernatr. e 2- ieplacinx the f:l! The Civil Aeronautics Authority will not w»iv* compaction requirement-? on runway construction *t t!i« Frtwterick City airport* This was the answer given by a top CAA official Monday afternoon at a conference with city officials, consulting engineers and the contractor seeking a solution to difficulties encountered in grading and base construction operations at the airfield and which have been virtually *t a standstill since mid- July. Briefly, this is the situation: Specifications call for a 95 per cest compaction, with reference to runway base construction T. Edgie Russell, the contractor says it is impossible to meet thi* specification due to certain conditions over which he has no control. Kis difficulty is visth Runway Xo. 3. f Consistently wet v.eatner was given 35 a primary cause Two solutions were advanced-- serate or remove and replace the present fill. Will Cost City Either way. she City is faced u ith the outlay of additional funds. If the aeration, or drying-out process is followed, the City wzll probably Tempers Flare be asked to bear the equipment " charges during the required idle period. If the present fill should be removed in its entirety and replaced, the cost of such an operation would likewise fall upon the City. While the latter has been recommended as ultimately beinc the cheaper, in view of maintenance, the cost was roughly placed at a fiaure. in one instance mentioned a: £75.000 to 5100000 Despite the fact that Monda}'* conference lasted nearly five hours no definite conclusion was reached. Originally intended to include a joint inspection of the airport s-ite. the conferees assembled at City Hall at one o'clock and the session did not end until near 6 p m.- Several, including the CAA officials, left during the meeting They had inspected the airfield during the morninp. Bourne Represented Attending from the CAA were Assistant District Engineer John E Cowles. Wilmington Del : William Hendon. Xew York City, chief, paving section: and Ralph E. Lowe, a paving engineer. Harrisburc. Pa. O'hers orcsent were Mayor Llovd C Culler. Aldermen Charles W Stup. William B. Burall. Charles T Butcher Sr. Jesse C. Shaver. City Engineer \V. Raymond Walter. City Attorney Richard E Zimmerman: T. Edgie Russell, contractor or, the protect: Dorsey Xorris. resident engineer and Thomss B Bourne. R. .W Strong and Lester M. Scott, of Thomas B Bourne and Associates. Washington, the City's consulting airport engineers. The Russell Comoany cxpcrienc- GUILD .MEETS ed little or no difficultv with its- The regular meeting of the operations on the No. 1 Run\\ay. Guild of the Evangelical Reformed which is expected to be completed Churcn of Rock-/Ridce was held """""" '" """"*" operations O n July -0 at the parsonapr m BL»~-·mi ··· in !·· · in ·"''""% * Fold-away funnelt} , After :he three CAA* mcidc thei? position clear, they left the- I'leetsng shortly before fou: oclocti It v.a«. then that the »·»- MOO really w.irm. figuratively and hteially. and tempers became ionie-.\hat frjycd Aldciman William B Burall began tO'-'-mj; question^ at Mr Bourne w i t l t scspcct to test borings on ;i!e No 3 R u n w a y prior to awardini; the contract. This followed pn»\ sous ^imtiar question** by Mr Ruv-ell The conultmg en- ginoer said Mien iety had been made, and the contractor said he had not seen any record of them. Mr. Bourne contended ;hat the contractor has not made sufficient effort to remove the moisture con- « tent, seeping upward fio.ii beneath,' the nine-inch Mibgrading embodied i ::i the Russell contract. The con- ! trnctor as stoutly maintained · he is copccincd only wt;h compaction of that portion covered by his contract As the discu.-sion took the form of questions, counter-contentions and at times irrelcvancies. the conferees began making their exit one by one At Hm -n v i f.f five solid . uninterrupted hours, only two wei left and a plan of action had still ' to be determined ' Aside from the fact that each ' of the groups concerned had an j opportunity to voice their posi-! tioiis in the matter, the only dcfi- i nitc conclusion that could be reached x\a=--it !·? going to coft additional money no matter w h a t the outcome . {Bomber ready for cattputting | Direct view observation stations) j Atom bomber Outboard eltvators for planes [Deck-slotted sling catapult) I Fold-away radar and radio masts) Twin five-inch dual-purpose guns Twin 40-mm. anti-aircraft guns Chamber Of Commerce Picnic On Wednesday Bartender Pavs Fines m In Westminster Court hi Meeting a goal of 100 new mem- A planned trip to Braddock bers. the Frederick Chamber of Heights «a«t didn't materialize last Commerce will hold their annual week for a Baltimore bartender, picnic and get-to-gether. Wednes- actually cost him S266.5Q in fines . day, 2-9 p. m.. at the "Wolfs Den," and costs. near Yellow Springs. i Object of the picnic is to acquaint 1 new members with the local "Old . Guard"' on · a social basis, accord- · ing to President Charles K. Taylor. Only business to come before the picnickers is the annual report , of the Membership Committee. The Walter Dahlgreen, 27. who forfeited $20 here on a disturbing the peace complaint, paid 5246.50 lilt fines and costs to Magistrate Raymond L. Benson at Westminster when found guilty of four charges. A fifth, carrying a deadly weapon, was nolle prossed on motion of ; Xo. 1 U. S. Chamber of Commerce enrollment to 225 members bv Julv .28. Light refreshments \\ ill be served all afternoon. Wednesday, with supper consisting of hamburgers, weenies and county corn-on-the- cob. topped with watermelon. Admission is by invitation only, and costs for reckless driving, and To prepare foi; the repast, it is S15 and costs for being drunk and essential that members notify Sec- disorderly. Slagle. . retary George Slagle. either by . phone or in writing at the C. of C I office. Francis Scott Key Hotel, oi ! their intention to be present. Condition Satisfactory Condition of John R. Ebberts. 23. . 417 North Market street, who was ; entered at the Frederick Memorial Hospital, suffering with a bullet wound in the shoulder. \\as reported_l!satisfactory" today. Lieut. Frank Dorsey and Officer , Douglas Slup. Investigated after . Ebberts was hospitalized and said * tl:e man was wounded while visit- j ing at the home of friends on West : Fifth street. Police also said the weapon HOMEMAKEBS MEET The Gambrill Park Homema kers Club met at the home of Mrs Leslie Masser July 23 with 12 members and three visitors present and two new members joining After a short business session Miss Loa Davis presented an interesting demonstration on "Space which caused the wound, was a .22 Savers for Kitchen Storage." I his is :m arlKl's coiu-cpiion of (he Navy's proposed ne\v aircraft carrier, designed !o jet-launch a task force of huge atom bombon.. The Gj.OtMMmi ship, \\hose deck is Hie equivalent of 10,000 feet of runway, may be ready l»v "I !·."«· MfHi:miv Illustrated Macazine Dholo from NIiA. German Blast Red Blockade within a week began on the No. 3 Runway, the Thurmont T-AC..-C members uere moisture content of the soil was p!esent The ^ . Th; Chnstlan Women and World fuch that the contractor was unable to meet the 95 per cent compaction requirement in the nine-inch sub- erade covered by his contract He deemed It inexpedient to proceed %%ith the viork. Project Has Been Delayed The project has been dcla ed. equipment has been idle, consultations followed culminating with a conference last Thursday. One feasible solution perceived at thai tine was a possible waiver of the CAA's comcaction requirements. prtmittins! a lower percentage Monday's session followed. The CAA answer was a definite rc- iu.-al. it being explained that the compaction percentage was a national requhemcnt As Monday's conference procecd- cc3 some expressions of opinion became rather frank. Mr Russcl! said he felt he v.-as being "imposed upon " If ordered to stop ·« ork now. he said, he made it cl??r he think? he should be paid for \\ork already done. If z\ en a "slop" order uniil such :irne a= resumption 15 authorized, he didn I think he couin proceed a: his bid price in view of increased co-ts of labor ;-aier:sl. etc.. over and above \\ha: they v. ere v.: ien the bid \\a« ···ub- niltcd and contract awarded !a?t that he had Evangelism" led by M r . \Vr. Groff DL- voric-ns were by Mrs. Raloh Dintcr- niau. A report on the Hood conference was given by Mrs Groff The thank offering readi'ie was "given by Mrs Leroy Di.i:eman Deliciou-; refreshments were t-erv- ed b the hostesses. Mr.: Ralph Dinterman and Mrs Groff Xext meeting \\:Il be held 1:1 :he Parlc · -T Auc I I Mr. S.ivK-,- .mti -Mrs. Wesley Oublc \\;i! b«. hostesses c tivJ Mrs. Mae Kaas w:i! l^ad «hf . caliber rifle. The rifle was cpn- I fiscated by the police, who are \ continuing their investigation. At the house where Ebberts was ! wounded, his friends said they were \ Hint. : in the kitchen singing and playing = -^~ . a guitar when they heard a sliot ; ^^ i in the front room. ; e"*her ' They said ^J" d * d not know if i *· c I Efa'oerts had intentionally shot him- j ! self or if the gun went off acci- } · tor of the ear that crashed into an- j ocratic primary August 3. He will other driven by Otis Glen Dodson. · tly back to Washington Sunnybrook. Baltimore County.' Wednesday or Thursday of next Dodson was burned to death along. week. i . . ,, ... . , ... ., · with h-s wife. Clara: Ins sister. E:cie Whether the President! flv · °f ftnta "f * hU £ he 7 as han "mg J- ! Dodson. and a brother. Elliott Dod-' directly from New York's -:-"«" i " Barges _. a \e oeen preferred, son. All were trapped in their · burning car. Tinkler has beon held in jail since the accident Both he and % I ! · ·· ·*·-' M. ^9 , . . _ . an-port · pene jj n g completion of the police dedication Saturday auernoon. or ? * * t»vuv.t \\ait until Sunday will be de- · termined later. Ross said. | ; nves .jz a . ion K gaa ° n - Mauck v. r ere injured. ; SISTERS BURN TO DEATH Edwards. Miss.. July 26 .-P--Two elderly sisters died screaming for | help in a 5re which destroyed their colonial mansion today- Cries of the women. Mrs. Betty ; Henry Montgomery- 85. and Mrs. i Laura Henry Davidson. 83. mem- j bers of a prominent Mississipui j family, aroused neighbors early this morning. Among the first arrivals was Johnny \Vilkerson. who said Mrs. I Dax-idson. silhouetted by flames and in her nightgown, was on a , sleeping porch crying. ' Save us." The smallest of the South Amer- j ican countries is Uruguay, with an : area of 72.153 square miles. · FLYING TO MISSOURI Washington. July 26 3--President Truman will fly to Inde- j pendence. 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Toiiou inc the business ri'eeting. dehciou relre.-hments vcre scrscd by she hjstess The .-cxt mcetins w i l l be held August "17 at the home of Mrs. Jerome Snvdcr F : -ianced Tests Mr Russell added Raj mo-.d Wricht. ! coMiMon and fire near We^t ship. Letter Leo Mauck. discharged Saturda;. from St Acnes Hos-pital Doilir.-.ore, \v ncre ho been under treatn.ent s lllee j ne accidei'.t .-md Ralph Oliver T:"k!or are the t u o men chained \% :th rc.-porss:b. : ::v for the deaths Su;c s Attorney Daniel M. 5Iurra. Jr.. sr.ici ;ise charge :s not under the auto:"o- bile code. The men are av-ajlms WARHERBRQ5, r ITY OPERA HOUSE TODAY ONLY "RETURN OF THE WHISTLER" In o"e French recipe oc:-^ were : --.\recl :rs ?nci then s:ew- 1 ed. Tomorrow Thursday "GREEN GRASS OF W iv BE \CTIFUI. Tl CHNICOI.OR Radar Works Down On The Farm WARNER Bros. Cool T O D A Y A N D TOMORROW FUOM THE ATLANTIC JO THt r.VCiriC . . . O MUSICAL EVER SO T K K R I I ' I C : ^,.- csc« ii - s : M5CHAEL CUSFiZ . 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Dahlgreen pleaded riot guilty to the charges growing out of the theft of a truck from a fans near Winfield. Magistrate Benson said guilty oa all counts assessing 5100 and costs for unauthorized use; S10C and costs for drunken dri\-ing; S25 Dahlgreen and his wife were en route to Braddock Heights for a day's outing \iJien they ran into difficulties here. He was arrested j ------ and she returned home in a taxi- · Wotllltled Bv Rifle Shot; cab , Dahlsreen started back to Baltimore in his car and when i' 1 got too hot near Winfield, he is said to have aporooriated a truck belonging to Leslie A. Barnes. StatJ Trooper Patrick Doolan apprehended him soon after\vard. The next meeting -«.111 be held at the home of Mrs. Elsworth Rice Aug. 30 at eight o'clock. Each member is to present a Household ii't Pirfnf Ss fllfl^S ^frtr^ H-* 101111 Ct UlttM OlUFC 233 North Market St. Frederick, aid. . · JEWS PA PER I S F W S P A P F R I

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