Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on April 3, 1942 · Page 8
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 8

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1942
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

•Ofr^GEjillXTEE^THEj "frees Technique And Stock Credited WASHINGTON, April 2 (/P) _ Trees planted in the government's shelterbeH program in prairie sections of six Western states established last year a new.survival record, according to a report just issued by the Forest service. Judged t-y sample counts, survival in 1941 was 82 per cent compared with 79 per cent in 1940, , the highest previous record. Low- 'est.Mirvival since the project was initiated seven years ago was 52 per cent in, 1936, a drouth year] • -Trees planted last year in Oklahoma had a survival record of 88 per cent to top the six states. Tex- as.Ayas second with 86. per cent, followed by North Dakota with 85, Nebraska with 64, Kansas with 81, and South Dakota with 75. * -. Ttchniquft Credited '\. 'Forest officials said that while generally favorable conditions foe growth prevailed in most of the planting .areas last year, much be given to the im- of planting, use and improved Dial 4343 For Th« of labor threatened last year to cause man.v' seedlings in • nurseries to be left implanted, the-service added, but'three planting machines were put into wide use. This year 55 tree ; planters,, each' capable of .setting 8,000 trees a day with'a three-man "crew ara to be used. Xast year's planting o! 2,702 miles' of shelterbelts "on 4,696 farms raised the total planting of the program to 36,104 Tniles on 26,373 farms. Man Never Too Old To Vote, Says Hoosier ..^INDIANAPOLIS, April 2. (/P) A man is never too old to vote, O'ra Olenger figures. ;'•'..'Olenger made a trip to the courthouse to transfer his voters registration from Ripley to Marion county so he'd get a ballot in the primary election May 5. ^Assistant Registration Director Harry "A. Copper is sure.. Olenger is : the oldest- registered voter in the county. He's 107. ;'EVERY BOTTLE Flash -O-gaS .CONTAINS FULL 100 LBS. OF Liquified Gas Baker-Fleming 3203 AVEflJfe H LUB3CCK, TEXAS - 1U :;}>; •'. i rtr t" : I •ii ¥ Curriculum Changes Being- Studied In City Schools Man Allergic To Chicken f-'eathers Excused From Jury TYLER, April 2 tfP>—A Tyler man won't have to serve on the jury trying a chicken theft case because he is allergic to feathers. Replying to the plea of the man's doctor that he be excused from jury duty because the jurors would sleep on 'feather pillows in the "jury room, and that feathers and house dust caused his patient to suffer attacks of asthma which necessitated-treatment under an oxygen tent, District Judge Bascom Gist wrote: "Iix view of the fact that we have a case or two of chicken theft to try, this man will be excused." Grissom Rites To Be Conducted Today Funeral services for Mrs. Neppie Edith Grissom, 66, of Lubbock route 2, •wfill'be conducted at 10 o'clock Friday morning at Broadway Church'of Christ, Elder* Liff Sanders officiating, assisted by G. C. Brewer, minister of the church. Burial will be in the Lubbock cemetery under direction of Bryan McDonald and Son Funeral home. Mrs. Grissom died Tuesday. Active pallbearers will be J. B. McCauley, jr., H. L. McCauley. O. C. Horn, Ben Cummins, Clay Barger and Otis Stewart. Honorary bearers will be Dr. V. V. Clark, Dr. L. B. Woods, V, r . M. Lowrimdre, L. C. Ellis, A. V. Weaver, Sam Weaver, Wade Cooper, W. P. Purser and Frank Bowers. In a meeting early this week of the high school faculty and ail coordinators for the secondary schools in the Lubbock system, Dr. \V, B. jrvin challenged them by departments to rid the high school curriculum of any courses which have served their time and usefulness. The group will meet again next Monday alternoori at 3:15 o'clock in room 252 of the high school to consider suggestions and idear. that may be submitted, according to announcement from Superintendent Irvin. In special committee meetings this week all departments in high school have been working on plans for changes. When all suggestions have been made, a special committee of coordinators will analyze and organize the suggestions and present them back to the faculty as a whole. Suggestions Are Urged Dr. Irvin challenged the teachers to waive aside tradition and suggest things they believe should be done. Courses which more nearly fill the "needs of young people today—not tomorrow which never comes—will be submitted for the old ones," he asserted. "I see no reason why Lubbock shouldn't lead out in the things which we should do and I have chailenged the Senior High school faculty in complete confidence that they will carry out the project," Dr. Irvin stated. Within .two weeks some definite action will be taken it is expected. The entire list of offerings in the high school curriculum will be made more easily available to the students with the removal of many traditional 'requirements. It is possible that the English courses will be reorganized to meet needs of commercial and industrial arts as well as college preparatory needs.. .Buy A Defense Bond TODAYI Farm income in the U. S averaged $23.88 weekly in 1940. Final Service Of Holy Week Slated' Today The Jinal ot a series ot *ive daily Holy week services conducted from 12:30 until 1 o'clock at the Lindsey theater is scheduled today with Bishop I van Lee Holt o£ Dallas, .'peaking on the subject "Can \V'c Hear God's Voice Today When the World LanenJs ii'. tirief?" Dr. J. M. Lewis, paslur o£ the First Presbyterian church is to preside at today's service and will present a gift offering to the bishop. Laymen from the Presbyterian church and the Church of Christ are to be ushers today. Thursday's audience, totaling 350 persons, heard Bishop Holt cite the only two ways of holding a nation of people together—force and political pressure or religious fellowship. Dr. W. Brisiow Gray presided.for Thursday's gathering. Bishop Holt said he had overheard two men in Lubbock talking about so many things happening in this war to the enemies of America, which they attributed to God, such as sending floods in the South Pacific to stop Japanese armies. "When these kind ot things happen to us," he pointed out, "we are inclined to think .„ • _ _ : , * • ' mis- ! h , e / L^ 6 - our 13KG. "When this war is over you must .have a better \voiid," he said, adding this seems to be the prevailing .attitude among religious leaders; He pointed out th&t Hitler has told of the kind of a world he wants after the war— ROUSE YOUR LIVER BILE Sleep Sounder — Oet Up Feeling Grea/: More Ready for A Good Day's Work Juices <,u»rt ay. A s > , ih , h ' F Digestion 'with Ihsi half-sick, Snap out o/ i!*^Tcan. Get a bottle of Krusclwn Salts — ^FgenUe excitant ~ to?& V,v"*iT,/ : * ht ln tom8 "°* morning and take hall a teaspooritul In a glass at water <hot or cold) half an hour tefore breakfast .nd 'keep it up for 30 days. Now >ou-U know wfc»t 11 is to get UD feclms fit and ready for a re»] I day's work. Try Kruschen - a famous 'English fo ' utul ».,— s « what H means to you ** e » /He Flo»- b Freer. Satisfaction guaranteed or money bact. Bowen'i Drax Store. Mark Halsey Dra B BloreT M£ A flicV ol the sponge and the omojing stay [or hours . . . beautifies inslonlly . . .end ti.iy blemishes. Nude, Peach, Rache!. Hark Haisey ' ma ^. up it smoothed on lo helps cover those worry whiles Copper $1.50 tM . us « DERAL TAJ( , HOYT S COMPOUND SENSATIONAL SALE AMAZES TEXAS DRUGGISTS 250,000 BOTTLES ALREADY SOLD 5f You Could But See The Men Who Publicly Praise Are A "In almost every community, I large and small, the unprecedented I demah'd", for' Hoyt's Compound continues to grow. One druggist alone has sold over 20,000 bottles. No wonder druggists are amazed at its/sensational sale. Many say the^~ have never seen, anything it. Hoyt's Compound must be I when so many local folks' Coffer praise lor the quick relief, from suffering it has given. Couldn't Eaf Or Sleep Was Run Down And In Awful Condiiion YOU TELL?- . on i'cp of the block -- " j. >*.on Jhe bottojaof the : block? ^-^*^**^^Jr .Doj_>-I51 T ouT eyes fool you. &T- • . •. ( Set if you can count-fne number of blocks. Now coun* them .again. Good eyesight is necessary to good health. Hava your eyes *xa~'"cd so that you can enjoy life to the iulIestJ . i~ 107 i«e to m- - r "MRS. J. W. DRURY . : .Mrsi' J. W. Drury, Route No. 6, Etibbock, Texas, states "I have beeu bothered wi'Ji gas pains and indigestion for the past 15 years and really, I got into an awful condition^ _I could not eat sweets o£ any kind'ind would get so tired of not berngiable to eat as I wished. These gas pains and indigestion Li'-uke my sleep to such an extent that I became, run-down. - "I have taken two bottles of Hoyt's Compound and find that those gas pain's-ia n d indigestion have gone.- I am, more able to sleep due to a relaxed condition and relief from nsfvous indigestion. I have taken many different kinds of medicine for a great many years and find that Hoyt's Compound gives me more relief than all others." HOYT'S COMPOUND FREQUENTLY AIDS. STOMACH DISTRESS suffer from sluggishness, dizziness, gas bloating, poor digestion, if you are weak and rundown And Women Radiant With Glorious Health Hoyt's Compound After AH Else Had -Failed; Here •» * » • •• — _•._.-.. ^^ • • ^ . . ' -. „- • f '. ~ To Relate Their Persona! Experiences ~ IV " ~ '£" <3W3 ~—~-T~W I . ^ . -*....• ^ In Lubbock'alone, thousands of bottles have bera'-oold 1 during" ..the tried Hoyt's ' • Co.rtipouhd'".'. ; h aye found it to bk 'just/wh'a f'thej 1 needed and have -comes back'. to their druggist to praise-this co'n- centrated herbal remedy that so many.say brought relief. Its effective .action surprised even folks who have suffered t o r.^t u r o u s agony for years. ' , HOYT'S RELIEVED CHRONIC DISTRESS SAYS LUBBOCK MAN Mr. Ixobert J. -Rich, Route 2f EVANGELIST JOH^R. ^^~ G ~ " STSrofef^^ IS indigestion, sourness, gas Wat ing and constipation. I had .severe 1 Evangelist John R. Denning, of 1904 26th St., Lubbock, considered the best known evangelist in west-, ern Texas and eastern New Mexico, says: j "I have been tortured for years' with a condition in my stomach that probably was caused from over work. My work is such that I speak from at least onr:?: a day up to as many as five times a day. My condition became so severe with a sort of contracted condition of the stomach, due to nervousness and toxic poisons, that I was unable to eat for as long as 72 hours at a time. I often had headaches and severe spells of nausea. . : . "But since taking Hoyt's Com- His Relief From Misery-Quick And Very Effective Mr. J. W. Kirby of Idalou, Texas, states: "I have been bothered ; with gas, blosting. indigestion, ca'tising awful pains in my stomach and bowels I was very con- pounB, I can eat comfortably, my headaches have gone, and -T?feel a great deal better. I enjoy my meals now as I haven't beejr. able to do for years. I am well, though I .still speak from* once to^five times a day, just as I did before." ; Evangelist Denning'?, constant mission in life is to help o(Sers, People in church circles ilfeve come to recognize and rely tipon the word of Evangelist Denning, so they will naturally considerpliis statement an authoritative one-;' A man who is held so high in public esteem, and whose integrity can not be questioned, has little time or desire -to make such a ment without having a'firm dation for it. GAS AND SOURNESS FIND DEFEAT IN Mrs. u M. llnrtin, 1211 Nin street. Lubbocklsays: "For ye I was bothered \«th sour stom " pains and intlgestion. I c<Md my stomach' and back, misery inteirupted my 'rom the first dose ot Hoyt's ipound, I b see a IlAlfTrr i»si& JVKtftiiKM. jp an ge- Now I can eat.anything. HOYT 5 COMPOUND* have ^° gas Woatin * ° r s °^ iiw I 1 j iVl!ir.VVfHISJhess. : Faintihg spellydue to short\ nes^ of b r e a t h : are becoming a [thing cC the" past" My nerves "a re i quiet, |ind my kidneys are mu-A I better. JI sleep well, and my aches • and pains are gone. At last I have found the medicine that was mads Cor me!" ^•^^5^r;:..-- i» - better. « jm.^---.- MRS. L. M/ MARTIN hardly rlo my own work. '' My elimination was irregular and I w « s vca ' 1 -'" a sk-k woman. "I have 'taken two bolti« of ! froin H^v^ r^ 7 *' 011 ^^ resulls I Sd'crsTo P r°re' ^W *%*™ \ ^ -^Ky ^tonS If Slomach Misery Plagues You, Insisi On Hoyf's Comnound We •ermau dominated. "In Amefica, people are iiiteiosted in a different kind of a wot lei order,' ho said. The Christian church is "the only 'universal organiration,- now operating, 'ivluch can.bring about such a-cond:iion," the speaker declared. "The thing which holds the people ot this world together today is the fcllows/iiy ot Chris- tians. In Japan' a few yealfii ago- all of the denominations fwmed a united'Christian church." j Buy A Dcfenso Bond TODAYI >,^ 'UDY'S V- CINDERELLA SHOP THE VALUE SENSATION OF THE YEAR? "LUANA" CLOTH SLACK SUITS Tim til, tlio sljIf. Ilir coloring* of liif« ( < kr.iutlrul tutu arc the talk of ilallm. t;ntll?r;i! Imck muilrU, lirlltil &tj!r>, smart lnHorr-il Jrira*. Khatyn In n ilnrrn rolnrt taeludlnc '.£ anil U.tona comblnndoris. Slits IS (n 20 SMART JUMPER SLACKS Mads of splendid quality Mile vrUh aratn belt, pocket and front /Jpptr .;. sep- "SCREEN PRINT" BLOUSES The sensation ot Hollywood. Colorful fiorat *. or modernistic silk prints. Lone sleeve 9' styles ' j "UJANA" CLOTH SKIRTS Eight gored, generously flared, two pockets. { shown in the newest pastel shades in sizes 3 .-.--*u*^»\^n i-nwjiijLiLi /JX J. ±Lrjg>K New Easter HATS s 'sii^wL • STRAWS * FELTS! CLEVER XEW STYLES IN BRIMS . . BONNETS . . BERETS. 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Give it a chance to help you just as it has helped thousand:.; who say they have suffered. ,^ Hoyt's ..'Compound is recom- mendcd^and sold by the Mark Haisey -Drug Store and by all leading druggists everywhere. Adv. -Buy United States Defense fields & Stamps - / a v e our C/¥R By BUS LOW ROUND TRIP FARES: ! b . b .°±.. $7- /•50 Round Trip. Lubbock GJO /in to Dallas I tB$.fJ.U Round Trip Lubbock to Houston Round Trip Lubbock to Austin n AO Subject to 5S Federal Tax - 30-day Return Limit - - - - — *-~ -v •,»..r SCHEDULE A AN ADDED SERVICENFOR OUR PATRONS LUBBGCK TO WiCHlTA^ALLS, DALLAS AND OKLAHOMA>ijY V Leave Lubbock Daily _ >S^ 2-2CM^ N1 • ^^^^isv: '^"^feisb*r-^ , x Texas-New Mexik)land Oklahoma Coaches Joe Sowrnari, Mgr. Union Bus Terminal

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