The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 4, 1932 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1932
Page 5
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DEATHS RAPID RISE IN PARTY RANKS PUTS HURLEY TO FORE AS THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK MD., SATURDAY. JUNE 4. 1932, LOCAL MENTIONS ! rive James \V. Kiley. · | James w. Riley. Wlilte Post. l'3k. j died Friday oi pneumonia, after an alt- · i siS'-.nyatsssrii NEW REPUBLICAN CHAIRMAN T«.-rpr! -f'lrraS pmulove. Besides ivi::' -- -- · · · ~~~ " Among County Women's Clubs Buckeystomn Woman's Club. The F. F. Semin»rr Alumnae Club I v. til mfet a: '.^.? home of '.he Misses | Trail. Eav. Church Si . Monday. June 6 st 2 30 p KI LOCAL MENTIONS Another Bk Time Dance At DOU'JS iw .:,·'. \!.-t'.d.\ NiKi'.t. June 5 01TIZENS' NATIONAL BANK. rettrec: rajJrcad employe. Besides f-Jie. tie follotrtcg survive: Child:Xtt \ Charles. Hamsbarg. Pa.: Ralph, Hag- J erstown: Harry S. and David, Wi«t* ! Poet; sisters, Mrs. Ola Garssoa. BT HLKBEBT PLVMMEB ' *'---n '- ""-.,"."· "!»"-" , . ^er «vawi -r-e j^.a... ^ Francis Fuller and Mrs. Lucy S h u f p j debonair Patrici J. H---y °- Oi.3-c._* . Hagers:o»-E; Mrs. Ross Estep. \Ya,£i- ., a p.^-, m his cab::-.?: as secretary iEgtoat. Mrs. Yi-o-a Kerns, Whit* Pcsu: 0 ; war a-. the cea'.h or \V. GDOC. Mis. Jan* \Varhop, Brunswick; "23 | ,-_g. express-ons or a??r»\.il »ere gcn- grandch^dcen and cbSdren great-grarfrl- : Mrs. Ralph Bftt. "Pat mill supply c.^lor." .'. *as ia.a · :o the sosiore and a*ru^f- ! mindec Htkv*r oS?ial :ani:^ " Mrs. Bertha F.orenc* Bere, f», wtl'e ', deal of Ralph Here. Aspsrs. R. 2. Pa. died \ about his: S?=ie hid hearti he u ^ v, the" Warner hospital. Oettysours, born the son of a rx»r Iran irnniijrant . Fa.. Pncay of complications. 0:1 territory, tni: at the ase of Surviving are her husband, three chil- :i ne - *as cr--.-rig a mule in a mint- dren. Mildred. Floyd and A^ert Serei. | and at 14 vs. as a co.\:.xy on a ran-h all at honie: her parents. Mr. anS called the Lazy S. Mrs. George Minnick. Brunswick. this i- was ir.:wn 2-0 -.ha*, r.e worked coiinty, and the fXlo-ring; brothers ani . his »'3.y through college, studied la* sisters: Walter Minnick. Rozer Mirmi-cic." ;- wasnmg! ;n at nigh: anc aft-c*r ;rac- and Howard Minnici. all of 3r-.ins- -jation nac go=* a-* -^ OiUh:-n-.i 3-.i Trirk; Paul Mir.n:?S, Elk City, and Mrs. made 3. fortune in real es'-ite. banking Ethe! L-onj, Keedysville. snd O--. Funeral services Monday rooming at- May Be Party Chairman. JO o'clock " More is ir.ta~ of Hurley no-*-. ho-.v. eier, for the O'slahKnan has made han- sel! felt not only in governmental c-rsrles The funeral ot Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Stunkle. fjio-x of C. H. Stunkle, took fact, that me to him as the nox Republican party Hurley cas-.r into the pal:t.c2l place from her late home, P?mt of «. hgr.t during the Kaver ca.-r.vatjn *f Rocks. Fr:ci3y morning at 10 o'clock. [ :s:8 Sn:e ertrdivd him v.ith ·a-:th services conducted by Rev. C. H. e.;r.g half of the Oklah?3ti d-rle.r2:::r. Shull. Buckeystoxn. The pallbearers. \ ;o Hxier at Kansas C.ty ir.d betr.:; grandsons of the deceased, were Charlestons o f -x* raen v.ho aided IT. en-rv- E Stunkle. Geor?e F. Stunkle. Ko'A'- I ^ s t he state for the Pre»:dent ard J. St'-inkle. Roy G. Stunkle. C. H. 1. partly as a rs-Trard f;r tr-is. he ^as Compher and Charles Orrison. Inter- j made a n:enib-_-r ^f the Boo-, cr ' -ittle ment in St. Paul's cemetery, near J,caoinei" as ass-tant Secretary c-f War. Point of Rocks. M- R- Etchison and S^n. ; From the time of that appo.nin-.ent funeral directors. the political star of the spr.jhily Mr. i f'Hurley began to ris* Ke fisiiljrjtd himself \v::h every d-etail of the -\ar department routine He displayed ar- il east possible effort. John Bricker. son of Mr. and Mrs. f Bul ,.:,,- ^ n: . 3i -, im»rt-::t--Pat- F:ll^m F. Bricker. Taneytown, was r;ck j Ktirl-..-y b-.-gan to impre mons the graduates at Gettysb'-irs; col- |i around him that he had a pretty ?-»d lege commencement en Monday. Apolitical head. · k Wins Favor of Hoover. Miss Mildred G. Ymger, East Third |{ It ^^^^ t. Dng before it was no^e_ Btreet. attended the senior class dance t around that the President regarded h-s e; " Mercersburg College. Mercersbur Pa., on Friday even-ng. May 27. 1 r.daj al:*-m,v:i Mrs A. W. X-.-jces:- ~- \ --- president, preside-! The oiH-ntng i .-.-.".; ' Anx-rxa. ' »-»s foll^ned DV the i -'^.-. in unison The ri^p,."A.- t^ j roll OAll was Oix- Thi:i? Mv Clui? Ha^ ] ratlg^t Me" Mrs R 1 IXntemii:-. I Mrs O B Stitely. and Mrs L' _\Li;i;ia ».-! Attend the S.wrt Course at C ..e;e Park, Tlie v--n.c c3---r.:::tc Mrs A E -:-.c aould be held at Flh.:x .r-vi -. J_;ie -3 Mrs C- E D-.cvit. ed- _ rgdre: Jewell Mr* Wji.ter Cut»ii: ga\e an inter*-.-. 1 :-;: a--, .-un: or her rr\r.t '.".p :o Ne» V?rk Attrotlou Lutbcrans. Men's C.-^t Oa'u:s. Thu^day. Jur.?.;-. GcKsi ;-r »raai. Pine Eats CV. ·· JUT t:csc: a: \KV* COMMITTEK CHICKS FOR SALE. POTTS GRIFFIN. TO SIGHT TO-J niav :ooit tact !='.o the !arkae»» «a4 :*-.' · » . n Is ^j: fining" Bat on ·.be « ic o: tie xurli--:'. U all l^lit. TJi* «.;i · .! s-'ces '-. th« B-j. r.-l -hi Z-CA-T 'a« n^nser o! j .· .ri» "·- 5 :r* or ?T.-.- .'. K.^ Reii Ej-.a:- ' l lit Dt'.'.tt 1 -ha:: :: » i ^ -^"re -."*:·« as; wb iccrld t *!so tin \ou K»d Th* Stars T Th? tu'.virc ;.Xcs n-.u,-h of ur.-vrta:::' r e.i. ·- ol '- I'.ii 1 . s i»hy \ou r.« .u- tn -- ;- '--.o-i W.Vi'.ever k:r.d POVi-S GKiyPIX t-'or EruU -f IvX-aVd a: Old At.:'.f..r .AV ;xvsNe.s.--.o:. Apr/o Piil'^ir WEKTHEIMER. ! THE i OIT1ZKXS' N A T I O N A L BANK OF starts Today. T.i- 1 IS'h *-r.- '. ·..«· Ftdel.:y ! NOTICES. N ' ^ : .-s v k J . . V L .. t . i. - N M ry tne recreii-on :n«e of Mr^ Wm Fisher and M-ss Anr.. P»le *\ ** * TM- i ^c* '^ i i * *C^^ii"stXi"v*""i"' A cem-jnstra::on vf ' Home Ca:.n:ns -ind Preser-img" was ?:v^n by the pix- n--^r, and Mrs Harry Sh\r.£le Ke- frvsnmcnts ixere .j ".j-o-;.^ 1 schoc! ch:l- ^Ix school'in 'pre Johnsxillc Club The Johnsville Woman's Club met at the hjme .·' Mr Key Sr.yder. May , I'-!, \\.th t'-\elve memcvrs :::ne v^it.'rs pre^^'nt. The op*-: 1 .:::.; *;:: -A3--. ' Tis Spr^ig Time." The coll-.-.". A.-LS read ::: unisc-n. The roll call a .is r-.-sp ::ced to by "My Pa-.jr.t«- Old Son,- Mrs. ' GKr^e Foreman had charge of :ne recreation per:od M^s Pearscn ga\e a cem^nstratton o:; meat cookery Prizes ?.«.-re -*on by Mrs. Hirtock. Johtsv:l. · and Mrs. B. A. Fogle. L'n:n Bridge Refreshments viere ser-.ed by the h-ost- . 020. Kext meet 1:15 »:.! be h*ll June 21 a; the home of Mrs. Cirroll Harp School. L.rj Ti.e.^i-.. J ine ~. at 9 30 a J C. BIEHI.. Acting Superintendent MD. CAPITAL $100,000.00 SUKPLUS $800,000.00 OFFICERS JOSEPH D. BAKEK, of Board. ,-.-c;.i5's .1 " v -» c ^. »:-- ;-.i-' POTTS A: ORtF?tU PHOKE 5-X) JOHN N. CLARY. "li- "· ' i - - ?i^-. »!Tr---'-i o? pr«- r ' . - - - - - - ^ £}·*- '· 5 _^c7^:e is JOHN N CLARY. A.l L'- ·! O' l-.5jrl=r» O \::tl,VKN yp.ES. Si.:;:'.or 'Pho-.f 735. 9 N Court St. WANTED. «jry Jii:fs Bir-3-Q Pred k T.^..i::t Ml3 Brocks and Her Pep Boys. Sanitary Fish Market. ^ ,- ,o , ;. MARKE1' SPACE 'Phone 1363. - lV Co::.:v"^. O"rn Ttiesi.1% and Tr.ur»day--12 "o 5 ^..j .., 0 .... \Vednes-jiy and Friday T 30 to 5 . o7:-or..l A."'! St-a Food of All Kind ,-. tha- ·!.,- Cour.!:: d- :. ·£. C · ::W. For Salr--Poland-China 10 Weeks Old $4 Your choice H COIljIKOWHR. 'PHOSE :3O»-P-23 !'::i;'..o I H i'. l.'.'A- o* Pleasant Grove Club PSOPUET3 SERVICE DRUG STORES and c-i.'ry i"! :!'.roui;h u h o · ec to ro.l call, with "My Fa-.-or:te Shrub- Beautiful Peonies Miss M. I/raise Johnson. East Seco: street, returned Friday after spending £ some tifne as the guest of Col. and Mrs.,'. ^ v^ heaved the ball in his direction, rr.m-stnr.ur.- H. B. Carlson, Short Ellis, N. J. i Then carse the mec:n; of the Re- the Republican "cn^er leader" ' publican Xa-tiKtnl committee in Wash- Pcrs-'i^lly popular. Hurley has a Mrs. Max Everhart, near Frederick, is;; ^,g; o - z ~£ ; - n e definite entrance of kno^leds-e of many subjects. He likes Women's Club Return Cards. · sach board or n a j j n t y »l the members A!' members of F. H. S. Alumni As- ' '-hereof, or c-SSral chief, or head, o! - --- are requested to return cards »!'·' di-^rtme:-.:. .s!-.ow ;n ? h^.v suc.i mc-nev wvil b' 1 r''q-::reJ lor cacn par- Hoi VFS P- HAKER, President. JOHN H. BAKER, I' ic 't- {'resident. JOSEPH McDivir, I'tce-P'etident. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAN. Cashier. SAMUEL G. DL'VALL. .-lis:*fcn£ Cashier. T TRAVERS THOMAS. Assistant Caskier. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER. THOMAS H. HALLER, CHARLES H. COXLEY, M. D JOHN S. NEWMAN. JAMES H. GAMBRILL, JR.. HOLMES D. BAKER, DANIEL BAKER. JR.. JOHN H. BAKER, ELIAS B. RAMSBURGH. ARCHIBAJLO E. FISHER. .-."··-·s:xa. OR PO:. Ir-'-.-i-i -P: ~^9 MISCELLANEOUS. vrvi^^ O3-iCTS OP LOST AND FOUND. L,.^r - -.-.i .i:.r_-:;\v N:o : -:r. BET-.VEEN 6 C'"·--,.- i '- -.:. '·'. P ' ' . c^:.'.a--i: X Pesr.*. C-.--A-, r s n- . - .--x, s-.: .-.'.--·.-v F:::itr -.-s-- : i- · r- .: u : s-.j-.--r-- :.-.!:. O^C'. SI C ' .:..'. S- 6-«-d:-. ' L O S T -ON THE STREET TJICRSDAY sbo-:-. » :i\r:: J .-- i:v.::'i Kirl. !: i--.Jr.-isrr. ^ s-.ore !or HELP WANTED. ^^-- ^-^N^^»_^-^ -^- -«_»-'ii-*-fc-»«»--l-- ·"^^--^i-"'' ·?E VOUR O-.VN BOSS-- MASS J3 00 TO $!-co div LO;I: b j :--;? NJ itprf»:oa .,,..-,', ,.-^ cc -,. 4 -T Wr vci. Cor.-.?i::. D:-.. S-T30. Frc-port. III. :x, t'-» mem'-^e-s -o 'h«-'- *ect c'-?e-- of the best t:n-.-:-s he has ever had was -Old hints. The club voted to send a M- Henry Weinberg. formerly of rTea- / .--' ~i~- V-s ~L c'e-i=^"V"" Preside" t v.h.lo h^ r,as ca=-.?si?-:n? against the delega:e to Rural Woman's Short " ' *~ ard his adn--~is:rat:on. a ro=v ind._ns en 'Polecat cr-:-;k" ' Course, at College Park. The garden · " ' _--_ --------. part:.- and flower show to be held June · "h° Qt*- s" '"^e ^o"i° Q* ^1^-5 ^I'""3-" W. ML S. M E E T I N G L:ghtwo:-c. b:cs fair to be a success' ;ucg:n; from the entr:es o' cut flowers. | Mr. Henry weir.jerg, -o-inc--* «. ,-c^- · crick, has returned to Hagerstown afs- 1 - er 'a trip to Chicago. He left by tise- j Natior)ii Highway anc returned the Midland Tra:l. Mrs. J. H. Sta'oSer and Miss Helem , S^uSer, Walkers'-iile, attended tise j commencenieii; exercises at Mercersbti:-; DEBTS ARE LISTED BY HOBBS Frederick High School 1933 Class Rir.?s, $4 85. McCL3E3Y'S JEWELRY STORE. Officers Elected At Annual Session In plants. e:c. There are seven prizes do- . na:ed and the club hopes that every Cumberland. -vomaa in and near Emmitsbursr --'--ll . Academy on June 1 when William Step- I p orm er Wardman Co. Vice- Mrs. Arthur F. Smith. -: Lonacon- bring or send flowers. The club was' pare, or Salisbury, the grandson -of r o r m e r vv lrul " £l " ^ u ,,., ^ ,^ : ^s -, pre=;£ ;e r ^ O f the ' "onored by tne presence of Mas Mar- Mrs. StauSer, was graduated! President Has S12.5O Cash. We/mans K;rr.e ?.I^=:jnary Society o f . year, which begins July 1. 1331;. I ends on the 30lh d.ty of June. 1933. i All estimates or expenditure of the j county must be pr«'sentcd on or _ before June 1. 1332. ! i By Orrirr of 'lie Board of County Commissioner Fr.-d-rick C v.::i'v. Md. JOHN \V HOLTEH. Pres I R. B. MURDOCH. Cleri:. i 6-2-d3t ! dlt* S-.260 ^$31-TO YEAR --GOVERNMENT JOBS '.s :j Sn S-."3jy sork. Wt coach -o-j for r T .j^ I.-JS pj^-,:o:-.-i a:-.d ::'.' P ir:;c::'»rj Frrc. Wr'.ti !:a.T.fd.»:''.---todiy s-irc Box 107S-C. Me"- p. LUTHER RICE. I KELP WASTED --WHITE. PROTESTANT. ' ai'ddlf-as-S TO-.-.S-. or sc'f=d girl !or . v,o--r --'it c! -..~:e Or.? r.ct ar-»li 'o rrn-...r. --. r.-=-.r a'^» W«- «° ?* r "io--!. L--- ···-·. S""*· ^ u "- Wr.te Box 103, 6-2-d3-.- are; Xewmas. a ^urse °- Frederick County. It xas under Mas the Fr-.d^r-.-k il_-tnct at its! ' ° Fr.=-y aftem^n at Center ' Ne»'sjar.'s direction tsac tr.e first oaoy . Reduced Prices On Oil Stoves. We ha-.e several only slightly Oil Cook Stoves, also 3-1930 Models -.vhich are marked at bargain prices. ·'Spend for the Home in 1*3? " A E. ·Phone 210. Sto'.es--PtiMbUng--Heating Roofing--Spouting. PUBLIC SALES. !U" S\LS i HELP DESTROY DEPRESSION ' not by quarreling with It but by nJJus 1 .!:--! FOR KENT i oursrlvM to It. It you tfrlvc a i-i TUB. JJ.Jil.1J.. i cvllnder car drlre a four, but *by dr: ! lour If you may pureSasa a »!T tor m« »»=nc ,, OR KENT -- MODERN ! |, r!c ' e . i :;5 E -i-.l! sTf.. d-Ac ; Compare thU il* room moiSera or.c* ; Sou ... -- ·-·- - d«r.!r.« oa Park Are.. oBfred [or ocu 1 S3 500 "with anj other property oi a mucn !· ghrr price. Two thlrdi ie!t «n property j !j ds^ired A real opportunity tor tne .. N"'1 *" SA 'riei. :"3 E. S:xth. apa Secor.'! ar.ii 202 E. Church. Mod-rst* rT.t-- No:-.h I'.artc-. s Clln-.orc R- Ftiu".:. W3 FOR RENT-- 1 BED-ROOM PCRSISHED. heit. fclr:c and u.'c of balcony. Reas- preferred. App.y 313 Mr. and Mrs. Frank 3. Rhodes, of EKTY IN FREDSillCK CIT'.". MAKVLAND "A JOB AWAITING TOD modern brie* dwc:!iag for tourW. 3 i r . tls . w!-.h cement mock modern Q..:n; o: p-.:scc! r-. the Jlst iiv o! M-.y. I Court. Against these liabilities he -isi- , ·S3- 1 :n «a«"- N - 6S13 ?-.d CS'.i Btr..:ru? | ,.;,. oa including one acre Tor can-.piag uur- noc.-.c-- ··.-.-." f-e u-J-r- ir.ri :ru':pes t o r ! nov . 3 located on Hlsnway. M «7 trade on Furn:--.-.rd cr unl-irnlshcd.Ap- 39 EAST rHIRD a"! S-H-dtf p|r 1:3 E Chare!-. s:r.-«l ,,_..,. Ha~.- Svattl and ?.fr^. J. C. MDn--h: ,V · tre2i-:rer ; -jrk. Mrs. Herbert Griffith: Christ." citizenship. Mrs. E Commercial District Xat-;-nal. ^-;..}? : :i;_:'J'.7f._. p ^ ?: .;;.. :N: ::^ ?f.:^f" MRS. PUTNAM AWARDED LEGION OF HONOR CROSS Paris. June 4 (A?.--Amelia Ear-hart Dr. P. S. Lansdale Trill be out of town. June 5th. M June :2th. ar.y Cr. r.a cl -. o:-' con-.h ---it ir. too-vci 1 :! ar.d de;!:. or.« ant.qje crs. one nr- T * t: :- -r A!.~"*"'.V Feslival. Thursday. Jane 9. :·: Jahn Summers meadow or. Bradciork ^ ., c _ , . ;o _.,., ._,, . ir! ., j_, o r :; ,. r ,- r . ?:ke. B^.go. Benefit Bradciori Orch: a r-j-r^e- r': r! v--".'-"': --"V-;;-! t-'r.e r.-id-.o. . cr.e 1B-QR ^tF. - gara S e six ROOM HOCSS WITH; upr'.v 10T V.ES-. 51h s-.rcet- ,_ ers 01 various H3;os aooas s.^ne RENT --MODERN CENTRALLY Located -.par' 5 r;or-.-- ir.d bata. heat. S25 00 per Bi:r.:h Apply 6 Eist SK:-! St. 6-2,dli j ^ __^___^___ FOR RSKT --FOUR ROOM APARTXENT. S22. Ir.c -J.rf ' ;.:01 S Ma-k«t" s:-;;t AprlT W. L Burger, past several ^eeas a yn. --as reported! as ge:t:ns ' 1^.J' cs fairly -s-ei; today. Richard Rao-, son of JSr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Kudy. ~est of Miccleto-s-n. ·R-as opers-ted upon for ap-;ndtcttis at the Frederick City Hosp.tal. Thursday. Ke is getting along niceljv Kanr:. o' Washinrrror. as endorser or rr.akec of 29 notes secured on v--otis is his bank, the Cer.-ra: Trust Company, and serera! c-f his IVtarrlr^-i ret.1 The amo'ir.'s c*:? 2 _^^_ c Armour, counsellor o' the embassy, ^""xl" r "Fl-.e years ago.-" said M. Pair.lsre. r::rj ; H:;-;hc;; ani VT.ll:'ark"D!~Hee« ^The I had the creat pleasure o' " * - Xoz.t C Mr. Sd---n C. Marked, ^rho has fceeri ^ 12te i 5f^ :? ^f s ' ... } patient at the Precenck City Hospital, c ". ete . *~" i - s 3 -- a ~ - ""· · fx the past fe~ MTS. -s^.3 reported as' scr.eou.e states. gettms along very n.ceir after Tinder-' A~TM? the ur_=ccursc cre--:t--..5 a.-t- going a -n-nor blood trar-fusi-on axJay. '*^^,^^?l : ;I ; : ;-^.*"5 : ^ 5o ^ CI:;n Tvillard Holt^er. ssn of Mrs Samuel . . in ^ «"^_---" s"'es :na- tr.e .ar;z-t Haiter. n 3 rtheast of MKdleto^r.. ^rao ^ :: S ^^°^:^ Jff ^r^^r^ taSen to the Frederick Cny rsospital Monday night and ope-ated up-Dn for arpen3i":ti5- He is irr-provin^; nicely Cyrus Curtis 111; His Wife Dies Col. Lir.-bersh after his fii-^ht. No^ I have the honcr to oes"o~ this cross upon the Colonel's -harming imare" Miss Barhart blushed and svarr.mer- e-, her poise shasen for a moment. "Mr. Pamler-e." sa:a she. ' I car. fin5 r.o ivoris to express rny apprec.2t:n " Speaks Beauty Shoppe. May Holmes, manager Special this f ^v^.j.-y-^ *. ^vj °e--Tianeit Wave S4 GO 'Phone 557-J. 317 N. Mariet St d3-.5-:4.:3xS-4 i STAR FURNITURE CO. _.T .-H_T-I._.-IU--».--·-----.--. - -- -- ------^--* 8ARGACS3 D* PURSTTURE- 50 uied refr'.seraton. all sizes. Sf CO to 112 00 100 fell oase rus (new) $215 up LiT'.r.g room, dining room, bed room ana titchen :ura!tur« and hoastnoia ellects or every kind ir.d d-scrlption. new and slightly use;!, at unheard oJ pr'ces Con-.e In anfl ot convinced taat rou can ^ave cncra taan nail. We ^JlJ j . - ' - trad- your eld furni:u.-« In. Tour POP. RENT--SECOND FIX5O?- AP-'-RTlISNi.- crcdlt U good here STAR FtJRNTTURE CO. K3-3M North Market Street. Frederick. M*rylaoS- :R RENT -- 3-ROO" ^PAH-I7.:E:.~r. ALii ASSIGNEE OF -.tOP.Tr. OGEES' PITBT-IC S \: F O? NOAH E. CRAMER SON. FOP. RENT --MODERN A5T. 3 roo--s. oatE. p-ir.'rv arci ci.t^rv. 225 VT. Pzlr.c* S-- -Pl-.oni SS3-- 6-lHiS-. ! FOR RENT --SECOND FLOOR 4PARTHEST. ! Apr v i35 Si t Sec;r.d Si 5-31-dSt LOCAL MENTIONS . . ^-""^ '^"" 3 = a:r ~- ^='s_-- ^-^ "·- ~^"~=~ Supreme Co-:. . : .:o .-. ..^ Exchanse Bank. ~-' Xe-- VrJt := 1_ --- ;nt--r cr. c~-ds of th; vTcrirr.en K-.a. Private Sale'. Doub Property. Southeast corner Market an3 Fourth Streets. I»3t fronts 52 feet on Market street --.rA 123 feet en Fourth street. A fine oneS i~elllr-S house anl store ro:n--latter in o~:«paricy of Amberg Braddock Heights Swiniminc; Pool ^-_~ Jordan, furniture cea.ers Price :;·-- Open for Season Persons interested can tn- """^'·' j ~ En;oy a refreshing s^r-.m in Fre-icr- ;?oc ; property v\--T-' .ck County's r.e~ modern pool. FrlAXS C NORWOOD. ' '' r?.::}\~f. "-XT. u--r. · Executor. 3'. :·) · -r See--What--A--Dance . - " 2 ". :: " -"-I ' · ' "· : 1 FOR r.ENT --:.:-OD£r.:: A?A=T:.rE:rr FJS- , r..«.-.-i- T-.--- ro:=i ar.i bith S.ds S,g*-.ty acres located about three ml.e^ , ^ 0 --_ p-.-3 .« ---ar.ce No c--:lir*n. AP- as". or Frederlct and one mile north o: t ^."J^g^,-, VM^T-:-! St " 5-31-i5l" ^ hl^l-.Ts-ay. ten acres In t.mtier. t*-n ; ' ^--, ^.-T\ L .-·'. i". s-.^ ? - r »s In mead-}-*- and Balance under u tlv^- , S.Q» sr;vTM _ \p-.r.T"ENT ANI? OFFICES. N "'\'J'." "'"^ '· "~ ImprOT-S mtii dselllr-s. Darn »== , " AppV's.-" ar - G--V SeaJ'.y S^:p. 1-JS ·'"· '~' r - ~-~-z^'- -.; r.e:*«-i»r? aae spring o: w ' ^.j^t Si ?r.;r.e SC3 5-31-d5t -"t r ^ ~ ~ .f 1 . ~ I -"r . - _ -- ·· .*,.-·«,» ·· *t*Mn ^««A »« 4^*r. H---·:·:-, WEDDINGS Score Kflled By- Qnake. ?.resico C.ty. June 4 'A?;---More fc O-'nsTJC-i-n tnan tnres sccre persons ^cre Ano"A -- - irs'ured as a result of the series of ie- struc'.ve earthcuaSe shocks -Krhich struck :-rcxico yesterday. Great cam- . Reed--Hiitebrick. age ^"as cc-r.e over a ~.c:e area ana a \f ^s C - ~ " -=· ~ ""--3-- "-" K number cf smaller fj^rns tcere er.tirelr =Z=V b.---"- 1 .--"T-^V-.-V--- T*/-"- *u- v i ~ipecl out. Oe.ayea Cu.cui. c^patc«c5 ,, *^^-- ^-.-^ j-.-- ^^ ·- ^---,----.^-^ --. from Guacalarara. naisecl the death toli II'.,"",!"-!:!^^" ^ ""^"Jl'.^"" -".. "-~:n that - .t:r.:ty to at least 30. A s--re ^.^ r -T-_ ^1.:..^.".._ --it J._ c ~.l _-"-T cf t:-Trr..= --ere seriously clamagia or ce- JI,t"I^l---,-^-Vy'Vl ".V^'^II"' _;_."_"""J,."-s-^"s d - w! Qua l r 1 T^y"v=re a'/crici'V-.' ^ 'We have at Bartcnsvillo. Sat Xite. UT. Kr.o~-Y our paircr^ Gr;-ff. t.te Florist. ^ c-ff?:... s :trg-: ay -It's the Best" s in. Gerar.l-rns at SI.93 per dozer. 5ar\ large plants at 4Jc dtz Special Sale of Plants. tr.e Florist, Market Prices "Orain- Boycr--Helt- ar.d M--SS Ma:.; S H-:'.t --f H-l.:?-. Pa. -ero rr.a--.«d '-.- ?.·:. Dr. Ch;-'f Com. c-bl -. - S'. 65 ,,, Tnu--:?v a'tcrr.c^r. T'--:v -,--o -."Live St«k and Produce. ~. ·;-.-- --o,--.-- -- Hollywood Ballroom Dance Wed.. June S ^; 5": ;!·-'£. larje plants at ~yc ^»---·- Dar. Greg-rry V.clor Heccri-r.s Or'h^tra c:-:z Tr.jj sale ^.11 last th^ 'xe^s tr..y " ' * -c From XCTT Tors To Los Ar.gel's ".V:r.--:rf;l sarra^is , "/'.",, ",_' "2very'otiy's Fav--vr.t*" GHOFF. the F".jnft. I ·",'--; T-: Hixe ;f a Xa":c-n.' Adrr.^.tn '"-- -pnone 2:4 Ti--r. =.'.: »»cr:flce at SUOO. das to dwtb ', .-. :a=::7 j FO a RENT--3P.o rL-ooH. FHONT APART- One h^r.irrd'.y acres In Thurrr.ont _^-. \;^--- 3^ d.r^ Charles VTerthei^l- '-.s-.-.c:. .-prjv-d Trl-.h large :ra-e d^-ll-r-.t 1 .." " 5-30-dtJ : -j.i". oar.s barn and a.l r.ecessary o--t- _ . h; A aarK'.In at S3200 j-QR RENT --?T.'RNtSKSD A?AST3Oi. acre Serry Fars: near Tro-jtrl.le. 13;- sccor.i T'^D-. 215 Z-iSt Se"~;i -*.-?e: -r^Tcd -xi-.h s:± room stone d^-e.l:ng ns^se. 5~3j-dl2t* ?1'l Ev-rb'3-.r.g 5-.rait.-7»7 plar.ts. 2 00-J | pop. RENT --APARTMENT FOr?- ROOMS, s acibtrry ar.i 800 raspberry snihes O---,:; e :zr-r-:-f. t'.'~. c - Z T ; - ;'r.-.-. steani h i ^ prc-p'Ct* o: Sl.OOO !2CO=-.e thj J?ar ', ~» 3 - y-.-d ir.i g---i-~ P-^ 1 ;-':. 1 ;= at once. BJV -.1.5 property and cash In l=-.3ei.a-.c.y :.:c;era-r --;; J :.: C-.'.:r. P-.ce S^-XV-l ) 5-30-dt: NO1H S CRAMER SON. IK COURT Sl'Rt-iJl 1 . FRSDSBICK, itD. SECOND FZ.OCn. 3-P.OO"^ APASTMZXT Used Cars. -2Z3 "K"li-poet 4-d:-r S-cdan 19Z3 For-d T-dor Sedar.. 1J30 Fird Star.=arc Coj-e 15:5 F;-rd FR.SDER.:CK MOTOR CO?^AX\ C. F/'-n Hemp Modern Apartment F;r Rent Apply 'Kv.l 3rce 4".0 Xor.h Mar'-tet St = - - - - . - - , - - ;- _ C-.-7 AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE. FOR RC~ --StX-ROCM KOrSS '.v.i^ St""p5-'v-V-rj--r;":.-. A;pl- J " C:ll=r- 5-:4-en Fine Watch Repairing. ?r:c-:-: ria^-^r.a'ole VT;ri j-i^rar.t-t- SAMVS1, L TY1.EH. :;i N--r..i Mar.-:et Street ^ '« · · r ·* r~-^ i ' - « c , -; ^ = s" - «- " Poblic Sale. For Sale. Jr.-i 11. 153: at 1'3: ;. A.", o: aa,-i ?:t« fratr. J . 1 rr..le south ·-' Mt. ?l-ar--.r.t "f 3 ^ 8 inches; ani Angle tor .-.i of Trork hcrses cr.-» a wi .-=.i-r. fir Bu::d.r.? purposes FHSDES.ICK JCN'K CO%n 3 ANT. Prar..-: Gss'lev ?r-p "Ph^r.e 333 ~DR PENT --'.tCDERN S-ROO:.5. SSCONTJ FOE SALE. ». i FOR SENT--=-~DOM HOtTSS. 5:3 NORTH FOR SAL.E OR RENT--3Y YE.'-R CR S3».- ! ; FOrl SEVT-- ^^F.GS SIX HO-O:^ iPAST- PTOC.-C:*. Ir.c ) S--crs ..... -- - - -. - .-.M-l cf Guerr »VT ca--=-. cy day of sile W;c:--- c.-.t - nl c-irr. p.r.ter. pl"-T,-. r.a ·""·--.- *-~ r-.r'L= H K Ci"--. 5 SI. ?.'..'.- Harries?. yello~ coo corr.. c'~. f.c~er. 4c to 3; ··- Office ."z Wareht^se--C.tape! Alley 3?t~eer; Tn.rd ar.d Fourth Sts Resiience--215 E Third St. ._ .1 FOR SA^E --S.3Y C^RRtAGE CHEAP TO 1S N Martet street " 6-2-ii:' FOR SALE --!.m,K S CE"TS A QVARJ V,'-V -'-"-*"«·" " p.-.i^i-.t V.ei Dairy Fl--. ·: S :.:irtr. J ""'· '-"··- - T.-es-. 7;-. s-.reet p ke 'p-ar-c '-S23.-F;; ( pop. RENT _ DA Tt.taH:T 5-2-dtT ttOfSf.. McDiarmid--Shoemaker. ."·' .-· ~- .-." -.- -" '-- ."·'-- -"'-" '·"-' ~ .-e Call cs "o 3 '.f?.' a a".-: .r. r.-r . : .- ~- ^r. 2. r.-"sr- sland X Y. srd 4: :· 6: , Or H:r.r. '^. G Kteffer at tr.e £.-,i.nsl- . ~- - '-1 " -" -* to 5-: ! ::al Ri.'omed parjcr.age oa Friday at t-s. ili^7~ aoo-.c .n a recent'.-o ..Z'~c to 3; : | 5 p. 31. ei-.?e-r..i to MRS MARY C MN'T G'.-r.n Tro,:- \jct R L X-"-. C - r e advertising pa;.^s b.; c.-.:ienc is. Lower Prices On Scratch Pads. Penill Tablets 'ne^;sprint paper) Xo* 6 Cents a ii Eo-3 and By-- ?c.per Tablets, Nox 9 C^r.ts a H. TEE N'SWS-POST. ," r ;" FOR SALS -- STEVEN ACRES OF OFM.FA, ' .,"." r.i-arly ready to r-sx ^pr y .'--T-n V '..' Grcve, West Fo-j::S S'-rcst Ex; P-.c-e S MS, THOE. S-2~ -r-.v; «-a? Po -- - - COMXrERCIAL PR Ser.d for Saxples. Ne-s-s Jtl) Printing OCioe, FOP. P.rXT -- itODSHS 6-HOOM SOCSS, 3^ Park sv2--« ?e"wsv..3? April 1, ' George 8 SCsir.e S-S-it: FOR ?FXT -- SIX ROOM HOrSB OS NORTH Mirxft S- .\-.~ - to O. 2S. Sch..inr-.?cr:t. 714 N. Siarie: strsst *-l-a:f ^flREHIVE«.om

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