The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 12, 1948 · Page 11
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 11

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 11
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THE DAILY REGISTER, HARR1SBURG, ILL.. THURSDAY, FKBUUARY 12, 1'MB PAGE THREE, SECTION TWO, ML IT "· '"~ for so-called l«W.WKKg ^tf^^fE?^ ^^"Ki^^cV^ i^.iillIlAHf. /Aou( ,« ,,i(i«/u /u* » ·kcr. loMK»'r-li«l'»K '«"«'· ^.timulntok.di.i'vuetum dim new kiiliioy-bmtWor) £*·· "·'? 7«« a w"i*dM«v B .fiko«e|i«ii MI. ibfv»l» ll ' s ,;i rllI , E i«t. Un U«you find ^*iffi«iJwBOU^VOUll S'ONVK- Water or Electricity Prompt coollnc of milk during hot weather la essential If losses are to be avoided. There should bo lour times as much cold water as milk .available for this purpose, unless electrical refrigeration is utilized. Water coola milk many times faster than air at the same temperature. When an overflow pipe lca"ds from 1 the milk house to the water trouj;h the surplus may be used without loss. If electricity is available it should be used'to cool the water. Just Received Shipment of beautiful ;,, wool worsted jflen plaids in single and double hrcasld models--for /early selling- Sec them in Our Windows ' , . . IN CUT IN JTYIIHG (they can't be beat) and we do mean this splendid suit available at this store. Deftly tailored. Just one of our many outstanding spring buys. $55 up Find New Method To Fight Diseases Due to Infection BUDAPEST, Hungary (U.R) -- A new prop^lactic and therapeutic principle of fighting infectious diseases has been announced by the director of the physiological institute of the Budapest University, Prof. Ge/.a Mansfcld. Immunity is attained by injecting immune animal brain cells into the organism. Prof. Mansfcld, who started his experiments -ome 11 years ago concluded that: 1. The toxin of every infectious germ and, every pathogcnetic virus is firbt absorbed by cells of the brain and makes its way from there, by the periphcric nerves, to the various organs. 2. Experimenting with sulpha drugs, Prof. Mansfcld found that they do not kill the germs in the human organism, but keep them and their products out of the or- |ganib»: by L-'ocking the brain cells.. That discovery !.as been substantiated by experiences showing that if a cut is made through the nerve connecting the sick organ to the central nervous system, the disease ceased to develop. The immunity against the same kind of infection has been developed by the organism, nevertheless. That made it obvious that although the infectious germ suc- ceeded, by way of the blood, I n ' reaching the brain cells, It could., not continue its trip into the'ctlls of the organism, because the nerve ' was scverpd. ' v · 3. Prof. Mansfeld succeeded in : immunizing healthy .animals with the brains of animals which have become immune by having recovered from tuberculosis. Inasmuch as the injection of immune brain cells holds no* danger whatsoever, the way seems to have been opened to a new wide range therapy of infcctional sicknesses. I MOTHER DOESN'T WANT HIM. Richard Fejdasz, 3, unwanted i by his mother in Eugene, Oregon, puts a few personal items ini nis , grip in preparation for his trip to Japan aione. The tot s fatner, ' M/Sgt. Joseph J. Fejdasz, on duty with occupation forces in Asaka, has arranged for a Japanese maid to care for the boy during the day. (NEA Telephoto) Texan Gives Congress Both Barrels on Rent Control By IIARMAN W. NICHOLS United Press Staff Correspondent] WASHINGTON, Feb. 12-tU.PJ-- A lean, wiry gent from Texas! hauled off and gave congress both 5 barrels. · L. A. Weisser of Houston didn't ! lock like a -lo/ig horn. He was i dressed as a "civilian"' in a neat. blue suit and polished black shoes,, \vith low heels. He wasn't bow- 1 I aft LCttl legged like the cow pokes in the pictures. And when he walked into the House Banking and Currency committee room yesterday ! he was sporting' a modest, one- gallon hat. He came in to say a piece about rent control.^ Since D ES MOINES, la. l'E -- When you have sn iffl eS( don't plan on getting over them for at least a week. That's the advice of Dr. H. E. Ransom, director oi the city health department. "Instead of Just lasting three hc P wrSSS the Prope tv Own- d,vsa7 colds do m the average ers TsociaUot!i of America, he year, the 1948. cold, is .lasting _ai 3 We Give Eagle Stamps CLOTHING HOUSE turned out to be agin it. And he didn't waste any time letting the committee in on his ideas. i Weisser dusted off his drawl into high gear. What- "least a week." he said. Dr. Roocrt -I. Parker, medical director of the board of educaton, agreed. Dr. Ransom said the difference made him so dad-gum sore, he said, was the way the rent con- tims have been suffering from se vere sore throats, aches and pains said was me way inu ICIH tun- ·-!.·- »v»~ · «- t£l office down his way has been lot the body, and in some cases, kicking Texans around. Letters Back Him Up He had fetched along, a brief fever. Tne -cold is hanging on longer this year because of the "severity 1 virus infection, he ex tin his point. He told about an Plained. ^Tfi lorft* \\-hn nwnfd an 11-unit virus Blamed ap'ar££* tu°ild£2 Withou? so Dr. ^^^^^ mi-rh as a Hi-Silver the Houston as an "influenza vuus and addea SffSAM-S-a. her rents TM£ SaS *JK%££R PROGRESS IN MEDICINE S!NCE LINCOLN'S TIME It would require several newspaper pages to even outline t h e advance in medicine since 1865. THIS IS A BRIEF REVIEW: The X-Uay; The Modern Fever Thermometer; The Hypodermic Syrinjrc; Apparatus 1«» Measure Blood Pressure: The Modern Microscope. MODERN Sl'KGEKY: New, improved anaesthetics: Blood Transfusions: Brain Surgery: Improved Dentistry: Modern First Aid Supplies. Diphtheria Antfloxin: Typhoid Vaccine; Tetanus Vaccine. SOMK OF THE NEW, MODERN DRUGS: Insulin: Liver Extract: Sulfa Drugs; Penicillin; Streptomycin; Tyrothricin. WHAT MEDICAL PROGRESS MEANS-In Lincoln's day the average age of Americans at death was about 32 years, or younger. Now it is abnvc 60 years! Medical progress is responsible for much of the gain : ~ life expectancy. an average of $10 a month.. The 'woman marched right down to the office, Weisser said, and the manager threatened to clip her one the question of virulence. ·He said there are two methods of attack of the present colds: with a hook L In the respiratory system. The Houston man said that 1 an- 2. In the. gastro-intestmal sys- o'her thin" about the control busi- torn, which includes the gall blad- S which bothered his ulcers der and other intestinal organs u - f a so-called heat ordinance, Drs. Ransom and Parker listed enacted in Kansas cftv. It became five things for a person to do when ! thf aw Uicre for for a landlord he .starts getting the sniffles: to keen his propertv heated at Quiet Advised ° 7 at all hours i. Go into isolation immediately H » « M a a ours . I wasn't much uouble in ihe'^d stay there until all evidence of nme he said. But imagine ~ Endlo'rd in the dead of winter the infection has disappeared. 2. Be -quiet and rest in bed. ' P aS!g r 'down 1 U. hall to wake £ fallow any outsiders into ^Itr^^^^^ Pfc"* * r 11 JU1CCS XcrmoSS Weisser said he and cat only light foods, kncTM one landlord who tried it 5. Be sure and- call the family · won Jd UP wishing he hadn't physician if a-fever develops and so caJSu about the law. continues, for more than 24 hours, that asked the Houston man, By letting a cold continue with- nomocracy It work' out taking care of it. a person is Democrao at \\orK. _ f __ chance of developing ;IHV\-LOV-^ MI. »·»*·---- If the gentlemen of congress knew the answer they kept it to themselves. -. Kcp. Donald Nicholson of Massachusetts wanted to know, though, j if anv sizeable area oi big Texas, had been relieved of rent controls. Weisser had the congress pneumonia, abscessed cars, kidney involvements, pleurisy and other ·complications, the doctors said. Usher Too Generous MILWAUKEE -- UE -- P.elcr U'bert: a church usher, was puz- there. Agrees is Hot Potato «vv.«- " hn cniri nilltil zlcd when the parishioners flock r*v P «: ii not roiaiu cd back to the church, waving Yes" he said, putting the brake, the collection envelopes he had nn his drawl "But they arc areas I just passed out. He discovered inhaWtcdbv ^ack rabbits, which | the envelopes all contained mon- don't pay us a heck of a lot of | .contributed at previous col- 1C The next witness was a ficntle-! man from New York named }\ij-' Ham K. Russell. He described '.himself as a former politician; i a Republican and chairman ot iffee Metropolitan ftir Rent com- fmittcc. He said he had a bg surprise for congress. He has his . I"i3ni il-i*t * » v t v « Vo all landlords «ho i; volumarily »hcn « iras otlcrea to renters, "for i"« I C «'TM. ol BEWARE OF CAT5- c l c l c ' m dur S n M thai vcs. indeed. I Hoodoo Day, Friday the *" s a hot "one. j 13th! But better still, be added, waving both. tcctcd EVERY day ' \\TTC a mcmucr 01 t: , wouM toss the I against loss from accidents 1S T could." 1 w jth Etna Accident Insurance. EZRA and CARL L. KARRIS THARMACISTS Carrier Mills Has Frost Defeated The cranberry grower is the only ,cricwltural producer who has a urc method of frost projection, j ROBERTSON, CRECELIUS GHENT \hc reservoir i Rose BIdg. flood the bog. ;MO nil uie ui»fc"«"» . . . · _i i Since water, on **£»*_ ways warmer than air. the vapor rising from the water protects the cranberry vines against frost. Pho. 1000 Representing THE TRAVELERS, Hartford Q a · On These Quality Bedroom Suites by such leading manufacturers as Kroehler - Thomasville -- Delker -- Bassett. Included in our beautiful selection of bedroom suites are lovely designs in Early American, Eighteenth Century and Modern, in rich mahogany, walnut, maple, and oak. Starting a s l o w a s . . . . . . . Seten's Economy Price Special Offer for 10 Days Only With any bedroom suite purchased at our low economical price, within the next TEN DAYS, we will include WITHOUT EXTRA COST a Seten's Special Innerspring Mattress that retails for $29.95. Every suite in our entire stock offered for your approval. promptly while the selection is complete. - Act 11 "At Economy Prices Walk up a flight and find "Luxury for Your Home at Economy Prices" /···ami n m ,§ 171 i^f! CT^NDC SETEN FURmKMs: MUKt "Over Woolworth Store"

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