The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 10, 1970 · Page 97
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May 10, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 97

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 10, 1970
Page 97
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Page 97 article text (OCR)

' DiJ Mdin«t Sunday Pegi May 10, 1970 __ "__ «„ »* r f *• r' t- ». f. ir » 'ji preceing PQgc * f J „. , COMMUTfltY SCHOOLS a Mites NorlriMst of Des Moines IMim Apply te K *5f HOOK, lupt.; Minoo, S-.-MISSOURI VALLEY JNITY SCHOOL NEEDS hool English and Speech ^,-ade • Arnold L. Bradley, Sup't. -MORAVIA ., COMM. SCHOOL NEEDS M.S. Selene* (Physics and Cherfi' Vocal Muslr K-12 Sixth Grade (man preferred) Spanish dentiSIs fo'Reb'erf ..Morayla, la. 52571. applications and cre- L. wells, Suot tiaahars Waftiad Pottawattamie Co. I. TMR teacfier, Male bCeferred. 2.- .Coordinator.- of emotianally disturbed oroflram. Apply to Gene Sanders, assistant opuniv soot, RR NO. i council Bluffs, la. PRA.IRIE Comm. School needs for 1970-71 Special Ecwcatcon-educabie ero- for granVVJ to IS year old students.' '.Driver Education and baseball summer proaram. send letter of application and credentials to D. L. Tracv/ Suot., Oowrie, Iowa. , PRF.STON W<iH>d _____ JfiO| t Wonted 260 STRATFORD COMM. SCHOOL NEEDS: ', tnsilsh with-Erench if. possible. &u! woffld accept other language. 2. H/S. Math, •Apply and s^nd credentials to Daniel M. Lynch, Supt.-Eiect, Stratford, H. S0249, TIPTON Community School needs for 1970-71 l Music . voca School Gra Apply to Sup. TlptonT'lowa. teacher (Middle _,....„ E. Diedrichsen, ZION, ILLINOIS come to Zion, Illinois unlflss you wjnt Ion9 hours.^of in-service activities and ,1 definite concern for children involvement In inovative prooram, a good salary schedule, excellent opportunities (or professional advancement, close proximity to Chicago and Milwaukee cui- t u r a I centers. Klndearartcn; intermediate vacancies Prim Fine Arls'iri trie'j"unior"HTgh.'lndr- s Physical"Educatl6n and j- TITONKA Qenaral 29fl,Truoki «nd TraiUrs 31Oi truekt «rtd Trailers PAINTING too laroj J?st. Mc$ PAINTING V) Brojh or spray. No i lob! small, Insured. Pree' 28M780,. 2tei375. ! Tin . ._ RICE ftersi_GBEL»M8«8 COMM. SCHOOLS NEED: 1. Fifth Grade 2. Sixth Grar 5. Girls - jde oach and Soc. Science 4. Phyislcs, chemistry comb. 5. Special Education Elem Contact Robert R. "-Preston, la. Manlev, Suot. RED OAK MT7AYR COMM. SCHOOL NEEDS: 1. M.S. ART Iowa has the following 1970-71. ELEMENTAftY for Education (Educatable Apply to 0. _Avr, la. C. Walker, Supt., Mt. 1. Special retarded) SENIOR HIGH 1. Social Studies (Government Wo.rld History) and MURRAY CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL, ic ' . mental 3. Industrial Art , . Vocal Music (1-12) 2. Instrumental Music 4. Jr. High Science Head boy's basketball, Jr. High athletics, and ass't. coaching wilh above. Send lettei tlals ' itter of application and creden- to Eugene Movlck, Supt. . Community School District Red Oak, have the following vacancies for 1970- I »••,* U*» tk* (i%MAi»l«M AnAnlnM (AV 1*. "-« u^.vii.v TREYNOR COMMUNITY SCHOOLS TREVNOR. 1A. '?» ion • 1. Instrumental Music 2. Vocal Music 3. First Grade 4. English 5. Social Studles-Llbrarv. Anplv and send credentials to Hess, Supt. Murray, la. e. A. MUSCATINE 1. Elementary Principal 2. Senior High -School EMR-work study J. industrial Arts-Electricity Send application to John Fields, Sup't., Muscatlne. Iowa No. 2 position with assistant coaching ! in track and football. I Candidates may have credentials andl | letter of application to Dr. R. .W.I Fisher, Supt. 408 Coolbaugh, Redj Oak, la. 51566. | REINBECK COMMUNITY SCHOOL NEEDS: 1. Vocational agriculture Make application and send credentials to Kenneth stoakes, Supt. Reinbeck, Iowa 50669. 1. Math with PhviL. 2. Business Education with Shorthand 3. Library 4. Elem. Remedial Readlno, (preferably 3 days per wk.) Head wrestling coach available with one of the above. Treynor Is located 15 miles from the Omaha-Council Bluffs area. Contacl L L, Haack. Ph^712-487-3414. vidualized Instruction opportunities at all levels. Contact. Paul A. Ek-< lund, Assistant Superintendent and Curriculum. Zlon Public Schools. J7th St. and.Bethal Blvd., Zi6n,! ,.lmois 60099, Ph. 312-872-S^y _ j SUMMER CAMP TEACHERS int., ext., piaster wan and texture. F erienc. u«u jym. PLASTER, dry wall, chimney repair texturing..ceinnas, 285-406.1. PLUMBING. 285-81.7) ROCK walls-planters, patios, ft OOF I NG,, Gua r. workmansh Art-Music-Drama, 9 week J450 sal- i CM Prompt service. Low rates. ;B i, b Rooting. _ F r ee 765:0154 NEVADA REMSEN^UNION COMM. SCHOOL NEEDS: 1. H.S. Math and Wrestling 2. Jr. Hleh Math, with coaching. Send application and credentials to Supt. D. L. Meneely, Remsen, la. TRI-CENTER . COMMUNITY SCHOOL a, i t. - ... flry housing, food, laundry. Plus eniov all sports activities of Camp. Private Girl's Camp with 170 acres 3 lakes.24 buildings. Send Photo, Resume, to Camp Canworlhy, Box 239 Walker, Minnesota. MERGED AREA VI Community College needs: ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Adult and Continuing Education. BA minimum. Contact Conrad Delar- din, Director Adult and Continuing Education. Box 536, Marshalltown, la. 50158. Ph. 515-752-4643. TREE removal and trimming Free estimates. 262-8571 NEED a gardener? Mow, rake, trim, and edge, 2 days a week. M. 2741394 after 5. AREA 1 OPENINGS Located 20 miles northeast of Omaha- Council Bluffs on 1-80 has lowing vacancies: .. Instrumental Music 2. Vocal Music --------3. Junior High Science 4. Hioh School Math 1 5. Head Bov's Basketball, Assistant; ------Girl's Basketball, Junior High Football, Junior High Girl's Track, ISPECIAL 1. Adult education coordinator . 7 1. Nurse Education instructor ! WE 3. Counsellor-coordinator of learning . .- center the fol-'4. Office education Instructor iConlact Sup't. Max R. Clark, Area I, Voc.-Tech. School, Calmar, la. Ph. WHITE rock, drives, prkg. lots. Dirt, $and. shale. 266-7419. Trucks and Trailers 310 Truck IHC B 180 with 14 ft. Insulated body and cooling unit. Miscellaneous 478 IHC engine Hydraulic flftina qate. 23,000 Ib. Eaton 2 speed axle, Kvsor air conditioner 12 dump box with hoist ••~ BUY WRECKED AND TRUCKS STANEK'S SEE "LEO" AT JORGENSEN TRUCKS 8. TRAILERS SALtS, INC. HIGHWAY-30 WEST- — Mars ha 11 Town, Iowa 51058 Bus. Ph. (515) Res. (515) 752-4497 • 752-4161 752-31 ;3 NEW TRAILERS: 1970 AMERICAN, 45 ft. livestock trailer, 80 In. eave height, 3 clean Truck* »nd Trailers 910 WANTED HCiUCATION COORDINA' -------- ------ ..... TOR tor 5 county area. Contact C o u n ' y Superintendent, George 1. Elementary Principal. Central Elementary School. Vacancy due to advancement. Experience preferred. 5. 8th Grade Science 3. Hlah School Government, Economics and Sociology. Assistant Varsity Wrestling with eL ther' No. 2 or 3. Apply to Supt. L. L. Gustafson, Nevada, Iowa. NEW HAMPTON 1. First Grade 2. Sixth Grade 3. Assistant Wrestling coach and Hlah School Physical Education and assist In other sports. Aoply to E. A. Colbert, sup't. New Hampton, Iowa. NORTHEAST COMMUNITY 6th GRADE-DEPARTMENTAL Bate $7000 — Hospital. Malor Medl ell paid; 10 miles from Clinton, la. Notify Joseph .Bohr. suot.. Goose Lake, Iowa. Phone dav 57^-2259 night 682-3005, Round Lake, Minnesota Public Schools, Round Lake, Minn. . H.S. P.rlncipal_^ . Librarian I. Sixth Grade i. Science (Chemistry and Physics) 5. Social Studies—English $6900 base salary plus fringe benefits. Contact Supt. Lerov Mackove, Round Lake, Minnesota 5*167. NORTH CENTRAL Comm. School District . DESIRES, APPLICANTS FOR! 1. Instrumental Music Grade 5-12 2. Jun or High Science Junior High Mall 4. Chemistry-physics 5. Physical Science 6. Ala.-Baslc Math-Cons. Math H\S. Tr ' basketl Sir's . tling rack. H.S. Baseball, Ass't. H.S. "ill, J.H. Boy's B.B., J.H. .B., J.H. track, ,JH. wres- Wrlte Dennis Harken, Supt., Manly Iowa 50456. • NORTH LINN COMMUNITY SCHOOL SYSTEM 1. Upper elementary 'special tduca tlon. 2. Elem. Art 3. Elem. Guidance 4. Seconda.rv Girls Phy. Ed. itt S. Jr. High f Wrest" Contact Ind.' WrestUna . . mtact Robert L. _. Troy Mills, la,. Ph. 319-224-3291. Arts with Varsity Tlmmpns,_ Supt., 1. Special Ed".' 2. Head Wr NORTH POLK IITY SCHOOL Vrestling coach—sublects 1. Football assistant, basketball essli lent. Sublects arr. 4. School custodian Apply to R. 0. Mortenien, Supt. Alfleman, la. NORTH AAAHASKA COMMUNITY SCHOOL NEEDS: 1.5th and 6th departmentalized Scl ence (man preferred) Apply to Marten Shell, Supt., New Sharon. Iowa. . NORTH SCOTT .COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT Needs the following teachers for 19701. 4lh grade — extended contract .2. Elementary music 3. Elementary ScTenc* 4. elementary Special Education 5. Jr. High English and Social Stud 6. 5r. High Social Studies with coach . . Ing . Jr. Sr. High Glrt'i tion Phvi. Educa- Sr. High Art and Home Economics >. Sr. High Vocal Music 145 teacher system. North Central , Approved. Rural area. Next tc Q u a d-Clties Metropolitan erea $6900 base. 5x5 salary schedule. 'f'MeJyn E.. Helle.r,..Supt. *vrw UH?C. JA3 9OIOI r SLR CO I Contact Melvln E. Heller, Supt. Schools, Eldrldge. Iowa 52748 North Tama School Needs the following teachers for 1970- I.Art 2 - fi e Jl».«' Agriculture with Auto Mend Chemistry be combined with el- 3. Physics a 4. Math. Me _.ther Science course last J positions may be combined Ith boy's track and girl's basket- 7«wi", IWIHT .her Science ine L will ball Apply toJup't. Donald Lenth, Traer NORTHWEST WEBSTER Community School, Barnum, Iowa 1. Vocal Music Grades 1-12 2. Grade i 3. Industrial Arts with Head Boys Basketball Coach Send application and credentials .-..- -.^MMboiiuii an H. L. Fennema, Iowa. Supt., Barnum OELWEIN ROCK VALLEY Community School Rock Valley, la. Jr. High.Science to Coach Jr. High , ig available with above assignments. Prefer experience for Bov's Head Basketball. ...... — . -^ __ Apply to Melvln Rogers, Supt., Trl-i TEACHER WANTED Center Community School, Neola. [Mathematics and Head F.B. Coach. Iowa, 51559. Sports (Secondary certification quired) re- Elem. Art Grades 14 (2 school systems, '/> time in each) end applications.and. credentials Supt. Nick R. la. 51247. Hulst.'R'ock Valley, 4. H 5. In Roland-Storv accy High School Business education. Interested applicants please contact Perry L. Uhl, Supt. Story City, Iowa. _ TRIPOLI COMMUNITY SCHOOLS NEEDS 1. Sixth grade . Girls Phv Education . Elem. Vocal Music-part timer i !• Y w\.or rviuai Vocal Music Arts, new facilities 6. 9th and 10th English Assistant coaching and bov's head track coaching availably with last 2 positions. Apply and send credentials .to..Supl. -Howflrd T. AAfl arguardt, Tripoli', la Sac .Community School NEEDS FOR 1»70-71 . Fourth Grade . Lower Elem. Special Education (Educable) ApPIv to L. L. Thompson, Sac City, ^ SACRED HEART . 4th or 7th grade teacher for 19)0-71 school year. Apply to School Principal, Sacred Heart School, Clinton, Iowa. ST. ANSGAR COMMUNITY SCHOOLS We are now accepting applications for the following positions: Fifth Grade teacher departmenta- I zed Reading with spelling) 2. Vocal Music (Grade 5-8) 'f interested please contact James L. Mitchell, Sup't., St. Ansgar, Iowa 50472, Ph. 515-736-4720 TURKEY VALLEY COMM. SCHOOL JACKSON JCT., IOWA 1. Jr. High Math 2. Jr.-Sr. Hlah Vocal Music 3. Jr.-Sr. High Art Apply to Keith O'Connell, Suot., Law- '°r, Iowa, 52154. | Must have Math, malor and Minor in Physical Ed. Write or call Supt. W. F. Pure, School District No. 792, Long Prairie, Minn., Ph. 612-7322195. Help Information 270 Dear Mr. Hill: Please send me placement, successful. TEACHERS your literature for I hear you are very SERVICE BUREAU MANKATO, MINN. TEACHING POSITIONS Enroll NOW Midwest, West and Alaska CLINTON TEACHERS AGENCY C. R. Cozzens, Mgr. Qept.R, Bo> "- Used Truck Parts EVERYTHIK'G FOR TRUCKS Hwv 30, West P.O. Box 94 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA Ph. 319-362-3965 CLOSED SUNDAYS ELK POINT, SOUTH DAKOTA 38 ft. tilt bed low boy, 2 years old, Trailez trailer with 25 ton tandem axle and springs with hydraulic winch, with or without CMC tilt cab, 671 engine, all good tires. Bus- ker BUS'KER IMPlEMENT 20 min. from Sioux City on 1-29 Elk Point, South Dakota 1967 Phone 605-356-2222 GMC diesel tractor " short conventional, 84" CA, rubber, 5 spd. with. 2 spd,.fu" 900 air, tractor package with 5lh wheel, exceptionally clean $2995. JOHNSON MOTORS IOWA FALLS, IOWA (1964 WHITE COE I dicsel tractor. 196J Oor^ey flat sides. sleeper, tandem with removable O V E ..._... .... _. -. __. Amer., Australia, 2000 openings. Constr., Office, Engineers, Sales, $700 to $3,000 mo. Exp. paid. Free URBANA 1. Vocal Music (K-12) 2. Librarian (New library) • Send application and credentials Slmr. Henrv D. Irish. URBANDALE AREA Parochial School needs: 1. Engllsh-7th grade. Apply Sister Rachel Beeson, 3601 66th St. Des Moines, la. 276-1061. VAN METER COMMUNITY SCHOOLS NEEDS FOR 1970-1971 1. Coaching and Jr. High Math. 2. 4 week remedial summer school Send credentials with reply to: Glee Guess, Supt.. Van Meter, la. 50261 Phone 996-2597. VINTON info., write Overseas Jobs, lnt'IJAtl Airport, Box 53A-A. Miami, Fla 'i-l -%. -™i £f ^ Both ln nlce condition Including tires. — turope, so. will consider your proposition. , uw, „„,,„!„„* Somp financina consider if desired. 1 Ph. day or evening 319-365-9747, ask Tubbs. weight 11,900 Ibs. 1970 AMERICAN 38 ft. aluminum praln trailer, 60 in. sides, 5 grain hatches, l'» in. flooring, dock- bumpers, nylon tarp, I0:00xjo Budds. 1970 AMERICAN 40 ft. platform, 25 in. I-beam center frame, 1 J » In. flooring. 48 In. header, dock bumpers. 10:00x20 tires. 1970 AMERICAN 45 ft. livestock trailer, 12 ft. 6 In. height, side door, deck rail, aluminum door, divide sate, roll up rear door, tool box, sliding tandem. 10:00x20 tires. m 1970 AMERICAN 42 ft. possum belly livestock trailers, 13 ft. height, side door, clean out door, 3rd hoo rail, aluminum floors, aluminum decking, either 20 or 11 in. tires. (2) 1970 AMERICAN 42 ft. possum belly livestock 13 ft. heiqht, side door, clean out door, aluminum floors, aluminum decking, either 20 or 22 In. tires. USED TRAILERS: 1964 KEYSTONE, 40 ft. possum belly livestock, roll up center deck, aluminum floors, decking Iron! and rear, 10:00x20 tires. 1963 UTILITY 40 ft. reefer, Transl. cold unit, aluminum floor, side door, insulated, new 10 in. brakes, new 10:00x20 Budds. 1962 BROWN, 38 ft. meat rail reefer, 7 rails, side door, ROL Thermo King, aluminum floor, insulated, 10:00x22 Budds. 1961 FRUEHAUF, 39 ft. reefer, Insulated, SRL Thermo King, sliding tandem, wood floor. 11:22x5 tubeless tires. Sew paint. This week $3,595. 1959 BROWN 38 ft. reefer, side dour, insulated, belly mount unit, aluminum floor. 10:00x22 Budds. CLOSING OUT AUCTION Burlington Chicago Cartage 75 Trucks Midwest Trailed Center lOOTrailers CAR LOADS ofMERCHANDlSE Kewanee, Illinois . Friday, May 15 AND Sat., May 16 Starting at 10:00 A.M. Sunday, May 17 at Noon THREE BLOCKS FROM DOWNTOWN KEWANEE There, are many dltterent kinds of these trucks, mostly from 1960 to 1965 in good, fair, and Inoperable condition. 100 trailers Including vans, open tops and flats. M.iny real good ones and some " age. Full line of good st..,_ .,...„ ment. Tremendous amount of office equipment I.E. electric and manual typewriters, adding machines, desks. 200 new truck" Polaris snowmobiles. tires. 4" Sluts TEACHERS needed. West States. Salaries $6500 up. Teachers Specialists Bureau, Boulder, Colo. Position Wanted, Men 280 FARM JOB WANTED — Experienced, reliable man wants farm fob with incentive. Work with livestock preferred. References exchanged. J. Meyers, Rt. 2, Bur- linglon. la. 52601. rtiH nllv LOCKSMITH JOB wanted by 27 year old family man, willing to move anywhere In Iowa. Write 0-274 Register arid Tribune. ' LUMBER yard manager desires position. Middle ajed, over ten years experience. Presently managing lumber yard, but desires change. Write E-11B Register and Tribune. MAN-WIFE would NkV to operate molel or something similar. Inexperienced but willing to learn. 515-832-4016. | for Jack " Loan.. la. •59 Int. VCO 205, clean, cab, t spd. P.R. V401 oas. '£6 V195 401 5 spd. 2 spd. Will sell all or any part cheap. Westercamp, 526-3114 days, 524-3285 eves Kellogg, Iowa. >65 F-600 cy). recently o'hauled, "4 and 2 trans., 11 ft. end dump, good rubber. Querrey Chevrolet, Inc. OSCEOLA, IA. "FORD.rJHO, 2V> T 1968 342-2134 truck, 361 V . 18,500 Ib. rear axle, 9000 Ib. front axle, 5 sp. trans, with 2 sp. excl. shape. MARK MAUSS CHEV. Ph. 568-3471. WAUKON, IA. IMPLEMENT beALEfe SPECIAL 1968 GMC 2 sp. with new motor, 1968 Schwartz metal floor, hyd. roll back bed and tall gate. Top cond. good rubber, - . . 1967 DIAMOND T tilt sleeper, tandem drive diesel, 238 GM diesel, 5 sp. trans., 3 sp. rear axles, 10:00x20 tires. This week $10,500. 1965 GMC tilt sleeper, tandem drive diesel, 238 enalne, R-96 trans., lull screw, 10:00x20 tires, alr-condl- tioned, new paint. This week $7,650. 1965 KENWORTH tilt sleeper tandem drive sleeper, 262 Cummins engine, 10 sp. Roadrangir trans., 10:00x20 tires, new paint. $10,500. 1963 GMC tilt sleeper diesel, Neway air tag, 238 GM engine, 5 sp. trans., 2 so. axle, 10:00x20 tires. This week 1962 MACK tilt sleeper tandem drive diesel; 711 engine, Duplex Irans., sliding 5th wheel, 20 In. Budds, This week S3.450. 1966 IHU F180 „ base. .V345 eng.ine, 5. spd. 3 sod: new 'Truck"drlgina"l"con'difibn TseMs Sunday). All other trucks and trailers sell Friday May 15th and Saturday May 16lh starting at 10:00 A.M. Not Responsible for Accidents Terms: Cash Sale conducted by BOULTINGHOUSE AUCTION COMPANY Pete Boullinghouse and Bud Henderson Auctioneers Aledo, Illinois Malone find Co. Clerks Mr. R. J. (Bob) Hurst (owner) Mr. Lou Johnson, Gen. Manager P.O. Box 427 —Kewanee, Illinois . auxiliary transmission, steering. Hydraulic brakes. 1967 IHC 1600 2 ton lone wheel base.t V304 engine, 4 spd. transmission, 2' spd. rear axle. N.W..IOWA TRUCK HEADQUARTERS '68 IH 1600 V304 4 spd. 2 spd. $2650 '67 IHC 1600 V304 4 spd. 2 sp. new 16' comb, box and 20 T. hoist. Sharp. '66 IH 1200 14 4 spd $1495 '64 GMC 14 ton pickup '63 60 series Chev long wheel base, Spicer 5 spd. 283 eng. '59 Diamond T tractor equipped with sleeper, 220 Cummins! t-spd., 2 spd. '59 IH H 4 spd. a"s is $ 175 '59 IHC 110, 5 < ton 4 spd $ 650 ALGONA ST. MARY'S STORM LAKE, IOWA NEEDS 1. Instrumental Music Apply to Father Rles, 304 Seneca, Storm Lake. Iowa 50588. SHEFFIELD-CHAPIN Need the following teachers for 19701. Hiqtrschool physics, chemistry and math. 2. Art Vi time Jr. High 3. Vocational Agriculture Send letters of application to: R. C. Rosencrants, Supt., Sheffield, Iowa, 50475. " SENTRAL NEEDS FOR 1970-71 1. Librarian 2. Jr. HI Math and girl's BB coach Apply to Supt. D. G. Koeopel, Fenton, Iowa. COMM. SCHOOL NEEDS: . P h y s I c a I and Earth Science (Middle School) ontact SUP). Ralph Gibson, Wayland, la. _ WAPELLO COMM. SCHOOL. Applications are desired for the following positions durlnglhe 1970-71 school year: . H.S.English. 2. Jr. High Soc. Studies with coach- Ing Please send the letter of application and have credentials sent to Gerald E. Carlson, Supt. of Schools, Wapello, la., 52653. SIBLEY 1. Physics and Electronics 2. Vocal Music 7-12 3. 7th Grade Science w-coach 4. Instrumental Music 5. Voc. Home Economics 6. Speech and Drama. Apply to Supt. R. E. Reeves. SIOUX CITY COMMUNITY SCHOOLS ° S Vocational Graphic Arts -Senior High Vocational Home Economics -Senior High Send letter of application to: Director of Personnel Sioux City Community Schools 1221 Pierce Street , Sioux City, Iowa 51105 Sioux Valley Schools Sioux Valley, Minnesota P.O. Lake Park, Iowa 51347 Home Economics (not Smith Hughes). 2. Vocal and Instrumental music. Either man or woman for position 2 Very good salaries. : j Sioux Valley High rural consolidated high school lo The Valley High School,-Is. a cated In a prosperous farming area In southern Minnesota near the Great Lakes of Iowa (Spirit Lake and Lake Okoboll . Please send credentials and letters o application to the Superintendent of Schools, P.O. Box 536, Lake Park Iowa S1347. 1. Junor High Art 2. Junior High Vocal Music 3. Industrial Arts S. Elemenfary Vocal Music Junior High, h ' ' school. ly Oelweln, wrestl ing. New Junior High., building, approved NCA school. Ap_Rly to Arthur Sensor, Supt., , Iowa. — COMMUNITY SCHOOLS HIGH SCHOOL 1. H. S. Librarian experienced, salar open • 2. Math, . bination 1. Fifth GradelMan Preferred) OGDEN COMMUNITY SCHOOL NEEDS FOR 1970-71 '•Jfvli 1811 Science with some High Coaching. Please send photo with application to Supt. G. A. Wolfe, Ooden. Iowa. Jr. OLIN '•Ji'8. h . School Science to Include Ph! Chemistry and . ... 7. Junior High Math 'hysics. 3. Second Grade Wrestling and Junior High Coaching with one or two above. SIOUX VALLEY 1. H.S. Chemistry 2. Jr. High Math or Science Contact Supt. J. H. Campbell, Peter son. Iow . wa 51047. SOLON Science,, PE, coaching com ELEMENTARY ade JPi . 2. Learning Disabilities 3. Vocal Music Apply R. H. ommunity ^ppl^ Cor -SM Tullberg, Supt., Soloi Schools, Solon, ta SOUTH CLAY COMMUNITY SCHOOL NEEDS: Make ' appolcation to Supt. Robert Baker, Glllett Grove, Iowa SOUTH TAMA Community School needs ELEMENTARY Base salary $6,900. Send application ar M. 'Plication and credentials to A. iter, Supt.. Olln. Iowa. OXFORD JUNCTION .CONSOWDATED SCHOOL NEEDS: 1. H.S. Math and Physics 2 Spanish with drama class 3. Junior-Senior Hfgh Principal Apply to Dwalne Persfels, Sunt.. Oxford Junction, Iowa. . PAULLINA . Art Spanish NEEDS FOR 1970-71 4th grade at Settlemen Music 2. 3rd and School 3. Art 1 JUNIOR HIGH 1. Remedial Reading 2. Science with Coaching HIGH SCHOOL 1 Soc. Studies 2. Ind. Arts (M Jr. High '/s H.S.) 120 teacher system. Send letter . application and credentials to Jerry L. KUchols. Suot. 1702 Hardin SI. Tama. Iowa, 484-2642. . 3. Ass't Instrumental Music 4. Grade Three . __ Apply lo Donald Dell, Supt. PERRY Community Schools need tor 1970 71 HIGH SCHOOL 1. Librarian 2. Journalism-English 3. Bus. Ed. 4. Spanish-English Southeast Warren COMM. SCHOOL NEEDS: l. English Speech and Plays ,2. English and Spanish 3. Math and Gen. Science Apply to Kenneth Kemp, Supt., Llber- .Jy. Centjeraa. JPJ45. ; SPRIT LAKE, IOWA NCA SCHOOL In the Iowa Great Lakes, region, requests applications for the following positions. 1. H.S. Science and Mathematics 2. Junior High English COMMUNITY SCHOOL NCA-1940 students-100 teachers World History—Sophomore Basketball Speech and English rfci' Vocational"AorrcuTturt Fou?th Grade , , . .end letter of application and creden-ilnq, industrial, high rise tials to Suot. James L. Pnhin»nn [Milwaukee 414-261-0590. Vlnton, la. 52349. MAN, 56. Recently sold successful small business. Sales exp. (no hi- pressure). Desire customer rela- tions-lvpe thing. Indoor or outdoor i,,;rprt work, any type, as long as it's u ">" honest, sincere, interejl|ng.J!76jl769 STRUCTURAL ENGINEER Iowa, 5 yrs.-experience In build- 1955 40 ft. • ' ' •'-- prelects. IMPLEMENT CO. ^.'^w^BURLINGTON FARM ;A| 9 on \^ $1,900 . B 0 X E S H 0 S T MID EQUIPMENT GRUNDY CENTER MASON CITY NEVADA IOWA CITY SINGLE AXLE TRACTORS 1963 CMC 6V 71 Detroit, 5 and 2 sp., extra clean $3,000 1966 Ford C-B50 tilt cab, V477 'engine, sliding 5th wheel, sleeper cab $4,500 1968 IHC 2010A, V478 engine, air-conditioned, like new $7,250 DUMP TRUCKS 1967 F-lflOO tandem, 13 ft. dump, 5 and 3-wav, PS — Save $$$ 1966 Chev. 70 series tandem, 5 sp., *way, 14 ft. dump, maintenance records available $6,250 1966 F-1800 tandem, 13 ft. dump, 5 and 3 way, very clean $6,250 Cline Truck & Equipment 507 Highland Ph. 338-9455 IOWA CITY, IOWA, 52240 Aller hours call Phil cnne 351-5409 220 CUMMINS Diesel $495. 450 Int. Motors $150. 348 Chev. Fact. New 4343 miles $295 10 Sp. Duplex $295. 8 sp. Ranger $95. 5 SP. Int. $75. 5 sp. Chev. $150. 5 sp. Chev. Trac. Tran. 80 series $100. 4 Sp. Chev. S50. Full Screw Tandems $395. Air or Hyd. Chev, Trac. Rear Comp. Air $295. P.S. Units for 1960 to 1962 To Pliet I WANf AD font etiiridt D« CALL-AN-AD il'vfn M I Owl 800,362,1836 M DM MefcMt M44141 Trucks and trailers 310 DODGE TRUCKS NEWOUMP TRUCKS 1970 DODGE CT-900, equipped V-», J and 4 Way P.S. 12,000 Bogle Front ._. ._. Front 32 M Tubeless tires Floatation ..... Air Cond. We have these units In stock and are ready for immediate delivery. ' USED DUMP TRUCKS 1V67 DODGE CT-800, C & C eaulpped with 413 V-8, 5 and 4 Way. P.S. 12,000 Front. 32 M boale Floatation Front tires. Excellent cond. 1966 DODGE CT-800 eoulpped with 14' dump Box, 413 V-8. 12,000 Front axle 32M Boale 5 and 4 way. P.S. Extra clean 1st I " " ' 1967 DODGE D-801 .... dump box, 413 V-8, . „,-,.„.rear axle. Nu-way taq tandem qood rubber,- this unit Is ready te qo. 196Z QODGE D-500 V-8. 10' dumo box. Cheater axle. Low, low miles. half 23 Ton Lie. 10 equipped with 14' V-8, S,spd..,» spd : Very clean. 1966 DOi clean. )DGE D-600 eouiPoed with 14' lump box. 341 V-8, 5 sod, 2 spd. Badger tag-tandem. This unit is 1961 D n ODGE C-900 413 V-«, 5 JOd., 7 sod. Hufchens tag tandem. P.S. Extra Clean. WE HAVE < TON TI WITH _ ,AL REAL G S WITH ALL ' XCELLENT TIRES. SEVEf UCKf ' FRANK ALSTON HAWKEYE DODGE Ingersoll at Hardlnp Rd. Phone 283-2461 17 'ton 15 Ton 20 Ton 12 Ton 5 Ton 8 Ton HOISTS SPECIALS SCISSOR HOISTS Chev. $25. Air Slide 5lh Wheels $35. iS l°" Regulars $15. Drive Shafts U Joints | 2 , 2 , L on Saddle Tanks Air Horns $10. Int., 25 Ton TELESCOP E 190 Radiators $25. Tube and Rims. 2 1000x20 Tire . Wheel 5 Ton Army Trailer 8x10 Box $150. 25,000 Ft. New Mi inch Cable $150. Stan Rledel, Rowan, la. 515-853-2472. HEAVY USED TRUCK 1-1V66 Chev. Model 70 tandem truck, 1 new diesel engine, air brakes, PS, 5 1 spd. 3 spd. aux. Heavv front axle. 2 34,000 tandem axle. Excellent with dump box $6500 We MAINLINE EQUIPMENT CO. 1621 51st Ave. N.E., Des Moines, la. Ph. 515-265-3448 1966 IHC 2000, Fleetstar truck. Cummins engine, twin screw, 100,000 miles, has not been run since malor overhaul that cost $3,800, now S8.750. DUDLEY IMPLEMENT LAURENS, JA. PH. 5-4384 ' 295-3501 hours 295-5328 from shop $800 repairs '59 Emeryville, tag axle. S.T.A.C. Fi- 319-334-2507 Independent, Iowa. ' WACO I QUALIFIED Biological Science and history teacher now serving in Vietnam needs a iob for fall semester 1970. Has valid Iowa teaching certificate. Credentials available: lege, Fayette, la. 52142. Write So/4 Charles Keppler, 481-62-5053, 68th Engineer Detachment, APO SF 86392. COLLEGE grad. needs change or cc- portunl'y. Experienced In building. sales, purchasing, conservation, estiite, securities, insurance. |p(,' eited in employment or small business, full or part time. Write O- '<6a, Rjglater anc Tribune, ____ WAPSIE VALLEY NEW HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING Needs for 1970-71 1. H.S. and Jr. Hioh Vocal Music Apply to David Owens, Supt., Fair _ bank, Iowa WATERLOO NEEDS FOR 7D-71 SCHOOL YEAR: Senior high 1. English and Speech 2. English and Debate 3. Spanish .JUNIOR HIGH i 1. Vocal Music • { 2. Special Education • ! 3. Industrial Arts I Apply to Director of Personnel, 1516 Washington St., Waterloo, la. or call 319.233-5181, Ext; 47. i ton 4 wheel drive. for pickup of eaual _U ... Chamberlln stock trailer, open top. 1747 Dodge 1 Would trade value. Call 712-322-4270 Council Blu 224" WHEEL BASE 1964 Reo twin screw. 6-200 eng. 5. sp. trans.-3 sp. aux. trans. Priced to sell. Ph. Dave Holmes Keck, Inc , Des Moines, 288-6545 65. Chev. 30 series I Ion cab and 'l AtffMt ____ EXPERIENCED CARPET installation team wants work. 2 men. New truck, complete set Of tools. Day, 266-3988, Eves., Sat. 266-5932 SXBTStffb'ENTS" need part time office work. Call Mr. Chase 244-4221. Position Wanted, Women 281 BABYSITTING in my East side home, Rets, exchanged. 265-2291. DOMESTICS LIVE-IN A MILFORD GIRL High guality, experienced housekeepers, nannies, domestics, housemen, etc., from many countries, guaranteed and English speaking. We provide a personalized, professional service. In business since 1961. Licensed. Call person to per son. Mrs. Charles, Ml-587-4515 MILFORD OVERSEAS, INC. 1107 spring St. Silver Springs, Md. 20910 Waverly-Shell Rock 1. Sr. High VOC. Agriculture — 2 man dept. 2. Jr. High Boys Phy, Ed and Ass't. wrestling coach 3. Elem.-Grades 6 semi departmental science and math. Apply to Glenn Brostrom, Supt. Wa- verlv, la. 50677. WELLSBURG 1. Vocal Music (K-12) 2. 9th Grade Science with Jr. High Language Arts APPLY TO W. D. MURRAY, SUPT. WEST BEND HOUSEKEEPING, live in. Respect able, middle age' lady. Town or farm. Write E-120 Register and Tribune. Generil Services 290 . 2. H.S. English and Speech 3. H.S. Math and Head FB Coach Coaching assignments available Ini combination with the above: assistant Football, Assistant Girl's Basketball, Jr. High athletics, Girl's Track. I Apply to Earl W. Stevens, Supt., West I Bend. Iowa 50597. _ j To place your ad, dial 284-8141 in Des Moines 800-362-1836 FREE •from anywhere in Iowa WEST DES MOINES SACRED HEART SCHOOL We need a math teacher for our Junior.hloh section. Would like either male " ' moving forward". Write or phone Principal, Sacred . Heart School. 16th, Grand, West Des Moinesi 50265. Phone area 515-277-6342. MACH. CORP. Burlington, la. Ph. 319-752-2794 FOR SAL E OR TR~AD~i ~'~I>1 Emeryville, 220 Cummins, full screw, 10 speed roadranger, sell or trade for conventional. Beellne Autoi Body, Austin, Minnesota. Ph. 433 1965 INTERNATIONAL 1800 series, nood tires, 75.COO miles, excellent condition. $1775. 875-8432 Dyersville, Iowa. chassis, dual rear, 84' lent shape. Lande Chev.-Olds Sumner, Iowa Sunday and Eve C.A., excel- 224-3264 224-8146 series tandem twin and 4 SP 13 ft. An- 66 Chev. 80 screw, 5 sp . - thonv box and hoist. Ready to work. Lands Chev.-Olds Sumner. Iowa 224-3264 . Sunday and eve. 224-8146 bT 1966. 6 cylinder, F600 4 OR 1966. 6 cylinder, F600 4 speed- 2 speed transmission with power take off attachment. Near new motor. Radio, heater. ..... best offer! Iowa. —. . J1600 or next 664-2885, Wall Lake, W6H CHtV. 60 series, 5 and 2 speetT P.S., 40,000 miles, good rubber, with or without Adams & Doyle dry fertilizer box. New In '6«. Robert Noe, Klrksvllle, Missouri, 665-6448 eves. 2 FLAT BED trailers, 1-43 ft. single axle with new tires, air brakes. 1 28 ft. single axle, with new tires, air brakes. 712-757-2755 Primghar, '68 Ford Ranger '/j ton. Power steer•-_ u..^.. . .._ ...f enqinei .MM WMCCI. r-uil d so»ed. Call 283-205? TON '60 Chev 20 tires, speed, 2 . _.. '60 Chevy Tow Truck. Twin boom winch, new short block. (515) 285-9403. Des Moines.- WANTED-Best % Tonplckui lion wagon for $300 cash. 292-3502, Ames, la. 195TFCTRU' pickup 4 speed, long box, — J "Jdv and motor. $225. Ph. 842- noxvlllr - ip or sta- Ph. 515- CLOSEOUT Just 3 Left '69 Models Econovan F-850 Tractor x Ranchero (Demo) SAVE SAVE SAVE HAWKEYE x FORD TRUCKS " 4101 E. 14th 265-1665 DUMP TRUCKS '64 Oiev 60 Series. 341 VI, 5 speed, 18,500 2 speed pusher axle. 12 ft. box. '66 Chev. 70 Series 4V53 Detroit Diesel 5 speed, 4 speed, 34 DS tandem. 14 ft. Gallon Boxes, extended sides. TRACTORS All MaUs All Models All Pricei Come In or Call Dean Bales or George Conn 4771 2nd Ave. 515-244-4293 DES MOINES, IOWA 50313 USED TRACTQRS lflf.6 Int. RHI5,-150, hravy "duty trans 2 sp. I0x20's, new paint. A real sharp one. 1!W2 Ford C8f.O, V-8, Mi, 5 sp. 2 sp. full tractor equipped. Several tfood older tractors that would he excellent for shuttle use. STRAIGHT TRUCKS IHfiS (IMC V6 completely majored. 5 sp. 2 sp. tap axle 900 tires, new paint. 1964 Int. 1600 V-8, 4 nnd 2, 825x20. BODAKENS Cull us for new and used truck needs Storm Lake, Ja. Ph. 712-732-1500 ..$527 ..S3B5 .,$450 ..$660 ..$765 ,.$«70 .$275 .$350 USED TRUCKS 1 -1966 NT 850 with Knaphyde alum. box and 20 T hoist 1 -1965 F600 with grain box and hoist USED EQUIPMENT 1 -12T hoist . j .is T hoist 1 -used 15t. Knaphyde grain tox Vo' and cab Cummins tractor -1960 BC Inf. equipped. «e sell service all truck equipment, specializing in hydraulics. WELLMAN MFG. Wellman, la. 319-646-2444 NICE TRUCKS FOR SALE DO.DG.EJJqn. Matt offer. 2'43-320S '62LGMCTWB d'lesei. M|ke olfer. 5329 2nd Ave. Continued on Next Page Iowa's Largest Truck Inventory! Over 100 New Trucks To Choose From NO WAITING FOR DELIVERY • PICKUPS • STRAIGHT TRUCKS • GAS TANDEMS • ASTROS Sales now open tveninfi 'til 9:00 te itrve jroa. IOWA TRUCK CENTER INC. 4144 E. 14th SUM .Mt-MM IH- I E z '5E FORD '/ pa let '/7 ton. .... ._ and paint, no rust. \a. Two tone. , o complete. 244-9688. ANTED-Good use :, new tires Overhauled WANT I used 11 ft. 6 In. end I-297-- ' :f01 ' 5 ' SWfl. 8:25 ")7, 5391 265-230 .Tinder refrigerated milk van, new paint lob, call 515-932-5850 3n6f* 3 P f M, FORD '46 PJckyp. 183 Chevy engine, and tires. $500 or best oBo CHEVY '48 H Y eng. h' ilete. , Plet •67 D ton custom cab, 327 Iromatlc, Gem topper com- >PPITIOM5 Heme—remodulmti o all types Baths, kits., elec. cement work, patios, drives, walks, steps and bsmt. plastering. Financing. Free est. Prompt. Rel. 243-3478 Sroo'rSllife asp rfe nl H A 0 D| T 4 Ioi>IS,' Baths, Kitchens, 'all "' home .remodeling smalL.or .large, ivdror [ 266-54 OliGE Vi t. pickup. Custom cab v-J. Equip, .for camper. $1525. 9644637 flftt^j ' 30, 1967 CHEV7van 90. fcadto, heater. V8. Very good condition. Must sell. ' 244-2962 1»67 CHEV. 60 series, tag axle. 19 <T. flat bed, A-l condition. $3500. 964- '"fta prompt free est. Harvey 279-1046. WEST LYON COMMUNITY SCHOOL NEEDS: ADDITIONS-AWNINGS—SIDINGS REMODELING-ROOFING. ETC. Free estimates. Greenwav 282-8372. BARRI ELS FOR SALE. Call AM or late P.M. 266-4606. BARRE early f ARRELS FOR SALE. $3 ered Call Earl 243-1749 $3.50 Deliv. , •'• •>•> mi jmm BLACK dirt, crushed while rock, fill i - «. —. ££ mi. Trom' ,|irt canH arauol rinHarc 1*4 lAfl7 Sioux Falls, S.D. Departmentalized! WLi!, S i nd .i/S! avel ' Clnders - 265-1687. intermediate grades. Present principal leaving due to professional advancement. Apply lo Supt. Kenneth Christensen, In wood, Iowa, 51240. Phone 712-7534917. BLACK DIRT 274-0097 WE HAUL COOK BLACK dirt. Fill dirt. Cr. rock. Trac tor oradina. McClure 244-3987. WHEATLAND BOOKKEEPING, Edward Lee DuBois. Dependable. Reasonable. 276-3231. block" BRICK, ... black dirt. Prompt a , cement work. Haul , white rock, sand, grave). nd reas. 243-5470 . COMMUNITY SCHOOL NEEDS 1. Vocal Music '-_ 2. Soc. Studies and Boy's track 3. Guidance Send application and credentials tn: im rguai yaiue. Supt. Robert Sendek, Wheatland, BRICK work, tuck pointing, concrete la. 52777. work. Ernie. 262-5877 or 265-1728. cement work. 986-3372 Would .consider trade FOR SALE - 13 «. Wesl box and hoist. 842-4318, iton Km dump noxville, „. I960 F800 FORD dump truck" Phohe. 515-a53-247Ji tas he. 515-a53, '* 3T; t» 550. 4001 tree- truck , v . 8 '' 4 ***•• lon« box. akonda Pk.. 288-5654. .. . Marvin Snyder, j pickup, f u y egu p , R.R.5, Ames, la TOW truck, '63 Chev. with car start, t.J on ' 6 . CLlAN FORD 1954 Vi^t .Runs good THs. AN '70 ,used> V,. W 1lM7»?947 2 '. V " lr "" " le> Ph0ne jCARPENTER Work—panelling, game rooi nb, dens, bars, cabinels, play houses. Sand boxes, etc. All lobs considered. Free esl. 279-3417. WILLIAAASBURG COMMUNITY SCHOOLS, A 69 Teacher NCA School needs for 1970-71: Sr. Hlah Instrumental Music ]=.---» •---.--•_-.!•-«••.• Mail applications and credentials to| CARPENTER[.work, Supt. Iowa. Dale Willlamsburg,! CARPENTER work, paneling, floor, """"" '" work, 266-1445. _.. finish cabinets, paneling. Free est. 262-0898. one of the i sslst. Football and »th grade ain's! Ex0c , el i en ! salary schedule, basketball and 9th wrestling "-"rtl g| chard Schuehert. Suot. itionj. IGH Stacy vi He 1. 8th Grade Us wresSjIng and assist, SendTerter. of application and lOR'HIC.. . History with football,: *A s .istant track. Warford. ipt. ( Perr y. la.. 50220. WILLOW COMMUNITY .- SCHOOL NEEDS 1. Bus. Educ. (no S.H. or typing). Girls Coaching. 2 Art-Elementary and Secondary. Contact Glenn W. Kerr. Supt., Quim by, Iowa 51049. Phone 712-445-3225. i CARPENTER work. Paneling, roofing, alum, siding. 26A-66M, 262-3894. i CEMENT WORK-GARAGES I Steps, patios, walks, siding,, Anything for the home. Free est. Financing avail. 243-604g. |CEMENT WORK 262-0590 Winfield-AAt. Union NEEDS l-H.S.-VOCAL MUSIC Apply to Richard Drake, Supt. Winfield, Iowa CEMENT drives, steps;' repair. Sidewalks. Free est 2444)757. 244-2511 WINTERSET COMMUNITY SCHOOLS need teachets .for the following 1 CHIMNEY AND ROOFING No money down — 60 mo. to pay New and repair. Free esj. _ 2M-4233 CINDERS LIGHT PLANT "-" i Bob S_mjlh Bifliqad _ ' 262-1158 -IELEC. wirlns of all types. New gr i old. Fretf est. 265-4965. 262-4173. POCAHONTAS ; STARMONT COMMUNITY SCHOOL NEEDS: positions. t. Primary special education 2. Fifth grade 3. Summer driver training Apply to D R. Lillard, Supe , tendent of Schools. Winlersel. IGARDEN ROTOTILL 282-4113 GARDEN ROTO tlLLING 262-3926 ll 16 £ N e R A dd I hauling basements ' -eas. 2j —URE— cleaned. Odd lots. Reas. 255-5625. HAULING—FURNITURE—TRASH trash barrels, S3 deiiv- 64893. =iSH. ... .—I'lHAUUNG TRASH. 266-0442 Woden-Crvstal Lake 1 - - H - A -^ G --BIG TRllCK'ODtf JOBS'.'26?-»p6l> HAULING. LIGHT &ND MOVING ! Reasonable rales. Kaiser 255-i POSTVILLE, IOWA iusic. n 1. H.S. ypcaJ Music, roan preferred |- H.S. Algebra and Geornetrv 3 »h ana 8th oraefe Sctence 4. Government and So^Stogv Jr. HSh CMCflln STORM LAKf CONWUNiTY SCHOOL NEEDS Teacher for summer driver educa- » l8h"Co«etilin9"wl baxlLtttwII co*cn one ol trie tion. Contacl Supt. Lake, la. Good facUities. good salary, FulljH AU11 N G, BaserhenlS. garages credit may be given for outs de ex-! c e . ai ?ed. 2M-9479. eves. perience. Contact John Graham. | HAULING. TRASHnBARREU 'EWP SupU Cryilal Lake. Iowa, Ph. Sli-i TIED. J2. 265-" We have the fqKgw"1rTg teacher va- cancjas In Gorln School District RA. R. Block, Siormjp III. Gorln. Missouri: : Social Studies iHome EC. TIED _«.' lAULING—T HAULING- 282-yoaa. Trash barrels emptied. LANDSCAPE "' ----- CAWN CARE. . sodding, aradins. mo*ina. III. 243-JOM. 244-»493. STUART i*. - , scnool. K. T. e Send Coot, in one'. COMMUNITY SCHOOLS l Head Wrestling Coach with tetier, ogv «rtd Pnys Ed Supt.iAJptv to R. f. V7*»ld. Supt., Stu«rl. Iowa. :Ma i Sci : i Science j Superintendent B,ol-iSaTarl« _ r open oendmg on com bma.t.ions. Send application to No len V- Leach. Supt of Schs . iiorirv LAWN care, r«Kjnj|. »h Miuourl OUi or *hon» IU-2U-3JM dirt. SpdVlne. FrS i»t. PICKUPS f .1 H—I H—I H—I H—I H—I H—I H—l H—l H-l H—I H—I H—I H—l H—I H—l H—I H—I H—I H—IH— Mr. Hi Valu Says . . . f ' i We've Got a Truck I for Every Need I DIESEL TANDEM TRACTORS I '63 White 5462TDP., 144" I WB., 12000* frt. axle., NH220 i. Cummins, 10 spd RR trans., Z dual 60 gal fuel tanks, tliding I 5th wheel, 10x20 tires, tag i; a«U $2.495,00 r '60 Int'l BC225D!, 150" WB., L NHI95 Cummins, 5 spd trans., X 2 spd rear axle, 23000* rear axle, sliding 5th wheel, 10x20 •- tires, tag axle '69 Chevrolet $2395 J < Ton Fleelside. 350 engine, 4 speed. '69 Ford $1995 Econoline E-200 Van. 6 cylinder, radio. '68 Chevrolet .. $1995 *i Ton. 292, 6 cylinder, radio, 4 speed. '68 Chevrolet ... $1795 '/j Ton Fleelside. 6 cylinder, automatic transmission, power steering. '68 Chevrolet ... $1795 Vi Ton Fieetslde. t cylinder, '67 Chevrolet . $1395 Vi Ton Pickup. V«. Fieetslde. '67 Chevrolet $1595 14 Ton. V8. 4 speed. Fleelside. '66 Chevrolet $895 Vi Ton Panel, va, heater. '65 Chevrolet $895 Ton Pickup. V». '64 Chevrolet $895 '.! Ton Fleetside. VB. automatic transmission. '62 International $495 Ji Tan. 4 speed with service body. CRESCENT CHEVROLET Used Cars ft Trucks 120UOCUST , $1,750.00 '64 Int'l DCOT405. 143" WB./ ]_ NH220 Cummins, 10 ipd RR f trans., Page & Page suspension, sliding 5th wheel, dual 70 _ gal fuel tanks, 10x20 tires, tag axle ............. $3,950.00 '64 Int'l DCOT405, 165" WB., 12000* frt axle, 6-7 IN Detroit, 5 spd trans., 23000# 2 spd rear axle, radio, air cond.. gas heater, dual 100 gal fuel tanks, sleeper, sliding $th J_ wheel, air lift pusher axle, X 10x20 tires, weight 14,620 I Ibs ............. . $5,750.00 ~ '67 Ford, WT-IOOO-D, 138" WB., 50" tilt cab, NH250 Cummins, 10 spd RR trans., 34000# rear axle, Reyco suspension, dual 120 gal fuel tanks, 5th wheel 10x20 tires, weight 14,820 Ibi.'w/I20 gal fuel ............. $8,»50.00 sales tax '68 Int'l COF4000D, 152" WB, DVTI573 diesel, 13 spd RR trans., 34000* rear axle, 83" 'sleeper, radio, air cond., dual fuel tanks, 5th wheel 10x20 tires. Color: Blue & Silver ............ $11,750.00 '66 White Freightliner 7564, r !52" WB., 8V7I Detroit ,4i4 trans., 38000# rear axle, 100 ^ gal fuel tank air start, sleeper, eng heater, 5th wheel, 1 1*22.5 *ir«i ............ $8,950.00 M • 3 f F r r T '66 Int'l COF4000D, 140" WB, 8V71 Detroit, 4 x 4 trans., 38,000* rear axla, air itart, 100 gal. fuel tanks, eng. heater, 5th wheel, 11x22.5 tires $8,950.00 '64 Int'l DCGF4Q5, 000" WB., 8V7INE Detroit. I2000# frt axle, 4<4 trans., 38000* rear -axle, 95 gal fuel tank, air start, 5th wheel, 11x22.5 tires $6,900.00 DIESEL SINGLE AXLE TRACTORS '67 Int'l CO 1950, III" WB., 27500# GVW, 9000# frt axle, DV550 eng., 5 spd trans., 18500# 2-spd rear axle, sleeper, 5th wheel, 10x20 tires. Colors: 'Lime Green -$4,350.00 '63 Int'l 2000D, 150" WB., NH220'Cummins, 10 spd RR trans., 4.11 gear ratio, dual 50 gal fuel tanks, 5th wheel, 10x20 tires. Color: White ... $3,450.00 '65 Int'l CO4000D, 134" WB., I2000# frt axle, NH220 Cummins, 10 spd RR trans., 23000* rear axle,' sleeper, radio, air cond., sliding 5th wheel, 10x20 tires. Color: Black & Silver $6,750.00 '63 White 5400TD. 118" WB., 12000* frt axle, NH220 Cummins, 10 spd RR trans, dual 60 gal fuel tanks, sliding 5th wheel, 10x20 tires $2,195.00 '65 Int'l CO4000D, 136" WB, 12000* frt axle, 8V7I Detroit, 4x4 tram., air start,' 100 gal fuel tank, 11x22.5 tires, 5th wheel ...... $5,950.00 '66 Int'l I89OD, 139" WB., 9000# frt axle, 6V53 Detroit. 5 spd trans, 23000* 2 spd rear axle, 5th wheel, dual 50 gal fuel tanks, Bostrom seat, 11x22.5 tiret .... $4,250.00 GAS TANDEM STRAIGHT TRUCKS '59 Int'l VFI82. 175" WB., V46! eng.,.5'spd trans,, 3 way aux trans., 34000* rear axle, 900x20 tires. Color: Orange. $2,395.00 '66 Int'l 1800, 205" WB, V345 eng., 9000* frt axle, 5 spd trans, 185000* 2 spd rear axle, Neway air tag, 900x20 tires. Color: Orange $3,250.00 '68 Dodge D500, ISO" WB., 7000* frt axle, 4 ipd trans 15000* 2 spd rear axle, Neway tag axle, 18' Obeco grain body with hoist, 900x20 tires frt., 8.25x20 tires, rear. Color: White $5,250.00 SINGLE AXLE GAS STRAIGHT TRUCKS WB., eng 4 '66 Int'l 1600, 217" 5000* frt axle, V304 spd trans, 15000* 2 spd rear axle, radio, 20' platform body with bulkhead, 900x20 tires. Color: Red $1,895.00 '66 Chevy, 60 series, 175" W|.. V327 eng.. 5000* frt axle, 4 spd trans, 15000* 2 spd rear avl«, 14' Fruehauf van body, double rear doors, 8.25x20 tires. Color: Orange $1995.00 f Ft '65 G M C, 4400, 19500* GVW, V6-305 .ng., 4 spd trans single spd rear axle, 8.75x20 tires. Color: Red & White $1.295.00 '67 Ford F600, 194" WB., I9SOO* GVW, 330 .ng.. 5 ipd trans, 2 spd rear avl», 20' !• van body, 900x20 tires. Color: Z Green S2.8SO.OO | '66 Int'l 1600, 205" WB.. 7 20000* SVW, V304 eng., 5 f" spd tran«, 15000*. 2 spd rear ]_ axle, dual fuel tanks, eng htat- .£ er, 10x22.5 tir«t, 20' van I body S1.7SO.OO L DUMP TRUCKS f x f '63 Int'l FI800, 169" WB., 9000* frt axle, power it«.ring, V345 eng., S spd trans., 3 X spd aux trans., 30000* rear I axle, 50 gal tank, 900x20 tir«i, — 12' Brady dump with hoist ... * : $2.250.00 '65 Int'l FI800, 187" WB., V345 eng., power steering, 5 spd tram., 3 ipd tux tram., _ 30000* rear axle, deep ehan- * nel fram e reinforcement, 14' I Glaion dump body with heed v lift hoist, 50 gal step tank, T 900x20 tires $2,750.00 J.. MISCELLANEOUS f nt'l CIOOO TraveUII, V266 X 4 spd trans., rear panel I '63 I eng. doori, Jr. w/c mirrors, 8.45x15 tires. Color: Blue ... $695.00 "66 Chevy Malibu 4 door sedan, 283 eng., 3 spd tram., radio. Color: Blue $1,2»S.OO '62 Int'l AM 132. 134" WB,, j RD220 eng., 3 spd trans., rear ^ doon, 8x17.5 tires. Color: Red and Yellow ........ $915.00 •M f And Many, Many More Trucks To Choose From! f For Further Information On Any Of the Above Trucks F f L Call Any Of These Locations: r * Ced^r Rapids 5 Davenport j^ Dubuque X Fort Dodge F INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS 1^.1 H—IH—IH—IH—IH—IH—IH—IH-^IH—IH—IH—IH—IH—IH—IH* 364-2491 323-9743 583-8201 576-2)31 Oes Moines Marshalltown Mason CHy Waterloo 262-9521 752-1515 424-3156 234-5758 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER f f f

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