Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 48
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 48

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 48
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Page 48 article text (OCR)

—LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL— Wednesday Morning. April 9. 1975 —— '^"^ - - --- - ---.- ---- - •UMWM Service* ^ 18. Professional Sorvkt* Ft, ASHING, nuli-k chnngcr niens, niLik-'netlc *ltrns. £mbos!ic<l business Emptoymnt ii 22. Of iMtomt Mole MANAGER. Trusl Real Estate Ue Diutnirnl. X irons: Ijankin" o\i>uriencc cunts JU.50 (10001 Gc's SlKll*. tibUI. il-l- »:>;(-|:a)K. Fee I'alil. Lubbix-k Pcrsuii- ! ncl Service, 7u3-l*535. Itepalr Service. MIlKKK Paid. Sales. Dcwev. track ic- types'of heaiinf and coolinu. Guar-|conl, Top-cniibrc clientele. SIL',000. anteed. experienced. 7tjJ-1.sGO. Lublwck I'i'rsonnel service, 7D;Mi.V'.l nnd Tax serviet.U'OOKS. bu.vlKiys, dislmiisliers, full- Cumitlcte. Guaranteed. J & T Ttuok- lime; part time, No oviieiieru-e noi'- ke-'plni! Venice, g.iQj 3iHh. 73S-SOOO. jcssury. Ajnily In IKT.-.OII. 3315 JOth, UK V'Hiiil Monies, We use Uie host I: """"> i>cjl»umni. _ iiiiMil. Wo woikl J. 11. Lay, 747-MSj. .1. C. I .ay T-tj-Si'.'l. I 7lOK.VI-:i:.\L Lumber Yard Help ncvil- I. i.Vmmercml drivi'i.s Jlrvn.-e nu-il. Vea«-y Oi.slr l-umhi-r t\i - I'HI pet Service. I'a'.i-lnnK, . n steam ctciininu', nmi; Also A\t we.t c-flrpet. 717- . Sal^liivli<iri iSu.iranii iriuniii: j-ervU:e. r'roc .'i.'.r.l. Si-ivioe .Slat Apply 1701 35lll. No ilrink- i|)i:nt:il~ Wanted. Fnll-|i.-m time t ln:,!ttaiu v vui'atiuil. Hcnr-frts. Yellow ; full ('u. 'rlij-7'i 17. Emptoynwnt 22. Of Interest Mote ACCOUXTANT: Fee pnld. Degree. Some experience. Management Position. fl'MWUi-. Call Krlc Brownlni!, 797-SW1. snelline and Sncllini! Per- .-.(.'inu-t Consultant*, 41H Tower of Plains. IN sales? We wilt train you (or » nationally known company. $120 per month, paid va- catlons. bonuses nml other benefits if you qualify. 792-1778. T(JI> IH-IIH T.i.vli> ivi i.i- liniic/ and Jieiui doctors exjjcrieiiLO. Contact (.lieu l.iitli'flelii riciiej's IIK-. ,-Wi Nishts 3S5-3li7!). e\ne- U'ANTKIi; Tun niLVhank-s 111 [deferred. One IH Pinl.snian, I'ViniT benefits. Wilii iiiMminrc plnn I'aul \,i»'aU<ni. CoiHai-l Km I JoiUan in l.'alvm Wood, 257-3181. Wight 23731117. JACK'S Mnirir Wand Carpet. cJeinlnj| KxrKlTll'NCKTi purls" maV. or~viil! •""".^'ji™-- r -^__ c ~ I -".^_*-_?.^_ J :: — ! Irani njihl mun. for work in part- srWJAIJST in all rwiiniii.'. Musair, ri.-'H.ii'Diii'ijI. ts'nanv. nil IkHj;' tile-i and Vinyl ctuntL-r t"i)-; Kief K-uirmiles All M1IU>IOW-MO1.1>: Why let tlicse lake vt>ur ,-ho\\*ej .' liie Soc, . ial! >l Volvo your problem. TGC-I-I'.'S. Montgomery Ward CARPET CLEANING Sales -- CbiTiii'atrd ui hlow molded, container c\i,m- ence. Ji'C.KKI. car. cxiieiisoii, fr-o pniil. 23U.' Avenue Q, Williams IVr- Minncl Service. 7-I7-514I. . flll'JIJ - Ailvain-e fiivt - L'^OJ Avemie <,'. U'lllkmiH Personnel Ft-ivicr- 717- I'Mll-time. After qoan. Sanitize, Deodorize For Car-] ,\p|,iy pancake- pcl< lirapes and Upholstery. l'i-hr.: - - <r-n",,->' i'all 795-S" r) l llafort 01' Aft i WA.NTKIi: Oil flelrl wt'ltler.v Mu-t n Mure iloin.s - • 'rlKi-3707. !"•' raplilile. ftuo,] Pa>. Ixils ,i( CHARGE IT •19. Women's Column Maillstie-S. CUNURAL, Wai L'jimise - stable work rcconl. $4.<X) hour. Slav Pei'simnc 1'oiiMjltaius, 10!) University. MA'f'UKK cxpfnenreii stiition manager, lintnt'uiiiie unenlni:. nefereni lenuii'cd, Ajijily in person only 1-3 [nil, Hi oil!} street. STRICTLY BUSINESS I'lTV snles: Convenience llpms. Es-j Transportation . plus bonus. SliSDJ. Call falls' llamil tnn, 7SI7-32SI. .Sncllint' and Snclling Personnel Consultants, 401 Tower of ' ASril.STANT t-rodit mnnaficr coilec- "INsst! .Make it|> your own price lags with this little handy-dandy printer." 'rift? titxi are host for the sailer and the buyer when | iisoful items arc* offered lhrout;h The Avalanche-Journal Classified Ads. Cull TCS-fl.'Jll. i* 24, Mob or F*mde I.VN'S openings In labor ana delvi- cry room. C'nll 7.15-9M7. BOOKKEKPEIl mlnimum~2 l-'O experience. Musi liavc years l references. Salary open. C8ll Mr. Ilol- comb. 7fi2-0270. COOK to train in Mr. Buraer Drive In — Off Sundavs — \nrrty iM^-li^ _ IMMEDIATE opening — Pmkerloii's Int.'., world's larjfeiii. and oldest se- fin-ily auarrl company now lins S pail lime ami 2 full time security iiunrj opening.-:. MJIJIV fihiKe bene- fil.-i. profit .<jiaiin-,', elf. Uniforms supplied al no Must luivc clean Imuliiu'omtcl. (Mil fur furtlic-r information, TtiS-tGDi. An eciuul opnortlllll- ty employer. CITY liircctorv Ifns a .ifib'T'o" "',• havo lo -M lo U'EI.I. eslabllshcd company hfts mien- ing for full time salesman. B.viierl- cnce in motor oil and nuto parts Bales would he helpful. Commission, must Imve car. Write Box -15. Lub- uock Avnlanuhft-Journol, givlni; experience, references, etc Our people know aboul this n<i. Employm»nt 25. AgMtts-SalM Rtp. KXPANOING in Lublnck. 1 need 6 sales associates in His; Lubboek and jiurroundlng area. Viml year earn- inu's of at least J20.000 for Hie right Iicojilc. Moiuigcmeiit positions avall- Htilc for iinplic.iiUs who iiualify. Call weekdays. l>ct\vccn 9AXr-ia Nuon, Tilt-K-li fur ,\fr. Jones- INTUHVJEW Kow Kor A Career Jlcnl Kstate! Will Train. Call Slnvi CniMslc. 7U7-130I. '!• You! . home and m-.™ in the i'i!y limits im,i up. information for new f'ily Djroc- ti.:'\-. Xo OMi.'iieiH'c nei-e.ssary. no Ailing. l-\ill-timc .10 hour work v.-Btfk. Will iiccopt parl-limi! people wlio can update infoi million in least -' liours a day. Musi liavo neat iiuntliiTllliii' or untieing. Car neces-' -•-ary. Must be IS year* olil or older ! Apply UU5 Avenue J, Room 201' between S:;)0 A.M. and U::!0 AMI Monday throui'li Friday. Eimal On- porumit;- Employer. " I NKEI) two people who need lo earn between Kin and P300 per week lo start. Phone Bill mnnsiile 7C3- ^IS2. ---CAREER- Travel: Ouys-GalK over I8' M's. Immediate openings. Travel En- lire U.S.. Mexico, Central America. Transportation furnished ^ weeks expense paid training' ICduc-i- lion no ban-icr. If you would like olx;ve averaue oarninifs while travel»'»' with a youilK fun iroup call AUTOMOBILE SALESMAN MOKK business than we can handle. ^' cet l sincere men with sales experi- ....... " ....... Top commissions guaranteed. Fringes . . • , , • —^"- «.un|, vtiii • \miit:l ivaljocK ,6,'I-S V ''I for ainviim S^^,iy^_ -«| PERMIAN FORD-IIHCOLH- . - -.. enrn SLXX) per ] wcolc |)!n,s iMjimses'. Kor intervieyv plione 7:c'-:;ssi, s-10 a.m onlv I WOMAN' necile,! In live in with eld- ei'ly couple, lionm, board, salnn-. 23. Of Interest Female Booming Hobbs, New Mexico Education-ltaMnc 31. CMMNwMry BUSY Bee Nuiscry — Qualified l)»y Care. Kxcellenl programs all infants — school age. Balanced meals. After school pick-up. 747-626^, 11135 51st. I!*?:! AIK8TKKA&I Irailer. 3V $Ua»o. Includes all equipment 7t7-606(i. 38TH street Nursory — All ages, licensed, well balanced meals, supervised play. Diaper service. Open at hours. 7 days a week, 231l> JStli. 7!fi-50iiQ 18' SELF-CONTAINED. excellent condition. Bargain! 3520 23rd. 70'J- 33 W. MAMA F>ols' N'lll-faery - Ktatn ftuall- fled - Open Saturdays - Infants wcl- runic - Kvcellent programs. 7U2-SOM 34. Sports Equipment 'ICK Pool Table. Uciiulalion slate lijji, Kai'ly American .slyl- ini.', like nesv, SI50. 7SM-107S otter G HH.UAHU Equipmcr.l: New & used pool tables. lii-palr 4 Service. LovcMI «porU, 1C09 University. 7ti2-Bu6S. Pistols, rifles, shotguns, bought, sold, Iraiie. Jilonej' loaned. Hubers Pawn Shop, soa Broadway. C.B. KADIOS. All major brands available. Prom J90.99 up. Base sta "ens. SJSti.17 UP. Twin tnickoi- anten nas. $38.73 while ihey last, svmtr Plains Inteniallonol Trucks 763.sa3 J01 E. 3J.tfi. ctlromc Trailer Hilch Plus installation: Hcavv nvi ,- uers avallablo most cars: Chrome jfril ffuards for pickups, tow bars. p ow e ' Ti-' -•'>'•'"" Th ' n *' ai ' 1 - Ir>li) Avcnue H. 38. Tratt«n-Comp«r» j DRKAMIOK-Ciins.ils in o u n I. cnniper. Motor liomo. must ace lo appreciate. 7^-6303. 5 OM.C ••i-TbNi~Good~e7ifiihC~T- Speed, 1073 Idlcliinc &'. Mice lit'. !)5. 792-Kltia. 30 KOOT Aii.strcwH liaikT, excellent comlition. C):ll 7t'i-ai91 afW 5:00 Dm. All day weekends, l''OU rcul: _V Ti u\'fo Mutor home. -sleeps si\,saeir-t:oritalnt!d. 7U--!)3tiS. or Tjr^ijiiaa. ^ I'lCUUl' covers, l^ng Wide, rtioil Wide and Imnnrt. ?'JG3 instnllril. Hilly Kims Trailer Town, 2102 Cluvis Kd. 7B3-j07u. USKD .Hi" x 43" Topper with wnlk- Loca I, like new; JMO. SlM-lbiU. New SPECIAL Open Koaci, II ft. slide-in, can-overs. Double sink, icebox, stove, and oven. Sl)i95. K.VK KV.M1'ERS I'.il C'lovis Uuad 765-9053 310TOK HO.MK FOR liK.NT Oil MERCURY, INC. rnontli. if... _ aca- i "r, Gray Mr. Hoy r\\ O M hile fonniil iveddinu H:ui veils. One sh:e Ti-ti. never woni/ man ijni- T-8. ikjih boi Klit at Bridal; pt'i'vise small contract in--' sliuppe. Call SU*i-lsii5 57ilK. Landscapinji liulil lianlin^. (nilieagei I'UT the riMht man, 'l'tiM made drapes-, ^ha.k's. lani- uin^ and table cloths, call after . 71iJ-S'Jlt>, 4411 'J7II1. _ >AULK. setlle.. nun i led ] T'AKT-TI.\iKal«uslo, with pick-up to work nml su- M,M be i-lenn neat and jobs > k . Apply i nlt p';..«!" r «U"ilV Steak House. UMl! 30lh. SOIh s'alem. icedcd" il i,c to " , Call l>oil Biicon. 705-S614. •_'•( liouri lor appointment. T^iahts — TurvblOl. hll'!'S Alterations. mcns-Wont- Ondren^. reasonable it experl- •d. Mi Mini s;t. 7!)7-7!M7. ^TJ^'l'O'AI made drapes — Your fabric, or I liavo a nice selection o( HALES Agricultural Sl-I.OOO. car. expenses, background, star Personnel Consultanls. 4KI University. LABOR t.'RS to work with cattle Anernalhy Appl.v -\ r ^4 2.10 per lunir Main. Lubljoi-k. Jl^'s Alteration Shop. -1 rii-rK'C. Work tfuarantceil . -Uh I2inl. MAINTKNANCR kiiowlcdae. will Repair train. «3.30. OI\'H credit reports — ilreet husi- nesa' cliejits — Tx>arn the ous'Jness — Relaxed almosphnv — i^fioit hours. 2:W2 Avenue Q. Williams Personnel .Service. 747-5141. HKTAtL Kales-: Full lime sales person fnr LailicK Wear. Mature. Kspe- I'icnce preferred. falarv open, (nave.': Fn.<liinns._i<ciulli Plains Mall. fOriAI. We'lfm" cal ProbK'ni.-; \\I!':N Mm 'ir>-;nhi IM i nuc 747 -- counseling Medi- Sifl.OO). 23IM .ess. Prefer experienced. .Utur ,1 sliitl. Good earnings, ^iwd benefits. Apply Pancake liouse, (ith-Avenue Q. •u altlMTUinin call. MAX.\r;Kr.: National ciiain. Kxi-ct-' _• .-Irrct. iu-ni lareer (ipporlunitv, l.ubbocki M ." ,- al reuMimilili- into : I 1 "- 1 ' 1 " 11 - llenc-fits: J10.0W. Call .^.illy ; it 'e women's t-loth-'s. 71'T- llaimltun. 7HT-MSI. Sn.-llinK anil, , tc , , iHnrliin/ Pnr~,innel ruri.sultanr;. 4011,s- i T o f i,] ilins : . .^ Q. \Villiunis 7'ci'Miiii'icl Service. | University. 797-I1IH. '"'• I Tl. MANAGEMENT TRAINEES 7-U STORKS are now taking appli- ralions fur mature aUuJIs to train £?ALES-Ladics thai can use $5U-$100 foi* manayeinetit position:;, ^lutit be IILT vveok, not dcor-lo-tloor. no in-1 willing In work any shift, Starling vrKtuicnt. We'll teach you how. 7H9- P«y ?WrI/W ucr week. U day wec-k. TjL'jl, iiUcrnoojis. | Mun\ p beuefils, inchiding in Durance. "it utiiun it profit :iliarintf. 7 jitunity Employer, 2902 West 4th St. , expenses'. Opportunity. SL'oD week. Mr. Hash. 792-3Ssi. a professional . Davis. upholsterer. FINANCIAL. Clerk, accurate typing. tK3; Posting -Mncliine, 5115. Key Personnel Coiibultanls, Town-Country Center. 763-16SI. ADULTS wanted: Age SO or over 5 uays a week. 762-13M. Call after 5. PART Time shoe do£ wanted- Call Uillarcts. Kxt. 22tl. UATI'Ilt-C'asnaltv -urgently $3*. Boron's Per.sonncl Service. 01U) IMMEDIATE Ojwnins for insurance section .supervisor in hospital business office. 2-3 yrs. supervisory experience retiuircd. Applicant must have thorough knowledge of Mod!care . . 1: 5'."' ' " l>llUM l ' ulls 20. Child Core-Baby Sit, - SaU'S-. iMilsl linve npein- xpriicni'Cfl tie-] tor's hlir-HM' 1 , ^ood driving recortf. ' ^,1. Ami!y inj.'i-<la>' svr^ek. Good ineumc for ;l^-: ^ Mole! U. ilsr i uro.^ive persim. vvlio liken people ^ TVP .-i-rni'iM rk. Big •••-—-— U-l-'-l'Ol.lAI. ,, ,, Medic.ide. and commercial Health rnsuraiu'e. Salar\- ne"otiablc I excellent workinff conditions and tier.efils. Interested in qunlifjcd ap- li.iranls. Contact Personnel office - -iel^^Ses^"^:^;, 1 ;^^'^! ^°'<" «»«"abl. to all pa,, twnunity Knipluyu'r. ' " ' 505/393-6174 SALES CJUtEER WITH SALEl MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES If you or* a thinker, a rtiponii- bl« non-conformist ;b«i1d«( being friendly and «nerg«tic; if you arc managing now, or can b« trained to manage peopl*, t want to hear from you. Our dynamic new training program allowt you to begin learning our butintit in your spare lime, while still ar your present job. Then move to full- time sessions with training MINI MOTOK HOME OENTKK Midas - Brouulrint - Mobile Traveler Xo tfiinmick.s. no gift-;, just :^o!kj West Texas business with excellent .service. Several nen-. several uscrl rtas on liand. CVme see us for a bargain' CAMPER COACHES 4ML KroHn/li'ld Itjad i:Sri| iJ 79VK'()i r ' 11P ' a " d tl ' ailei '- ^52 -| FOR sale . i mid t)iil>idc IlAllVr-rri'ISi.'r !:easonal)le i>.: U,n* hvs. feiu-cd >'U:iJ. A*es Apply Fields Kns C.ri'tH inrlilrt', decision '-"JO'-' Avpiinn <!. \vil- ucl ser\-ice. T-IT-ol-il. '•jEquiimient Ire. ->?xi 31lll '.-H. ".17-L l o22. 7-r7- ; r' 1 ; •'-— --- hnctiye. c,o,nl pa>' A \vorkiri2 condi- [tions. Kxiwiienct- nui nccessaii'. \Vill Oncrinc, i tl . a ||,i,',[j .'.".*'. '.'." S2H.OUUJ COMPUTKU Programmer - operator ITKHHITOHML .¥ule.s-1.0(',l! tl.liei ! cx l'0i'ien<re with 1401 system pro.: vour home - c\?.\:..T,"-^,\;,,,--\-~ Electronic .sound .'l±^-'_'-'_'-- v ±lVll v I;^.'_^r. l .;.'!''i j system enuipnient - Great growth \VANTi;it: Malui'e Cntisiinn uornun i upponunity. L'v.'<x: Avenue y, Williams U> Keep - year old girl m my home, j Personnel ;?eivice, ' Jjyli; houickeepinu. Good pay for Tiiiht [lerson. 7i'--lHl-. -17-51-11. . opyninj; for one pre-sctioo!er 01 infant in my Home. Near Monte- I'KK-saiOOL care. niiaiii. Kefereiirc. iitii. room for one 7-17*73-:. IKItS KXI'BIUENCEO lirucen- man. Apply ' " . pL-rson, Stinnett's l ; "ood ^lurket elm-is i:<J. UK — Coordinate office HAY lime help for Imrulk'aupedi 1 ' 1 "'". Call 7fi-'-M7. fi-mate Ted) ar.iduale student. S-l I .Moiulay throiiglt Friday. Drivers license required. 762-41194' CREDIT Ulanaser — Helail Store — '•IS?. - S ' na " - 2M2 Avenue O. Ullliams Pcrs-onnel Service, 747-5141, LVN waiitcrt for 3-11 or 11-7 shift Call 732-21!X;. )lusi tnx)kfec«|)iug duties. SfiOOO. call * , f ,-J ne c cl "' c of 'at, 7SJ-7UU. IQvlns Personnel Con- xom| -l" v "'"' lady. 9i8-a^S2 H.lrt. Tx. . "JM3-A 50th. rHILl.i care. , 31anhMi-J: nre; home, days only. n-ii hub' .^ittins-iii v dome.' - - Hhli-. and tlepciiil- , ;.{ l! ' N '!'..^ PAKKIXC, Allenilant: Mature, de- pcjiilabli-. management capnbilltj- !.">71M. fall Mel. 7ii.i-7Ull, Kvms Pet- siinnol ( ViiisuHams — 'J14T1-A riC'lh. dav ASSISTANT Bookkeeper — Automo— Excellent promotional train you company. !CI> in sales? \Ve will lor a nalionallj- known 7JO per montii. paid vacations, bonuses and other benefits If you qualify. 7y:'-177S. VARIED Duties: LiKht typinir, public I-:\ce!lent carerr OPIKJI lunit', IIOUTH Service, local StiOO-S>CO I • SU1B ''. 1 ' "Men. Kor information call I>U,\,'-TI.\G Tedin. Survey ....MiaIg?-'""'" 1 '"a""i!^r._>gi;-2".'l-riil;;. KUCuTKIO .ATotor Aruiltl. -\rccil. Tops COUNSELOR. Dij-ector-Dcff, psvchoj IC'ii.v or 1 sc 3 Model, 17'.'.' - MB torso - US! ' loa<1 10U e-irjlpmcntlnelude'd 1,1*"^. ","9^^; 1974 VIP Bass lioat and SUPERIOR Motor Homes COBRA Slh Wheel Trailer! furt *ulo [icha.ife t mile eistLoopt 283 1972 COACHMEN MOTOR HOME One owner - 2S.OOO miles -Power plant, HO AC— AM-FM radio witti 4 Kpeakors. Sleeps 13 — Must see to appreciate- sell. Uodge 41o. Priced to 58,750 ifivr:u>i;\s .! 711-1517. Te.\a-(. skiing or \v.\N'TT-;. .,, J^IJS hp. 744-00:^. " ~" DALE'S CAMPER CO. 1003 CLOVIS ROAD NEED 6 rnea arid women to fill ASriT. in bkkp. dept. SECRETARY, light SllM SJ60 COMPUTE!! Programmer 5873 INTEItlOK Uesisn. outsids sales ... Open , , . -. .. . PLANT trees, sbrubbei-y Open contucl, mint, home bookkeeping. ojSIECHAXlCAi repair TOPS days. WOO. fall Judy .rones. 763-7051.; LIBRARIAN', lies;. Libr. Science 5 7D2 KECRETAll'L' . sillld.. type 70 ..5377 Positions Iicing c-reatod b\- .1 n.iiion'ril SECRETARY-sliltd. expr $5501 coi-poralion ill an accelerat STRONG T>plst, expr 5500 '""'' *""" ~ „„„, opportunities — 2303 Avenue Q, Wil- >>uluinls, Ml liains Per.snnncl service. 717-"il41. I mil. and snellniK Personnel Con-' Texas Commerce Build XIOKii iniiy u> care for need invalid! lady, on alternate Snluiilavs and!. ' PERSONNEL TODAY EMPLOYMENT SERVICE n nl'l ~ ~ «-"ift" "" "" «'- l -'-' l -»fLl?U SSlOS eld. ?i-'0 per month builuses and vacation if you qualify. For personal interview call Mr. Miller, 791M77S. Our managers' incomes average more than $20,000 per year. NOOA- i:ejp needed. 11-2. Good work ing conditions, good benefits aonlv n, 5025 West 50th. 1910 50th. couples ami motet mana demerit" 26. Situation Wanted MARRIED Couple. no children, wants to lie resident managers-as- sis-tant manasrer, of Town Houses, Duplexes, or Apartments. Available May 1st. Call Glenda a/ter 4PJI, AUTO time-up labor: S10-6 cylinder, cylinder. ,vi->o .^oiini'l " "i lloiu'MMiiili Day airo Csn-:,:--;-. I'll K.Vi.oiK-nccil staff olfi-rs ^' , i';i i,' rio-e in Texas ln-,ti u- ' : K s . ! LUI.KI, Grmm-ll. f.- Parkway •!'| l |' h .'"V" 01 '- 'I 1 " YIWI nupcL-iioii :s welcome. :.,„,.,,;' ,,,," \.',''i' '^ J!y : ^..«':?'! J«-: 2121 - . , -',," lo'luMlm,,,,' 1 ;!" i'are - I u'fiiMMj. ilnliiii 1 • .-iiiU'k- 1 - plriv'iiruunii. I 'i •:ln; - M. T'JT-Oiiii 1 ! """."J-: I'"! 1 ^"?!^ I'^OKI-KKP.^ 1 !"'- K^i.n^-'"^vi!H;; k c"i'i£'' lT' : "E' ^1'^ li;,clMr aiul trui'k nie j' 1 ' 1 '-' 1 l)r| ss no Hatur<l;iy. Prjien's -Su'll amontli. f';iil Mi Millar' rii 1 ', iiirm e'luipnirnt and u.M i lvis " nn<!l ^'M'vii-c. lili;; Unnersitv, ' r. Musi he e\iu-ripnccd """ '"" ,W1 LNB 7tJ2-O.IS-I,.,,; x '!',' cn !./! >Ir ro '. lic<1 or J-emi-rciircd ; and do'minor repair reasonable. Call 1 cople. \\,1| iran, l.,v m - qumlcrsunvtime. 792-HS21 ir*t>L- ,»r- ,f-ti, > »,-r-,-r- ] ^rrlar;.-, other tx-noftl^. \fusr |jr-;— : -• — JOBS Of- PHh \\Kkk .-.villlii!: lo le-lncale. -W-K'.r, '| )0 |«(-en ! UOOKKKKPI.VO in m\' home. Auto. „ . _ . in...... • i' i-1-1,1 in. ( n i t^.n . _ , mil [iiirt-liiue •T U'lHi:i:;i, \Vi llniiti! toral. j \Vi: iQVV |;idy lixi w*n k u luiiU'd. ^ilai.v. ,Mi>. .IMID st nioni-y, wear ' Hoh> unciJejt in .- j MI, \»e? din iiV»N sri.oni r-i'-'-uir' T''i11. " Kvin'.s ''l '•?: .Clinic]' 1 roiisuiian'u" ! 'fir" 11 ' 1 ' 1 • i V W|l! , ry * no ' nve >l»JCiit. no ;Lu']l).H-k. .Mu-t ht> -U-iieminblc. 7!i!> u;u,i-/a" urktiin- V'v/lu'' 7--'bii f '- ri:: ' A : * Jth ' -« n-Minaiiis. doUvci.^ _rfai;t]i ruveiU:->. Cail T-H-nifc]^ Alter ,"• I'M. Ji.Vf'fALLV Jioti-<t!sf i rimi[)ntot i y i Child j" ^ • la.' '"Jirc* ronlor ojn;n T:;^-^: Tt. Afjes ; ;i:u ' 1 inmilii^-'i yoiii 1 .-.. j; .1 >: c\i*c; i?ni'p(( i^ffiirc rran- with niiii-iimt 1 aiT'oimtin^ liack-! .\ionik-ii Mills, -'so.ii :;s:i-r>i-n. ' \VANTKM: spaikk- i:i ._!WAITlM-:s5SKS - Af)i)ly ri« -a<J> witli! V'UlriHi; Inn itcstnuram tvpe toUicUl Highway. JID calls .,- — , , K\cc Sales. comm& S12.UOO Sales Rep, to S12.000 Mfir Trainee, HBA SI 1.000 I ''inM'iiien,',- st'ir-' rtj.nn ni'i'ih H' Croup Insur Hep SSOpen Home Sales, comm i- SO.100 Sk-nu. lo Sfi,60C f'i,'|v,,s.,N.,'-. ,-li . M wprn pr,v'r<iH or any type !7l-i-Sliii7. ' MATU11K Hm"n Ilirv] m "u^i;, .>irjtnrir iag_Texas A ve.. 747-3211. K! Vfi l'r lnbo!lrd outboard, isli i^O Phr> 4[ T U °' crulse a "<i trailer ««)»54%. <6W) 2M - J9:n - "«"-. call after :, iM : , onlj- faclor> p ldin^' Har\-al t!' and mater New pick-up Co^•er also arriving dail.v, for an>- size pick-up, al a price you can afford Financing available. Trade-In allowances. Phone 76 1 -'-590a .,„ , • .- Ouaran- -md major rciinirs u»||.g NKKDKP imnie.liati'iy K\\ic: ien.'ed: •) l -' : - A . _de!irei: seeks auministrative! P-m.: C:00 - 'ij'co ' s : 'itunjivs" ; oi1?. ! waiters, -.viiitn's-r-^. HIM! .,ji|,,,| girls, r''<^l-J !l -'-l n ^?- _ ! Avenue II. .'innwjs. .,oj.,.. l.,il>li,,,'k. c,,unli.v Chil,. ; A"c'l.'OUNTANT'" : l-c-.a^ 'Te-Ti7e^cTT! COAIPLK'n.; hnTTn^T"; 1 enred with CPA firm and rnivate | sure ami fishinj " r "'''»• .... _ _ limllislry Jesncs posilmii «nh dial- • I_-ir,o n (iPKNlxcs KOi: Machine • l'Vn~f,>r • i ' cn '-''nS future. Write tlo^ II, Ava- • Newnrui limn. Kveninu' mill T"hi\hin ,.^,,[ ;liini-hg-Joiirnril. • Fald.r (lI'KMXCs KOi: .Ma,-Inn. iimn. Kveninu' ami n-nlii -hin. a ,,i • ,''"!"' v! , nv 'leir.'fits. jl.VIHVIDUAl. with bliekcioiltul inv ••• „. 1U p.mi holnln, .. Ktnial|Tricmioploslii'« and oilfields seeks! • Kur.i < 1 raf: .->ini,-i-i.iivne nosltiun ivilli clicmic:illy related -"'"'He used Iwau nn ai Ib Iwshies-; in a Technical .sen-ice ca- -«"!iorl7Ccl Kvimtide pacil.v: j\F f CliemMli-y and ^1EA. :V - s L'i-\ii-e. our ! Opportunity K . ._ Pump Co. f.'.ibiwck McriMJi'-"' "' "• ; PayrolUlerk. c.vper S6,00« , cVownnelii iiiKiuv ' IT i»,'nnt innicl ^11 wr»m C^ 9Aft 7T7V.— ~— ~ FREE SPIRIT by Holiday Rambler 24'B", Tandem axfe. Ooa: holding fanXs, 1 fJoor plans from S3495 BARGAIN Pr.cei, '74 Hotiflay Ramblclts-5 to choose from, 14-21'.PLENTY ol '7Ss-see tnem today! Holi- oay Ramblers. 37-32'; Holiday Ramblctts. 16-35'; Prowlers. 19 j-27',1 1 ; Holidays. Prowler 5th Wheels. Assessories-P'ckup Toppers- Campers WESEll THEBtSI SERVICE IMF BUT HOLIDAY WYUTIUIIEIS III) lrmtii«O>T. IlSd;' Illl Ipn JJ ' [arm Jiantl, depenclrihle. tract.»- anrj jjri^uuor,.;^;^r J;Ji Kvin> . PerM , lnel Consull ; HOU^C .tlld dtlllticj. ,W- : all , Si L , u; .;. A :m ^ SHIPn.S'Cr Clerk- — compan aaiu. yalary excellent: star Per.son- onsj|tant.-, lo;t Univlrsity. , r.\lt.\t worker - - ,i!;ri backcronnd. "»M Permanent. HOK. Lublxjck Personnel ervirc. Itvl? Mr,:adwa>'. 76^-^i.">;i5. aiul Pal. Office Book-keener — munlf.' Tynliu.'--xo sliorUiamf i Mod payroll, invoirinu. lounial! wltli fisurcs. S-150. Call sue Scull postmtr. To sr>0o. Cal|!"!>7-3251. sncllinj! and Snellin;! Peri«-7011.' Evin's is. ill:;. A Milt. EXKCirriVK .Secretary: r.utv office Must ]»r skilled. Hard worker. Snla- Consultants. 'JOI. 'f,>v.ri' Nursing Home now liir- nu. W.v.s. ;i-:i. and 11-7. Nur.-es Fleet Mechanics SSOpen , ^•:":;"?s°^-^^i- S50pcn m*<Xn^ M{ TO! Shop Foreman, to $9.000 I Part-time • K.M per hour to start f l'iinip~ k ri't.iU-,1 ,',ip!: niiiht shift i Plus bonus* (commission nuaran- | Klectrician S7.SDO Service Trainee SS.fiOO :,!.i,'<t- Suifs sun ev -dehviMv- . I-'ull-limi: M'O per \veok mlc: 11 ft. fnixive, ,„, ,.,,., levrolct (VT Hck-un. Evccllwit ! con<litiou. All the i-Mr.iv r,r ijM: or 74.V3101. ,ifirr j f--..M 17 MOTOR Hume THE JOB CENTRE "V lull liil, |,t.,,.,-in,'iiKcriirr ;,tihl)ut'l, Square Utltrc- luwei IWOSiih. Suilr IDS < (, 7 The Puller Brusli Co- Ads Get Kesulis 7i: - !.!'311 29. Schools It?. Tonn-C,wnti-y Cen-i 1 / LA: ' ; ' r AIanaRcr_ — Fee paid. De-ji'i -- i ni.iintonanr-e. jL^.O-'iO. Uiliboi'k Pe Call Pat. 763-7011,"Kvins'pcrVon-i' '' ' I l J "i . ''" 1 "- A " C1 ' 25. Agents-Sates Rep, TIH'^ Hjica Oiiiniie Clrande An^el l-'irc f'orii,,r:itio:r ;s hii'ins .sale--:nen in tile l.ubli.K'k area. .Straight coir.- ' tll-rnvKFN K!~ ni^sion. M:>,f)Oil-S2:>,(KJ'. J f "nn^>- hi-ne-; care. Hot'meais" f:v»KP. trains iraciur-trailer drivers, r.t-pulont trainini: und l:omc isturU'. Call locull.% : isOnl 7tk!-7:i7fi. HomeO.fice: Atlanta. Ga. I Oii, »• i. , '' lul " c " "vi ellem •{ i ..' L'^ 11 ?'}, exterrur. XI.V.'O. l!>2oi ; IJOTOl: lionT<r~.~T% : 7l^mr'KYcnl". lent ermine. Air./low coach, sleeps T : self-containod. SWIO nir F,,st s ; ;i',=. i 7l)2.S.".i;:l. .-i". | 27. Schools ~i 30. Kindergarten CREDIT MGR i Relo 'RECEPTIONIST... •i™i ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL SI 2,000 PER YEAR Winfre K n plai'o for I'uur riuid. 'or .sun;niei* fall :,'trnie?icr ^•liuol, :;;i:t l?:o:ul\vay, 7G1 1 - JS!,' "^sr^^v.T'l^r:! ^.^"an" 1 r"^ f ;^.\ .'"ll'J A\fn'.i,._ ft.' VVillinms !'ci'.'.'onncri' l ,ni',iJ P 7-[lV| ;i '''J', 1 |^!' |l ]7 1 '. V1 'iii''r '-I)-'-'!-'"'• :,jr-:cTl.\NI<' .-rrvicn Slatni1i_ liainl. • ••^nj^ilj.^jl>l_'l',.'.v.'r"iif ' l-tnms. ' '"'" \ [,1""',!,, 1!KC 1STHJ1: 11 XI USES xrn»i-;« AIDIX niHiKiir.vs'. r.vvs HI)rsniiE|.;i'|\fj AI1)?> -l.irtiiv/ -alar 1 ','. t-\TfiloM! Ground Floor-Free Forking •230? Ave. O 747-5141 i5(JO $550 5515 $600 5150 ...SI.DOG IL.L;* ciill c.\ anil llluLC- i t iirs anil Lru, b'i)!\e:-ilv Ijcxl 7,10 T-pm;,'. lona hours 'willin-'io' SERVICE WRITER .. "',7'" I pK si x!i"i, i ,;f pp ! > ; 1 ,!, i ;vi^: ;Au1omo ' i " c I'l'tual Op]»'ji-tunity I^mplojer. 01-ION-INGS fur reaistweri riTn~i-">\ Kill ur p;irt;iniL'. one or mure tiayv ! An<l lA'.V's. ;|-1I and 11-7. Cull 7:l,">- FOREMAN 51.000 bupcrvne p'Qcluc'ior PROGRAMMER 51.000 Compute: MtNt 31rliR IOBS lieldJ Williams. C[C. 0«nci'Hjiujei ]'•' '"•I fio.noo i A^.T>T. Mf.i:. TI:.MM;I: sKilvr, M;i:rj':-il man MJth car. T»!'.IJI,C - in-'riu'n iir icreitcd :n a .vcure futuic. *;uaran-i 171!' f: UTil fl.">0 neck to atari. TIIK rll.l.lLK IIKfSH CO. TRACTOR MECHANIC Life and ho.spital rriiUi^r.ce p;iid. THOMPSON IMPLFMENT .Mler 61'jr 3»:,-na(ii Illlon. TI-\;I- SPANISH SPEAKING \\r. \ [I.JGiri' t'iiurl: t:\rM-rienrerl "r-alliiv ,.,on no\v nrrnuras, <"-omm| NSinn .; n]., s |l!Ji',5uu Call ,1,, WiillHiT. -,ij';.7i,;ii. 'SiieHiu^ an,J >ii,'lhn^ r-et>oiinc! ('0,1-<, •Hi 1>-:as ron-.iiioiro Ruilii- lop IHunt Joli;: Itporc ,ii *ai:n • , e\rellert illons anti Itenelit-;. I IMIIJs Type iiii \ypjj: Nf'-p. Pusi'i'ni' L M.V. plKini> ;im! dtin-r tr.ijfii- in a'fteVn.iuii I>npk:ii-,' for ,;ire.--r minder! iirr.-<in' A'J-i: -1 l-'iniiy April K. nrrat l-l'.in's I'utriljutor... t;v. miics S.K of Traffic <"ircle r, i Iliiiir.viiy «l. MAXACiKK Trainee: .\K2re ••'t-r.-atiln i'omi),iii>\ r',-,|io;;c ] ['r'Mr.utiGn-j I,.,.- plan. ^^'(00 . 1 Kric' lirov.nin.r. 7!'i7-3--l. .-'nellin. snellim' r',-r:.,n:n,2l Consult;;iit- 'I'lllMT- lif P-^IIU^ "AVON" REPRESENTATIVE needed in Lubboek and sur- WANTED ROUTE SALESMAN c'an I rounding orcas. For furfher in- anil 1111 jformarion, call 765-7293. SPANISH SPEAKING MAINTENANCE MANAGER f. To 154,000 ' • Co. P*yi Our Fct <Vill Sc totally responsible for plant Engineering and maintenance. Sould have strong background in plani itililies, good mechanical, hydrauic Analytical, and diagriosllc ability. Re- oi BSME, CMEM E or eg. Call Ferricll or send resume ror a .fonfideniial Inlervlew ACCOUNTANTS (IJ,000- 517,000 ALL FEES JMIDSVCO. PoMiion requires 34 ynar^ good com- mortJal dC*:ount:ig cvpcr^cnte in any mrtuiiry. bcverat posihoni arc open ifi cjlhcr TS», Auditing, or oprrahoiu {icpjrT.ncnl. Accounting degree required C^M Lynn Fred or '^crid rcsun-f; lor confidential inlcrvipv/, II? l.rci 7*3 9374 Ihinhill NELOA WILLIAMS OWNER 747-5U1 2302 AVE. Q TEMPORARY OFFICE WORK ...... NOFEE ........................................ WORK WHEN YOU WANTTO ....... INTERESTING JOBS .................... REGISTER NOW .......................... r. JlCIf MM( J. tmmms, cum, WHATABURGER OF LUBBOCK We are now interviewing for counter help and food handlers. AI! shifts available including part-time for students. $2 per hour. Apply in person at 4802 50th, or 4001 34th. -Hat MANAGERS ft MANAGER TRAINEES If. iw .ire interested m a career with n rapidly expanding inter- nation j I firm; You eoioy workinrjwhh Ihepublic; • You v,,int i |ob m which you can make decisions and have reipon- You wont the opporlunily lo progress according to your ability to produce results; You are looking lor a substantial fringe benefit program; THEN: You m.iy be a prospective managcmcnl trainee lor the largest and laslcit growing Piiia chain in Ifie world PIZZA HUT, INC. Phone: 792-3866 Addre , S: 34,, Un ; ¥ersi(y , "ANKQUAI.OPI'OKTIiMTV KMI'LOVEB" ,.3 SALES •Independence •Security •Growth Immediate rewards selling popular Irne to hardware, voner/ and clioirr stores in LUBBOCK, Established, repeating zccokints Salary plus commission We're looking far on experienced salesperson to represent our linei. of keys, key machines and hardware itemi. li you're a ialci-builder as well as a good account service pro, we'd like to talk wiih you now. Call: Delhert O'Neal 806-765-740J Holicfay Inn-lubfaock Wed., Thurs., & Fri. 8 AM to S PM Colled Calls Accepted! il unable to call, write to: Mr. O'Htzl 1SI4 Michael Forl Worth, Texai 76104 Curtis industries, Inc. div, ol Curriv Noll Corp. tu make tins' 31. Child Nursery m nen ar.ii' _ '__ M'r- lVil> T,-l- I.irKN^l-:!! Nur.-evy. .H'is Ttli Street.; l,nivei>i-j7p"-l.";CJir<)t noon mcnls. s \ .>u>sAtit; from - - MA AM) l>.\ I>AV CAKR CKXTKK * \',',''re tile 1st liouse North of Texas Iri>'.'iimejU.s new location -- XVe're ijt:.]-e for your conyentcnc.p — " UV ^u.-irnnteo to please — ;" Leave your chil'lren with us — ,' l^e at ur,rk in .") miniltcs! -3<JS Xortli Unlve]- a jt> Call 7M-«4'11 25. Agenrs-Sales Rep. SALES REPRESENTATIVES j PRE-CUT HOMES i Exclusive lerrilory now open. J Excellent commission structure T means substantial earning* lor I a top sales person with drive, I ability, anO experience. MILES " is now in 40 states, expanding Z rapidly, and doing belter than I ever. We enjoy fine product and I costomcr acceptance/ and have * one of the best home financing i deals offered. Strong! promotional program requires I additional Sales Represcn-i t«jtives to handle large number • of leads. Join us for a permanent • position and a rewarding future. J Mail us your qualifications and T we will arrange interview. Start • with SI50 per wk. draw, plus ad-1 vances on commis» ; «ns. Good " icar required. TT ! MILES HOMES INC. I i 4500 Lyndale Ave. N. I f Minneapolis, Minnesota! 55412 *»x Equal Opportunity Employer • ENROLLING NOW AT COMMERCIAL COLLEGE ELIGIBLL-7.V3TITUTION FOR F.I.S.I.., N.D.S.I.. LOANS AND 1 n.K.O.O.GUANTS SECRETARIAL COMMERCIAL ART ACCOUNTING COMPUTER PROGRAMMING APPROVED FOR( VETERANS •ACCREDITED BY: THE ASSOCIATION Of INDEPENDENT COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION CALL, WRITE. OR VISIT I 747-4371 2007.34th,. i COMMERCIAL COLLEGE TWILIGHT BUNGALOW 5lh Wheel 32' MODELS $8995 BILLY SIMS TRAILER TOWN ?10? Ckxit 111 761-S071 TEXAS URGESI VOLU/SfE DE*IEI NEW 1975 COACHMEN CADET 19'/2 $3295 AMFSKAMPER Moiaing Hardlop Camper Sleeps 8-3 Burner Stovc-751b. Ice Chesl-Batlcry- Butane Tank. Ready lo Go. $1920 SIlVERSTRUK-COtCHMCK-EXnOHEII MOTOR HOMCS'KPOUOMOTOII HOMES "Heller II u yPhnrr" PHARR TRAILER SALES = IJB2 Clirii Hi. 29. Schools NEW CLASSES NOW ENROLLING! TRAIN FOR A CAREER IN THESE COURSES: * SECRETARIAL * ACCOUNTING * CLERICAL/TYPIST * COURT REPORTING * DRAFTING MTT " SKIUS IN ou " TYMMO - SHORTHAND . ADOING/CAICUUTINO MACHINES . iAStC ACCOUNTING - »USINISS INOUSH-MJSINISSMATH. CALL WRITE OR VISIT DRAUGHON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE 1414 Tins In. 7K-5544.

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