The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 10, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1934
Page 5
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PMDAY, AUGUST It, 1«M fTHT PARIS MEWS, Liquor Raids In Hugo Net 3 Caotures Place* Of Business May Be Closed By Injunction, Says Attorney HUGO, Okla. — Following tmrts aiuurMiay- altorooon in which bonded liquor and be«r wa* *eiaed by Deputy Sheriffs Cap Duncan and B. B. Burroughs. County Attorney <X A. Brewer FHdaj- morning had is- •ned warrants charring violation of the tax law and was •eelclnc injunctions to hare three Hugo busin«*« eetabli^h- nwuta ctotfcd. Awonv the places which Mr. Brewer is trying to close are Ciena Moore** place, the Bliss Hotel on Broadway, and the Twin Oaks cutp, ••mil «f of the variova ut Choetaw County acU- by a. teproeataUye of the state tax cotuaUMlon was caused by a decrease la the amount of taxes received from each places. A number oC places were found to have renewed their Federal and county Uctaases without renewSjuy their atate permit*. - Infonuadon gained by an investigator was given to county officials \i-fao directed the raid*. In each of the three places uamed. a quantity of tax-paid liquor and full strength baer waa seised, A slot machine was also taken from Len* Moore's place and . from the Twin Oaks tourist camp. Fifty-four pints of liquor, three pints of gin and more than four cases of full strength beer was seized. Lena Moore's place was closed by a court order in 1930. but was opened later upon a modified court order allowing; the" establishment to be operated as a cafe. The owner was required to post Three Killed In Gunfight With Police them oC *. hajult robbery plot. ! found in the road n*ar where the 1 The men w*re ahot and killed itfi f |L a ^ j when two carload, oi: patrolmen $ dii***_In aj d near I the patrol.; one of r Identity of Suspected Bank Bitndito Sought Through Prints encountered them motor car on a. *id« road near here late Thursday.. Wben the of( fleers got out of their cars, the j men opened fire. Officer* returned the fires, killing all Uiree. The patrolmen wer« cruising- on the highway aft*r they had be«n tipped that three men planned to hold up the Lebo. (Kas.) State the Texas state Mitchell, j Pistol were found in \Vint Smith., 1 said there was the mea waft Whitey wanted ror several robberies, "I got a tip a week ago Joplin." Smith said, "that three f :>ien were going to rob a bank 15 i miles east of Eraporia. W« figured f Silver Coup Brings Forth Wide Range Of Common BEAUMOXT YOTTTM MCBT saw the started j One ! It first waa thougat the men ; might be Raymond Hamilton. Joe I Palmer and Irvin (Blackle) *• sevferaj times. Thursday we KMPORIA, Kas..C?)— Officers j Thom P*o». condemned convicts scanned fingerprint records Fri-1 *-*"* ~-~*~day for identification of three men I with members of the Kansas i highway patrol who suspected I «Ir*r coup rang alt ttxe in the •coco—»!c carillon ectio answer*J5 every- froro joy to fc*wildfefiaent. President Roos«veJf» ordtr tak-! average American man S possession of silver at a pric*? j street, to whom . iQ.Ol centat an oui*ce JjrougrJjt | tary theories as euch varying reactions, as! He was speedily assured. complete absorption sorpttis. in tae -wortd *. The first reaction in Jon's financial center was puzzle- meat. Thl» was shared by the Jr.. 19-year-old Beaumont y*aih, remained in a critical condition i» U*r*J.W> ja Dallas clinic Friday from iajur- i !es received in an aaroaaobile ae~ of the silver j cident near Canton. Texas, whlca took the lire ot Crawley, 28. also of for bond of Sl.OOO operation of the business according to the court ordee- County Attorney Brewer will a«k that this bond be forfeited ano the business closed. Injunctions *o close both the other places are also sought. of fingerprint* show- not to be the case. Two members of the patrol | participating in the gtin ffgfct were I EL G. Christeasen and Earl Sil- i [ verton. who aided in the capture of JIsi Clark, escaped life term! ! prisoner from" the Kansas state; j penitentiary, at Tulsa. recently. ! j Although three bullets from i | the men's guns struck tlse patrol j j cars, none of the officers was '• out looking for them. f the men had sandy hair! was between 35' 40 years old. weighed about I tbe.t: £ i^« "silver bloc" gratification. Senator old tooth and was about S feet, inches tall. scramble for silver a world confer| ence to draft a uniform world ^ 1 currency for exchange purposes. The second had dark fcair. blue j He foresaw a -new era of pros- and -was heax-ily freckled on | r-erity." Stock and conimodity «nar- the face and shouldera*. He was about 50 years old. weighed 140 pounds and was 6 feet talL The third had black hair tinged with gray. He weighed about 150 pounds, was between 45 and 50 , nronnded- An automatic pistol was ; years old and was S feet talL Is The Milk You Give Tour Children Safe? Mayos President Taites Part In Honoring Country's Most Famous Physicians ROCHESTER, ,il i n n., C^5-— President Roosevelt shared the spotligrht Wednesday vath. Rochester's most faxnous citizens, the Mayo brothers, sus this cily combined its entertainment for tht chief executive -with ceremonies honoring the physiciaas. a story in Th* Paris Wednesday. Aug. S. V Read what tfee amous Dr. C. H. Mayo Says About MILK "MIBc th.t b Pasteurized t> tb« only ndFe milk for children to drink," —Dr. C. R Mayo Atse^ vot^ to \etX et c torf tof* 1^1 •Mi^£**: ^L *o -*t* itt- Consider \Vhat This Means Here in this letter one of tKe most famous doctors In America has given his unqualified opinion regarding milk. Notice that in his own herd he had examinations made for diseased cows, but that each spring there were some with tuberculosis. He states positively that pasteurized milk is the only safe milk for children to drink. THE MILK THAT IS SAFE FOR YOUR CHILDREN IS SAFE FOR YOU Pasteurization consists of holding the milk at a temperature of 145 degrees for 30 minutes or more. Thi? process, as Dr. Mayo points out, makes milk safe from disease germs. You have read in his experience of how it is practically impossible to keep diseased cows from a herd. pie who have given thought to the subject. It is comparatively a new thing, and all scientific advances hsve received some opposition. A generation ago there were even doctors who fought vaccination against smallpox. Today everyone knows its value. Let us keep you supplied each day with the proper amount of safe, pasteurized milk for your family. Pasteurized milk >s demanded by most peo- Phone 763 for Regular Daily Delivery of Pasteurized Milk to Your Refrigerator Lam C NOTE This is one of a any way to affront ment from the U. *S. Public Health Service. "^^ scries ot advertisements designed to acquaint the public with the facts regarding pasteurized milk, and is not intended in it any individual who is direcilv or indirectly interested in the sale of raw milk The next advertisement will contain a state- Health Service kets sensed irsfl°t»oa. Stocks rcse I ?1 tu more than J3 Thursday. The QoU:-r dropped. Wbeat, corn and cciiuii rose. Bonds sold oft. S. Many' observers said that, aside irom its possible implications, the announcement did not mpan Inflation. Treasury officials pointed out that silver certificate a—for tiie present at least —would be issued only against t£e actual cost of tne metal to Tie government, 50.01 cents an ounce. The amount of new currency turned out ibu$ would be relatively small. But estimates of the amount ranged from $25.000.000 to $100.000.00$. 4. Taat feelings were njicei in WaJl street was indicated by one prominent banker <*rho called tie "'nationalization** move merely a i concession to the "silver crowd" \ of *'no great importance."* ] 5. Around the famous silver! lodes of the west, there was hope j that silver niis'ht so up to its old- 1 time price of $1.29. Senator Key j Pittman hailed the order as a] "process that will hasten the i . though. he could feeep his silver watcb and pocket zaoney and that th« «ov«rn£Q«nt had no intention of buying his wife's spoons. ! 7. Secretary Morgenthau. keep- 5 ing his own counsel, said merely: j "We are fOlof forward with oarl program of rehabilitation of sil-1 ver." The capital awaited the re- tare Friday of President Roose-1 veli, to «*e if t* would disclose future moves in the program. Seizing the silver by the ri^ht of eminent domain, tn« government says that all the metal, except coined and industrial, must be turned Into the treasury within 90 days. The price is about half a cent higher than the figure quoted in the Xew York market Thursday. • NOTICE TO WATER CONSUMERS mone- j w ater bUJs must 5^ ^^ £ A ^ before August 10 in order to a«c«r» the 20 per cent discount. Superintendent of Water Worfca. F R E E/ DOG Book acd ytan to M» H»- BEAVIS-JONES SEED CO. 32 North Main Street MILLER'S DOG FOODS 1 EFFORTS MADE TO CONTINUE RELIEF Oklahoma. Congressman Is Asked To Help Restore Aid AXTLiEIRS.—Efforts to ccntinne relief work by the FBHA of those cases recently stricken from, their rolls under a new regulation, •which would confine aid only ta the ryp* classified as "unemploy- e<! employables,'"" have been made j by the board, of county commissioners. George I*. Uurd, is urging imrc.ed.iate action by Congressman Wilbum Cartiarright, now in "Washington, in -view of the fact thai ro meet the departmental expenses j j in. carrying on trie county govern- } s m=nz during the ensuing • fiscal | I year. i Four hundred relief cases, which | ^ induces the aged permanently dis- S j abled, and widows, many of them j having depend en ts, recently "were ' stricken from the FHRA rolls, and | their care left up 10 the coun^v | and siate. Harden of caring for i tliesa cases primarily Is a county I matter and although esriraated I needs for rhs coining fiscal yea.r I have been made by the ! sioners, no fcr-ds are available for ! e'ee^iosi T 3iary purposes, I CarfsTrigriir, in a te! XVed- I nescay to Kurd, carried a. note of j confidence thai some action may } b* ta^cen by Sarry Hopkins, na- ! tic-nal FEH.A adininistrator. ! FORMER VALLIANT | WOMAN IS DEAD i I VAIXJAXT — Helatives here i I been notified of the death last! i week to Wichita Falls of Sirs,! j Katy Hall. 13, resident of Valliant | ! for many years. Survivors mclude ! | two ^sons, SimbreH Hall of Wich- I | ita Brails az>d Charlie Hall of 1 | Brokers BOTV; four daugrhcers. Mrs. | I Katy Austin of Wichita Falls. 1 f Mrs, Tom Anderson of Broken I I Bow. and Airs. C. S. iloy er - a^d ) i Sirs. Miles Christie of Vallianz and ; 1 2S grasdchildrea. I | ilrs. X^ee ILAH6 of Burant is vis- ! J iting here, | ; Eugen; French and family of | j Gainssviile, Teixas are visiting i I here. i I Tois Connors of Pau!*» Vallev f I visited here this -oreek. " | | ZVLr^. A. D. Wright of Oklahoma j j City ; S visiting here. { I Mrs. K_ F. XVilson is visiticg ir: : : Antlers this •week. i { Mr, aad Mrs- J. E, Hubfcard ; I and son Hoy hax-© returned from i a x-iait to Rcw?ebud. They xrere ac- I companied horn- by Mrs. George ' Msddox of Kosebud, : : Mrs. Bert Hubbsrd and child- \ ren are visitirrg in Hope. Ark, ] Baccalaureate Sermon By Tyler Minister COMMSRCH.—The baccalaure- j at« sermon for the gradoatiag j class of Saai Tezas State Teachers ! College will be delix-«red ia ths | college auditorium here Sunday | marram:. Aag-ust 19, by Dr, S, S, | McKenny, Methodist pastor of I Tyler. He is a speaker of recosais- J s<3 ability, and is expected to brinj | one of the mosn interesting mes- j sabres ever heard by a grrmduatins j class of the lastitution. I The Honorable Sam Kay bum j will be the s*-2«st speaker on the j next day. Monday, -when decrees I for the ISS carjdidate* for sradua- j tion will be conferred, | Tuesday evening on the lawr» of j the President's residence seniors j win be enr«rtai3e4 by the annual President's reception, at which • tltne they will be the guests of Dr. [ and Mrs. S. H. TTbttley. The Senior | class, the immediate menibera of I th«Jr raraii!«», and the faculty and ' their wives and htrsbarxcSs will all &tt*nd this event which is the I Mgii-Ilsht of the collesr* social sea- j son. C. HOGAX WIXS CX>XTEST EDIXBURG, T*x., (J& — D. candidate for county oi Hidalico coaoty, Friday started preparations tor * run off campaign as*tn*t Jotm . W of *INTWt PUBLIC FAVOR SINCE I9O4* SATURDAY SENSATIONAL FINAL Clearance 300 PAIRS SUMMER SHOES We nrs making these unbelievable lo-w prices to absolutely clear our stock of white summer shoes. \Ve read}: to sell the last pair a$ evidenced by suck low prices. With many weeks yet 10 wear cool shoes, and with r, chance to buy a pair for nest year at less than half price: you will surely -want several pairs. The first 3OO people we can fit -will be the lucky ones! Plenty of sizes now- .... come early! WHITE FABRIC SLIPPERS At This Give-Away Price SATURDAY Just the slipper for general every clay wear. They have a good sole and are •well made. Mosi styles are oxfords, No lar^e sizes is this group but plenty of medium sizes. WHITE SUMMER NOyELTIES Pumps, Straps, Ties SATURDAY We have gaihered together la this group our -while summer novelties to give the ssost outstanding; snoe value that Paris has kno-^n for years! Plenty of sires. i Modern Miss White Slippers Values to 5.00 SATURDAY .ibis ia a. close-out price on this kno-w-n line. Remember they sre -whiie slippers only. Buy a pair for uow and a. pair to put a-way for next summer. WHITE VITALITY SLIPPERS Values to 6.75 SATURDAY A clean-up price on fine Vitality slippers .... our fiuaa low price on thes» whita numbers. If you are hard to fit ba here by eight o'clock Saturday MEN'S SPORT OXFORDS White, While and Black and White and Taa Values to 5.00 Very special c!o5e-oat price on white oxfords for men. Many styles to make year selecrioa from .... Remember. Men! Saturday aaoraisy !» tlse tSrae. BEAUTIFUL SILK HOSE Full Fashioned SATURDAY Clear and sheer in the new late summer and fall shades. Slightly irregular but h*v« our »*me guarantee of satisfaction. Saturday only; 50 C

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