The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 10, 1956 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
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Tuesday, July 10, 1956
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Newsmen Look Ahead July 28 Is Target For Congress By CHARLES M. MCOANN Prrss Staff CorrP.spondsnt United Press correspondents •.round the world look ahead at the news that will make the headlines. (ieiaway Day Congress]onal IPS d e r.s aren't saying- it publicly or officially. Bui they've privaiely set their sa^hts. on the weekend o£ July 2S as the adjournment target date. Some members stiil say the session can be wound up by July 15 or 20. But most of i.ho-?<? close 10 ihe realities feel they sri!! need another three \veeks and are planning accordingly- American jntelligence nisy d<?nv it. Rut London insiders sav that at 'least rwo I'nited Si.Tte? Air Force lyockheeri 1 ; 2 jet piane;: are oper?t!n£ in Britain. Tlie U2 is on the secret lift. But it's known to he a big: flying laboratory. It can't break the sound barrier. Mrs. Lucy Haden Of Cedar Bayou Dies Mrs. LIJCV Kaden. native of Cedar Bflyou and member of the pioneer Lawrence family of Cnamb- er* count>'. died Monday nig-'nt in Houston. She -was ^5. Mrs. Kader,. -Aidmr of ihe ia;e VV. r>. Hp.den. lived in Gai- veston until ht-r husbariu's dea'li. then moved to Houston. Among' ner sur\nvors i? ^ sifter. Mrs. 0. "E. Fisher of Ceaai- Sayo 1 :. Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday in the Georsre H. Lewis funeral chape! in Houston. Buriai will be in Galvesion Memorial cemetery at Hitchcock at 31:50 a.m.. Wednesdav. \NTial it can do is fly to extremely high altitudes, above 60.000 feet. What are the U2s up to in Britain" Taking readings, they say, on the radioactive content of thp .air — atomic outpost duty. Russian atom)'* mushroom cloud? a>-e their soup. American obs.'-rvei-s in Formosa predict a series of. local uprisings in Rpri (7hin:i soon. Iniellig'pncp reports from ihe Coninnmist-nileil mainland say ihat of discontent smong- th? ill-fed masses are .smwinp Joudf.'. No big 1 scale r?voit is possibi? now. Bti; spontaneous outbreak? by \-il- lagprs and peasants arp likel\. I^ook for !he Airline Pilots Association to step up i\f demand for r«.«torauon of the government's old Air Safety Board as the result of the Grand Canyon disaster. The ASB was an indopondpnt Ihi-pp- nian group that used to invoslt- gaie air accidents. President Franklin D. Roosevelt abolished it in 19-10 and turned its functions over to thp Civil Aeronautics Board. The piloi.s always have felt that the CAB. which makes safety rule. 1 ;, oitjrht not to invpsii- S'aie accidents which might be duo 1o its own faulty regulations. Tli(? stpp.l strike has set automotive men to intensified study of a possible substitute for stpc! as the basic passenger car matoriai. But hhey agree it's a rna.tier for iliH far future. None is in sight now. Noon Coll — Stock Quotes {Courtesy Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fer»n«r & Beane) Alleg: Ludlum AllisChalmers Amer Cyan A T iitui T A r.neofida Cop AnciiT Preehard Br'.h Steel Ola nose 41 r \i 36'-* 72 -\ 14 Professional Engineers Petition For Chapter Here Relays Baytown> professional engineers have -petitioned the Texas Society of professional Engineer? to form a chapter in this area. W. D. Broyles. temporary chairman of the group, ssid Tuesday- Thirty Baytov-Ti men and 30 from Houston attended a TSPE meeting- Monday night at The Tower and heard Harry p. Cooper, an official of Do\v Chemical Co . speak on "A .Professions.! Look At Ihe Sn- jrineer in Industry." The petition, signed by 14 engineers, was presented J. B. Dannebaum. state president of T?PE. Monday night. The state board wi!i decide July 2S whether a Baytown chapter Is to be formed. Politics - VContmawi »om Tajre Onel most baJh'hooed sprinier since Southern Oal's 5fe! Patton. Jlorrows churning: !egf sjid ^rt"dtnsr stride produced a two- yard 303-m<ser -victory ovei- Sime in the NCAA finals, bigeesl upsei since David. Sime. trsJling- ny six feet, pulled up lame on the 2(X> meier »3 min- tites later and was lost for Olympic competition. Morrow vent on tr. grab the. headlines thai has spurned him. becoming- the firs' vkmblp sprint viNor in A.merica.n Oiympic trials since Jesse Owens in 1936. JCefrotiations were still in progress with the University of Texa-s and Baylor, both, of whom have been wooed by the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show p,.eis"vs on th= same date. Ajiother comp^cing meet is the West TexaK Relays a- Odessa., former recipient of all SWC teams. for volume, aluminum weighs one-third as much JLS steel. ZARUMIN »N STOCK! lor aeh«i and p«ins of ftrrhrifij, lumbago, bunitis, and b«ek ache. GERITOL TO imprev* tired blood R-D-X tv help Ton Reduce with A Fufl Stomnrh. EUGK'S PHARMACY 721 Earf 225 hU&HWAY Shack Wh«r», not only, the best quality food is J*rved, but where the quantity is the rnojt in town. Th* -rolurne we do «n»Wes ui> m brin.e .von quality phis quantity. A combination you oun't GAtL 9590 FOR TAK€ HOME ORDERS BROWN'S CHICKEN SHACK IS Avr. at Hi|fhtv»v E. (Continued From Tajre One) present absence from Washington. Haley charged, Daniel ••continues to build a record of failure as a spokesman for Texas in Washington.'' Across the state in deep South Texas, former governor W. i^ee O'Daniel blasted Daniel withoui mentioning his name. O'Daniei said "the lml« junior senator" couldn't be considered as a contender becayse he was a former member of the Veterans Land Board a.nd wa? being 1 run to hush up the veterans land scandals. O'Daniei campaigned Monday at Three Rivers, Pleasanton and Pearsa.ll. a. severly-hit drought region south, of San Antonio. He said he -A-ould put in motion a "gigantic water program" if he is elected governor and envisioned reservoirs in Texas ss larg^ as (he Great Lakes. The George Parr issue conan- ned to be a subject as hot as the weather. Parr's endorsement of Daniel— which was atiickiy repudiated by the junior sena.tor — brought another exchange between Daniel and Ralph Tarborougti. Daniel attacked Yarboroug-h with a charge that he "has been and continues to be the favored candidate of George Parr a.nd all other bosses with whom he has made deals." The exchange was prompted by Yarborou.sKs earlier charge that "Georpe Parr must be surprised that his bosom friend. Price Daniel ha.s spurned support of the 'Duke of Duval.' " Daniel spent P, busy day in southeast Texas !n the Por! Arthur. Orange. Beaumont and Port Neches areas while Ya v bor- ousTi -was in Dallas. Another gubernatorial candidate. Reuben Senierfitt. was busy shaVdnp hands in the Galvestr.n- Beaumont an>a. Daniel, in hi? radio address, said the "big- issue" in the governor's .race is whether Walter P.euther and CIO national labor organizers will "dominate Texas politics and The T*»vas ?own- men:." Dank-1 charged thai P.eiilher a few months ago 5?.ve ?. J7VKX) fund to the NAACP 10 help finance iawsuits against Southern slates which have sen-cj-ated schools. "Tnat is th<? samp Walter P.ou- ther who wan1.= to dominate Texas politic': and the Texas jrovern- ment." Daniel said. Schools -- Prior to tho board meeting-, another session of Baytown engineers '.vil; be called to enable additional charrer members to the chapter. Broyles said that nomination of officers is in process so that ihe officer? may DP seated at the official gran ling of the charter. Signing the petition were Gordon King-. T,. A. Sftamans, A. Fanestiel. A. ?. Bynum. B. A\". Burns. 1.. G. Machala. l^sroy Gardner. A. J. Busch .1r., John R. Hodson. W. A. JfcEIha.nnOn. J. A. Kappele. A. H. Howard, H. M. Johnson "nti Broyles. Professional eagnneers within the designated boundaries north of the ship channel and east of the San. -lacinto river, will be eligible for membership. Broyles said. Due* will be S25 a year and will afford membership in the national state and Baytown engineers' organization. Rain Hurts Action In RA League All but hvo o: Monday night's Royal Ambassador league games •«vere either rained out or forfeited, but the two that were plaved cause quit a jumble ;n the league standings. Intermediate action was com- pleiely rained out. ITI Junior action Crosby forfeited to Memorial. First Church Baytown upset Central. H-9. and \\~ooster upset Cedar Bayou. 10-2. -Vew Junior Less 1 .:? standing's are as follows: Team \>i- i, Crosby ,. 4 2 Central 3 3 1j>. Porte 3 3 Woost er , .3 3 Cedar .Bayou 2 3 Firs! Baytown 2 3 Memorial 2 4 Pension •• (Continnud From Pa^R Onei came a member of the Baytown Volunteer fire department in 1931. According io the rules of the Baytowa Pension board and the stale board, a volunteer fireman who reaches the age of 55 and ha.s served 20 yfars P..S a member of Ihe. Volunteer fire de'purtment. is <;iigribls to retire and to receive $25 a month from thepens ; o.-i fund. ?. portion of which is paid by the City of Bayiown and supplemented by the state. The judge ruled. Mayor Pr.iett said, in favor of the Baytown Pension board'.- contention that the swie board had no rigti!. 10 overrule 'he Bsyrown board in mailers of retirement. w<tn thoug-h the state board's records faii to show that a. member's dues had not boen paid. Dryer "nccamc eligible for rpurp- m™nt in 1?ol. but was unable to fibtain approval of his .-•etircmi>nt pay from the stAte board. Ho was i-epresented :n the lawsuit by the Bavtown ;aw firms of Little and City Attorney George Chandler I'spr-esente/l the Baytown Flr»m«>n'.s Pension board and the Cirv of B»y- lown. 16 3 s Chrysler Corp .............. 66 v < Cities Si>rv ................. 68'." Coltimh Gas ................. Ifi Creole Pet .................. SS S * Daw Oil em .................. SO 1 !* Do Pont Ohem ............ 2IO' a Dresser ..................... SB; Bftstman Kocln k ............. 91 '.•? El Paso '.Vat'l Gas .......... 52 Fail-child Elng; ...: ....... ... 14 'i »eeport Sulph . . ........... S.l % Ford ........................ 59 Gen Klectric ................ 61 % Gen Motors ................ 46 '.i Gnu Teloph ................. t3!s On Tire and Rub ........... 5*H Gillette Saf .................. 4S'.4 Goodyear Tire .............. 75 H Greyhound Bus .............. 14 *t Oulf Oil ................... 129M Guif Star, tltil .............. 3SH Houston Oil ................ •*'-< II L and I' Co .............. -tSVi Humble Oil ................. 11714 Imperial Oil ................ SS ? "i Cnfl Nickel .................. 99 : ,^ Int'l Harv .................. 38 '.-i Jones and l-aiigh ............ 47 '.s Libby McK ................. 15 "» I .iggelt and Myers .......... 67 S Loew> Tnc ................. 21 :l .< La Lam! .................... 42". 'Mack Trucks ................ 35'-.. Merrill I 3 etr ................ ISt-t Monsanlo .................... 43 4 x l\ T at Dairy Prod ............. 41 '5 Neu-p News ShJ p ............ 5S Ohio Oil .................... 40?s Olin-Math ................... 37 s s Stude-Packard .............. 7-\ Pacific Pet ................. . 19^ G-etty Oi! ................... S4 Pancoasta! Pet .............. 4 U, Panhandle P and R .......... 1S" S Penney'. 1 * Inc. ........... . . t . . 97**-.i Phillips Petr ................ 102 -^ Pure Oil ........ . ............ 45 ; -_. Sperry-Pvand ................ 26 '- Repub Steel ................. 48 1 ~ Royal Dutch ................ Ill Sapphire .................. 2 5, 16 Scars ........................ 32 H Shell . ....................... s-t Sinclair Oi! .................. SS 1 * Skeily Oil ................... 64 Socony-Vao .................. 99 ^ Sou Pacif ................... SO'-i Si Reg-is Paper .............. ."H "•'« Stan Oil Calif ............... 64 'i Stan Oil Ind ................ 60'* Stan Oil Ohio ............... 53 -Stan Oif ;V. ,1 ............... nH's Sun Oil ...................... 72 : 'i Sunray-Mid Cont ............ 25', Tennessee Gas .............. ."UVa Texas Co .................... 65 ?; Texas Gulf Prod ............ -14 1 -Tex Gulf Suiph ............ o3v, Tidewater Corp .............. 4] "-s Textron ..................... 22"? Texas .Eastern .............. 27 Union C and C .............. 128^ .Union Oil of Olif ............ 61. t". S. Steel .................. 59 iv United Airlines .............. 387i» I United Oarhon .............. 58 VVoodley Petr ................ 69 'i May X. O. Cotton .......... up '/ Alum Ltd ................... 143 So Prod ..................... 41 »i Atomk Dust Study Begun In California LOS A XO E L E S !!P— Dr. Zdenek Sekera. University of Cali- fronia meteorologist, will seek to o'fti.'rmine to what extent atomic dust fills the stratosphere after an B-bomb explosion. He will study the differences in the degree of polarisation of thi; daylight sky before and after recent H-bomb tests in the Pacific. Similar measurements hare been made following major volcanic eruptions. It was found that hufre clouds of volcanic dust drifted through the stratosphere around the world. The research will be doji>? under a contract with the Atomic Energy Commission and the Air Force. f-rpLYOKE. Mass. - up, - Riw. Batista. 16-year-old school ;?irl. wanted to help pay for the cancer operation which her father fncen". She wrote U> cilifiS throughout th? nation, requesting- telephone dircr- toris. More than 1,000 directories arrived at her home nrsd from them Rita compiled mailing lis^ which she sold >o various business firms. go", the money sh'' rir.-eded for Ihe .Surgoo'. GOP Urged To Recruit Labor Vote By RAVMUM) 1.AHR I'nitt'd Pross Staff Corrnitpondonl WASHINGTON iKP)—Georjre 1. Bloom, new Pennsylvania Republican chairman. Is urging pai-ty ccunly leadpT.s in his state to :re- cniit rank - and - file labor union members .into the party organizS- tion. His action is one example of quiet efforts reported in a number of two-party industrial suites to court the labor vote. The GOP moves have been o.n- uouraged by the party's national headquarters, which is understood to have two Reid men advising the state organizations how to ap- j.<eal to rank - and - file union members. Other political developments. The Democratic convention arrangements committee gathered in Chicag-o today to select a keynote speaker for Ihe Democratic convention. Among- those mentioned for the job were Govs. Frank Clement of Tennessee. Edmund Muski of Maine, George Trader of Pennsylvania and Robert B. Meyner of New Jersey: .Sens. Hubert Humphrey i Minn i. Paul Douglas tUli. John F. Kennedy iMsss) and Kob- eri Kerr f'Oklai. Kentucky Oov. A. B. Chandler snid S'mri«y lie behoves - A .dla.i Stevenson is "a bit weaker" as a vote-getter than he was four years npo while 'President 'Eisenhower is "just as strong." New York Mayor Robert Wagner told a news conference Sunday at Asheville. N.C.. that he is not actively seeking' the Democratic, vice presidential nomination but is available for it if offered. A United Press sm-vey showed today that Stevenson still is ahead o other Democratic contenders with 36S',2 indicated first - ballot convention votes. Sen. Esies Kefauver has 163 and Harriman 1ST. The number necessaiy for nomination is fiSS'i. Tn his efforl* to woo the labor vote. Bloom wrote Viis county chairmen to ask all members of county Republican committee whether they or any members of their families belong' to unions; He also wanted the committee members to report the names of GOP ur.ionisis in various precincts. He suggested thai these names could provide the nucleus for rank- and file labor committees in the counties. Most of labor's organized political activity has been thrown behind Democratic candidates. But Republicans have questioned whether union leaders could "deliver" a labor vote and have claimed evidence of a pickup in labor support for GOP candidates. Since many of the ranking: union leaders have been politically active for the Democrats, the" GOP has looked toward the rank-and- file. (Continued Krom Page On<") not. bf?n working- out The T,. A. Wilkip firm sold II free?,"rs 'OF/ 1 to the KchooSi for 12^ spice.''. A If5<! v.'»!l known W'arjd could h&ve been bought for siighily iess Per 'nm,, ,oi;t .Mrs. MtiSick ^ecommender! the Vv'ilkie product because it was a nior'.- standard brand. P.ouUr.e «-<j!iiprrieir- costing SS'uS .'rom Huey ?.nd Philip was author. i?,r;<;. This firm was the only bidder. J-^ive hw.d r-cf'n ^.f-kf'd {.(> a MO if AIR CONDITIONED DEMONSTRATOR FORD FAIRLANE A Beautiful C«r, Low Mileage «nd Loaded. You Can Make A Resl Buy On This On* W. P.HO.VK WE HAVE MOVED FROM 1U N. MAIN— ONI HOCK SOUTH TO NO. 6 N. MAIN SAM>; »•• THK STRKET MAUIKS PAWN SHOP KMAitO br th« U. S. Navy, this photo »bow.T iin an)i-.«nib- roctcft. 'arrow) emer^in^ from a Idsinchinji; device aboard th« d«»troy*r T.TRR Wilkinson at s«a off Boston. Kxplo-dftd by » proximity fi.i/»», tl>* rocltel. U bein^ tested for anti-siibmarin.* de- ten<st. jflwh ItOTa the rocket ifl diverted upward. (International} Little League In Crosby Racks Up Lopsided Games Crosby Little Leaguers may not go in much for fight scorns, but. they certainly do favor good pitching. This point was proved Monday nig-ht when the Baptists, with the one hit pitching of Jerry Marshall, look a 19-1 victory over the Methodifits. Hnd the Czech Mora- vians, with 'he no hit pitching- of Russel Sanson, whipped the Catholics 10 the tune of 7-0. Kenneth l.oxtak look the Methodist loss, l.ostak. one of the .leagues'* leading batters, also ofained. the Methodist only hit. Jimmy Dubcak was credited with the Catholic loss. Leading Baptist hitters were Ronnie .NeUson, with a triple, a. double, and two singles, and Jerry Marshall, with four singles. Karl 7iwahr hit a. homer and a triple for the Czech Moravians. OROSBV IJL STANDINGS Team W f, Baptists 6 o Czech Moravians 4 2 Catholics 2 i Methodists 0 6 Ike REL-- (Continued From Pajf? Ofiel the building: of a new auditorium attached to the present, building- and using the space presently occupied by the Huditoriurn for ad- cfitional classrooms. Thp board agreed also that Architect trammers should be on- titled to a larger fee if major rpmodeling: of nxisting: facilities are undertaken and that much of the structure be changed. Lammers' lease involved plan would havR cost over J.W.OOO ox- rluaivo of arehitei.'t foes and other expenses. The most Involved plan would cost in the neighborhood of $456.003. Rev. English in Dayton Revival The Rev. O, P. Tinglish. former pastor of Baptist Temple. Is jfiicst minister for a revival now in pro- gross in Gum Grove Baptist church near Dayton. Services will continue r-ach day at K p.m. through July IS, the Rev. ,'essif: H. Dunn, pastor, has an- :;ounc-f.'d. Barny Webber, member of Cedar •iayoii Baptist: church, is in charge ..; .songs. The public is invited to the sjerv- ;Of:S. Octopi ha.vf lh° ability to change color through the expansion and contraction of pigment spots in their skin. i Continued From Page One) keep m's hat in. the ring:?'' "I'm telling you precisely that,' 1 Knowland replied. "He and we are looking: forward to a. vigorous and active campaign under his leadership," Knowland added. Regardless of all discussion, Knowland said. "the. fact remains he's in Hie race." Knowland said 1he President told him "he felt he is in better shape titan he was when he made the announcement last Feb. 29" that he was jroing' to run for a second term. Knowland said Mr. Elsenhower feels he is JIISL continuing' his previous plans to run. Knowland said he had not Ooubt- ed that the President would run. Bui he added with H smile, "This clarines the atmosphere'." The announcement ended the new wave of speculation about the 'President's second term intentions which followed his .Tune 9 operation for an iniee-itinal obstruction. On Feb. 29 — five months after his Sept. 24 heart attack — Mr. Eisenhower told the nation that he intended to run 'or another term. The announcement carne. after months of speculation and doubt. After the President's recent illness, there again arose the- question whether Mr. Eisenhower would run. Almost from the beginning, however. Republicans were sure the President would stay in the race. The circumstance.* of today's announcement contrasted sharply with the manner in which, the President originally announced his second term intentions. His Feb. 29 announcement was made at a jam-packed White: House new? conference after weeks of uncertainty and suspense over his Intentions. That night, the President wont on radio and television to explain his decision to the nation. Today's announcement came almost casually. Knowland said Ihe word that the President is still a candidate came up about midway in his discussion of the current legislative program •.vith Knowland and other Republican loaders. The acttial confirmation. Knowland said, came during' a discussion of the administration's embattled foreign aid program. At this poini. Knowland said the President "made it very clear thai, he is goincf to make a vigorous fight" for the mutual security program, "during- the campaign." "He said he was going to take n very vigorous interest in this legislation during 1he campaign. His remarks made then left no doubt that, the President will be a candidate in November. Knowland in response to questions said that the President did not know that the Republican lenders were going 1o make the dramatic announcement to reporters. But he said he harl -told 'he President that: 1hey were g-oing to talk with newsmen about their rneelinsr with him here at Gettysburg College. Knowland swid the President's plans came up "naturally." Canada, with a population of some 15 million, consumes 25 per cent of all United States commercial exports. The H. S. buys about M per cent of all Canadian exports. TEXAS INSURANCE and INDUSTRIALS To Rp-iidc.nts of 'IVxas Only As Agents We Will Sell All or Any Part: 100 50 100 500 MX) ',n IW Texas Portland Omcnl .......... $ \M Wnlmur Textile ..... S.fiS IiiMirotrH-dic I.ifn ... R.tO in 1 I.ifn Insuriincc . 3.2f> Trinity Products iTexas Plastic ncvflnpni'-nt) 1.7ft International Life .. 17.00 SimtlnveM. .\rnrr I. if'" .ft."" Old Vationsil Life . . H.7S South Coaxt Life . ..S4.7R 230 CAI.lfO 250 Tftxiis Oi'lf Finance,. 75 Kirnl Continental 25 FoKl«i-\\>»t «% pfd.. KM) Amer. Invrntorfl l.ifr •150 TIMCO of Koscnherr ISO Plyrtinulh Life. ISfi American (tuar. I'nd. with bonus utock ... .90 20.00 •1.00 3..10 \Vf> also liHve lislinm of 200 Oentr»l Stale* Life. 20 l.ifc I ndir- writ«r» Inc., (A. B. Oil and Wilco) and many other*. \VK HAVK BIOS OX TUB K South Coast l.if.-.. S.TflO. CAUCO. . .$2.-(n. Tontincntal Bank A. Trust Co.. . .$19.r>0. i,in^ Electric, fnc.. . .$2.25, TJfc Underwriters, 'Inc. 'A. B. Oil and Wilco' . . .S.'ifi.DO, Republic Nat'! Life. . .$6-10.00, American Investors Ufr.'. .$3.50. WB IIAVT. TIIK P'ACTS: Current financial and statistical information available on all Texas life insurance stocks. Texas Insurance and industrials boiiKht. sold and quoted. List your fiiocks for best market. Kor additional information, write, wire: or phone ... INVISTMINT Phone Tf SUN SPOTS (Conlinued From Page One) love Birds POLICE LOCKEm up a couple about midnight Monday for fighting in Roseland Park. The woma.«> was still protesting- when the jail door sliuiimt-'d behind her: "It's all riffht. J tell you. Wf're in iove. We're ROing to bo married.' 1 Car Prowler MRS. ROSA Valei-o. 1209 Pin.', reported lo police that four hubcabs and t'ne radio antenna were stolen off her 1955 Oldsmobilc while it was parked on the parking: Int. ar. the Bay Theater. Program Delayed CROSBY SWIMMING program, which was scheduled to begin Monday. July IB. has been rescheduled and will not begin until August J3. Jaycees To Meet BAYTOWN JAYCEES will me or at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at The Tower and will have members of other clubs in this area ne guests. A special jruest will be ,F. E. Hightower, state .laycee president. Reunion Slated A POLK COUNTY annunal re-, union is scheduled for Saturday a,t the recreation hall in Camclen. Each family is to provide its own food with supper scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. Works On Thesis MISS OI/JA Miller, a teacher at Baytown junior high, is working on her master thesis and is seeking information o n Baytown. beginning about 1812 in the oil boom days. Anyone having old papers, letters, pictures or other data that Miss Miller could borrow please contact her by phoning 8569. Recovering l/MS HOPKINS, daughter of Mvs, M«arl Mead, is in IJHie-Duke hospital recuperating' from an appendectomy. A student, in ,RE)h high school for the past two years, she and Mr. snd Mrs. Mead have just recently moved t:o Rosenberg. Presskr Visits PAUb PRESSIJER of Houston, candidate for Position B in the State .Legislature, was a visitor at Baytown Lions Club's regular weekly meeting- at noon Tuesday. He also planned to conduct a handshaking tour and then attend a district Jaycce meeting" at the Tower Tuesday night, according- to his Baytown campaign manager, Robert Holsomback. Chandler In Austin GEORGE CHANDLER, city attorney, was in Austin Tuesday to represent Baytown in a court case concerning volunteer firemen's pension refund. C. C. ReiUi accompanied Chandler. LP C-C Meets THE LA PORTE Chain her of Commerce will meet at 9:30 a.m. a,t the county office building- in La Porte. Chamber presidR-nt R. A. Wright will preside. The first volunteer fire department in what is now the United States was founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1736 in Philndelphio. .'- Tuesday, July 10, 1056 " Absentee Voting Opens In July 28 Primary Election Kast Harris county residents who plan to be out of town for ;hp DemrxTfiiic prima'-y election .luiy 28 can now vote absentee at ihf TOiimy clerk's office in Hoito- ion. Deadline for voi.iiijj in absentia is .luiy 24, County Clerk W. D. Miller said Tuesday. Voting began .Monday and during' th* first day 92 "rialiotp were cast fit the court house in Houston. Vo:-(-i'.s apply in person at ilic cnuri house for their ballots. No hallois will be mailed unless thn voter i? out of ihe county now and will be through July 2S Miller said. Mexican Cotton Men Seek Tax Reduction MEXICO CITY, i UP >—Mexican cotton growers asked the government Monday to reduce taxes on thpir crops to protect them against a possible price drop resulting- from the sale of surplus TT.S. cotton. V 11 KREL 13AO ON YOUR DIAL TUESDAY AFTERNOON 4:0n -Comr-rover's Special A.'IS -HIliBMn in Sports .5:.^l -Conimut«r-s Special fi :0(l - News Panonima ti:0. r > -Portrai!" In Music 7:00—.you M.Tle The News V; 15-Portraits in MUKJC 7:30—Scrips or Our Times s :!)0- -N'pM TraJn S:3ii-.limmv Vtddler Show S.-4.''"-.Nl|th: "Train 9:r>r' Flvi! sinr Final li.i:nii.. Sinn off WEDNESDAY MORNING S:.''"> Nnvs & Wmiher Report fi-.OO ...Morntu' f ; "Keport 7:0')- News TnWoict 7.1.V—Cnspe' Tr.lilor 7 :^(>—Rev. Paul Stephen? R-.un-YOU Made The New: S::. t >-.-B,-irefoot. "'^y :o:0<>... Bnmrntin.f 1! :S5- -Stork K"pori 12:00 .. NPWS Al ^oon WEDNESDAY AFTERNOO' 12.15 -In The Public Jnteresl .12:30— 1 Mr.Hey 1 :00 -Pop Shop 2:(K1-- Flutter Tarty 2;30.--I>cnasc T>pjs'. 3:00~.;>rl, Hoi a:n! Biuc NOW •rum' \VF.l) 2 FEATURES 2 • TINGLING SUSPENSE! RANSOM! A .vr> NOW THRU WEDNESDAY THE EPIC STORY OF THI STRATO-FLYERS OF THE .~ -U.S. AIR FORCE! ON IHE THRESHOLD OFSPACE JOHN DEAN HOD1AK • JAGGER mtSENrtO IT 201k CEKTBItT-HX I in StEBEOPBOftir. SOUM' CAR'I'OO.V * SrOKTS 2 B!G FEATURES Todqy & Wednesday NOW SHOWING THRU WEDNESDAY FAMILY DAYS TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY YOI A,\n YOI'K KVniih: I.M.MKIHATK FAMILY AOMI.TTKO AFTKR NOON AM) KVf;X1N<;< TO SEE A * DOUBLE FEATURE * FOR ONLY ?0m CENTURY FOX ortsf n in H* iiftHlK tl 4.THACMI6H FlOFtlTy StjBtOP HONiC SOUND_• rtrtutH by CH<ttIS BUCKTT * iM) KKATl'KK +

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