The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 4, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1924
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

PAGK TWELVE. THE HUTCHTNSnyj N E W b byEDMtJNDSNfU V—THE DUU E MONKEY. Ciiriimm i -.'H ill' I" hed. rd himself mill jiiivtn'il. A ili'litK'' uii^ mill dc-i'i>iitling out- Ride, Inii llir fury of lli'> storm god v .is S|>*-nt PM'ppi. fnr m't-jislnniil flushes nl Ihe Iinirni'i'ii window nnil an In!' • r 1111111 • 111 lunilillng In tho fur <llKt;ini'i\ Tin' night nfr wns di-i'lili'illy cnnlrr. I!r reached down for (1m Mnnjii'l which Iny, flllllPll. lit 111* ll'I'l, illlll llllllL 'fl it over iilm. UP gl.-inred -it his w.'Keii. Tho rail 111 in flnpi rs pointed lo ten minutes lo lft-i). It iiri'iirrfil lo CorrlPiin, as he knocked the j'll- inn- Into n more conitnrtublr .<!i;ipo With lib fists, linn Oils w.'i.i I ho tlitret ninserutlvo nkht he had wokpit nl thin precl?r. nnuni'tit. He clasped Ms hiicn hnmls behind III" invin ilinl boi'ilorfil on the luit'rtcu- Ion;*: the collar raiding It In social stiit 11 H high itliuMt nil other dogs fiiiit pro".led tlin ••.stall 1 , oven tihovo llllani. Ilicblin'li I'litiw Hint While's ('hliicsn wife hinl brought from Hutilt-Kong; the name - I'anus — bo- lug a liuflj' niTHiiiidl uffnlr which served In ci'iin-'iil llic lionil of frl( mlsliip licitwwii Corrlgnn nnd Itseir: II. wan singularly unfortunate thut (lie ili-cp-l/ir/wled, sleep- destroying iiorfnriniiiiccs ot Ihe siilil I'anus Jiml iiltnoMf. succeeded in scvi ring tliat bond or friendship (iltOKi -fhcr. lint tonight Ihn dog bad remained hlli-nt—ami yet I'ni'riguii twul found himself wide awake ;<| tun llllllHtes lo two! '1 TKM, YOU THAT pOC'l.!., tSC, BI.SK l -'OJl IT." Aiul loosed thoughtfully ut tho ronf of white miiteriul from which ilits-i.-i'iiiIiMl llu 1 melinite curtains. On each of Hut previous occasions lie li.'id liliinifd the iloi;— that yi 'llusv ni"iiiln r or it nameless •nice that had followed lilm hnfrie more than n nionlh before and had »o <ni ;ralliil('il Itsolf vvlih (he pro- •Xirlftor of the Orntm-Puinh Kabnn ihnt ho litul |irt ><cnt>/il ii v. !th tvolli n lOllnr mill a n.mii'. 'Hi!' nnfninl liail noci'pH'il llfni MIUI au cntlius- XI) GO—TMSRE'S NOTII- •Mlllcl, the third nsslsiant, who ! arrived lit the little conning ! Rleamitr from Slngopore barely 15 ilftys «go mill occupied a TOO ™ in. l.'orrlKan'n Ininfialow, en that the sri'iit niuu itoulil keep «u eyo on lilm nml mold hliu in accordance j with Ills views, ilc-rlnrvd Ilia: F'anus I was a creature of tho highest in- I li'llipence nnil that he never bark| eil Mitliotu pood reason; but Mil- Melt—a ird-hcadi'd, freckled youth, i wna lmbiieil with an inordinate inuiiHiiiiuutiHiiiiiiHHiiiiiiniiiiiirfuiiiiiiiinimiiHiiiiiitiiiifiiiiiiifimimB Your grocer has it — the new Triscuit you have been waiting for. It is a real whole wheat cracker, not made of flour. It is the whole wheat cooked in steam, shredded and baked. The crisp, flavory shreds of whole wheat encourage thorough chewing — and the more you chew it the better it tastes. Full of nutriment and easy to digest. Delicious with butter or soft cheese. Tastes better when toasted in the oven to restore its crispness. At your grocer's Made by S THK SWRKDDKD WHEAT COMPANY I Slngum Fulls, N. V. S iiiiiiinniiiiiiiiuiimiiiiiiHiiMiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiininiiiHiiniiini amount nt youthful onthuslnsm and ronlij not truthfully ho imlil to have hnil nmpln nparo (Imn for nnlmnl study iHtrlnK his hrlef *>tny with Cnrrlgnii. t'nrrlg.'in worked like a horKe. and lie i>xpi 'i :teil Ills nHMlslnntH to • do Urn Mini". The red-lnSI'led one \ (uipcrinieiulenleii n roll rail of Ills 1 cnnlifH nl five-lhlrty eiieli innrnliiK; ! ate hie tu 'i '.iktasl iiuilor the ireiv I.I ia riMiiiit'' corner'I 'f the estate; re| turned to luni'li in tint vliinlly of * uuou", rented Ui> weuvy UUII'A ihir- I (nil Hie liiiili!-! hours of Ihe Tropic day ii ml ri '.-unieil his outdoor rlii'- li « fro mllireo 1111 dusk. Then followed a whisky at aundown, n hot bath, dinner, n tune on tho Rrimui- phone-and lied! A fortnight of tlil« Intensive tralnln.K had by no nie.'ins lurbed his youthful en- IIIIIKIHSIII . ('iirrifinn noted this— and »a> utitlsfleil. Alrenily he snv,' in bint the makings r>f n first class planter; bin he wasn't over-Inclined to ni'fi'pt lite opinion of (he yellow dor,. The rain eeiuwrt at« nlii'HIMly as it bad slarled, but sllll CorrlKUil felt no desire to jleep. Tim moon, emerglnR smlilenly from a cloud bank, threw its sickly rays in nt the window, bathing Hie room In a ghoully IlRltt. There came IL <iueer, scratching noise on Ihe woodwork outside and the animal on the veranda round Its video. It bPKnn with a low Rrowl, Inters persed with short, sharp liarUs, then bounded into the night, barking furiously. "Ob, Hell!" said Corrlgon. He parted the, curtains with one baud anil g/oped on tho tablo at the side ot the hed for clgnrcts and matches. As ho paused, nursinp Ihe flickering flame between bis fingers, something made him look up. He saw tho shutter swing wldft npriii—then bang to, as if propelled by an unseen hand! The match burned his fingers and he dropped the, glowing end clear ot the bed. Under tho window I'anus growled and snnrled In a paroxysm of canine fury; the scratching on tho outer wall had become more pronounced. C'orrlgan vaulted from the bed and crossed the room with bare feet. Ho pushed open and secured the Rlnitter, then leaned out ot the opening, peering In all directions. Tho dog ceased harking and came toward him. wagging Us tail. It placed one paw on a beam that supported lha structure and gazed toward the roof, wblulng softly. "What Is It, old son?" demanded Corrignn. As if in reply, the yellow dag, Its head In the itir, began running along the sldo of tho house, sniffing eagerly. "A dam rut!" declared the plant er and went back across the room for his slippers. Corrlgan's "cellar" was a window, less apartment which lay between Jllllett's room and his own. A sensation ot ncuto thirst reminded him of lis proximity. He. tightened the sarong nt his waist and opened the door. It was pitch dark within and the sea of bottles parked to- gp4her on the floor necessitated careful maneuvering. Placing one hand on the partition, ho stopped nnel groped for the neck ot a bottle. His fingers closed over a human hand—as warm and as large almost as his own. "The Devil." cinne n familiar voice from thB darkness, ".Not. at all, my lear Millet." returned t'orrlEim, recovering from his surprise, "Observe bow great minds think alike." "Oh, Lord." laughed the other, "Couldn't, think for the life of me, who It could be. The dog woke, me, y'lcnaw. Beer seemed to he indicated—and T pushed la here." "(let n light. We'll make an occasion ot |t—on the veranda." "It'll be pretty wet out there," said Millet, thrusting a bottle into each of the. side pockets of tho packet ho had slipped mi over his pyjamas, "There's a small river flowing under tho door of my bedroom nl the moment." He hacked until his heel kicked against a hurricane lamp, picked li. up and Ht it. Corvlgan replaced ope or two of tlie bottles that had tallen and picked his way gingerly to Millet's side. They passed out Into the living room and paused nt the doorway which led on to .the broad veranda. As Millet had predicted, it was wet ami clieerlcss outside. The canvas of ihn heavy Sandargan chairs wore black with moisture, Ihe cane krosf were enjptlly unusable. Thir Keen odor of damp earth bung everywhere. The assistant set the lamp in ihe ct-nii-r or the sitting room table ami pushed a chair toward Corrl- uaii. They sat down simultaneously and Mlllett opened one of the buttles. "Slii;|>." said Corrigan reflectively, "is one. of lliose things 1 can't iifford to loan. That. doK'U have ID go—there's nothing else fur it." "What d'j'iiu propose doing with | it!" THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4. 1924 THE OLD HOME TOWN AFTER FOUR HOURS QUEST/OM/^* TOWN* eLK ^5»^I r ^ BEAT OTET WALKER OUT//* THE R6C 6rtT vHESTAR-TED FOR HOME ' WHEN "I'll send It across to Fellowea. He can do with a dog." "It'll como back." Mlllett emptied his glass nnd sat hack la his chair with a sigh of contentment, "Then it'll have to be shot," declared Corrlgan with an air of conviction. "It'd be a pity. What Tra» It barking at tonight?" "A hlessed rati" Mlllett whistled. "Was that all? Did you sea !l?" Corrlgan grunted. "I didn't see the. damn thing—because It had already taken refuge la the ataps. There are tons ot 'em up there. Panus chased II tip the wall. When I looked out he was circling the house like a lunatic, looking at the root." Mlllett shook his head. "I 'anug Isn't a ratter." he 3c- clared obstinately. "He doesn't know ono from an elephant! Now tho little fox terrier the kmnl clerk's acquired Is different. He's dead Siuts on rats. I was down »t the store yesterday and he turned out three or lour. One ot them ran right under Panus' nose—and he wasn't tho least bit Interested. Have some mora fceer?" Corrlgan pushed forward hia glass. He didn't answer for a moment. He was trying to figure out what mysterious agency had caused tho shutter of his window to swing shut. "Dogs are peculiar creatures," pursued-Milett warming up to his subject. "Some have a hankering for rats, others go In extensively for birds: Mrs. White's Hltam tan- cies wild pig. I knew a dog once," "What's tho particular hobby favored by our yellow friend?" broke In Corrlgan suddenly. "Monkeys!" announced Xlillett solemnly. "You want to see him busy after we've had a good burn!" Ho bent down and tucked the ends of his pyjama trousers Into tile socks. "I suppose these blood-sucking Insets'I! get used to ma in time," he added. (To Be Continued.) WANTED! 15,000 SUFFERERS FROM DEAFNESS HEAD NOISES Or Nasal Catarrh I want the names of 15,0tX) people who arc j Buffering from c.irtarrlifll ucafnes?, dullness of j hearing of head noises. I have nn ofigiiul honiu ; treatment for ttir-» ilWtrew»ln|f rV-imlltloria wldrh I w«nt ynii tu , j try without cost or riipeuse. I "unbred Ir>r tunny JMM whh catArrli. deafm-iia nnd hi*art nn|F<-a. i-tnl many tUft^m U *R(- tuetiu. Iluii t»u Kurt'lntl opfra thmn nil of <t hMi Mini Ui R J»« : and Dutmn >pi«»liit nvirwi my b?artu£ nn<l 'topiH-U (tic tarrtlilo bead uolflM. 1 waul ; rmi to try this iplemlld trtainjcot entirely nl my own t___ _ - _ 15.000 TREATMENTS TO PPfTrf BE GIVEN THIS MONTH • •^fct. I im »o proud tit my trr»liBMit unrt %o fcnxloun to nely iiihrrsnuffrrinji wiiu dparnes«, heatl nt<i»-si or caten-h iltat I will havo pitrkRd unci ready ror ahlp- mrnt 15.not»dernotwiniti<Ki ti-eatmiinU irhich I will «lva »w»y in tbir next 50 day* abuoluUflr Trt*. I Si? 1 1° P ^X? J^** m 7 orlfilnai bnrat treatmunt WW (rtvn relief iron rtiarrhM dtalnoas. b««il DQbM ot nual «itarrU. TJio rwulla arn quick mui eotivinctiiE. ^ ou (cut tba dlfferenco ihs 0t»t day. Tiiij trr.iunent ccaw you noiWnf whauevcr. Kltn- pjj- wrlie »nd Mf chat you are aiifforlttR witft dcaf- OPM or tie»d uolnea or enUrrb X will cUtliy Hfirul th#3 frfe trMlmcuc It la the b#»t tn'AUo»?i« I bava e*vr found in over M yt&U dally pn*uc K a* eye. ear, ttuao and throat RpeclfcVmt. I -wanl twry unflcrt-r «1tli dCAfnew. rtutlofs* of bcarluc. head nolaea or eaurrb to try it free. Don't Neglect Deafness Catarrhal deatnewi, h€»4 notae* and catarVh »b«i oeslected irrartually »ruw rorae. AutborlUM flaim that !»o% of all A+itnrm is rautvd rrtmar* tty tiy csta/rij nt thn hrad and tt ir pn.iiui»*iti, tritn-r.1 italo thai evlArrh raiuu InrllecKtlno, rneumAtwm, cat.irrh of (to atooiacft an<J many other UUCMaea ruadltlooj. Try It Free I flo^'t mik ywi to Bfnii onit t»nni- tor thli trratruifiiL 1 scutl Ii. trtv vo yt»it t.foi,nid wllh- cul coal. I »m d,i!tuE thli 10 nulckly Inrrotlucr nir oriirrcal boina trraunctit to Clllttrpri uf r»tarrllAl tl'-alovsK. Iiwit nu\t?t or I 'lUarrh. I bnllavp I trrst Dnril CS^HI ol cli'Atnedi, hrad nolKm RUU murrh Uiau any phj-tlcwn In llir Unltid Hint**. I knoir this tr»intrnl In UjMtfwt 1 tuva ever U!T<1. Send ynur nnmp anil ndurres Uidav. Pim,' wliethor you have Oi-nrm-i" or ln-ad nuwea , or luit bAvo caiarrh. Tula notice may not an- Dear asa-la to wrttd mt at onr*% DR. W. O. COFFEE, Suite 282, St. James Hotel Bltlg., Davenport, Iowa ; Hi-Y Boys to Feed Grid Squad Tonight The Duhler high school uuartet will sing tonight lit the annual complimentary bannuet given by members of the HI-Y club for the football squad. There are 21! letter men this year which Is the largest number ever put out by the high school. -V good program has been pro- pared, Carroll Hostuller will preside ns loasimaster and will give n toast to the team. "Tige" llas- kard, caplnln of the squad, will, make tho response. Visiting Old Frfendt. 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Packed while hot by machinery, they are untouched by human hands and come to you with the freshness and cleanliness scaled in. But these canon prunes have another and even more important advantage. You know that you are getting Sunwtrt "Prunes when you buy them in packages. And Sunsweet Truna are the finest fruit from famous orchards, selected and packed under the direct supervision of the growers themselves. They are sweet and thin-skinned—not sour and tart. They are delicious, nourishing and healthful to an extent greatly in excess of other foods at a comparable price. Order a carton of Sumuttt Truna today. Prepare them as suggested below. Then serve for tomorrow's Dreakfast. A QUICK METHOD TO COOK BIEAKTAST PRUNES Wash Swsvnrr PRUNES, currr with bat voter and a &tr la t*sk nt bcuf. 'Brimg H tht boiling jbimt M thtiomt wattr in which thrj vtn ioaiij, re err and mk until prnnts an ttnJit, from thirty A ftrty -fin mJnutu. Ksidd Mgar un minnta before removing from HWr. y^iHow mt Hilapom to one cup of proma, womurod before Making, er cooking. If a thick lynp k deirtd, remuov prunes to lerrmg disk when tender, and boil liquid until it is of the desired consistency. little orange peel, teuton •one or stick dnteaonn mpnots tit faour far some uSa. PRUNES FOR. CONSTIPATION Prunes are namrc's own laxative. Other fruits and fruit juices Doctors everywhere are pointing out that the natural fruit juices, the fruit salts and particularly the bulk of prunes have a beneficial and natural effect on the bowels. "True* for'hrtak- fatf is a wonderful health rule. which lack the bulk and natural roughage of prunes will not serve the same purpose. Bacon, eggs and similar highly concentrated breakfast dishes need prunes to make bnlk in the digestive tract and aid cii ruination. SUNSWEET CALIFORNIA PRUNES CAUFOSMA PRUNE AND APRICOT GROWERS ASSOCIATE 1 1.252 GrouiCT-Memieri, San Jose. California ^ Gladyi Hawthorne, B, A Mu>. Bsc. Voice—Painting—Piano PHONE 3037 -J piscrs 1 /coughs' l I Ullrl R«ti«(l 4!>l .a«dii,«9ecrtvraw «»T aam' *uitl RKrmtlv. uie I'lSo** Throai andChal Solve a dozen chrlstmai problem! with the silt that only you can buy—your photograph. Mclnturff Studio F. M. JOHNSON Thompson Coal Co. Phone H'i'i Yards Cor. 6th and Lorraine PALMER DENTAL CO Popular Priced Oentif 2H N. Main Phone Z659 GAS FOR EXTRACTION Hutchinson

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