The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 27, 1948 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 27, 1948
Page 8
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Frederick County D. H. I. A. Record* fvpervfem: Unit, I; Betty trait H. Pti»ini D«aa; T-'nH III, ftalpk Florida Corrals Big Brahman Bulls With Big Joe Corn For Productive Results No. By ANDY ANDERSON High Herds Cows Breed Buffat i - RG Mixed RH Mixed RG RK RH 32.8 32 S 23 40 16 15 25 RGH 322 322321 Lb. · S3.7; Frank G. Remsberg Son 34 HH it Stine -t Bros. 25 RH Maurice S. Ahalt 15 G. E- Roderuck 27 L D. Ifert Sons 40 A. L. Dudley 12 Mrs. L*slie Brandenburg 5: Son 21 James E. Ferrell Thonxas Arnold B. E. Erickson Howard Quinn P. Lutz : Sons Walter B. Cob- P lentz Sons Wolford Wolfe Charles' Smith Wilmer House Kieffer Coblentz Son 21 RH Tyrconne! Farnis 33 RG 60-LB. FAT COWS Owner Breed James E. Ferrell RH J. Stine Bros. RH G. Edgar Roderuck GK F. G. Remsberg Son RH , Wilmer House GH Wilmer House RH F. G. Remsberg Son RH Frank G. Rems'g i: Son RH W. Paul Etzler RA G. Edgar Roderuck GH Maurice S. Ahalt RH Maurice L. Dade RH J. Hojner Remsberg RH F. G. Remsb'g . Son RK Morris A. Zentz RH W. J. Hahn 4c Son RA Ira D. Ifert Sons RH TF. G. Remsberg Son RH Kieffer Coblentz ; Son RH Tyrcormel Farms RG Irving Stiae Bros. RH Edward F. Holier RH W. Paul Etzler RA Paul A. Stockman RH G. Edgar Roderuck GH J. Wm. Howard RH G. Edgar Roderuck GH Russell Wachter GH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Irving Stine 3c Son§. RH ^ Russell Wachter GH Lc\vis Brown. RA Wolford Wolfe GG t. H. Remsberg GH Ira D. Ifert cfe Sons RH Irving Stine Bros. RH J. Homer Remsberg RH Ira D. Ifert Socs RH George C. Stauifer GK Bruce A. Ramsburg GH E. D. Peters RH Paul Lutz RH G. Edgar Roderuck RH f Ira D. Ifert Sons RH F. G. Remsb'g Son RH Bruce A. Ramsburg GH J. Homer Remsberg RH W. J. Hahn Son RA Irving Stine Bros. RH Lewis Brown RA Irving Stine Bros. RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH David Grossnickle RH J. Wm. Howard RH Irving Stine Bros. RH W. Coblentz Sons RH ¥ G. Edgar Roderuck RH F. Gi-Remsberg Son ~RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Kieffer Coblectz Soa RH Lewis Brown RA Maurice S. AhaU RH Tvrconnel Farms RG Paul Lutz RH David Grossnickle RH George C. Stauffer GH AP Xewsfeature* j Kissimmee. Fla.--Florida is bet- ' ·*9-2 j ting on leading the nation in beef ' 42.3 j cattle production one of these · RH 40.9 j days and has three big sees in RGH 40.9 1 its hand: A big jtunp in production; RH 38.9 {big Brahman bulls; and Big Joe. RA 38.S · The huge, humpbacked Brah! mass are great resisters o£ heat 38 2 i and disease, and Big Joe is a new ' 37 j: 36.6 35.C kind of corn w hich grows 150 to' 160 bushels an acre a year on' muck land of which this stale has Farm Youths Return From Overseas Tour Three Maryland farm youths have * new appreciation for this country after a rnouth-and-«-half trip to -England. France and the Channel Islands of Guernsey «** Jersey. . ffflCS They are James Moxley and Al- [ r {^. L and Wiliiara Curry of Queen Anne The New*.. Frederick. Mfl.. TiewUy. July 27. 1M* in the armed forces. He knew that the problem of dirty cgRs was. and slill is. causing big within the poultry RALPH W. BOYER New Washer Cleans 750 Eggs Per Hour A new etc washer, invented by Professor James M. Gwin. ol the economic - _ Poultry Department at the Um- , industry every"year. He" also "knew versityW MaryUnd. will clean I titai t h cre w ' as need for a small apt _ 2nd noor W!th prlvate entrance. from W»i to 50 eggs per hour and j aiM j convenient washer suited to | Annu«J income from apt ssoo. A new. Modero brick dwelling on Military Road. Close to entrance to Camp D«trick and near city bus. 5 rooms and bath first f oor. 3 rooms and bath handle the normal output of dirty j tnc needs of the moderate-sized ' privately built home and good invest- from a 2.000 bird poultry pou i trv fa rn i His answer to that . menL in about 20 minutes. It ' " at a time, but m weeks and is being put into corn- in Talbot county oa the Eastern Shore They composed the State 4-H Club dairy-judging team that j took second honors and first indi- ] actual use Ihe operator would be merc ial production. removing clean w|J1 and adding short PUBLIC SALE i vidual place in ; Vnrfc i lor*.. Royal Show at i secoods. Others may take up minutes. ..ashing is done by a motor'. The Moxley-Hill-Curry team. $e- , ^ r ; vto canvass belt which passes i lected for the England trip because j ^^^h it pan of electricaUy heat- PUBL1C SALE Conducted bv Null Null. Auctioneers 1 the undersigned \\ith »ell at 1O2 Eiehth »treet. Frederick. Md . on '· with 17 teams from En-land. Scot- merits formed by metal bars. As · land. Ulster. Eire. Australia and j tj, e shells rub against the bars-, i Wales. They piled up a total of | dirt particles are scraped oft" and | 1.401 points, just 20 points s.hort of j carried away. Washing action is J the championship. S so gentle that cracked an abundance. On top of this, the United States Department of Agriculture reported 678 000 beef cattle in Fior- ' ida in 1935 compared with 42.600.-; 000 in the entire United States BV this past January, Florida had 1.010.000 and the country had only 41.029.000. Figuring this out precentage- \vise, Florida had a liule more. than 1 l j percent of all beef in 1935 againit nearly 2*3 percent ROW. thus almost doubling \\ hile the. country was losing nearly 1.500.- · *"·? " 000. 8*-; Until a fev.- years ago. Florida's 81-2 Battle were mostly so scrubby they 81 -2. seemed hardly \vorth killing. They "9-3 j ate almost nothing except hard 78 2 J s\vamp grasses that contained ht- 77.4 | ji e or no nourishment. They might 77.2, hax'e been milk cows, but their 77.0 [ udders never developed larger including Texas 76.9 , than a man's fist. ^lo-ida' and the 76 3 ! A lot of these were probablv 75.8 harum-scarum descendants o f c o r n country wnere range-tea itoy A. mair ot me ^vergiaa^ z_x- ; era , ly _ n |he ^^ 75' . ome the Soaniards left behind cattle are sent to be fattened for penment Station. He developed ' on lbe i s i an d of Jersey. It seems j It turns on with the same switch - - - ' - . hat the bes . o£ the jerseys have i which starts the electric motor op- *t t houses on W. Pat. St, S Market St arid £ 2nd Street. Buildirg lots for dwellings or coc*- nsercial buildings, we'l located. RALPH W BOYER BOYER INSURANCE AGENCY Frederick Representative For Murray C Sohn No. 1 N Court St. Tele 2214 Ml'KRAY C. BOHN walnut itrrvcr. 2 square tables. * white chair* several other straight- back chsir*. 2 rocking chairs. 1 rocker w i t h foot rc*t. 1 floor lamp. I bureau. 1 l-Kal scr cream freerer. 1 pair of *cali". '^ babv i-arriaiwv 1 plav P*». _ . . .. . . .. . , _, ... j . i 1 hsh chair. I crib. ! child s desk ! Curry, however, made the high- be cleaned successfully, and '.he a .,j cns .!r i homc-tr^idr «md box. 2 \ est individual score, and as highest washed eggs do not lose their j man at the show received a special bloom. j award from Lord Halifax, president | Gwin stresses that the eggs are i of the Royal Show and former Am- , turne d on the short axis to cau*e a ! bassador to the United States. { minimum of internal disturbance. | The highlight of the trip for Hill , The machine is simple and com- · was the presentation by King | pact It may be placed on the . vied. ! child's blackboard. S hobb horso I B B gun. ! ba«inet. 1 stroller. lot of china. jjla.«\\are and cooking uteniU Attend liui a-e TERMS -- Cath n w AKisr M Etiler. Cierk. | George of participation medals for « grading table in the cellar to clean EXE trrOR'S PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE HEAL ESTATE !3-A 0-'v.'-. i rj tf- - e ro-ie. water at hou^e t- bjn s-! b^dgs under !!ic;a! rK)f fa.r r«-p2..- some timber ffoo'l r raduw L'T! t-'^de dairy. ha!! ha cri p a"d ^ j-rc^ tomatoes go \Mtli far.-.: ejr!\ sw.M.-.^on Owing :o SKC snl ^.okj.O'i ":.s p:oce has been reSucd for q^.^k sii^e To onl O. n t r Jr-'re* ;·- cH a^ 1 " ItURKAY C BOHS Real Eit.ntc Phcne Union Bnas-. lid . 3-J G. II. MERUbX SONS Th«« beam; has put procuctsor back of a big 72 71.4s the strain which will produce Florida's cattle raise-s have around 80 bushels an acre a sea- Later on, the cattle fex'er tick a year-round active growing sea-, son; and there are two growing 72.5 J when they explored the peninsula market. 72.1 [ back in the sixteenth century. But f been imported to this country by ' erating the canvass belt. breeders who want to cash«»n on The poultry professor set out to spare- SATURDAY. JULY 31. 19-S8. the hour of 11 30 o'clock a in. I I all that valuable real estate situnttd at the Northwest corner of North Market and \Vc»t Seventh Streets in said imptovccl with ' known Frederick City and a l.irsc three-story steam wuh lloorv crinert'. b-iser tr.i lot. SS3.V.-O S ro.»:i :n n!cr:s ! northern «c-tlor. it; 7 acre** ::npn\rd er:i d w e l l i n g ·! n\' Immediate v ^····M 71.0 , got into the state, creating a sc- 'son and they're beginning to take ' seasons for n iu Florida. There are i high milk cow prices here. [develop the washer as a _ ^ _ 70.9jriQUs setback to what little pro- increased advantage of it by plant- also 10.000 acres of muck planted! They found the Guernsey and ! time activity while he was serving . nu dc,-rn_ brick dwelling house, k 70.9 j duction there was. Whe.i this was ing improved grasses and legumes :o Big Joe now. and the outlook is | Ayrshire cattle superior, mostly, to j _ ' "^^ "Martnven"-t C and°"i* wm__ 70.5 j eradicated, with federal help in which increase productivity of the for 50.000 acres in a few years. , those on Maryland farms. This be- j NOTICES ' e«P'*d by the said Nannie Groff. and Immed po^-. 698* the 1930's. Florida was re^dy and land. So with improved cattle and new ; ea use ir.anv of the best cattle have j _ r ^-^__^_-_-_ ^ - - - ~-- j being a part of the same real estate GRA.SON M MERCER 68.91 able to begin improving cattle and The Brahman cattle have put means of fattening them at home. I bccn retained in the Guernsey and j ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE I """^'d? ,*£' Dav^ e cfrof?'an- lt N:inn?e Rcal Es!atr Lo:i "-* g7 7 I pastures. -their increased size and their heat- it's small wonder some Floridians · A\Tshire herd*. i This Is to sive notice thai the ut- . p^ ofr h(s sist er as joint tenan'ts ahc P j t h U n C^-i;:e BMa;. " There are two distinct cattle and-disease-resi=:aiice into about v.-ill bet you that in the not too- "MI!O Downey. State Boys' Club . ^5" ^L"-, 08 ^" 1 ^?-^!TM^ onnnix" ; said David GrofT havir.R predeceased ( - i-X d-'ciling :n ··!ia:e poss. n 7 room motives! of citj. S-i T'.D \\ it h 7 room vies: oi city. areas in the country--the open half of Florida's cattle, crossing distant future there range where the animals graze, with such as Herefords. Aberdeen- ! cows here ihari there 63.6 GS.G 68.3 63.4 67.7 68.9 66.5 C6.4' Joseph H. Blandford. chairman 65.9" of the Maryland PMA Committee, 65.1! today reminded farmers of the 65.1 i markets provided for their farm 65.01 products through the school lunch M j !o Downey. State Boys' Club . will be more '· i eac j er _ and Ralph Porterfield. ex- '. are in Texas. ' tension dairvnian. who returned I i. SONS Insurance- Phor.e 537 Court ol Fredem in Marrland letters of on th* estate of MARY B. BELL "is sister. Nannie GrofJ. by deed dated s . tcmbcr 30 j^B. and recorded in | ' Liber No. 360. folio 64. on'* of the . K. L. Added Market For Products Of Farm 65.4 _ 000 schools throughout the nation. 64.4, more than six million school child- 64.4 : ren were provided with nourishing 64.2 ' noon meals. The Federal Govern- 63-8 i ment contributed 70 million dollars ! Aside from the huge market i vided by ibe cash purchases participating schools, the pro; y at Oceanport. N*. J. = islands impressed the group. . . . . . . Stvmie finished fourth and obvi- I ''Most of the coxvs are tethered channels under .ne price support; ^^ pot himself ^ Bayard sharp's l in the fields. The herds are small, program. Ana cni-aren iTM 111 .Tide Kips won the Monmouth. In-i ranging "from four to eight cows, farm homes, of course, reap tne · s . ead of $19 _ 850 {irst moneVr he had | Thev usua ii y are milked in 'the healtn benefits .rom tne^pro- to seule for what |o him was a j fields _ -There are no elaborate i citv sc!ioo-s. i Daitrj. 51.500 as he emerged lame j dairv barns like we know here." products are ; f. om the mile and one quarter 1 OF SALE: Cash on day of : 19lh day . _ iiaket for ,. broaaened in another way. .00. broadened m anainer v.aj. -«"-:event. That left his all-time earn-' ,, ,,. Children acauire the habit of eat-ji n g s at S 911.335 and S88.665 short!,. - · r ^ - ing well balanced, varied mea! j or - becoming the first horse in his- ,* S!Z .f ol , ,, *l. *·_-.- ·« 63.8; t 63.5! the orogram-- a sum which u-as while they are young. And good ' tO ry to win one million dollars. by contributions by States - , h-b-'s learned in youth are Jaco bs said Stymie would be sent 63--* i and local sponsors. 63.2 Under tnc program operation. retained in later .years. , to Kentucky for breeding purposes 1 when the injury is healed. 622; 62.1 themselves soent the STYMIE KETtRtD : oT the^e ftmds in New York. July 26 ..^--Stymie POWDER PLANT BLAST 100 miles long and from 30 to 40 miles wide. meie j.uiiu^ i« -._.. . -- - ·£/-,,,, ,-i -\- T i nt- ,-n. » In addition, the · former S1.500 bargain counter plater , Kenvil. N. J. July 26 i^--A - became the leading money- smokeless powder dryer house of 61 4 i distributed to schools and institu- _,u.,.t ^ ^^- ·· -- car nDaigner for nis \viie. Airs. t.inei finfi! bought UDder the De P artment °f D Jacobs of Forest Hill, N. Y. said bu -°! Agriculture's program to support 6 0 2-farm markets. Potatoes, for ex- TM? ample, made up half of the total. · i Almost 15 hundred cars of spuds · 60 ~. were distributed in the Xcrtheast f 0 -* : --many of them grown in nearby F. G. Remsberg Son RH 60 0: · areas. LIVESTOCK SHOW The fourth annual Montgomery '"tional County Livestock Shov." will be leid at the nev.- agricultural cen- - :er in Gaithersburg on Saturday. , A.ugust 21. In the event of rain, iie shovr v.-ill be held on Monday, · August 23. - ! The board ot Directors has appointed the following cnalrmen in ', the open classes: Dairy cattle. | Harry Carter; s»vine. Charles Oursler; sheep. John Muneaster. Jr.; beef cattle. C. R. Hurt: draft horses, J. J. Hutton and James D. King. 4-H Club class chairmen are as ; follov.-s: Dairy- Charles Linthicum; j swine, George Lechlider: *heep. · Stanley Stabler: baby beef. J. M. i 3arnsley; poultry, llehrl Mayne. I Farmers, say PMA officials, benefit in several ways from the Na- School Lunch. Program. NEW LUMBER Sa-.vcd to order Also 2x4, 2x6, 2x8 Boards Odd Lots -i Price - FORD CAR Phone Frederick 723-M Farm Pumps Installed And Repaired Pipe Fitting CARTER L.REID Phone Braddock Hfts. 6271 E L E C T R I C A L W I R I N G Residential. Commercial and Indus trial FIXTURES OF ALL TYPES AND REPAIR WORK HARRY TINNEY 12 Hamilton Ave. Phone 16*1 AIR CONDITIONED CANDIES JOHNSTONS--LOWNEYS PAGE SHAW--APOLLO BRACKS BLUE RIDGE NEWS AGENCY 101 E. Patrick St.. Frederick. Md. HOME OWNERS · COMFORT · CONVENIENCE · FUEL SAVINGS YOU GET AtL 3 WHEN TOT? INSTALL C H A M B E R L I N COMBINATION ALUMINUM STORM SASH BLOWN ROCK AVOOL INSULATION METAL WEATHEKSTR1PPING PH. FRED. 1409 OR BRUNS. 3311 BETTER HOMES, Inc. Hagerstown, Md. 1 Johns-Nan ville ·IBLOWN" ROCK WOOL HOME I N S U L A T I O N Waller E. Sinn. Attorney. dJy 20.27-Aug 3.10.17 ADMTNISTKATRIX'S NOTICE Thi« Is to rive notice that the sub- riber h*» obtained from the Orphans- Court of Frederick County. In Mary- i REALTY, exclusive brokers. Taney! date. i town. Md. Ph 138-J. Taxes and water rent will be ad- j Justed to September 1. 1948. i Revenue stump* and costs of con- ) HARRY E. MOHLER veyanclnjf to be at the expense ol the : . land. Utter* of Administration on the estate of j JAMES K. CAREY ; late ot Baltimore County. Maryland. , deceased. All persons having claims ajainst the deceased are warned to ex- ! hiblt the: tame, irith the vouchers j thereof, tefmlly authenucated. to the i nurchiser - modern apartment houses. 2 apart' DAVID G EVERHART. JR . j ments each, priced to seJ!. Immediate Executor, i poss. Holden S. Telton. Attorney. Emmert R. Bowlus. Auctioneer. DAVID O. GRIFFIN 5 room modern house, steam heat, garage. N. Section, early poss. 2 brick and 6 frame 6-room modern houses. Kood locations. Priced to sell. In-.mcdiaie poss 2 4-room modern bungalows. Ira- mediate poss rn house, in Woods- hen houses, other : mereoi. »cg«wy »umc*i"*.«««-tM. »« «". j jt.wc.un.1 ii^^(_r\j-v.»v-E- mediate poss i subscriber, on or before the 30th day | lf you should lose the stone, of 9-room moderr Of J»nu»ry. 1949 next: they may oth- cours c you'd feel terrible--especially boro. 4 garages nen nouses osner erwii* by l«w b* excluded from all i , f it W a-in't insured. You may care | buildings about 3 acres land, low benefit of laid estate. Tho»e Indebted , a ] ot and yet be careless about your p ncec i. Early poss to the deceased are desired to make j j.; nR ^ ari d " other jewelry. You may . Green house propertv snd contents. of June. 1948. ImmedUt* payment. Glvan under my hand this 28th day RUTH S. CAREY. Administratrix. dJ« J9-Jy 6.13.20JZ7 ORDER NISI ON AtTDIT NO. 18442 EQUITY I IB th« Circuit Court for Frederick County. Sitting in Equity. July Term. 194B. In the matter ot the Auditor's Report filed the I9th day of July. 1948. Roy O. Yaffil and Horace F. Ashton riiiK^ *i»u uuii-i j*.^^-»j. ---- ---- rf j v»rcen nouae properi'. sna leave them in a washroom or ewe- ! o id established business, w ell located where That's when insurance pays. | Give us a ring today about our ring | ! insurance DAVID O. GRIFFIN j INSURANCE - i 27 N Court St. Phone 60O [ P. B. ROOP^ 188 acre Frederick county stock or dairv farm. 20 acres timber. 50 acres well" watered, pasture, balance good tillable- Innd. Some a little roily but Trustees named in Chattel Deed of l cnn be farmed with tractor. Good 8- Trust from H. W. Kaylor On Peti- . room brick house, electric and bath. tion. I electric water system, 'new 4-room ORDERED. That on the 4th day of j tenant house with electric, bank barn Aurust 1848 the Court will pro- i with 23 stanchions, modern for Balto. ceed to act upon the Report of the i Market. Stables and box stalls for 30 Auditor, filed as aforesaid in the i heifers and dry cows. Farm will take above cause, to Rnally ratify and con- i care of 40 mature cows and 20 hcif- ! firm the same, unless cause to the , ers. Dairy house, barn and other i contrary thereof be shown before said j buildings, on hard road ncnr uaion- i day provided » copy of this order j ville. Farm and dairy equipment. i be published in some newspaper pub- i $16,500 Ii«h»d in Frederick County, at least j P B ROOP seven davj prior to said day. i New Windsor. Md. _ Bated this « t h d a o u O . S . DEJ , BERT g Clerk of the Circuit Court for Frederick County. J W . Clinton McSherry. Solicitor. Tru« Copy-»-Test: in Frederick Immediate po«s HARRY E MOHLER Real Estate 113 East Third St. Phone 207* KEY CHEV. SALES. INC. IT WILL PAY YOU to insist on Genuine Chevrolet Parts whenever repairs are made on your Chevrolet car or truck. Genuine parts ahvays fit right and insure n-.asium performance. Vs use only genuine Chevrolet parts in our service dept. Let Key Care for Your Car! New look outsidei New outlook inside! imE AMLIXED JVEW ^TIIIKK \IvKK E ) how those sweeping panels of gleam- Ing glass cxirve clear around this unique new Studebaker! It's the flight-streamed new Studebaker Starlight Coupe -- the most refreshing change in car design in years! This dream car is available either as a Champion or a Commander model. It's just one headliner in a star-studded showing of revolutionary new Studcbakcr-- Champion and Commander sedans, coupes, convertibles -- a special extra-Iong-wheelbase Studebaker Land Cruiser. HILLSIDE MOTOR COMPANY 120 WEST PATRICK ST. PHOXE 293 .. F I R S T B Y F A R W I T H A P O S T W A R C A R ! /^~^\ Markell Ford Phone 2O2 Desirable Brunswick property, on gtcfs-C WACHTKR Cicrk , l^^^^L^^^ c^C-\ KEY CHEVROLET SALES, KC . QJ'-"--' pjctelj- modern, beautiful lawn Suit- 1 ~ ~ i able for two apartments. Priced to '. ' sell, terms if desired. Real Estate ORDER NISI ON SALES In Tht Orphans Court of Frederick County. Maryland ! Julv Term. 1948. I In the Matter of the Saie of the Rcal ! Estate of G. Nevin Reb«rt. i In the Matter of the Report of ·Sales. Tiled the-19Ui day of July, ! 1948. : ORDERED, bv the Orphans" Court of | : FredtrlcX: County, this 19th day of 26 w p a tri C k St. i Julv. 194B. that the sale of Real i ! Estate of G. Nevin Robert. )aJe of . Frederick Countv. deceased, this day j I reported to this Court by his Execu- i tor b« ratified and confirmed, unless , ' cause to the contrary be shown on or ( '· before the llth day of August. 1948. · · provided a copy of thin Order be pub- . ! lished in some newspaper published x St. Phone 70? ! Other listings in and out of city. DELBERT 5. NULL Auctioneer EMMERT R. BOWLUS j COUNTRY HOMES l Jefferson Slvd at Braddock Heights. j beautiful elevation ar.d valley view. 8 rooms, bath, lavatory large closet Insurance space, atuc. Jran-.c modern d%%*elling. new automatic oil neat system. 2 car Phone 1135 ' garage Dxvclhni; papered and paint, ed interior in past j ear Lot 30x200 -------- ft., also extra lot- Possession Septem- FOR »ALZ: 6 room, frame, s'.alc roof, modern ;. well constructed beautiful . , j in Frederick County for three sue- j awT , corner lot in residential section cesiive weeks prior to trie llth day of Brunswjc CORN BORER and JAPANESE BEETLE CONTROL JAMES W. Alppi AMP AUSTIN D. CANUCK TROliT Phone 232-.I rh3nc 384 " J Using small, specially equipped airplanes which spray at slower speeds to assure more efficient coverage at lower cost. Price *2.75 per acre of August. 1948. The Executors' Report states the ! Amount of Sale* to be Twenty-four ; J " SPENCER E STOP. J. WELTY FAHRNEY. I WILLIAM C. RODERICK. 1 Judges of the Orphans' Court. Philip Nevin Rebert. Executor. i Robert E Ciaop. Jr. j Attornej'. True Copy Test: f HARRY D. R.\DCLIFF. 1 Register of Wills i Frederick County. '\'d ! dJy 20.27-AUR3 10 i BOARD OF ZO.CING APPEALS ' Notice u hereby given by the Board j of Zoning Appeals that it will hold a ' , public hemrinic on j i j i MONDAY. AUGUST 9. 1348 ·ansvnck on thru street to Frcd- snd health is only reason Good purchase. estate be sure to consult HOWARD A. GROSS Realtor Phone 377 quire now for appointment fe-r inspection 1 Country borne on Route 240. seven mUcs south Frederick, all modern 12- room d-Aeiling. beauuful shrubberj. good outbuilcjigs. 3 acres of land. Possession to su:t. 12 rocm franc all modern, automatic heat in country home at , Woodsboro. good o^itbuildings. ail recently painted, excellent condition. House suited ior 2 family occupancy. . 9 acres of land v.-;:h rt»d frontage- I VALLEY STOCK FARM 146 acres ;n upper MiddJetovm Valley 31 crcs tn ::nc timber, balance _ in pasture and cultivation 9 room rn,-~t =;· F'-rf'frirk Br h°«sc. large bank bam on Baito. Court S^. F.cderick ^.^ !n . rket _ so 000 fo , c .. ick Sa3c Possession ia!c fa^! or Atsni 1st. 19-59- Other fine farms and co'-ntry properties, -iiy properties. ;ma:i couritry home Ir.quire a; th-S o.TM:ce. EM^rERT Ft DOV.'LCS Heal Estate--Insurance--Auctioneer 100 W Church St Frederick. Md. Pho-e S35 HAROLD U. FRUSHOUR Do not hesitate !o consult this of- iicc fn Fire. Automobile. Compensation or any other Insurance matters HAROLD 17. FRUSHOUR 26 West Patrick St. Phone 1135 rredenck, Md. PEOPLES FINANCE CO. Horace M. Alexa-.der -- R. L. Keily Phor.e SS5 or 2274-W Phone 2399 F. D. E. M. MILLER at 7-00 P M. in Loans can be obtained here by both men and women, single or Boird of AId» Room, third m a !l types of employment and all ' located. Poss floor. City Hall walks of life. Anyone past twenty( 6 ,,,, ,_ 0 ,j ' ~ * * ~ j 6 rm. mod ides! r-or-e. completely .remodeled, ha^d f l . separate entrance ' larKe rm. for commercial purposes. ' if desired, good location ' 5 rm mod buns.a:c-.v. 1 acre, nr. · Fred'k.. macad. rd Lovely vie?;-. 57^00. Mod. bur.saio-.v carace. city. Conv. 30 da;.s So.700 bu"CaIo-^v. double gar. , large lot, c'.ose Fred k. or. highway. on an cppea! kno'.vn CALENDAR NO. 195 ftled by Watkins Acres, Inc. for the purpose oX ,' In«tallmif 1.--10.0('fi gallon undT- | ground fuel oil tank for private I.EC ' At southeast corner of Carroll Park] way and Grove Blvd Ext. ! In a Residential Use "C" Area 45 ft Height BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS ,, dJy 24,26,27,28 , one with regular income and the , arsre · ab.l-.'y to make monthly, senii-month- ! S9 JQQ ;-,- TiaVrrients may receive a loan here. , . , . . -prrtPT ^? FTVAVCE CO 6 rm,. stone ou^-alow rr.-vf to mir»- I Pz.OPL.-S r»A^t.t CU. u . e w seeuoa . Pn ce reduced. ' U N p° h "?; cC f"-? St - 3-storv Color^a! aat. house. 4 apts. f, , /- x iKarages. ideal location 5 rm. apt. 1st (A home small loan Company) i f l ·p Ofs 60 davs s - !3 000 ! " ' " Si " vr»*u P rT?A\Tir» je « n v i w 3 9 acre fai ^' Sl ^s^'ay- »«· NOAH Iti. CKAMt/K oUiV i house, reasonably priced ~- ·-- · | IIS acre dairy :ar~. S: 400 monthJy CITY HOMES FOR SALE TM ilk =^ master house, a'.so tenan. hs . . . . ., all mod. oldc"! 30 ca po;s SIS 000 S.xr room moocrr, brick residence · c^^,^ ^ :oc \ a . d f ...j £cu.p can be i ^ ricea also purchased ST 000 46-acrc stock farm, eood ho^se and eicc. -.vatcr 2 trout 3 West Seventh Street for a -.u'.ck sale. Eight room brick dwelling, oil heat, outbuildings. bath West Third Street. Immediate streams. Crops included Pcss 30 Jajs. possession, owner changing residence. . Good · road " S6 .coo Modern residence, six rooms, oil , 3 story residence in business sec- heat, h a r d w o o d floors. Garage. | tion. Large front easily converted to [ Grounds landscaped with lovely j commercial front. 3 partly fiiiished | shrubbery and trees. Owner leaving apts on 2nd and 3rd fl. $15300. city tion. Early possession. Western sec- For further particulars, apply: NOAH E. CRAMER SON Realtors 114 N. Court St. Frederick, Md. : Other hornet, commercial prop, inc. I factory sites and iJcai farms. Suv pr Sel!--Consult us First FRANKLIN D MILLER EVELYN M. MILLER Real Estate--Insurance 5 N. Court St. Phone 831 .NFW SPA PERI IFWSPA.PFJ

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