The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 4, 1932 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1932
Page 4
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FODB THE DAILY NEWS, FREDEEICK, MD., SATURDAY. JUNE 4, 1932. AJC INDEPEXOENT XEWSPAPKB. p^sZls--ftf trt-'j aitertscco «*tc*t?i 6*3 ^ »; Tie Sfirs-Post eaiifils*. Ccert 6t«»t. : . TSS GKIAT SOtTTHERM oo. AXD THE INQUIRING REPORTER Asks th* five County Co-nrj crs a question. WILL ROGERS URGES SALES TAX TO CARE FOR THE UNEMPLOYED A BOOK SATURDAY CHAT^ TMu BEAT IT Bv Ketten : ! To the Jlir,'..- j'. ' Nt.' .- MEilEKER OF ASSOCIATE PHESS. -aTAHOcikies Press t* ocius:v«;r so ti« ssr t« 53»Sc»t!o= oJ *i: iis?»t£ie crrt-ue- w :t « =c: c?ir:c3 apc*2 ·131 the s Battier zeri cr eipreaeco cZ ~ .tcjic will s» pae.'iirrt «·;·;;«» rcs»«:: t» pret, t*s B m'jt Tlw Qarstian. In -*'J*at «ay co ycu t.'uni the v.-:ur.".y car. nsos*. succMcfui':*- m«t :t* expense budget f?r the corning fiscal y**r' Ttur An»wrr»: KOSCOE P. BROWN ' W have to to tav th^ people 'o co i' Trial Is A. H."rERR- "I -.hUii Mr E: ».-/*- an- AMON BURGEE: "I t:i;.-_-:. W- Mr. Browii'n »rj?-»'«r 15 u£Vr.t. Tee --;·.·."·.- BY BRUCE CATION 1'AIXTS "INSIDE" P1CTIKE OF LIFE IN WASU1NGTOX. THE GIRL ABOUT TOT?N : Ei-'.-ala'-ireate £?r.i~« a.: Kood Cil- · 1?-:* aui for public scr.wl servers of j io:h city and county *'i " .-·.·irsi* -··.·;::;·-«?::·. ^er.« o: tvc^-^. Tocay. ! .:jrr..-u* Diy it Hxi. - as ieaVarv-Ci cty j · · " ~" ' i JOHN W HOLTER '.·? rnale* on tins r^;.'.- i nta':'.e :rirc; a sct-tbers slat 1 ? ;u:;;;-d vi.tit a big tlavi hat. an cM- A ::'.att*-r '.'f ::v.? years liter tie w^~ -··nr-i of f.-r-i* day occupying til* p:rt-r-j. ar.i '.he cra'.ory riacl hvlpe W. GROVE: "A thirds hi-.e to b* taker, into cooi'.siw- -. a::d I think It is too KWS to ; ;-r;c o! -r^c'..;a'. exper- ; u? iris that is r.rar.y gor.e. .· all. And he never iiad the r.c'.i-;n that he owed her a or^, 'S^ret '.V.lliarr-i ' ar.c a myriad j grw.ei So-xer lov-.-rs at vhr o: th. t SATCSDAY. J'JSE 4, :33I. Luf s Stuff FEWER YOl'SC. CRIMINALS. encn ^tfnis -.-; ha'.e Jw-er. ip.le-d by a ··-: cities -.vculi not c.f::r ft -rcat:y ircn: '-·:'.: :··-'. '-:? these ar.-i tht-re 15 ::: evidence t h a i ' Go To It! t :· :...rr v ti befrrn- . Tli* Fr.»5t Of IVcviu. ..;/.::. the Feast of WerJa. -Ml! :: of Berth* ;'a novel. "Wife to Caesar." :ict only prewnts an aisorb- ,» -.». .- _«.--; -OTerS V.1-. th* early ,,, ,.,. .,, u^aser season. Ot.-er j taken to local cerce'^ by the L«r?:or.n2.irrs ar.d 'atortin Country :" po-u'atfii areas. r -ie pick. to haur.t v char. "0 yars "li -:i ----C c.ty* three j rcajor prisor.5 vc-re r.*er:y I* p*r c*~t. ; cf ;he tDia; r.urr.ber th» avcrae? ir. rccen: years has iwfri or.'.y 2ixu-. 3 ;:-rr cent. In 1583 tile pr.rcners u::cier 24 \ j-ears o-d corjrituted r*ar:y one-halj or ; the city's prison population, as com- · parerf vrith e.r. average of only 23 rxr cent. 'x trie last flve years i Twenty Years Ago Today In Frederick xx-al Ivms from the Oc'umns Of The News. J'lne 4. 19U' * Dr. Apptr To i:ve Addrrv». Dr -I ··:·:::. :'.. A;;,-:.-. ;:-·..5r.-.t w h - :: I)-. .V: -.vil. ix- ir. 193J yr.i.i-.:ai_:.-: ;l;i.--- -..f :h i A' ····-· ··-·"··'-i --·-· ····: I;: 1 .'- ?_'.---v-^'t:":: [ .1 lur;,·;·:::-. t i Dr : Hotel Yvrk'..:..'. ::c V . - : i C':-l- . C " · - · ; A: ;-:·· at Neither v.-as the youthful crimlriai i tminc-a-n in Phiiaielrhia a ccn'ur;.' s Of til; SOI ma'.e prisoners ir. the c.ty'j largeft prios irs 1824. 73 were nnirr 21 ' Tea^s old. ~I3 b-tween the ages of 21 I and 30. and the remaining 209 ovrr 30. ' Records of the crimes of the pans? · p' hoc-alums and gunmen, which rvam- ! ei American cities 50 years ago until | ;REV. rp. s PAKICES c ADM AN. Y.. d--::'.--red thr nd- r:r-:-..^ '~ 'he ?tra:t':at'*? at the nineteenth aiiiiiiil cornrnencenwrit of the Woman's Collesc. Thr speiker. -Aho ·a-aj !i-.trrit:c«t Jy Dr. Joteph H. T-,t..-^ , - ..^.. . - " --*.-.-!· ..-. «^, ----,.s » -· -- ..^.....t.. *. .V* .....1 V..'-.^.I-J ....-.· .5_!..c ... Brarfioci Height-* 1 , dincers are enth'i?- ! « t v r y ;; t. ^nc kr»w s now to v-r.te o , ; d ^ ora .. on , .e orches . j a r«,-ve.. i-.-r sun-plot--uu- love arfa.r ._. ,.,^ ,, H ,-,,,, ... s . J .,, : _ e r ! !*---.w:i Leda Eioup.t and Garry dune. i,", g v,.«;" ~ "" "~ ' ' whcee toj-rtaid ccxie of honor robbed --»····· ^ ^ j hi.-r. and ; peopl- cf happiness- Bu . .,, oor _,^ er .^re ^ nous ^tters. | :s ::anc:.:i -A'tth ski;; and understanding. .,,. r , C-.T-"«-T----; i-p x -^-'-^- : And n:,unt Marvel, pompous, wr!!- - ^:':"i.fh^ o: :^i^rn^t £££' SIDE GLANCES n:.^:-:;: g and stup:c. is a ciiaracter ^.^ ?r ._,bierns fa:ins any rre-icrlok ! · ' " ''" v *^n .orget. ..-ountv sfou:, in enCc-ivorm; to reduce ; "\V:fe t-j C.seiar," in short, is very ··.v^j'-v'-.-'e'·-.---* '.V' br -i $5 3W 000 i much v-rtn readin? U -5 published re duction"in the taxable oisis this year. | by B- :\tr. Warren i: patnarn. Inc. . seduction of ;alixr;«. bo'.h school teach- j ers and county ciTieors and assiitar.t^, i is bo-n^ .^u?t;e5tt:d by ri-pre3niat:ve cit- Ajrnl Helt! I'p And Itcbbed Of S50. liens, but only provitkr.ce l-mv'.vs ho'.v ' · L-.rrv-- Ferry. W. Va , Jur.e «.--L. '-he matter wil! end! I O. Br-.dl.-;.. Metropolitan Ufe Initu- i rf * s | ance atrent v-as h«:r: up and robbed c-r: Staunchly advooatinj -.v-v-ld peace, i $.1-0 ^:: tii..- Man-land : ::ie of the P.T: former Con;ro J -sv.-ont3.n Rankin o: Men- j F«-rry \V-c: : . M:UV :!i^h:. When a :ua: ; Thursday, prea^r.ins the netv an! con- ; ] e v George Clark i-^"^-- *- -· ears as ° - oc:2y - , . ° i Rev. C-*or!es Ste!z.e. noted X?w York "^ -T.ill.ons of lives lost, in vain An;--lt-c. C.-.::! r:t--! J.;lv "2 fj -3- a; "··- 1 - -^ !r - Braiiley Uvjught, it, wai · m~. ance and itoprx-d. The ntan struck ' Curnbcrlaitd and P.o?l-tvllle hols at ten- | L'.-itv; ".f E.-lii-ca::·:;.' r).p!."n'.a-'i 'Aere them Misses GeorsLi S Gittingrr. Mary R. Witter. Jart-e H. Quyrir.. n outraged society forced the police ! jt.;.;^,^ i. DeLashaiuK and Mar;.' Eltrjibeth Wrrmar;. all of Frfder:ck; Eir.nta M. Ku-.e. Lander; Lucy \Vi!- hidf. Mlddle'-own. and Antoinette. J:t::e Staley. Kr.-xvii. A-'jociat.o:: ·_' t.j vrov:- a:: cx.-.-.a::;? h.n; on tho hra c: k:v.-kir.ff him : -^- :o:a"--y: city fathers at tneir m?-t- ; fo'ir.ri Mr. to break, them up, n*aie it clear that -: tie beartiiess criminal -a-as no curiosity in those "pood" c;d dayr. Why iias modernity been castigating ! Another "Big Shot*' Faces Indictment itself for the "sharp rise in crime by j COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES OF jouth"" Kius the public been rnisin- i '--" VUitstinn A'v^crr.y -Km- besrur. formed bv uninformed alanr.istjs a n d : sensationalists' Or have exasperation: and hyperbole a corrective value* i A ,., 0 . ;c Any man Tha makes the !est tilings gets them. Human nature nerer chanscs. but it often short-cha-ge^. j Mti5es Mary T. tp.y.1er nr.d Mary i S'arr in the first senior rlais. ;md , · Misses Mary KaiM, Rrbcccn Staley. i Helen McA\T. Amelia Sivaee. Made- i | iin^ Carr. Florence Ochmann. and j Dorothy Wilson of th- second "'^r.ics- r':ajss. The vtsHinK alurr.nae ··.'·: re entertained at .1 card party. | EXHIBITION DRILLS WERE AN IM- i PORTANT part of the ciass day ex- . [ ercises of the Boys" High SchoX. The ! I maneuvers by both Company A . i Jesse t~ C. SsinUay, capttim. and I ! Company B. Edward P. Thomas, rap- tsin. reci?.vf-.l much app'aiif?. Ci-iss j day debaters were James D. Kinc. I Walfr r. finn. Paul R. Koltz and ; Ne-A'ell E- Dxivall. Gonr^e W. Myerx Imagine a brcadiralk :(l feet Tier, i preEid.-r: r.:-d Ftoscoe B. Rhoads cave spa-re oet-.-e--n the f?.rth and the nvcv?n. AMONG THE GRADUATES OF THE Woman's Co;;.*i;e v-ns Miss Csrrv Thii f;:ll visual^e simply the :tjl fn 1930. a year of iepro-.-i^n and f l a c i demand. IT. S. Forest Products LaD-rrato--.' ?' Ma-disos. W^?. Fascism -,;r.r.o: '~ Jar-a-'f ?alviti-,--n. The -- a-onty of the ?-"r'.-;. -.v.-.-.l-- they «i M.u-v.ncif. r^ . a jiro- ".vica'.i^n ^:'.(? I'..u1 pitched before lars^ rr:'-\vris. earnir.e SoO in on? came be- for^ T 0 000 p-:-r?^n.^ :it WtHiarfj-p-cTt, Fs She i1^e:d-;i to ribandon ^:use- c'..v "" ' er Senator Jacob Ror.rbicl-c \vill deli'.cr | the conimencemvitt address at Mt. St. ! i Mary's Col'ece; former Judge Worth- ! | tn?ton and Mr. Ernest Ke'.fer.JtC'n are j ! bem- c^mrnendec heartily upon their j i ne?. - books of rr.?.riei local int*;reit: i : rural letter carriers and the auxiliary | ' organisation hell a meet: sen'ic; clubs j ' and business men continued activities ! : a., usual: and. ir.c'.eec. the ~eek -vas ; about as "satisfactory" as m^t.'-t be ex- | iet. "The Prince of Wales has fallc-n · iror.i h j horse'." ,' Gcoci '.vishes to the graduates of every i a ::·:·' '· --MARV ESTHER. j HEALTH 1 By DR. MORRIS FISH3EIN. idltor. Jaarr.a: O: A^-.crlcan Mci'.ca: As- . j sociologist, bom there. 63 years ago today. Dr. George vV. McCoy, noted sanitarian. Director of the Nations! Institute of i^alih. bom in Cumberland Valley. Pa.. 55 years ago tcosy Dino Granci. Italy's Minister of Foreign Affairs, born 37 years ago today. -MENU Si BV MS. ALEXAXDEK GEORGE STVPFED PORK STEAS1 The Dinner Menu. Holied ?ori S:«a'iS Baieci Potatoes Bread H?ad Le-tture Butter French CoSee Rolled Pork Steaks. Serving 6 3 pound pori ; i ieaspoori steals . 4 taol-esrjoons Sour 3 -ablespooas fat, 1 teaspoon salt : ~ cup water Have Eteais cut 1-3 inch thick. Score -Kith knife to break tendons. (To score means to make little cuts across both sides o? the meat.) .Aid staffing and roll up steaks. Tie in place witii Traite cord. Sprinkle ·Kith salt and paprika and roll la Sour. Heat fat- in baking p*n. Add and brown s:«ais. Add -srat- er and lid. Bake 1 hour in moderate I oven. Remove from pan and cut oST strips;. Serve hot. soc:%t:or. ar.d o: K:.'5e:i. "\Ve don"; i;:-..,.. v.;-.. i to do. Vt'e want to get a divorce now, but the lease j on our apartment d^e^n't expire until November." Teeth Suffer From Diet. Conditions of diet ^r.el nutrition vary IN NEW YORK : A.t-er going out -sith a tent sho'sr. May! or Lightner organineti nis O'sm troupe '· ^ , and set forth. He trottped with and! = ff-^P»" sa-- ; 2 cups bread i crumbs ter, melted Stuffing. 1 tablespoon chopped persley J tablespoon MAYOR SCHEU. ANNOUNCED THA *r.e iT;:tr.A::'.'- *~*~ q;;:»:t r'l^or'-'ancc of the Fourth ··"·. July '^ould be strictly {.:;:.--rccd. Tiie f.rc'.v ?: 1-^. snd :tne-:vrms wi.htn ; raria! customs ?.nc: fx-d habit.'. r-tvtn. Advantage '.vn; Mkrr. of this oppor- i?^"^ ..- s-'i tur.ity for a rontrTirtj"ive ^tudv of t mr-rr.or.t is ·--~"- --·'··- j · rvT.-tir; s. va"ci'"v""' ··*· ·7.-~ : .-'n Har~v And he's secretary of that rare or-i n mav ti^' -a'----- '-=· b-i-rs 7 ~o- : sanization. "the Amalgamated Order of . au'-'e-."'" ·^- -3 3-^2.' : -v2v Defunct City Fathers." started by Win; t · "-.-c-rt-.:;'. revenue -v D7?; --lar-'.-.n. E. Jon??. Nils P. Lar- it ""·.-il'" b"'---n; he-a-'o 'Vomct^---'o* a : "^2-^ after his poUtica! career as may-i * ; -.. ·- .-- ^--i;"m^"- ^"n and G^^rc-? P. Pi':*oh3rd. wh^v m.^dc ^ , ,..-.,.,-;.-,, ^7 -, ,-.- ... : .-^ .-_^- rt ; v, or of Bevcrley HiH5. Csl. j ·*" -- j, ~ : And the gar that- Is beirjs: repeated ! Sauce For Asparagus 3 table-sp-wris "-Z rup aspara- butter ji-s stock oons ~~ teaspoon salt -i teaspoon -tili r^ayriia Wore ?ft«r. rr.istisert Dt not say. "Ths that Spain sent out in the 17th cent- · fg-j* po-i= are r.--t. ir. a stratsht line." tiry to the New TVo-lA bom. Died i n ' " " ' " Peru. S^ptsmber 22. 1705. ; O ;tcn rniipron^;-:ei: Matron. Pro- Francois Qtresnay. famous French '· -/ur.~? rr.2-"rttr.. a .'.j in mav. u as i? political economist sric physician, ' r jn tin-trover:. br-rn. Disc December 15. 1774. , Ott-rr. mtso-t'llcit 3u:rar.eer; dooblt 44 -- Jereny Belkiiap. noted Bostor. | c o-c d:-ub!e -:. Con~e~aticnal clergyman sr.d hii: s~:;rvm_;: D'tjkv. s7,-arthy. "-a.'ST.y. tcnan. "s?m in Boston. Died there.- \V:rc studv; · u.^-? 3 ~rd three times J::ne 20. 17S8. ? _-~ -_- ~ -. ot;r.= " If-' ·;= ir.^re3=e our ^C-- Robert ·"·Bob'"' Fitzsirnm-ns. fa- ; Torabularv'bv mastrrir.; one -.-ore each motis pugilis--hero of 350 f.cltt.-. br-rn cay. T?2-'s" ~--~ : I"i-tryt ae-reivtns: in Snrlan.-:. Died in Chicago. Oc- , taila-;--;: unresl. "He found that the t;ber 22. i9ii. ; ;".iir;ri --hi-rh 5-:--ntrd real ~ere onlr n " sdd fiour ' Aac ffii and st - ;i a " a co °- un: " creaa ^ s 3 "112 ·.; children and f-~t:nd dersy of the tee'.li ; J " ^^m^* of thorn of .^Tvoi.^i! tw 1 ."* of through iheBrtadTrar belt is that Paul ; Add seasoning ana asp Enlish Today's Anniversaries. Portccarrero. most Spanish America ·,-v-- , V - - ~ - ^ - » · - - --.-»,, _ , . _ _ "w u-v. -O... . f c i ..-"'. -- ... O- -T.. . . a ".ri"e .:cr=.ry sr.a A ~r^: r e a e r ; Flapper Fanm Says --- Today's Horoscope. MNMEXfCO.. PAPFHS USED BY r O p V f K fctF;Tet 6V' IN br-er. tx*?trx."ecl quick tempered and prc »";;y sccreuve. : aniv-.-th a ~ - ancenr.g tendency. Those Bible Thought . _ " ? "- r ~ - - ^ ~ cst -"" '- :?:r ar J c-^..auor_'. '':- -^.·--''.-.- " th°"iun"is'tr-en ^."of "he "-^av^ ir.'~ re rc-ntpf r.-- -;-:-.r --:-y -;p;n incir v^rn :r r - - t t H-:;.' :.-. much c-pmris on the aspects of tie! ^f 3 -^- "-" : - : - L/: - c - God.--Ezesjfil . . ^ - ~ -- r , - - - - ~ - . «... _ . - . . . ~.. .._ _ Today In Hi54dry. "-- -·-.' '. _ " . . " . " . ._. _,..-..-..... A - .._- -.-._ ^.., rnr _.... r .__....-..,,,,; ---,-.-,. $".f:··-:.n--. L . ' s ~- : ---Ben;2~i_t ·o SIOO.000.000. ' · ·- 'hr--:.'. l-.e risii 19"S--Louis D. BranrJeis. f.rst «Ts»' .r.-T. ".-··-^ Itt-- re- £prrtr.t^Q ft t.hc United States Su- .·'.'.- '.:;· -it'-t ?. cup rc?rr.s Court, took his seat as a tr.em- -:"-27--Charr.berlut ar.d Le-.-ine's a_r * flijtht. in the "Columbia." to Europe. o t C kler Chorus girl is '_icly to te kicking. ' PHANK HI?F.NHA"Et? A'-r 1_ E j fish^ig in tse Potomac -ver. : O.''..-oi. ".To c:ty ·! Today's Birthdays. .-.-.= ,-:-·-- fr. r.-_?.jv? to Unite- States Senator Tl-^ntas D ".-,.;·. 1 .::itn-:r. off for ; City. Ntich.. 55 years ago today. i.-.-; I T-.V-- tr.y OV.T. firs." ' Willistrt R. OK--e. of Frefville. N .':.:.-. ·!.·;·, s j:.?n-* ?-'. t l t e . V . ;^',;nr::r of TJne Gccrfte Junior Ke- ···; :-.-':v.-::ir.-; H-" 1 .- been ' public*, born at- West Dryden. N .".. ·· Pt-of. O. G-.-ver. R.·".:-..- C-l- you-..-, ir-c-v. ~ the i.-.ov sus^ess. t lege, Fia... professor o£ boois, borii a , Assires *-~ oe four.;: os jag*.

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