The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 12, 1948 · Page 10
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 10

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 10
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«Ij«w«y«/-^ r 'X.;'.··;. ^'i.«-,;.- The Daily Hejiisk-r, *0o a we«V. b y c a r r l c r · ··I ' The Daily SaUne Couaty Register.) Published evenings except Sun- diyiMdholidays at 35 South Vine ttrWt narrfsburg, Illinois, by BEGISTERPUBLISII1NG CO. r of Harrisburg, MBS. ROY L. SERIGHT, , President. CURTIS G. SMALL, Editor and Manager. Subscription luiies »j ^-"'r TSSfJf 3f S 85 00'per year in advance; $1.50 2 m » F O I I W f J A K l O M DREW Friendship throughout PEARSON Says: fever s p r e a d s United States; tiirous""" 1 v..---.- American- people deeply con- corned about welfare of fellowmen- Good-will ambassadors go to Europe. loaded with food. , Out in Detroit the other da!f ueS Belianl of the French, en - van for France. SuddenlN nc vnn lor * riinvv. ^MV»-----. wZsmNGTON. - V V ^ n t h e S o y ^ h ^ e c ^ f ^ K ^ -first' Friendship Tram finished ._, T» 4 . ,.^ nn lhc othc r end -This is Henry Koru speuM»s, *·" --:-- o n ;,i the voice on the other end country. Henry ^id t Jit \oi ^ Henry p ord ,,--.,-, rt i ri 1 **/MI_ *·»*. viiv- *·*··»· 11 ,,....«» TTrtwi ass ·f.'r.3 j-'.-.v : i:*:U :;*,·.;.·.,· Vv «:»··;.»·. -'I-.' ".- NOTICE Tn nil contractors ami u. «,M«a"ii'hiay concern: i i v ·*·*) -it Harrtsluirjj. 111., raise wjigi 1 iS for'i'h^tercrs and Cement Withers to $2.25 ncr hnur: Plasterer Foreman $2.50 Perhour: Ccmcnl finishTM Foreman $2.50 per hour. - K l l c d i v e March liith. 1!).IS. CHAKLES D. BA1WETT. President. HOW A K I) .IONICS. Hec. Sec. i '« · ';*·-;· jwwW m*: tf v ^ !fcx ' \t . i . _ s; 75 Different My rea 1 · be done. In the first job seemed too ond. I u ' ll/- Beliard went. He reported to , his government later and -he has neve!- seen a group where enthusiasm' was sc contagious. FRIENDSHIP SEEDS =w sSr-sftS^lJss-JS rl . - , ,. - r r : TM « V . ^ / l ! - _ »«,.«,,,.* nf I n R CAKE* pro- seed _ f fam- Iheir own j seed-growers ·· ·-·. m * K, a and that * For A Leap Year Valentine ,: · - , ' '":···:;· ···? v 'V::.;:*}v« i: \ ;' '·'·· !;·,:'";:.-.·' ·vSy::W:?*;;- : -\ ' . '.., ·'. ·: .,-:^ 1 iin 1 ^f"S\ f .' ·, . .···:.··:,-y;'·'·*-· ··',-..··- i\ ;.;;^; i .v^s3^^ v .j'js ?8B»». ,;''; -'S^;^X^Ml X*^*»w, ;·, f- ·«. · . .j.s . . .. «-,//.-:* / ' · ' · ^/"' s ' : ^ ' C^x^'^^ Vc^X';;;M; :: ':;.V WZ^ · 1 -^.. 1 ^ ^^o ^ x v leave T O D » Y ' * it is appropriate and fu Ung . f TOD-'-V. thda of the great ;» i and Max ' Schwartz j working on the plan of j the. slogan "Fill; ,$F^ ,· » 3 %$$' ^^fV-i ·-··-·' -^Trnii T O D » Y ' * it is a p p r o p r a e . nfe. te. so BIBLE READING I- OR TOD-'-V. the birthday of the great ;» * hi ith friendship .' Feb 12. The Teaching Spirit. E n d p a t o r to review the at; £ lv Qn the west coa st tnere .Sn » i T .s · b m--. __ For United Brothers · BY J\MES TIIRASHEK j o i which they who * tl.» t;iJ'. m . Call£orni a, the states . m a n hip. ! 4fflSi|New ArfSicifll LJgfti a special cargo i D eY ised in Hungary ilons with 100: _ . , he- fought struggle. Perhaps that he,: 'spoke so united nation. W hy, .he gave his life to America undivided e | u an- Amcrican people have y .t nat ^^ rgl ,,. ;? e S f for the welfare °£ their fel- ce algQ tfa they lhenlfa they lhenl triena P nizcd these drives ^^ to play a part in · Pjo. their own repre- ! American foreign policy, not leave ' o'f* this whole spontaneous j o j artificial light, calico t-ie -' ar " j toward American-European ; jj cru ndum lamp. ; ,i,,-~ ;o f h n t most of the; Carborunuum is a combination! silicon and carbon. It is pro-j by sending a powerful cli/c- vant to play a P f j " : ^ F «^ing 0 their own repr^-1 ^^ ^ ^ nding a powerful e!oc,| i foreign policy, not leave ^ ntatives to Europe as un °^Jjuic current through a niixtu^0 ; .j f the Marshall Plan is- » the exper i e nce of those itrans p aren t carborund".r.i crystals,; harness this initiate e, ,11." h travelled on the first · elecl ^ c CU rrent is direcuy couvcrt- ,, to use this healthy aer-Ot «-no u through France i^ e S_ vivid whito light. Tn-re M'* Proud ig Ears +if»^ Ca fhin the "cold! And if the Marshall Plan is-. t wa » the exper i e nce of those. trans p aren t carborund".r.i crystals, " - - - r* ? - T ScsTM? "S ; n b ' =b,e h To n u?e S£ ^'4^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^ *Jft£%£^fe m «£i SSftfS. S^i^^JSSM^r^^^S^X^Sl ,·- -. i « « r t « t ^ r f o Irilft. I J U t i U t ; **i a \ - t * » » - f ^ A ^ _ -^ T~wV»^ll COUHil l»-S ti u*j ^*t*r* _ , tu«. U1U»» li*o ** UI ' i A T . * . ,, . * . , . . * O'TI the i uDep"artmenV-l then the Marshall ' ! Plan will be a success, r » » and Sherman i Unquestionably, a central, ._ m ra brother today. m pmnrv 'oean reconstruction. However,! face today. Lincoln ^rcame.wetne i American peop ie to. jealousy, suspicion hate ana sire o greed to emerge from the siru^- Wg - h are just a ^^.^^l£''S^J^^K, SW««=S% J£i iMr sovcrw " ent ' "" d TM e " truly that ^ atc^ ;"^ ! glowing not nor 10 .-.L--JJ ».^" - - r Americans took {Je ;^ acu um. An electric current 0 1 ^ ; le to visit them personally. u suffices to operate dv- nt.. | je ^ .^^ that;^ . . V.'ill Dudley's mighty proud of hi« bi" ears! Best crop of corn he's grown since '38. And "Will, like so many other farmers, has plenty of reason to be proud of what he raises. The farmer has always been a And farmers have willingly shouldered that responsibility.Will spends extra hours in his cornfield comes home tired to a temperate glass of beer and early bed. to be ready for the next day's work. From where I sit. America can Wild Ties! Sober Ties! Silk Ties . . Wool Ties Leap year's the time to j : "tie" him down for life. ; t So. plan to give him r sev- *;"·» eral of these handsome JT.^ ties for Valentine day. £i. ^ They're sure to win you JA his heart. $1.00 lo $2.50 \^ The ; lamps. i Prof. Bay thinks that iiis t-oP may revolutionize itrical lighting -'J -- ; ed out, howev considerable engnr-junus ^L.-- ^, bo -one before the invention car.; i be applied 'or general lighting ser- r i vice. i m jrood will for this country tit a time when friendship.for democracy is most important. ^ See the greatest selection of lies tn^Southern .-Illinois in our new store. orn Remedy Smpletlly the memories of the.tnejr g----- fS ed "work" I , i*, and to conquer those emo ;^ buildfri _ e n d ship abroad. j j · 'Tl^ninii iicei, iu^- »«» -·-- , . cn!Cl eiCCliiv uuvn-i ^/.u^.v --,---1 1'instead of sending these ships 1;°'?^ be en around the world ilr^unS-S sis i^-j« sj»g AST I t *-lu*JO v* iiT«l--- C* " D ' » t - i i ' * % ^-*- *" -. i ·» t_ .·* 1« · * »*t i r\ f i · , did we can do dllit'l^ w*v», 4.u««- , But the catch to that , Vlcnut viAiv.-. *-- --- - - ' iThe st Pat-i Briton, need not an : being. the i Susiastically agreed to to-1 ^7^: I tribute this food and clotmn 0 « n . ^- orn Disappears 'such a wav as to build up Frcncn , T - a t n jght, Ku.- ««-··»"^- -- . !?nd American friendship. . !, V 1 T he next day the pain was! In another New England city, .^ Scvcra i days later the corn. \ *·· _ ^ r _ C* v*.** t ··% rkl ^flt"* ' c»v* mv ** hunting. "strengin 01 pun*«e. courage. --_ ^ ^ to succeed--guts, if you will--to ^r today esprat, needs someone. tne through the Unitarian « vote its pose of unity. to the needs someone Bettv Ca squabbles. who can over- «%TTIP those base emotions which SS!ten% destroy what little sc- ^S^eky 3 ^!? -i?'SrSrnS c -sr^ the first to »X thal «» an , is ba ^" icflly decent, logical and sens.- _ -- . _ *1 J^-^« l*r ^'Itftfl as Lincoln. in the world? ivpass. various pat- riouc «uzt:i»"got together and decided to adopt the city of Or-, ^.WhnrSc city of Orleans.' France, v.-as being bombed, says Airs Henrv Landr\ head of the Orleans Foundation, "our own "cw Orleans Rained 100.000 m po-i:iation. We are prosperous. sS'wc are giving a little of our .surplus to the starving people , -- came.' imw . the SS Maid of Orleans is sailing from New Or, leans the latter parl_of IhBjnpnlh The Daily Register. 2-3c a '. by carrier boy. in Grimcs county ttaB on U* Porch midst of a wed-: I SO W H I T E IT'S SO G R A N D THE FINEST «bu« IN THE How .^Rordid "pick "up -some sanv t ,.J. which proved to oc me ^Slfjul? waited, in the meantime ?S« a cattle-buying fncna iO Veen an eve on the situation for hS Hc\aited. 18 years. Onlv Such Deposit , »i-he land was so poor it v£Jid ml even grow grass, he recalls, fcut ifw^s full of hundred, or ands of tons of live pumice two feet below the suitacc- ·--·it Bureau of Mines said it was 'the only live pumicite deposit m "" C went into business back of the rooming house he lives. His packages arc K« containers, whscn nc r.cddles on the streets. 1 »Svj even tetter ior clcanin:; U ran "it is for corns." Hoy said, i-because it doesn't have any lye o. ;rid in it, like othcr cleaner.; I N O. U hasn't always been easy, here o! late. u he ah^olutcly sure jut^t which way automobile design was hcadini. So it's n rcfrcslr.n:; thing, people tell us. to sec one car that quite clearly k:v«ws \vherc it's ^oing -and shows it inide and out. "You can't mistake this poised i' onlv I ZTind it and ssit "Kov'said a bus iirm an., an oil ; offered him, as much w SfA a ton ior the pum-.ciic. b:n lie ; 1'ij-rctl it down. . -Whv riiowM 1 sell it al 1^1 : price."" ho .said, "when 1 tiii pc«l- : l«]o it for 51.000 a ton. I t»alji ·r-.rkc p'.entv of m;nc-y. to", n · ti.uld set a iancy-Won;- pact: - Their Kccoril Parallel · KEXDALLVILI.E. Ind.- «1.«.' --Eighteen months KolKrrt ncade and Donald Shippy. lxth of this city, entered the army to-other They were sent to ine 'same basic training camp ar.d then were assigned to the same onfincerins battalion in Japan. They both 'became sergeants. They ;\vcrc discharged together in ; California. JSfo gears ever in in Drive, f?W-4 : ' L^l cc,-p!^\-or-chon S cri ore unr.ctev.ory. You limply s.rV-:c,- ICVT cr.d i!cp on i h c po-*-cr pinnS doM .-;{ »o varying . v-;?n u!!cr ! up - occclcro'c - 0£0 : n _ 0 -] wilriou* touching She r ICVCT. _ and ready fashion plate for anything but a Buick - you're sure from a "lance ihat you'll find it steady as n battle cruiser and full of £in£cr as one of Grandmas cookies. A b r o a d b o n n e t p r o m i s e s plcnty-powcr-c«ci you £ct it with such velvety new smoothness that you need to check the battery- charge needle to make sure the engine's running. You size it up as comfortable. The road's verdict is that it's the most tireless car on the market, what with four coil springs, pillowy low-pressure tires and a wholly nc.w attack on car vibration keeping you fresh through the longest day. You find quiet here -- quiet that encourages conversation -- quiet from Sound-Sorbcr top lining that invites conversation in normal tones. And if it's a Dynaflox 1 Road' master you're handling, here yon can sample driving ease that is near magic in its simplicity. Mf NSV J. TAYIOR, .Mondays ond ftidayt So it's pretty plain, where this one's heading - it's going even higher in the regard of the motoring public. Why not sec your Buick dealer now and get your order in? Yf:i set a lei'er, press the g treadle -- and simply steer. The power plant docs all the rest -swoops you up from standstill to f u l l pace, accelerates, climbs, slows to a stop, starts up again -- ali without rtH.vgcarshi fling, cither manual or automatic! - . * V/SRA-SH/EIOED RIDE * HJ-P01SCD f JREEAlt POV/ER * OUADRUfIEX COJl SPRJNC.'N' * f lEX-f FT OR R/NGS * ROAD-RITE BALANCE * RIGID TO»OU£-7U« * SOUND-SORSER TOP « · · » · ' * DVOMAIIC SPAWC if UN SMART MODEIS * BOOT BY W H E N BETTER A U T O M O B I L E S ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM 424 S. Granger - Harrjsburg,* Illinois · « iNEWSPAPERl

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