Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 27, 1953 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 27, 1953
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

PA08 B10HT8BN ALTON RVBN1NO TBL10RAPH MONDAY, APRIL 27, INI Wt H W fWUtANCt AWOTOffONA LEWlTKHNlWLiTY, AUHfWHrriDJAll YOU TAUPC LIKE I H6 6AVEP >OUfc LlPB AND «30T HIMSELF HAuuBDOHfTOTHE CARPET FOR IT AU. *ANDy DIPWT TRWW K6NT THS WHEN HE TRUE? FOR THY 600P CAimON THANKS; THOU HAST ... HERE'S AN OTHER, MORE POTENT THAN THE FIRST/ MACBETH! BEWARE MACBUFFf BEWARE THE THANE OF F1FEI DISMISS ME. ENOUGH.' HE WILL NOT BE COMMANDED. ARIGHT. Bin" ONE WORD THE MURDEROUS MACBETH, KING OF SCOTLAND. TORMENTED BV THE6HOSTOF HI6 LAST VCTIM, BANQUO, SEEKS A REVELATION IN THE CAVE OF THE WITCHES. l\\ . I«M VI m faNtak In. T. «. !»(. ML V r*. OH. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS DID ^m BEFORE VJE MAKES THINK OF A BELEAGUERED <3ARRISON WAITIN' FOR TK CAMPBELLS TO COME ER SOMETHING WELL. WE'LL WAIT A FEW MORE MINUTES TO BE SURE TH 1 LIOHTS ARE STAY ON THJ& TIME. HE ACT OUTDOORS £ HE'S 04 6TORA6& 60 LOMS HOLDATlCkEC- TAP6 PARADE IN HI'S HONOR, LETS See IF HE CAN .LAST LONGER THAN THE FIRST CASE OF ALE AT AMOWL6 PICNIC/ ,f HE W66U5 SAYS SHE LEFT OUR HECO, HIS HAMD5OME FIGURE TAST6FULL* CLAD OVERALLS, APPLYING FOK A Se\MER THRE& LAYERS OP TO BE- HOMB Nlovi— UNLESS THEY PAY AT THE END EACH BOBM THIgTV 1EAR& TOO SOON CYAWN ) REM>T, OADPT 'UCANCUM5 _ S&Sff U TO gf CQMSIPfcP. CPUta)3 16 PUCfc PUT POWT UAUE UlttE TOO UUCHl H& to UADf A FOE. HWk66UF IM THE. £ 6 IT', AXJP THE roo MUCH TO TO GfcT UP FOR 4 HEIR. TO CARHV Ok) FMAILV DONALD DUCK WANT T A dBN-U-WlNB MACHINE , GEE. MBAN ONE Of THO5E GAOSET5 IN SCIENCE FICTION? f *?|QHT/ A OBNUINB,> «B3& GUARANTEED *J J TIME MACHINE... ^TENSUCKS wow/ THAT 'S A PEAL.' TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 MONDAY •:to P. II.—Wrangler's Cluo 0:18 P. M.—Buckeye Four »:30 P. M—Spomvlew 6:48 P. M.—I.N.8. T«len«w« «:00 P. M.—Popular Selene* 8:13 P M.—Dottye Bennett 6:30 P. M—Those Two 6:48 P. M.—News Caiav» 7:00 P. M,—Paul Wlnchell 7:30 P. M—Howard Barlow 8:00 P. M.—Mama 8:30 P M.—R Montgomery Chow B:30 P. M.-Who Said That? 10:00 P M.—Studio One 11:00 P M.—Chance of Lifetime 11:30 P. M.—The Red Button Show 12:00 P. M.—What'i Your Bid 12:30 P M.—film ..TUBaDAI.. 7:00 A. M.—Dare Garroway 9:00 A. M.—Arthur Godfrey 10:00 A. M—Garry Moore 10:30 A. M.—Double or Nothing 11:00 A. M.—Bride & Groom 11:18 A. M.—Love of Ufe 11:30 A. M.—Search for Tomorrow 11:48 A. M — Gulldtna Ught 12:00 A. M.—House Party 12:18 P M.—To the Ladlea 1:00 P. M.—Art Unkletter 1:18 P. M.—Homemaklng 2:00 P. M.—Playhouse. 2:30 P. M.—Art L>tnKletter 2:49 P. M.—Welcome Traveller* 3:30 P. M.—Kate Smith 4:00 P. M.—Hawkins Falls »:IS P m.—Ru«« David «au P M.—Howdy Doodv Breakfast Fore . Aniwsr to Pr«viout Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1 meal 4 Ham and —— 8 Lamb —— 12 Born 13 Nostril 14 Leah's ton (Bib) 15 Vase 4 Finisher »Win 6 Seizes 7 the breakfast table 5 Snips 9 Goddess of youth 10 Abov« raua ' ouu aaa %aaa auuci aaauciu ru im nananu 18 Denunciation* it Leaning tower28 Sacred WUge 42 Walt 23 •nd bacon «24 Places 25 Press 2ft Emit S7 Mollified II IB Makes icggy 20 Musical dram* J7 Wakened 21 Make a 19 Reverie mistake 22 Sugar cream 24 Italian coins 26 Egyptian goddess 27 Wrong (prefix) 80 Mountain nymphs 12 Italian seaport II World 85 Reviser 88 Interest (ab.) 17 Prosecutor 19 Eat 40 Views 41 Wooden pin 42 Meaner 45 Small bouquet 49 Without a will 51 Spinning toy 62 Expired 63 Chooses 54 Before 55 Shade trees 56 Newcomers 67 Scottish river VERTICAL f Burden 2 Air (preflx) 3 Sorest 29 Dry 81 Medicine givers 83 Pheasant • broods 88 Get away 40 Poppy T— rolls (pi.) 41 Extract Juice 43 Indigo 44 Part of • | plant • ! 46 German kktf 47 Blood 48 Sword tned In fencing 10 Weight measure 30 m Read Classified Ads Daily The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart Monday USD (NBC) 5M KC KXOK (ABC) MO KC 770 KC KFUO 880 KC KMOX (CM) lit* KC KWK (MBS) ISM KC WTL 14M KO WOKS U70 KO 5 :•• :1S :IO :4S News; Sporta rreddy Marti* New* Songs of Today News; Bonner News: Bonnet New* St. Louis Art Soort* Reel With God News. Jaekaa* News; nines, Jurt Uascey News; Thomaa Bmce Oi News, Sports News Parade Morgan Beattr One Man's Family Prance Laws News Uone Ranger News Record* Sports Concert Hr. George Martin News Sporta View News; Roundup Jr. Miss Stan Daugnerty Jo Stafford Ed Murrow G. N News News Exclusive Supper Serenade 7 :*• :l( :*• Railroad Hour Howard BarUm Henry J. Taylor Garden Guild Ballrooea News Sports Worship Suspense Arthur Godfrey Bobby BlU Hickok Cecil Browa Chuck Norman 8 9 Donald Voorhees ' Band of Assertea Concert Studio Young People (End A. M.) F. M. Concert Hall Radios Theater Gabriel Beatte* Iltus Moody The Bandstand ;M :1S :St :4S Dinah Shore Words in Night Music Album . Tomorrow's Men Tenn. Krnle Newt Kre. BleeeUig Newe Open Bible Bob Hawk run For All frank Bdwar* Mutual Newt Reporters Koundun News IS 11 M News Morgan Beatty Platter Parade Beautiful Musie Edwin C. Hill Muslo MMter* Newt Abide With Me World New* Orchestra Time lo Dreai Dwight Cooke SporU Crosby Show Health Talk Sports "ia"er Parade Newt News By MiMissippl Concert r»»ortte» News: Murrow Orchestra News Merrymakers Musical Scores Dawn Patrol Tuesday J 7 :0e Newt He West Melodtt* :f» Chspel i4i Newt ;N News at WMUMT is* rtmt i4* News News; BFO 630 News. Markets RFD 630 Prao. land Use Newt; Weathe* Concert Country Jr. •alute: Wettfetr News; WeetlMr Ntwt Breakfast Club Bruce barrtngton Breakfast Club Sacred Heart Teea Dalle* Toat •pom Mtdltatto* Hymns Muilc Refttllt S3 StTo.^, VSSJttL* Ntwt; U^U. CW Wtwt: 00*Weather: Verltttes Cd Witooo Show Ntwt Ntwti :N World Ntwt HI «port» Newt :4» Cliii * Neatr Ntwt; Bex Clock Wt Ntwti Brtek. CkH) Newt Newt Livestock WtlcotM Tnvti-n rnit story Arthur Godfrey Soitnce Humtn N«wt DtTOtiOM rhtmtt ol Afts :M Sirtkt It SJrt Otrl efarrta Pbrue Thtt Payt rrimd In Need ;«i Bob Kopt MUlit tfUtWt OrMli leVtMdt) IS Htwt ill Victor UndUfci tM Meredith WilUoa >•» Meet Uw MfAjout Our del JUSSM M Newt ill Ptayhouw Pert! Bruce Bwrnlgtan tttl mOeTMU Ktwti DtvU Ma r>er«iBt Or eUtaM l Bf UfS nOUBMtArf Nt rot • os> Ui Ntwt 4 Mtrketf rrtderich tad ttn- Perry MMM Na» Ortkt w Ow Ul NtWI t» Start! 4t Devi Gjrrowty IU 4S Ult Be»uUHU •a u ^. it- UUli* eUUntt M VtMl Curt Bu Bab2rtQ laar^ nSn wtm n»»mt Uiiaou Conunww boosting requested R0hraring el ICC Order CHICAGO *-A r0tearioi of «n BeU fte peitioo by • request ol tbe City to trW CdnmisBiQn for • rristeuriaf of tte cttw. IB a ittjeWnt on April 1$, Pre*> W. V. KaJalw Mid tht MW Waat 441

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