The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 10, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
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Friday, August 10, 1934
Page 4
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FOUR PAWS wwa. The Paris Evening News PARIS. XEJLAS NORTH TEXAS PCBUSHIXG *»t*r*d ** Second Class Mail Matter at tfe* Po«t- •tttc* «i Pans, Texas, tinder Act o£ Con*re*« Jfarch. 1S73- Dally Ereer* Saturday an<S SUBSCRIPTION RATE* (InciudtiXK Sandaya) *y M*12. On* Te*r JT M*il. Six Mosths Carrier . By Mall. One Monili. New York D«y by Day BY O. O. MelNTYRE T«* tMJOi!»s«r» «a» c-^. •——»^—— - -; _^_«. . Important Amendment N EW YORK, August 10.—Thoughts strolling: Never see a barefoot boy even in. the slums. Rudy Yaliee has the look of just stepping out of the shower. Those bonneted ~~ ladies with high laced shoes and black bags. Joseph P. Day doesn't even wear an overcoat with evening clothes. One word description of Via- ^_,.nt kopez—gHsteny- |jcame of Jerry the Greek ? Pier- v re"s should have a gay looking Idialng room on the park side. Two hotel menus list grape fruit Mclntyre. Half a grape fruit centering a thimble of: Worcestershire. And very O. O. Mclntms tasty, One of the last of the patricians, Creighton Webb. They s&y Billy Rose is on his second million. No one blends aloofness with condescension like a frock-coated floor walker. The crepuscular gloom of those dime-a-dance halls. And the rat-iaced youths loitering about the entrances. Roscoe Peacock and Alfred P. Sloan look alike. Never see Nils Florman around. Every- bodv mises Howard and Harry Acton. William •CHOUGH it is A lion in Novembe be in a mood to pay attention to anyi .-, . j ~— cept the resell of the nerct primary which is j food _ set for August 25 ; it may be worth wmie to j OQ& ^ ^ favorite people—Daniel Froh- caH their attention now to tie fact that in tne l man . Mayor* L-a Guardia's Cigars are fiercer November election, when we confirm the seie( % \ than Georsre Jessel's. No more picturesque lions of the two primaries, they wLi be eai-e..» hote j man ~]i£ e J 0 hn McE. Bowman. In fact upon to vote on seven amendments to tne con- | t j, ere * s not miie ;h. o f anything g^y more. Still strrution of Texas. ! -what we had was neaps of fun while it lasted. - All these amendments are of importance to j _ ciiisens of the state but The News considers j Broadway still misses W. C- Field's gnome- two of t2i the others. time The > to seDarate Tsrlo-ns kinds of property for tax- j <hj s name implied, was a sawed-off rant with ation" nurT>oses; the other to combine certain • C2 .p abaft, out-standing ears and nosed like coimtv offices in order to reduce the number ; Punchinello. One of those flotsam haagers- office holders and make for economy in ad- ; on around tine stage doors who attached Mm- I self to Fields and would not let go* So spaniel- Bridge at! like was Ms worsriip lie msde himself mdls- The latte^ needs no special comment " " ie"vot£rs have already combined j pensable.^ Ia_ stage days. Fields used rdm as meni- But the separation or propeny amend-| laent is & ^adical departure from the old prac-! ^imosi every theatre used to- have i^s lice. If adopted the legislature would pre-i Shorty wiio came out of jhe nowhere and. tike scribe one classification for all real estate and i a Soaring barnacle, made attachment and by and divide other properties into classes soil- j sheer meekness became a pan of the personnel, able and ecraiiable"to eae"h otner. These would j Sioriys^ rarely on the pay-rolls,^ responded to SneTiKif. franchises, intaagible properties, gross jeverysoay s -*Hey you:" 7 working lake Deav- sf e~erv I ers for the entire cast rrom star to property X n OtiK"-^ yiUUC.1.. jSt-U.'-'^J 1-iV'ii Wi t^_L.3 <_—• ._._x_~ ; •_ _ would allow a lower "rate on real estate and! company Tcm.<s t£e crowd "benefit the people -reneraliy. j _ ' _vearly every sport room of a jtrisL They have soaring ambitions but little ? talent, amiable in declensions and cement to perform the insIonoTis chores. Their idols are usually the top sport wriier with a by-line. Damon Sunyon has one. So has Bill Coruno. They sire strangers the :dea of vast all" have an inside tir> on the fourth B ECAUSE Mr, Allred. candidate for the Democratic nomination as ^governor of Teras, sees fit to denounce Tom Hunter's pro- •posals as revolutioiiary it need not cause the Those of cs wno recall tiie cr; set out certain things he r=ei:eve= ^tua be ; for the good and *V;far« of Texas, w ae= the • w ^^ T ^ n e „. people en August 25 nominate sirs TO tse o:- • ,X I C' * '"V * - ' *" *° '*-^~* £Tr^-^^ f .'-*»~ ^ ^~-c^Thoc*r>ro-^^ **:* **** ^-ers irom a cancer wita a And t:.ere v-as Grock. the clo^wr.. vrho lived ,o^t -vho^y on applause and '•rre-w stone deaf. -" frrorosa's as may be., should and probably v.-;-: :.-e ^^actec. Soire of in em p* 1 *'- Isaps vrill be found not necessary or maybe aot practicable wher the time comes for con- ^ . , , . I , siderLr them bv :h^ enacting power. : ,./ J^ ™n« into tn* orner room to ex' Usless Mr-. A::r^'s proposals are 6eien=-?/£ = - Tno ^^ J !^ c ^arc someone rnog^. «? hv th^ vr,-— m ^ ca!cu!aT?d to brizz ' ^?1 " wo v^': ^^ ? famUiar _voice. "Iton .s* -..- ».-. . -- - » >. - • •• — "~ '•• •.•?"!. i hi-V* 1 ?^" f^'o T 2r;?>ii^n f '' ' ? ~ ; a''^7c T * :es TO T'\xas tflsa are those of Tom ; ' ft " •— — --^.^ & .^^^ ***» rli^ri t h'r 5-* > n! i: " ; bi< : ? thin^r to <io wotijd J^e ' to cboos* Hunter. And it looks like that is whiii Texas vf?t*-rs wj;J decide to <2o. **frzs'i'.'^ %v]"I get. no cuarter from the Uuit«<5 States** declares a member of congress, but wha* *s wor>^, it doesr- t S«?^TT! likely tB£t the United Stores wili get asy quarter from France.—Korf o* k Iv^d ger-Disp?. i. ch. In the News 13 Years Ago From the file* +f The Paris Worming News thirteen, years WED252SDAY, AUGUST 10, 1921 — •• •- \ Joseph Abbott and Miss Ida Holbert of M!n- pj*i:pT.ion of cig-ar^-Tts has increased |ter were married by Justice Kail IB the county month since las* y^-ar, which in-;clerk's office, tfcat men srcoke n:r <r ^ when they beg | Mig& L&cra Harris _ ep^ died a . tfoe hoine of ^at a tire*-—jce Rociford Eegister-B«-1 her brot h ftr northwest of Paris following a s5 * i stroke of apoplexy. Justhuiion of the Technocrats four-hour? Ardseore defeated Paris 6-4. making three and four-clay week wor.Jd certainly megn ; ^'2Jg:bt, and though Paris still stood at the * m*^r,if^ce«t revival in :he demand for whit- ' h «ad of the coinaan the Oklahoma team was tiisi? limber.—NashTille Banner. 'Crowding the borne team. If Hitler fails to re&lore order in Germany ; Paris having been designated a spot cot- will, a&er the usual manner of polJtieiaxis. • ton market, it was reported that several new 1 ic* everyixxiy but himself.—Dallas Times-'firms would have bcyers faere tfce cosu'cg sea-' ison. „ , —^> I Concrete paving 011 East H«*ron t between j Teclinocrat, no doubt, wotild vote 'Twenty-third and Twenty-fifth street* was ] ucktt,—Westoo. jCOre.) Leader. jcaoipleLed by Dick Wood, the contractor. j . t. C3APTETJ 29 XEW ROTTTTSTE iC H3js tne postman stopped?** ilrs. Po-srers asked MarsSxa. "T think •s'-e should, liave a letter from. Robert** "Xet yet. dear. I told 3a.rthoT.o- rr.e--v to brin^ *he letter up straight "J. too, spoke to "hlra, to sive much rhe same order. Have you noticed the begonia. Marshs?"" - "The one -aritii the sad. pale leaf?" "Tes. dear. I thought "when you srnok€d, you could blo^r smoke upon, it, bur se^tl;-'." "Tes. darling." ""vTas thai the postma.3?" "I think not, dear, but ri! so see. Then I'll smoke the besrorLla-** "It has aphis ca it, I fear." "I thought so too, •dear.** It had beer, the postnan: no letter from Sob. Was there a:nj-thtr:§- in the post that would divert his mother, Jlarsiis. TS'ond&r'sd- Thsnlc heaven, there tra= a letter frcrn P"—ancs- She -wotild Tr:ake «nd3ess to-do about that, and -srith 1'a.rsha'e confessing; to her •srouder about the •sT"lter and h-er further leadln? Mrs, PoTvers -would tell her all about the "writer; ^who her mother "-as, etc. and etc. That •wo'uli! rr.-jt* the disappointment. Scch hand::r;s had m-uted Mrs. Foyers' disap- ::• ointment, for three daya uow. vTas h* -seel;? Safe? £h« paused a m orient on the stair, chilled by *-?ars. Then, -wrsth a lift c* chin she h-ur- rfed up-ward. "Bob?" iJrz. Po-wers aak«d as she appeared. "No. but -we ccul<J hardiy hop* to hear as y«»: there hasn't b»»n t:rne. B^t you've a letter froir TTrance!" "From France? XOTT I •aronder "O* eo-ars« I don't know th* •wTT-t-r..?: it's «. rather bold v/ritiag'. And beautjfui paper. I'll get your :*:t*r cutter.* ' "P'esjwr, dear. I don"t s«cm to remember that writing:. Do you think ir. xs-as -srritten by a ra«.n or wonjan, Marsha?" "I'd say a woman," Marsha an- «r»*er«d slo-wly. "As -wotilC I. The curly P. Bat some men curl Ps." **T««. TV*; rjcticed." "Est there is a bc!tfn«*s. too. This took ten rainar.**, '"Sh*'* that patient," sa!<3 R A r,r.3th U**»T, "whf-n I JocJteC her way. ^j^.«- tiTnee I could »*« a halo rot;n<; h*-r Uk* th«r« »<« on the Saint*, thpm- s*ives. * h«.rt that ts rare to see:* Sb« he!d h-!rr first letter 'rcnj Boh whSJe Mr*. Powers' clerjryman caHed, She e-nt the Jetter addre»*. e<5 to hi* m other upstairs where Sfrs, Powers lay saf'erlny in her b«d; It wan "A tad day," And downstairs Mar»ha «at holding: her J«iter between ber hands and clow-Jy. a» ah* trl^ij to !ixten. At one time, «h< .knew, «h* would have been erna**! f>y "Jolting th« old <Jodo"; now «h* «*w hJm a* rather dear, He wjoi tryinjf *o to entenaJn her with hi» Iotif-wIn<Jexl and te- diocw <Je»crIi>tloa of «, trip to th* HoJy l>and. The congregation h«d *ent hjm, h fiti« pride. lor* said, "and •wha.t a. rare opportunity to see thai, -wonderful place!" He nodded, sznuing'- He had h«Lr<2 sundry -wliispers of her; this lovely a.=d c'harming yotias •wo- 'isan. He couldn't understand them; i he had never met a more deiight- 1 fnl or beautiful yo'^nc; j ilrs. Powers talked o* her by tne I hour. He listened happily and with f sympathy. Ho-w cnjust -were men. i ^.Ti^i ^7om ^^ - j Site held Bob's letter closely be- | She heard: "Travel, to my think- i IsT'Sr ijs rjroade 11 ^*^***** I "Oh, qtiite*'™ she agreed, Slm.- j plicity touched and -warrned - her t no-w. The old or.e that she had ; been— dead! dead! ; Bob had written a. description o' j one drauken Pedro tvho. drunk, j had painted his hovel with a. sticky | sweet -ariae. Marsha Jang-hed a !!t- = tie and then. fro'R^ied. reading ;t- | She wrote later: "Dear Boh: | Everything is running alons so 'smoothly for us here. Tour moth; er -was siade so happy by yo-<ir letter to her. But I am going: to tell ;you, fcecaisse I know yon xrant me j ;o, not to -K-rite of drunken natives j again. (It was funny). She was i deeply shocked by it, and you see. | Bob. I couldn't very well keep yoTir i firs; letter to me from her." j Mrs. Powers had ra i "How dreadful: How dreadful." j "So please in writing 1 me aexi : time. s?ay there are many very ^oo<J i and sober natives. And write me \& little more •w-a.rmiy if you can; ;she expects it. Aaytbin? W *^«a» lyou can put is parenthesis. I ca.n {slip extra sheets Into yours. I show \ her the -warm-toned letter I write ; you. She I£k*» to *<je them. I know. I But an extra letter sheet frorr. you ! .-night not be easy for me to ex| plain. I might open that letier be: Tor* her. I -wrant her to know she fs | :s *t«p with as; !R fcJJ confidence. ; IOTJ understand? i "I am leaminc to play checker?. ; 1^ mean, I'm not: Do you remember I-ardner's The Golden HOU^T* ? In tfcAt one old ge: 'Checkers Is a, child's Jand th« other r«p!Jed. I ! roughly, -Jt i*. the way you iitr and that applies: f Arn D , | beaten horribly * n<J j efc an't" be j entered In the S reat Am-rfra |<^plecha^r I love pi ay i nff , i ^ I nappy serving yoisr mother," : H«r ota«r letter begran wj*h "My j dearest— nay very Nearest "*h«»- ; band—** i Bob read tbut—a.^*Jn and affair | —and one rsigrht he found himself j pencilling: the p*r«r.tfc«sts that w*r* j w> tell bl« chaff from *r*!o, around • the "Sfy d«are«t—nsy v*ry Dearest j bazband" that Mftrsha h*<! written i and. too, aronnd *very other «n- jt*ac* of her. that njmfched tH* warmth of *jr he br»ath*<J, | He dreamed of her, despit* h!« s &*rt hitenaemg to think nothing "or {h*rv; dreamed of Ber wM2e *waJt« 1 to rjnd, steppfnir from the dr«im«. | the coldly bitter reality that \ mad* by truth, I January whirled by. The j«r*w. There were many gAmes of eh.«cker)i; there wer«, on Mr« Power* "rood 4»y«." »ob*r drSvea* 3» * cloeed motor. Th*r* were »m*Jl t«M for Mr*. Power** friend* when M«r»ha. poured, and taiktd of woolens and of th« dietetic of moth*, and of cook* and their TOiiratory t*»d*nct««. > »r* BACKWARD GLANCES •T A. w. reran When Martin ^Frice came to Texas be did th« atate a. service. In tiiat he made T«xa» th« »tai* eh had his descendants for citizens, and some of the very-best citizens any «tat« «v«r had. Martin Price, born in Virginia, was reared in Kentucky and Tennessee, where his parent* emigrated at an early day- When yet a outh he served in the war against ngland in IS 12. then married and made his home in Alabama, coin- ins from there to Texas in 1S41 and settling in LaJiaar county where he died in 1ST6. in the eighty-second year of his age. His ife, Elisabeth Moore, had died n Alabama, whea yet a youc* woman, leax-ijag ihe husband with a daughter and three sons who were reared by relatives until the time they came to Texas with their father. One of these sons was Finckney Middleton Price of whora I have told something heretofore. Pinckney Price for years was a. prominent citizen of Paris. He -was a county commissioner, a justice of the peace, county treasurer, and was respected by everyone as a man of strong- character and up- nt in all his dealings. The second son. Sydney Moore Price, was IS years old when the family came to Texas. In 1S45 he enlisted in the United States army for the war with Mexico and served till its close- He returned to his boyhood home in Alabama in 1S47 and farmed. 1= 1S51 he married Mary Jane James -whose home was in Jackson county. Alabama, and they became the parents of 10 children. When the war between the sections came on Sydney Price enlisted in the Third Alabama cavalry, a parr of the Army of the Tennessee, which, bad its baptism of fire at Chickarnausa. He served, in various commands until the close of the war and returned to his Alabama, farm. In IS70 Mr. Price returned to Texas, where he had been a citizen thirty years or so before- He der the meals, to deal with trades- people by telephone, ro arrange Hotvers. Once and ataizJ she « forced to cheat hersel* oi necessary sleep in order to "get Bob's letter off—" Marsha had admired Mrs. POTS-- ers* det knitting of wash-cloths' ilrs. Powers had replied, "Beai- ix Is no task at all—after you catcb it. Let me teach yon to knit them- I am certain it would fascinate you! Xothing is more soothinEt** j The knitting of the wash-cloths ] did not soothe Marsha, but she did her valiant best to leans, for she kr*eTv Mrs. Powers wotsld f.n<5 a new interest through teaching: feer. "There is Taore to this than I |supposed. Slocher!" Marsha xvcald I admit -with a slim, to hear. "Darl- S ins. you are doing very, very well! 1 In fact, and quite truly. rema.rk- I ably -well, considering that your taunt did not deem It wise to teach I you these necessary thinsrs in child- jhood!" 1 Mrs. Powers invariably erriphs.- I sired "auni" when it applied to Miss Gertrude 5'oore. Misa Gertrude had made Sirs. Pots-ers add a codicil to her prayers: this an, {"An<3 soften the heart of your «srr- 1 Isgr child. Ijor«3. to that woman— j who was not fair, as you know | w<»n .Lxsrd, to our dear Marsha."* j Miss Gertrude had called upon j Mm, Powers to sit st.or.5Iy sI3*nt as I Sirs. Powers eulo^feed Marsha. The ^sulog'Ses had sfrorrn loud and tremlulous: they had done nothing. Ttliss Gertrude }*ft Mr??. Powers shaking asd close to tears. ^Hfcen Marsha earns back frona seeins? Miss Gertrude to ber motor. >trs. Powers par her arms around the ^irl who was chilled by the hideous fe*?l}.nsr *hat her aunr m!^ht have said somethlnc to cbanjre. Bob's mother toward her. | "I 5<jv« you. dear"** Mrs. Powers S ^To 3* Continued) The Day's Dial All Honra Central Standard Time P. M. 6:00 CBS Kate Smith** music: N3C Jessica 6:15 CBS The Columbian*. 5:45 CBS Three Knaves and «. Qt-een; ^TBC Columbia. U. Suaatner Choir. 7:00 CBS Calif omia. Malodles; ^^BC PhiJ Karris' orcK 7:15 CBS ^Friend ol Family, •"ketcb- 7:30 CBS Johnny Green. "In th« Modem Manner;*" X3C FM1 Baker's Revue, S:00 CSS Colonel Stoopnagle a^id Budd, orci.; KBC First lighter, drama- S:3& XEC Jack Benny, comedy. Sr45 CES Carlil* arid London. S:OQ CBS Edith Murray, XBC Franfe Buck, aSvent 9:15 CBS Isham Jones" XBC Gene and Glenn. S:3& XB/ One Man's Faiaily. 3:45 Tv'BC One Man's Family. 10:00 CBS Harry Sosnick's orch.; Eddie Buchin's Orch. 10:30 CBS Dancing by ine Sea; Frankie Masters" arcb. 11:GO CBS Jack Russell's Orcli.: NBC Clyde I-ucas' Orch. located first in l^m^r- eoonty. jere Pinckney Price ai*4 bi« f*lJi- er lived. Ui«n moved to Fannin county and bought a. farm n«ar Lane** Academy. wh«r* with lilt «« family h* procp«r«d «a4 spent the evenin* ot hi* Ufe. I do not know th« history of Sj-dney Price's d*»c*ndaii«sk One daughter. Rebecca, becaam* the wife of Henry R, Miller* farmer at Forest Hill and later tax assessor of Lsjnar county; Mary Jane married Dr. D. C. I isantt. the third daughter, named Pari« Texas, married Fraak £Cembre« who now lives in Honey and was for years prominent in affairs ot western Laznar county. All th« children -nrere 'given sood educations and trained in habits of Industry and usefulness and a know, lege of the gospel the lather being* a devout member of the Church of Christ. Thus it will be seen that the Price family, as Texas pioneers and even later comers, had a fun part in the development of the state an« in the making of good citizen* and -what more could be asked than that? Troop 11 -will have a meeting at the Bonhara Street Methodist church at 7 o'clock Friday. Hev. B, F. Browning and Will Piles wm have charge. A swimming parly will be planned. Troop 3 will have an over night hike to the troop cabin at I*ake Crook. Scoutmaster >V. J. Williamson u*ili be in charge. They will--leave the Chamber of Commerce at 5 o'clock Friday afternoon. Scout Commissioner Harvey Black of Hugo was in Paris Wednesday afternoon. He reported favorable work that is be!a# done by the Hugo Scouts. Assistant Scoutmaster Carter Anderson. Jr.. spent Thursday night at North lAke near Clarks- vHle with a patrol of his troop. Scout Hxeestive FraaSc E. Fiill- er visited Scout leaders in Xteport and Clarksviile Thursday. The Boy Scours "were guests at the wrestling' matches last Tues- ( day night. All the boys enjoyed the matches. Oklahoma Precinct Meetings Announced HUGO- — W. A. "White. Choctaw county r>emocratlc chairman *a* been advised from the state central committee that the precinct meetingB -srtll be held on Au- IS. the county convention on st 24. On the latter date delegates are to be chosea to attend the state meeting in Okla-hom*. City on September 10. ~Choctaw coccty delegates are expected istgo to the convention ready to suppor% S- TV. Marland. guberaatorial ao* mlnee and assist him Jn domiaat- Sr.g me piatTonn that che state convention will present to tie vot- i ers to bring the new deal to Okla- j horna, Cboctaw -seas one of tJie few jsoutheast Oklahoma counties -which | Marland carried in. th* first pri- . , ACDIB1.E NTBC STATIONS Vt'EAJ*. F*t. Worth ........... Z9*» Wt,TT. Clsct^rmti ............ T80 San Antonio .- ----- .-- 1.1*0 I Th* average altitude of Avery I county. Xorth Carolina* is slightly j TBor« than 3.0CO felt above sea f level- ACROSS Solution of Yesterday's Pusrle 5. Cnl: of «ork 8. 12. 13. not 14. Arrvoru? 15. Burn IS 17. Tie JS. 20. Conveys •at Kind 37. S*li« 30. Self 10. Soas4 of m. bell Soft saorarar on to Amusements TONIGHT IS BANK NIGHT GLAMOUR AT THE PLAZA CATHERINE THE GREAT F*lrb*nlo», Jr. AT 1 HE tAMAR THE LAST ROUND-UP Mont* MM AT THE GRAND it. Of rr«*t«*t 23. SEwu-t*r <£ 0>EtL»P|EiAiR«BM}Mg 4*. Soii<S o»TT of t3s«s earth •tai 51. Flow 52, Pl«c«* cut ss. promontory of 2. Prevaricator 4. Hit 5. Ca.m« tn 40, 41. ratory aoasd* 43. Rons* from DOWN Go by E. One of an 44. Uniform 45, 45. R«*r*t

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