The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 27, 1948 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 27, 1948
Page 7
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Tkc New*, Frefertek, M4L, t*«*4»y. July 27, !»«· AND Bolting Race «^. Hor«e BliiieL State Is Told II Danish Prince Cumberland. July 26 ,P--The. Stste Rac:ng Comiii^ion plans to find out if bhr.dr.ej caused an aged hayburner to boh through ihe rail a: Fsirso Saturday and kill Jockey Ber.n Leggett H Courtenpy Jenircr. member', of the con"-rri^icn said today »er. it I 1 Chief sod of Memphis 2 Stage part 3 Press 4 Born - Credit fab } HORIZONTAL 1.7 Pictured member of Danish nobility 13 Bullfighter 14 Antenna 15 Plant genus 16 Unless 15 Recorded would ma\e an investigation and j 20 Fowl get a report from tnree staff vet- 21 Climb erinarians. Dr James A Gross, veterinarian aed ov ner of the 12-year-old geld- , ing Boy, -a:d at his home in Jarrcttsv'Ke. that ihe horse is blind in one c\ e out :herc was ' nothins wrong ^»' -· the other one as far as I knov- Dr. Gross said Alpine Boy ran , in 11 races in 1047 w inning three j of them, coming; in second five times, and third once. That was. after he had been barred from the j 'JO Mocc?sin track at Charle* Town \V. Ya. Dr. ^ Comment W. E. Trusseli. the veterinarian j j3 German rivet there, said Alpine Bo-.- :s totally 51Join blind. 53 Exchange Ke barred ihe racer from Charles' premium Tov.-n again ;h:- year and taid a ', 5* Blackthorn vitamin B denciencv makes the '· 55 tmbrscc horse subiect to periods of blind- ! 57 i irr.e of ye:r ness in his" one pood eye 59 Agreement TJr. Gross said he had seen A!- f 60 Penetrates pine Boy at the time and there j VERTICAL wasn t anything wrong with the, good eye then That was about' six weeks ago The gelding's start I in the five-furlon? run for $1.000 j at the Cumberland track Saturday ( was his first start this year. About 30 yards out of the starting gate, he bolted through the' inside rail and threw Legeett. The . 22-year-old jockey was taken to a first aid room but was on his feet in a few minutes He collapsed in the Jockey room later and was taken to a hospital where he died j yesterday. j Robert ' Skeets" Holland, who | was aboard Scuttlemate in the i same race, said today he had the j following conversation with Leg- i gett as they rode to the post: j Liggett- "I cuess I better be j careful I hear this horse ducks, once in a while " Holland: "Yes. I know about that | corse. I wouldn't ride him. Better j take it easy out of the gate " j Dr. Gross acknowledged that Alt pine Boy is hard to ride. He said it is sometimes hard to keep him straight and he probably hit t h e ' rail m the scramble of horses aw ay , from the gate j "I wouldn't have this happen for the w orld." he declared ' I guess I'll have to put the! horse down " Roy AJlbright, of Monkton. the trainer, was away from the track tsday because there is n o ' racing and could not be reached. The stewards suspended Alpine, Boy f'om further racing at all Mao land tracks pending an inquiry. Franfe Small, another member of tfce state's racing commission, said . it is up to the commission's veterinarians on duty at the track to ' determine if a horse i* fit for a race Drs F M Keller. Hulbert Young and J A. Stewart, members of the commission staff, were on duty at Fairgo Saturday ^ They and Joseph F. rlanagan. Fairgo steward representing 6 Eternities 7 Profit S Eye (Scot.) 9 British account money 10 Cereal gram 11 Fence portal 12 Ardcr 17 Conec'.ed with (suffix) 13 Symbol for selenium. 21 Workshop 22 He is a pr:nce of Laying Off Finesse Wins Three N. T. 31 Kc:^.nine t-r.aergarrr.ent 47 He is rumored ! C2 Over (ccntr.) 33 Battalion sergeant maor (ab. 40 Rodent ·i! Can-el's hair cloth (pi ) ·!2 Mongrels 23 Even (contr.)_ 2-5 Foot ( s o l " 4 Drift alcng 25 Exclamation 26 27 Anoint 27 Alternating 30 Wealthy current.' (ab ) -II Direction 34 Christmas sons 28 Xo (Scot ) ·SSSyribo! for 35 Bogs dov. n 25 Go astray 35 Caravansary 37 Disquietude 38 Symbol for tellurium 39 Rupees (ab.) engaged to Princess Afargaret of England 48 Otherwise 49 Fix firmly j 50 Oriental coins 1 52 Golf mound ! -·;·» Perched 53 Symbol for tin 53 Half-cm Tournament--Neither vul. 8*nth West Nortt 1 · Pass 1 V Pa» 1 A Pass 3 V Fau 3N.T. Pass Pass P««s Opening--A 2 XI UKU_ pLAur A CbuPuT OFGO*U. * s, OF CboaSE- nxrrr ANI JEFF That Makes Everybody Safe--Jeff Is A Barhtloe I WWT YOU TOTS?/ EM POT TK£M O! TKE MARKET ! TKE HUMAN BODY IS LSKE A MACMNE ! IF TrEYRE FUSL FR THE SC3DX MAYS THEY WELL.-- | / i r I '«"« ;/ M THESE VITAMIN PIUS /I i i inEV? /; VV.SH'EM ON MOTHER- I MAKE VVONY KUOT YA ! IT NEEDS FU5L TO KEEP IT ~ , . CAR TOO! I'M BROKE ^' " GOOD FDg YA AN'DCAM'TBUVGAS! t BOOTS AND HEB BUDDIES Let's Just Sit Carnival By WILLIAM E. McKENNEX America's Card Authority Written for NEA Service One of t!ic hardest workers for organized bridge in the midwest is Harrj' Lees, of SL Louis. Mo., vice president of the American Auto Insurance Companies. He is a vice president of the American Contract Bridge League, and of the Midwest Conference of the league. He will head the SL Louis delegation to the summer session of the national championships tournament starting July 31 in Chicago. Although Lees is a bridge leader, he plays tournament bridge just for the fun of it. Nevertheless, he *· always in there to take all the match points he can on a board. He certainly collected all of them on today's hand. ! So far as his spade bid i* con- j cerned, I think that Lees has *' theory that if nobody else bids spades, it might be a good idea to bid them yourself. But the spade bid did not stop West from opening the deuce of spades, and that was the opening at practically every table in the room. Also, everybody put on the queen from dummy--that is. everybody but Lees. At all of the other tables East's king won the first trick, the king of clubs came back. And now try to make three no trump! Lees went right up with dummy's ace of spades on the first trick, and led the king of hearts. Why? Because he counted one spade trick, four heart tricks, three diamonds and the ace of clubs--nine tricks, and that was what he made, for a top score on the board. BED BYDER An Invitation AT JAKE DAZLc'S SACK 0OO?, City Softball League Results Testerday Coca Cola. 2; Dr. Pepper, L. \'t\ GLAO TO »?_£ VDii, = r ON' 'VSiDE AN' ntECBXES AND HIS FRIENDS Come On. Betsy Game Today Dr. Pepper vs V. F. W. MOW DO WE TELL WHICH THIS CMS SOUNDS L5WE AW" LQli--OU WAWT TO PASS T-:IS iwrriATioM. OR ViULAS FOR. EACH BIRD, YET' PROMISING-. WHAT DOYOUTH'NJC? WEB_ .., . AMY30DVS SNATCH ON / FSJMS9ON!? AT LEAST YOU KNOW HEM WOMT LIE TOROUGH HER TEETH/ OONTYCU? VIC FLINT A Slight Discrepancy racing commission could not be reached Leggelt's body was returned today to "Washington He lived at Gaithersburg. r.esr the capital. He is survived rv his v idow and a cse-year-old daughter "Xot only did the 'Killer' escape, warden--he had the gall to sublet, -he the place before he left"' j Giants Win From Dodgers I Coca Cola Team Downs Dr. Pepper By 2 To 1 Brooklvn. X Y. Juiv 25 ?American T.pnsue Results Yesterday (Open date^ Games Today "Xew York a* St. Louis -Philadslph.a at Cleveland "Bcston at Detroit "'Washsr.gicn at Chicago *X:gr"t sarr.s nd.nis Of The Tcain- Boston Philadelp.iia Cleveland Xew York Detroit ·5T=,sranr.or. S*. Lcuis Chicago VT 54 55 51 52 3S 33 53 61 Results Yesterday !Xevr Ycrk 13 Srooklyr. 4 Only clubs sc.~. scaled ?ct 600 .596 .556 584 494 .433 315 Taking a 2 to 1 pitching duel from Dr Pepper Monday evening :n. a City Softball League game | Brooklyn's prodigal son. Leo Duro- ln Baker Park, the Coca Cola ntne i cher. returned to Ebbets Field to- ' mo% ed V. F. "W. back into first n.ght and led the Xcw York Giants place. The crucial battle for the to a decisive 13-4 victory over the' !O P round is scheduled this eve- Brooklyn Dodgers, whom he man- nin C TMhcn the Vets meet the Pep- aged for nine jears until his trans- P*"i-es fer across the river 10 days ago Abrecht pitched and hit the The Giant victory, only the fifth Coca Cola crew to triumph. He i in 13 meetings with the Dodgers' held the opposition to four scat- this season sent a partisan Brook- tercd hits and drove over the win- iyn crowd of 33932 fans home ut- ning run in the seventh Morgan i teriy chagrined. The noisy, rabid w alked and advanced on a sac-' Brooklyn faithful had come prepar- nfice before Abrecht sigled to ed to boo their former idol arsd count the deciding tally. taunt their ha'ed interborougn n- Held scoreless for six rounds, vals the Feppenles got their lone tally Instead they sat jn glum silence i" the last frame when Rabbit through mcs-. of tne one-s-.ded Karnsburg homered with none on. game as the GiantS hammered five Trie v rnr.ers bunched two hits in pitchers for 17 hits to make Duro- *he f.fth ;o put the first run across Standing Of The Teams W. L Pet. V. F. W 5 1 .833 Dr. Pepper . 6 2 .750 Coca Cola . 2 5 .286 1 Legion 1 6 .143! FIREMEN AVIX Combining ten hits with six alien errors, the Uniteds won a Municipal Softball League game from the C. and P. nine in Baker Park Monday evening. 13 t^ 4. Kritsings limited the losers to seven hits and his mates gave him air-tight suppori- The score: R. H. Z. C . a n d P . 4 7 6 Un«s 13 10 0 Corum and Mallonee: Kritsings and Kolb. examining a gold florin exactly like | the one Qxoa haa found, Ambler Way/cross I was interrupted by a Knock on his study door. ^GOODNESS, YOUR STUDY IS HARDK "SO CRASH THAN YOU'VE GOT TKE DOWN. OR DO YOU RESEARCH OU SP-AKESPSSRE STANDING OH I WAS -- ER-READING--LOST IN STUDY. PORT XNQX. I CALLED AND PBISCILLA'S POE True Love--For The Beach Radio Program MBS ABC NBC CBS WOK WMAt. WBAI, WTMD TIB *f SIS kc t««0 ke lit kc · :00 -- Xews Report. 15 Min. -- cbc X--=t-*cast Every Day -- cbs ivefwork Silent Hoar -- abc-eait Honr (repeat) -- abc-'fest Xet^-ork Silent 11 hr.)-- tubs-east Kidd:«s Hour (repeat)-- rfabs--Ktst 6:15 -- Sport*: Mu»lc Tim* -- nbe frontiers of Science-- cbs :30 -- Mussc Time-- cbs-*ast. 6:*S -- N»'=r»cast by Three -- nbe Lowell Thomas (repeat 21)-^fcs 7:00 -- 5u7Ier CTub -- abc- The Lewis Sho-^-- -cbs , ffeasz. , * 0SP, p£BSS\ (H 1 Cfcn't ; j j KS.-:L '/ex /. ·^^r !Wk" STM chers first game a; Ebbets tield ir-e =core R. H assed Today 'Cincinnati at Xev. York St Louis at Brooklyn "Psttsburgii at Boslcn "Chicago ct Philadelsh 3. *X:gh: ga-re Standing Of TIic Teams Boston St Louis Brooklyn Fittsbur-h Xe-v York Ph.ladelphia Cir«cinnati Chicago vr. S2 45 45 43 38 L 37 *11 41 42 43 3 49 52 Pet .584 429 in an enemy uniform a y.*eat sue- Ccca Cola 2 cess Dr Fcpuer 1 The G.ants- collection of base _ Ab ^, cchi a ~ d ^en;el. hits included home runs by Johnny arc! ·* ox ilize and Bobby Thomson triples by Willard Marshall and Biil R:e- _, . ,, _ ney and doubles by Whitey Lock- i WO All-Mar man and Buddy Kerr Evcrv Giars; !_,,,,£:» f ;m tne starting lineup get at least Benefit (jraniCS one hit- and drove in at least one run All scored except Kerr The defeat dropped the Dodgers third place, half a game behind the idle St. Louis Cardinals and five and a hai 4 0 L^nhart Two a'i-star softball games have been scheduled Wednesday eve- nine and August 4 at McCurdy' Field to help boo;t the coffers of ! rbeiTnd^ the Clt ^ S °" baU Lessue - Clt ' Leazue all-stars are sched- , league leading Boston Brave« The , triumph left the Giants still in fifth uled to mxi the stron S Mountain- · : place, half a game behind the dalc {ca:n Wednesday evening and , , Pittsburgh Pirates. a County ail-star aggregation w i l l ' R The score R. H E fnce the Clt " Lc ag^e selects on 2 Xew York 13 1? 1 Au r"St 4 Brooklyn 4 9 2 Expenses o f S h e league have LEASE RECORDED ' Jones and Cooper Westrurn Soe. exceeded .ncome. it was explained t Horn and Lowenthal Inc. opera- ' Behrman. Minner, Pahca. Casev and Monday, and the two contests are , tors of Gilbert's.' 7 Xorth "Market! Campanella expected to write oft the deficit in- straet placed on record here Mon-! curred over :he current season. ; day a 10-year lease for the store-L CITATION OUT ! room from Dr. and Mrs. A. Austin' Chicago. July 26 /F--Citation. ' CREAGERSTOVVTi WIJsS i Pearre. They agree to pay S48.0001 Calumet Farm's triple crown win- , Cresgerstown girls defeated 1 *t $400 a month. Milton Horn j ner. will be unable to run in the Thurmont girls in a softball game j preridsrt of tfca corporation, ex-, S90.000 Arlington C'.arsic Saturday, at Thurmont Monday evening, 27 touted the lease for the firm. | Trainer Junmy Jones said today, i to 5 in nine innings, I Fuitoa L»T5s. Jr. -- =sts 7:!5 -- Xews ar.d Comment -- sbc Da-.Iy CoasTeatarv -- abs Xeirs: Dinner Base -- r:30-- The Ro'.Iir.! Trio-- abe J*TTT Wayri* Show -- cs T^in Green Hornet -- abc Xews Comment -- rabs 7:*5 -- Harkn»«t Co-aiaeit -- sbe Xews Broadcast -- cbs Sports Comment -- jnbs *:00-- Mel Torme Show-- nbc Mysterr Theater Play-- cbs Tmjth AsXs Governnjest -- abc Mysterious Trave:er -- tabs 8:15-- "Weekly News Time -- zbc S-3O -- Carmen Ca-raliaro -- r.bc Mr. fird Sirs. North -- cbs America's Town Meeting -- *bc To Be Announced -- mb« 8. 5-- Billy Kos« Comment -- mbs 9.0O-- Th'n Man Drama -- nbc We the People, Guest -- cbs Gabriel Heatter. Comment S:T5 -- News Broadcast -- mbs 9:33-- Call the Police-- nbc Hit the Jackpot-- cb* Berkshire Concert-- abe Lon« \Voif Drama -- mbs 9 -55-- Bill Henry Xews-- mbs 10:00 -- Meet Corliss Archer -- nbc Studio One Drama -- cbs Public Defender -- mbs 10.30-- Th » RoTib^rc Concert -- nbs It's Tojr Business-- abc Danes Orchestra -- inb* 10 :4S-- Labor U S A.-- abc 11:00 -- News, V*ri«ty. 2 hrs.-- cb« " News and Dance B»nd -- abc News, Darce Band J hrs,-- mb« T1I -- N*-*s * Variety to 1-- nbc I2:oo~- doctor Continued-- »be*tr«rt robs LcT OS ,^ C^R? A.T HOSPiTiUTV, ! OTTT OTJR WAT : lip t^x^r^ ^y \ r ^M, i m^rm^^^ I --) | /^Si^iii-iiHii s./g ^^; IV. GUiTTiM' RIGHT \ / NO, OL.' FRA.V !; KO'vV.' xxs L=r ~H' \( ^ D:NJ" THE SCAT DAY NA.ANJ DO AU_ OF )\ Tri^U T.".' LODcSS TH" SASV FAST OF I TCMiCrHT Ai' AM' l£AVE TH' I\ IT A LITTLE ~ EA.SV TCPAr/ DYNSAMrTE- FER -- BORN THiRTV YEARS TOO SCOM ^Z-Sj^j^ .FWSFAPFR!

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