The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 27, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE vovn. TUB HUTCHINSON NEWS W. Y. MORGAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED 1872. Entered R t th« I'aatoi'ric* In Hutchinson, Kan., f»r Iran/'tnlFP Ion through lue mails ae s»>ct>rvl UAM matter. TELEPHONES. UuKlnin8 Of/lcu ....No. 3 Advw tlnlng JK'Vurtliienl No. 3 l*lltuiiRl llooms N«. 103 Kutn.ty lOdilnr No. HD,t TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Daily tdlMui, dtll.ert-,1 by curler to ftliy l^LrL ol Hutchinson, 10 cunts a week. lly mull one ytar 11.00 My mail, fix inuntlia 1.M1 lly mull. IIIIKK uiuniiii) VO Hy 'iwtil, uitu mouth 40 vvi.1i., NCIVH, urio year ..M l.itMHER OK THE ASSOCIATED PHE3S TIKI Assoclatt*! Pleas is exclusively en- tilled lu ihe use lor republication ut all news i:iotlititi in It «r not otherwlso cr«l- ,Lti In tills, paper and IUS*/ tie IOCHI news piil'IIRln'il herein. All rights of ropubllcnllon ot m.eelal Of'M'atclit'H lit'reln are also reserved. Tiie Sidlinyer Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPtCIALISlS Telephone »t. No. 17 North Main Street, Hutchinson THE HUTCHINSON HONORED POVERTY. t'niil tlii' kulsiT'.i KOIII is plain, * ins rii^li' linn nanmlcr. no limn • ha* :iny linlit In in it hit ofswsig * Mill )iHuul. r. ui COUTHO IIV ni ' IMI\.^ uisi* In .save III,.' l(i>pi't'kH ~* .'olil ami ilaniniy lo holp to swat * iin- 'I'l 'iium iiiiavi-, lunl buck tui * I tli-ti 1 f-.'aiiifii.v. (tut li>» wlm salts * Ins- inim- ilnwn lo make nis bank * lull trria'.i-r, whlli! Uncle Stun * tll'nls i-vriy i-rown, will luol< * n.ih-Ji iik" a trailor. YVhrii W'il- * ht-liji Is an also ran, nini his lonK ' .word In msn'il, he'll be it promt * anil happy man who pro\os that " 1 li' 1 is hii.'-n-il. "1 ilu^ up every * ' ci-iu ! had, lm- bunds and stumps * ami lax.'s-, in help tu arm thu sol- * ' iln-r lad with guns mid bailie- * ' axi s." If yon run make a ppiel * Hki- 1 hat when this grim.war is * ' over, ihe pretty j-irls will deck * ' your hni viiih laurel, thyme nntl * ' clover. Perchance some skate * 1 iiiuy ply his Jaws, anil tell us. ' hriiKgiirt hearted, "I am much * ' richer than 1 was before tile war ' ' was slMi'ii 'd." '1'hi n he'll he shun- * nod by loyal men, they'll sliunie * ' him ami dodttasl hiin, and into • ' oilier (iarlviii ss fhen (hey speed- ' ily will i'iii.1 him. Id hate to push * ' m.\self abroad, anil swa.£Kei' * ' 'IDOIIH ilie living, if 1 had made * ' mysell a wad, wiille other men " were givliiK. I'd hate lo flaunt a * ' hefly roll and food on duel; and * ' ices, while oilier men were in the * ' hole ilirotiKh nuikiui; mierifiees. * — WALT MASON. • KEEP AN EYE ON GERMANY. ll will be necessary every move of tlit- Cierman peace-mongers. They are scrr-ainliig for what they . tall pence,' lint what .they are .lak- ing for and what the Allies and the United Stules will require are a.; Inr iiptirt as the two poles. Germany officially declares she wants peace mid is ready and willing and wailing for it- Util what she calls peace has no place in Ihe language of the nations fighting autocracy. Tin* pence terms of the Allied nations and the United States have been laid down, repeatedly, tiermai.y knows them by heart. Germany can accept them or leave tltein atone. When Germany asks for peace, r .s idle is asking in every lwssibfe way, she iLsks for continued lKiwer to tii'i- tiirb Ihe future peace of the world, lo hold Ueliflum, to hold Northern Prance, Al«ace-ljorraIne, I'oland, partH of llussia and lo keep iier arnifi, Germany has been caught Willi red hands, murdering and looting She must be ununited. lVncu that is worth anything mustn't bu the kind thai will give war an opportunity noon again. llon'i listen to what the Germans cull "peace" for it is only an armistice, and she wants that because she- is being slowly and surely beaten to where she cannot ask for peace but can only unconditionally surrender. Tim Gentian brand of peace and the peace the Allied nations and the United Stales are figjulng for are not of ilia same brand. Q Abe Martin Another German statesman makes I lie claim that his country Is winning the war and will win it, but' he asks for pence. What can he ever wan; with peace if he is so cocksure about It; Thousands of HiUg-urlahs u re coming Into the Allied lines lu the llalKans, overwhelmed by the forces against Hiem. These are getting |o he proud days for the Serbians. 1 *fl> l t> 'fl' '4' ' t' <> .! A JOLLY SELL. <j> <t' •»> •>. lly Htith C'iuneron. >* » » r «• *• * • * * '« ", • *• <»• 'i <!• • There Is somelhijig disllnclly humorous lu Hie Indignation which people of I he tBo called) upper clasHea feel on hearing of the money which mechanics mid lay laborers are getting for their work, these days. They seom lo feel positively lusull- <ti when Uioy see "lltoso people riding lu iiuichiues and buying fur coats, ami other wise getting u taste ol the luxuries they have so long been able only to look at from p. distance. Apparently it takes the savor out ot tliclr machines and -.their fur coats, that ''llioae people" should bo able to blive tlietn, too, , , , A wowuu of this tyu#. *w lalliilis At a dollar a clip it begins t' look like we'd have t' wait till llryari's presidint before we git our hair tut. Hal Springer is vlsltin' his aunt here, lie's only twonly-two IUI' on his third Ford. ORE THROAT £t or TonsJlltls, tsrgla with, warm Salt witer then ipfcly-^ ICRSVAPORUB 'm NEW PRICES 30c, 60c, $1.20 (Directory of the Rorabaugh-Wiley BIdg. Elerator icrvlc* day ana nlckt. In me yesterday, "Think of it,".she fulniinaled, "the mu£a7.ine said that the fuiher and wife and daughter all worked in a factory and that together Ihey got as much as.a broker would make. Just Imagine it." Plainly she regarded It as an outrage on tiie decencies that a mechanic's family should have the income of a broker. And yet. the mechanic surely contributes as much to the welfare of society. To say nothing of the fact that his wife and daughter lire contributing all their time, too,—while the broker's wire and daughter probably are parasite. 1 *. Of course the whole thing is a question of supply and demand. Formerly the bruin workers of all sorts, received more than the men who worked with their hands because there were more who could do the manual than the. brain work. Today the, shoe is on the other foot. With the. millions of men going across to invade Berlin, there aren't enough left to make all th,e things the people at home need, phis the Innumerable llilngu the war need. The upper class has always smugly explained small wages to the wage earners by saying regretfully, "We wish you might have more, hut It is a question.of supply and demand." isn't it up to them to philosophically explain at the present situation^ to themselves as yet another exumple of ihe working of supply* and demand? As Ihe hero of the Tree of Heaven said cheerfully, of all his misfortunes and disappointments, "It's a jolly sell."' • • And now just one word to the new. owners of machines and fur coats; Do not forget, the war after the war,— 1 that Is, the terrific economic readjustment suce to come when war''ln- dustries shut'down and > millions.-? of soldiers come into civil life looking for jobs. N'obody knows what Is going to happen lo wag^s then. So don't he close, hut do be provi : dent. Save some of your .dollars for that day. ARCHITECTS MANN A GEROW Room. 721-22. Prions SIM- ATTORNEYS WM. H. BURNETT Attorney at. Law cos n.-\v. »ia«. DENTISTS TTXToNeiir OsntlsL Suits 112.13. Phone WW. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS "^T^STsTE^VA^TT 'MrD! Suits tit. tpeclxl Attention to Eye. Ear, No» and Throat. Cilasae& Accurately Fitted. Dr. Ktla Mundell. JJr. W. N. alun.Uu ORS. MUNDELL, Bulla 121 H.-YV. Dldc I'tions 111111 Q. A. DLA8DEL PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Suits ott. Of/Ice Phons sate. Rss. Phone t74\ DR. LOUISE F. RICHMOND. Suite 621. Office 'phone. 2662W, Residence 26S2n G. A. CHICKERING, PhyslCan-Surieon. : Uea. TeL UUU. Office Tel. S21»W. Suite till. , . DR. A. G. BEALL Physician and Surgeon Special Attention to Diagnosis, < ttoom oQV Phones: Office 33J9W. Ites. 3E«1 Dr. H. D. STERRETT Practice limited to Eye, ear, nose and mroat. Hiwm 50B llumbaugh-Wiley UWK. Phone 2GS0. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE "LTSTDAVH, Lfc4na and Bonds. Room 60/. Pnor. 1U Op«n Saturday Night Until 9 P. M. r Open Saturday Nlflhl Until 9 P. M. ARMY CASUALTY LIST The foNuwinK casiiultlcs arc reported by (fif t-mtitnxu<!i\ug Ui-nvrul ot lhi* American Kxpcdltiwiiury l*'urcf«: KUk'd in action, s4, inl^smt; In iiftion, CT. woumlfd severely, 73; died o( dlHr;, y; diud uf accident Hint other eauBCH, 4; died from \vountfn, &2; wounded illb'liUy, &. Total, ;t0o. KILLED IN ACTION: Lieutenants; , itarry \V. Ciuiy;, CU'velnml, O. ' «.'arl O Oiaim-r, Nt-w York. Aicti Ulxuii Worsitaui, Jlenderaoa, Ky, . Serue.ints: Hairvcy M. t.t.-dwi'd, Itanilleinai), "N. C. .w .iUti '-c Kiu/ify, flinrtina Ferry, O. 'I'liinuaM V. O'Duniivan, New YorU, Kitliard ProcUnow, OBKOBII, Wis. CorporalB*. Albort HfMUsoldi, Haverhill. Mnsg. (.icoiye IWnnuiil itreimur, .Syracuse, N. Y. John J. Kfniu'tfiin, New York. N. y. i.'oinellus 1*. I'luputricK, Iliooklyj), N. ]***vj Iv. KCUOEK, iMountaln Home, Idaho. Josepii 10. Uoylo, lOodtje, Iowa- Nicliulns AllcnrlH, TIIIOM, (..recce.' Chai-livi I- llcaty, lliiladelnhla, Pa. itodimi kewiuz, 'raJiuiron, III. Willi* J. ll.jnnhaw, Mureiirio, ill. fj-uy 10. Moe, UiHiuruh, Iowa. John AKcn, Phtladel^liiu, Pa. Corneliun K. llynn, S. IhMhlehem, Ta. Melle lllilabrant, Amumptlon, ID. John Kirkjiatrlck, Ktaifdid, N. y. W'aJtcr IA-V.UHIH. NanLleoUe, Va. lClmcr II. PaiTt'tt. 8|jciic«i-\'tll«, O. 1^. J. Sainmleh, ChH-affo, 111. Knul W. ThirJ, J J wnd<iu. O. Walter Therm*, Oukuah, Wis. Bugler: K/'anlt Churlna i'tfimm, ZanewvJUe, O. Mechanics: CharleK W. liidbel, UlillUcutho. O. Uarry W. Smith, Laky Bluff, HI. Wagoner: Clif/ord U Ui», Dubiuiuu, Iowa. Cook: I'Jincst t.'mwntdr,' Jet{lco, Tcnii. Privates: -* John K. Acuna, Han Clahriul, Calif. Virgil i,. Adaum, Lowndes, Mo. lU-rman ilelilmydgrf, 4<ittaniiln|f, Pa. John J. itamlor, I'liuton, lnd. Will lain C'. Uuuiin;art ( Chicago, 111, Henry U Heekcr, Krlo. t'u, • •:• -OlmrlvH J.Uanki!i »Khl|). Oludo V(i- *. Willinni II. Itroolut; Carlile, \{y. Joscoh /..utsktitf, Cidcufe'o, ilL WultiT C«ffpry, aprlnj; Oily,-Pa. (.'Jiavleu A. CampUflt, Woodluwn. Pa. JaiiH'8 i*. Carpenter, Uarbtu*. Ark. -IA>«UH if*. Curlier. Sebrinji,, Fla. Ituy 11. lAiUoii, Clinton, lnd. •. ••• Itoln-11 A. (IrcHB. (.'ouneil Hluffu, Iowa, ((curfje W. Kite, I^nuiitalntuwii, ind. Thoinus IVrry Johnson, Norwich,. Ci, . Ket'-Ci' A. Maiden, AWnydan, Vtt. v- 1 Jaimn H- fit over, Jtlrlunouii. V«« * i Ltumird Clnrence Vretlund, lxitilsvlllo', Ky. Thomas Widloiw, Tiiackow, Pu, ' lA-andti- Watford, Slocomb, Ala. Walter L. WelUncr. PuttHiuwn, Pu. Jacob Yottiiiol, Newurk, N. J. Kdwmd C. Awlvisoti, JWMIJIworth, lUaJt. Charlie W. IJtilKiln, Nfcw Itoin«*, 'Wla. VVulter KittwIUiumM, iXjnnlntf, HI. iMwrtnct- W. <irldU , y, Vtlliica, 3owa, uli.s H. Ihulley. Hath, N. Y. CIOIKC 1 l*i 11. Kherldan, Oro. Allen I). UaJllday, Plalnviuw, 111. IClvatKl X*. Jlujnru, pi:cunUi, Jowa. Thomas 14 I Ionian, Wcllavllle, O. Zeveduo Jtnywood. TailuAldga, Ala. J«hn W. lit-jidrlcbflon, Went lI»von f O. William Vincent Kelly, U«>uk1yii, N. V. Harvey Walluco Leutaator, Legmnde, lnd. Tonv V, IxionarU, Bedford, Iowa. WUIUuu Andrew I-ewla, Allantft, Qo, William C. Loohrle, Kansas City. Kani. Connie Ixivo, Ctflumt/lo, Aiu. Dewey M-oAvoy, WuahiiiKton. Iowa, Nathaniel M. McHride. tlasler, Coh). illchtud i. tyJUJIIy. MAJ^re.yoj-, iowa. "• Thomaa * It-' • .TJiunyisop, Montevideo. Minn. .4-.-.-. ^ V ~>; Carl H. Tlmmons,; cihdWatl, O, Kdward Vincent, ClrclevMv, o. ; aohert A. Vu«t. Portuirf Bos Sioux, Mo. Harry VondleiwMtt:' New Voik. .' I'leyn U, Walliicc, WiiHhiinjloil, In. 'Irven E. Parker, White Cloud, Kan. . DIED OF WOUNDS: K L.t. Cruaton. Austin, Train. Sergeants:. • Elmer W. uutlw, Oskosli, Wis, tlltver Oetahler. Wllnon, l'a'. ChailcH C. i.'rube, Duliimui:, lowi. ' Corporals: Cecil W. -POBB. .1/.VUH. fail!.. KUBCIIO Francis Kt-uy. lln>okli':i, -V. ."V. John C. h 'amlii 'non, 'itri*' Haute, lnd, " -i 'faj -ri' C. tfeonhollz, tlenoa Junction, Wis. Josrph G, Rol.crtj;, New" York. Y. 11 Jncoh 1- May lie. I'lilladilphlii, Pa. . . , -, . Jviuslcian: . John It. Turner, Albnqupi'illic, X. M. Privates: ' 1'VJwaril J. CWrliart, lloldlnssford, Minn. Theobald 1\ Cole. Manehe.itc'r, N. H. Kutteiie lilUriilge Cox, Imllan Valley, Vn. Cornelius J. Doyle, Newhuryport, Mass. Nam 1. Fair, Pleueallt HH1 r O: Arthur Dewey I ''arrnn ,l, I^jslle. Mich, l'eter John Feiirs, Belgrude, Nell, fillmore I.. Fo».«, Caledonia, N. D. James w. FrunclK, lJoston.' John «". »ttiil<. Ite<lnlido Hcoch, Calif. Orover C. I-Vederlch, Mayaltck, Ky; Jliiy Orlnatead. Spokane,- Wash. Homer I. llatvkina, WaahingtOn, Iowa. HeiiO' llui'sood, OkmulBee, Okla; • Tonimle lietl. Hrookliinil. Texas. Louta Dupleasitw. Grandislc, l-i. Leo SylvoettT Feiat, -Steubenville, O. Kdward Kraemer, Hay St. Ixiuta, MlSE. William H. McDonald, .ijury, Tcxoc. AthanaslO!, Mlchalortoulaa. T.owcll. Masa. Taltuadife 11. Moure, Pliiludeiphta,. Pn. Walter J'erko,. Scrajtlon, 'Pit. W T llllani Pleper^ Liiverne,' Minn. Edward A. llelnlnnder, Bacramento, Calif. — Itobert Tliorn, Maryavllle, O. i, Prajilt O. Plme, Hcranlon, J'a. John Orenes. y^ennsylvanio. Conrad K. Klefhaber, Urooklyn,. N., V. Voflolla Kraaktopovltch, Mt. Union: Pa. Wilfred Mills, Unity,.Me. Kaymond E. Rice, SprhiBfleld, Mass. Thomaa. J ^hunnon, C^apei-herkeu, Ireland. Wilfred Trolt, Colinmbus, O.' John Unlcke, Nebraaka, City, Neb.:James Whrltenour, SnjlOi Mills, N„ J. tauter W. Johnson, Lycippua, Pu. C.eot'Ko W. Klrby. Petersburg. 111. t William ilobert Lee, Kennard, IniJ. John 8. MacArlhur. Philadelphia, Po. Oenild Anthony Manley, Archbald, Pa. Wlllla MitdlBon Miller. Dubois. Pa. Melvln J. Nunley, Cliucotah, Okla. Rudolph William Padloy^ Rochestor. N. Cljiylon Pooler,' Maryavillo, 0. lloy W. lleno. ijUdlow, Mass. Jamca Robarl Kcarbrough, Ft. Smith, Ark. Harry Schneider. Urooklyn, N, Y, Omar It. Shearer, (tutlirle Centor, Iowa, Wllllniii S, Silver, Woodstock. Me. WtHloy Sward, W'asbinj-toii, c, H.,.Dhlo. Walter A. Tipton, Muskogee, OklaT Royal Dahreni, Hanston, Kansas,. DIED OF DISEASE: Privates: William II Itowman. ulllatioio, MJai. KUb'ehe DHVIH, Florence', S. C. Clarence Dciifon, Aleaworth.yOhla. llavld Mc-tiee, Hardla, Okla. William T. It ItuKglcs, Mui'lot, Okla. Jlurney M. Wunlon. Heardntown, HI. Trula A. iteml. New Kfflntftoii. S. V. Pre/itou lUibltnion, Audemon, S. C, Thomua.A. ityder, 1'lilladelplila, Pa. DIED FROM ACCIDENT AND OTHER, CAUSES: ' SBt Reginald P. Simpson, Bridgeport, Conn. •'•'.- • 'Privates: William II. nropliy, Urooklyn, N'. Y. Aus'lln E. Maiian. Canton, Ot. . Thumas 11, Mitchell. IJIUiiBton, X. C. ,' Harlty PerloOano, Washington, KSB. jl" ' WOU^DEJJ.SEVERELY: K fol. I-evi O. Hrowu. St. Ixiuls, Mo. Geo. W. Hay. Hoiueniet, Pa. Henry W. Neill, WJiIlesprlnrs, Pla. l.oy A . Hege, Emporia, Kas. Wllll.un C. Blurk, Adiuln, Mlcll. Churiea It. IIVIUB, ItU-tmiouu. \'a. Atljvrl Jtuberta: Nashville, Tenn.' 8eroe»n*s: llernai'il per^inaiin, Clib-aso, 111. .Orinen I.,. Iloyer, Vattlahoro, 'Pu. Anthotiy 1'tttrlcK J'Vrliiu/ , NewburBh, N. V. . . Fleming- PraleT. JiovlM.'.Ky, • 8te|ihen W: Jahr;B<in, Cai«br|dg«. Mans. Jauicn M, Swartaul, lltutop, Muim. rjnrllon K. Wilkliu, Allanlu. On* 1-Ycd Stafford. l.1ifa.thavon, 1'tt- Halelgh It. Wall, Henrietta. N. C. CorpQrats; William I'\cd IlotTarii, Alexia, N. C. Israel Ulatt. Urooklyn. N. Y. Samuel It. nourluud, Tcouniseli, Okla. Karl D. Colllngwood, Iflphrotii, Pa, MarH q,,JDufondach, Kunttngburg, Ind, John Kuw, Jr.. Brooklyn, M, V, ::»:- Iliu-old M. McOonaJd. Day City, Mloh. IjepimrtV T. Hvche, Hlllliigs, okla, We \m\ To Meet New Residents New rcsltlpntrt of Hutchinson nrn cordially Irtvltnl (o arall themselves of the exceptionally interested ruetchahdlso Bervlce which this store, Is rendering. The best possible evidence of the unquestioned reliability and sntlarActory service of (his establishment IS the fact that it numbers anions its customers many hundreds ot people Who purchase their merchandise here year after* year with the greatest confidence In our ability as merchants. Grant Us the prlv- llefie of ftlniwinp; yon why we are so sue-, cesstul Of catering to so many satisfied customers. We Want All Little Boys and Girls to . G-UES3 SATURDAY How many miles the Pony tins*traveled that. Is now In our window, adverllslnB: Pony Stockings for Hoys and airls—and Wayne Knit Hose for the (rrown-ilps. He has been nil over America from town to town, being exhibited In hundreds of windows ntid has traveled hundreds of miles. , As Saturday Is no school day—come down, take a •peep in the window, and (ell its Just how many miles you think this l'ony has wandered. We are going lo glte $3.00 IN GOLD to the little boy Or girl tinder 12 years of ago who guesses the nearest to the actual distance. These Childrens Coats and Dresses are Good Now-and for Wear Later On All the charming velvety and wooly fabrics that look so well.on children have been made up for (is-into delightful coats for the llttlo ones to wear this Kail and .Winter. Wo recommend your attention to the o xorllent values described Iifilow— Wool Serge Middles—$6.95 l>arl; blue wool Middies, slip over style with'a' big sailor collar, full sleeve and a 3-Inch hem at bottom, trimmed with two rows of braid around collar, pocket and sleeves with silk lacings to match. Red or white trimming. Sites HI years to ii. Children's Serge Dresses—$5.00 Dark blue, nil word serge, higli waist, pleated skirl, lias the collar and cuffs made of a plaid silk, fancy buttons front, belt and pockets. Sizes 0 In 12'years. Children's Serge Dresses—$5.95 All woo! dark blue serge, short, waist with "a bipt box pleat on each side, full Pleated skirt, wide belt, pockets; lias a big.detachable collar of white pique, two rows ot white"pearl buttons down frortt. Sizes 14 years. Children's Coats—$5.00 and $5.95 1 Oood v/flrm coals in silk valour, snug fitting neck, belt, pockets, fnncy buttons down front, block or colors. Sizes to S : y(iirs. . i- Chlldren'B CoatB—$7.95 Silk Valour, lined throughout, snug- fitting netk, a!! around belt, pockets ami a wlflj 1 turned buck cuff Also a Kond velvet corduroy made .same t-tyle, colors <u'"-b!iu:k. Sizes ro 11' yenr*. Children's Coats—$9.95 Heavy jelose napped silk velouv. good llniOK. good width skirts, large or'small/collars, eltbclr one will fas- ton up snug at jtcck; bells, fancy pockets ajnd buttonjirimiiHcl," bluck or colors.' Sizes to tZl yours. ".V K Millinery at Popular Prices The Millinery, designers havo ox- celled themselves this year, producing some of the most beautiful creations at a very reasonable price that has ever been exhibited. Our showing ot the new styles is so complete that you will certainly find a hat to your liking. Many pretty Hats at 5 $12,50 $15,00 Our Millinery Work Room is Fnlly Equipped with competent designers—nntl will develop nny fancy that you may su«- gpflt. Just now they am designing some very pretty scarf sets, to your order—to match the hat.. ' : Siyle 3022 HE NEW GOATS -* v ' so distinctive in^tke character of the c\it and style that they : establish a new standard in designing. Designer's skill has been taxed to the utmost to produce smart, conservative styles, hence; the straight line effect and popularity of fur collars. These conserve the Nation's wool supply—Fashion being patriotic-} endorses them for Fall. A variety of most approved models make the selection of your Fall Coat a pleasure, COATS AT $25.00 Materials of camel's hair Burclla elotli—u .material extra ',.warn,and : heavy, well tailored. Every seam tailored and bound. Tailored belt finished with tab effect at back. Lurye convertible ..collar of beaver. doth, (.'an bo worn close to neck or opeiij The large patch' pockets and belt ;iVe trimmed •Avitlj large buttons. -J A FINE BROADCLOfH COATV of P. & H. Broadcloth, slraight'line* model,, slot pockets, pretty-belt shaped in back, large convertible collar of inlaid black silk plush, cuffs, collar and belt trimmed with plush buttons, "full lined with sol satin. In colors oi: tQR black, taupe, brown, plum, navy. j 'PV COATS AT $39.50 One pretty model of taupe; material of PiureJla cloth. A belted model, beautifully lined with fancy silk: lias large shawl collar and wide cuffs of taupe }jrey 'Kid Oouey'fur. The. coat is ornamented, with handsome bone buttons. See This PRETTY COAT at $47.50 % '"'il^oWlf Pek% gli&M flic ma- 1 terial is^all'Wbol 'Velotirr'The Coat is' full lined with fancy satin, designed on « loose lines: and held at the waist by«-a belt which loops through in front in butterfly fashion. Has shawl collar " ! and:wide band euft's b.f nutria ^r/whiclu adds greatly'to the beauty of this coat. Good Value in Boys' School PANTS Bo^s' Knickerbocker Pants—$1.95; 'f'i . ; We have just received a splendjd?".a6- ; sortment of boys' school pants, Pull euti;and made of heavy strong cloth in both gray and brown mixtures, also a heavy brown corduroy made full and sewed with best of thread. These are real pants for 1 real bo^s. Sizes 5 to 14 years. h '!• '•"it••''"• Boys' Knickerbocker Khaki Paints—$1.00 A good heavy khaki pant, full cut, long blouse at knee, large front and hip pockets and well made throughout. A good pant for fall school wear. Ages 5 to 14yeftrs. Good Shoes for Lively Boys and Girls Children's gun calf r high cut, button'* Shoes. Nature last, good^'solid 'COM'' leather soles, 8% to, ll^.i .... V*' 0 * ' Misses gun calf high cut lace Boot.Sj«. Mature hist, mat kid tops; good looking serjj •viecable school shoes; t-lflfr ¥> to 2, Special , .•»•«« ^Growing Girls', gun Shoes, high cut lace top, English last. f9 7IJ 2'/j.to7; special * J ''^ Children's vici kid first step Shoes iiif button or lace styles; tl Rfl -spring heels; 3 to 8.,...., '* 1 " , H| sThe Curtis Store C0 .5 James Oibbons, Oeknloosa, la. 'Albert AsuadorU Hurley, tonia. Mich. Xaruld T, llushtu, Biooji, Maine Jumcs l^oar, London, Ohio. Davis W. Shaffer, Bolivar, Ta. llobert JJ. Bnuw, Spokane, Wash. Andrew It. Soffer. Oskaloosa, lowu. Bugler: William C, Jones, Doreoater, ilttss. Wagoner: Alexander J. Stlekor. HalJwaj', Jtlch. M««h»nle: , . ; MUhai'l Gustanm, Scronton, Pi. Privates: OonzaJo Acuna, tihlhuabua. Mexico. .' locator J. Jiallerd, Somerville, li1a«e, John D. Klcxc, Chlcaeo, 111. amuol K. Busx, Amnoy, Minn. ", llnrold J. -Cunningham,. l«*os3, Okla. Nleli »e *'rauk, Chicago Helchte, Ol. Oix-tfory Fltscerttd. Alexandria. 8. D. Go.urife'.'VVIlllttm Franke, Keodtne*, fe. " J antes f,. Oandy, :KlHt3od, lnd. .... Anselo tlrU'KO. U'lltft-boirgb. 1'a. Ned ilick«, ItohWns, Tenn. ' .T. lliines, fit; Louis. Mo. Itobert Jutobs, 1'ellon. 8. <:, l'loyd B, Johnston, I'Ant'O,. Wash . Ceorgo \V. Klein, Iron Mouiimln, 'Mich. Tiieron W. J^oper.' J^ibdiU, Ml«s. Druco BUrotte Martin. Hiidtlivulo, Co. Thomas. May. Jaekgoi,, Ulc-h.. «iar|« Mislatii Hollo Valley, Ohjo, John-J, Morris, Walden, Hi* Y: l^iwson 'P, MuOilay, Tayloravllle, N, C. UenJiunliijS', Oliver, Washington, D. C. Nicholas G.'Parlv. Byiacuae, N. Y. notion K.l'arls. Winston Salem, N. C. Wilbur A. IHuteil. WaetUoBton, IX 0. , Anthony John Mlthopky, Leavenworth, Kas. Joseph DT Porter, Wllkesboro, N. C. Obarlw .o: il«llly. »leknell. Ind. Blwin A. 8eplblii(, WlddiWOwn, Coiui. tlewitu W- Sc.huslfi, I'otUvllIe, Ptt. William »• Wllaou, SUtkwmut, Ark, Hubert O.-WltinWi, PottsvUle, WiUUm M., Wvatt, N*?tw«>4. fiSfl, Joiiepli Boylo, St. l-out», M».' *^ Jcs«e p Brown. Ktoira, W-'Y. >, AlotUR) T. CwvW , «tev«r»yl«». W Y- Carley Campbell, Collins, Mies. r Josopli C. Chlnnar, Blyria. Ohio, a Cecil Comes, Sheiutndonh, V»; >> Jesse G, Stanton, Wakeeney, Kas. K WOUNOEP SLIGHTLYt, i' Lieutenant; s Chnrles D, Baker, New York, N. Til Sergeants: ..... v James Sheridan Vincent Maihpye, Brooklyn, N^Y, Privates* David Moltserl, New Y4rk,.tr^Y,'j * Kenrietli Unsay Head, 4Jllwa«H»l», Wis, Charles K. Wellcr, Talladetta. Al». MISSINO IN ACTION: V Lieutenants: John Iledfield, Moiilolalr, N, J. ••' Sergeants; , Clarence J. P. Davidson, Torentitm, ^a, Walter It. liuiwi, 'i'aientum, P*.' Vincent J. Molnernuy, l'lttuburgh, Pa. .Edtvard I''. Vearsloy, PhlJaUelpbia, P». Corporals: . . v. Frank P. Gasklll, Holmes, Pa. Junes A. Kenuoy, Knoxvillc, Pa. Itobert M. Knox, Cluster, Pu. George K Lynch, Klngwood, W, Va. John McElwce, Chester, Pu. > Howard Clark Miller, Went Mtduletown, Pa. ' • Philip M. Norbcck, C'olllngdale, Pa. Oliver M. Straseer, Pltlaliurtrli, Pa. , Joseph \V. Holutuui, Bootliwyn, Va. George W, Wright, Moorem, 4'a. * ' Bugleri George W, Lynch, Moore, Pa. Meehanfe; C?iorlee T, AngellB, .PlitBbujrgh, Pa, J Rrlvatesr ISdward M. AIOBH. I}ochcxter. N. Y. Stanley Ilagor, Cnlcopee, Mass. Howard II. Baker, IlouicnUad, Pa. Qulnto W. Bartall, Uoranton, Pa. Walter JJaw«r»kl, .-.„,„..,... T , gh. Pa, John M. Bcirds, tejciinaoa, ^Mlob. John U-Blnkley.-Oxtord, Pa. • • Ooorge ir. Blake,Home, N.'Y, WlUtam Br&|BMiell,.W«»bur«b. Pa. v ' o. Bdward N. Burns, Philadelphia, pa. Hoy Clack, Dowjicr, N. J. , . nayinbna 1 William Clemcna, Defiance, Kobcrt M. Cole, California, Pa. Orvul G. Corhln, Garrett, Ind. Georgo J. Coyle, Philadelphia, Pa. Clifford D.ivlutoii, Miles City, Mont, Koy LVDavidson, Wolden, N. Y.­ Dayton D. Dcwltt. i^lendsvllle, Md. Joseph Po«lo, Now York, jjL ' John W. Maherty. Wlnoliester. Maas. •William J, Fox, Philadelphia, Pa. Ko>> M. Oliigrey, Hope, N. D. Charles C, Cloldilian, Chicago, III, Charlea W. Gott, E, Syritcuse, -N: Y. Behuylor M. llane, Orent Falls, Mont. William Hockinan, Accident, Md. Herman IJoechstottar, Iltteburgh, Pa. Blako u„'Jfolmea, Norfolk, VaT Vials Huser, Heme, lad. Ignace Kaqimarck, Clevclaivl, Ohio. . .&beattM.,I{emeror, Wxport, J> . Om V. L«wci« PRrkeraburg, W. >». John MoOee, Montgomery, lnd,"- Joseph Melnlyre, Philadeljihla, Pa. Grover C, Mahoney, Wonburffi Kla. Sorortaa M Mnkos; Worcester,. Mass, Autoulo Manfredl, Cloveland, Ohio. Karl D.'Mann, Jtclmoiivlllc, Tranqulilno Martinez, Kelly, N. M. Michael a. Masley. Temple, Pa. Charles J'. Meek, Oravlgsftprg. Pa, Mormon Joseph Mltcboll, PTiiladelfhlo, Pa. — Thoinaa P. Morrlaaey, Woicester, ^laas, BELL-ANS Absolutely Removes PROFESSIONAL CiUl^DS. FHYgiciAN*. H.SJREVOORT.iD. , Practice Umlledlo f Office Treatment a* >-•*•' Chronic Diseases Elimination-and Dlasaosls Trm. IM Waat-^lrat Bl „ Iluulin.on, KTHMU' McVAYiLIVERY TAXI-BAGGAGE * Phoneme, Oopostie Convention Hail. ~r— t vy?*"' TESTING EYES AND FITTING ;,, SPECTACLES *j ll our •peclalty,-/price. rea*g|kkl«; gecgrato tervlce. ™" Over Commercial NktigMl B»nk. T Phope 3369. Rate William* CITY V(8ITIN6 Ny »H|,

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