Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 25, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1961
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

iuesoay, July .2$, 19,61 Cabinet Member CARNIVAL H O r t i I A K . H O H k , ARKANSAS PLASH GORDON Page Fift ...... .,-'..- i. i.itn'••'-" By Dick Turner ---«=;*» •y Dan tatty ACROSS Itl.S. Cabinet member, J. Edward 4 He commanded 3, sub chase? in Die South Pacific in - War It received a degree from Harvard 12 Malt drink , 13 Prince 34 Open (poet.) . 15 Babylonian : deity ! 16 Four-parted (comb, form) J 17 Golf mound i 18 Vendors ! 20 Eerie ; 22.Bitter vetch ', 23 Couch I 24 College heads DOWN 1 Pecks 2 Nautical t«MH .3 Shout 4 Sprinkle* 5 Sheave* 6 Rots flax 7 Brythonie sea god' 8 Draftsmen 9 Louis Marie Julicn Viaud 10 Mimicker 11 Obnoxious plant 19 Smooth 21 Dutch City 23 Farm building 24 Darling 25 Italian city 26 Genus of ducks 27 Peel IT'S SPARKS, SIR/ Y SEE IP £>U HE SENT AN 5.0.5. START Tn — DIDN'T HAVE I BEACON TIME LEFT TOSrT INTO HI5 SUIT' 1 •mother , 31 Theow : 32 Vehicles 33 Anger 34 Indonesian o£ Mindanao 35 Dawn (poet.) 30 Fruit decay 37 Renovate 33 Eats sparingly 40 Native metal 41 Cognizance 42 Northern general 45 Grew smaller « t one end lawaiian. wreath 50 Idolize 52 High card 03 In addition 54 Flaxen cloth 55 Her 56 Female rabbit 57 Exhaust &8 Seed container SET,.. INTO SPACE- V 't SUIT,,, AIR,,, ALMOST 42 Happy 43 Nevada city 44 He was an to Stevenson in 1949 45 Musical quality 4G Grate 47 Reverberate 48 Act 51 Immerse 28 African river 29 Allowance for waste 30 Hardens 32 Center 35 Humans 36 Flexible shoot 38 Weight unit 39 Rely 41 Girl's name °>^-\.. By V, T, HomliR ALLEY OOF MUST ADMIT THE POOR A..ANP THE COMMANDER, IT WASN'T \ THINGS / TAKINGOF TOO DIFFICULT TO WIPE I DIDN'T I FEW PRISONERS OUT THOSE STUPIP / HAVE A EARTH CREATURES A. CHA-.NCE..X IDE^ TOO ,eoi t-r u/urs / YvriTi inr- \ -«-x COLUMN? / WHOLE REAR « V MK-^mr-NrA. ECHELONS / U 0 By Leslie Turnei CAPTAIN EASY (E) 1961 by NE», Ine. T.M. R»f. U.S. P«t. Olf "My Pop? He's in the other room listening to the news!" SHE HASN'T RCPORTSP IT TO THB^f I WILL DRIVB 50 THEV CM POLICE,,, 50 MAYBE WE'RE IM TIMBl )i QUIMN HA5 VOUR AREA TO SET .ur u,l,.7N< EEP 0l)T OF SIGH1 " ON TH& ' WE MUST \WAV T/I MAino AVII A'c unuci ESCAPOP? ;THE PLAUT FUNDS HE .,, HOPt'WE CAN GET IN) HER STUDIO HID.,, AND WlflNT CON TACT 1H6 JLlCftRO FAMILY i ALRfiAPV .OPEN THE BAG Of NICKfL OMDE AND FIND NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN By Nodine Seltier SWEETIE PIE By Kate Osann PRESCRIPTION DEPT. f,i i.y m:>, IMI. T.M. ii.i;. uu. I'm, cil By Chic Young /'" THAT —N ( POOR LITTLE ) Mosqurro s ^ •qsMVAj .'<^c^\^ r-. By Al Vermetf PRISCILLA'S POP \P A BEAR SWALLOWS YOU, HOW WOULD I GET IT BACK? >' ( ON -SECOND > TWOIJC3-WT r I'D NOT/ WHAT.' I'LL LET YOU WEAR MY LUCKY MEDAL WORRY VOU CAMPlNlCS- PRISCILLA "It wouldn't do much good to burn the pictures—they still have the negatives'" ffi 1961 br NCA, Inc. T.M. B»J. U.S. P«l. Olf By Galbroith SIDE GLANCES I'm trying to decide whether or not to have a banana split 1 . FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosscr BUT INE GOT A X FUNMY FFEUNfi THAT HE CAN OUR EVER./ J By Frank O'Neal SHORT RIBS HIDE AM> StfK? MOW COULD HE HEAI5_ THROUGH THIS THICK with Major Hoopla OUR BOARDING HOUSE By J. R. Williams OUT OUR WAY MORTY MEEKLE "If mine's a boy, am I supposed to kiss him or shake hands with him?" By Dick Covolli AFTSR ALL-, I HAVE eOME RIGHTS. FRSEOOM OF-SPEeCH 16 ONE OF THE BAeiC TENETS OF A I'M GOING TO TELL- IT/ <30 ANVHOW, HAD A LOVSty YOUNG LWJGHTER, AND GO THIS TRAVGU NG <SAL56MAN... I GUE66 FREEDOM OF APPLY TO PARROV3 FINiew THAT JOk£ By Wilson Scruggs THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE WE CM DO WHAT WE WAKIT TO, BECAUSE THEKE AKE MO WOMEU TO BOSS US/ LET'S KEEP IT W SOKRV, MR. BUT I'M MAKKVWQ COLLKN/ DIRK, HARPER ISLANP COULD BE RE-WAMED PARADISE. IT'S AS BEAUTIFUL ASA PICTURE POST- '/// '' / ?./ &&*" ^W5*?Sf »«teiM P^fww* ^fisS^hffi^ ^1 sas?^ s • •:.*-• ' ^>*^ij; • --'.. > • ? r v\ -w vr .-?& ^.^••,1 PW 8 HEROES ARE MAOE -WOT BORM j.B.wl"L?A^. & AHEM-' PLEASE\ T6LLTHEPRES- J! OF LO\AJ RECORDS tMAT MA'^OR AIUO5 B. HOOPLt'iS / - - - - ,AW,VOO MIGIAT ADD THW X'Ve /C THE ITEM HE'S BfifiM " IT YJlLL ASSURE LAMI5H . .. TK& STOCti|-\OLTDER'5/ / _ - X('( IS 7 /V\A30R MOOPLE, DID VOLJ SAY? HOW STRAMG6 THAT Mf?. HUMM DlDrA'T LEAW& VOUR NAME WITH ME-/~~ WELL, IF '' fAmi^G FOR ITEM.VOU'D IN/ BUGS BUNNY BARBERSHOP

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