The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 10, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1934
Page 3
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FKIDAT, AUGUST 10, tt34 TOE PAJUS NCW3» ,A. Santa. Cruz. CaJL. coo tractor lias equipped his wheel barrow* with pneumatic tire*. Washington, I>. C-, socialites are often naodels for dress establishments. NOTICE TO WATER i COXSHMERS j Water bills must be paid on or > before August 10 in order to secure ! the 10 per ceut discount. j Superintendent of'Water Works-1 May Modify Crop Setup A. A. A. Plans Curtailment Of Its 1935 Reduction Program SUREBEST CLUB LOAF .The choic<> of discriminating: housewives for sandwiches and for picnic use- Baked by Southwett Baking Co. E. C- Gantt. Mgr. Th* cJbtajoge In plan* would be only temporary. DroutA -warn th* reason. Th* scourge of aridity nas continued to harass th* farmer since the report for June predict*d -wheat, oats and corn production as far [ below normal. your factors prompt the AAA. to consider lifting the acreage program for next year: 1. Short supplies will cut last WASHINGTON, (£*)—The AAA's j year's carryovers down to about i far-reaching program of crop re- 1 normal. J auction is expected to be abandon- j 2- Officials appreciate the pos- i _ . . , , 0 ,, I sibility that political opposition i ed in part for 1935. I . . . ./ . ! I might grow it acreage reductions I An announcement to this effect | were continued in the face of low- awaited as a result of the I er supplies and high prices. Food Market Advice July report on the conditior of the nation's crops, due Friday. SATURDAY SPECIALS AT Pure Cane SUGAR, 10 Lbs. Red Fitted 2 No. 2 Cans CHERRIES King- George TEA, Flowery Orange Pekoe 1-4 Can Large NAVY BEANS, 4 ibs.. . MATCHES 6 Log Cabin FLOUR, 12 TOMATO JUICE, 3 Medium O^%0 Cans AV y Sliced PINEAPPLE No. 23* Pea- Pure Whole Grain berry COFFEE Lb. Package . Perfection COFFEE, Package For Lb. MEAL, 10 Lbs in Paper Bag- . . RICE 4 Lbs- Market Specials Loin and Round Steak, (b.... 15c Pocket Pork Chops, Lb 20c Milk Fed Fryers, Lb, 18c English Style Sliced Bacon. Ib. 23c Hot Juicy Barbecue, Lb 25c That Good K Chili. Lb. 10c Oleomargarine, Lb. Package . 15c Plenty of Infertile Guaranteed Eggs EAST SIDE MARKET SQUARE 3. Another year of drouth in 1333. while not expected, would require use of all acres to maintain supplies at normal. -4. Damase to next year's wheat * and plentiful. IT you like to eat peach**. p*ach shortcake, peach ice pickled p*»ch«y w feraadied mow is th* tim* to buy them for present and futur*. use. There wuJ be practically no fail pe*cnes. BARTLETT P E A RS are fairly cheap and plentiful, a delightful fruit to eat out of hand or In »alada. Seedless GRAPES are low in price and are veil liked in fruit cup*, salads and jellied desserts. Fresh PRUNES ar* beginning to come into market to supplement plums and both of these fruits are delicious stewed or made into cobblers and trait podding* of various, kiads. HOXETDEW MELONS ar* much less plentiful than they hav« been and are high in price. CANTA- tions, possibly bringing a number of crops under a single, contract, and making benefit payments, wil! continue -whether or not the cuts actually are executed. crop is already .beins predicted. | JSffS. g?fwa nearby?«r. coming Some officials point out that ploxv- | to m^dtet a^d „« both delicious and ing: for winter wheat should b*» | <£^>d»rt>*ly priced. WATEBMELONS under way soon but preparations! continue good in quality and compar- are impossible in the dust. 1 atively Urw in price. . . • Supervision of production will } Whit* A Tellow Sweet Cor* rientifnT not be abandoned next year. The { __ _^ ™^^« ', ^ ^-ste™ o t cont^cti^ for « a uc- [ ^gSSS-SSriSE low varieties la market at tow cost. Green LJlCA BEANS to make succotash are still high and scarce, though a little less so than last we*k. If you must have succotash at any cost, canned or dried Ifcras may he used in place of fresh ones. GREEN BEANS ar* satisfactory in quality and price and ar* probably the best green-colored vegetable available. .CARROTS and BEETS are plentiful and cheap. CABBAGE is somewhat higher but still «ry reasonable. CATJLJFLOW- ER la high, and GREEN PEAS. also. SPINACH is scare* and fairly expen- stre for this usually low-priced vegetable, which flourishes most in cool weather. SUMMER SQUASH and EGGPLANT deserve to b* mot* popular than they are. Both are plentiful •aid cheap. POTATOES are -r*ry cheap and of a good size to bake aad CHEAP MEAT IN PRICE ONLY MT3CE1> SAUSAGE, JUb. RIB STEW MEAT, ra>. CARD, CHUCK ROAST. JL-b CHUCK STEAK, NO. 7 STEAKS, 25^ PRIME TUB ROAST. I>b. ROUXI> STEAK, Lb- STEAK, LOIX Lb PICNICS, Hockless. LK . GEM XUT OI/EO. Lb. 15* 16c Assorted I--unch il *• a z. s, Cheese, Barbecue. Home- Balved Kaans. Fr>-ers, Hens, Shrimp HAFHERS MARKET 3S Clarksville — ^Ptoone 2102 Canned Goods Are Selling It will pay you to call us for prices as -we will save you money on your grocery purchase*. SUGAR '' 53 C ..':• 55 C LN CLOTH BAGS SNOWDRIFT 6-Lb. p«a 69 MALT Bine Ribbon. 3~U>. Can, POTATOES or White T 10 Lbs. 2O TEA i-4-Lb. 10 No. WESSON OIL Qoart Can SALMON Tail Cbxim, Can 10 SOAP Palraolrve, 6 SALT 25 Tab!* HONEY I-Lb. Block 15 FLOUR Carnation 4S Lb*. Sp«c- ia?. 4« Lbs. scoco S-Lb. Carton 69 COFFEE Morning Bracer, Lb- pkg. 2O ROAST Be«f oc Lb. 10 BUTTER Creamery, Lb. 28 PEACHES Dried. 2-Lb*. . . PICKLES Dill or Sour, Qt. Jar ... STEAK Any Cot, Lb. 12 BACON Dexter'* Sliced, Lb. 23 Not Too Uitle For Not Too Big For Uttfe Ray Hamilton (FANKIN DAIRYMEN ! REGISTER CATTLE { — _ I Relief Head Expects 3.SOO Head to Be Bought In County FARM WOMEN TO MEET A!' tn good condition for •n*»hi T> g TOMATOES aad CUCUMBERS ara cheap and plentiful. Iceberg LETTUCE is 1 very high, but native Boston head j lettuce is cheap and good and to be ! recommended for all but the longest | SllOOt and Kill Parkmit _ » Lot Man — Macy dairy «=« A „*„„:« ?hav * roistered their cattle for sale »«** AUtOttlO under the federal distress plan Lamb Price* DOWB— Beef StUI High LAMB im comparatively low-priced again after weeks of very faigh'prices. Modest budgets can indulge in shoulder chops or roasts, neck slices, breast or shanks; and less limited purses may purchase chops and roasts from ^ rith Ed 2> - Steger, member of the [Texas livestock Sanitar? com-sis- f sionf witfe neadqaarters here. Oth_ 5 i era have registered with County SAN AXTONIO. <£>) — Two daring: [ Agent Young. Mr. Steger made a car thiev «s. who police believe j trip to Fort XVona to procure an be Raymond Hamilton and I appraiser and veterinarian. The j^ companion, were sought in south j price ran^<?s from S3 for calves to ; Texas Friday after they shot and I ?-0 for cows. PORK are moderate!* priced. j killed a parking lot attendant in S L^ K. Crawford, head of the re| the. downtown . section here. j lie? administration of Fannin coun- | Shortly before midnight the two \^>'- said probably 3,300 head would | men walked into the lot, entered be Bought in the county, to be as- COLD CUTS will be popular for an- I a machine and started to drive out. Ambled f or shipment here, at other rcoath at least and"these meats ' LeRoy Augustat. 25, lot attendant j Honey Grove, Leonard and La- are quite reasonable in price, and be- | was shot to death as he ran"along- j donia. All stock will be fed at the cause there is no waste and they are j side the car attempting- to d«» f '«"sd ! cx ?* en se of the relief adrninistra- sliced thin they are economical to , his customer*s automobile jtion. serve. Veal, pork and various corned \ ' "-" i As the dry weather has had «na=d smoked meats are also enjoyed \ Tne car stoiesi was one similar to ? +la ofT -«. t 0 - , he --««-*, of Tn v« cold as. well as hot. FOWL is low in the ^~P e used by Hamilton in pre- j^ 0 ~ n Vra^t Th t" *- -"'1 b ' price; and cincken fricassee and vious escapes. It was found aban- S7_ * e s """ v>1 ~ chicken pie are popular in samrner as <Joned several minutes later after well as jellied chicken, cold 811066" 1 the men were forced to ^e- on foot chicken and chicken salad. 1 because of tire troubl* ~ FISH, tarice a week, helps to keep the budget down and fish, like many f Augrtistat died before he could of the meats, is good both hot and joive police a description of tfae cold. Salt water fish ar* plentiful and ! men. Frank Mauley, taxi driver, as !cw in price as weather conditions und the first to reach the dying: permit. man, said he saw one man at the DAIRY PRODUCTS are being serf- } tvhee! of the car and the other on the running board, attempting to enter it. ANTLERS, Ofcla^—Farm en's clubs of the county ir*.t» feoif a picnic here Saturday »t th* park, starting at 30 o'clock* cotince<t Mrs. George Invceav Demonstration Agent. Each, of to* 11 clubs will present a part on ma all-day program, which -win b* climaxed with a lecture by A. X. Monosmitli. Assistant HonictUtttr- ist of the Oklahoma A. &. 33L Cot- iege at Stillwater. whose talk i» to be devoted to fall sardenmg. A, general invitation has. been extended to every farm woman ta th*. county. BUY SUREBEST SLICED BREAD It"? X>ated to Insure Its. Being Fresh Baked bv SOUTHWEST BAKING COMPANV ously affected by the hot, dry •weather and higher prices must be expected in the near future. Here is a menu" made up from foods our "experts consider seasonable. Baked StuSed Breast of Lamb Browned Potatoes Green Bean» Com-on-the-Cob Sliced Tomato Salad Sread Butter PeaeS Shortcake Co2ee (hot or iced> *This nenu tested a=.d tasted in fiie A&P Kitchen. Oklahoma to I Two Classes SeU Catdei Of Poultry FORD ? S ACADEMY GARDENS RUINED FORD'S ACADEilT — The j continued drouth ba.s rained most all crops and gardens. Some of the farmers are cutting corn and. saving all food, stuff possible, "V^"a- ] ~er is getting scarce both forj drinking and stock. j Mrs. Eunice Ford and daughter, i Xorraa. Lou. left Saturday for aj visit at Snuls, Tesas. j Mr. and Mrs. Cannle Golden of [ Hngo,, Mr. aad Mrs. Ellas Smith of Poweerly, visited hers on Sunday. Elmer Jenkins of the- C. C. C. camp at Bonharn, spent the week end nere. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Jenkins of Applications of Owners Be- ! Farm Flocks Will Not Com- j Dallas, are Tisitins here, ing Accepted By Agent | pete Against Poultrv- j At Antlers I Fanciers 1 WHAT TEXAS i WAKES MAKES TEXA TEXAS' OWN S1IG4R Okla.: — ^Applications j Competition for poultr:.* s.-7rards i of cattle owners of Pushmataba I in the Larnar District Free Fair, to \ county are beinsr accepted, by { be held September ~ to S. trill be Clark "Wassoa, in -. cliarse of tfee j in t?ro divisions Tvitb eacti fiiTis- government emergency drouth re- 1 ion competins only against en- lief program, triio "w^sa to . sell ! tra.nts of Its o H wa class, it lias tiieir stock meet. . The government BflFEUJflY 5TDRE5 o the federal govern- two classes of cattle, one condemned to be killed and the other, those to be shipped. The resriila^- tioTu relating: to condemned cattle, holds that owners are at liberty to. co .as they •wish, "with the exception. O- re-selling. IMost etrs are killing those c by inspectors while those selected for shipment will bs held our and shipped, some to packers others to more favorable sections. The g-ovemrnent is paying: ss high as 512 tor two-year-olds: S1Q for • yearlings, and $4 for calves, in th« condemned class. The- cattle to be shipped are- brisking" $13 to ?20 for two-year-olds; fli to ?15 for yeas-ilngs, -and $5 to ?S for cal-res. been announced folio-K^ns: a meet- ineT of the poultry division of th© ts ptirchajting I fa:r. John M. Fiirey is head of his PERSONALS ifrs. Claude Clark of Petty, is patient «x the aaairarium of Paris- JL be- classes w-ill bs farm flocks and fanciers* flocks. "Rrith. a/r^ajrds in each division. In the farm flocks division, however, ribbons only will be awarded, in all divisions of competition except to the winners of prizes for the best | flocks in the show. - A cash a.Trard I of ?S will t>e TTisds to th.s winuer } a.nd ?2 to the ! In th° fanciers' competition. | cash p-rises trill be a^varced to | first an-i second plaes •wirners In I sit divisions. A flock in the- farm- I ers classification has been defined -.- as six hens ana a rooster: in ths fanciers* division-as rwo hens and a roosier. Xo entry -s-i" be c-harged !n the farxn flock section, it was decided, in order every farmer in ths | TSn'ries TV:!! b« ciiar~ed *n the open ccrnpezi-ion jt:st ss in trie past. A. T. Mo-Slfn of Snrever>ort. L.a.., be the iadsre at -'ne shc-w. ^•illle .TTard. of 45 West Sherman street, is _at the Sa.r.:tariuni of Paris for treatment;. Charlie. McShane ha.3 returned to Paris-and is staying at the Gibraltar hotel. X«-X^r ' I student at I College in iS 1 their r Mrs. Kussell Roberts •*:!! lea ! Friday afternoon for I>a!!as for few dsys visit. Mrs. Andre-w- Jenkins >rho has beers a. patient at the I«Ln:sr hospital, returned to her home :- Deport Thursday. M,rs. J". K. Jchnson. of Houston is here for a x'isit "with her caver ter, Mrs. Pat Lew!? on I,2~sr Mr. aid Mrs. Nat Troy and three children have returned t^ their howe in Eufala, Okla.. after a '.->?:?. here with their fjsrnil'es. Mrs. J. B. Ingram has returned to her home. 449 Bast Bccth Mreet. after haxinj: been a patient a: the Sanitarium of Par!?. :n r>HT1as. and Mis vi?. •^•ho has been 3 e- O<ls.horr.a. Teacher; rant. are here vls::- h-?-. Mrs. Pat Le^i?. i nere's TCothin^ Children and Gro^-^-rps Surebest 100% Whole Wheat Bread Buy- Krone! Tc-ijr Grocer Mrs. Allan Xickiaan is hfre j visiting her parents Dr. and Mrs. ] MarceHus A. 'Walker .on Sotith Main street, f Mrs. Jobrs Sivaini, of 293 N.^ih 1 Twenty-fourth street, underwent a | wajor operatSon Friday morr:-r* at the I-arnar hospital. Sam 'Weiss, accompanied by .\v. C. Clark left WednesKlay for CcTo- rado Spring wh*r« Mrs. ^v'eiss ha* been for th« last rnonth xr.d yhe ! win return xvith them in The next f day or SUMMER DISH SUGGESTIONS Tfci'jd* OUT A5SOTI9'2 "L.i!r;cli Meats, Honey Coated Baked Ha.rn. Fit Barbecue sntJ t JliJS* SATURDAY SPECIALS ik fed. Mry. to hrr hoTr.e in Valliant. OkJa. aft- «r ha-vlnjr TJtta^rsoTne a major operation at th«* Sanitarium of F"aris time Revv- MT Mis«s T>orothy K»y Try of tt>c is teh house su<*5t of Mary Jim O«-. daujjht^r of art<3 Mr*. J. t>. O* on tht road. David Br*»xc«U. *on of C. F Bmsw^n, left Thursday for El Paso where hi* tvill be the s^uest of b{« aunt. Mrs. Sam McOrath. fiW about 10 day*. rrvers, m Lb. Picritc Hams, rirsi 5;rade. IK . . BACON— Wilson's Laurel, in packages. Lb. Beef Steak. Lb Gal v es Tongues Lb Good Sausage, Lb Ham,, Vacuum Cook Do£ Food, 3 Cans Veal Loaf Meat, Lb -.-•• Cat ; Fisti. Shrimp, 20 14 20 10 10 5 30 10 "B y f fate* FLOUIT i_ ^^^*^^^^^^ - ^^E« Prices Effective Frwlay Satarday Aug. 10, 11 at Paris. Standard Quality GREEN BEANS Cut Stiingless No, 2 Can* Gcod Qoalitv KRAUT Ssrve With Weiners No. 2 Cans Mustard or Tormp GREENS No. 2 Can , lOc Roval G«m PEAS HARVEST BLOSSOM Every Sack Guaranteed 24-Lb, Sack 4S-Lb. Sack 85° Airway Coffee . . . ...... . ...... %e . 7 .Lb. 19c Dependable Coffee T . ..,.-. ...... .. Lb. 27c LIbby Potted Meat ........... 3 Cans lOc Van Camp's Pork & Beans, 3 cans 17c Home Style Salad Dressing . . Qt. 29c Waldorf Toilet Tissue . . . 3 Rolls 13t White King Soap....... ,24 oz. Pk^.l'Sc Jello 2 Pkgs, lie SwansdoM^n C?ke Flour Pkg. 27c Doggie Dinner . , 3 Cans 25c Nucoa Oleo ,...,... ... /. Lb. 14c Staie Fail SYRUP California PRUNES Quick No. 5 Can 29c 25c ..25c 90-100 Size No. 2 Can . lOc CabaUero Spanish PIMENTOES 4-oz. Cans 25c OATS Fresh PRUNES 3 Lbs. LEMONS Dozen 19c Fresh SPINACH Lb. 71/ic EGGPLANT Lb 5c GRAPES 22T" Lb 8e ITIERTS COMPOUND 3 Lbs 25c MIXED SAUSAGE Lb. 5c LUNCH ME ATS— Lb.20c Roast, Lb. . 9c No. Seven Steak, Lb. lOc No. Seven

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