The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 10, 1956 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Tuesday, July 10, 1956
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BATSHORt WRATH**—It *nrt warm In«isd»y nifbt »nd day with scattered tbundernho Temperatur* range,, 'S-ftS. GALVESTON" TI1>ES: High For Wednesday— 7:1" a.m. •• «:2Sp.m. 1:14 p.i*. QtyelBagtmmtfhnt YOUR HOME NEWSPAPER VOL. 36, NO. 251 TODAY'S NEWS TODAY Tuesday, July 10, 1956 IAYTOWN, TEXAS Gives 121 P/n/s . . . He's One-Man 'Blood Bank' 3. C. Deckflnf, instrumcntinan at the Baytown Refinery is « walk- inp blood hank. H« .has jfivi'ii 121 pints of hlood lo individuals and hospitals in the, past three, years, ami has plenty more in store for future donations. And his health has been improved, rather than impaired, by the b'nnd donations for he has a rare blood condition, polycj'themia., which causes ihe red hlood cells to be, overproductive. At the current price of blood, Deckard could pick up more than St.(MX) n year in spending money, but he will not sell one drop. He donates it to anyone who needs his type—ItH positive. "I wouldn't take a penny from anyone for my blood," he says. 'Deckard first learned of his unusual ailment early in 193S. H«> b»d previously been troubled with pains in his chest, ami after a severe iittank, believed he was ha-vinjf a heart sci/.ure. His physician soon *uspected the nature of his trouble, hut since polycytnernia, is such a, rare disease, specialists were called in. Later, in Galvcslon hospital, n do-finite diagnosis was made. Since then, Deckard rejfularly jjives a, quart or two of His bloort at *oine. hloort bank in the Baytown nrea. He can he called at any tim« for a donation, since his supervisors in the instrument department, \V. H. Fortncy and 0. J. Hoivell. are so considerate, he says. "Thn company and my nupervisors have besn very fine. They let nw leave the job nt any time to g-ive blood and are very understanding: in many other ways," he said. l>(-ckar<I broke all records for blood donors when, .he Rave his 121st pint last week tn replace that taken, from the San Jftcinto Memorial hospital hlood bank for a patient * jr "" tl " r ' v<! Remodeling Costs Pose Problem Is REL Getting Too Big? TELEPHONE: 1302. fiv. C*nti P*r C«py WET - DRY ELECTION SEEN IN BAYTOWN ; T. C. DKCKMtD ROB'KRT K. STWF OHAHPIOiV .'DONOR—"Hfirft we go asain." say» Oc.ckard a* Tech-' iiician Stiff prepares to take the 121 st pint of blood ho has donated. Tleckard has plenty ojt blood to Jfivc. us his red cells arc over- School U'listco.". took a quick Ino!: al thrne Kobcrn E. I^ee re- .modcling plans Monday night and 1 sent Hie school staff and Architect Lowell Lcmmers back' to cio wore study. It was evident from the proposals that the .5250,000 provided in the bonri flection a fev.* weeks ago will not give the main build- ing: of the school the face lifting- and renovation that had been planned. The question even came up as to whether it was desirable to spend nearly $500,000 on Lee remodeling (one of the plans calling for n PPW auditorium would co:.:-, this .-rtrch) if the community mishC pi-efcr a second high school after Roberi. E. Lee's attendance 2,000. "How nig should Robert E. get?" Principal R. B. Sparks asked early in the discussion. The size of the auditorium, the number ;.f classrooms, .the nujn- her r-f o-'fices and the size of further classroom, units will "oe determined by how larg'e the SUN spots j: • Band Conceit THE BAYTOW'N junJor higti band will present its second summer hand concert at 8 p.m. Tuesday at Roscland Park Swimming Pool. There will be a varied program o£ marches, popular songs, nnd novelty selections. There is no admission mid the public is invited. « MidtMeton On Vocation crrr MANAGER c. Darwin iiid- d'.cton will bo back at his desk Monday after a two week vacation, which he spenr. at home. City Vinaiinp 'Director A. V. Barber has been acting 1 city manager during Mhldleton's vacation. Council To Meet Cm* COUNCIL will meet Wednesday night at the City Hall lor a regular session with the only item on agenda thus fur to be an appropriation ordinance /or t.'rtn city works department. The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday because of the county mayor-councilman's session Thursday night in Hous- lon. (Continued On Pug? ?) BULLETIN LOWLY CANDY BAR VV/NS COMMAND-LEVEL DEBATE The administrative staff split Into two faefions. Policy making school trustees ivero a, house, divided. .Finally Stipt, Oeor«c H. Gentry said wh*t he thought. Sweet harmony returned. The net result was that without n formal vote being- taken, it was decided that candy should remain on sale in school cafeteria. Mrs. Edna. Gray remarked during Mrs. Edythr. MusickV appearance before the hoard on cafeteria matters that sha (Mrs. <ir«,v) thought they should do »way with caJidy selling. Mrs. Muslck agreed—with »iislo. •Or. William M. RiiHgtn defended the ] 0 wjy candy bm- nnd its "quick enerffj'" v»Jire. Gentry then donbtcd that "you can keep » yoiMigster ti-wn buying candy. If he doesn't (f«t it at school, he'll get it on the Mrs. Miuick conceded that no child is sold over one br_- at a, time. Then by informal agreement, the candy discussion endmt as quickly as it starUu. Candy will be handled, but it will continue to be a minor itetn. 15 Teachers Employed As Five Others Resign school people ivanl their one hig'h school to become. A'obody had an immediate answer. Further study was authorixecf by the board. J-iamniers' proposal* called for remodeling: the present auditorium by one of two method.? and (Sen KOEL—Tajre Two) Ike's ^BPP^ ^H M M HI • m m • ^K GETTYSBURCH. Pa.— (UP)— President Eisenhower is still a. candidate for a second term, it was announced today. Tha disclosure was made to newsmen by Senate Republican leader William F. Know! and following a meeting with the President. Knowland was a s k s d whether the President "told you he is going to (See 1KB— rage Two) WIFE'S AFFECTIONS ROUGH ON HUSBAND UOI.I",¥\VOOD (IB—tlnniffs W. Troxell, ST. toUl polios l\lond»or his wife, Maxine. flew inli> "a fit of ivifcly nffo.rlion" ami slabbed him in ttir. ;.l.omitt>.h with «, hiilclipr Uuifn because, hn ordered her tii bring 1 him a can of heer us h^ :iwoke. 'I'hi- vi<v- tini's eouriilion was not serious and he declavcd: ".'.'m slill «• happily married .ii«\m." news in britf 3: Tly UNITED 1PKESS CHICAGO — Democratic party .leaders na'inn Gov. Clement of Tennessee t« mak« keynote speech at party's convention. PITTSBURGH — Federal official* move in on. two fronts to combat crippling 10-day steel uhu-tdowti. WASHINGTON" —*» sends jBisenhower JjiJ hillion for- «'cn »d hill— $900 million less IhEu he wanted. KOIvJ£!RV.[LLE -- A three-day .manhunt for former mental patient who shot Deputy Sheriff Milton. Xicwin ends when the fugitive is killed. SI/KKKNOERS— After AWOV. for J7 months, 1'vl. WASHINGTON" — t!P — The. XiiiionnJ ly««R:in' All-Stars «hinff to a 5-3 le-ad over the American IjOafjtiers at tho end of six inn- i riffs of play in thi>, 23rd annual renevrnl of ihc. hnsehall classic 1 . Trailinir ft-0 in the Kixth, Ted AVillinms hit B tremendous home run inlo the. CKnterfield hlillpen •vMI feet nway. scoring; Fo.v ahead of him. Mickey Mantle, the next man up. drovp. a slow curve inlo the, left field utand-s. Bi-C blow for the Nationals ivas struck in the. fourth h.v Willie Mays who xhiKged the second pito.h high into the left; field hlf-arv-nrs Tor H, home run with one on hasr. The Xationc's nlso scored in the third, fifth and sixth. Around Town- MR. AND MRS. C. E. Lambert finding- that operating a fishing camp offers plenty of excitement . . . Clyde Casey al«o will vouch for thsr. aftnr ruscuing throe people from a boat and going out tn search for two more who were lost in tho dav'k. VV. \V. Brackin abie i.o joke ah « a.m. ahc-nf. sleeping all night on the graveyard shift. . . . Jimmy Bioomas cooling off in the bathtub . . . Mrs. .Tona Tipton says no special costume is required for chasing armadillos in the moonlight . . . Lois Hopkins recovering from an appendectomy, nnd glad thai if. will never happen again. Thff Fletcher twins digging out ,<».» they take-off fo> - work in separate cars . . . Danny and Jimmy Williams about to return <o their home on the TxMiisiana. bi-yew after spending almost two month.1 with Grandpa and Grandma, .T. K. Hambrir.k ... all packed to- go home three woks ago, they "wak. eri" uo with th? measles and had lo may awhile longer. "Employment of -now teachers continued to surpass the number resigning, Supt George H. Gentry reported to the School Board Monday night, and after the meeting he predicted thac it might, be another month before the "situation l]ceomrfi stable." Resignations were approved by the board of trustees for .Tame." E. McKinncy, Marion C. Howell, Nona B. Pierson, .lames P. Merriwether and Dorotholeen Hales Miller. Teachers added for next yea. 1 ' included Carmel C. Norton. Beverly Bargainer, Allan Don Da.vis, Cornelia Grant, Annette Harrison, ."Joseph I'. T,.ynam, Tma. Mae Mue- ton, Major C. Quinn, Tom Ramcy .Ir.. Evelyn Robson, Andrew Wal- r.el. Valrce Motley and Lily S. "Sankie. Edgar Hanson and TJ'HB Sue Eusshari. were added to the college faculty. •us Driver Pay Hike Bus drivers got & $10 a month raise in pay a.nd other increases >y Monday night School Board action. They wiil also get S3.25 an hour for out of town trips and a. minimum $2 foe if the time they put. in on. a short trip does not amount 1.0 thai much pay. Cafeteria Purchases Mrs. Edythc Mustek's recommendations were followed by School Board action Monday night in plans for next year's cafeteria operations. Tho following contracts were approved : BorderOi milk, Mrs. Baird's bread, Skcen Wholesale Supply for school supplies and candy (with some items from Goose Creek. Grain' 1 . ic<> cream from. San Jacinto Creamery. Mrs. Musick was authorized to buy meat for the first semester without hid bur, at: the best price for the best. meat. At, end of the semester, she will report on .bow well the new -plan worked out. She said meat, purchasing by bid has (See SCHOOLS—J?age Two) Onytnr r,. Turner, 20, of Montgomery. Ala., is shown nfler he surrenders to U. S. Army authorities in W«st .Berlin. Ho went AVV01. into thti Soviet y.ono of Germany Jan. 31, .1955. M« was placed in an Army hospital for examination, aftnr which hit was to h« held in custody pending a probe. (International) •WASHINGTON" — uiMieuver to RC(; hcl'oni Congress A "bare-bonv,*" housiiig- bill stripped of controversial public housing ndvocAlcd by Democrats. Price Daniel Opponents" No. I Target WOKMV INIXMIKOW JIKAOIWO for tho Olympics, \vhern hc,'« favored t.o liikn tiolh (lushes, unit •iveiituiill.v to .Kn.vtowii for Ihc, niicniiifc of Ihr. firxf. l.i'n Kclay cnllngisttn cinder diviNion next spring, Oliver .Inckson'R pr'r/.K pupil r.vhihits tho .slurt whlrh helped him defeat.!. 1 . SBJII'K bust sprinters in l^os Angeles' Olympic 'J'rinls lust Saturday. Christians Of Abilene Accept lee Relay Bi Nation's Druggists Alerted In Hunt For Baby Kidnaper Bv FREDERICK M. WIXSHIP WESTBtJRY, N.V. (UP)—Police issued a nationwide alai'm Monday night asking druggists to watch, the persons trying- to buy a special vitamin required for the kidnaped Weinberger baby. The move appeared 1o be a last- ditch attempt to get fresh clues in the kidnaping- of one-month-olrt Peter Weinberger from the patio of his parents' Long 1 Island home last .Inly 4. Police, apparently up ag-ainst a. dead end, wore awaitinp; the official entry of the FBI into the case Wednesday. The alarm was a Jong- shot, since (here appeared to be littu- likelihood the kidnapper would knowingly give himself, away by asking- for the vitamin. Authorities asked dnijfgisfr to Question closely anyone asking for a vitamrn preparation called Dozex B-12. The preparation was pi-e- scribed for the Weinberger baby before he was abducted. Stamford, Conn., police reported Sunday nignt thai a man Inert to buy Do7cx in a Stamford drugstore but: left, after a. clerk told him. there was none on hanci. The clerk didn't realize the possible significance until the .man had Teft and police were' unable to trace the would be purchaser. Another slin> lead under invest-i gallon stemmed from a telephone call made by a truck driver from. .Allentoxvn, P.T. The trucker reported he saw a man and a. baoy resembling- the Weinberger baby in a diner on a. main highway between Allentov.-n and Philadelphia. Tn Washington, Ihe FBf said it couifj legally enter the case Wednesday, one week after the infant was taken. The FBI presumes a. kidnap victim has been taken across »ta.le lines if he has been •missin"- for- more than seven clays. The KBf has jurisdiction only when a victim is taken across stale Hues. B.V i.prrJK T T . S. Sen. Price .Daniel continued to be the central .figure today in the si;;-man gubernatorial race thai: is becoming more ot 1 a. name-calling contest every day. Daniel got. it. from. all. .sicle.s again, but called the attacks a good omen. "That is a, sure sign thai, we are far ahead in this iHije," he said in a state-wi'le radio broadcast: from Beaumont Monday night. The junior senator said he could. win the Democratic nomination withoui a runoff. .T. Evetts Haley, in a speech at Lnbbock, criticized Daniel for his (Sec rot.lTICS— Page One) Resourceful Fact Or Fallacy A canary can understand when a person talks to it? Not a chance —- it can't ever, hear tho human voice! High C is the lowest note a canary can. hear. All it docs is see, when it tilts its head toward you. Jf you've canaries or other pets you'd like to sell, you can talk to the right person through Classified ads! Call 8302 for an ad-writer's assistance. 3fr». C. O. lATvh«ii sinys Want Ad praises in highest tones for this ad's 1-dfy rwmit.i. BOI.STKR. 500—2-bf.lT«om nnfernK'n- ert nous*, .vtflc fan. IdrH Karajtf, fc»»h nnnw, coirifr to'. t*)0 p'n 4555, Rotary To Install L. A. Hale Succeeds Hugh Stewart As President Larry A. Hale will be installed Wednesday as president, of the Baytown Rotary club in a program arranged by the Rev. Walter Henckcli. Ha!e will succeed Hugh Stewart, who has served for the past y«ar. Other new officers are Kno.v Beavers, vice president; Dr. Robert E. Robson. secretary-treasurer; Dr. Donald Brunson, Vernon Wriyht and William Broyles, new directors, and Henckell, Bpavcrs and Dr. Herbert H. Duke, holdover directors; Charles White, sergeant a.t nriYi!». The luncheon \vili be held at noon ai: The Tower. The program will be opened with singing led by T. .E. Blackburn with Tom Pruett at. the piano. W. M. Knowlcs will offer the invocation. A. H. Miles will pay a tribute to B. E. (Doc- Whitcomb. the retiring- secretary, and W. C. (Poo) Swain, one of the club's oldest- members in point of service, will discuss the accomplishments of the Hugh Stewart regime. Henry Cathriner, firs' president. of the club after its formation in 1928, will install the officers. Hale, who attended the 1956 international convention in early .lime in Philadelphia, ha« already reported to the ch;b on the annual meeting. PARK. Flit — UP— Oily officials wern looking today for it frustrated, but rc..sour«:fiil, Rolfi-r. When the, duffer found «. small 1riw hnlivecn his hall and thf, grco.n he, chopped it down and set it afire. Court Rules For Fireman The 38th District. Court in Austin has overruled the State Firemen's Pension board and ordered it to pay S2. 1 ) a month retirement to S. E. Dryer of Bayiown. Dryer, who served 23 as a member of the Baytown Volunteer Fire department, and the Bayiown Firemen's Pension board appealed the state board's decision to the district court after the state board had ruled that Dryer was ineligible lo receive retirement pay- According to Mayor R. H. Pruett, who testified for tlin Baytown board, tho state board contended it had no record 1 showing that Dryer had paid the S3 a. month dues fee for 1B4I. Pruett said the Baviown Pension board's records showed that. Dryer had never been delinquent in his di:fs payment sine? he hc- PENSION—PM« Two) By TOiVr •MIJRK.'VV Sun .Sports Kdilor Since .IJayionifins, for 1he most part, won't bi» ahle to attend vho Olympic- G.irnnf: in Australia, corni; fail they will hut hit aim nnd act a partial i-ucinw at Memorial Sla.- clinrn. March Ifi. For Ihat duy mnrks th? running- of thi: collegiwte division of Beverly Roclihold's already famed Lee .Reliiys, with Bobbv Morrow, "Tin 1 World's Vastest Human." Ihe .slar of the shov.'. The Abilene Christian .sophomore and his Inlontt'd thruiv 1hoir wight behind the opening of collc'R-iai.c cinder competition ;ii Baytown. with Oliver .'lackson's confirm;!lion he would bring his learn here. "We will he there, am waiting further inforinMion." .Tack/ion told Rocithold in B. telephone <:onver;;n.- tion Friday. His letter of acceptance to nn involution, mailed three v.'^eks ago arr:vetl Afonday. Morrow's now-famous rfla:<od running produced jVAIA, "XCAA. National AAI," nnd Olympic Trial victories in both dashes on suc- ces.^ive rralifornia wpc-kf?nd.s I.o substintiste hip to thi' ofl- tised dlliiding lo the globe's speediest runner. Thrict* during four moels, held at J,y.s Angelas, Bfr-koley, Ba'knrsficld nnd back at I .or An- gules, Morrow lied the world's JOO- jnelcr dauih record, 10.2. '(.'wief ihe K:in P.cnitn farmer tho record for meters, around a curve, llii: ^00 • In the process he "neat Duke's l.'H'.ve Simc, hi« only conqueror, wt the Dr;iko Ri-loys-, mid the world's (.Sic ItKKAVS— I'ngc Two) Church Group Formed To Study Action A Baytown. wei-dry local option election was seen Tuesday after'a. STOup .met .here 10 discuss such "n election. The groundwork lor the organ- J/.aliou WSIH laid Sunday in a meeting of ministers nnd church laymen tit Central Baptise, church. O. F. .Dingier, director of Texas Al- coholic-NarcriUc Kdur.atioii. Inc., led a discussion of tin* alcohol, •problem and methods to curb or ttliminialc iU use. Or. Bon K Arnmons, the Rev. Hooper r.iiygood, pastor of St. John's Methodist church, and J. H. .Icmiingfi of the Seventh Day Advenllsl: church were appointed io a, nominating; committee to select candidates for tiie offices in. the organization. Neither Dr. Ammon/i nor Rev,. Buygood would discuss the organ- Ir.ation or its purpose uxccpi; to .say that the committee in meeting- Kt '1 p.m. Tuesday Lo nominate ot'ti- core, and that ''the feasibility O f «. ' local option election .may be. clis- ciifiscd at aome future date if th* orifnnlr.titton. .functions." ';' Another meeting; of the entire group of churchmen and the Texas Alcoholic-Narcotic Education, Inc. members will b« held at 2 p.m.; '.-,\ July 22 nt St. John's Methodist <:hwch. At. thia lime the orgnniza- tlon probahly will he completed and. Us functions will be defined. Speakers from the Texas Alcoho- lir.-'Narcotlt: 'Education, Inc., addressed the congregation* of. five Baytown churches Sunday in it preliminary educational move to acquaint Baytonians with the problems attending the 1130 of jUcohol. They later addressed tho m;iV.*i;<M'« nnd laymen at the afternoon meeting. Boy Survives Ordeal In Aufo 'Oven' "KOKT WORTH —Vl»— nobby .l.inoliiui, lhre<vyc;ir-ol(l Arlington, To.v., j>oy, who MS (rlll)wrntlirr, smircd lo it, M'.orf:liin t ||)A deKTWs in a lock«d auto, w«« recovering todiiy. 'rii<> (i)l'.s (ffinper«.Uir»> wn« reported Hi l*tt di-jfrnes lo(l»y »t MwrrU hospil*! In Tort Worth. Dnclorj* .inid ihAt lloliby, son of Mr. mid .Airs, Kolwrt LineJinn, <vou'd r«!cov«r. Bohhy aocidnnUtlly locked hii;i- M'lf In his father'* cur whilo |il«yi"K on a min-hn.kcd dri»«- way Ht his hntti«. All the windows \vf*r« rolletl u|>. Hslf H,n hour lat^r h<* M'ftS found by hi« mother, uneonsviniin itnd M'rawlcd nn a M-R(, in the hot iiutfl. Oo<:lor-N al 1.b« AriinKtoir clinir. I>iu:kftd him in ice unit ^av<» him o*yK«n for two hours h«for« MindiiiK him to th« .Kort Worth hospital in an ambulance. Food, Blood And Medicine Rushed To Greek Islands ATHKNS HfP|-Greece rushed food, blood and medic.'tl supplier by sir and .set Tuesday to the tiny volcanic island of Thera, ravaged by :in c;irtlH(iiaKc nnd battered by ;i IS-l'out lid;il wave. (•'orty pi-i'Son. 1 ! were known, killfv!, y.n were missing and VI were injured in.ilie disaster which rocked Greece's Cyi:la.dos in the Aegean Sos. on Monday. Thousands of homeless survivors gathered in open fields or knelt innong the ruin" ot toppled churches today to await help from Ihc mainland. Thorii, a crescent -shaped island 1 2 miles long and three miles wide, WHS struck by the full force of the quake and a ]?,-foot tidal wave which followed. Half of the houses on the island were destroyed, along with dozens of public buildings, churches and business place-;. Hnrhor facilities were wrecked, nelaying the arrival of aid from. Greece. The Athens Red Cross is- iiifd sn urgent anpca! for blood. (ii-ook Premier Const.intin Karf- rriynlis dispatched nine warships to the scene. 31 Attending Rainbow Antonio Assembly T'K.VCH FROM rEACH- TO PEACH—House Speaker Sam Kay- burn <r>), Texas, reopive* a peach in Wa>hinston from Martha, Rell, 'Teach Qiif.f.n" of Chilton rounty, Alaham*. H« got thff basket, too. (fntcrnationa* Soundphoto) Thirty-one girls from Bayiown me in San Antonio to attend tbc Supreme Assembly of the Rainbow Girls. The assembly bfgin Monday and will adjourn Thursday. Tha Baytown group left at 7:30 a.m. Sunday and arrived in San Antonio about 1 p.m. Sponsors for the group are Mrs. .T. A. Massey, Mrs. Robert Hill, Mrs. .T. C. Severs, Mrs. A. a DiHenback, Mrs. G. A. Lillie, Mr* B. F. Hallman, Mr*. M. I. BusclS Mrs. W. R. Davis and Alvin WarA The girls will return Thursday. \

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