The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 21, 1955 · Page 25
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 25

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1955
Page 25
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Page 25 article text (OCR)

S STANDS IN LEG IRONS. WrrW MANOCUFF5 REMOVED, AS ME DONS MIS JACKET •^TPACV, HAVE you GOT A PEN? to LIKE TO DIAOQAM TWI5 SET-UP IN MV REPORT TO THE CHIEF. AND OODLES TAKES 50M£- TWIISTG FFX 3 M TME BREAST POCKET OP HIS JACKET- SOMETMING TMAT WASOVER- LDOKED IN THE SEARCM FOR GUNS. MERES A PEN POP VOU DIRTY COPPERS! H^At^T ABOUNDS WITH YULETiOF s \MiTH LOVE POP -rt M ^ AND n STUART.' DOGGONE ITi VOU MADE ME LOSE MY PLACE 5 b. NEA Sttv .M. Inc. THE SANDUSKY REGISTER-STAR-MEWS « OULLP? THAN A WILeOADTlME- TA6Le,aiNT"lNTltT MET JM ATA MV mt NUWKP AND "V COUEGE PPOM^THE MUSiC . M AfftTAL STATUS?SOWy^ STOPPED., WE WEPTON < MAeTHA.MLlTABV SEOTETS.') OANCINS... ALL TWE WAV TO NOW HOW ABOUT VOUe xr^S-^ Z:!^ THEAUAf.. LIFEAKJO HAPOTWES? THEN THE WAB SeOWE. JlWWAS ONE OF THE nCST TO GO" HP NEVE? CAME BACV .y ^ £3 Tonight's Radio Programs subject to crmnge t >y sfallonX'wIlnniit notrcT~ All times ILsted Jir« Eastern Standard WTAM—1100 CLEVELAND 6:00 Tom Manning 6:15 riews " ~ e :30 Mayer & Co. 6:45 3 -StarEx. fr.lR—7«0 DEiRorr Hainline Dinner Dale Bob Reynolds Lowell Thomas TVSPD —137« TOLEDO News Reporter MantovanI .3-Star Extra WI .Kt:—1450 SANDUSKV News Sport Parnrlc Piriky's Party Freddie Martin 7:00 Mayer & Co. 7:15 Mayer & Co. 7:30 World News 7:45 Man's Family Guest Guest House Guest House Murrow Lone Ranger Lone Ranger World News Man's Family fl:00 X Minus 1 8:15 X Minus 1 8:30 Lone Ranger 8:45 Ranger, News Bing Crosby Johnny Dollar FBI-Peace FBI-Peace X Minus 1 X Minus 1 Quiz Bowl Quiz Bowl 9:00 Bet Life 8:15 Bet Life 9:30. Truth or Con 9:45 Truth or Con News, Carson Jack Carson Amos-Andy Amos-Andy Bet Life Bet Life Truth, Con. Truth, Con. 10:00 FibMcGee 10:13 NBC News 10:30 Karl Bates 10:45 Karl Bates Newsmakers Treasury Show Tenn. Ernie Tenn. Ernie Campus Campus 1370 Club 1370 Club Fulton Lewis, Jr. What's New Gabriel Heattcr Les Paul, M.Ford SHS-Lorain SHS-Lorain * SHS-Lorain SHS-Lorain SHS-Lorain SHS-Lorain Let's Dance Let's Dance News, Dance Let's Dance Gangbuslcrs Gangbuslers 11:00 News 11:13 Karl Bates 11:30 Karl Bates 11:45 Karl Bates 12.00 News News Sports Final Midnite Music Midnite Music News Sports, Music Turn-in Time Turn-in Time World News News News Passport Passport News, Prayer Signoff 11:00 Home 11:1,-) Home 11:30 Homo 11:45 Home WRU Telecourse WRU Telecourse Song Shop -SofHhShop — Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Strike It Rich Strike It R4eh Home Cooking Home Cooking Strike it Rich -Strike it Rich 12:00 Tenn. Ernie 12:15 Tenn. Ernie 12:30 Your Nest 12:4.') Your Nest J :00 Playhouse I :15 Playhouse 1 :30 Playhouse 1:4.") Playhouse Kiddieland Kiddieland Uncle Leslie Kiddieland Playhouse Playhouse Jan Bidlack Jan Bidlack Valiant Lady Love of Life Tomorrow Guiding Light Alice Weston Alice Weston Love Story Love Story News, Weather The Farm Hour Tomorrow Guiding Light Hospitality Hospitality Hospitality Hospitality 2:00 Playhouse 2:13 Playhouse 2:30 Little I Margie 2:45 Little I Margie 3:00 Matinee 3:13 Matinee 3:30 Matinee 3:43 Matinftc Theater The.'iter Theater Theater Robert Q. Lewis Robert Q. Lewis Art Linklettcr Art Linkletter Hospitality Hospitality Education Education Theater Theater News Paige Palmer Fashion Talk Maggie Wulf Bob Crosby Bob Crosby Mich. Conservatio: Robt. Q. Lewis Bob Crosby Bob Crosby 4:00 Life Date 4:15 First Love 4:30 Mr. Sweeney 4:43 Romance 1) : nO~P i n k y~Le'e 3:15 Pinky Lee 3:30 How'Doody 5:45 How'Doody Bob Dale Santa Claus Little Rascals Little Rascals .Secret Storm Brighter Day Your Account Your Account Brighter Day Secret Storm Your Account Your Account Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse .Mickey Mouse Rising Stars Rising Stars Late Matinee Late Matinee Fun Farm Fun Farm Soldiers Soldiers Geography Quiz Answer to Previous PuzzI* Thursday's Radio WTAM— 1100 Cleveland 7:45 Reporter 8:00 Andrews 8:15 Ohio Story 8:30 Andrews 8:45 Andrews WJR—7fiO Detroit Music Jack White Bud Guest Music Hall Music Hall WSPD— 1370 Toledo Alarm Clock Uebelhart Betty Connell Alarm Clock Alarm Clock WLEC—14,')0 Sandusky News Memories Sync. Clock Ohio S.-Weather Sync. Clock 9:00 Easy Does 8:15 Easy Does 9:30 Easy Does 9:45 Easy Does News Kitchen Club Mrs. Page Lazy Ranch Homemakers Homemakers Homemakers Homemakers Robert Hurleigb Especially for You Stumpus Betty Newton .10:00 McBride 10:15 Weekday 10:30 Weekday 10:45 Weekday Godfrey Godfrey Godfrey Godfrey McBride Weekday Weekday Weekday News, Norwalk Norwalk Show Port Clinton Hymns We Love 11:00 Weekday 11:15 Weekday 11:3Q Weekday 11:45 FibMcGee Godfrey Godfrey Make Up Mind Howard Miller Weekday Weekday Weekday Weekday News, Waltz Waltz. Organ Perry Como Tune Town 12:00 News 12:15 Livestock 12:30 Mil., Gloria 12:45 Mil., Gloria Jack White Farm Roundup Time Out Time Out Uebelhart Interviews SPDy Line SPDy Line Noon News Grain, Music Local News Guy Lombardo 1:00 ~Mayer 1:15 Luncheon 1:30 Mayer 1:45 Mayer Road of Life Ma Perkins Dr. Malone Guiding Light SPDy Line SPDy Line SPDy Line SPDy Line News Pinky Pinky, Girl Friend Story Time Story Time 2.00 News, Mayer 2:15 Mayer 2:30 Mayer 2:45 Mayei^ Shopper Perry Mason Nora Drake Shopper SPDy Line SPDy Line SPDy Line SPDy Line 3:00 Weekday 3:15 Weekday 3:30 Pet Hotel 3:45 Dr .'sWife Wendy Warren Shopper Helen Trent Gal Sunday SPDy Line ' SPDy Line Pet Hotel Woman House News 1430 Club 1450 Club 1450; Hollywood ~Nc\vsyT43t) Club 1450 Club 1450 Club 1450; VVe;vthtT 4:00 Happiness 4:15 Stella Dallas 4:30 Wid. Brown 4:45 Pep Young House Party House Party Musical Hall Musical Hall Right Happiness Stella Dallas Wid'r Brown Woman House New.s, 1450. 1430 Club 1430 Club Santa Claus 5:00 Worn. House .•5:15 Mayer & Co. 5:30 News 5.45 Mayer & Co. News Scores; Musio Music Hall Music Hall Top Five Top Five Top Five Top Five 1430, News 1430 Club 1450 Club 1430 Club Tonight's Television Programs subject to change by stations without notlre All times listed are Eastern Standard ACROSS 1 Thailand 5 Lima is its capital 9 Mimic 12 Indolent 13 Press 14 Harbor, Maine 15 Came in again 17 High priest 18 Worms 19 Chinese, for instance 21 Denomination 23 Not a Republican (ab.) 24 Drink slowly 27 Musical syllables 29 Network 32 Gratify 34jrhpught _ 36 Dinner course 37 Insect 38 Appointment 39 Depicted 41 Oriental coin 42 Brazilian river 44 "Emerald Isle" 46 Legislative bodies 49 Bound 53 Mineral rock 54 Pass 56 Underworld £0d 57 Opposed 58 Otherwise 59 Roman bronze CO Stagger 61 Foreteller DOWN 1 Father 2 Roman dale 3 Malt beverages ' 4 Founder of Egypt's first dynasty 5 Pasti-y 6 Printing mistakes 7 Fish eggs ' 8 Removed fastenings 9 Sanctions 10 Buddhist language 11 Norse navigator 16 African fly 20 Eagle's nest 22 Belief 24 Hastened 25 Arm bone 26 Smallness 28 Staid 30 Far (prefix) 31 Famous garden 33 Tropical palm 35 European gulls 52 Horned 40 Surfeit again ruminant 43 Essential oil 55 Nothing 45 Neck backs 46 Soft drink 47 City in Pennsylvania 48 Sea eagle 50 Heap 51 Gaelic AIN'T THIS AS FAR AS WE CAN GO, SIR ? GAS A5 fL\Kn *TURM6. TME TIA 8L E 5>' ONJ THE EEL ... T Y Oasiy TOUCM IT BEL/ 5TAViP C'iT/ W MAVe VOU GOT ^ .VOUPSELF?", CALL ME IN TI/V.E !^=:? -fcyNCH ..-r CHANNEL 3 HTNBK Cleveland 6:00 Ramar 6:15 Ramar 6:30 Watch Birdie 6:45 News CHANNEL i CHANNEL « O'SI'D Toledo WEWS ClevelandWXEL Cleveland ClIANNKL 13 Texas Jim Te.\as Jini News Weather Cartoons Cartoons Patti Pase Doug Edwards 7:00 Fairbanks 7:15 Fairbanks 7:30 Eddie Fisher 7:45 Caravan Catholic Schools John Dal> Disnej'land Disneyland Gildersleeve Gildersleeve Wanted Wanted Deadline Dfadhne 'I'haxton Show Doug Edwards^^ Varieties Varieties Gildersleeve Gildersleeve SEEK.S RE-ELECTION VIENNA, t;A., Dec. 21 (INS)— Sen. Walter F. George (D( announced lii.s candidacy for re- c'loctioa Tuesday, setting the .scene for what may be Georgia's hottest political campaign, possibly against ex-Governor Herman Talmadge. 8:00 Playhouse 8:15 Playhouse 8:30 Father Knows 8:45 Father Knows 9:00 TV Theater 8:15 TV Theater 9:30 TV Theater 9j45 _TV_'rheater_ 'lolbo~youFLife 10:15 Your Lite 10:30 Hayride 10:43 Hayride Disneyland Disneyland Movie Parade Movie Parade BiFldea' " Big Idea Break Bank Break Bank Boxing Boxing Boxing Film Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Millionaire Millionaire I've a Secret I've a Secret Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfi-ey 11:00 News Theater 11:15 Great Fight* Theater 11:30 Tonight Theater 11:45 Tonight Thi;Uer 12:00 Tonicht Theater Theater Theater Theater Theater News. Sports Sports Ni.ijht Owl Ni^^ht Owl Night Owl Millionaire Millionaire I've a Secret I've a Si-HTi't Theater Theater Theater Thei'ter News. Sports Movie Time Anywhere. U S A. Anywhere, U.S.A. Mirror Get Your Share of Holiday Spirit with Wrigley's ^ Spearmint Thursday's Television Bellevue Schools Get Sight Screener fiELLEVUK, Dec. 21—11 was announced that the Bellevue Lions Club has presented to local schools a "sight screener" as one of the sight-saving projects of the local club. Part of the profits made on the annual broom sale were iisetl in this purchase. It is said that the local Lions sight-saving projects include two eye surgery cases, four person.s for eye examinations and gla^'ses and the securing of a "seeing•eye" dog in tlie near future for a local person. r VOU COULD HAVE VvTMEN ME'P6ET Y WHAT WOULD A ) 60TTEN A PHONV^ 1 THE REALOMESJ WOLF-MAN WANT /SO WE WOULDN'T A UIMSELF. r-^ WITH AMV JEWELS' ( FIGHT FORTHE ^REAL JEWELS. DARLING ) OVD VOU 6U«M THE ) SUPPER?; WH.AT M.AKfcS ->OJ ASK TH.-sT? 'vS'HtNevee i GET X-" A GREtTlN'S LIKE THAT AT THE T fOOKT DOOR ^ DOMeTHiNc.; ) f^- HAPPENED T' / KITCHEN ) ^CM^\,^,10u JUST WOM'T UN P EK S.TANDi WHEN I SlT POWM TO 'PEOPLE RE5ENT V, WKlie, W1 SKWN FPEEZE^JJP.^ 'THEIR LETTEKS 8EINStrwP0WERLE&5 W- ikPPAKENTLV l(3W0KeP. PKOWPTLV 16 OtJLV A WATTEK OF PI&CIPLIME! WANT ADS BRING RESULTS CHANNEL 3 WNBK Cleveland 8.00 Today 8:15 Today 8:30 Today 8:45 Today CHANNEL 5 CH.iNNEL 8 I HANNKl. li WEWS Cleveland WXEL Cleveland WSPU Toledo C'.U'loons Carlcons 9:00 Early Bird 9:13 Early Bird 9:30 Early Bird 9:45 Early Bird Fun Farm Fun Farm Fun '•"'J^'M Fun Farm 10.00 Ding Dong 10:15 Ding Dong 10:30 Ernie Kovcaa iQ.ii Eiuie Kovac$ Paige P.ilnier Paige Painier Wings of Sung Wings of Song Capt. Kangaroo Capt. Kaiiijaroo C'apl. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo Romper Room Romper Room Romper Room Kiiiuper Room Garry Moore Garry Moure Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godirey Capt Kangaroo Capt Kanuaroo Capt Kangaroo Capt, Ka^igaroo_ TV Newsreel House Party Love Story Love Siory Win Thanks... Garry Moore Garry .Moure Valiant I.ady l.ove oi Lite by passing this healthful, delicious treat around to your friends. 'M' ''y^T' costs so little, yet people really • * appreciate it. Serve refreshing Wrigley's Spearmint at parties, family get-togethei-s, after nieaLs, too. Keep a supply on hand, especially during the holidays. Get some today. : - ft 3ilBi'y mkX? P00R7 MR -i .ROODVl YOU lAC? wci ftu TOiMPO / KNOW...THE 6 ^EET OlO LADY hic^r PCOR. MR.WELSH JOiMEC? MCOHOUC> ANQMS- G /\LLftNT FIGHT, WvR6, Roooy 5Ay VNriO -6 $0 SENSlTlwe l^Ow THAT v \JE k^OtV KLEPTOWAMAI ^ At RE PKiViWj". S \R5. LEAY THERE l& WO JU$T1CS'. rO H£R P ^>ChlATKl3T: / PEOPLE 6>,V\PATH(:E ?CCi^ rHiWG...£'HS$50 FKiGHTF'JLLY ^icUROTlC, PEOPLE &WPATH(2E \,V1TH BVEK.V HU*\AKJ FKAILTY„.EXCEPrA POOR. 60UL WHO CKWT WRITE \t^ %0 GLFKD "TO SBB VOO^ PiRE TO GO HO^^t'? StS'' GET VOOR iiP TMIiOGa 'DOV^'T UOUK DOT, VOO COHE Bf^CK 'I POR^, t^R un«ER^ UftWTS TO TELL WOO VlOU C ^OCH WE. V .UJO^EO VOUR t )lOK )ER. 1'

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