Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 29, 1972 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1972
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

WIN AT BRIDGE Taxpayer makes 'home delivery' to postmaster By Abigail Van Burtn It *T CMCH* . Y. DEAR ABBY: I wanted to call up my postmaster and tell him • thing or two because I knew he ate my pension check, but I couldn't find his telephone number in the book. I called information and that's when I found out he had an unlisted number! That reaHy made me mad, so since I knew where he lived, I drove over to his house and told Ws wife off. Abby, as a taxpayer, I would like to know why a public servant like a postmaster would have an unlisted telephone number? TAXPAYER DEAR TAXPAYER: Probably to protect him from peo- pfe who "kaww" he ate their pension checks. DEAR ABBY: For the mother whose 16-year-old son pretends to be retarded to draw attention, and the father's encouraging reaction: Obviously the boy is a good actor, but he probably is repeating himself, so I suggest the father do the following to inject realism. Begin by using elastic bandages to tie the boy's elbows Just slightly behind his back, so the elbows will remain bent. Next, wrap heavy rubber bands around the boy's fingers so that they may be used only with effort. Next, the father could have the boy lie on the floor where he could then wrap elastic bandages around his crossed knees. Then wrap more elastic bandages around his feet so they will be pointed inward. Next, place a handful of large marbles into the boy's mouth, so he can neither close it nor control his saliva. Finally put a strap around the boy's head, and attach a rubber strip to it so the head is held up only with effort. By this time the father is probably about to explode in anticipation of the boy's next performance. Then the father should instruct the boy to do some simple task, like turn on the TV and adjust the color and then try to sit in his favorite chair. My analogy to simulate what it's like to have cerebral pal"" [which isn't necessarily retardation] breaks down hj.e— for the father is able to undo the boy's temporary condition. I wish to God that I had such power for my young daughter. THE FATHER OF A C. P. IN HOUSTON DEAR ABBY: From the letters in your column, we "cold" wives should form a club. There are a lot of us around. We're easy to recognize. We're either sick a lot [headaches] or dead tired. We drink too much, smoke too much, and eat too much ["I'm going on a diet tomorrow"]. We lose ourselves in novels [dreaming] and watch a lot of late television. We're sharp with our kids and we get foolish in the 40s [wearing too much makeup and not enough clothes.] As for myself, I have most of the symptoms already and I'm not yet 40. I'd give 10 years of my life if my husband would grab me at the kitchen sink, pat me, pinch me or seduce me [before somebody else does]. I'm about ready to boil over! Come on, Abby, print this. Maybe my husband will get the message. ANOTHER COLD FISH IN POMPANO BEACH, FLA. DEAR FISH: If I read you right, it will take more than a menage. It's time you straightened up and swam right. I hear there'* awfully good fishing around Pompano Beach. Don't give your hatband a good reason to Junk his marriage license for a fishing license. Problems? Trust Abby. For a person! reply, write to ABBY. BOX HTM, L. A., CALIF. M*f» ud enclose a •lamped, addressed envelope. For Abky's booklet. "How to Have a Lovely Wedding." SI to Abby, Boi M7M, LM Angeles. Cal. NN>. Club News PROGRESSIVE HOME DEMONSTRATION CLUB Mrs. G.B. Hogan, president, led the meeting of the Progressive Home Demonstration Club in the home of Mrs. LaZetta Grant, MMWilliston. Miss Jimmie Lou Wainscott, county HD agent, announced a workshop on making men's trousers. July 6. and another workshop July 13, on cereal and meat. Miss Patricia Henderson, assistant HD agent, installed the new officers, who are Mrs. D.A. Rife, president; Mrs. G.B. Hogan, vice president; Mrs. B.C. Golden, secretary; Mrs. LaZetta Grant, treasurer and council delegate; and Mrs. E.P. Templin, telephone chairman. Mrs. Hogan was presented a gift of appreciation from the club for her work as president. Miss Wainscott demonstrated Scientific, This Game Bid Senior Center Corner NORTH 8 *>K4 VJ8 • KJ853 •> A1093 WEST EAST A J 1098 ^76532 •/K9432 VAQ107 • 2 »7 *Q54 4872 SOUTH (D) *AQ •JG5 • AQ10964 *KJfi Both vulnerable Wesl North Rut South 1* Pass 2 4 Pass 2 f Pass 3 • Pass 3 •> Pass 5 • Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 J home methods for removing spots and stains from fabrics, and Mrs. Bertha Hinton gave e patio workshop on crafts. Next meeting will be at 11:30 a.m. July 18, in the home of Mrs. Tom W. Price, 1221 W. 18th. Members present were Mmes. B.F. Dorman, E.G. Golden. LaZetta Grant, G.B. Hogan, John King, Evart Revard, D.A. Rife and E.P. Templin. Guests were Mrs. Bertha Hinton, Miss Henderson, Mrs. Lee Jackson and daughter, Mrs. B.G. Ward and Miss Wainscott. Hip to Chic Indian jewelry, which was so popular with "hippies," has become the trademark of the most chic crowds. Silver buckles, knotted together with leather make an exciting piece for casual or dress events. By Oswald & James Jacoby The North-South bidding was very scientific. Thfey. certainly found out that no- trump wasn't a sound contract and that the hearts, for slam purposes, were wide open. They also *,ld West what to lead but West's spade holding looked so good to him he opened that suit. This lead gave South an excellent chance to make a slam. All he had to do was finesse the right way for the queen of clubs; discard a heart on dummy's fourth club and claim the overtrick. South had no interest in this. He was a strictly practical bridge player and while a sure 20 points was not to be despised it seemed silly indeed to risk game and rubber in an effort to collect that little extra nubbin. Tribespeople Don't Worry About Dentist ANGORAM, New Guinea (AP) — Constant flooding of tribal land by the Sepik River probably is responsible for the extraordinary lack of dental decay among tribes- people here, says a World Health Organization expert. Dr. David E. Barmes was chief of Australian New Guinea's Government Division of Dental Services until 1967 when he joined WHO. While working in New Guinea, he took special interest in the lack of dental decay among 20,000 tribespeople living between Angoram and Am- boin on the swampy banks of the Sepik river. Now, he's in the area with a research team to try to find out why the villagers never have to worry about dentists. Barmes said that although all village people in the 19-village survey area had the same diet, there was a heavy contrast in the rate of dental decay depending where people lived. People in villages on low river banks where flooding was regular had no dental decay he said. Other people in higher areas free of flooding had all the normal dental problems. Soil analyses showed the best teeth were found in areas of flooding where silt-soil contained large traces of strontium, barium, calcium and phosphate. On the other hand, the higher the concentration of lead in the soil the higher the rate of dental decay. "Now, we have to find out exactly what's causing all this — and then find a way of using it to reduce dental decay right round the world, if we can," says Barmes. South simply drew trumps; cashed the last top spade, led a heart and sat back. It didn't matter to him what the opponents did. They could take two heart tricks. After that the man on lead Sent* $/ for JACOBY MODMN book fo: "Win ot Bridge," (c/o Irtii rtewl- p«pet), P.O. Bo* 4S9, Kodie City Sfofioii, New York, N.Y. 10019. would have to solve South's problems for him. A club lead would locate the queen. A heart or spade lead would allow a ruff and discard. . Incidentally, while this one time the scientific bidding might have proved expensive, we approve heartily of Souths three-spade bid. Give North the king of hearts instead of the king of spades and he would have been able to bid three no-trump, a contract which would have been unbeatable against any hand. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) Wt Wtlcom* •onkAmcricard North Plaza Coronado Center 665-2951 The ,biddifig"ha# > \jeen: West North East Soutl 1* 1 V 24 Pass ? You, South, hold: AAK654 */A2 fJ AAK654 What do you do now? A—If you arc sure your partner won't pass, bid two spades. Otherwise, jump to three spades. TODAY'S QUESTION You do bid two spades and your partner bids three clubs. What do you do now? By Gertie Shaw there were 5? senior citizens present at Thursday's Center meeting. Door prizes went to Jay Evans and Mrs. Pearl Slaten. The Friendships Class of the First United Methodist Church was the hostess group. Serving refreshments were Mmes. W.A. Hardy, J.B. White, Fred Cary, W.H. Burden, Bess Griffith, W.R. Cole, Bill Jarvis, S.C. Evans, Carl Boston, Frank Chapman and Paul Cay lor. Ben Cates is in Highland General Hospital. We hope he will have a speedy recovery. Carla Chisum, granddaughter of Mrs. Mina Berham, was a guest. Mrs. Bertha Gates was welcomed back after an absence of several months. She now lives at Sharon Springs, Kans., where her son-in-law is pastor of the Methodist Church. Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Lester returned from a trip to El Paso, New Mexico and Old Mexico. Mrs. Margaret Connolly, who lives at Pampa Nursing Center, is now doing nicely. Mrs. Ella Cade, formerly of Des Moincs, la., who is now living at Easthdge Nursing Home, was a guest. Mrs. Lila Fulton attended a family reunion in Navajo, Ariz. There were 42 relatives who attended the one-week event. Mrs. Edith Lawrence is home again after a trip to Oklahoma City,, Okla., Texhoma and Gainesville. David and Martha Shelton of Fort Worth are visiting their grandmother, Mrs, Ruby Stovall. Mrs. Leona Turner and her son, Jimmy, of Albuquerque, N.M., visited her mother, Mrs. McClendon, this past week. Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Shyrock visited W.E. Melton and family and Margaret Holt this past week. Mrs. Shyrock will teach school in Oklahoma City, Okla., this Fall. Altrusa Club members present were Mrs. Louise Sewell, chairman; and Mmes. Lalar Wilkerson, Lora Dunn, Olive Hills, Ruth Sewell, Gertrude Barber and Marian Jameson. Minced cooked leftover corned beef makes an excellent spread for crackers when the beef is mixed with mayonnaise and pickle relish. GOOD FOOD TO GO at Low Prices Burgers-40' Chef *e Burgers-50 c Fries and Tots-29 c Malts and Shakes-38 e Ready To Go Pinto Beans, Cole Slaw, Potatot Salad, Cold Sandwiches S&J MART 669-3661 LADIES' SUMMER SHOES FANTESY SHOES Big Group Rog'12.80 to'14.99 Ladies' Summer Shoes Vitality-Air Stop-Cobblor VP! to '22.W M9.9? VW. 14 80 12 80 Vol. »14.«9.«1«.99 10 MEN'S SHOES Big Group—Values to '19.99 '10.2.M9 / ' <7. cy ule .» ^Tme ^Jn The Home of Florsh°tm and Rand Shoes 109 N. Cuyler 669-9442 ANACIN 30 Tablets 114 N. Cuvler 669-W& Specials Good Thru Saturday UNKftMHICMO Colgate COLGATE TOOTHPASTE Family Size - 67 e SUV I I Rag 37' KLEENEX TISSUE -97 BAN SPRAY DEODORANT Reg 1.59 97' Reg 7.95 LINDEN Travel Alarm Clock 188 Bright Side SHAMPOO Reg 1.65 PANTS and TOPS They go togetherl--Ponti, Topi and Children! Methea, tee all our imart telectiont in iii»» 2-16. Shan* and Cary loyd thaw hew much children like their lookt and fit. Mother* like their wear and eaiy-care. Com* in today. NllfN Miis Clairol Creme Formula Hair Color Q.T. By Coppertone Suntan Lotion Reg 1.59 R«g 1.49Micrin MOUTHWASH Reg 1.49 24 Tablets DRISTAIN KS^ Reg 1.79 Bactine SUNBURN SPRAY Reg f 9' Curity 120 Count COTTON BALLS Reg 79.95 3 H.P. 20 inch Gat I LAWN MOWER I Reg 29.95 C-20 Kodak Pocket {CAMERA OUTFIT ALL NATIONALLY ADVERTISED WATCHES Kodak X-30 Fun Saver Color Inttamatic CAMERA OUTFIT Include* X-30 Camera with electric eye, film, carrying cate. Flashcube t Tripod Stand 49.95 Voter's Choice Calendar Watches . . . only $4.95 I wilh both end panels from \ any three Kodak color film cartons (6 end panels). Your choice ol three de- I signs in red, while, and | blue. Entirely assembled in America with a one-year guarantee. Slop in for additional details of this offer. And ... remember to use Kodak film for winning snapshots and slides. This offer expires December 31,1972 PAMPA PHOTO "Snepthoti Art Our kutintti" 1820N. Hebart Alka Seltze CONTiNIS 26 TAlliTS Alka Seltzer Tablet 25'$ Reg 75 e One-A-Day Vitamins Polaroid Camera *46 88 YOU CAN SAVE Rogardloss of whort you had your last proscription fillo*. prcos on JUiMltinf ii 130 Tablet* ^liMCHAROi ACCOUNT Z4HOUiPMK*IPTrO* SERVICE R. 9 2.98 Hite ......... 669-3107 645-1560 Kot«x Tampons 40* 09 Wilkinton Sword RAZOR • Five lefill Modes with 2.00 refund effer included ? 39

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