The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 12, 1948 · Page 9
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 9

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY REGISTER, HARR1SBURG, ILL., TllOKSDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1948 PAGE ONE, SECTION TWO Musical Program Will Feature HTHS pow Wow Friday for Ulc r a ' includes, ilic swjn« « u . t i Bob Belt as vocalist; r Kh mi trio of piauu, Bill t h c , hiss fiddle, Singleton, and 1Iartl v'l Gibbons,: a tjirb' trio drU roUd if Jcannmc Culvert. Ed" r i e r , and Anna Jlobka , sma- So or When" and "Tico » ,ml a bo#s' quaitcltc of e! Mvron Clark, Howard ,,.!· md f)on Ilaymcr, singing Kdinw a ' '« ,, * If y Wcre P e g n , l G r l " "Hawaiian War ff M i°"and !J S«cct Sixteen." C j e r v 1 "ennley will impersonate na Al JoLson with a medley of songs and "On Mobile Buy," Elizabeth 1'ankcy will tap dunce and Howard, Kdinger and Shirley Chester will do a comedy routine song, "Wake- Up Henry. 1 ' Others on thc pro* gram are Hita LuObcltcr and Emma AlcKmlcy in an Irish dance routine, flic master of ceremonies Is John Schork. The Athletic Show directed by Coach Davibon features the following boxing exhibitions: First Show: Eugene Stone vs. Jeff Lane. Garrett Rice vs. Lowell Hisc. Robert Oliver vj. Bobby Wallis. Second Show: Leonard Butler vs. Robert Jones. Kenneth 0/mcnt vs. Jim Wmtu- er. Willard Tuck vs. Joe Craig. Third Show- Hill Thrcet vs Donald Burnam. Battle Royal: Kelly Gulley, J. L. Wnitc. Don Vaughn, Lewis Win- iucr, Krshcl Hicks, Don Taylor, Andy Gibbons. ffelictte Flavor for 7/v ^ »·» ·» ttt Even Better WHEN YOU USE rose BRAND VEAL ROLL ;»pl'^ if*e New Letter Shows Lincoln Heart SPRINGFIELD, 111. UI'»--A hitherto unpublished letter telling how Abraham Lincoln found time to review thc case of a captuicd Confederate soldier so he might spend Christmas \vith his family has been discovered here. The letter, an acquisition of King on the luins of thc Cotton States (which I am far from believing) nothing could induce me to icmam under 1m dominion. "Letters sent to official Wajh- in;lon piobably will meet with lit- lie*attention. You peisons in arc always, engaged in j ne letter, an acquisuion 01 iun» \\ehington arc always, engaged in V. llostiek. collector of Lincoln i business of more importance than documents was written by T M ID,,. I0 i 0 j sc O f a prisoner whom you Combs while a prisoner at r'orl $ (l ,. 0 t CV(MI know. However, I am Dflawaie. It \\as addicted to I'lCoidonl Lincoln and said in pail"I have already infoimed the Sccietaiy of War that I dcsne to pleading with you to allow me to t.iky the oath of allegiance and be dM.haif!icl so that 1 can spend with my wife and three handwriting is the notation: "Let ihis man take thc oath on December 8, 1863, and thereupon be discharged. A. Lincoln, November 20, 1863." 'Fire and snow queens from Minnesota, the Dakotas and Wiscon* sin annualy take part in .the St. Paul winter carnival. Th" Daily Register, ?.0c a wtok. DELICIOUS childicn " tsike the oath of allegiance and j Th , cr ^^ how mistakcn that I am sptibfied cvwiy officcr, Coombs vvas when hc thought Lin- A wwier in tnc umui K a. j ^ , jul allc!lllori to Aimy will be compelled to do like- »v»m i«. wise J think if Jeff Davi«. ; ncl Co I succeed in establishing a despotism best describes the flavor of Brooks Catsup. Just enough snappy spices to give it that zesty smack others lack. Ask your grocer for Brooks Catsup...the Old Original that 'makes everything taste better.' On the reverse side in Lincoln's i FINDS UNPUBLISHED LINCOLN PORTRAIT. A hitherto un-, published photograph of Abraham Lincoln, made 90 years ago, has, been discovered by Stefan Lorant, Hungarian-born Lincoln authority' and author of "Lincoln- His Life m Photographs." The picture,! an original ambrotype portrait, hangs on the wall of Lorant's Lenox, Mass home. It was made on May 7, 1858, after Lawyer Lincoln ( successfully defended Duff Armstrong on a murder charge. Alter the acquittal, a young photographer invited Lincoln into his studio where the .future President posed for his only portiait wearing a \vhite linen duster. Collect $5,150,000 for Chicago Cancer Center CHICAGO-- L".P --More than 60 per cent of the funds necessary- to build and equip a new $5,150,000 cancer research cen- 2 omliAYROSE TEST KITCHEN MAYROSE VEAL ROLL Roast the ^eal roll on a rack in a shallow, open pan in a slow oven, (325° F.) to an internal temperature of 180° F. if a meat thermometer is used. Or, since the time varies according to the weight of the roast, prepare the ·veal roll in accordance with thc following table; Wtrgfif TJm» 4 to 6 pounds , , 3'/7 hours 6 to 8 pounds » » 5 hour* VEAL CROQUETTES (Yieldi 8 croquettes) 2 cups ground cooked veal roll 2 tbs. butter or margarine 44fes.""flour - 1 cup mflE" 2 tbs. minced onions Sifted cracker crumbs 1 tsp. salt Mayrose Lard Make a white sauce of butter, flour and milk. Add the veal, salt and onion. Cool. Shape into 8 croquettes. Roll in sifted cracker crumbs. Heat lard in a deep hea\y pan. Fry croquettes in hot lard until well browned. Drain on soft paper. Serve with hot spicy beets and other tart relish. Mayrot Home Ecenomitt REMINDER- Uo «3"« MAYROSE Iden- nfias hioSei! auolny ooo' orodueH, »uch cj . Movoso Brand Lanb, Mayroiw Brand B*olondMayroicPur«PorlcSoojoo* A»Ic for .S.,=. by no-no... MAYROSE ST. L O U I S INDEPENDENT "PACKING C O M P A N Y 797 women made the MILNOT taste test and . · · penny for penny . · · 3 out of 5 women preferred HIIIMOT« ^·i^P^^«n-. _ _ . ter at -the Unuversity of Chicago have been collected. The center \\ill include a $1,600,000 hospital and an $1,500,000 atom-smashing machine for use in cancer study and treatment. If sufficient donations are received, a $2,000.000 isotope building will be constructed which will permit radioactive material to be used in cance? research. The seven-story hospital, one of three in the nation to be devoted entirely to cancer, will be built starting this spring. It will provide facilities for investigation into the nature, cause and cure , of the disease. Plan Nine Laboratories , , Plans call for nine research laboratories m the hospital. Up to 1,500 .research patients can be hospitalized each year, and an additional 40,000 out-patients treated., A surgical,, suite can be used for- 500-750 operations annually. 1 The atom-shattering cyclotron is already under construction A special structure is being built to house it and the university's present cyclotron, used during the development of, the atom bomb. j ' The new atom-smasher will be more than t\uce as large as the ' older 80-inch cyclotron. 1 Specially constructed railroad, flatcars will carry 82-ton segments , of thc cyclotron from the cast, where it is being built. To Clear Streets Truck trailers will move the parts from the rail siding to the 'university at night when streets 'can be cleared of traffic. A spe- , cially-built crane will swing them 'into position in the building. , Ten-ton sections of coils for thc I cyclotron, too bulky to travel even on thc largest flatcars. will be shipped by water. Each coil requires 130 tons of copper--enough ; !to make five miles of hollow wire itwo inches square. ' Nuclear scientists and doctors 'hope to harness radiation from · the nucleus of the alom and d i - j irect it against deep-seated can-fi 'cers. Such treatment rooms and ·medical offices are included in Uhc plans for the building. i When operating, the machine I will require 1,000 kilowatts of i electrical power -- about 10.000 j ' times as much as is required for \ j a n ordinary light bulb. J :On Second Thought ' VV7/e Decides Beating Bv Husband is O. K. Casserole dishes become fu-for-a-banquc: specialties them with Milnor. Its ^.asnn! water for all your cooking and ^««-^- _ .hoTeso^e fo^d values . . . and so economical! Corolene Products Co., Utchfield, Illinois ALICE Tex.-- O.*,r --A housewife, with a little lime to reflect, told a Texas judge she felt i her husband was justified in bcat- ·inn^ her with a belt when she m- Isistcd hc hang out thc wash. ! Thc husband was charged - -A itn · agcravatcd assault and received a four-day sentence from Coi'nly .Tud?c C \Voodrow Lauuhlin. But hc had been in jail four days, awaiting trial, so all was c%cn When thc judge asked the woman if she thought her ?nas- band did thc right thing by her, sh^ replied: ' "Yes sir. At first I duint ibink it i\as right,*' she said "but now I do. I want my husband back. He's a good man." j 'Moses one? Beanstalk i 'Mofce Farming Pay [ ' "DEL MAR. Cal.-- U?» --Modes' iKauffman. local farmer, «a ; he now is growing beanstalks Uiat reach 12 fcfct in height and pro( duce 8.000 pounds of beans to the, acre. 1 Kauffman. a native of came to thc United States in and to California in 1926." Hc to Palestine 44 cars ago to study j thc new agricultural development \ of the Jewish colonies and was i (impressed by the new bean plant i there. 1 Hc brought the seeds bnck to this country and has developed. Jhem so that one plant will feed 10 persons from 10 to 12 years He gets two crops a year from plajtt- 'ings on his Del Mar farm. Kroger Again Leads the Way -- Food Prices Cut -- As Costs Drop tmmedi-, ately Kroger Passes These Reductions On to You. ·BSMi^TMTM^TM^"^^^^^^^TM 11 *^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ low Regular Prices ©n ii see how you save et your Kroner Store. Large Pound and One Quarter Size Loaves. White Bread TWENTY NINE CENT! Gold Medal or Pillsbury A 25 POUND ·····M PURE Rendered POUND, POUND PURE CANE Pound Bag WAS~~1 (TPOU N PS 98c lib. Roil Finest Grade 95e POUND ftW ggJe^gTYjiTirirtia «ri " n-----.^~--- · X *v«?a z^ ""** f^ f^jj*I; *£~ £-*· V $5j£r5 £ 2 fas* ^ - W ·'f* 3 «s- S3 a WAS 55c POUND Sugar Cure Hickory Smo. 3 to 4 Lb. Pieces WAS 63c POUND WSPAPiRI

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