The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 10, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1934
Page 2
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TWO TOE PARIS HEWS, ^FRIDAY, AUGUST 1*. 1*34 Dead,. Three Injured •In Freak Accidents As Accompaniment Scattered sections of north and st Texas Friday had been re- !iev«d by a. heavy rain, but s. toll of OJie life and three injured *vas reported as"t<»r :• h;;^: v.::ivl and •and storm- precede*; The do^rs- POCr. Earl "Winkles. 25. of Tyler, was i electrocuted as he stood in a T>!t r*pidly filled wtt.h water as he '•worked en an el^ctrirs-ly operated •wjtter pumr>. Kis brother. Clyde. rescxjed him froirr The r': ^~- he died a few minutes Ister. Winds; blew dnr.-n or ..1--.-r:cks and crushed a tank near KHcore. tfcree j>«r«ons. TT. D. Cor; ser and \v. D. Houpt of Dallas, working: at a steel tank, suffered painful injuries whea the wind blew In the side of the tank. ; E. Q- Rabb of Kilgore suffered 1 a skull fracture -when a btii!dins collapsed, iratppir.g b-im beneath the wreckage. i At Tyler the chamber of eom- r.ierce directors, in executive session, stopped and sang. "Pra-se God From XVfconi All Blessings Flow" as the rain pattered down outside, breakins: a lor.s: drouth. The temperature dropped from :02 to TS decrees as the downpour <oo!ea the vicir.ity. General rains in most sections of north and east Texas were reported. ENGINEER KILLED IN TRAIN CRASH Nothinsr Bettor f Children and Grown-'':*- Surebest 100% Whole Wheat Bread From Tour GrccvT WG-L-FPG1NT. Mont.. ;.•?, — A westbound Great Northern train was dera:!e<j n-:-ar here Friday resulting- in the death of the er.crineer, Robert Je"ey. Joe Moore, fireman, was in j tired critically and a passenger suffered slicht injuries. Tho 'ocoT::ot:ve and six of the _^:T,e mail cars v>ere derailed as the train struck a ntuiorcar wb^ch had been left on the track after or=e Lane Speaks To Rotarians Say* Vocational Service Is Chief Base of Rolarv Club That vocational service is the chief base of Rotary was the i contention of R. C. Lane, chair- < man of that committee la the \ Paris Rotary ciwb at Friday noon's nieetir.jr at the Gibraltar hotel. The ideal of service, Mr. Lane said, should be applied to the Rotarian's business, personal anc social life. He advocated the development of acquaintance through fellowship to the end that understanding in all phases of life rsjight contribute to the better- meat of the world. He touched up-os th.. importance of better relations between employer and em- ploye and between buyer and se51- er and between competitors. Quoting from eminent Rotary authorities he said that one need not sacrifice their own personal good in rendering service to oth- YOUTH OF 13 HELD IN SLAYING ers. Every Hotarian shotild strive of your time, temper s.nd health nrte of cur special prices or. all * T US BK TOUH. COOK! rest that you save as :incs of Cooked i'eats TRY OUR COOKED MEATS SPECL4LS Roast C110I ~ _ Baby B~ef Steak *£,' Bacoa Z^ 6 ?"" A a.I Cheese Elk Hor: Lb. IGc Lb. 15c Lb. 20c Lb. 17c BRASSED F'RTERS A "Lamb Baked Chicken Hone? Coated Harn Mexican Hots Barbecue and RosLrt Pork and Beef Salads Chili San.ce Saked Sveet — Everrrfim^ Good Low Prices- on AD Kinds of Groceries asd Fresh Fruits and Vegetables !TH § HILLHOU! GROCERY AND MARKET \Val! Street Phone 213 daily to help mold public- opinion | in the right direciion. for public j opinion, he said, is the mightiest j force in the world. j Dealing- with the same phase of 1 Rotary service. T. E. Belew said I that the golden rule should be 5 practiced, but that we should ] each do more for the other fellow i than we expect him to do for us. I The ideal of service should be I practiced and each Rotarian j should strive to be a worthy ex- j ample Ln his life before others, j Ke closed his talk with a vorse i covering: the- different phases of • vocational service. j Sam Cotton was soloist, •with i •Irs, Jean Xorrnan at the piano, i Guests were C. H. Caldwell. Jr.. of j Jicxton and B. R. Rolph of Paris. ; LAW AM> ORDER TRIUMPHS AGAIN This is a story about * deputy »berift and m necro, , A fleet—acd Hat—looted ne- gro of about a dozen summer*, : and * deputy of s«\'eraJ more summers and considerable more size, : 'It seems the little negro was accused of stealing a mule from & farm on Red River. He rode the mule to Powderly. where he hid it in some brush. The mule broke loose." got into a corn patch and the owner put him in I his lot. Meantime the negro came to Paris. While here he allegedly oroke in and robbed 'the residence of Mrs. Clark Estes. taking two pairs of pants, a belt and a. sack of candy. Working on the case. Deputy Sheriff Jack Reeves received a, tip the boy was in the neigh*- borhood. He went there In his car. got out and started for the negro and then things started happening. For about 10 minutes all Deputy Reeves saw of the ne- grro was the seat of his pant* going over fences. But finally law and order won over speed and asrility and the nejrro was captured and taken off to jalL And before he had time to eat the candy, which was recovered aiong with the articles of clothing. [FLOOD TAKES LTV^ES OF FOUR PERSONS Authorities at Springfield, 1IL, said a murd«r-Indictment-would be sought against William Atares, 13 (left), in connection with th« staying of Ray Wilder. 11. who allegedly •'squealed'' that Atares had jrobfasd A «chcol. Shown with Atare» is 12-ytar-oSd Jack Sesm, a stati~witn«s* in the case. (Associated Pr*«4 Photo) Chair MENUS OF THE DAY Fronj Page One) matrons and a saard stood faci i her. perhaps by design, ctittinc- | • -h= straps were fastened, the elec- ' : trcces mace ilgrht, j s •- She wore a simp;*, bl.e S-^S- \ \ harr cress. It had beer; cut or: i | the les-. which was bare, for the i ; electrode. The right leg w-as stock- { ! iTTsre-j. s.nd she xvore simrjle black < ASPARAGVS S\YISS RECIPE i .DINNER SERVING FOUR , '• As-parapus Swiss Su:t=reJ Beets ; Srea.-'.! Plu^i Jeily ! Spice Cockles ASPJLRAGCS S\VI*S 4 tablespoons flour 2 cups m:lk ^3 teaspoon salt. 2-4 teaspoon paprika *-s cup crated! - hee.'e ile!-. 3 tablespoons butter arid aca flour Mix a~d add milk anc 1 ire prison chaplain stepped *or-' ward, crucifix, estence-5 toward the •'-w that cropped from the head- I plate. He stepped back, "batches \ • en the «-rLsts of shaky arms among i -. the witnesses said 10:12 p. m.. ] ., 1 teaspoon cloves 1 teaspoon nutmeg ~> -.4 teaspoon salt 1 tea-S'T.'-oa vanilla. 1-3 cup sour cream S _-3 cup* flour 1 t^ssfocn soda Or^3."i" fat and siictsr. Afid res f ingrccLent^, rr.ixins itghtly...Chil cu=rh. Drop portions from tip o£ poor, onto grease-i bakinjt sheet. Jik— ? '1 rrsintites in mode'ii e oven, FRUITED ICEI> TEA S cup? boi'inj water 3 tablespoons lemon ju : ce : 3 tablespoons- pineapple jtiica. T- e-p orange juice Crushed Ice. Pour •n-arer ever tea. Let stand mir.-.:tes. 5:ra:n T coc! and add :-u:: juices. Pour in glasses H i""eu with chopped ice. r*iiute with tce-d vi-ater if too ~""-i"^ ** 2 ^*d s"«v* i e*eT* to ts.?te* R. Colo., d?).—A flood- clogged death trap In twisting Bear Creek canyon west of here claimed the lives of at least four persons. j Authorities digging- through the j debris left by tlie torrent as_ it I swept through the narrow metis- 1 tain canyon late Thursday could act say whether any other per| sons were missing. The search I for additi nal bodies continued. [ Only two o' the victims were \ Identified. They were Mr. and j Mrs. John Husband of I>*nv«r, I swept to their deaths as they a.t- *^ - ( tempted to flee from their stalled automobile to the upper hillside*. Hunter (Continued From Pace One) chail*nc* of th* Hunter forces and alter onc« more flourishing the letter—the current ^hot'* issue of the race—h» shouted: . "Mr. Goodloe. here's your let- m*rk*t d*mand law .which increased * th* price of gasoline to «very ccnsunaer in Texas." ~ In the attorney general's race* William McCraw of Dalla*. •peak-. Ini: at Laffrange, predicted an "overwhelming Yictyry'* over his run off opponent. Senator Walter Woodward of -Goleman. H« accused Woodward of aftempting: to He ordered bis campaign man- *. ba iivhoo-* chain stores, "a- ager here to deliver the document ! ' • • . . • ._ . to Goodlo* for transfer to Hunter, j h * w * s *****»«* *«>« **>°™ While Hunter wa» posing a» the &** t«c years ib the senate, "people** lobbyist," he was "actually lobbying: for the program oi the major oil companies." Allred shouted. At Lufkin Senator John Redditti ue of Woodward, -who actively supported Clyde Smith of WcodvjJle in the first primary, introduced Wood ward and announced that he had shifted to the "My oil man opponent twice charged that the oil companies I sued for violating the anti-trust j man candidate . s banner. He cited law. of Texa. are now supporting W eodward's record in the senate me This i* not true and he of- and saje "he never dodged an fered no «hreds of proof.- 1 que stlon." Hunter ha* been telling in every ; speech about how he has been j lobbying for the people at Austin. 1 chargre that he went to Austin and lobbied for the passage of | every measure that was advocates? by the major oil companies. He j talks about the hi^h price of gasoline, yet h* was down at Austin lobbying for the passage of the SUREBEST CLUB LOAF The choice of discriminating housewives for sandwiches and for picnic use. Baked by Southwest Baking Co. EL d Gantt, Mgr. You Can Always Depend On ILPH WILSON'S CLE! THEY ARE FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS. EAGER TO SERVE YOU :^re a. I •ways on tlie jo-i you ^rlth f re-re ri€rs. tieats. f 1 T^'.e sr.vite y-;,-t! to •'•'isit tr:-?rr; s* cur stcre. Let One of These Clerks Fill Year Order— Tvili Humphries N-., Ian Der.-c-n ^ ';"• H:ci^ E<2^iXi XTh.::e >r^:tc:z r-.Turr,:-.:-- v ',nrer:.^=: H.<>dg- cy O'Dea r/fs \VaI5ac*? fPoor Boy > Sr.m Jnn« M. C V^Tinr C-Ie^A Bab- «i>e Sam FREE DELIVERY— TEL. 846—847 Crackers . 2 Shortening, 4 Lbs. 35c 8 !bs. 65c SCHILLING*; T-4 SPECIAL rt-«^:-r. ^?J ; IJ'.T*.. 3 No. 2 Can*. . Salad Dressing -- : Ki-Lo Baking Powder 2-I-b. 30c 25c VTirh Rf Sugar;- 53c Salmon --- 23c Potatoes. Irish 10 Lbs. 20c Table Salt... 10 Lbs 15c Mustard, Qt.T2c Pickles, Qt. 15c Red Hot Barbecue Lb. 30c Steak 3 Pounds 25c Lsftch Meat Pound 23c Laurel Bacon... Pound 20c ftetnty -of Sjrnp Pall*, F»ck«T» Cans. Rab Boai-dp. Etc- RALPH WILSON'S GROCERY WEST SIDE MARKET SQUARE ri^rht." he ss.:d. ''2-jt I'm ;=nccer-t. : : Tnat's a.:: I've zot t~ say—ar:c ; ; At ~- r .-.-- p. rr... he was dead • Fir.a-".;-- C2.~e Vincent Saetta, 23 He •was cheerful. "Hello, guard." • Ha -sras th= worst cf the three, to If veneer.: isetta could have had know. I-, was dark. I d:-3r.*t see • : Thtirsday nirhi. o«for« the death i • hour, hs tried to interest a prison • Tore he EEC ina--ie it s-rtind real. It TT on ori« reprieve, s.n3 then a sec' cr~ Her la •sever oh tain ed st:i' a :b:.-c reprieve. All -^»re futile. Of them ail. Vincent Saetta a'.or.e ; corr.*- tc sav ^ccdisje. One by one ; i.9 kissed thsna. ; V.-c*r.t Saetta, g-ay knight of the dead at 10:3€- "".tr; his death, the books in the : of Ss.lva.tcre Antonio 's-ere i ' bs'anccri. • rccerce. 3»fore she d.:ed, how- j *v«-r. ahe tol£ TTa—l*n Zy»'!^lz i ^ ,, ^. ^.», f "I did not tel! those a=-n to kill ] rrsy husband for his lusurasce I rrcner of 55,00'-. I could have j killed h:rr. a -ioien tira»R. The j ho-se ^as a!-=Ta.ys ftrll of dope and > g-cns. On* of these men came to } TT* and eald ir.f^ •srere g-oing 1 to I kill rsy husband. ar.C I safd: "I do -i r.ct cars -what happens to my >~»- ba.r.c'. I cr* only for HST three Sa;vator« AntorJo was murder-- fr^ Apr;! IE, 1922. On May 4 of the «arr:e year 2sis w:f«, Faracci and G RA PKFRI'TT SAI,AI> BONHAM. — Ardent admirers .-.-! srjpporters of WOlia-m McCraw. casdidsie for "attdrrtey "gre-n- -r^l. - met recer.tly at KoteF'Alex- ander for the p"urr>os£ of crsaniz- .-•jnsiderins the fart ttat McCra^ arried all of the 33 voting boxes .n county and received primary the organization was SPICI-: COOK IKS (3 DOZEN? BUY SUREBEST SUCED BREAD 'S Dated to Insure Its -Always Be^ng Freeh Baked bv SOUTHWES1* BAKING COMPANY E. C. Gantt, :. later retracted. On Apr:- '.?.. 1S32— a. year to tb* day after th*» rnurSer—th« three were tnd sentenced to BRIEFS About Town BarcfainiiJ, Paris barber, h*e r«t«rn*<5 iier« afrer an absenoe of several months, a^nd is now connected witb *hcrp. M«mb«rj! of Paris XxxXjpe No. IT,; A- F. and A. M.. and other Ma*- j t«r £!&»oru[ itr-e Invited to Ait*jstf j the rearular m«<rtifi«r of th* lodjt* .! wH'I fe« h*W at ,.S the SUGAR. Pore Cane Cloth Bag 10 Lbs. 55c BACON. Decker's ;rr;,r Lb. 25c Folger's COFFEE. 2-Lbs v . 63c Malted MILK- 2Lb.CanS3c Old Dutch Cleanser ^ 2 Cans 15c Pint....19c 15c PORK & BEANS 2 Cam Bloom, Extracted 50 Gal.90c TEA, Tetley's Nor** B*t*r, 1-4 LA. 19c 55. and his wif-e'52.! NOTICE TO WATER } COXSOfERS j Water biUs must be paid on or | Before August 10 in v>rder to secure I .he 10 per cent disco-ant. 1 Superintendent ot Water Works. BLUE RIBBON MALT Smark n*wlyw«is WKo us* U)*ir H*ads Buy mail for every party Thetr fn«ncJ$ »r» gay And" happy say TH* stuff is hai« and hearty Th*lr romanc* To trancing fco*$ In attic, <J«n or cellar Bio* Rtbbon host Is pl»*s*<d to fccasfc Th* nation** biggest t«!l«r AMERICA'S BIGGEST SELLER A&P COFFEE TRIO 8 O'CLOCK RED CIRCLE BOKAR COFFEE SUPREME Lb... ..Lb. Lb.. Pineapple Crushed, S oz. 2 Cans 13c Cherries .... 2 Cans 25c Red Rtttd, No. 2 Rajah Salad Dressing Pt.Jar 15c Qt.Jar25c Large Cake 3 Med- Cakei. . 1-4-Lb. For . . Ivory Soap 9c Nectar Tea 17c 16c 27c Our Own Tea, 1-2-lb. 19c V 2 -Lb- Potatoes 10Lks.21c No. 1 Red*—Home Grown Oranges Doz. 27c Large Sixe Lemons ....... Doz. 27c Cabbage ......... Lb. 5c Freth Gr««n Lettuce ........ Head 7c Firm and Crisp Celery. . ..... Stalk 13c Bananas ......... Lb. 6c Cucumbers ...... Lb. 6c White House MILK, 6 Baby Cans, or 3 tall cans. 17c Webster's Early June PEAS ... No. 2 Can 12c lona String Cut BEANS .... No. 2 Can 9c Sliced Bacon Deckel* T«B Kom Steak, Round "-oin or TT-Bon* Veal Chops.. Lb.21c Lb.16c 2 Lbs. 25c Seven Roast Lb. lOc r*hoice Cots Stew Meat Lb.7c »-oo<f aixi F*t ' Dry Salt Jowls... Lb. 8c Fre*h Stock Cheese Shortening Lb. 17c 3lbs.25c Picnic Hams Li. 15c Pi!lsbury f s Pkg. Cake Hour Bisquick Small P*ck»ge 20c Pkg. 37c Wheaties Pkg. 13c Puffed Wheat . Pkg. lie Royal Bread BAKING POWDER 1Lb.37c 16-oz. Loaf 7c RIBBON Malt Can 55c Oreo Sandwich, 1-Lb. 27c Un*«<U Baker's Shredded Wh?at,pkg.12c Excd Cracker* Mb.box22c WATCH OUR WINDOWS FOR ADDED SPECIALS

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