The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 27, 1918 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1918
Page 3
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VK1DAY, SEPTEMBER 2f\ 1*148, *UE HtfTOHlttSON NEWS. PAGE THREE. Tor six years we have used fir. Catdwetfi Syrup Pepsin in our family and feet we. could not possibly do without it, especially for the children." (From a letter to Dr. Caldwell .written by, Mrs. Eatl Cpwcll, Cement City, Mich.); Children become constipated as readily as do their elders, and the result is equally distressing, Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is ideal for children because of its pleasant taste, positive, yet gentle, action, and its freedom from opiates and narcotic drugs. DR. CALDWELL'S Syrup Pepsin The Perfect Laxative Sold by Druggists Everywhere 50 cts. (IS.) $1.00 t -~- ATRIAL DOTTLE CAN BE OBTAINED. FREE OF CHARS!:. BY WRITING TO DR. W. D. CALDWELL, 459 WASHINGTON STREET. MONTICELLO. ILLINOIS • * • REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS, <* • *<*<}>3><3><J><S><S> * * * * (Uerertcd by Hall-ltnBlnni] N Abstract Co., No. 8 I3aBt Hhrrmiili t Mary J. Tudor to H. V. Davis, lot 03 aatl Kiist 17 ft. lot til Ave. A. East, J1.0U C. P. Hendrlckson to J. D. Earhart, SWA 13-24-7 S1G0O0.0O Hobert C. Uawllnga to A.. 1). Layulnn nnd O. R Kent, w 20 ft lot 11 and all|lot 12 mill cast 3 ft lot 13, block (!, Pretty Prairie, Kns ?3,U00.UU .!. (). llrlilpninn to 11. II. Htormont, Ixit 8, Dlk. 2 Miller mid Smith's mill ?1.00 HerUta P. Koonlz to M. C. llurton, Norlli 115 foot, Lot 71, Second Ave. East $2150. Watch the Little Pimples; They are Nature's Warning Unsightly and Disfiguring Signals of Bad Blood. Don't close your eyes to tin 1 warning which nature gives, when unsightly pimples appear on your face and other pans of the body. Not only are iheso pimples and splotches disfiguring, but they lead to serious skin-diseases that spread and cause the most discomforting irritation and pain. Sometimes they foretell lOc-zcnin, boils, blisters, scaly eruptions and other annoyances that burn like flames of fire, and make you fool that your *k[n Is ablaze. When these symptoms appear on any part of Uie tody, lake prompt steps to rid the blood of these disor­ ders. And the ono remedy which ban no r«iual as a purifier la S. S. S., the purely vegetable blood medicine, which has been on tlio market for more than fifty years, it is sold by druggists evcry-whero. If you are ufrllcti'd with any form of skin disease, do not expect to bo cured by lotions, ointments, salvos nnd other local remedies, as I hey can not possibly ranch the source of the I rouble, which Is In the blood. Begin hiking H. S. S. today, and write a complete history of your case .to our chief medical adviser who will give you special instructions, without charge. Write at onco lo Swift Specific Co., 441 Swin' Laborulory, Atlanta, Gil. SOME FINE A Utile Concerning the Work of the Red Cross Departments and What Each Does. We Have Moved to Our Newlocation Where we will be glad to see all our old friends and new ones. We are Service Station for Auto-l.ite, Atwater, Kent, K.-W M.igueto and Philadelphia Diamond Grid |lattery, Experts 011 repairing all kinds of Starters, Generators and Magnetos. \VK 'REPAIR ANYTHING, ELECTRICAL, See us at 100-102 West Sherman E. H. Helms Electric Co. In speaking or writing of women's work in the Red Cross. It Is Important that the people should realize that tllfc manufacturing department wjicre surgical dressings, hospital garments anil refugee garments are made represents only one of the nine departments of the Roil Cross, without which the manufacturing departments would bo useless. To the lay mind lied CTOSB work means a blindage" or hospital garments. It dots not comprehend all the Intricate machinery of the Red cross can led on by ITle departments of extension, tliwlhce, publicity, ef membership, of junior membership, of civilian relief, military rellef.^and of the nursing services. In fact. It takes all Ibese nine departments to make the women's work' effective.' H the fled Cross did' not have a nursing service i.tiero wuul.l bo no nurses lo apply the bandages and dressings so painstakingly mad) by the patknl hands of the women workers; no one to put I ho hosfillil rar- menls ou the sick and wound.'U men Without. Uie finance deiiarlJuciii there ho money witi; which lo purchase the vast number m" supplies Hint are needed. WiiliJin the membership, extension ami. puldii Ity departments It woukl bo impossible to educate (he people in the noels of llir. lied Cross and to perstiade them to give not only their money lint their services If it. were not tor the work of Hie Home Service socllou the men hardened with cares would be reluctant to pe Into the army. The purp.'e of 'his, service Is to see that, families i:t all soldiers and sailors are maintained tn contact while the men art in I be service, The canteen service helps the morale of the soldier. So any way that you choose to look at it the work of (lie lied Cross Is one vast circle every department interdependent and eaeu looking to the other for help. Women Are Specializing. Looking Into the futuro the demands 1I[HMI the women In some dc" paitnienls will be heavier and in some j lighter. The scarcity of materials { will cut down on the quotas given to like ehaptiTS. 'What can be secured ; will he allotted hy headuuarlers and j each chapter will be asked to do so j much and no more If there were no j limit 10 material or' shipping space I which mil!hi be used to transport the completed garments overs.-as, the (policy of almost unlimited production ! might be justified. Hut there is a j limit, both of material and transportation, so it is not only wise but ni °<o- esssry I hat the entire production Is put as rapidly as possible 0 n our best estimates of the needs as regards all finished article;., so thai while v.e care lor Red Cross ret|nlrcmenls adequately. *e :IK'.V ni tile same time be conserving the i-ouniry's resources of material an J its transportation facilities now K \i sorely (rletl. '1 here is a very efficient division of labor in th".se several departmeut.s of the Hod Cross. The chapters have charge of all business transacted ami have supervision over the branches j In which all the .nine departments of work urn represented. The branches in turn supervise the auxiliaries formed of groups oi persons who undertake onb one kind ot" tied Cross work Women engaged in Heil Cross work j are beginning to understand the value . id' sh >'i'ialt7 .ation. It is the consensus j ui' op:n ; on among directors thai the j best work is being done by women who srlcci W branch of lhe service and who make themselves expert in •that. There, is a place for every woman in the ruunlry in one of the departments uceottiiu;; to her talents, her inclinations :md her apporlunity lor service. Lift Off Corns! "Freezone" is Magic! Lift any torn or Callus right off with fingers—No pain! Drop a little Freezone. on an ncliifi(j corn, instantly that corn stops "hurling, then you lift It right mil. It doesn't, hurl ono bit. Yes, mugii: Why wail? Your druggist sells a tiny bottle of Freezone for n few cents, Kiiliick 'nl lo rid your feet of every hard corn, sc-Tl .corn, or corn betwen Uie toes, nnd calhiae*. without, soreness or irritation. Try UI Ji'o lmtubitgt MORE THAN TEN BILLIONS. War Bonds in Large Issues Have Already Been Sold. Wa'shiugLon, Sept. 27.— Nearly ten billion dollars' worth oT government war bonds have been sold in Uie first second and third liberty loan campaigns lo pave the way for ilio fourth campaign which opens tomorrow, 'nii; exact total now outstanding Is $'.l,!»8 , r i ,233,l)O0 liberty bonds, in addition to about $700,000,000 of war savings stamps. Figures on tho threa Plan ions loans show: First loan—$3,000,000,000, Interest rate, 3>/j por cent, 4,fi0O,l}U0 subscribers, or one to every 23 of population; average subscription JIB for each resident of tho United States, campaign from M<iy 1-1 to June la, tin7: bunds redeemable In 30 years may be convened any lime into bonds healing higher rate of Interest, issued at par. Second loan—$.1,80S,7GG,l .">n, interest rale 4 per cent; 10.o00 .00i) subscribers, or one to every 11 of population; average subscription ?30 per capita; campaign from October 1 to October 27, 1917; bonds redeemable In 25 years; may be convened Into third liberty bonds before November 11, .Issued at par. Third loan—$1,170,51(1.S.-.0; interest rate 4V4 per cent; lX,308,32r, subscribes or one In every (1 of population; average subscription! $40 |>er capita; campaign from April 0 to May 4, 181S; bonds redeemable In 10 years; may be convertisl into any future Issue bearing higher rat" of interest; issued at par. •More than two-lbirds of all war expenses in the last eighteen months have been met with proceeds from Llberny bonds and less than one-third orfm taxation or other ordinary sources of revenue. From the beginning oT the war up to this week, the government's actual outlay has run to nearly $19,000,000,00(1 for war purposes, including loam; to iillles. Recently expenses have been nt I ha rate of $l,S00,0O0,000 monthly, and arc Increasing from month to mouth. To provide money ns il is needed, the treasury has sold billions of dollars ot certificates of indebtedness!, running usually about lliree moiiUis anil redeemable at lime when Installment un l.lberay loan subscriptions bring in large sums. This poli'Y followed for the fourth loan, amounts practically to borrowing from banks and other big financial Interests lor snort terms and refunding these obligations in Liberty bond money 'i'lie treasury now plans to float two more Liberty loans before next July. t'robahly $!(j,000.O00,U<W will have lo be raised from ], the rourUi. flfLli anil sixth loans in this fiscal your ending .Inly 1, 1919. In addition, the sales ot war s^inss ,aud thrift stamps will 'c&ritinue in draw into the government coffers a hue dred million dollars or more every mouth; it is expected. BANKERS FOR WAR. Those at Chicago Meeting Pledged Their Lives and Their Fortunes. Chicago. Sept. 20. -Onirics A. Hlnseli, president of the American •Hankers' Association, in his address belore the. annual cou\euiion ol that organization pledged the fortunes and lives of its I9,ii-I3 ini 'Uibers to continue - the war. until the last armed Herman is b.-nten tu earth and ;i victorious peaco assured. Ketifi'irming the loyalty of the nation's bankers to President Wilson in his prosecution of the war, he declared that they will keep on fighiiug, "not lo the last dollar, but to Iheir lu-at unit or credit." The mission of Aim-riea, he said, is to carry the gosp.-l of freedom to the ends ot the earth, and added, thai "no peace Unit Ccrinuny will approve will satisfy Auiorirn. We must not conclude a no>.'oiinted peace. Nothing should tie considered but an unconditional surrender," in its prosecution of the war, .Mr. liiusch said, ftu* government, instead of restraining business, is encouraging It, and he expressed a nope for a cotitlnualion of this policy after peace. "Out of the chaos into, which the uutlon won plunged, is coming the semblance of order," be added. "Americans are following their na tiiral creative bent. They are working Tor new- ends- to produce what is needed for the Joy of It as well as the necessity." Pointing to -the IS.pno banks enrolled as selling agents Tot tie' sale of war savings and thrift stamps and their part In marketing ten billion dollars worth ol Llborly bonds, he predicted that the habit of tbrift developed by the war could "convert a mil Ion of spenders into a nation of savers/' After discussing social conditions, he advocated universal military training as essential to commercial expansion e.nd industrial growth, and predicted that this would give the young men of the nation a new sense of the tneaniug and obligations of citizenship. "The new era for business is not going lo begin when the war ends. il. has already begun," he said in conclusion. "This country stands firmly committed to a great, policy ot commercial. and industrial expansion. It this is not our policy, we must admit we are willing to surrender our position in the world and lapse into Safe The New Overcoats Perhaps it is a little early to talk Overcoats, but good Overcoats are going to be very scarce this season. We have, otic of the most complete nnd comprehensive showings which have ever graced tin's store of t;t'c;itet' \ .ilties, ;iiul yet we fear that the demand is go- iitiy lo far exceed the supply— _ Hirsh-Wickivire and Society Brand Hand tailored v ^annetits are well known to uiii- trade and this year exceeds all past reputation in excellence — Wc sell them exclusively in Hutchinson—Our Overcoat and Suit tip is—"Buy Now." Hanan Shoes Webber Sweaters "Quality First" Milk For Informs & lava.ids No Cw!:b3 A Nutritious Diet for AH Ascs. Quick Lunch; Home or Office OTHERS nro IMITATIONS a Htali> ot a .stvonil i\it*' and <l" , cadfiu naiiuu. j 'The niaiiiltMii'-nr'' ol' i hi -• pw.iii um •. lignum lib of u.s ait as.-'fiiihliiifj; ui mir force;--; tuul a (Mi-onliiiiUinii ol' our- : forts. nut only as t^r^ai Inn even gtvuUtr iliun liu:i bnt'it' nert-h- 1 Miry hy ((if war. In tni:-. M lictttr (lit* i fjnvnTnmPtn IniHiK-i l.tnv 1 a.-* ih-' in - | cumptit't orranUuiiiiii run-i 'S -mry Ln j moei. (hi' (.ornjH-lilion of olh«i mUion-H \ orjjatiizt'tl to 'lit- [u .,t rt'fiii^iiifiH oi' v.i- , ficit'iice." ! OIP 1 riin't kiM'p hi--. I tody y«Ji<n>;, but can Iti-cp his iiiind ynun«. by tint ivnr- rviiij; about lion r^-.-.i m;,\ 11 ti i>on i:|.d-i* \'i'ry ft*w farni'Ti* arc i-iiiiois of farm papprs,-- Aichiton (Ilobp. Cl'iirlren Ory FOR FLETCHER'S CASTOR I A >MARLEY 2ti IN. DEVON l\\ IN. ARROW COLLARS CLUETT. PEAOOOY i CO.. INC. MAKERS There Should Be a Limit on the Price You Pay for Shoes SAYS: =s= (lark tau Russia calf. Plat English last. A to E. I'or hoys, J to 6. Of same leather and si vies. $4.95 iry hisl pi. A to lv CJft Oft Ittivs t!;is il',rk tun milit: qO.OO u ,ti, |)rown cloth l.ipi. 3 to 9. $6»95 Ilttys same in hi|.;h Lewis heel $ K A ft I-'or same in calf, all all leathers. Gun sizes, A to I). $3.95 'S. 1 '";, misses military last in patent or dull in 11 ' to 2, A to E. $4.45 $5.95 litiys same in ilarl: t;tn. Ill urcys, IMCIICII heel. GET SLOAN'S FOR YOUR PAIN RELIEF •- T •' You don't have to nib It ia to get quick, comforting relief Ones you've' tried it on that stiff |olnt, sore muscle, sciatic pain, rheumatic twinge, lame back, you U find » Jwarm, soothing relief you never thought a liniment could produce. Won't Stain the skin, leaves no musa, wastes no time in applying, sure to give quick results. A large bottle means economy. Your own or any other druggist has it. Get it today. Sloan's I i IT i m i\ i Kills P.i i i » PETEY DINK Now Petey is Thinking of Renting An Elevator for An Office By C. A. VOIGHT

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