The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 27, 1948 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 27, 1948
Page 6
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Gang Leader Shot To Death Peori*, 11L. July 26 (ff}--Bernie Shelton. whose prohibition, era sang used the weapons of a mod-; · -' and killed from: France Gets ! New Cabinet Paris. July 26 VP)--Premier Andre Marie announced tonight the formation of » new Cabinet Empty Liquor Bottles Impede Workmen . His older brother. Carl, the **ang leader, was slain in similar crisis. [style near Fairfield, in southern | Illinois, nine months ago. France's week old political Marie's announcement came after more than 36 hours of negotiation* , Bernie, 50. sorter gambling ov- , with the Socialist Party. At one erlo-d in Peoria, met his finish ' point Marie almost resigned hw whek he strolled out of his £av- , Premiership. orite tavern hangout in a heavily · u p to the wooded section at the edge of tfae Socialists city to get a bresth of fresh air. · w hoie-he An assassin, lying in a clump of ; government Marie had chosen. " last moment, the refused to give their w hoie-hearted support to the bushes, fired one shot. The bullet described it as "fragile," and tore through Sernie's chest. from con {inued bucking Marie's selec- the right to left sice. He pitched . lions desp ;te an urgent appeal from forward on his face, mortally j Vincent Auriol. Socialist President (wounded. _ _ ' o t the Republic. j capitulated finally j talks in the Justice, , Ministry where Marie has main- ! "^oS^V ibere were BO wit-' Mined a temporary office during | EesseCpolIce said. A. L. Hunt, who . *e cr-^is. · . _ * ~ _ _ _ _ . ~ . » * n A !! W ~ ·%***.* ~.J f*j*nf · Jl«»^4k operates a drive-in across the · Is Voted Confidence road, reported he heard a single · j. ne crisis began last Monday shot and" saw Shelton faiL He said jjj gnt w ;.v. the resignation of he did not see the slayer. _ __ j p re mier Robert Schaman's coali- Sheitcn was rushed by ambul- j t ; o ^ government. Marie told news- nee to the St. Francis Hospital in men he fi:ia j}y j,.ad obtained the !AH Saints street last wee* The News. Frederick. Md., Tueiday, July 27. 194JT Reporter's Quiz '-- r -- An informal poll ot local rcsi- Watch Taken From dents and vlsuc'- i;ti'. uve'.t would indicate that most of then, j Corpse Recovered feel that President Truman's recall of the eightieth Congress will help him. It is pointed out that while Magistrate Manuel M Weinbcrg continued larceny charges against there are many who feel that Truman has not measured uif well as President, absolutely speaking, he does fare well when compared ·with Congress. As a historic parallel it is pointed out that history does sot rate Pres:dents. Grant. Hayes and Garfield very highly but says they !ook like statesmen when compared with the contemporary Thad Stevens Congress. It i Charles Geisler. Frederick, when State's Attorney Edwin F. Xikirk stipulated t h a t the defendant , should have medical attention before coming up fo: hearing Geisler was charged with larceny of a watch from a eorp:-e The theft was said to have been made from the body of Leroy Jones. July 7. at a funeral establishment. The watch was recovered is felt by many that" with Congress and »dentifieo. in session with the public co:r.- Representing Geisler. E. Austin paring it and the President. Tru- James, declared in open court that man will sain in popularity. These is a strong minority, however. which feels that President Truman has been badly hurt by his recall of Congress. Six persons interviewed at ran- his client had been confined at the I'. S Hospital. Perry Point, last year as 3 result of nervous disabilities. war-incurred The attorney ^aid efTor!-; would be made today !o have "island" in Carroll Creek, early Sunday morning, when coaxing of police and firemen failed to move him from his perch, was given a suspended sentence of 5100 fine or 90 days in jail. William Cromwell, West Patrick street, was released as rot guilty beyond reasonable doubt, of drunkenness. Lola Hall, colored, this city; appeared for hearing on charges of dis'.urblng the peace. She was given a suspended sentence of ,1 fine, after =he exhibited a black eye and testified that companion* had scalded her breast with kerosene. Collateral was forfeited f o r rrmcr disturbances or drunken- nesi- as follows- Russell Jackson. Roy Marsden. Jake Cue, Ida V. Smith. Jesse Tobery. Maurice Un- glebower. Paul Hcbbs. $2.50 and costs. Robert J Weedon. Harvey du". Mack Ed Hill. $5.80 each. ] dorn gave the following answers to resur:j to Perr\ Point, for Photo by Frank Keclcr i the following question "Do you think President Tru- I man's recall it the SOth Congress [ will be a help or a hindrance to j his campaign for the Presidency?" The answers- en 'Peoria and died shortly after arrival. Big Time Operator Sbelton came to Peoria from Tn?ee city workmen cutting j set up on the concrete wall, between · weeds along t h e sidewalk . . - - . . the old B. and O. tracks 'space The tracks which lead to the old j Harry Brandenburg. the Peoria county Socialists said they had dJ» i.* ^. V «-"_" «ii. «_". · - -- · - _ _ _ lin" activities came almost to of his Cabinet list. a halt in April. 1947, when Sheriff j The Premier-designate was said Earl Soainhaower opened a vig- , to have offered the Socialists six orcus drive against slot machines ' ministerial posts, but the party that · wrecked the last Cabinet did not and other gambling. Bernie hzs had few brushes with . want to take responsibility for that fpolice in recent years. His last was two months ago when Hunt accused him of assault with intent many. Instead the Socialists asked Marie to include only two of their mem- to kill following an altercation . ^^ _ n the CaDinet __ Le on Blum as . . ···.**· UCi-JI 4i* V*AV. *-» »·"» "·--- ·· --·---«· outside tne tavern wnere he was, p remier and Paul Ramadier slain today-the ParKwsy Club on , ^ Minister of state . Botb men , re Fsrmington roacl _ j i- ormer p-emier* wS e a SD !aP°e? taSfc. 'and "flteet^of j Marie also was reported to have a-TMored~ cars du'-in" ; ts prohibi-: offered the Socialists the port- tioTM e^a battles with Charlie Bir-! folios of Interior. Social Affairs, ger's mob in southern Illinois. j Public Works and Commerce and When Birger set himself up at j Industry. ^ -Shady Rest" a fortified cabin ! Q ne informant said the Social- resort in Williamson county, a . ; sts are hesitant about giving Marie plane bombed. him. In a show of j too muGi support on the theory strength, the Sheltons ouce roiled i t j, at; j^ government will not last. Into the city of Marion in a tank j A SO urce close to the party's and fleet of armored cars and par- | hierarchy aid- aded around the courthouse. } ..^ ^ Socialists have six port - the nvo gangs, -were killed. ar: than 20 men HURT NEAR DARXESTOWX A pedestrian and the operator of t the car which struck him were injured in a traffic accident on Route 28. near Barr.estown, Sunday night. The pedestrian, Elbert Wolfrey, 21, of Sugarland, near Poolesville, ivas admitted to Suburban Hospital, Bethesda. with cuts in his hip. shoulder, and scalp, a possible concussion and internal injuries. The driver, William F. Boxall, 32. of "Washington, suffered a broken left arm and was admitted to I the same hospital. Mr. Boxall v»-as injured when his csr went approximately 150 feet after striking Sir. Wolfrey, hit a bank and overturned. Mr. Wolfrey was removed to the hospital by the Rockville Rescue Squad, while the Gaithersburg Rescue Squad took Mr. BoxalL The Hawaiian Islands" cover 6.449 square miles scd "nave a population of 423.330. will be committed to support every government issue." Plead::!;; auiStv S'i aauh and battery on Gt-orse \V Cook. City Streets Departssieii', I'niployc. Ear! E Shilling. Xorlli Clarke', street, paid a fine o{ $10 and co.-ti ShilU:»s aditiit'.t'd beoonnns '.r-- censed over the co:«p!a!nan;'s re- ::io:^tr3nces w hen he parked on a ellow line Jo make a ie3;vcry «_f see Geoi^e Cru:n:i)i!l "rescued" in an in;oxica!ed condition from an PAY You ect 12 tabbto MORE forlOc.lOOfor4ac. ACCEPT Than tae nsm* "St. LESS Joseph" To Float Bav Bridge Bonds In September j Coal Being Replaced | Rapidly By Other Fuels ! George I Heights: B r a d d o c k it \ssH fuel re- ! him " Annapolis. July 26 ..? -- A! Washington. July 26 .^--Coal $38.000,000 bond issue for Chesa- \ has been losing ground to other construction i fuels in industry as well as in APPEALS TO FARMERS _ _ Washington. July 26 ',f.--Secre-i Fund's will"be floated in'sepJemberl 1 home heating, and has been knock- : tary of Agriculture Brannan today · · - '- ..- -- !_-»-. --: as }j e( i farmers to store on their farms a "substantial portion" of the huge grain crops they are producing this year. Brannan said this would help: . t u - n^r t-^n'-z ViM«i: i-^p- o f "itu-"'! 1- Maintain prices of grain: Potomac, a spokesman for the · per cap..a basis, use o- ..atu.c.s . »-,!,,... .h- ,~ ,t ter--nal . gas has increased almost SO per -- neue\e tne jam at ter....nai and! cent since 1939. oil about 60 per I sn * rfc * ts : Basil Lexvis. Braddock "It should help him." Heights lUtla.5 vvlil L»C A1UCLCU ill fc^cpfct.illyti , j - - w . and contracts for building of the' ed from i:s once dominant r span will be let before December, j "on « a source of energy. That was decided at a meeting : Commerce Department said of roads officials with Governor: n! 8 n: Lane today aboard the State yacht i The Department saLci that on a posi- the to- Governor announced. TK» -Pntn--ia- The Potomac _ o-- , coal has increased ^ forth over the route of the bridge, i cent - . between Sandv Point on the West-' P* r cent, but hare coal consume- · * _», » % » * Tl^*** r*-»c- rvr^linftrl t-** nr»t* /*·?** em Shore and Kent Island on the. " Eastern Shore. Chairman Robert M. Reindollar rate of current industrial activity. of the State Roads Commission including railroad traffic and steel '. . . ^i* u . n -ir nr, *h» *****··* annmpr-h : and pcwsr proc.uc:ion. is His ca:c.: The Philsppsaes contain 12 vol- 3. Provide more orderly move- of grain, per cent. , '·'^ Department has forecast a ; sa:d the hign largest , vneat crop j n history. George M. Gossett. Wash:n»ton: "I think that :t will be a help to htm." DR JMALIER SROWL OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined -- Glasses Fitted 41 North Market St. Phone S35 MAY VISIT GETTYSBURG ' Gettysburg. Pa.. July 26--Hopes · to have the "raedom Train in Get- , tvsburg on November 19. the 85th . anniversary of the martyred Pros- " idenfs immortal Gettysburg Ad- ' dress soared to new heights when Congressman Chester H. Gross' office in Washington announced that the Train may continue its tour for another year. said work on the eastern approach; will start in a to the bay span "month or two." j He disclosed also that construe-. tion of a new York road xvill get', § rour d underway soon. The northern sec- j tftra. between Timonium a-d thes Pennsylvania Slate line, will be: built first. i factor in the present large volume of soft coal consumption But it said that coal has lost The canoes which have been more or j covered less active in modern times. i 1778. by Cole's Jewelry Trade in your old watch for ne« or recondition watches. All Makes Of Watches And Clocks Repaired WE BUY SELL 323 NORTH MARKET ST. i to the fact all fuel i in railroads, coal Attending the conference were the Governor and his top aides. ; members of the State Roads Com- i mission and of the highway ad- 1 visorv council. SURPRISE SHOWER A surprise miscellaneous shower was given in honor of Miss Charlotte Shankle. the evening of July 19, by Miss Jane Shoemaker, 9 East I4th street Miss Shankle will be married to Paul E. Gaver in the near future. Many beautiful , 7~, ... ,. _~.»;,._j Thf. I mure man inree times me wnoie ^^J 1 ^'^^^TM^TM -000) of Andorra, the j The Decartment added, how- The New York police force is than three times the whole a crepe »"*·" ·· --- j=- -- . -r^v ' iin " republic in the Pvrenees be- SS"^£'XlSS tto Ar P S 1 *«« F-ce and Spain, openhig of the gifts, refreshments were served. Those present were: Mrs. Janice Tinney. Mrs. Betty Watkins. Miss Juanita Blumenauer. | Miss Frances Jones, Mrs. Louise ; Shafer. Mrs. Thelma Shafer. Miss ! Hilda Moxley. Miss Kathryn Grove, | Mrs. Margaret Cornpropst, Mrs. ! Xayoda Kefauver. Miss Elizabeth j Thompson. Miss Nellie Smith, Mrs. j Ruth H. Zimmerman, Mr. and Mrs. j Phil Rsnnenberger. Miss Cleora , Shoemaker. Mrs. Annie E- Hoff-1 man. Mr. Paul Gaver. Mr. John: Shaw. Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. J. j i Arthur Shoemaker. i ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR TROUBLE? CALL EAST END GKOCERT 1657 ANYTIME Commercial Dociestlr Franklin (*) \Storkman 100 E. 6th St. Electrical Appliances Repaired Watches Diamonds Jewelry and Silverware Doll's Jewelry Store 1 SOUTH MARKET ST. FREDERICK. MD. CASE MACHINERY Rubber-tired Wagons BUSH BOG DISK HARROWS Tractor Plows SAM MULKEY ELEVATORS Any Length From 21* to SG' BAKER'S 25Z West Patrick St. Phone 1-123 THE ANGLIA 2-DGO* S£DAH THE PREFECT S53AN winter warmth DOWN HOLDS ANY BLANKET UNTIL OCT. 1st-BUY NOW! The economy cars you've been waiting for r ai?;ous Ford Products --here for prompt delivery G-asoIine and oil economv rarely equalled over here. See the An^lia and the Prefect for real ccoTioTTiv--and for distinction anr! performance, too! They have the traditionally sbortcr English \\faee!base yet are full family size inside-plenty of leg-room and headroom. Easier to handle in traffic and to park--lively, more fun to OI»TI! More Anglias and Prefects have been sold in the postwar period than any other low- priced car made in England! Look at the way they're built-honest, reliable Ford craftsmanship--and ·witb American left-band drive and standard gearshift. See them today. Also see the J£- and J4-ton Thames truck--ideal for fast, economical, light-delivery work. Ford Dealers Everywhere will be glad to service your Ang!ia or Prefect. Selected Ford Dealer* carry a complete supply of parts. FORD PRODUCTS MADE IN E N G L A N D SOLD ALL OVER THE WORLD Xow on display at THE FREDERICK MO T OR CO, Frederick t ' C H T WAT TO SAY HOME FURNISHINGS * Written five year guarantee against moth damage given with every Harmony House all wool blanket compare pound for pound, price for price! 3^ ibs. of virgin wool outstanding value at regular price of 6.90 . . . for this sale only · 72x84 in. · rayon satin bound * four colors * guaranteed five 3'ears against moth damage The warmth, soft fluffiness. rich-textured beauty of S^s-lbs. of virgin wool at only $5.44! "\Ye think it's the best blanket for the money anywhere! Napped on both sides to retain heal. Choose now from beautiful shades of blue, rose, green or gold . . . 50c holds each choice. woo! blanket twin offer! Regularly 89.90 each. At extra savings T ~ ^OTS OF in lots of two or more. Luxurious blend T "° OR - IOKE of fine, long fiber virgin wools for enduring wear and warmth. 4-lb. weight. 72x90-inches. 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