The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 4, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1932
Page 3
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THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK. MD.. SATURDAY. JUNE 4. 1932. THEM ' Gamblers Throw fnf L. AcLatm. ; The Dairy Farmer DR. E C KEFAVYER. fVXOPSis.' A ··--» «-!··· ft I Huso deadlines across the front v '*:" "J'/' V.' ' '"· ' 7 -.'.',. N "'j. * "ascs rrcK.-la : 3ie-J that the kidnap- ' "2 ,' : ,'",'"'-Jr /v'r i'--e before and had beea Tne n?C;--re ft../ if-^cJ^-.^'j-.-^'t. // c-'r"- -'/. |y^:ldiii"4 :J a-tend a rrlv-:e d.ncer jctfi A.s ."-:c-*. L'".-"j Bzt''-*. ^ i , _,, t - a i::-.::o:s 3-._le'..c clu^, on'y a ,fc-.v blocks a-.icy. The nctor.ous ·?r. One s'-.-.'t Luce:, was - ":=·- r^-v-'.'··"-"·.- ·., · · = " ' ' , - r-.o-cv,' ,'·"··/ .«'.-:-«, i 1 .'-^- ; s;.?:: n? out ef nis -rnur-ilau ' ,""··' r .".;. 'J ',,.*"-" "? l.niouiice a: tu? C-0.- cf a Wilson C'-ai-e- S ! in only cna case haJ. there been PUR SUn--BY PLANE j ^^J^ S? *$ To ' measured as best ha could armed and alert bodyguards. Ae' tie spee-i of his own craft ! cor-J.n^ to t':e rc-rwr:s of ee-w:t- gainst that of :h~ o:her. !t 'n 33 * ness-, s. :n9 bodyguards i-2 I shot laiie evident tha: ire stranger was ' :.rst. Thrir £ro had been re-tamed COE expecting aerial pursuit since . -jy~z. strc-aai of Sa-ne from a machine fee teas IcsSng along at barely three- i gun. By the time the spectators had quarters the ra::J speed of ::.s ship. . n-rvc-vi themselves -.3 2?rrcach, the "With, his o-nn erglne ',\.l9 open, sangstir'i el-.iuft»jr ^25 the only Jerry was able to ke«? race. So he , living part.cirant renia.nin; at the sal comfortably back .a his seat.', setae. Tl.e t".\o bodyguams were hoping that the o:V,r r-'--- would cea'J, t'leir bodies riddled irm'2n' l"ve him far be- "sluss. One--hot hai ii;ap: eared. I It was quite apparent that the kii- LuccI, the notorious gang leader, was kidnaped, his bodv- guards bad s'iot flrst. ie descent ot tb.s amphibian bean noted by observers in the nest ot the guarding vessels. Jerry and Emory sa^v desuroyers aapers had raa-2e a. ihoroagn =tucy or their victims' habits. Conflicting accounts of. the battle for the possession of One-shot Lucci investi^stec by th^ Chi- rrest was Fifmir.clon Today. .jr.i c.ty req--renients are ; ^r anv pels'.*!, to tr.rg into *r re- ' ct.-.e nxo tne :.'\ of Fr*der-ck. or ; _·_» ocv.-e ;uriidi. "...n for wile, or to r^-*e on nind sny or mil pr^ F:"C*r-.-i S_v-" a perm.-- be re- · %..\i-.-on cf :..e :iolcer v: any of tbe :.r=i ·.»: trjf :: rr.-la. or in o? c-ean properly l^n-.ed and -. entitled. ' good mi-k Tne ^'-ole^ mu^t be cleaned [ · tliat the 2or m^: Sf of cement Wir.- , ' coAS 2;Jit be pro-..dec s.- each coa jhall J_a%e at Irast -.r.^re s;c_ire fee', of TT^I- dj* ar-»a or per ;».anc.".e^ii ruolic Ht-alth K-^ij-?r.--A.r Spare ani Ventilation . ::_at tne barn »_1 se c.-.-in 3tnd :na-. ni-ii.nrr i-_;2' is also ^ ;-'rn-.acic" and tor New Buildlni or Krpalr W o r k ROY W. POOLE C O M K U ' l O K * BV1LDKK 400 hair\«» \\r. Pbonr 6 4 3 - J t *cim*t» READ THE S1OKY. flltN COLOR TllL ^e th.v -AI-.IV. - .e-y · c '. !.--·· .1 · -·. * D-_r.- a-as tr.e :ir.-: to cljni in- t.".e r.vs*: \\~-X, a -..nii.' 1 r.i.v the vO^5 all »?« q^r.e e\.-.:«r~ a- 'ne ;no-.:t Stasis snail ha-.e at lea^: 400 cubic Tiie l.ttl? rock-t cabin '*as a \en 1 -- t ' feet t-f air spa.e per i'.^nclie-.«n. and ' dancy place 3ecaui.e :t :i^d vj:e l.".le :; ' t " :l } ° J " * l · J · : ^ 1 ' tn^ll oe v.ell'.ec. . ^ea'-s in :: Said Duncy. 'Me. jh n;y' · .., "* T ., ^ n . -. -- j Puoli; Heil:h Reason -We're sailing fir5t-clais Th^s -_s ' .. X " h ^ ''"\-\^"^- . -^ d'^I ' "a^ 1 T.ia .pace a requ^ed .n order «, , Pd5e ntir^-. Uc,! I ^t can t :X - .'·"\.. cC\ ' - ? d'vl--"u« avoid S and :oi-ure prop-, ; a .. ^ , ure ^ A c ;. ve .,, e . A ... do ,. ^* ·""''. *co * J "- ^ t ~ v ~ ' er \c"tilation , »-^.- n . i*.-, -,-1.-,^ « · · » '^^ %-.· t ~ -v.-^ S-ab-e «^-3 a-d -- -e-s s-^" » "= n " lso "°" *- "" -' I T.-w w.:u-r T.I..O* -a: real s:i.'.. all ^n-ru-ed"o"f «ncrete"and ,-iall be! ' w *' :! 5a2e r:s - "^V : ' *-*" . w -"~*5 ^' r 1 »- Q!t - ""1 '?"" · we go. S3 ^e can £?«· far. far bo.,v* . co;»py x::l wh^pcr«o. G^e. I hop-.- i T a k e . . . : GREEN AW ALT'S Dandelion Liver Disks for GOOD HEALTH! A BOX Large B*»s. containing ti\c times the quant:t -$1.00 FOK S VLH AT \LI. OKl'C. STOKl .VM» M \ X Y G L N I K 1 L STOKl S JACOB RUPPERT B A R L E Y MALT S Y R U P f TKe orTk^ to dran ?r^p?rly and inill be j l--.e?t clean and in sood repair. No I'-- "-s. fo^li. nc. ihall be per-, ^-· £e - O *~ K £ " 3 '- i ' co~.\ s'.aoles. Air si And then the happy T.nics heard tr.e ;; ; . t : naujj.:: cj- 'There ·: _-' ! lin.e should be used on the 2or cailv. ^ a « J' 3 "^ *" : '^ cr:ei ae . ---' -vkc:* K-=.:: 5 br.S--.t-. Bxcrj- i K^rth floors are n-x aooroved oe-auie or e c '.. y TM. ''f" * 3;o ^ "%. ar :^ ! ^^ k «: "~^ ^ :s ^ " ' -hev are -3- dee^a "i-^p,-r-.--xi '"*l ~ ' ;sr ' : :he rDO "" 'e *°-"! A-"- »·'·-» : "" e ' l "e a " d - e = ' rk ' Puolic Hea.-:- Rc^--- ! ^"~ °~ -: S" : " i'J-'i , Tn-^ f^e had live r*.-ke: work i Concrete rljors are aipenio-is and 'Of course :ne fuse -xill niaio orr.e ' Before trie 1 ^·-··'5 kne'.v r- they were can 3e ierx, clesn more than , ".c-se. bat u not le: it *.-are ou. bo;.s , sailin? ox.i ·..·.loii^l: j.:-.u e Soors of ^ood or earth. 'T.\." or.lj f.aah .v rainute :».ll -Cjpjrii.-.:. I.'.'-, NEA 5er-.ici\ Ir.o) | A cl«r. 2o.c reduce* the chances of : " ade °-- "· v ' r " r --" k . I ! contamination, of :he milk or m^k . " Bv : -~ : ::n;e - vo -"l b«.- or. your , (The Time-, makr a udden laudins i rjails dur^i- miliinz. Tr.e preser-e I 'ay. Noa. do exactly as I say Jn»t · in the next storv.) ?f oiher animals increases uncleanh- · SCHOOL ATTENDANCE PuDl.c Health Reason ! A clean f.oor reduces the chances of ' 'a"ioi c-' ·'"'·· "illi o- m 'i WalkersviUe PupiLs With Perf«t Mark.- I er. Margaret Green. Vsrqic E-.'.er · Second qracle" Ge-^r^··· Cr:im. James pails cur-rig milkir:; and the presence of animals certainly increases the nee for infecuon. Announced, illiant B Gross, principal of Wait- J Kemp. Carroll Lloyd. Richard Moberlv. Kerr.plh NusMam. Naomi Albj'ish. Liz-ctta F.s-ier. Irene Summers Dorothy Zimmerman. Th-rd pade Ross Clem. Chauncey and horse s:aas. ' Eighth gradei Sylvester Burrier. Don- ! UnrEvler/'Elizabeth" Kaeblcr." ' Helen ] Puo-tc Hea.:n Reason 'aid Fogle, EUood Hummer. Howard [ 2:nle -^ian. C'.vde Kcfa-jver. ^ \\-ite washed or painted or properly , Joseph Mercer, Walter] "" nnished -.'.alls and cetllnzs and picket beats get under iray, _ fceading on a. forlorn chase after the j caro police and an earl:two airplanes. Jerry could imagine exr^ccefi. their radio operators busily hara- I "Arrest expecte-;--r"' -"-ie"' es- merins at their keys, trying to sum- j claimed Jerry, tlirov.irg the ne-nrspa- moii ansy planes irora ilineola and. , per to the flosr beside tha breakfast nary flying b;ats from Far Kocka- i table. Tray to'iiead o£ tae escaping crttn:- j "-There, there." cooed Emory, ials, ; sootfaln?iy. "Yoii ---istn't set your- Tite !oi--:yins shore of: Long self urset iike that. I can hear your Island gradually slid astern. The arteries hardening." smpiiibiaa vras edging out to sea, j "Sis people. plc.s ll.e kidna?e'-s iaking no chances of being ob- ; thentselvcs, hidden away some- Berved and reported by tha vigilant j ^riiere." Jerry went on. rising to coast guard Lfesavlng siattons j search the pockets of his dressing ;w!uca cotted the shore line. Sandy ' srown for another cigarette. "They'll HooS: appeared just abreast the air-, have to lease a hotel if they keep on plane's right Tving. fallowed by tee j adding to tlte.r 'guest list.' Higniaads, Sea Bright, Deal Beach j "They must be having a nice time and the other Jersey resorts. i together, -r.-hsrever they are," "PTitii every mile covered Jerry's m-ised Emory, tlioughtrully. epirits sank lower and lower. He j "Yes. m'istn't they?" retertadJer- mo"!T glanced more often at the gaso- ! ry violently. "Four wealthy busi- 'line gauge than at the steadily Sy-! r.ess men, a n-.illior.aire gangster ing amphibian. The old training and one bea-.ilfai girl, to say noth- siiip was not equirr^d for !ong-dls- ' ir.g 01 the k;dnap-rs the--selves! iance Sying. j All hidden away in so--e isolated Two miles beneath him and slight- sr n t-" 3y- ahea-d was the plane. | Emory, who had rever fallen cn- For a few -iosr'nte he d^r the spell of Xa-cy V.'entworth's considered the p"=slbl!l"~ cf diving ' eyes, chuckled coli-nloodedly. ·Opoa it, trying with his own expert- | "Here's rr.y bright thought for the ness in maneuvering to fcrce it to day, Jerry." he said- "If those peo- landing. But he knew that it ' pie are he! 3 prisoners together for ·B-onld be folly. By the mere act of ' a wce.-i or two, ihera won't ba a siiOTiag fits throttle forward the ' ratc'n cf whole skin an inch square ciner pilot cculd cut-speed him. ! among the lot of them." Jnst as tha irregular sky line of ' Jerry, restless, walkel to the wln- 3.tlantic City began to loom up in | cow and gar.ed out at the neat, or- th9 haza to the southwest, Jerry,; derly patch c; grass that was ·with, bitterness in his heart, banked j Gramercy park. over on. his right wing tip and ; Kawes, the butler, vc.lo.t- cook and headed inshore. The amphibian, ' general factotum whom Emory kept continuing her straightaway course. ' en a yearly payroll to serve him on rapidly dwindled to nctli'ng in Vie Iv's f-cvicnt visits to his New York southern sky. Jerry c-i ills mstor i apartment, entered the room. and nosei down. j "A gentlimaa, sir, by the name of "Hardly erou=\ gas 15 make ' St^v.-ns ^.shcs to ECS 3Ir. Cal jnorel"* he shouted. j ho-.i." Emory nodded silently. . _ j l~^~. r.i~i In." ac'I'ic-S J:rry. "Kc On Tuesoay ntcrnir.r. five cays --3 hcsp.tal." toccessfal escape, with tr.3 'b-oara" J st«v--;s i-oscses "-at trs bsys fconev, the newspapers announced i *-"~i a p?-t-e-sh o v.,th h -- . c- . i Voija/--s-d t^ev p-esa'-e to f c ^ t a new series ot outrage;. i a,-places w t n ai-'pia-ns. TO PLEAD NOT GUILTY :.^likelihoo5 of contamination of milk. I Pauline Trout. Joseph Geismger. · ^ e ^ MarE3rel Rodenick. Grace Rice. -e aa... ;.ara rr.u« oe crainea and | Tenth gradei LUUan Barrick. Virginia "^^j^j ^^, Rena Raaisburg. Mar- -ean Manure mus; ae keps/50 j Cramer. Charlotte K'ur.g. Gladys Mar.z. " ,,. - r . , -,e. .rra -.e Ellis VirginiA Filler. _ » r t T J v. . I ^U.iC- i^l.iUiJi*i K. t ^*»11_J · -* p,»i-i.. *. ^-.»-. . ..~V^ -^'^' ,f. 3 ;T: y 2rcs jl--ef2 ^arl. Charles Hoke. Glenn Mer- H a », e Evler . Dorothy Cutsail. Anna Puo.ic Health Reason I Walter McKmney. j Ele\enth gradei Mildred Barrier. : 1 Grace Chiplev. Marv Cramer. Ward' j i.-.e co.v yard is particularly apt to, Cr-m. Carrol Daufhe^ty. Ezra L.' i -ecome filthy w.- h manure and crop- Grantham. George Mercer. George and become a menace through Stauffer i tne breedings of and S.~s can-.-! Seventh grade: Ralph E Crum. Le, inferior, to milk and utensils. It roy VT. Haices. Ira R. Smith. Edgar R . 13 impossiole to keep the co^s clean ' Spurrier. Frances E. Boyer. Dorothy M ho are sept in z *Ulhy. c^rty oa-- | Zimm?rrr'»n. Charlotte R ·s Kefauver. Gra^son Bell. HAS NOTHING TO SAY ', Rilchie Sees No Need Of Discussin; Mitchell Statement. Baltimore. June 3.--Gov. A!b«rt C i yard. Because of their naoits ! MaM-j" E T-oui Cha-lof« E Roderack. F--^~e tonight said that, he d'.a not ,c: -;._3 d«n. they are sure to ha-.e Svelrr. M. Hartsoclc L. Thelma Gra- , «= m :t r.ecessarj- to make any .s;aie- soilea Adders ha-r" M Lucille Elile-. Cather^e E ,-T-ent on the sueeeiticn of Waller t, | Manure must oe remo-.-ed and cis- ' Cram. Mrcr.cU. president of the State oen- ! posed c-f in suca a manner as "best "to! "sixth grade: Charles Cramer. Walter i a^- ·-hat, salaries of the state go-.crn- ipre-.cst the breectcg of or the Cramer. Bernard Flanagan. Dan F. | rcer.t emplo;. e.= shcuid be gone over a^ i;o*=ss of cows to pJes thereof. ; Keener. Charles R Mobcrly. Staley, an ecnnomy measure. i 'To be continued nex; Sacurday) i Smith. Edgar YanFosscn. Eleanor Smith. "The «ate is not in any financial I Carrie s'aley. Pauline Smith. Etta difficulty." the governor said. ' and the j Asks S2.500 Damages. j Ramsburgr. Ella Ramsburg. Rebecca j tax is the !owc-st in Maryland's hLb*or I A sui: for S2 500 carrsases v,as filed i Pear!. Katharine Myers. Dorothy Merc- i Anythins thj line Mould irr.e to In the Cn-cuit Court bv" Jackson A ' er. Dorothy Gross. Hetn Green. Doro- | be done by "ho legislature acd I sec n= : HiiT.ertck acauut John "Mar.nine and ' thy Staler." Mary C. Albaugn. [need of e-.en d^cussir.g it at tais t_T.e ::arj- E. Pridav. The ~p!a-ji- Fourth and Fifth grade. Harold Bur- . 'Each depar;meni, head r%as told tha: tiff allests that "ihe defendants "broke ricr. Mehrl Cramer. Robert Green. Joe ' he had to sa\e 5 per cerii. of tne ap- into entered h-s prem_ses about ! Keeney. Spencer Mer:er. Harold Rod- propr.atton allowed his department at -.TO and a half miles west cf Srr.rniti- i eruck. Monroe Stauffer. Harold Trout. , the 1931 session of the !ee_s!ature and burr, and have op-tred the plaintirl ' Pauline Zimmerman. Lou^e Warren- thev can do tha' any -aay they -.ant ' tne use of -is land" The latter is'reo- '?'·'*- Elizabetn Trout Hatf.e Mvers. and ar? cloin? it They could cut sal- !--."sensed by P J Campbell, of Enimits- E-.elyn Moberly. E-.-a Morgan. Janet .f necessary But they are saiin; b-;rg DO-.S Gross Glenca Geising- on cenerai expenses." JACOB RUPPERT BARLEY MALT SYRUP j-TKe Tivlk of tKe Tcm-iCl ISAAC N. SHIPLEY DISTRIBUTOR Cnrtis Expected To Be Arraigned At "u'» a.-.-'r'e from !-__; --t:e. Ii« ; F*lcmin2ton. X. -* . J-r.o 2--J-."r. ..r~TM li-.'.2 no Tr.e ^--t c.i5.r;- Huzrhes Cur-i-^ ~'".^ N r.':ll: Va. b^-*- 1 Ir . Q i.r.i -r_'h acar.«' u.^*-: fcut-~£r, ^*"ill pl'c" no* c'nl-y. i " - ~ cni ci~.-.iv ci tr^itrr^n" £r.-rrr.^ ^ ·»---·--·- -n a r-p^rt- · - "."....1^1 i:. £-;rrt r-Trcs--to M Jsc-a:ei Col; A I_ni -r - ^the search icr 'ho srcluc"^"^ f r lt^ .n- no"v. he wculci p.c-ii r;r.-'.~.-t ?-r.- ca. t;on ir. bail frcrr- Sl'-TG --v -=--XO - h--n court ?r.d *."-·' ^"-sio..-.-;- arv thai Curtis rr..r,.v '- r .---.-; -.:r.jr. a fex cays A«.k Absolute 3r.or.-f. ^ Jacoo F, Qumn. former c-ty po-ce- H. M. Snyder Funeral Director AM EHIBALMEK :.d;cvi:ie. Md. Phone Mt. Airy 54 Also 92-2 North Market St. Frederick, Md. Phone Frederick 545 REASONABLE PRICES A Good Reputation may be attained by playing the game fairly, by giving the valu« of a dollar for a dollar, by cheerful co-operation under all conditions, by carrying on in the face of difficulties, by doing one's best and sitting tight, and by being courageous enough to own up to one's mistakes. The People Who Place Their Insurance Through the Mutual of Frederick are Making Nc Mistake Because Our Reputation is Unauestiouable. Mutual Fire Insurance Is Quality Protection Mutual Fire Insurance Costs Less » MUTU Insurance Company o£ Frederick County 114 North Market St. Frederick, Maryland. A Sale of New Washable Pig Skin and Pig Grain Bags In !. v.- v ; I'.'-.r:- ' :.'y Bennett's GIFTS FOR THE GRADUATES Never before has this store had such a stock of such beautiful gifts of Jewelry and Watches at such remarkably low prices. It is to Your Interest to Shop Here McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE 48 North Market St. Frederick. Md. S UNDAY EXCURSION JUNE 5th FROM FREDERICK TO BALTIMORE or WASHINGTON ROUND $O.2O TRIP £* c v : ;- ,". r.-^-ilar.-. -·· nocl-iled · · . ao--. «· c i-o- !{···!:-:*. :.»ke-- .^- Bl Sc K.^e Busft? 3-,in^ before 12.00 BLUE RIDGE LINES Terminal. -!- W. I'jtruk St. Phone 203 :r .00 to *30 .00 In Trade For A Short Time For Your Radio or Victrola Only 10 Radios to Sell With This Allowance COME TODAY! A crOOd Cabinet Radio to and Your Old Radio Phone 266 Storm Shipley We Repair All Makes Of Radios B B B B B a 9 B m m Z OXMMERCIAL ITJNTIXG. ^ Send for Samples. 3,'The Neves-Post Job Departmeat. VACATION CLUB JOIN OUR Vacation Club FIRST PAYMENT JUNE 9, 1932 Payments may be made ''n weekly amounts to suit your needs. The only sure way to provide for vacations, taxes, insurance, coal and other pleasures and necessities is by regular, systematic effort. Our Vacation Club Affords The Ideal Plan Farmers Mechanics National Bank Corner Market and Second Streets

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