The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 7, 1951 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1951
Page 2
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TKlf The News, Frederick, MUL, Friday, December 1, 19S Nomura And Kurusu Still Insis TkeyDidn't-Know Of Attack TOKYO, Dec. 7 yp}--Two Japanese who 10 years ago talked peace in Washington while their navy churned toward Pearl Harbor still insist they kne%v nothing of the impending attack. They are Kichisaburo Nomura, retired, admiral whom the then Secretary of State Cordell Hull tongue- ikshed on that Dec. 7, and special envoy Saburo Kurusu. Nomura was ambassador to Washington. Kurusu was sent at the last minute with Japan's reply for maintaining peace while his country's militarists kindled the flames of war. Purged now and living quietly in Tokyo, both, men expressed hope that the people of the United States now understand the position into which they were thrust. "We never knew the attack was coming."; said the su'ling 65-year- old Kurusu. . "The situation was very critical. War was a possibility. But we saw a chance ;of maintaining peace. "We tried everything possible but our efforts came too late. There were too many ifs. It was a great disappointment 'to me that our efforts failed." · - · · " · Robust and jovial Nomura--who will celebrate his 74th birthday on Dec. 16--said: "They never told us the attack on Pearl Harbor was coming while our. discussions were going on in Washington." Both men have many friends in the United States. They spoke with high regard for the men with whom they conducted their talks. Each said he was extremely worried whether there was resentment against them personally for what had happened. Kurusu lives modestly with his American wife in a small, unpretentious home, built on the site where his former home was burned out during the war. Two strokes within the last four years partially paralyzed his left side. The facile mind of the little, gray haired man with the trim mustache moves faster than he is able to speak. Kurusu said his time Is spent in voluminous reading and listening to every Japanese and English language news broadcast. "I shall live the rest of my life quietly." Kurusu said. "Public life would be too much for me now." Visitors are important in Kurusu life. Prime Minister Shlseru Yoshida, an old friend, called on him a few days after returning from th Japanese peace conference at Sa Francisco. "Not that my'opinion means an* thing but their visits help to kee me alive," Kurusu said. The Kurusus have two daughter living in the United States, One the wife of Captain William J. Mad doxx, who served as a reconnais sance pilot with the U. S. First Cav airy Division in Korea until Apr! The Maddoxxes live at Fort Hood Tex. - · The other daughter is the wife o Frank Kenneth White, a lieutenan in World War Two. White is ·graduate student at Michigan Stat College at East Lansing. Nomura, bushy eyebrowed an white hailed, lives on the outskirt of Tokyo. He keeps busy readin and writing articles for Japanes publications. "No political articles, of course, Nomura adds, smiling. "As a purg ed official, I am riot one of the un touch ables." Nomura plans no return to publi service. Nomura said the Japanese peopl were disillusioned after the war "However, I think they are begin ning to regain their mind and know they will try their best to ward right living." Friendship with the United State is Japan's only hope for the future the former admiral said. He dc clared American forces must b kept in the country to protect i against Communist aggression. Nomura advocates rearmarnen for defense when Japan is economi cally able. He said "American troop may get in our way while they ar here but they must stay for th time being if we are to feel safe." EMPLOYES TO SHARE Employes of the Great Atlanti and Pacific Tea Company through out the country will share mor than $2,000,000 in pre-holiday com pensation this year. 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Poppy promises to speak to Mr. Lump about having jChristmas in the house, Bui the mean Mr. Lump calls the police and has Poppy arrested CHAPTER FOUR BELINDA HAS VISTORS Mr. Lump thought Poppy had kidnapped Tommy Lump. He told the police and it did look bad for Poppy because there he was with the boy's hand in- his. The police arrested Poppy dressed as he was in red Santa suit with a red stocking cap dangling gaily over one ear. It was a strange and awful sight to see a Santa Claus led off to prison. Belinda and Tommy followed Mr. Lump into the house. "He didn't steal me," cried Tommy. "I ran away!" "You were lured away!" stormed Mr. Lump. "This girl tricked you into meeting that man disguised as a Santa Claus." "That's not · true!" exclaimed Belinda. "My father wanted to make him happy. Anyway he was bringing him home!" He was coming to make me pay money for him!" roared Mr. Lump. "Now you leave this house. It's a pity the police won't arrest children." "You're a mean wicked man!" cried Belinda. She clung to Mr. Lump's arm. "You just better have my Poppy freed from jail or I'll-I'll--" "Get out of here!" Mr. Lump jerked his arms angrily and flung Belinda away. Tommy burst into tears as Belinda stumbled forward and fell against Mr. Lump's desk. "Oh!" she cried, getting to her feet. She took something from her mouth and then, without a word, she rushed out of the house and ran all the way home. Aetna Casualty Surety Company Hartford AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE DAVID 0. GRIFFIN GENERAL INSURANCE 27 N. Court St. Phone 600 ililllilillllllllllillillllilllllllllllllllillii i UJO Tiny Creafures Pressed All in Gold andlooking as Cross as Gmfd Be. Not until she was safe in her own room did .she open her fist and gaze at the tooth in the palm of her hand. Tears brimmed in her .eyes. "Just a little while ago everything was so lovely," she thought. "Now Poppy's in jail and there's no Santa Claus at the store and Tommy won't ever have a Christmas and on top of everything else I've lost my very best tooth." But Poppy had taught her that crying never fixed anything and so she washed her eyes, put on her coat and went to visit Poppy in jail. "We've had all kinds of people in this jail," joked the guard. "But this is the first time we've had Santa Claus." "Oh, Poppy," cried Belinda, see- Ing her father behind bars, "what ever shall we do?" Poppy smiled. "Don't worry. The police will' get things straight ened out." / "But how. long will it take. .Poppy?" "A while, I guess. It did look bad for me, you know." "But Poppy! What about Christmas and the store and Tommy?" "Things will have to work out," said Poppy looking sad and tired. The guard told Belinda it was time to go. Before she left Poppy said, "I see you've lost a tooth. Don't forget to put it under your pillow. The tooth fairies will take care of you tonight." Of course Belinda knew it was a joke. But, just the same, wh,en she went to ibed that night she did what Poppy told her. She wrapped the little tooth in tissue paper and hid it under her pillow. Then' she lay there in the dark. She was frightened. and lonesome. "I just mustn't cry," she told herself. "I've got to think of something to do." Presently she felt something move on her bed. She decided it was the blanket sliding off. "I just can't sleep, 1 ' she said out loud and she turned with a great sigh to the other side of the bed. "Oh, gracious!" screamed a tiny voice. "I'm falling off!" Belinda- sprang right out of bed tossing Ihe covers in a., heap on the floor.'Her'heart pounded and her hands shook as she turned on the light. There was nothing at all unusual to be seen. She began to think she had been dreaming when suddenly she saw two funny little lumps moving under the blanket she had x thrown to the floor. · "How do you get out of here?" moaned a muffled .voice. "Help! 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