The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 9, 1956 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1956
Page 10
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!J fip SsffJara* f/2* SUPER mHBKETS lit DRIVE AT 710 WEST MAIN tow MARKtT ST. ROAD AT LYNCHBURG \ MONDAY, TUESDAY. WEDNESDAY BISCUITS Con GLADIOLA FLOUR 10*79 BEER 169 Plus Dep. tVERYDAY LOW PRICES CRISCO FLUFFO 3 ct 95c JOY GIANT ECONOMY Spic&Spcm R&S. SIZE 26c IVORY Bars JL I C FAMILY SIZE BOTTLE PLl.'S DEP. 10 KILL-KO INSECT SPRAY 1C 9UART CAN 49 SUN YAUIY Shortening 3 LI. CTN. 59 COMSTOCK TEACH PIE MIX 303 .Can 23 GOLDEN RIPE BANANAS • • • L8. HEMPSTEAD WATERMELONS EA. HOME GROWN OKRA IB. 7c FRESH PORK f^~f^ SPARE RIBS 29 FRESH GROUND HAMBURGER 3 , We TENDER VEAL CHOPS ...Lb. 49c WE FEATUlf RATH VACUUM PACK LUNCHEON HEATS DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Diplomacy 5. Lower ^ari of wall 9. Beneath 10. Oui loud 12. Arrange m a line 33. D>iil fin>s'h H. An aged rns'.ic Unit of work 11. 5. Female patent 'amni»is) S. A wing 7. To be fooi- fond o{ S. Servant on horseback' • a carriage B. Sack 16. 17. 20. 21. if Anesthetic Iridium i.'vrn t A i xv ay* 24. Americarvy .Inoian j 26, Bishopric. J (vgr.'i j! 25. Ventured 3 29. Theater aitendanve 31. Wither t 32. Me?_sure (Chin.) 33. Paints t* sioppilr 35. D*v«ur*cJ 37. Man iTiajHi (00*5. > J Of rone '•* £ac away ' Noichsci, ;; as a ieaf , : To tend Hit 'Sianf) tS. Whirlpool DOWN ,-. 1. A T.1S8U* '.* J. Arabic J$ letter 16. Greek letter If,. Finish 19 Restored L confidence m to 34 mark mdi- catm» a short x'owei Enough (poet.) 's Answe ."!S. Siring 39. Snappish 40. Observe 42. Man's name 43. 41. ^^. 45 t" *:; views . A low. chirping' note . 16 7-9 Contract Bridge South dealer. Neither *ide vuinerauic. 4^ V K 10 4. • A J 10 7 3 4> J 10 S 2 4 Q 10 S 1 3 » J 6 3 2 42 #KQ 5 * K 9 6 2 *S 7 »-Q S S 6 + 7*4 4 A J 5 » A Q 9 5 4 K 5 4 ^ A £ 3 Tii* bidding: South West North E&si 1XT Pass 3+ p» ss 3 K T •Openmf iead—seven of spades. Despite the singleton. North should be willing- to p!av thre* noitump. The opening- bidder must be assumed to have i stopper. . The declarer is frequently confronted with the situation \vher« allowing- a. particular defender to gtin tne lead ci fates: a serious tlueat to his chances. In such cases, he is duty-bound to tahs all possible measures to k»ep lh»L defender from getting' the le»d. An eximpie of this tech- niqu« v.'«js furnisned by South in today's hand. Cast, played t;ie kmp of spades on the opening- lead, and South correctly d*cfded to xvin it. Starting with seven top Incks, he planned to develop the addition»l two he needed in such a. way that E»st could not. gam By Josephine Culbertson the ioad ;r. 'r.c pro; PSS. Tiros, he dismissed the ihoug'ht of pla\ - infr the king: anc another d-arnonc! and finessing- aga^sl the- c\;5en, because tncse piays vvoi.'id subject him to a ruinous spfide it- turn from East. Instsad, Sotuh piays-o a heart. to the king, and i?d the jaci; of diamonds. When East piaysd a lo«' diamond, South did likewise. Had the finesse lost, nine tncks would, have blossomed at the same instant. Declarer was now one step closer to home—he had eight sure winners. The diamond suit was temporarily abandoned because South did not know whether in? suit v.-ould break 3-2 or 4-1. I' lha suit broke 3-2, ten tricks were suit 1 , but in tha! case, they could just as well be taken lairr. Ke needed protcc'.ion against the- possibility that East had four du- inondE. Accordingly, a low club was led from dummy, South finessing the. ftight. Although it lost to the king:, trick number nine magically was assured. Any return b 1 .' West jn ar.y suit was bound to make the conn act. A four suit tndpiay is rare in r.ndge. The winning: position achieved grew out of South's plan lo protect his tenuous sp&de tioiding'. The uve finesses he took were de.«ijried to lose, jf thev c!id Lo We.,-i. ijotith ft wilimgrnejis :o lo^e tncka to West had no charitable basis. It was simply a mailer of self-preservation. On Program Cover -" Ike's Portrait To Be Used SAX FR.ANCIHCO il'P—A we- tr-re of President Eisenhowei will frrsce the uovei' of the GOP national convention program in^ad of a picture showing three nude men in a state of despair. The siib5lituticni i;Hine <tix>ni »' Uie insistent.*! of Mayor (>f-oiv;e Christopher, '.vho felt the ihroe- some '.V3? hardly appropriate to a. gathering with the theme, 'p^-sce, progress »W; piosp-irity.' "f've OPRII getting (.•ornpmiiit.c from P.ep'iblican.e who have it 1 - ccived copies of 'he eowi." the ma.vor' said. "Some of the '.voniPd seem io tnink it's iniprop?.-. 1 can't 1 see anything obscene about it, b'H ! wouldn't say it's a vory Ivaiiny way io depict Ihe Republican party. "They look a;s if they've bo;n !tii.:k'?a." ll tinned out that 'he sculpture on '.vhich the original cover was based is a frtmnim ivpresentaiion of dead lioiil? at ihe ^.'(!e of Hell. The .s<-';l[>toi. Aii^'isie H(/<lin. jjre- psieii the piece HS part of H "isru lablnwii of ritaiusry for a Paris C'h»rt«r >o. REPORT OF OO.NOJ'I IOV OK THK VB District .No. H CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK i TRUST CO. l>l-' KAVIOU'N Id Ihe SIM.I.C of Ti-v»<>. ill tlip <-!o«.i^ nf tni>.iiir>v> HM iunc .W. lhafi piihlislicd i/i n:&ponsf lo rail nuidc 6,v ( 'i.uiiptrol)i>r "f ltn> ( iii'r"ii''i', •indftr Serlion 5811. T. S. Rexised Slwtii1.cs. AS.<KJ> 1. Cash, balances v/jih othor banks, ijiciiid.-ng reverse balance, and cash iem« in proro.v of colloc'iori . . . $ 3. 797. 076. CK) 2. (,'intfR .St a !'.'.« GfH'f.'rnmont dhligatinris. ri/rect mi (I giiardoioeri . ...... ....... .. ......... .... ^.TrfiX&fifi.SS 3. Ob'ifja' 'On:- of SUsLi'-y anu 'yolituMl v:ufjiv isiori.>. ...... J,.">ij7.. v .M.O'l 4. Other bono'.s", notes, and rieberit'jr -'-s ................. ^^.IV^i.CHl 5. Corporate stocks i inciuoing $lHO(Kj.OO siuf.k r-f Federal Re.'ssrvp bank' ............ .... "..1..V!? lift 6. I.oany and 'J;yf;ounls Mnclurnng ^"f.i'M^^n ov°r(irar' s » . .? 7, 1127. 540 77 7. Bank pi-c-rii ,st-s ov.-ncd I ISS.'WJ.f.iJ. ^'irrnt.'!^ «nri n~-> uirt-s *S").0(>(i,i.iO ........................ . ... ....... Wo.ijdii.O'l J 1. Otli'.-r a-s.Sr-ls ...................... ................. r;,H.7!( ; ,.74 1 V.. TOTA I. ASSKTS ...... ............. SI fi..'iS9.709.48 I.IABII.ITIK^ ii. Demand d^poMi.v ijf mcjividiiitiH. fiai'itu.-rsnips. and corporation . . . . ........... J 14 T/rr^e o.-(jO5i;.<- of in'jiv.o;j;i ,s, ^>;i rMn''-r::i! .[')S. ^m! <Tir- i''S"),H7 15 U-"(->:/Ml..-. or f'nucd S!a:f.f Govci nrt.i n; 36. Dr-posus of SlaluH and politf;>! subdivisions J7. Deposit' f>l hnnks ........... .. ...... . 1^. Other 'tr-rtjfiod and csj'-hi'.M 11 ." irifit-ns e:c.' IS. TDTAI. DKPOMTS .................... *1.'ORI.V-tf». :>.','.. CHh"r liahilities 2',. TOTAL I,IA8ll.rnK< . (ATTIAI. Af.'fxn'.vi's 2- 1 !. Capital .MOCK: «:• rornmor stock, tnuti par S.Wi 'K/l (r.) ?., i, r ).-;.717 ()"'. ^.1.] '_'.';.!).': l,877.0''i'!.!)ri P,:ifl.(Hi0.fK'i ::f)i).0(X>.00 Yl. Undivided profit? ?s, TOTAL <;AIMTAI, ACCOI'.VTS ......... J i ,i>ftB.Mo.fti SO. TOTAL r.fABII.rTIKS anrl r.'Af'ITAL AC<'(>r\T.* ..Slfi.58fl.70fl.1X MKMORAMJA 31. As.«ei« ploeged or assigned to seeure liabilities and /or other purpo.«<>i= ......................... .......... J 2,f,)f,,fXXi.OO f, Kd Waisori. ("ash'er of thf shove-narned bank, do coU' swear ihat. the above st!itement is true 10 the best of rny knt/wlcdgo and belief. Kd Watson. Cashier. CORRECT .-ATTEST: Hugh Kchol.r. -Ir. Robr-ri Stri^klano I.. G. Satirfers. Direr.t.or.«. STATE OF TKXAfi. f:Ot..;NTY Of HARRIS, ss: Sworn to and subscribpd hr.'foro mf 'bin fi'.h flay of .fniy. Ht'ifi, »n<? T nereny certify that T am not. in officer or director of Ibis bank. cornrrri'siort Mrs. Tfiim*. Hamilton, Notary pinj.* 8-1-57, Asylum Granted Chinese Marine CHICAGO iTP» ..- A federal Formosa told Pony that H'issn JnuKe hav 8'r:ip.i(!i.l political asy- f»wl "certain den Hi" on For- lum to R formev Chinosp Nation- nulsa |V>r ilis Criticism here of nli=l marine cspia.n who' trst.fiod U ' C Na "^!!!l_.K ovei<nmcnl - bo would he oM!fiito(i if deported lo Formosa. Jurige .Jospph S. Pi?rry of ihe I". S. rfisiricl court .said We.-iilfl.s- (Kiv "it. niakos no 'inference if a ivfugce is running- away from some other government than a Communistic one." for HusHii VVei. 2S. il mailed a victory alter nf lilig'i'iiiou. H lisa M ciiiup to the l.tnitPii Stales lor miliiary training in 1952. When his unit returned to Formosa, he vesig'ned his commission. He was ordered (It-ported in 1955 for overstaying his student leave. K. C. Wii. s'oi-mor j»overtioi- of Try Sun Classified AtN—Dial Monday, July 8, 195S WHKRJB TO BUY TVs & Appliances Kovar Appliance Co. "We Really Service Whal We ScM" Don't Sweat Over Your Dirty Car! You Need A 7 MINUTE CAR WASH AT . . . l! ""^cr is. jll KERBYS KWICK KAR WASH !.| || 90S K. James i.Hwy. 14G) n BealFs QUAUTY MERCHANDISE Shop in Cool Air-Conditioned Comfort SAVE! TWO GROUPS OF Material Bates Disciplined Fabric PRINTED AND SOLID Quadriga Gingham SAVE! MEN'S 8 OZ. CANVAS Gloves 00 5*1 MEN'S BRIEF STYLE Shorts PR. Sizes S - M MEN'S Undershirts Ful! Cut -and Sanforized MEN'S SUMMER Pajamas Half Sleeve and Knne Lengths Cotton Piisse Printsd Cotton Sizes A-B-C-D RUBBER FOAM LATEX Pumps • Sling Pwmps • French Heels

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